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My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 197

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 197

He had always been someone who liked to talk nonsense.

“You know, when the medical staff rescued her, her face was all pale. The first thing they did was to oxygenate her. Also, Mr. Nolan was stuck in the elevator with her too. Fortunately, he’s fine,” he elaborated.

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“What did you say, uncle? Lucas was also inside?” Hera was initially listening with gusto, but she was quickly baffled when she heard the unexpected mention of the man’s name.

Hearing that, her face lost its color as her mind became a mess.

Why was he inside too?

“Yes! Nobody knows why Mr. Nolan was there too but he’s fine! Dr. Berry, on the other hand, is still in the emergency room!”

Anthony let out a sigh, “Dad, she’s Dr. Ashlyn, the woman who performed your surgery!”

“She’s such a good child. I wonder how she is now? Please visit her for me later.” Bob held the cup. “I’ve always taken a liking to her. She seems familiar.”

“Grandpa, you don’t even know her. All she did was merely perform your surgery. Besides, that’s her job as a doctor. You don’t need to thank her,” uttered Hera angrily.

He cares for her as if she’s his granddaughter! Ask her to come to visit you like I am then!

The old man frowned as he was displeased with her attitude. “Other doctors’ surgery isn’t as good as Dr. Berry’s. What does a young girl like you know?”

“Fine. I don’t know anything,” she replied and stood up. “I’ll take my leave first. Rest well, grandpa. I’ll come back in two days.” She was only here to inquire about everything, and now that she did, she had no reason to stay here any longer.

Bob gave her a look before responding, “Okay.”

Hera left the ward and headed for the emergency section.

Uncle said she’s still in the emergency room. Is she dead yet?

She had never shown herself in this matter from the beginning to the end.

Although there was surveillance in this hospital, it was all Jayton’s doing.

It had nothing to do with her at all.

Even if people were to investigate, they would not find out she was involved.

The only person they would find was Jayton. That man was desperate for her. He would not rat her out no matter what.

Actually, it’ll be easier if he disappears.

He had already bought a plane ticket to the United States. That way, he could flee and hide from the limelight.

Hera had promised him that they would get together relationship after this matter was over.

Hearing that, the man got carried away as he beamed with delight.

Therefore, Lucas would not find anything even if he were to do a thorough investigation.

He indeed has so much power and influence in the country, but it’s not the same abroad. Jayton already ran out of the country. Let’s see how he’ll investigate. If Ashlyn were the only one in the elevator, I bet nobody would care about what happened. However, Lucas was also inside! He’ll definitely look into this issue! Luckily, I already arranged for Jayton’s escape over the phone call earlier.

At this moment, she had already arrived in front of the emergency room.

Sure enough, she saw Lucas from a distance. The man’s face was red and swollen, and his lips were a bit torn with blood oozing out. Despite that, he still looked as handsome, maybe even more so.

He was leaning against the wall with an emotionless expression.

“Lucas, I didn’t know you’d be here,” Hera muttered in surprise as she stood right in front of him.

Lucas’ cold eyes narrowed at her when he thought of Spencer’s report regarding the drug incident.

His mind drifted back to their childhood when she was a sweet girl with a tough personality, even at a young age.

The Hera back then was completely different now.

She was now a money-minded and good-for-nothing woman who was greedy for personal gain, with a pretentious angelic front. However, she would continuously and cautiously do things behind his back.

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