The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 1031-1040

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1031
Whatever the case was, Julian now finally understood why Gerald had been so happy to see him rather than being frightened.

So Gerald was already this strong… Not only that, his moves were also highly unpredictable and his body was near invincible!

It was evident that Gerald already knew that Julian was never a match against him from the very beginning. Thinking back, Gerald had even thanked him for presenting himself!

Regret was now coursing through Julian as he wondered if things could’ve gone differently if he hadn’t decided to chase after Gerald earlier. If he had just gone home after murdering those few people, then he could’ve brewed the elixir and possibly gained the opportunity to enter the mysterious realm of inner strength.

However, it was much too late for regrets now.

“What… What are you planning to do with me…?” said Julian in between pants, already on his last legs.

“I’ll be drawing your blood now. Worry not, for I’ll keep your body intact just as I’ve promised! May you enter the afterlife with peace of mind!” said Gerald as he gently grabbed hold of Julian’s neck…

With a loud snap, Julian’s eyes widened before finally going vacant. The old man was dead.

After gathering sufficient blood, Gerald looked around for some herbs to use in order to further refine the old man’s blood essence.

Once he was done, Gerald placed the bait in clear view before bringing the puppy along with him and hiding, lying in wait for the fox to make its appearance.

Gerald held on to his black dagger tightly the entire time, an extremely tense expression on his face as he and the puppy continued lying in ambush.

He was sure that the fox would eventually make an appearance. It had to. After all, the fox was only facing extinction due to its inherently greedy nature.

As Gerald thought about that, the puppy’s eyes suddenly widened. Realizing that, Gerald held his breath as well as the holy fox slowly walked over to the bait! It was finally here!

Though the fox was clearly approaching the bait extremely cautiously, it was also evident that it was now already blinded by greed.

After scanning through the area multiple times, the holy fox finally decided to make a quick dash toward the blood, squeaking loudly in greed!

Now was his chance!

He wasn’t going to allow it to escape anymore!

Raising his dagger, Gerald swiftly tossed his dagger at the holy fox! A split second later, the blade connected with the fox’s Achilles heel, sending it squealing loudly for one final time before flopping to the ground, dead.

The deed was done!

Rushing over to pick up the lifeless fox’s body, Gerald was overjoyed as he said, “Hahaha! You’ve truly helped me a great deal today, Julian! Your blood was the perfect bait for the holy fox!”

Even the puppy was barking while wagging its tail happily.

“Don’t worry, I haven’t forgotten about you! To express my gratitude, I’ll lead you out of the forest with me once I’ve drunk the blood. After that, you can eat whatever you want to your heart’s content!” added Gerald as he smiled.

Following that, he hugged the puppy and curried it over to a nearby cave with the holy fox’s corpse in his other hand.

Now that he had acquired the fox, he needed to drink its holy blood quickly.

After all, according to the Book of Beasts, the holy blood would only remain holy for a short amount of time after the fox passed away. If he continued dragging on for too long, the holy property would cease to exist, resulting in all his efforts being for naught.

As he prepared himself to drink the blood, Gerald remembered the properties of the holy blood based on what his grandfather had once told him. From what he remembered, the blood itself was holy since it had slowly accumulated holiness from both the heavens and the earth, thus filling the blood with an immense amount of energy.

Not only would the blood help nourish and supplement one’s heart and temperament, but it would also greatly improve the drinker’s inner strength. However, in order to fully utilize the blood, Gerald had to use a special breathing method that, in accordance with how much he had trained and the extent of his current abilities, would take him about three days to complete the fusion.

“Alright puppy, listen here. I’ll be blocking the cave’s entrance for the next three days. During that period, I’ll be in a deep sleep. Your job will be to make sure no insects or small beasts come near me during my sleep. Do you understand?” said Gerald as he gently patted the puppy’s head.

Barking in agreement, the puppy then hung its tongue out as it happily followed Gerald into the cave.

Meanwhile, another group of people—which consisted of well over a hundred men—seemed to be searching around for someone within the dense Everdare Forest.

All of them were fully equipped with weapons, and among them, a young man in his twenties could be seen walking with the group, his hands behind his back as several elderly men walked by his side.

“Has he not been found yet?” asked the young man with a frown.

“We still don’t have any leads on him!” replied his subordinate.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1032
“Bring the Lovewell over!” ordered the young man as his frown deepened.

Hearing that, the man’s subordinates brought a severely injured Zander and Kaleb over to face him.

“Are you absolutely sure that you didn’t lie when you said he was coming over to Everdare Forest?” asked the young man.

“Why would I even lie to you about such a thing, Mr. Moldell? He truly did say that he was headed to this place! Also, I do hope that you realize that it wasn’t the Lovewells who killed the eight Moldell family members! Please keep that in mind…!” replied Zander, a fearful expression on his face.

The young man who had been asking the questions went by the name of Yuvan Moldell, and he was the second son of the Moldell family’s head. Zander himself had already heard tales about him long ago. Tales of how cold and ruthless that man’s methods were.

Being a businessman, Zander knew that he couldn’t afford to further offend either Gerald or the Moldells. However, when the Moldells sent people over to investigate once they caught wind of the eight Moldell family members’ deaths within the Lovewell Manor, he had no other choice but to truthfully tell them where Gerald was.

It was the reason why Yuvan and his subordinates were currently conducting their search for Gerald here.

“The Moldells have always deeply resented Gerald, and it’s already been over a year since the Moldells have actively gone against the Crawfords. Therefore, I truly hope that you’re not lying to me for your sake. After all, it would be better for you not to get involved in our battle!” replied Yuvan casually.

