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My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 189

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 189

Before Ashlyn Berry could make a reply, Blair Nolan had hung up the phone.

He looked at his gambling buddies in front of him gleefully. “Tinsor, you have experienced how scary Ashlyn is. If you do not want to experience her wrath, it’s better if you return me my money right now.”

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“Why should I? I have rightfully won the money from you through a proper game of cards, so why can’t I keep the money?” Tinsor grunted.

Henry Golding, one of the youngsters close to Tinsor, chimed in, “Forget about getting back your money, Blair! Isn’t Ashlyn going to bring you money? We can continue gambling after this! I would love to get some more moolah from you, hahaha!”

Blair was flabbergasted. He yelled at the smoking teenagers sitting across from him, “Tinsor, have you not learned your lesson from your previous encounter with Ashlyn? How can you still be so truculent? Also, can y’all stop smoking? Ashlyn won’t be pleased with all this smoke.”

Tinsor gazed at Blair indifferently and pointed at the teenagers sitting next to him. “Quit smoking and clean up this place. I do not want to leave a bad impression on Ashlyn!”

“You are worried about leaving a bad impression on Ashlyn? Huh, since when you have a liking for women of her kind?”

“Just shut your trap and tidy up!”

At Tinsor’s order, the youngsters got on their feet to clean the place.

When the servants came to serve them drinks, they were surprised. Hurriedly, they said, “Sirs, just let us do the cleaning! You don’t have to trouble yourselves!” However, no one seemed to pay any attention to them.

“Blair, is your brother really getting married? Is Ashlyn going to become your sister-in-law for real?” Henry sputtered.

Blair remained silent. Last time at the Jaquin Residence, Blair had sensed an unsettling vibe around Lucas and Ashlyn. Thus, he figured it was best if he commented nothing on their marriage.

“Where did you hear that from? Ashlyn doesn’t want to marry Blair’s brother!” Tinsor arched a brow. “Let me tell you all something. My brother is pursuing her now! If anything, Ashlyn will be my sister-in-law instead!”

Blair was disgruntled. “You’re a liar! Your brother is pursuing Ashlyn? Bah, he is not worthy of Ashlyn!”

“Where did you get the idea that my brother is not worthy of Ashlyn? Is the Jaquin family a joke to you?” Tinsor stood on the sofa and had his arms on his waist as he glared furiously at Blair.

Just this moment, the doorbell rang.

Blair made a break for the entrance. When he saw Ashlyn outside, he gladly shouted, “Ashlyn!”

Ever since Ashlyn had saved him at the Jaquin Residence last time, Blair was very fond of Ashlyn, especially since he had great respect towards those who were skilled in close combat.

In his eyes, Ashlyn was the righteous Wonder Woman who was undefeatable.

The youngsters all gaped their eyes in awe when they saw Ashlyn.

What a beautiful lady!

Ashlyn’s hair draped around her waist, and she had an elegant smile that could rival that of a princess.

No wonder Tinsor’s brother wants to pursue her!

“Milady!” Tinsor immediately leaped off of the sofa and ran to welcome Ashlyn. “Milady, please come in!”

Ashlyn’s eyes scanned the room, and to her surprise, the place was spick and span.

Her attention eventually shifted to Blair who only had a singlet top and a pair of trousers on. Blair noticed her gaze at himself and chuckled awkwardly, “Hehe, I wasn’t lying when I said I lost everything! They even took off my clothes! Hehehe… so you did bring the money, right?”

“Nope.” Ashlyn was nonchalant.

“Huh? You didn’t bring any money with you?” Blair was suddenly on tenterhooks. “Ashlyn, you can’t be kidding me, right? You’re my only hope!”

“You guys are playing poker? Mind if we play a few rounds? It’s been a while since I last gambled.” Ashlyn glanced at the cards on the table and strolled towards it.

The people in the room were astounded.

This pretty gal here knows how to play poker?

Blair was also stunned. “Ashlyn, do you seriously know how to play poker? I don’t want to see you strip like me in case you lose.”

Lucas will definitely kill me!

However, Henry was accepting of the idea of Ashlyn joining them for a game. “Ashlyn, you do look like someone who knows how to play a hand. C’mon guys, let’s sit down for a game!’

Ashlyn nodded lightly but she had no expression on her face.

Her attitude towards strangers had always been cold and impassive.

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