The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 1-10

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1

It was nine o’clock at night at the male dormitory building in the university campus.

“Gerald, please go down to dormitory 101 on the first floor and bring my laptop up for me!”

A guy with blonde hair from the dormitory next door opened Gerald’s dormitory room door directly before he dropped one dollar on the floor, then turned around and walked away.

“By the way, please get me a bottle of mineral water from the supermarket downstairs too!”

The blond-haired student turned around before he dropped another three dollars on the floor—two dollars for the bottled mineral water and another dollar for running the errand for him.

“Hey, Blondie! Why are the people in your dormitory always asking Gerald to run errands for you? Why are you guys being such bullies?”

The people in Gerald’s dormitory asked in a cold manner because they could no longer stand it.

“Hahaha! Gerald lives in your dormitory and you don’t understand him yet? If you give him a dollar, he’d even eat shit if you asked him to!” Blondie replied sarcastically. Then, he laughed before he left the dormitory.

Gerald’s face flushed red with embarrassment as he turned a deaf ear to what the guy with blond hair said. After that, he bent down to pick up the few dollars on the ground before he thought to himself, ‘This way, I’ll make two dollars and that’s enough for me to buy three steamed buns and a bag of pickles! I won’t have to go hungry anymore.’

“Gerald…don’t go! If you don’t have enough money, we’ll lend you some and you won’t even need to pay us back!”

The head of the dormitory could not stop himself from sympathizing with Gerald.

Gerald shook his head before he smiled and said, “Thanks, but it’s okay…”

After speaking, Gerald turned around to walk out of the dormitory. At this time, all the boys looked at Gerald’s back as they shook their heads in pity.

In fact, Gerald did not want to run errands for others and he wanted to enjoy his university life too.

It would be great if he could just continue studying in university without having to worry about anything.

However, he was really very poor!

Although the other boys in his dormitory treated him very well, he did not want them to pity him. Otherwise, Gerald was afraid that they would eventually get sick of him.

Apart from his dormitory roommates, Gerald had no other friends in university.

“Gerald, I heard Blondie saying that you were heading downstairs, right?”

At this time, a very well-dressed boy exited from the dormitory next door.

His name was Danny Xanders and he was the head of Blondie’s dormitory. He was every female students’ idol because he wasn’t only rich but he was also very handsome.

However, he had always looked down on Gerald because he felt that Gerald was an embarrassment.

Gerald could not understand why Danny would talk to him.

Gerald simply nodded and said, “Yes, I’m heading downstairs.”

Danny smiled before he passed Gerald a box full of items.

“One of my friends will be waiting at the east grove today. Please pass him this box. Here’s ten dollars for you.”

Danny was a playboy and everyone knew about how he’d often ask different girls to meet up with him at the grove.

Danny also had many friends who would do the same thing.

However, Gerald did not think too much about it as he was already used to running errands for others.

He simply took the box and the ten dollars before he walked downstairs. As soon as he turned around, he seemed to hear Danny’s faint laughter in the background…

Gerald went downstairs to pick up the laptop and buy the bottle of mineral water before he decided to drop the box of items off for Danny.

The small grove outside the university was a very famous place for couples to have their secret rendezvous at night.

After that, Gerald arrived at the place that Danny had mentioned to him.

He could immediately see a man and a woman sitting in the woods, talking and laughing together.

However, Gerald was shocked when he saw the man and woman’s faces under the moonlight.

He was stunned.

It was Xavia!

Gerald’s eyes reddened immediately and the items he was holding fell to the ground.

Xavia was Gerald’s ex-girlfriend and it had only been three days since they had both broken up. Of course, it was Xavia who wanted to end the relationship.

When they were breaking up, Xavia had told him she wanted some time alone to herself. However, it had only been three days and she was already spending time with another man at the grove!

Both of them also noticed Gerald’s presence immediately and the expression on their faces changed abruptly.

“Gerald…why are you here? You, you…don’t get me wrong. I’m here with Yuri because…”

Xavia started to panic immediately, feeling very embarrassed at this time. She quickly lowered her head, not knowing how to face Gerald.

The boy named Yuri Lowell, who was a second-generation rich kid, glanced at the box of items that Gerald dropped to the ground before he laughed out loud.

“Damn it! Danny really knows how to make a fool out of people. I asked him to send me this box of items and I really didn’t expect him to send you here to run his errands instead. This is exciting. This is really too exciting!”

Gerald knew that Yuri, who was a second-generation rich kid, was Danny’s close friend. His family owned several restaurants and he usually drove a BMW 3 series car to school.

Gerald could only clench his fists tightly together after listening to Yuri’s words.

It turned out that Danny had intentionally done this.

Moreover, Gerald believed that Danny actually played a role in his break up with Xavia. Otherwise, why would Xavia be with Yuri just a few days after their break up?

“Xavia, I know that you dislike me but you don’t have to get together with this kind of person after our break up. Do you know how many girlfriends he has changed before this?” Gerald yelled out loud.

He loved this girl very much. He really loved her.

Xavia felt very anxious and annoyed when she heard Gerald’s words. “Gerald, who do you think you are? Who gave you the right to teach me how I should be acting and what I should be doing? I’ve already broken up with you and I can choose to be with whoever I want to be with!”

“Also…” Xavia was furious at this time. After that, she stared at Gerald before she said, “Did you come here to disgust me on purpose? Get lost!”


After she was done speaking, Xavia stepped forward and gave Gerald a tight slap across his face.

Yuri laughed even more heartily at this time. “Hahaha. Xavia, why are you chasing him away? You should just let him stay and watch us!”

Xavia blushed immediately. “Yuri, I’ve already lost all interest after seeing this guy over here! Maybe next time…”

After that, Xavia broke free from Yuri’s grasp.

Gerald did not know how he walked away from the grove and his mind was completely blank at that moment.

Everything came down to money. Gerald was in this state because he had no money!


After returning to his dormitory, Gerald was greeted by the laughter of his classmates in the corridor.

Danny was holding his belly as he laughed out loud.

He had obviously told all of their classmates about this matter.

“Hahaha. Gerald, what did you see when you were delivering the items earlier?” Blondie asked him with a smile on his face.

“Damn it! Xavia really has the most perfect figure,” Danny said as he grinned.

Gerald clenched his fists tightly together and his eyes were flushed red at this time. He really wanted to kill Danny! He wanted to perish together with Danny.

“Why? Why are you doing this to me?” Gerald hissed angrily.

Danny laughed before he replied, “Hey, look here. I’m not scared of you at all.”

“Among all the poor people in our class, you’re the one I look down on the most! Xavia is such a beautiful woman and it’s such a waste for her to be in a relationship with someone like you! It’d be better for my brother to enjoy and play around with her for a few days at least…”

“By the way, Gerald, did you know that Yuri managed to pick Xavia up after texting her for less than half an hour while you had to chase after her for more than a year before she finally agreed to be your girlfriend?”

Everyone was laughing at this time and no one cared about Gerald’s dignity at all.

“I did it for you!”

Gerald rushed towards Danny immediately.

As a result, he ended up getting beaten up by Danny’s buddies instead.

In the end, Gerald’s roommates came to his rescue and they brought him back to their own dormitory.

Gerald covered his face with his quilt as he continued sobbing as he laid in bed.

‘Why? Why must they bully me and trample on my dignity? Why?’

‘Do I not have any feelings just because I’m poor? Am I not a person in their eyes?’

Gerald continued struggling internally and he could not stop the tears from flowing down his cheeks. He could not forget the scene that he had just witnessed tonight.

He did not know how long he huddled up under the covers, crying before he finally fell asleep.

Perhaps it was because it was such a dark and silent night, Gerald slept very peacefully that night.

When he woke up the next morning, there was no one in the dormitory. Gerald knew that the head of the dormitory must not have wanted to wake him up as he probably felt it would be better for Gerald to stay in the dormitory instead of going to the classroom after the previous night’s events!

When Gerald picked up his cell phone, he discovered that he had received many text messages and missed calls.

To Gerald’s surprise, they were all foreign numbers.

Gerald also received a text message stating that someone had transferred money into his bank account!

“[Daxtonville Bank] Nineteen years. The balance of your account ending in 107 is USD 1,500,000.00.”

Gerald was stunned when he looked at the series of numbers.

One million five hundred thousand dollars?

Who would transfer one and a half million dollars to him?

Gerald hurriedly called the bank to confirm the transfer and he was even more confused after receiving confirmation from the bank.

At this time, his cell phone started ringing again. It was another phone call from an international phone number and Gerald answered the call immediately.

“Gerald, have you received the money that I transferred to you? I’m your elder sister!” A familiar voice sounded over the other end of the line.

“Sister! What the hell is going on? Aren’t you and our parents working hard to make money abroad? Where did you get so much money?”

Gerald was completely in shock.

“Erm, our father was intending to hide the truth from you for another two years but I can’t bring myself to do so because I know you’re constantly getting bullied in school. Therefore, I planned to tell you the news in advance. Our family is actually really wealthy. The Crawford family has a huge business industry throughout the world. Do you know that eighty percent of the gold mines, minerals, and petroleum in Africa actually belongs to our family?”

“This is not inclusive of all the other industries in Daxtonville and abroad.”


Gerald gulped immediately. If this one and a half million wasn’t already in his hands, he wouldn’t have believed this at all.

He really thought that his sister was merely making fun of him!

“I know you find it really hard to believe me, Gerald, but you have to learn to accept the truth slowly. In the beginning, I was also raised in a poor environment but after some time, I’ve gradually gotten familiar with living the lifestyle of a wealthy person. By the way, I’ve sent something over to you by courier and it should arrive by this morning. You no longer have to worry about money in the future.”

“I don’t know how much anything costs in Daxtonville nowadays but you shouldn’t worry, just use the one and a half million dollars for the time being. I’ll call you again next month!”

After hanging up the phone, Gerald was still in disbelief.

He had always lived as a poor person throughout his entire life.


He was actually a second-generation rich kid?

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 2

It turned out that his parents and sisters had been lying to him when they told him that they were working abroad.

After that, Gerald called his parents directly. They were initially angry that his sister had told him about their wealth without their permission but after a short while, they decided to apologize to Gerald instead.

Gerald’s father told him that he had no choice but to do so because he wanted to raise him to have a humble personality. After that, his father explained a lot to him!

Gerald then withdrew a hundred thousand dollars from the bank before he was going to go shopping with some of the black bank cards that his sister had just mailed to him.

In fact, Gerald was still not completely convinced. Was this just a dream?

Gerald was very excited at this time.

“Hahaha. Xavia, if you didn’t break up with me, I would be able to buy you whatever you want now.”

“Yuri and Danny, you’ve already insulted and made fun of me so much in university. I wonder how you’re both going to react in the future.”

Gerald smiled bitterly to himself.

It was already almost noon when he left the bank.