“B-but of course, of course!” replied Zander hurriedly.

“Second young master, we may have found traces of him!” reported one of Yuvan’s subordinates at that moment as he walked over to face the man.

Long story short, they had located a few corpses lying on the ground who were dressed like villagers from the foot of the mountain. What more, their corpses were still quite fresh and there were some signs of a struggle at the scene. They were also able to locate a faint trail of trampled greenery that led deeper into the forest.

All of a sudden, the search dogs that the Moldells had brought along with them suddenly began barking while facing a particular direction!

“…Hmm? …There are people in the vicinity. If the dogs are barking, then he mustn’t be too far off! Double your search efforts!” ordered Yuvan.

Hearing that, his subordinates immediately obeyed.

“Still, I recall going to the Crawford family’s mansion about a year ago… Back then, Gerald was still living there, and as far as I can remember, he was just a fragile young lad at the time! It truly makes one wonder what the boy had gone through during his year of absence.
After all, he managed to kill Yaster and the seven other Moldells! A group of people who could be considered to be masters in our family! How could he have grown so strong to be able to defeat them so easily? How incredible!” said an old man who was walking behind Yuvan as he frowned.

“So what if he managed to end Yaster’s life? After all, he has yet to face the true experts from our family…” replied Yuvan, a wry smile on his face.

It was a little while later when from within a valley that lay ahead, a person shouted, “We’ve found him!”

Upon hearing that, Yuvan hastened his steps as all of them arrived at a cave’s entrance. Beside it, was a large stone that must have been used to block anyone from entering.

Though one of Yuvan’s men was desperately holding onto his profusely bleeding neck as he lay on the ground, Yuvan’s full attention was on the pale and lifeless-looking man who was lying motionless inside the cave.

“I… I’ve finally found you, Gerald!” declared Yuvan as he knitted his brows before turning to look at his injured subordinate.

“What’s wrong with him?”

“He was attacked by that fierce dog over there, second young master! Seeing that the dog serves as Gerald’s protector, I’ll kill it immediately!” explained Yuvan.

With that, the subordinate began approaching the puppy with a rope in hand. Upon managing to lasso the puppy, it immediately growled before barking wildly, all the fur on its body standing upright as though it was ready to launch an attack!

Hearing the fearsome barks, several of the subordinates couldn’t help but back away from it. The puppy was so intimidating that some of the men even ended up messing up their pants!

“…Hmm? Interesting… Don’t kill it first. Bring it back to the Moldell Manor together with Gerald!” ordered Yuvan when he saw his subordinates’ reactions toward the puppy.

Obeying his orders, a few of the subordinates then began transferring Gerald out of the cave. After bringing him out, an old man—who had been standing beside Yuvan—checked Gerald’s pulse and upon realizing that it was very weak, he said, “Didn’t everyone say that this lad was all-powerful and capable? He seems half-dead to me! Though that’s honestly a good thing. Otherwise, he’d definitely try to escape again!”

His comment on Gerald’s situation clearly wasn’t anything crucial. The old man had simply stated it without giving it much thought.

However, upon hearing that, Yuvan turned to coldly look at him before replying, “Escape? He’s already in my hands now. Even if he were to wake up, do you honestly think he would be able to escape under my supervision?”

“N-not at all, second young master!” said the old man hurriedly.

Knowing that he had just dodged a bullet, the old man then lowered his gaze to look at Gerald again. Though it only lasted for a split second, the old man was shocked when he saw a sudden flash of red on Gerald’s pale face as the subordinates began carrying him away.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1033
‘…Was that my imagination?’ Thought the old man to himself, feeling slightly suspicious.

While he wanted to warn Yuvan about it, the old man knew how arrogant he was. What more, Yuvan had already given him an angry glare of dissatisfaction earlier. If he were to say anything else, Yuvan’s anger would most definitely grow.

‘…I must’ve just seen wrongly!’

Regardless, the Moldells had finally been able to capture Gerald after an entire year of searching for him. In other words, they now had the ultimate bargaining chip to use against the Crawfords of Northbay.

With that in mind, it was natural for all the Moldells of the Logan Province to feel extremely excited.

“That kid really knows how to hide! We had to burn through so many financial resources and use endless connections but it all paid off. We’ve finally captured him today!”

“Hahaha! The Moldells of Logan will finally be able to rule over the region now! Since Gerald is the only heir to the Crawford family and he’s also Dylan’s most beloved son, it won’t be long before we finally get our hands on the Crawford family’s assets!”

As the Moldell family members continued discussing the matter, a guest bodyguard—who was mainly working for the Long family—happened to hear everything they said.

After hearing what they had to say for a while, he swiftly ran toward a room before opening the door and saying, “Miss, I bring important news!”

The ‘miss’ in question, was none other than Xavia who was carefully applying makeup at the time her guard entered.

Since something big had happened between the Lovewells and the Moldells, the Longs naturally had to cancel their negotiation plans with Zander. Due to that, Xavia had to leave Zander’s manor which explained why she was temporarily staying in the Modell family’s home for now.

“What’s the news?” asked Xavia.

Gulping, the bodyguard then replied, “It’s about Gerald from the Crawford family! I heard that the Moldells have finally been able to locate and capture him today after trying to find him for over a year!”

The moment she heard that, the powder box in Xavia’s hand fell to the ground with a loud ‘clang’ as the trembling woman turned to look at her guard.

“…W-what did you say? Gerald? So… The Gerald who had been active in the Lovewell family in the past few days truly was the Gerald from the Crawford family?” stuttered Xavia as she abruptly stood up, completely stunned by the revelation.

