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My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 194

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 194

He had been dying to live with Ashlyn Berry so she could stick with her twenty-four-seven. That woman was her idol!

“You guys used to hate me before. But suddenly you don’t want me to leave? Is this a joke?” Ashlyn raised her brows as she stared at them.

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“Ashlyn! Please! I’m dying! My head’s gonna explode! Don’t you see how hurt I am? Please don’t divorce my brother!”

Blair Nolan clutched his head as he started going into a frenzy.

“It’s not a big deal! Stop being dramatic!” She glared at him and turned to leave without so much as a glance at Lucas Nolan.

Lucas’ eyes greedily fell on her retreating figure. A trace of constrained emotion and forbearance hid behind his orbs.

Yet, he still chased after her in the end.

He had been chasing after her like this ever since they divorced.

Ashlyn heard the footsteps behind her and in just a second, the man managed to stop her.

She lifted her gaze to meet with his dark ones.

His pupils dilated as he stared at her intensely. He, the man who had always been cold and calm, now had emotions surging in his eyes.

“Something wrong?” she asked.

“Thank you,” the man said after a while.

“No need. You’ve never made it difficult for me to repay you for these four years of marriage,” said Ashlyn softly before walking around him to stride into the elevator.

She looked down and when she was about to press the close button, the man successfully squeezed in.

Before she could react, he pressed her against the wall and captured her lips fiercely.

Ashlyn’s heart skipped a beat as she widened her eyes. She tried to push him away but he was too strong.

She was completely sandwiched between him and the wall.

Suddenly, the elevator fell speedily with a strange buzzing sound above their heads.

A second later, the elevator went pitch black.

Lucas instantly wrapped his arms around the woman.


Ashlyn inhaled sharply. The elevator seemed to hook on something as it stopped falling.

“The elevator’s broken,” Lucas said in the dark. “Are you scared?”

As his words fell, the elevator jerked again, which produced a loud ‘bang!’ sound.

Lucas let go of Ashlyn to start probing around the elevator. “Darn it! Which floor are we on?”

Ashlyn remained silent, which was weird for him. He frowned and turned his head to look at her. Unfortunately, it was too dark that they couldn’t see each other even if they were only a step away.

“Honey?” he called out.

Nobody responded.

Ashlyn’s mind went blank as her pupils dilated.

She turned from left to right, causing the elevator to shake again.

She was clutching her head tightly, trying her best not to lose herself to the demon haunting her thoughts. However, it seemed like she failed.

She could feel the Spirogyra trembling in her body which was giving her endless chills. The fear of the darkness triggered the Spirogyra, and it would gradually spread all over her.

She recalled the memories and scenes she did not want to remember the most. She had locked them deep inside her mind but the Spirogyra opened them up and now, it was as if she was reliving her trauma.

Her body started to tremble. “Stop…stop. Dad, stop hitting me…please…let me out.”

She fell on her knees. Her chest tightened as she was panting for air. The Spirogyra almost completely controlled her consciousness. She was scared. It was as if she had traveled back in time to her childhood. The time where she was helplessly living in fear because no one came to her rescue. No one.

Her heart broke into pieces as she looked up to stare at the man who was holding her tight fists.

Lucas rushed to her side when he heard her cries. When he grabbed her hands, he jolted at how icy they felt.

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