At this time, Gerald’s cell phone rang and he realized that it was a phone call from the head of his dormitory.


“Gerald, are you okay? Why aren’t you in the dormitory?”

“Oh, I went out for a stroll!”

“The few of us are scared to death. We’re so worried about you. By the way, it is Naomi’s birthday today. As she couldn’t contact you, she’s asked me to ask you if you’re attending her birthday party tonight. She said that she’s already mentioned her birthday celebration to you a few days ago!”

After hearing his words, Gerald looked through the list of missed calls on his phone before he realized that he had indeed missed some calls from Naomi.

Naomi was Gerald’s classmate and not only was she very beautiful but she was also very close to Gerald.

Apart from Xavia, Naomi was Gerald’s only female friend.

In fact, Gerald remembered Naomi telling him about her birthday a few days ago. However, he did not say anything because he was already struggling to simply feed himself a few days ago.

But now…Gerald decided to live like a normal person in his usual circle of friends.

So, why would he not go to the birthday party?

“I have to get a birthday gift for her, right?”

After hanging up the phone, Gerald looked around him and the only thing that attracted him was the Hermes shop.

This was a world-famous luxury store which carried very luxurious items. Even though it was very expensive, many second-generation rich kids from Gerald’s university liked to come here mainly because of prestige!

Gerald did not plan to enter the store but he suddenly thought of the Universal Global Supreme Shopper’s Card that his sister had mailed to him today.

He felt very tempted at this time.

He was initially very reluctant to spend money but when he thought about the card, Gerald guilt immediately lessened.

After taking a deep breath, Gerald walked into the Hermes boutique store immediately.

“Hello sir, what can I do for you?”

A very beautiful salesgirl inside greeted Gerald very politely.

Even though there was a trace of contempt in her eyes when she glanced at Charlie’s clothes, she was still very polite.

She knew that everyone who entered this store would usually look around first but she did not understand why someone like him would want to enter their boutique store.

“I’ll take a look around the store first,” Gerald replied immediately. This was his first time stepping into such a luxurious boutique store so he really did not know what to buy.

The salesgirl had a cold expression on her face as she looked at Gerald.

“Yuri, can you buy me a bag?”

At this time, a familiar voice reached Gerald’s ear and he saw a beautiful girl walking into the store as she held onto another man’s arm.

The expression on Gerald’s face changed immediately when he turned around and saw the couple.

It was none other than Yuri and Xavia.

“Hello! Is this your girlfriend, Mr. Lowell? She’s really very beautiful!”

As soon as the salesgirl who was serving Gerald earlier saw Yuri, there was a 180 degree change in her attitude as she greeted him with a smile on her face.

Everyone knew that Yuri was a second-generation rich kid and he was very eye-catching wherever he went. That was the reason why the salesgirl rushed over to him immediately.

“Rachel, this is my girlfriend, Xavia. I’ve brought her here to take a look today because I’d like to buy her a bag.”

Xavia blushed at this time. Yuri was indeed a rich young man who was recognized wherever he went.

At this time, Xavia pointed at one of the bags before she said, “Yuri, I want this bag!”

The bag was placed inside a cabinet and it looked very luxurious and grand.

Rachel smiled before she said, “This bag is a collector’s edition that was introduced during the Hermes’ 200th anniversary celebration. There are only two hundred units of this bag produced worldwide and it’s worth fifty-five thousand dollars!”


Xavia was so shocked and she could not help but gasp out loud.

Yuri also jumped up slightly before he smiled and said, “Rachel, if I’m not mistaken, this is a handmade bag with excellent workmanship. It was only released last year and it has already won one of the spots on the list of world’s top ten luxury goods, right?”

Rachel was very surprised at Yuri’s extensive knowledge. “You seem to know a lot about bags!”

Yuri shook his head before he said, “I like to research luxury goods but this is really a very expensive bag.”

After that, Yuri looked at Xavia before he said, “My dear, you have really exquisite taste. Let’s get you another bag that is worth five or six thousand dollars instead.”

Yuri would rather die than purchase a bag for fifty-five thousand dollars!

Xavia pouted as she said, “Alice’s boyfriend bought her a bag worth more than eight thousand dollars!”

“Well, you’ll have to wait until I get more allowance next month, then!”

At this time, the other people who have just heard Rachel introducing the bag to Yuri quickly surrounded the cabinet containing the luxury bag.

When Yuri was talking about the bag that was worth fifty-five thousand dollars, he seemed very knowledgeable!

Everyone was very impressed with his knowledge.

When Gerald saw that the salesgirl had already left him alone, he no longer wanted to stay in the boutique shop because he did not want Xavia to see him.

At this time, a younger salesgirl suddenly walked up to Gerald before she bowed and said, “Hello sir, how can I…how can I help you today?”

She looked like she had just started working as a salesgirl.

She was still a little timid.

However, it warmed Gerald’s heart because she was very polite.

“Oh, I’d like to buy someone a birthday gift!” Gerald replied immediately.

“Sir, do you have a Shopper’s Card? If you have one, you will be able to enjoy a discount on your purchases.”

Even though Gerald was her first customer, she did not judge him simply because of his simple and casual appearance. Instead, she continued speaking to him in a very professional manner.

“Oh yes. Can you please take a look at this?”

Gerald took out the Universal Global Supreme Shopper’s Card that his sister had given to him before passing it to the salesgirl.

The salesgirl widened her eyes in shock when she saw the card.

“This, this…black gold card?”

The salesgirl continued staring at Gerald in shock and disbelief. This young man looked like an ordinary student and not a famous rich man. How could he possibly have a black gold card?

Gerald was confused and he asked, “What’s a black gold card?”

“It is a supreme-level card and you can spend up to three hundred thousand dollars on this card, while the minimum amount for each transaction is fifty thousand dollars, sir!”

Gerald was even more confused at this time. He knew that their family was rich but he did not know that they were so rich!

“Sir, based on the items we are currently carrying in our store, you can’t use this black gold card on any of the regular luxury goods in this shop. However, you can easily reach the minimum transaction amount if you check out the collector’s edition bag. I will bring it over to you now.”

The salesgirl bowed again before she left immediately.

At the same time, Xavia and Yuri were still looking around the boutique store as they checked out all of the bags with a look of admiration on their face.

The young salesgirl unlocked the cabinet before taking the collector’s edition bag out.

Rachel frowned immediately before she said, “Wendy, what do you think you’re doing now?”

Wendy turned around and replied, “I’d like to show a customer this bag!”

“Is this the kind of bag that you should be showing to just any customer? Who are you showing it to?”

Rachel frowned as she stared at Wendy.

Wendy looked in Gerald’s direction as she said respectfully, “This gentleman over here.”

Yuri and Xavia also turned around to look at the direction that the salesgirl was pointing at before they burst out in laughter.


Yuri could not hold his laughter in when he saw Gerald.

If he could, he would have already rolled on the ground as he laughed.

“What are you talking about? That man wants to see the collector’s edition bag?” Yuri asked as he pointed his finger at Gerald.

This was a big joke to Yuri.

Yuri stared at Gerald with a contemptuous expression on his face and Gerald felt a little embarrassed at this time because there was a crowd of people staring at him.

Rachel also had an ugly expression on her face as she said, “Wendy! Do you really think this man would be able to afford to buy any of the bags in our boutique store? Who are you kidding?”

“No, Rachel. That customer has a black gold card. He is our VIP customer!”

“Hahaha!” Yuri laughed out loud again. “A VIP customer? He’s a famous pauper in our university!”

Xavia also glared at Gerald in disgust as she said, “Gerald, aren’t you ashamed of yourself? Why don’t you leave this place immediately?”


Gerald looked around as the crowd of people continued ridiculing him. The young salesgirl was also placed in a very difficult position as Rachel was glaring at Gerald in disgust.

At this time, Gerald simply strode over to the counter before he placed his black gold card on the counter.

“I’ll buy that collector’s edition bag today!”

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 3
“Gerald, why are you pretending to be rich?” Xavia asked contemptuously.

However, Rachel was startled after Gerald placed the black gold card on the counter.

This Universal Global Supreme Shopper’s Card for luxury stores was only available to the most wealthy and powerful families in the world.

There was no doubt that the owner of the black gold card was indeed very wealthy and powerful.

On the other side, Wendy quickly brought the card reader over to the counter.

After that, Gerald entered his birthday into the card reader as the passcode and the transaction was successful.

The transaction was successfully completed!

“Oh my god!”

Everyone in the crowd was shocked.

“Oh my. Did this young boy just buy the Hermes collector’s edition bag worth fifty five thousand dollars? He is really very rich!”

“Is this a boy really a very humble second-generation rich kid?”

Everyone was staring at Gerald with fiery eyes.

At this time, even Yuri was staring at Gerald in disbelief.

How could this pauper possibly be so rich? He felt a sharp pain in his heart.

Moreover, he was still showing off his knowledge on all of the luxury goods before this.

Now, he looked nothing more than a clown!

Xavia had a look of disbelief on her face at this time.

“You…you…Gerald, where did you get this card?”

How could he possibly buy the bag that was worth fifty-five thousand dollars whenever he wanted to? Xavia could not believe that Gerald also owned a Universal Global Supreme Shopper’s Card. Even that luxury shopper’s card was very valuable on its own!

Did he just buy the bag on his own?

Was it for real?

Gerald glanced at Xavia but he did not say anything at all.

He could still feel a sharp pain in his heart but he was still very cold towards Xavia. At this time, Gerald thought in his heart, ‘My sister was the one who gave me this card and I can actually purchase something costing up to three hundred thousand dollars!’

“Sir, I will wrap this item up for you immediately! Please wait for half an hour.”

“This is a very luxurious product so we must ensure that the packaging for the bag is perfect.”

Gerald felt very embarrassed with the crowd of people staring at him so intently.

After he rejected the wrapping service, Gerald took the bag in his hand as he prepared to leave immediately.

“Wait a minute! Stop right there!”

Yuri had an ugly expression on his face as he walked in front of Gerald to stop him from leaving.

“What do you want?” Gerald asked in a cold manner.

Yuri snorted before he pointed at the black gold card in Gerald’s hand. “I suspect that you’ve stolen this black gold card from its original owner. After all, it isn’t that difficult to steal someone’s password or passcode nowadays!”

After that, Yuri looked at Rachel before he said, “Rachel, I’d advise you to call your manager to look into this matter immediately. If this black gold card was really stolen, it’ll leave a very bad reputation for your boutique store when this matter is exposed!”

Xavia came back to her senses at this time and she quickly chimed in, “Yes, Rachel. How can a pauper like Gerald possibly own such a supreme card and be able to purchase such an expensive bag?”

Xavia was still in disbelief.

Rachel felt that what they were saying made complete sense.

Therefore, she looked at Gerald before she said, “Sir, please wait here for a moment. Our manager will come over here right away.”