“Undoubtedly so, miss! All the other Moldells are currently discussing the matter! What more, I heard they found Gerald in a terrible state! They described him as being, ‘half-dead’!” replied the bodyguard.

Hearing that, Xavia found herself clenching her fists tightly. She was facing a cocktail of complicated emotions now.

Did she hate Gerald? She did. She hated him a lot. After all, if Gerald had simply been willing to stay together with her, then she wouldn’t have needed to go to the Longs in the first place. What more, he had dumped her the moment he found out that he was rich!

No matter what happened, Xavia could never deny that she was filled with hatred for Gerald.

…Even so, Xavia couldn’t help but feel distressed after hearing that Gerald had been caught and could very well already be dying.

Besides, no matter what had happened between them, she couldn’t deny that he used to love her unconditionally once upon a time ago.

The exact same thoughts had run through her mind back when she had allowed Gerald to escape back then.

Pacing back and forth in her frustration, Xavia then muttered to herself, “What should I do… What should I do?! If I don’t do something then the Moldells will definitely kill him!”

“Even if they don’t, I personally feel that he won’t survive for much longer anyway… From what I heard, he was already almost out of breath when they found him! Regardless, he’s currently been thrown into the Moldell Manor’s dungeon!” replied the bodyguard.

Upon hearing that, Xavia’s anxiety only grew worse. It was a brief moment later when she closed her eyes and took in a deep breath. When she opened them again, there was a resolute look in her eyes.

“…Humph! I already told myself that I wouldn’t have anything else to do with him once I let him off back then! Whether he lives or dies, that no longer has anything to do with me!” declared Xavia as she sat down again.

Hahaha… She couldn’t believe that she had almost forgotten the reason she had been working this hard for the past few years. Was it all not for her to be able to live a better life than him?
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1034
Due to that reasoning, wasn’t it a good thing that he was dying now?

“…If you truly wish to see him for one final time, I may have a solution for you, miss…”

“What’s your plan?!” replied Xavia immediately upon hearing that.

However, she quickly realized her gaffe and said, “…W-who the hell would even want to see him? Actually, hold on, I’d really love to see the miserable state he’s currently in before he dies! Hahaha!”

“…I see. Regardless, the key to the dungeon has always been in the hands of the Moldell family’s butler. Since I’m acquainted with the butler’s chance, there exists a chance that he may help us!” replied the bodyguard.

“Please help me contact him then!” said Xavia.

A little while later, the duo stood before the butler’s son that Xavia’s guard had mentioned. The lad himself had a crooked back and he immediately began shaking his head rapidly upon hearing Xavia’s request.

“Now hold on! Do remember that Gerald is currently the most wanted person by the Moldells! Even my father isn’t qualified to meet him at this point! What more, the security within the dungeon is extremely strict to the point where several of the Moldells themselves aren’t able to pay him a visit! Imagine what that would spell for a Long!”

“There must be a way for you to get me in! State your condition!” replied Xavia as she looked at him right in the eye.

Hearing that, the butler’s son momentarily stared at Xavia before a wretched expression formed on his face. Seeing that, Xavia couldn’t help but take a few steps back.

“…With all due respect, Miss Yorke, I’ve heard that your husband is a little slow in the head, correct? You must be lonely if that’s the case…” said the butler’s son as he slowly walked forward and gently held onto Xavia’s wrist.

“To be quite honest, from the moment I met you, I’ve been fascinated by your beauty… From that moment onward, I swore to myself that if I ever got the opportunity to get intimate with you, I’d be more than willing to die for your sake!” added the butler’s son.

“Please restrain yourself, Mr. Quillan! If you truly like me, then please be magnanimous with me and allow me to meet Gerald! If you do so, then I’ll be plenty grateful to you!” replied Xavia as she pulled her hand back.

Frowning, he then replied, “You seem rather reluctant to leave that Gerald… What is your relationship with him? Why do you insist so much on seeing him?”

“I won’t lie that Gerald used to be my boyfriend back in university, Mr. Quillan. In short, I wish to meet up with him to exact my revenge one final time. After all, I won’t ever be able to do such a thing again once he’s dead!” said Xavia as a hint of resentment momentarily reflected in Xavia’s eyes.

“Hahaha! I see… So you had such a past with Gerald… Alright then, Miss Yorke. I’m willing to risk my life to get your request done. However, I do hope that you’ll eventually repay my favor once the matter is over, right?” said Quillan rather maliciously as Xavia turned around to leave as soon as she heard that he was agreeing to do it.

Not even looking back at him, she then replied, “The next few days will be highly inconvenient for me. I’ll thank you sometime in the future, Mr. Quillan.”

“That’s completely understandable! After all, inconvenient days will always exist for girls!” replied Quillan with a wry smile after hearing that he would eventually get his way.

“Regardless, I’ll retrieve the key from my father tonight. However, do note that you’ll only have five minutes with him! Otherwise, I’ll truly be as good as dead!” added Quillan.

“Five minutes is all I need! Thank you, Mr. Quillan!”

“Ah, speaking of which, Miss Yorke-”

Though Quillan had initially planned to take advantage of Xavia, his sentence ended up hanging since Xavia had already walked off in a hurry at that point.

Smiling coldly at himself, Quillan then thought, ‘Ah, young lady… I’ve been interested in you for the longest time, you know? To think that I’ll finally be able to get my hands on you in a few days… Hahaha!’

Soon enough, night fell and Xavia entered the dungeon sporting sportswear and a cap.

