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My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 188

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 188

Lucas Nolan was also hungry.

Ashlyn Berry walked to his back and untied his apron. She then slid herself into the apron and started to prepare lunch.

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Instead of dawdling around, Lucas stayed behind in the kitchen to help Ashlyn.

From time to time, he would take a peek at the busy girl next to him. There was a faint warmth in his eyes.

At that moment in time, the air of superiority around that man suddenly had a humanly touch to it.

It was soon twelve noon

The table was filled with seafood dishes.

The aroma of each dish was different, but nonetheless, they were tempting altogether.

Out of the blue, the door creaked open.

The butler had returned from his errand. Upon stepping into the kitchen, he could smell the scent of a freshly made meal.

When he saw Ashlyn standing in the dining room, he almost thought he was in the wrong place.

“Mrs. Nolan, you’re back?”

After his divorce, Lucas had returned to his hometown for quite some time.

Who would have thought that he would meet Ashlyn right away once he came back?

The butler put down the luggage in his hands at once and exclaimed, “Mrs. Nolan, are you getting back together with Master?”

Ashlyn squinted her eyes at Lucas. It’s all your fault!

“Ah, I came back to cook for Lucas because he wanted me to. So here I am! Anyway, nice to see you, Louis!”

“Master, why don’t you keep Mrs. Nolan around? She’s not only a gorgeous woman but also good at cooking.” The butler walked to the dining table in excitement, “Mrs. Nolan, don’t leave us again!”

Ashlyn hurried on to reply, “I still have some chores to do at home! I’ll be leaving after lunch.”

Ashlyn did not know how to deal with seniors who treated her well, especially Louis Turner who had been so welcoming of her ever since she married into the household.

Lucas’s dark eyes were staring at Ashlyn grimly, which somehow infuriated her.

In an instant, she lost her appetite even though a scrumptious meal was laid out in front of her.

On the other hand, Lucas was devouring the seafood on the table in a jovial mood.

Ashlyn rolled her eyes and grabbed her purse. “I am leaving now.”

Lucas suddenly spoke, “Didn’t you know that you left behind quite a few of your clothes in the closet?”

Ashlyn examined the menswear on herself and glared at Lucas. “Thank you, but I like what I am wearing now.”

She had made up her mind to not touch anything Lucas had bought her.

Lucas watched on as Ashlyn sashayed to the exit of the restaurant. As she left, he smirked.

Didn’t you say you like my clothes?

In the afternoon, Spencer White brought back to the Whitland Villa a pile of men’s clothing, all of which were what Lucas would usually wear except that they were one size smaller.

Spencer grumbled, “What’s wrong with Mr. Nolan? Why did he ask for so many clothes that are not his size? He can’t even wear any of it!”

The butler had a mysterious smile on his face. “You’ll see later.”

Pfft! As if I care about what Mr. Nolan’s going to do with these clothes! My job here is done!

The moment Ashlyn reached home, her phone rang.

It was an unknown caller. She hesitated a while before picking the phone up.

“Ashlyn? It’s me, Blair!”

Blair waited for the person on the other end of the call to respond, but he didn’t hear a response for quite some time. Puzzled, he checked his phone. Hmm…this can’t be wrong. I am indeed calling Ashlyn’s number!

He then continued on the phone. “Ashlyn, you do remember me, right?”

Ashlyn finally replied blandly, “Yes I do.”

“You have to save me, Ashlyn! I am about to break down! I am losing everything to Tinsor! I am really at my wits’ end, Ashlyn. I didn’t dare to call my brother so I called you instead. You have to save me!”

Blair was squealing like a pig while he sobbed over the phone.

Meanwhile, at the club, Tinsor had a look of disgust on his face. “Blair, quit your teary act! It is annoying me.”

However, Ashlyn’s voice remained cold. “Blair, if you give Lucas a phone call, I am sure he will be willing to help you out.”

“Ashlyn, my brother will definitely beat the hell out of me if he hears about what I’ve gotten into! He will definitely confiscate all of my allowance for the next month. Please, Ashlyn, you are the only one in the family who I am close to!” Blair blubbered like a child who had lost his favorite toy.

He then continued to wail, “Ashlyn, I know you are the most capable person in the family, and I look up to you the most! So please come and get me out of here! Oh, remember to bring some money! They are not letting me off unless they get their cash.”

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