After that, everyone blocked Gerald’s way as if they were trying to stop a fraudster from escaping!

Gerald really did not expect to cause so much trouble just because he wanted to buy a bag.

However, he knew that he would not be able to leave now even if he wanted to.

He could only stand here and wait patiently for the store manager.

Very soon, a woman in her early thirties who was dressed very elegantly appeared in front of the crowd of people.

Rachel immediately told the manager that she suspected Gerald to be a fraudster who had stolen someone else’s black gold card.

The manager looked at Gerald before she smiled and said, “I am sorry, sir but if you do not mind, would you please allow me to check out your black gold card?”

She was very polite and respectful because she was the manager of the store and she did not judge their customers simply by their appearances.

Gerald felt very helpless at this time and he could only hand his black gold card over to the manager without saying anything.

The manager brought out a special card reader.

After that, she skillfully placed the card inside.

“Sir, could you please give me your last name? I would also like to know your identification number,” the female manager requested respectfully.

“My name is Gerald Crawford and my sister’s name is Jessica Crawford!”

Even though his sister had put in his birth date as the passcode for his cards, Gerald was not sure if the card was under his name or his sister’s. Gerald also handed his identification card over to the manager without any hesitation.

“Hm, let’s see how he’ll explain himself now!” Yuri said as he sneered. After that, he took out his cell phone so he could file a police report as soon as they found out the truth about Gerald!

The female manager proceeded with her inspection.

A short while later, a look of horror flashed through her eyes when she saw that Gerald was indeed the rightful owner of the black gold card.

He was indeed a supreme member and this meant that he was a member of a very wealthy and powerful family in the world.

The manager broke out in cold sweat immediately. Damn it! Rachel had actually made her offend such an important and powerful customer!

The female manager took the card in her hand before she walked over to Gerald and bowed before him in a respectful manner.

“Dear Mr. Crawford, I am so sorry if I have offended you. Please let me return your black gold card to you.”


Everyone was stunned.

Rachel was standing in Gerald’s way because she was trying to prevent him from leaving and she felt extremely embarrassed at this time.

“Manager…are…are you sure you did not make a mistake? Is this person really the owner of this black gold card?”

The female manager raised her hand and slapped Rachel across her face. “Move aside now!”

Rachel covered her face with her hand as she quickly stepped aside.

Yuri and Xavia were in a daze.

The female manager knew that the two of them knew Gerald and they were the ones who were trying to ridicule and embarrass him.

Therefore, she thought that it would be best if she could gain Gerald’s favor by chasing them both out of the Hermes store today!

The manager quickly walked up to Yuri and Xavia before she said, “Excuse me, what are both of you trying to prove? Why did you induce our salesgirl to offend our most valuable customer?”

Yuri stared at the manager before he said, “I was simply giving you a warning as a kind gesture!”

“We appreciate your kindness but if you are not going to buy anything, we would truly appreciate it if you left our store immediately.”

The female manager’s words were very sharp and cold.

She was chasing them out of the store!

Xavia looked at Yuri, hoping that he would be able to get them out of this embarrassing situation.

However, Yuri was also sweating profusely at this time. Even if he forked out money to buy a bag worth ten thousand dollars, he would still be nothing compared to Gerald.

Gerald was a supreme customer!

“Let’s go!”

Yuri gritted his teeth in anger as he dragged Xavia out of the store.

At this time, Rachel was also bowing down in front of Gerald. “Sorry. I am so sorry, Mr. Crawford!”

She regretted her actions and she really regretted judging her customers by their appearance.

Gerald turned a blind eye to her and he simply smiled at Wendy before he said, “Thank you so much for all the trouble today. I don’t need you to wrap the bag up for me because I’m in a hurry. Goodbye!”

After that, Gerald took the bag in his hands before he left immediately.

This was the first time that he had ever won in a battle with money.

In fact, he was not the kind of person who would spend so extravagantly.

However, Gerald was finally an ordinary person who could live his life without worrying about money!

After leaving the store, Gerald’s cell phone started ringing again. It was a phone call from Naomi.

Gerald could hear Naomi’s anxious voice over the other end of the line as soon as he answered the call. “Gerald, I don’t care what other people think about you but you’re one of my closest friends! You have to come to my birthday party tonight. All of your dormitory mates are here already!”

Gerald smiled before he replied, “Alright, I’ll be right there!”

“By the way, make sure that you look good today! I’d like to introduce someone to you!” Naomi said over the phone again.

Gerald could only shake his head helplessly. Since he could not possibly give Naomi the bag without wrapping it up, Gerald walked to a nearby supermarket to buy a plastic bag for twenty cents. After that, he put the Hermes bag into the red plastic bag.

He then hailed a cab before he rushed to Jade Restaurant.

At this time, at Jade Restaurant, Naomi hung up the phone before she smiled at the long-haired girl sitting next to her. The girl was absolutely beautiful and she looked like a goddess!

“Alice, Gerald is a very close friend of mine. He’s a very good and studious person! I’d like to introduce you to him later.”

Alice was wearing her earphones and she was shaking her legs as she listened to music.

She was really very pure and beautiful.


Alice Bradford and Naomi were childhood friends who grew up together and they attended the same university even though they were majoring in different fields.

Since it was Naomi’s birthday today, she had invited Alice and some of her dormitory friends over to celebrate her birthday with her.

At this time, Naomi also knew that even though Alice was a goddess, she had been single since high school and she was currently looking for a boyfriend.

Alice opened a bottle of juice as she drank it in a graceful manner.

At this time, the door opened…

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 4
However, the person who entered through the door wasn’t Gerald.

“Danny! What are you doing here?”

The expression on Naomi’s face changed as soon as she saw Danny.

Both of them were classmates and Naomi was once close to them.

However, Naomi had found out that morning that Danny had played a trick on Gerald. Therefore, Naomi lost her temper at Danny.

Unexpectedly, this guy was so thick-skinned and he actually came here even though she had just scolded him.

“Naomi, are you still angry? I was just joking around with Gerald last night. Who would’ve thought that he’d actually deliver the box to Yuri?”

Danny replied as he smiled cheerfully.

Several of his roommates also came with him and they all brought gifts with them.

Speaking of it, Naomi’s family was also very wealthy and Naomi had already offered to help Gerald several times. However, Gerald had always rejected her goodwill.

Danny had known Naomi ever since they were in high school.

“Naomi, is this the Gerald that you were going to introduce to me? What’s wrong?” Alice asked as she stared at Danny.

As soon as Danny saw Alice, his eyes were shining brightly. In fact, he had already wanted to get acquainted with Alice ever since a long time ago. Alice was the most beautiful girl that he had ever seen in the Broadcasting and Media Department.

This time, the only reason why he gathered the courage to brazenly come and apologize to Naomi was because he knew that Alice would also be here.

As soon as Danny heard Alice’s words, he quickly said, “Hello, the beautiful Alice. Gerald is my classmate! He’s a pauper that I made fun of yesterday! Hahaha…”

When Danny recalled that Gerald had delivered some birth control supplies to his ex-girlfriend last night, Danny could not help but laugh out loud.

“Shut up!” Naomi replied as she glared at Danny.

At this time, Alice had a very strange expression on her face.

Was there really such a huge distinction between the poor and rich students?

Gerald’s roommates also had a very ugly expression on their faces at this time.

“Okay, okay…I won’t say anything else.”

Danny laughed before he said, “Naomi, why don’t you take a look at what I got for you…”

At this time, someone pushed the door open once again.

After opening the door, Gerald walked in with a red plastic bag in his hand.

“Gerald, you’re finally here!”

Naomi immediately jumped up with a smile on her face.

Gerald nodded in acknowledgment and he immediately noticed Danny, who was staring at him with a mocking expression on her face.

In fact, Danny would have a humble expression on his face if it was any other second-generation rich kid. However…right now.

This was Gerald.

Alice also raised her head to look at Gerald at this time.

In fact, Alice really wanted to look for a boyfriend but she could immediately tell that Gerald was probably not from a wealthy family. Alice did not mind if he was from an ordinary family as long as he was handsome and attractive.

However, even though Gerald was handsome, Alice could tell that all the clothes that Gerald was wearing from head to toe were not worth more than fifty dollars.

He was too ordinary!

When Alice thought of what Danny had mentioned earlier, her impression of Gerald reached a new low point.

Alice’s face was filled with disappointment.

“Gerald, this is Alice! Alice, this is my friend, Gerald.”

Naomi introduced both of them with a smile on her face.

Gerald nodded before he replied, “Hello, my name is Gerald. Nice to meet you, Alice.”

Gerald extended his hand politely.

However, Alice did not even bother to look at Gerald. Instead, she simply turned around and continued sipping her juice.

Gerald’s hand was hanging in the air and after a short while, he had to take his hand back in anguish.

Naomi knew that her best friend had always had such a personality. If she was interested in the guy, she would talk more. Otherwise, she would simply ignore him completely.

Gerald did not say anything about it.

He simply walked over to sit down at the table.

At this time, Danny saw the red plastic bag in Gerald’s hand.

Danny immediately said, “Well, Gerald, it is Naomi’s birthday today. So, what birthday gift did you get here? Why don’t you show it to us?”

The head of Gerald’s dormitory could not stand it anymore and he quickly asked, “Danny, why are you always picking on Gerald?”

Danny simply laughed because he really enjoyed ridiculing and making fun of others.

Danny glanced at Gerald with a cold expression on his face before he took out the gift that he bought for Naomi first.

It turned out that Danny also bought a black branded bag for her.

“Naomi, I bought this for you. A Hermes bag.”

As soon as Danny brought out the bag, Alice and all her beautiful roommates were immediately intrigued.

“A Hermes bag? The market price for one of these bags is at least eight thousand dollars, right?”

All of the beautiful girls immediately had a different impression of Danny.

This person was really very generous.

Alice, the goddess who had always been very cold to everyone else, could not help but glance at Danny at this time.

“It’s not that expensive. My dad knows the manager at Hermes very well, so I bought it for only seven thousand nine hundred dollars.”

Danny smiled as he enjoyed the admiring gaze that everyone was giving him at this time.

Even though Naomi really despised Danny, she took it in her hand without saying anything else.

“The Hermes Rumble is actually the latest bag launched by Hermes. It is very popular in Macau, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. This same exact bag costs about twelve thousand dollars there!”

Alice could not help but gasp when she heard Danny’s words.

Danny saw the expression on Alice’s face and he quickly said, “Alice, what do you think about this bag? Do you usually do any research on luxury goods?”

Alice looked at Danny and she finally smiled faintly before she replied, “I’d wanted to buy this exact same bag before this but the price is slightly too high…”

Danny quickly replied, “Alice dear, I’ll get you one for your birthday! Eight or nine thousand dollars is not a lot of money to me anyway. Moreover, I know everyone working at the Hermes boutique store across from our university.”

Alice did not say anything but she simply smiled at Danny.