“Remember! Five minutes! I’ll stand guard over the door!” whispered Quillan as Xavia sneaked deeper into the dungeon.

Eventually, she caught sight of Gerald’s body that was sprawled on the dungeon’s floor.

“G-Gerald!” said Xavia, unable to hold herself back from calling out to him.

It had been an entire year since she had last met him. To think that they would meet again under such circumstances.

Seeing the terrible state he was in, all the hatred Xavia had in her heart simply melted away as she added, “G-Gerald, wake up! Are you truly going to die soon…?”

Getting no reply, she then ran over to him, gently shaking his weak body. No matter how much she shook, however, his pale face remained unresponsive.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1035
Seeing him in such a state made Xavia feel extremely uncomfortable. After all, her feelings toward him were still quite vague. However, she knew for a fact that though she hated him, she still loved him even more.

“Please… Please wake up now…!” wept the distressed girl as she slowly slumped to the floor to sit beside Gerald.

This person had once given her the most beautiful thing in the world… He had given her selfless love. A love that meant that he didn’t mind losing everything just for her, and Xavia was well aware of that this entire time.

“Gerald… I know you hate me… After all, I, of all people, ended up bullying you like the others back then… I… I just couldn’t help it at the time… I didn’t want to continue living a life where I had to constantly be despised and belittled… You know, even as a child, my biggest fear had always been others looking down on me! I… I just want others to envy and adore me…! But none of that matters anymore because regardless of how much fame I gain, I’ve come to realize that you’ll always be the only one in my heart, Gerald… So please… Please don’t die, Gerald!” said Xavia as she laid her head against Gerald’s chest while sobbing her eyes out.

At that moment, the unconscious Gerald suddenly began scrunching his face into a slight frown.

Seconds later, Gerald’s body suddenly began emitting a red glow!!

Lifting her head in surprise, Xavia watched in shock as a scorching surge of energy suddenly burst out of Gerald’s body! Since her hand had still been on his chest when that happened, Xavia quickly retracted it in pain. It felt as though she had just touched a hot iron!

Yelping in surprise and pain, she immediately got up and took a few steps backward as she stared wide-eyed at Gerald.

‘…W-what…? What the hell was that? Why was his body so hot?’

As Xavia tried to rationalize what had just happened, the red glow quickly faded and Gerald’s face turned pale again.

Still extremely confused as to what had just taken place, Quillan walked over to her out of the blue before saying, “Time’s up, Miss Yorke! Should the next person in shift arrive, it’ll become increasingly difficult for you to leave then! It’s high time you left!”

Not noticing Quillan’s wretched smile as she continued staring worriedly at Gerald, she simply nodded before replying, “…Got it…”

“Heh, that person’s as good as gone, Miss Yorke. There’s nothing else you can do for him. Also, I hope you remember your promise with me. Once your business is over in the next few days, you’ll have to give me what I deserve! Understand?” said Quillan, as he tried to take advantage of her again.

“Let’s just leave this place first, Mr. Quillan!” replied Xavia as she quickly dodged his advances and left the area.

Scratching his chin, Quillan felt that the more he looked at Xavia, the more he wanted to get his hands on her.

“You’ll be mine for sure…! Heh!” muttered Quillan to himself as he failed to notice Gerald’s slowly intensifying frown.

Fast forward to the morning three days later, the Moldells seemed to be extremely busy.

Decades ago, Kort had secretly established his own power in the Logan Province, unbeknownst to the main Moldell family. He had done so due to his greed for worldly wealth and prosperity.

Slowly but surely, the Moldells continued growing and annexing till it became the largest family in Weston to date. While all appeared to be going well, their main goal had always been to take over the Crawford family in Northbay.

Once they acquired the Crawford family, then the Moldells would certainly have near-infinite strength. Now that they had finally gotten their hands on Gerald, they could use him as a bargaining chip to achieve their dreams! It definitely explained why the Moldells were all so excited now.

In relation to their plan, they were also busy preparing to relocate their family back to the south.

It was near noon when everyone finally relaxed for a bit to have a family luncheon.

“The head of the family will be arriving in the Logan Province around tomorrow night! I do wonder how he’s going to reward us! Hahaha!”

“How else could he reward us? Remember, the head once mentioned that Gerald could easily be traded in with at least half of the Crawford family’s assets! Once he achieves that, he can easily just hand us one of the many regions he’ll soon have full control over!”

“Hahaha! Just a region? I’m afraid that you’re seriously underestimating the true power of the Crawfords! Did you not know that the Crawford family’s industries are scattered throughout the world? A region to them could very well be equivalent to having power over an entire country!”

“How impressive!”

The Moldells were now discussing the matter among themselves rather excitedly.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1036
“Second young master, I’ve no idea what’s wrong with your dogs today! They simply refuse to eat! As if that wasn’t odd enough, they keep biting onto their chains with panicked expressions on their faces! Could they possibly have encountered something when we brought them into the mountains three days ago?” said a housekeeper to Yuvan as the others were still enjoying their lunch.

“Encountered something? Nothing comes to mind. They could be ill, so call a vet in to have a look at them!” sneered Yuvan.

The moment his sentence ended, however, a servant came stumbling in next before saying, “S-second young master! Bad news! Two of your dogs have just died! I don’t even know what happened! One moment they suddenly started acting all crazy and the next, both of them were already foaming at their mouths!”

Since the servant was well aware of how much the second young master loved raising dogs, he had immediately told Yuvan about the discovery to avoid getting into any unnecessary trouble.

“What?! Take me to them!” replied Yuvan anxiously as all the other members of the Moldell family followed him into the backward.

