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My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 198

My one in a million wife [Ashlyn and Lucas] chapter 198

She was especially good at acting and playing the victim. All this time, she had been pretending to be weak and fragile to win the sympathy of others.

He was so disappointed because he had always had a good impression of her.

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Unfortunately, she herself had ruined the childhood memories he had of her.

Right now, he did not even want to see her face for a mere second.

Hence, silence was the best answer. `

Hera felt a bit awkward when he did not answer her. “What’s the matter? Did you come here to deal with something?” she tried again, trying to get him to talk.

Finally, Lucas coldly hummed a reply.

Jared, who was sitting on the waiting seat, could not help but raise his brows and chuckled. “Ms. Chapman, can’t you read the room?”

Hera was wearing a pink dress, matched with a pair of pink high-heels and a pink bag.

She looked tender and girly in an all-pink outfit, but her heavy makeup did not match her outfit, which ruined the whole image.

She had only noticed Jared was here when she heard his voice.

Is he courting me? Why is he suddenly talking to me? I thought he has a scandal with Ashlyn?

Despite her thought, she was actually satisfied that the other party took the initiative to strike up a conversation with her.

She flicked her bangs using her finger to appear graceful in front of him. “What are you talking about, Mr. Quickton? I don’t catch it.”

“Mr. Nolan clearly doesn’t want to talk to you!” His voice echoed in the corridor.

Hera’s smiling face froze for a second.

“How can that be? Are you kidding me, Mr. Quickton?”

Jared cocked his brows. “I’m not. I’m telling the truth.”

I dislike her ever since I met her during the charity gala. Now I finally can intercede for my boss! I’m not going to miss this chance.

His words irritated her, but she knew he was someone she could not afford to offend.

She could only resort to seeking help from the other man. “Lucas…”


The door of the emergency room flew open right at this moment.

A doctor walked out with a nurse beside him.

Lucas strolled past her to approach the doctor. “How is Ashlyn?”

“Is she awake?” Jared also questioned.

The doctor pulled off his mask to reply to them, “She’s resting now, so please don’t disturb her too much. You guys can still go in for proper visits, though.”

The medical staff then pushed Ashlyn out of the room to transfer her into an ordinary ward.

Hera felt humiliated that Lucas ignored her just like that. Her heart was filled with jealousy and hatred when she saw the pale yet still beautiful Ashlyn.

That b****! Why is she still alive? Why isn’t she dead!

Lucas and Jared quickly followed them to the ward, leaving her alone in the corridor.

Hera stomped her feet in frustration. She hated the outcome of the situation, but there was nothing she could do.

She could only watch Lucas enter the ward and shut the door right in front of her, blocking her sight.

Inside the ward, Ashlyn looked so peaceful on the bed. Her eyes were tightly closed, and her long, luscious eyelashes were covering her eyelids. She looked like Sleeping Beauty.

Lucas could not help but frown as he stared at her pale face with a slight pain in his heart.

I never knew she’s claustrophobic. Who would’ve known such a strong woman like her also had a weakness.

It terrified him to see Ashlyn muttering to herself earlier. He failed to make it clear what she uttered, though.

Jared stared at his tall and stalwart figure standing in the ward. It was indeed an eye-catching sight.

However, he was infuriated when he suddenly recalled that his boss got hurt when she was around him. “Lucas, I’m warning you. Stay away from her.”

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