Even though she did not know Danny personally, she had heard about him before and she knew that he was a playboy.

Unexpectedly, he was also so courageous and generous.

Alice could not help but feel a little impressed with him at this time.

After that, the head of Gerald’s dormitory and all of his roommates also presented their gifts to Naomi, one after the other.

Their gifts were naturally not as expensive as Danny’s luxury gift, but each of their gifts also cost three to four hundred dollars.

Gerald did not want to interfere and he simply planned to give Naomi his gift after everyone was done.

However, at this time, Danny looked at the red plastic bag in Gerald’s hand before he smirked and said, “Gerald, please show us what you bought for Naomi. Just look at the plastic bag in your hand! It’s really very festive.”

“Danny, can you just shut up? I’d be very happy no matter what Gerald gives me.”

Naomi warned Danny again.

However, Naomi was also looking at Gerald with a hopeful expression on her face.

Gerald regretted his action a little.

Since he was in a hurry, he did not want to wait half an hour for the salesgirl to wrap the bag up for him.

He thought that it would just be a simple gathering with a few of their close friends. He did not expect that b*stard Danny to be here too!

“Naomi, I bought you a bag too.”

Gerald said as he took the bag out of the plastic bag.

Alice frowned at this time because she really could not believe her eyes.

This person was so poor! He was really unbelievable.

“Wow!” Danny yelled as soon as Gerald took out the bag.

“Gerald actually bought Naomi a Hermes bag too! He bought her a luxury item too!”

“Gerald, could you tell me which market stall you bought this bag from? Is it cheap?”

Danny’s words made all the girls present laugh out loud immediately.

Alice shook her head slightly at this time.

She originally thought that even though Gerald was poor, he would probably be a good friend.

However, Alice simply looked down on Gerald now.

“This is the limited edition collector’s Hermes bag that was launched during their 200th anniversary. There are only two hundred units of this bag in this world and each of these bags is worth fifty-five thousand dollars!”

Alice could recognize the bag immediately.

“There are also many imitations on the Internet and the counterfeit bag cost less than one hundred dollars! However, no matter how vain a person is, they wouldn’t buy the counterfeit version of this bag because it’s really embarrassing to use a fake high-end product!”

Alice was not polite at all as she glared at Gerald. This person really made her sick!

Naomi initially thought that Gerald would buy some gadgets for her but she really did not expect him to buy her an imitation item instead.

However, Naomi still smiled as she said, “Thank you, Gerald. I’m very thankful and happy no matter what you get me but you shouldn’t spend so much money in the future. One hundred dollars is a lot of money for you!”

Gerald wanted to explain himself and tell Naomi that it was a genuine and original Hermes bag but he could see that Alice and her roommates were already giving him contemptuous looks.

Therefore, he knew that no one would believe him even if he tried to explain himself and he might end up making them despise him even more.

At this time, Alice looked at Naomi before she said, “Naomi, why did you become friends with such an unreliable person?”

Naomi did not want to put Gerald in a difficult position. Therefore, she tried to change the topic.

“Alright, everyone, it’s my birthday today and I’m really happy to be able to celebrate it with all of you. Come on, let’s make a toast!”

Alice and her roommates continued staring at Gerald in disgust while the other guys did not respond at all.

Danny and his friends simply sneered at Charlie.

Gerald did not want to make things difficult for Naomi because he knew that she was caught between him and her roommates.

He quickly stood up and said, “Naomi, happy birthday to you but I just remembered something I have to do back in my dormitory so I’ll be leaving first. Have fun!”

Gerald knew that he was superfluous, so he got up to leave immediately.


Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 5
Gerald walked out of the room immediately.

At this time, Naomi and the head of Gerald’s dormitory, Harper, chased after Gerald immediately.

“What are you doing? I didn’t say that I don’t like your gift,” Naomi said anxiously.

Harper also spoke up at this time. “Gerald, don’t leave. Stay and have dinner before you go. If you leave now, we’ll be very bored here.”

Gerald smiled before he replied, “You guys can continue having fun here. There’s really something I have to do now but I hope you guys will believe I’m not the kind of person who would buy something fake!”

Gerald did not know if his friends would believe him.

As he thought about it, Gerald could only blame his sister for giving him the card with a minimum spending amount of fifty thousand dollars.

Even though Harper and Naomi kept persuading Gerald, he still decided to leave in the end.

“Did that pauper really leave?” Danny asked with a smile as soon as Naomi and Harper returned to the room.

Harper replied, “Danny, can’t you change the target of your bullying? Why are you always bullying Gerald? Isn’t he miserable enough?”

Harper could not tolerate it anymore.

“Hahaha. He was the one who asked for it himself! Why did he buy an imitation Hermes bag to gift Naomi? Moreover, he even chose to give her a fake limited edition collector’s item. He’s really the worst!”

Alice could only smile wryly as she shook her head.

Gerald walked on the street without any emotions on his face after leaving the restaurant.

When Gerald was really poor, all he wished for was to be rich. However, now that he was loaded with cash, he did not feel anything special at all.

Moreover, he bought his friend a bag that cost more than fifty five thousand dollars but he was still despised and ridiculed.

Just as Gerald was thinking of where he should head to, he suddenly received a phone call.

It was a phone call from his sister, Jessica.

Gerald immediately answered the call. “Sister!”

“Gerald! What are you doing now?

“I’m not busy at all…”

“If you are free, could you do me a favor?”

Gerald was curious at this point.

“Do you know Mayberry Commercial Street? I invested in that street and developed it when I returned to the country to see you four years ago. I need to sign a renewal contract with some of the investors but I can’t return to the country now.”

“Back then, I included your name in the development of the project. Therefore, Mayberry Commercial Street belongs to both of us. It’ll be the same even if you sign the contract! Go and renew the contract on my behalf.”

“Hello? Gerald, did you hear what I just said?”

Of course, Gerald heard everything that she said.

However, he was really confused at this time.

Mayberry Commercial Street?

That was one of the highlights of Mayberry City.

There were many different shops and business establishments on the commercial street.

There was also a place called Wayfair Mountain Entertainment on top of the hill along the commercial street. This was a place that the wealthy and powerful people in Mayberry City would always visit.

So, according to his sister, they owned the entire Mayberry Commercial Street?

“Sister, are you telling me the truth? We own the commercial street?”

“Damn it! I’ve been talking to you for such a long time already and you actually think I’m just kidding? Why would I joke about this? I couldn’t get involved in so many industries on my own, and that’s why I used your identity card. You own half of the commercial street now.”

“I’ve already spoken to Zack, the owner of Wayfair Mountain Entertainment. Once you arrive there later, just tell him your name and let him know you’re the second boss!”


“Okay, okay, that’s all. I’ve something else to attend to so I’ll hang up first!”

Beep beepbeep.

Gerald held the phone in his hand and he was completely at a loss for words.

He had never been to Wayfair Mountain Entertainment before and he didn’t know what to expect at all.

Gerald took a deep breath before he hailed a cab and headed straight to Wayfair Mountain Entertainment.

Wayfair Mountain Entertainment integrated dining, entertainment, and accommodation in one building.

It was a huge manor located on the hillside on Mayberry Commercial Street.

Gerald raised his head before walking into the manor…

“Sir, please wait!”

Gerald was unexpectedly stopped by a few beautiful ladies as soon as he entered the manor.

“Sir, did you reserve a place here today?” one of the girls quickly asked as she looked at Gerald.

These girls were responsible for all the reception work at the front hall and they were already used to receiving many VIP guests.

However, Gerald was dressed very casually compared to all the other wealthy and powerful people who usually visited.

Even though the beautiful girls had contempt in their eyes, they were still very polite towards Gerald.

“I didn’t reserve a seat but I’m here to look for someone,” Gerald replied as he smiled.

At this time, he glanced at the beautiful girls in front of him and he finally understood why Wayfair Mountain Entertainment was considered a fairytale in Mayberry City.

These five or six receptionists looked like students who had just graduated from college.

They were all extremely beautiful and they had perfect figures like models.

“You’re here to look for someone? Who are you looking for?”

The beautiful girls could not help but frowned when they heard Gerald’s words.

At this time, there was a hint of coldness in their voices.

“I’m here to look for Zack.”

Gerald knew that the girls were all looking down on him but he told them the truth anyway.

After hearing Gerald’s word, the few girls exchanged glances with one another.

Looking for Mr. Lyle?

Did this poor man know who Mr. Lyle was?

Was Mr. Lyle really someone that he could see whenever he wanted to?

At this time, they finally concluded that Gerald was just a pauper who was here to experience what it felt like to be rich.

After all, Wayfair Mountain Entertainment was a famous place that many could never afford to enter.

There would also be others just like Gerald who would come by to say they were looking for someone just because they wanted to have a look around the manor.

However, they didn’t want to put him down.

These beautiful girls were all college graduates. At this time, even though they despised Gerald for his actions, they tried to remain humble and polite.

“Sir, you’ll need to make an appointment in advance if you want to meet Mr. Lyle. Please leave if you have not made an appointment to meet him.”

At this time, Gerald immediately knew that these girls were assuming he was there simply because he wanted to have a look around the manor.

After that, he thought about calling Jessica so she could contact Zack on his behalf.

“Miss Jane, what are you doing? I’ve just realized that just anyone can step into Wayfair Mountain Entertainment.”

The person who just spoke was a young man with oiled hair and he was dressed very decently as he was accompanied by a glamorously dressed lady with heavy makeup.

The young man looked at Gerald with a contemptuous expression on his face as he smiled at the receptionist.

“Sebastian, didn’t you say that this is the most luxurious place in Mayberry City? Why is someone like him here?” the woman asked in a coquettish manner.

Some people are just born this way and they do not have the ability to express their feelings without any sarcasm.

The lead receptionist, Jane, quickly apologized to the young man and said, “Sorry, Mr. Lewis. We’ll deal with this as soon as possible.”

Sebastian sneered before he said, “That’s good. I will be hosting a group of my friends from abroad here later and I think this manor is really the symbol of Mayberry City. Therefore, I hope you won’t degrade this place without reason. Miss Jane, I hope you understand that my father is very close to your boss, Mr. Lyle, and they often dine together.”

Sebastian looked even more reputable as soon as he mentioned Mr. Lyle.

When the woman in his arms heard that Sebastian was acquainted with Zack, she smiled immediately because Mr. Lyle was a prominent figure in Mayberry City and she had no idea that Sebastian was so well-connected.

At this time, all the beautiful girls at the reception counter were also staring at Sebastian because they were all hoping to attract his attention.

Jane nodded hurriedly before she replied, “Yes, I understand, Mr. Lewis.”

After that, Jane looked at Gerald with a stern expression on her face.

“Sir, please leave immediately. Do not cause any trouble for our establishment. Otherwise, I’ll have no choice but to call for security!”