The backyard itself was home to nearly a hundred domesticated dogs. Unlike how they usually behaved, however, all of them seemed to have gone completely rabid today! Many of them were even struggling and gnawing onto their iron cages!

During the short period Yuvan was there, he witnessed the death of another three dogs to his dismay.

“Call a vet over immediately and have them have a look at what’s wrong with these dogs!” ordered Yuvan as many of the other Moldells started panicking.

What was the cause of all this? It was almost as though the dogs were sensing some sort of imminent disaster!

Since none of the dogs could be calmed down, the vet wasn’t even able to properly diagnose them since it was impossible to check on any of them without first getting severely injured.

By the time evening came, over half of the dogs there were barely alive.

Around that time, an acquaintance of Quillan’s saw him moving around rather sneakily. Raising a brow, he then called out, “Hey, have you heard of the dogs going crazy? The last place most of them went was Everdare forest so there must be a connection with that place! Regardless, nobody can even guess what could’ve triggered such a reaction among them!”

Despite him obviously talking to Quillan, Quillan himself simply ignored him, snickering as he continued walking down a hallway where the rooms were. Walking over to him, his acquaintance then patted him on the shoulder before adding, “Hey, I’m talking to you, Quillan!”

Jolting slightly, it was made evident that Quillan’s mind was so preoccupied that he hadn’t even noticed that he was the person his friend had been talking to.

“…Eh? They’re just dogs anyway! What’s the big deal even if they die? Speaking of which, where are you headed to, Luis?” replied Quillan quickly.

“Where else could I be going? I’m heading down the dungeon to see if that Gerald person is already dead! If he’s still alive, I’ve been ordered to force-feed some congee to him! The congee itself has been laced with Scatter Pills, so even if he miraculously remains alive, he’ll certainly still end up being demented!” explained Luis.

“I see. Well, then hurry up and get the job done! If there’s nothing else, I’ll talk to you later!”

“It’s almost dark, though… And besides, where are you headed to…?” muttered Luis to himself as he scratched the back of his head while looking at Quillan who had bolted off as soon as his sentence ended.

After making sure that Luis was no longer there, Quillan rubbed his hands together as he knocked on Xavia’s door.

“Who’s there?” asked Xavia as she opened the door.

The moment she saw the wretched expression on Quillan’s face, a hint of disgust was momentarily reflected in Xavia’s eyes.

“…Ah, it’s you, Mr. Quillan! What brings you here?” asked Xavia rather casually.

Quillan himself couldn’t keep his eyes still at all. After all, Xavia was currently wearing a close-fitting short dress and her hair had been let loose.

Gulping as he continued looking at the alluring woman standing before him, Quillan then replied, “Since I’ve already done what you’ve wanted, I’m here to ask when you’ll be fulfilling your half of the promise.”

Hearing that, Xavia frowned slightly though she quickly hid her disgust behind a façade.

“Regarding that, Mr. Quillan, it’s true that I’ve agreed to repay your kindness, and I definitely will. However, wouldn’t it be best to let that discussion wait till morning? After all, it’s already getting dark now and Mr. Yuvan is still very anxious because of his dogs. You should head over to console him!” said Xavia as she immediately tried to close the door behind her.

However, Quillan held onto the door with a chuckle before replying, “Now, now, I already knew you were going to say that… I’m well aware that you’re not interested in me… Hell, you probably look down on me! However, that doesn’t change the fact that I’ve liked and admired you for the longest time. I even risked my life just to allow you to meet up with Gerald, you know? So no matter what you say, I’m getting what I want, Miss Yorke!”

Her disgust now apparent on her face, Xavia glared at him as she replied, “Please be more respectful, Mr. Quillan! I hope you remember that I’m here as a representative of the Long family! Not only that, but I’m also a guest of the Moldells!”

“Heh! Guest? Miss Yorke, the Longs are nothing more than pawns to the Moldell family! So as I’ve said before, you’re going to be mine today!” sneered Quillan as he immediately rushed toward Xavia!
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1037
“What the hell are you doing?! Help! Help m-”

Before Xavia could shout any further, Quillan covered her mouth with a white towel! Though she squirmed hard to escape his grasp, Xavia slowly felt as her vision blurred. Soon enough, she struggled no more.

At the same time, Gerald’s ears suddenly twitched in his deep slumber. Still within the dungeon, he slowly opened his eyes.

The moment he did so, his eyes briefly sparkled a fluorescent green before returning to normal a few seconds later.

It surprised Gerald, to say the least, to know that he was now able to see even the tiniest of details within the dungeon cell, despite the fact that it was almost pitch black in there.

His greatly improved hearing capability was a pleasant surprise as well. As long as he wanted to, he could now apparently hear things clearly, even if they were far away!

Sitting up, Gerald slowly got to his feet before hopping in place to get his muscles moving.

Upon looking at his skin, he realized that there were several trails of black stains oozing out of it. From what he could guess, they were impurities that had been cleansed from his body.

‘I guess they don’t call it holy blood for nothing… Not only did it stabilize my heart and temperament, but I now feel stronger than ever!’ Gerald thought to himself, overjoyed.

It wasn’t even a stretch at this point to assume that his inner strength had now doubled from what it had been three days ago.

‘And here I was planning to pay the Moldells a visit and deal with them once and for all after drinking the holy blood… To think that they actually saved me the trouble by bringing me right into their home!’ Gerald thought to himself as he sneered.

Oh right, he still needed to save Xavia!

Though Gerald was mostly immobile in the past three days, his mind was far from unconscious. In fact, he was well aware of everything that was happening around him throughout that period of time. It was the reason how he had heard Xavia’s earlier scream for help.