“Okay then. I’ll just step out and make a call first.”

Gerald took a deep breath before he walked out of the manor. He took his cell phone out of his pocket as he walked out of the manor.

“Damn! What a poser! He’s definitely a faker,” Sebastian said in a cold manner.

“Please do not be offended, Mr. Lewis. This kind of situation occasionally occurs at Wayfair Mountain Entertainment.”

Jane quickly appeased Sebastian with a smile on her face.

Sebastian nodded before he said, “Oh look. My friends are here already. Why don’t you come and have a few drinks with us later?”

“I’ll definitely drop by if I have the time, Mr. Lewis,” Jane smiled reservedly.

Sebastian looked at Jane with a perverted expression on his face before he nodded. Then, he took his wallet out from his pocket before he walked towards the front desk to pay for his room.

After that, the group of beautiful girls looked at Jane with an envious expression on their face as they said, “Jane, do you know Mr. Lewis too?”

Jane nodded arrogantly as she said, “Of course, we all started working here after graduating from college. What’s the point of working as a receptionist here if we don’t actually try to get to know more rich people like Mr. Lewis?”

“Did you see the coquettish woman in his arms just now? She is a second-rated actress…Mr. Lewis’ family is focused on the real estate business and their family has a net worth of more than two billion dollars!”

“Wow! It’s no wonder that his father is acquainted with our boss, Mr. Lyle. It turns out that Mr. Lewis’ family has such a high net worth too!”

The receptionists could not stop staring at Sebastian’s back as they were all obsessed with him.

“Hahaha. Do you know that the man just now was actually here to look for Mr. Lyle? Mr. Lyle is now busy discussing business with the chairman of the Mayberry Chamber of Commerce. That guy is seriously ridiculous…” Jane replied as she laughed.

After that, Jane was preparing to head over to chat with Sebastian again.

However, as soon as she raised her head, she realized that the poor man that she chased out had come back in again.

“Why are you back here again?”

Jane was startled.

The other girls also stared at Gerald with contemptuous expressions on their faces.

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 6
At the same time, in the most luxurious room in the manor, a middle-aged man with a very majestic aura was socializing with a group of businessmen.

He was the owner of Wayfair Mountain Entertainment on Mayberry Commercial Street and this naturally made him the richest man in Mayberry City.

However, everyone was surprised at this time.

This was because as soon as Mr. Lyle answered the phone, he stood up in shock before he ran out of the room frantically.

“What’s wrong with Mr. Lyle?”

Everyone could not understand his behavior at all.

At the front desk, Sebastian had not entered his room yet and he saw Gerald entering the manor again. He couldn’t help but offer to help Jane get rid of Gerald.

“Miss Jane, why don’t you just call for security? There isn’t any other way to deal with this kind of hillbilly!”

Sebastian smiled coldly at Gerald.

Jane nodded before she motioned for a few security guards to step forward.


At this time, Zack rushed out to the front hall as quickly as he could.

Everyone was stunned!

“Lyle…Mr. Lyle?”

Jane and the rest of the girls were in shock.

Sebastian quickly greeted Zack in a respectful manner. “Hello, Uncle Lyle. My name is Sebastian Lewis and my father is Jacob Lewis. We met during the last reception.”

Sebastian rushed forward to greet him immediately.

Unexpectedly, Zack did not even look at him.

However, he walked straight towards Gerald.

He even pushed Jane and the other girls away in a rude manner.

“Are you Gerald?” Zack asked respectfully.

Gerald nodded. “Yes, I am.”

“So, you know Jessica?”

“She’s my sister!” Gerald replied immediately.

Zack bowed ninety degrees respectfully in front of Gerald.

“Hello, Mr. Crawford. I am Zack!”


This scene really surprised Jane and everyone else.

Sebastian was also shocked at this time.

Mr. Lyle actually bowed in front of this hillbilly?

Who was he?

Gerald was also dumbfounded at this time. He knew that his sister was the boss of this commercial street but he really had no idea that his sister had such a powerful presence here. He really couldn’t believe that his sister actually had the power to make Zack give him this sort of preferential treatment.

To be honest, Gerald was still not used to the life of a second-generation rich kid!

Moreover, he was still in disbelief that this commercial street actually belonged to him.

“Yes, Mr. Lyle. My sister asked me to come over here to sign something,” Gerald replied politely.

“Yes, Mr. Crawford, we’ll need you to sign the renewal contract. This commercial street, including this manor, belongs to you and your sister. I’ve wanted to pay you a visit for the longest time but your sister did not allow me to do so.”

Zack quickly wiped the sweat off his forehead.

He was really happy that Gerald was so polite towards him.

However, Jane and Sebastian were dumbfounded at this time.


This pauper actually owned Mayberry Commercial Street?

He was actually the true owner of Wayfair Mountain Entertainment?

“Tell me! Who chased Mr. Crawford out of this place earlier?” Zack asked as he turned around and his eyes swept through the crowd of people with a cold expression on his face.

The identity of the real boss of the Wayfair Mountain Entertainment, Jessica, was very special and she was the only reason that Zack could enjoy his current life.

Now, his subordinates had nearly chased the second boss out of his own building!

If Jessica were to find out about it, wouldn’t he have to return to his miserable life overnight?

Jane was so flustered at this time and she kept her head lowered, not daring to look up or say anything at all.

At this time, Sebastian was still very suspicious of Gerald’s identity. “Uncle Lyle, are you sure you’re not mistaken at all? How could this pauper possibly be the owner of Mayberry Commercial Street?”


Zack slapped Sebastian across the face as soon as he heard his words. “A*shole! What did you just say?”

“I’m sorry, Uncle Lyle. I didn’t say anything…”

Sebastian used his hand to cover his face and he was filled with grievances at this time.

Even though he was also from a very wealthy family background, he was nothing compared to Zack.

“Men, throw this man out of this place immediately!”

Zack gave the security guards the order immediately.

“Yes, sir!”

A group of security guards rushed up immediately before pushing Sebastian and the second-tier actress out of the manor immediately.

That was embarrassing! Sebastian felt really very embarrassed today!

Gerald simply watched what was happening but he remained silent.

He really did not expect Zack to be so loyal even though he looked so domineering!


After that, Gerald followed Zack into the manor.

Zack quickly showed Gerald around the manor before he told him a little about himself.

At this time, Gerald finally understood that Zack and his wife used to sell buns from a small store.
Similarly, Jessica had also been very poor in the past.

At that time, Jessica had no money at all and she was about to beg for food from Zack and his wife. It was then that they had both given her a job instead.

Later, when Jessica overcame her poverty and became extremely wealthy, she was the one who had given Zack his current position.

Therefore, the only reason why Zack could become such a wealthy and influential person in Mayberry City was because of the Crawford family!

After that, Gerald signed the renewal contract and he realized that most of the shops in Mayberry Commercial Street were registered under his own name. Therefore, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that he was the owner of Mayberry Commercial Street.

Gerald would never have dreamt that he would ever be such a powerful and influential person!

After that, Zack set up a table for Gerald in a private room.

Since he had not eaten the whole day, Gerald was a little hungry at this time.

When Gerald was eating, Zack smiled and said, “Mr. Crawford, please enjoy your meal. Once you’re done eating, let me bring you to visit some of your other businesses. Miss Crawford has given me this order, as she wants you to familiarize yourself with your family’s industries as soon as possible so you’ll be able to live the life of a second-generation rich kid and leave your past behind.”

After that, a thought flashed through Zack’s mind immediately.

“I’ll be right back, Mr. Crawford.”

After that, Zack walked out of the room to make a phone call and said one simple sentence, “I want all of you to come up.”

After that, he went downstairs immediately.

Gerald did not know what the manager was up to. He was starving and he quickly ate the big Australian abalone that was served to him.

He was enjoying his food happily when the door to his private room was suddenly pushed open.

After that, five or six beautiful women walked into the room.

It was Jane and the other beautiful girls at the reception earlier.

At this time, they were looking at Gerald with a completely different expression on their faces.

Jane was also smiling sweetly at Gerald as she said, “Mr. Crawford, I’m really sorry for what happened earlier.”

“Sorry, Mr. Crawford!”

All of the other beautiful girls quickly chimed in immediately.

“What are you doing here?”

Gerald wiped his mouth as soon as he was done with his dinner.

To be honest, even though the girls looked down on him at the front desk earlier, Gerald did not have any hard feelings towards them.

Instead, he simply wanted to get things done for his sister as soon as possible.

Then, he wanted to leave immediately.

However, it seemed as though Zack had already scolded all of the girls.

“We’re here to accompany you, Mr. Crawford. We’re willing to do anything for you as long as you forgive us, Mr. Crawford,” Jane said immediately.

The beautiful girls who were all working at Wayfair Mountain Entertainment undoubtedly had only one true purpose, which was to marry a rich man.

Therefore, they would definitely take advantage of this opportunity that Mr. Lyle had given them to make amends and build up a relationship with Gerald.

Even if they didn’t feel apologetic at all, they could not help but rush forward immediately.

What was a rich man?

The man standing before them now was a true rich man! He was the wealthiest and most powerful man here!

Gerald was shocked when he heard her explanation.

Six of them?

This was just too shocking.

Gerald was stunned. At this time, Jane took out a remote control before she pointed it at the wall.

Then, the entire cloth wall started separating like a curtain and what appeared before Gerald’s sight was a huge indoor swimming pool.

So, there was another secret in this room!

After that, all of the beautiful girls, including Jane, quickly took off their skirts.

Jane also removed her blouse as she sat next to Gerald.

As Gerald was about to lose control and succumb to temptation, his cell phone started ringing.

It was his sister.

Gerald calmed down as he said, “Dear ladies, I will just step out for a moment.”

After that, Gerald ran out of the room immediately.

It turned out that his sister was calling to ask him about the renewal contract. After that, Jessica also told Gerald to get used to being wealthy and she advised him to get out of the influence of poverty.

After hanging up the phone, Gerald wondered to himself if he should return to the room.

As he thought about it, he suddenly reminisced about the days when he was dating Xavia. Back then, Gerald was really deeply in love with Xavia and that was the reason why he respected her and nothing sexual happened between them at all.

Gerald could feel his heart aching when he thought about Xavia.

If Xavia were to find out that he was rich now, would she change her mind and choose to get back with him instead?


He suddenly thought of the times where they were both holding hands as they walked in the cafeteria, the library, and whenever they had spent time together.

At this time, Gerald’s enthusiasm decreased because he did not want his first time to mean nothing at all.

After that, Gerald decided not to return to the room and he called Zack to inform him that he would be leaving first.

After leaving the manor, Gerald walked around Mayberry Commercial Street alone.

Everyone who walked the street were well-dressed young people or bosses who were coming in and out of the many different establishments.

He owned the Mayberry Commercial Street. Gerald should not feel so inferior to others anymore!

Gerald had to keep reminding himself of the fact.

At this time, a familiar voice suddenly rang in his ear.


When Gerald turned around, he saw Naomi and Alice standing in front of the entrance of a karaoke bar.

Moreover, Danny, Blondie and the other boys were also there.

“Well, Gerald, it’s really you! Didn’t you say that you were headed back to the dormitory? Why did you come to the Mayberry Commercial Street instead? Why did you lie to me?”

Naomi ran over to Gerald before she questioned him with a furious expression on her face.

Gerald was left speechless.

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 7
Gerald scratched his head awkwardly.

In fact, he had been trying to avoid Naomi and her friends.

He especially wanted to avoid Alice since she seemingly hated him so much. Therefore, Gerald didn’t want to waste his time trying to butter up to her.

“Danny was the one who suggested that we have some fun at Emperor Karaoke Bar on Mayberry Commercial Street. If you try to run away this time, we’ll no longer be friends!” Naomi told Gerald upfront.

She had always been a very straightforward and outgoing person and she did not put too much thought into any situation at all.

Therefore, she would never be able to understand that Gerald was not from the same world as them.

Of course, this was all in the past.

When Naomi saw that Gerald was not saying anything, she quickly said once again, “Okay, let’s go and have some fun together! I know you’re afraid that Danny will try to make things difficult for you again, but don’t worry about him. If he tries to pick on you again, I’ll make sure to teach him a lesson!”

Gerald could only smile when he heard Naomi’s words.

He knew that if he continued turning down her invitation, she would be really mad at him.

Alright, they should just have some fun together then.

Naomi hurriedly led Gerald to the entrance of the Emperor Karaoke Bar.

When Gerald looked at the name of the bar, he realized that this was one of the properties registered under his own name. Gerald had never had the opportunity to do this in the past but this time, he would finally be able to pay for his friends.

“Oh! Mr. Crawford is also here on Mayberry Commercial Street? Do you know the way around this place? Do you know where you can have a lot of fun here? I can show you around.”

Danny walked over to Gerald with a sheepish smile on his face.

“Danny, shut up already! What did I warn you before this?”

Naomi glared at Danny with an angry expression on her face.

Danny smiled before he said, “Okay, okay. I was just trying to be nice to him. After all, Mayberry Commercial Street is where the rich and powerful people usually come to have some fun. Since Gerald would like to look around the street, I’d be more than happy to show him around.”

Alice could only glare at Gerald at this time.

She felt that it was really embarrassing to be seen with Gerald in public.

After that, Alice hurriedly asked, “Okay, why don’t we go in first? Danny, have you already booked the private room?”

“Yes, I’ve already booked the room, I asked a friend of mine to help me do so. After all, the rooms are usually fully booked at this time. Follow me!”

After that, Danny led the group of people into the karaoke bar.

This was the first time that Gerald had ever entered a karaoke bar and he thought that it was actually a rather luxurious place.

Moreover, the private room that Danny had booked for them was indeed very huge and luxurious. There was also a big fish tank with a few glittering gold arowana fishes in it.

After entering the room, the girls sat down at one corner whereas Gerald sat at another corner with the rest of his roommates.

At this time, they started taking turns to sing and the atmosphere in the room was very lively.

The girls continued chatting among themselves and Alice put her legs up on the sofa, showing off her long white legs.

“There are actually arowana fishes here?”

Gerald kept looking at the fish tank out of curiosity.

He had already read about how popular the arowana fishes were because of the good luck and fortune that they purportedly brought.

However, he felt as though these arowana fishes were completely different compared to the ones that he had seen in the books before.

Therefore, Gerald decided to ask Harper about it.

Harper nodded before he said, “Yes, these are arowana fishes but the ones here look a little different because they’re imported from Malaysia. They’re very valuable and only the really wealthy and powerful people can afford to buy these arowana fishes!”

Danny unintentionally heard Gerald and Harper talking about the arowana.

At this time, he couldn’t help himself from smiling before he said, “Oh my god, Gerald. You can even recognize the luxury brand Hermes but you cannot even recognize this precious arowana fish?”

As soon as she heard the word ‘Hermes’, Alice could not help but frown again.

Blondie who had also been following Danny around laughed before he said, “Hahaha. Unfortunately, there are no fake fishes! Otherwise, Gerald would definitely be able to recognize it and he’d definitely buy it too!”

“This kind of arowana fish is considered a very auspicious fish that can bring good luck and fortune to the family.”

Alice spoke up at this time.

“Ahh, Alice! You’re really very knowledgeable!”

Danny gave Alice two thumbs up immediately.

“Of course! Our Alice is a very intelligent goddess, unlike some pauper.”

Alice’s roommates chimed in without any hesitation at all.

“Wouldn’t this private room be very expensive? Are you very close with that friend of yours?” Alice could not help but asked Danny at this time.

In fact, she was already very impressed with Danny as she got to know him better throughout the night. If Danny was a little more mature and stable, he would definitely stand a chance to be her boyfriend.

“It’s alright. This private room only costs four thousand dollars a night,” Danny replied in a triumphant manner.

After that, he slapped his forehead as though he had just forgotten something. “Oh my god. If you hadn’t mentioned him, I would’ve completely forgotten that I promised to give my friend a call once I’m here.”

After that, Danny stepped aside to make a phone call.

At this time, Gerald continued sitting at a corner as he chatted happily with his friends.

Even though Naomi had initially planned to celebrate her birthday with her roommates and Gerald’s roommates, it was obvious that her friends were more interested in the guys from Danny’s dormitory.

In fact, Danny and Blondie were getting along very well with all of the girls in Alice’s dormitory.

At this moment, someone suddenly pushed the door open.

A young man dressed in a black suit and a pair of bright leather shoes walked into the room immediately. He was very tall and he had very fair skin and he seemed to be a very temperamental person at first glance.

“Brother Nigel, you’re here!”

Danny stood up to greet the man as soon as he saw him.

“Danny, how are you? Are you satisfied with this private room?”

“Of course! Thank you for arranging this for me, Brother Nigel!”

Danny spoke to him in a cheerful manner.

At this time, Blondie and the rest of Danny’s roommates also greeted Nigel respectfully.

“Danny, stop talking already! Why don’t you introduce me to your friends?”

At this time, Nigel glanced at all the beautiful girls seated in the room and he was especially attracted to Alice, who was extremely gorgeous.

“Oh right! I forgot about that! Everyone, let me introduce my friend to you. This is Nigel Fisher and his family is in the food and catering business. He owns Grand Marshall Restaurant on Mayberry Commercial Street and he is making tens of millions of dollars every year! He’s the reason we were able to book this private room tonight!” Danny proudly introduced his friend.

Grand Marshall Restaurant?


Those who could open a restaurant on Mayberry Commercial Street were usually extremely wealthy.

Moreover, they would definitely be making a lot of money!

Alice looked at Nigel with her bright and sparkling eyes at this time.

“Hahaha. Everyone, please don’t listen to Danny, he’s just spouting nonsense. My family’s business is really small. As for the reason why I could easily book a room in the Emperor Karaoke Bar, it’s simply because the manager is my father’s close friend. If you need help booking a room in the future, please don’t hesitate to approach me!” Nigel replied in a humble manner as he smiled.

“Brother Nigel, do you have a girlfriend?”

The girl seated beside Alice suddenly asked him a random question and everyone in the private room started laughing immediately.

Nigel smiled bitterly before he shook his head. After that, he looked at Alice before he said, “Hello, beautiful. It’s nice to meet you.”

“Hello!” Alice replied with a reserved smile on her face.

After that, Danny started to introduce everyone to Nigel one by one.

After introducing everyone in the room, Danny looked at Gerald who was seated at the corner.

He pointed his finger at Gerald before he said, “Brother Nigel, this is Gerald!”

Nigel held out his hand to shake hands with Gerald but his eyelids started twitching as soon as he heard his name.

“What? Is this the same Gerald who lost his girlfriend to Yuri and even delivered a gift to Yuri and Xavia when they were at the grove?”

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 8
Danny sneered before he said, “Yes, it’s him!”

Nigel had a very strange expression on his face and he quickly retracted the hand that he had held out to Gerald.

After that, he patted Gerald on his shoulder before he said, “Brother Gerald, I’ve already heard your name for a very long time. I have also met your ex-girlfriend, Xavia. She’s really very beautiful. I’d like to apologize to you because my brother stole your girlfriend from you!”

“By the way, if you’d like to have some fun at Mayberry Commercial Street, just mention my name and you’ll get a thirty discount immediately!”

Nigel apologized in a light manner.

“Brother Nigel, it’s useless even if he mentions your name as he won’t be able to afford anything on this street anyway!”

At this time, Alice and her roommates could not stop themselves from laughing out loud.

“I’m sorry! When Yuri said that he fell in love with a poor chap’s girlfriend, I assumed that the girl wouldn’t be that beautiful anyway. However, I caught a glimpse of the girl when I went to your university the other day. When I saw how beautiful Xavia was, I really thought that you must be a really rich person!” Nigel replied as he laughed.

“How’s that possible? Hahaha…” Danny laughed. “Moreover, Brother Nigel, you were the one who gave Yuri the idea to text Xavia and spend some money on her so he could steal her from Gerald! Yuri took less than half an hour texting Xavia before she agreed to break up with Gerald!”

Harper was losing his temper at this time and even Naomi was furious when she heard Nigel’s words.

“What do you mean? Are you guys that great simply because you’re rich?” Harper stood up and yelled at Nigel.

Nigel’s eyelids twitched slightly before he said, “Friends, it’s not about money. Whoever can love and dote on the woman the most should be the one worthy of the beautiful woman! Why don’t you ask the beautiful Alice if what I am saying is right?”

Alice, who had been paying attention to all of Nigel’s movements throughout this time, felt that Nigel was actually pretty good looking and he had a great demeanor.

Moreover, since she had a bad impression of Gerald, Alice nodded as soon as she heard Nigel’s words.

She had met Xavia before and she really felt that Xavia was too good for Gerald.

“So, do you think that someone deserves to die just because they’re poor? So, do poor people not have any feelings at all? Does that mean you can just toy around with the feelings of others whenever you want to just because you think you’re richer than they are?”

At this time, Gerald, who had been sitting patiently throughout this time, suddenly stood up.

His eyes were flushed red and he was clenching his fists as he glared at Nigel in anger.

So, he had been making fun of him and meddling in his life just for the fun of it.

Initially, Gerald had planned to endure all the humiliation and insults since it was Naomi’s birthday after all.

However, Gerald could no longer hold his anger in!

Alice could not help but look at Gerald with disgust. Not only was this person poor, but he was also so impatient. Couldn’t he just tolerate it if someone was saying a few bad things about him?

Blondie was also getting angry.

“Gerald, who do you think you are? How dare you talk to Brother Nigel in this manner? Do you even know what you’re doing?”