Thinking about Xavia, he recalled everything that she had told him that night. Gerald knew he would only be lying to himself if he claimed that her words hadn’t touched him at all.

Adding the fact that she had risked her life just to visit him in the dungeon with her actions a year ago that ended up saving his life, Gerald was well aware of how difficult it was now going to be for him to even come close to repaying her kindness.

Knitting his brows slightly, he knew those thoughts could wait. For now, he needed to save Xavia first!

Staring briefly at the iron gate before him, Gerald placed a hand on the gate and tugged on it.

A loud crumbling sound followed as the surrounding walls supporting the gate collapsed with it! Seemingly unfazed by his inhuman strength, Gerald walked out just in time to catch a person running down into the dungeon.

When their eyes met, the person immediately stuttered, “…G-Gerald…? You… You’re awake?!”

The man holding the bowl of congee was naturally none other than Luis.

“M-Men! Men! Get in here!” shouted Luis as he immediately attempted to run out of the dungeon to get some help.

Luis had been one of the people who had seen the carnage that Gerald had left behind at the Lovewell manor. It was exactly because of that, that he now had an innate fear of him. Adding that to the fact that he was well aware of how weak he was, there was no way in hell that he was going to stay within Gerald’s presence any longer than he needed to!

However, before he could even make it far from where he had once stood, the disgusting sound of flesh being ripped apart could be heard.

It took Luis a second to realize what had just happened. Thankfully, he was dead by the time his body split in two.

Climbing up the stairs, Gerald casually walked past the corpse as he slowly exited the dungeon. His ears were perked as he attempted to pinpoint which direction Xavia was in.

From what he could hear, a few members of the Moldell family were currently in the backyard. There were also quite a few people in the guestroom area.

Walking along as he continued trying to locate Xavia, he swiftly and efficiently dealt with anyone that ran into him.

When he finally found her not too long after, he stood by her door before kicking it open!

Gerald was immediately greeted to the sight of Quillan tearing Xavia’s clothes apart.

Shocked to hear the door being flung open, Quillan immediately turned to look at the mud-covered visitor who looked like he had just crawled out from the earth.

“W-who are you?” asked Quillan, clearly at a loss of how to even register the situation.

Though Xavia was currently still extremely weak, she was easily able to tell who the person at the door was.

“…G-Gerald… hurry… Please hurry and save me…!” cried out Xavia.

Stunned, Quillan then said, “…Gerald? He… He’s escaped?!”

Frightened beyond words, Quillan then ran toward the corner of the room, his eyes alternating between Gerald and the exit. Before Quillan could even start planning his escape, Gerald was already standing in front of him!

“Hmm…?” replied Gerald as he lifted the terrified man by his neck.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1038
“P-please! Spare me! Don’t kill me!”

“…Spare? You’re a Moldell, aren’t you? And all Moldells deserve to die!” growled Gerald as he tightened his grip until the—now familiar sound of—snapping bones could be heard.

As Gerald dropped Quillan’s lifeless body to the ground, Xavia weakly sat up on the bed before asking, “G-Gerald… You’re… You’re fine?!”

“I am, indeed!” replied Gerald with a nod.

“Before anything else, I’ll need to borrow your room for a quick shower!”

It was sometime later when all the members of the Moldell family were gathered in their manor’s main hall.

“Trash! All of you! Can you not even take good care of a few dogs?!” roared Yuvan who had already lost his temper at this point.

Yuvan had spent a lot of time and effort to train each of his dogs, so they were all equally important to him. Due to that, everyone in the family understood where his immense anger was stemming from. However, it’s not like they could do anything about it.

“Get lost! All of you!” scowled Yuvan as the group of vets immediately fled in fright.

As Yuvan tried to keep his cool, an old man walked up to his side before saying, “Something seems to be very wrong!”

The old man went by the name of Yash, and he was the chief butler of the Moldell family. Not only that, but he was also one of the strongest and most experienced masters among the other members of the Moldell family in the Logan Province.

“What is this time…?” grumbled Yuvan in his bad mood.

“I’ll be frank and say that I’ve been feeling this unease ever since we returned from Everdare Forest. The feeling has only amplified with the fact that over half of our family’s dogs have already died of madness within the past three days. All of these are ominous signs… Would you mind if I expressed my thoughts on all this?” replied Yash quickly.

Waving his hand, Yuvan then said, “Hurry up and say it.”

“…Well, I just have this strong premonition that something terrible is going to befall the Moldells soon, and Gerald will be the cause of it! Whenever I end up thinking about him, I can neither eat nor sleep well at all… You know, I’ve been instructing the servants to add Scatter Pills into the congee they feed him just for extra measure-”

Before the old man could continue saying anything, Yuvan interrupted him by replying, “Butler Moldell, I believe that all this only stems from your fear of him… While it’s true that Mr. Yaster and the others have all suffered terrible deaths, we can’t just take the Lovewell family’s word by word description of the event as pure fact! Think about it! Mr. Yaster has been training for the longest time and he was already considered to be one of the Moldell family’s top masters from a young age! How could Gerald possibly have had the power and ability to kill him off so easily? The way I see it, the Lovewells must have colluded with Gerald to deceive Mr. Yaster! After all, that’s a much more plausible scenario, no?”

After saying that, Yuvan simply shook his head.

Yash himself sighed before saying, “I really hope that that’s the case… It would truly be for the best if everything remained as peaceful as it currently is before the family head arrives!”

The moment his sentence ended, a servant stumbled into the hall while shouting, “T-terrible… S-something terrible has happened!”

“What the hell is it this time? Did more dogs die?!” growled Yuvan as he slammed a hand against the table.

“N-no! It isn’t the dogs this time! It’s humans! I-I found Luis cleaved in half in the dungeon! What more, seven other members of our family have also been killed in the VIP guest area! All of them look like they were killed without any chance of retaliation at all! T-the most worrying thing is, the dungeon is now empty!”


By then, everyone who had heard the servant’s announcement was panicking.

Though Yash himself didn’t say anything and was only quivering slightly, the fact that his forehead was now dripping with cold sweat signified that the calmness he expressed was merely a façade. All his worries and unease from the past few days were now mercilessly assaulting his mind.

“Who dares commit such a serious crime within the Moldell Manor no less?! And what of Gerald?” asked Yuvan, his anxiety evident in his tone.

“Gerald’s gone missing!”

As everyone’s panic peaked, a cold breeze blew the fallen leaves in the courtyard. Within the darkness of night, the leaves themselves fluttered aimlessly, unable to leave the actual yard. In a way, the same could be said for all the other members of the Moldell family who were now trapped in with Gerald.

Even the barks of the remaining dogs in the backyard seemed to intensify at that moment. The deafening barks were nothing short of unnerving for the Moldells who were still alive.

Throughout their thousand-year history, members of the Moldell family had always lived without fear for their lives. Though all of the family’s members had been trained to not be unnerved by the corpses of others, the ones that were currently in their home were corpses of their family members! It didn’t help that they had been killed in their very own manor!

As a result, it was really no question why the members of the Moldell family were all panicking now!

‘Nothing like this has ever happened to our family before within our thousand-year history!’ Thought one of the Moldells to themself.

“I want everyone to be mobilized immediately! Use every means possible to locate the murderer and for the love of god, someone recapture Gerald for me!” ordered Yuvan furiously as he slammed his hand against the table again, this time splitting it in half!

Yash himself—who had been staring out the window at the dark of night for a while now—suddenly whispered, “S-second young master… it… it seems that he’s here!”
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1039

Startled by what they had heard, everyone immediately turned to look out the courtyard. In the darkness, the faint silhouettes of two figures could be seen approaching their home. One of them appeared to be a man while the other—that followed closely behind the man’s silhouette—seemed to belong to a puppy with somewhat glowing green eyes.

The moment moonlight shone upon the duo, everyone ended up taking a deep breath when they realized who it was.

“G-Gerald Crawford?!”

“How the hell did he get out there? Wasn’t he in a coma of sorts?!” said one of the Moldells.

“Who cares? Rather, isn’t it perfect that we already know where he is? We don’t have to waste any time locating him now!” added another member of the Moldell family in a cold tone.

As everyone continued discussing the situation, the main entrance’s door creaked open. Walking over casually, Gerald then asked with a smile on his face, “Well then, I assume everyone from the Moldell family is here today, no?”

Though he was smiling, everyone who saw him felt chills run down their spines. The Moldells knew the face of evil when they saw it.

“Aren’t you being a bit too arrogant, young lad? Tell you what, I don’t believe any of the rumors regarding your immense powers and abilities. Now stop acting so cocky as I show you the true power of the Moldell family’s bloodline!” shouted a young Moldell as he bolted toward Gerald to attack!

Before his fist could even reach Gerald’s face, however, Gerald clasped his hands over the young man’s hand. Frozen in place, the young man found that he couldn’t move a muscle! It was a second later when a loud thud could be heard.

Gerald had used his palm to smack the man directly in his face! The immense force caused all the man’s bones to simultaneously shatter as his body immediately flew backward.

Anything that lay in the falling body’s path ended up getting knocked over until finally, the dead man stopped moving when his body slumped against the wall on the far end of the room.


Their eyelids twitching frantically, everyone found themselves taking a few steps back.

So it seemed that the rumors had been true. Gerald truly had been the one who had killed all eight of the Moldells back in Lovewell Manor!

Taking in a deep breath, Yash then said, “…Impressive, Mr. Crawford… It seems that you’ve certainly experienced quite a bit in the past year… However, I have to advise you to calm yourself and tone it down a bit… Take it as advice from an elder… After all, I’m sure that you know the Moldell family’s background extremely well by now. Since you’re the only one the Crawfords can depend on, do you honestly think that you’ll be able to take on the many other Moldells alone? You’ve already killed several of my men today. Aren’t you afraid that that’ll bring misfortune to the Crawford family?”

“Hahaha… Bring them misfortune, you say? The existence of the Moldells is, in itself, a disaster for my family! I’ll say it right now that I’ve been waiting for the longest time to settle the score with the Modells! It’s high time I did just that!” replied Gerald with a subtle smile as he turned to look at everyone in the room.

“Again, I must say that you’re being way too arrogant, Mr. Crawford! While I do admit that you’re certainly extremely skillful and powerful, I hope you don’t forget that there are hundreds of masters from the Moldell family standing before you today. It’s impossible for you to defeat all of us on your own!” persuaded Yash.

Though he said that, Yash was well aware that they were completely helpless against Gerald. All he could do was try to delay and hopefully stop Gerald from causing more bloodshed among his other family members.

There were hundreds of Moldell masters gathered here today, and Yash wasn’t going to allow all those years of being trained by the head of the family to go to waste. He had to deter Gerald some way or another!

“I don’t care how many of you there are… I’m dealing with all of you once and for all! No Moldell is going to make it out alive tonight!” declared Gerald as his eyes turned scarlet and a violent aura began surging out of his body!