In order to prove himself in front of Nigel, Blondie picked up a bottle of wine before he threw it at Gerald.

This would not be his first time hitting Gerald.

Moreover, he had to do this because he wanted to show his loyalty and dedication towards Nigel.

“Gerald, be careful!”

Harper, who had quick eyes and hands hurriedly pulled Gerald aside.

The bottle flew past Gerald without hitting him.


The fish tank that was placed in the private room shattered immediately.


Everyone turned their eyes to look at the shattered fish tank.


Blondie was stunned.

His face turned pale immediately.

Even Danny and Nigel were in shock at this time.

“Damn it! This arowana fish is very expensive!” Danny yelled as he stared at Blondie in horror.

Blondie was at a loss for words as he swallowed his saliva.

“Brother Danny, Brother Nigel, I didn’t do it on purpose. I really did not expect Gerald to avoid the wine bottle. I really did not mean to do it!”

After that, Blondie glared at Gerald with a furious expression on his face.

“That’s right. We shouldn’t blame Blondie for this! Gerald shouldn’t have avoided the wine bottle. After all, if he was hit, he should just receive it like a man. What’s the big deal anyway? Why did you move away?”

Even though the girls were terrified, they all blamed Gerald for avoiding the wine bottle!

“What happened here?”

At this time, one of the waiters who heard the loud shattering sound rushed into the private room with a few security guards.

The fish tank with the arowana fish in the private room was shattered to pieces.

The chief of the security team stared at the crowd of people before he asked, “Who did this?”

This arowana fish was imported from Malaysia and it was very valuable and priceless!

How could it be shattered to pieces while he was on duty?

The chief of the security team was dumbfounded.

“Brother Barry, this is all a misunderstanding! Do you think you can keep this matter from Brother Flynn?”

Nigel quickly took out a cigarette before he passed it to Barry.

Barry raised his hand to reject the cigarette immediately.

“Nigel, don’t get me wrong but you have to understand that this is a very expensive fish and fish tank. There is no way I can help you on this matter. I have no choice but to contact the manager immediately.”

After that, Barry spoke into his walkie talkie right away.

A short while later, a man in his thirties came over with a group of people.

He was none other than the manager of the Emperor Karaoke Bar, Flynn Lexington.

“Brother Flynn!” Nigel greeted him with a smile on his face.

Flynn looked at the mess in the private room.

After that, he frowned before he said, “Nigel, what happened? Why did you guys break the fish tank?”

“No, why would we dare to do that, Brother Flynn? One of my brothers accidentally broke the fish tank because he was getting too agitated.”

Nigel was very polite as he spoke to Flynn.

Even though Flynn was just the manager of the Emperor Karaoke Bar, everyone knew that he worked for Zack Lyle.

Even Flynn’s own father had to be polite when he spoke to him!

Blondie swallowed his saliva before he stood up and said, “Brother Flynn, this is all my fault. I was really angry so I threw a wine bottle at him. As a result, he avoided the wine bottle and the wine bottle hit the fish tank instead!”

Flynn glared at Blondie with a furious expression on his face.

After that, he kicked Blondie in the stomach before he picked up another wine bottle and hit Blondie’s head directly.

“You were angry? I’m angry now!”


All the girls were terrified at this time.

“What should we do? The arowana fish tank was built to complement the interior decoration in this private room. Originally, you should be paying double the price of the fish tank for breaking it but Nigel, I’ll show you some respect on behalf of your father and just charge you the original price of the fish tank, which is two hundred thousand dollars. Don’t you say I’m not helping you!”

After that, Flynn walked out of the private room immediately.

Naturally, two bodyguards continued guarding the door at this time.

“What should we do, Brother Danny? I only have five thousand dollars!” Blondie said as he sat up with blood flowing out of his head.

Danny spoke up and replied, “I have fifty thousand dollars that is supposed to be my allowance for next month.”

Naomi was extremely furious.

However, since everyone was here to celebrate her birthday, it did not make any sense for her to just ignore this matter completely.

Therefore, Naomi replied, “I have about ten thousand dollars.”

Everyone in the private room started putting their money together.

Even Alice decided to contribute ten thousand dollars to pay for the damage.

At the end of the day, they couldn’t even gather one hundred thousand dollars.

“Don’t worry. Let me ask Brother Flynn if he can give us a further discount,” Nigel said before he slipped out of the room.

How would that even be possible?

The people in the private room were in trouble!

“I shouldn’t have celebrated my birthday! I’ll just call my dad now,” Naomi yelled as she stomped her feet anxiously.

Alice stopped her immediately before she said, “Naomi, how could we possibly ask you to pay this sum of money? I think that the one who started provoking others should be the one responsible to pay for the damages!”

After that, Alice looked at Gerald.

“Gerald, this is all your fault! You were the one who started provoking Brother Nigel. If not because of you, Blondie wouldn’t have lost his temper and tried to hit you with the wine bottle.”

Alice said in a cold manner.


The group of girls agreed immediately.

At this time, Naomi spoke up again. “Please just stop it. Stop blaming Gerald for everything. All of you don’t need to worry about this money. Since we’re here to celebrate my birthday, I’ll make sure to pay for the damages no matter what I have to do!”

After that, Naomi tried to call her father.

On the other hand, Harper and Gerald’s other roommates also wanted to help but their monthly allowances were only around one thousand dollars.

In fact, Gerald was actually very angry.

He was really furious at Nigel, Danny and Blondie.

However, Gerald could not bear to watch Naomi placed in such a difficult position.

Even though he owned this shop, the manager, Flynn, did not know who he was.

Moreover, it would not be convenient for Gerald to call Zack in the private room.

Therefore, he simply said in a light manner, “I’m going to the washroom.”

After that, he left the private room.

Alice’s eyes widened in shock when she saw Gerald stepping out of the room.

“Oh my god. I’ve met so many different people in my life but I’ve never met anyone else more shameless than he is! Is he actually running away when the girls are still here?”

At this time, Gerald was already in the washroom.

He knew that it would be fine for him to make the phone call since the security guards would not say anything.

Inside the washroom, Gerald made the phone call.

“Brother Zack.”

“Gerald! Please just call me Zack! What can I do for you?”

“I ran into some trouble…”

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 9
Gerald quickly explained the situation to Zack and Zack quickly nodded in response.

“By the way, Brother Zack, do you know someone named Nigel Fisher? I heard that his family runs a restaurant on Mayberry Commercial Street.”

At this time, Gerald’s brows were tightly knitted together.

He was not someone with any sinister thoughts.

However, Nigel was the one who had given Yuri the idea to steal Gerald’s girlfriend, Xavia, from him. Nigel was the reason why he had to suffer so much humiliation.

Therefore, Gerald really wanted to know what would happen if Nigel and his family lost all of their money.

“Nigel? Yes, his father is one of my subordinates. Moreover, the restaurant that his family is operating is actually registered under your name. Did he offend you in any way?”

Zack was very cautious at this time.

After a short while, Zack quickly replied, “I know what I have to do, Gerald. Don’t worry! Just leave it to me.”

In fact, Gerald did not know what Zack was going to do.

This was because Gerald did not even know what he could possibly do to him.

This was the first time that Gerald had ever used his identity and power to coerce others. Even though he really hated Nigel, he had a strange feeling of discomfort after giving his orders.

Gerald chose not to think too much about it.

After ending the phone call, Gerald walked out of the washroom before he headed towards the private room.

However, there was a huge turning point in the private room at this time.

At this time, Alice, Naomi and the rest of the group were all trying to contact everyone that they could so that they could resolve this matter. They had to find a solution.

At this time, Flynn suddenly entered the private room, then bowed in front of them before he apologized immediately.

Naturally, he informed them that they would no longer need to compensate or pay the damages for the arowana fish tank.

Everyone was extremely confused at this time.

When Nigel suddenly walked in, everyone suddenly realized what was happening.

“Brother Nigel, was it you?”

All of the girls stared at Nigel with admiration written all over their faces.

Nigel was still wondering what they could possibly do to deal with this matter. As a matter of fact, he ran to the private room earlier because he wanted to hide himself. However, he decided to head towards the private room when he saw Flynn rushing there with a panicked expression on his face.

It turned out that the matter had been resolved.

Nigel did not confess that he wasn’t the one who had resolved the matter.

Instead he simply smiled and said, “Brother Flynn and my dad are good friends! This is just a small matter.”

“Wow! Brother Nigel, you’re really incredible!”

“Brother Nigel, you’re the best!”

All of the girls started to worship Nigel immediately.

Alice was also staring at Nigel at this time and she was beginning to fall for Nigel.

After all, he was the owner of the Grand Marshall Restaurant on Mayberry Commercial Street. He was really impressive and he came from a wealthy family.

At this time, the door was pushed open and Gerald stepped into the private room.

“Oh look! He’s only back upon realizing that the matter has already been resolved.”

The girls stared at Gerald in disgust.

At this time, Alice was even more disgusted with Gerald.

“Naomi, I’m really very curious. Why are you friends with someone like him?”

Alice snorted coldly.

It was then that Gerald found out the truth, that Zack had already handled everything for him.

Moreover, Flynn had come over to apologize and inform them that they would no longer need to pay for the damages.

Of course, this matter could be easily resolved. After all, Gerald was the owner of this property.

However, judging from the way everyone was staring at him, Gerald knew that they had misunderstood him once again and must have thought that the credit belonged to Nigel!


Hahaha. Gerald felt that it was totally unnecessary.

In fact, Gerald had initially thought that Alice was really beautiful.

However, after everything that had happened tonight, Gerald no longer had any interest in Alice.

In fact, the only reason why he chose to resolve this matter was simply because of Naomi.

Moreover, even if he tried to explain himself, Gerald knew that no one would believe him anyway.

Gerald didn’t want to waste any time explaining himself.

“Okay! Since we’ve already resolved the matter, why don’t we bring the party elsewhere? Let me treat all of you!”

At this time, Nigel clasped his hands together as he tried to change the topic.

He looked at Alice and all of her roommates.

“Yes! Of course!”

The crowd of people agreed immediately and Alice also smiled at Nigel.

Compared to Danny, Alice felt that Nigel was not only much more handsome, but he was also more mature and stable. Moreover, Alice felt that Nigel was very well-connected and his connections would definitely benefit her in the future.

Nigel certainly knew a lot of people!

Naomi had a straight expression on her face as she said, “Well, why don’t we continue the party tomorrow instead? It’s already almost four o’clock in the morning. I think we should head home now…”

Naomi was no longer in the mood to party after everything that had happened.

At this time, Harper also nodded and said, “Yeah, we won’t be going anywhere else. We’re also going home…”

In fact, Gerald’s roommates were also feeling a little bored.

Initially, they were all excited to get acquainted with all the beautiful girls in Alice’s dormitory.

However, it was now obvious that all the boys from Gerald’s dormitory were actually redundant compared to Danny and his friends.

“Hahaha, that’s okay. You probably wouldn’t be able to enter the next place that we’re heading to. Moreover, I’m afraid that I won’t be able to bring so many people in with me too. Therefore, it’s probably better if you choose to sit this one out!”

Nigel glared coldly at Gerald and Harper.

“Ahh? Where are we going next? Are we going to your restaurant?” the girls asked as they looked at Nigel.

Nigel stretched out his finger before he waved it in front of them. “No, I’m bringing you to Wayfair Mountain Entertainment. Have you heard of it before?”

“The famous Wayfair Mountain Entertainment?” Alice asked in excitement. “That’s the highlight of Mayberry Commercial Street! Isn’t that the manor where all the wealthy and powerful people gather to have fun?”

Nigel was right. Some people would never be able to afford to enter that place in their lifetime!

Alice was from a rather wealthy family and she had the opportunity to catch a glimpse of the manor because of her extremely wealthy uncle.

Unexpectedly, Nigel could actually get them into the manor too.

“Since there are so many beautiful girls, let me get the car first. Wait for me at the entrance!”

Nigel waved his hand before he walked out of the private room.

Today, Nigel was really captivated by Alice’s beauty.

In fact, he wanted to use the same method that he taught Yuri to win Alice over.

He believed that every girl could be easily bought with money!

“Naomi, why don’t you come with us? Today is your birthday after all. Didn’t you say that you really want to see and experience Wayfair Mountain Entertainment for yourself? The opportunity is laid right in front of you now!”

Alice tried to persuade Naomi to come with them as she held onto her hand.

“Yes! All of us have never been there before, so why don’t we go there together today? Moreover, we have Brother Nigel to protect us tonight. He’s very reputable and it seems as though he’s very well-connected on Mayberry Commercial Street. There’s nothing we have to worry about since Brother Nigel is here with us!”

Danny also smiled expectantly.

At this time, Naomi frowned before she said, “There’s something I simply can’t figure out. Alice, don’t you think that whatever happened just now was a little strange?”

Alice frowned before she asked, “Strange? What are you talking about? Are you referring to the incident about the arowana fish tank?”

“Yes,” Naomi replied as she continued frowning. “All of you can clearly see that Flynn was very persistent and clear when he told us to pay the damages of two hundred thousand dollars. At that time, he didn’t seem to show Nigel any consideration at all, and Nigel had to praise him and butter him up to make sure that he was happy.”

“However, in less than ten minutes, Flynn’s attitude changed drastically. He even came over to apologize to each and every one of us personally. Don’t you find it a little strange?”

Naomi quickly explained the situation.

Everyone in the private room went silent immediately.

Harper suddenly replied, “Yes, I find it very strange too! Flynn doesn’t look like an easygoing person. He’s certainly not someone that anyone can deal with easily. No matter how good Nigel is at flattery, how could he possibly change Flynn’s mind in just a few minutes?”

“Do you mean to say that someone else had helped us?” Alice asked as she also felt that the situation was indeed a little illogical.

She had been too busy admiring Nigel and she completely ignored the entire situation that they were in…

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 10

“Huh? How’s that possible? Who else would be as powerful or influential as Brother Nigel on Mayberry Commercial Street? Harper, are you talking about yourself?”

Danny sneered at this time.

Harper replied immediately, “I’m not saying that it was me but I just have my doubts about this matter. Moreover, some of us had actually called some of our friends earlier. Perhaps everyone should ask around and see if any of our friends have actually helped us resolve this matter? We should make sure that we’re thanking the right person.”

“That makes sense too!”

Alice had a solemn expression on her face.

“Alright then. Everyone, please check with the people that you called earlier so we’ll know for certain if Brother Nigel was really the one who helped us.”

Alice was also referring to Nigel in a very intimate manner.

After that, everyone started calling their friends and families.

Gerald felt a little awkward at this time.

Should he tell them the truth about the matter?

However, before Gerald could decide on what he should do, everyone else had already come to their own conclusion.

This was because none of their friends had the ability to help them to resolve the matter.

“Hmm, I’m certain that Brother Nigel was the one who helped us solve this matter. I really don’t think there’s anyone else as influential as he is. So, let’s stop doubting him already!”

Danny glared at Harper with a cold expression on his face.

“Alright then, why don’t we head out already? Brother Nigel must be waiting for us at the entrance! Let’s not keep him waiting for too long!” Alice said as she glared at Harper and Gerald.

She felt some contempt in her heart.

She felt that Harper was simply saying that because he was jealous of Nigel’s capability.

At this time, everyone walked towards the entrance of the karaoke bar.

Nigel had already parked his luxury car upfront and he had a few friends with him.

“Naomi, are you coming with us?” Alice asked as she took Naomi’s hand.

“Sorry, Alice but I really don’t feel like going anywhere else today. I’ll go there when I have another chance to do so in the future!”

Naomi had always been a very straightforward person and she felt that Nigel was a little too hypocritical. Therefore, she didn’t quite like him.

Since Alice could not persuade Naomi to come along with them, she decided to leave Naomi behind and she left with her other roommates instead.

All of them parted in front of the karaoke bar.

Gerald looked at Naomi and Harper as they were leaving the karaoke bar.

He could see the disappointed expression on their faces. It was obvious that they also wanted to visit Wayfair Mountain Entertainment.

However, it seemed as though Harper and Naomi were holding back because of him.

Gerald could not help but feel very guilty about the entire situation.

Therefore, Gerald made a promise to himself that he would definitely bring the both of them to Wayfair Mountain Entertainment so that they could see and experience the manor for themselves one day.

After about half an hour, Nigel and his friends parked their luxury cars in front of the entrance of Wayfair Mountain Entertainment.

Alice and her friends got out of the cars one after another.

“Stop! You are not allowed to enter!”

Unexpectedly, before they could even step into the manor, a few well-trained security guards dressed in black stop them immediately.

“Eh? Brothers, don’t you remember me? I’m Nigel and my father is Adam Fisher. I brought some of my friends over her to have fun today…”

Nigel put his hands in his pockets and he smiled as he looked at the bodyguards, as though he was expecting something to happen.

“Hahaha. Nigel, you really think too highly of yourself. Something so major has happened to your family but you’re still out here having fun on your own, aren’t you? I’m afraid that tonight isn’t the only night that you won’t be allowed into the manor. I’m afraid that you will never be able to step into Wayfair Mountain Entertainment in the future.”

The bodyguards sneered at Nigel with a contemptuous expression as they looked at Nigel.

They even felt some sympathy towards him.

At this time, Alice and her friends could only exchange glances with one another, while Danny tried to challenge the bodyguards at this time.

He said in a cold manner, “Do you know who he is? He’s Nigel Fisher! Grand Marshall Restaurant on Mayberry Commercial Street belongs to his family!”

“Hahaha, yes you’re right, but that is all in the past. After today, your family will no longer be the owner of Grand Marshall Restaurant. Moreover, all of your family’s other businesses will also go bankrupt as of today! I believe that your father is currently busy dealing with the police, the business bureau, and all the people from the bank now. I can’t believe that you’re still in the mood to have fun now…”

The security guards shrugged before they smiled.

Nigel could not help but swallowed as he yelled, “Impossible! You are lying!”

After that, he hurriedly took out his cell phone before he tried calling his father.

After dialing several times in a row, his father finally answered the phone.

Nigel immediately asked if his family was facing any sorts of trouble.

At this time, the expression on Nigel’s face changed and he turned pale immediately.

“No! No! That’s impossible. It’s completely impossible. How could this be happening?”

After that, Nigel dropped his phone to the ground.

It seemed as though all of his family’s businesses had been barred because his father had broken the law.

All their bank accounts had already been frozen!

In other words, Nigel had nothing now!

Alice and the others obviously did not expect such a reversal.

They were all very embarrassed at this time because they didn’t know how they should react.

“Impossible! This is absolutely impossible!”

Nigel sat on the ground in a daze.

Was he a pauper now?

At this time, Alice was extremely disappointed when she realized the situation that Nigel was in.

She thought that she had finally found someone who was worthy and qualified to be her boyfriend. However, it seemed as though everything was crumbling down for Nigel.

“Danny, can you ask your father to help me family? Could you please help me and my family?”

Nigel was at a loss and he really did not know what else he could possibly do.

“Damn! How can my family possibly be able to help you?”

Danny waved his hand before he said, “Nigel, I think that you should return home now and see your dad. It’s no wonder why my dad had always said that the law will catch up to your father sooner or later! I finally understand why.”

“Alice, what should we do now?”

All the girls didn’t know what to do because they had initially planned to come and experience Wayfair Mountain Entertainment for themselves. Unexpectedly, Nigel’s family actually had to go bankrupt at this time!

“I think we’d not be of any help even if we stayed here. We should just go home.”

After that, Alice quickly hailed a taxi before she left immediately.

The group of people started dispersing one after the other.

At this time, Zack was actually observing the entire situation unfolding in front of the manor.

He made a phone call and said, “Hello, Miss Jessica. Gerald only asked me to take back the restaurant that the Fisher family owns on Mayberry Commercial Street. Do you really think it’s okay for you to make their family go bankrupt without any hesitation?”

“Hahaha. My brother is just too soft-hearted. That is not the way the Crawford family does things. He shouldn’t be so soft-hearted towards his enemies. Otherwise, I’d be really worried when Gerald takes charge of the Crawford family in the future! My brother should understand how wealthy and powerful he is now!”

Zack nodded in response.

Of course, Jessica from the Crawford family had already done everything that needed to be done.

In fact, Jessica was the only person who knew the best way to teach Gerald about how he should live as a wealthy and powerful person. In fact, no matter how much money Gerald spent, he would never reach the end.

This was because it was completely impossible to finish the Crawford family money.

The Crawford family owned more than one-third of the properties and industries in the world!

This was beyond what an ordinary person could ever imagine.

At this time, Gerald and Naomi had already returned to their dormitories.

Since Harper and the rest of the boys were a little upset, they decided to head to the internet café to let off some steam.

They wanted to invite Gerald to join them but he had never played the game before because he used to be really poor.

In addition, Gerald was also feeling a little tired and he simply wanted to rest.

However, as soon as he climbed into bed, his cell phone started ringing.

As soon as he caught a glimpse of the number on the caller ID, Gerald felt very confused.

It was Xavia!

After thinking about it for a moment, Gerald decided to answer her call.

“Gerald, why didn’t you answer my call as soon as your phone is ringing? What are you doing?”

Xavia’s faint voice sounded over the other end of the line.

As soon as he heard her voice, Gerald suddenly thought of his past with Xavia.

They used to call each other and talk to each other over the phone just like this.

“Well, what can I do for you?” Gerald asked in a cold voice.

“I’m waiting for you by the lake beside the campus. Gerald, if you refuse to come and meet me, I’ll jump into the lake and drown myself!”

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