“Do you think you’re that incredible?! I’ll kill you right here and right now! Bring it on and show me what you’re capable of!” roared Yuvan who was now beyond furious.

Yuvan had been a perfect inheritor of all his father’s teachings and from the moment he had gained power in the Moldell family, he had been nearly invincible.

Despite that, to think that Gerald would actually claim that he would exterminate the entire Moldell family alone! The clearly insane Crawford had simultaneously humiliated his entire family as well!

Clenching both his fists, Yuvan channeled his anger into them as a gush of inner strength coursed through his body.

With a giant leap, he prepared to land a roundhouse kick aimed at Gerald! However, though he was extremely fast, Gerald was faster.

Raising his own leg, Gerald’s kick clashed against Yuvan’s!

As the sickening crunch of bones filled the room, everyone stared wide-eyed as Yuvan was kicked back to where he had leaped from. Crashing into a stone pillar, Yuvan’s body had been flung back so hard that he ended up destroying it!

Amidst the debris, Yuvan was already breaking out in cold sweat as he said, “…W-what?!”

From the moment he sensed that he could no longer move one of his legs, he deduced that it was broken. That also told him that among everyone present today, none of them were even close to being capable enough of evading or even blocking any of Gerald’s fearsome attacks.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1040

“Everyone! Attack in unison!” ordered Yash aloud.

With many of the Moldells already seeing red now, they all obeyed Yash’s order, rushing forward to besiege Gerald!

The truth was that the masters who were currently present weren’t the true top masters within the Moldell family. They had simply mastered more skills and fighting abilities than the regular Moldell. As a result, it was evident that none of them were even close to being proper opponents to Gerald.

Gerald himself was now attacking and killing everyone in sight as easily as though he was simply cutting through vegetables.

Anyone who stood in his way instantly met a violent death.

“H-He’s strong… He’s simply too strong!” shouted Yash as he gulped down hard. Having more people meant nothing if none of them were even capable of dealing damage to Gerald!

Taking advantage of the chaos, Yash rushed over to Yuvan—who was still lying on the same spot he had landed in—before anxiously asking, “S-second young master! How are you feeling?!”

“T-they’ve been severed… All my meridians have been severed!” yelled Yuvan as he endured his pain.

Scream after scream followed as more of the Moldells were slaughtered.

Though some of the Moldells had experienced more ups and downs in life compared to the others, none of them had ever encountered such a large scale massacre. Knowing that they weren’t going to survive the night, many of them simply continued screaming in horror as they held on dearly to their children.

“We can’t hold on much longer! We simply aren’t Gerald’s opponents! He’s too powerful! I need to lead you away from all this, second young master! My priority is to save your life!” declared Yash who was more anxious than ever as he continued watching as more members of his family flopped to the ground, lifelessly.

“N-No! I refuse to accept that!” growled Yuvan as he gritted his teeth in protest.

“There is simply no other way! The third young master is already gone so nothing should befall you as well! We’ll decide our next move once the family head returns but until then, we should leave first, second young master! Everyone! Try your best to provide cover for the second young master!” shouted Yash as he immediately began making his move.

Hearing that, the Moldells deliberately made themselves blind with anger as they all roared, “We’ll kill you!”

As they all rushed toward Gerald, Yash took the opportunity to carry Yuvan out to safety amidst the chaos.

“No! I can’t leave like this! All the other Moldells are still inside! I refuse to leave without first killing Gerald!” yelled Yuvan as he held on to his pain.

Yash however, held on to the flailing man, ignoring everything he said until he knew they were in a relatively safe spot. A few other bodyguards were the only ones to follow, eager to escape with their lives intact.

Panic ran rampant within everyone as horrified screams and the cries of suffering children filled the air!

Not long after, Yash and the guards finally stopped running once they reached the top of a hill.

Turning back to look at the Moldell Manor, they found that it was already erupting in flames! What had happened to the rest of the Moldells was more than evident by this point.

“Butler Moldell, your concerns truly were spot on! Bringing him back to the Moldell Manor truly did spell the ruin of the Moldell family! We’ve brought this calamity and misfortune upon ourselves!” cried out the few guards that had followed them out.

While Yash was filled with regret for not trusting his gut more, he was also feeling extremely bitter. After all, while they had finally managed to capture Gerald after an entire year of searching for him, bringing him back with them was synonymous with bringing catastrophe to their door!

Gerald truly was a cruel and ruthless person! He didn’t even spare the young, old, or even women despite their inability to fight back!

“B-Butler Moldell! Look there!” said one of the bodyguards as he pointed at the Moldell Manor that was still ablaze.

Turning to look at the exact spot the bodyguard was pointing at, Yash saw a large group of at least three hundred people dressed in black approaching the manor.

The moment they stopped moving, it became evident that their task was to completely block all the entrances of the manor. By doing so, anyone still alive in there who tried to make it out of the flames would still end up meeting a terrible fate.

“…It’s over… It’s truly all over for our family!” wailed Yash as he watched as the remaining Moldells who tried to escape the fire get brutally murdered the moment they got out of the manor.

Kneeling on the ground as he grabbed a fistful of dirt, Yash then added, “…He came prepared… All his men are top masters as well! It’s all over for us! Wait, inform the family head about this immediately! Tell him that the Crawford family’s influence and power is no longer the same as it was before!”

As the veins on his forehead rose, one of the bodyguards cried out, “It’s no use! I’ve already tried calling but it seems that all methods of communication have been cut off! We can’t call anyone at all!”

Hearing that, Yash frowned as he racked his brains to think of their next step.

“…This isn’t good. We need to withdraw for now! Quickly!”

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