The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 1051-1060

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1051
“…So it turns out that the young master’s body was no longer normal for a while now! No wonder!” said Welson, feeling enlightened.

‘Still… Who exactly was Gerald’s first master…? This Finnley person…? I’ve never heard of him… If Gerald’s body was able to transform this much in just half a year, I wonder what level of training Finnley himself has…’ Daryl thought to himself.

A scream brought Daryl’s attention back on Kort as everyone watched the old man fall from mid-air before vomiting blood.

“You… You’ve already entered the realm of legends… How… How is this even possible?!” shouted Kort, his shock evident from his tone.

As the title suggested, only legends could enter the realm of legends.

From what Kort knew, Christopher himself—who had undergone such immense training—had barely been able to enter the realm of legends. Yet here Gerald was! A young man who had managed to achieve the status of great master despite Kort previously deeming him as a person who lacked common sense! Gerald was now multiple times stronger than Kort’s strongest opponents!

Kort was truly unable to reconcile with the truth, and he would rather die than accept it willingly!

“Well, you’ll get to die content, Kort. If there’s anyone you’d like to blame, let it first be yourself for acting out of line that day! For barely leaving me any leeway to even save myself! I’ll finally have my revenge today!” shouted Gerald as he clenched both his fists tightly.

Gerald had been waiting for this day for an entire year.

After all, he had been on the run for most of that period, not even able to return home. What more, even though he knew that his family was constantly in danger, all Gerald could do back then was watch helplessly and pray for their safety.

All this happened because Kort acted out of line and refused to leave any leeway. Because of that, Gerald had suffered so much in the past year.

However, now all that suffering was going to be worthwhile.

Sensing how immense Gerald’s murderous intent had become, Kort couldn’t help but gulp slightly.

Kort had lived his entire life dealing with powerful businesses. He was close to uniting all the powerful people across the globe as well. To think that his life was going to end at the hands of a young man…

…No! He couldn’t just die like this!

“W-wait! You can’t kill me today, Gerald! I’m… I’m the second master of the Moldell family! A powerful secret society! How… How dare you even think of killing me!” shouted Kort, slowly crawling away as he covered his injured chest.

“Parker! Parker! He’s going to kill people from the Moldell family! Say something!” added Kort as he turned to look at Parker.

“…When two parties start a fight with death being the indication of who the loser is, if Gerald doesn’t finish you off today, then he may as well be considered to be as good as dead!” replied Parker coldly.

If Parker wanted to be even franker, he would’ve just told Kort that he truly hoped that Gerald ended his life today. With Kort’s death, Gerald would’ve essentially gotten rid of one big issue.

“Haha! Even your fellow Moldells aren’t willing to help you! I guess that shows what kind of conduct you usually display before those under you! Worry not, I’ll give you a quick death!”

Hearing how cold Gerald’s tone was, Kort continued walking backward as he pleaded, “N-no! You can’t kill me, Gerald! You’ll regret it for the rest of your life if you do! ”

Eventually, both of them arrived at a flower bed and the pale-faced Kort ended up stumbling before falling on his buttocks. Due to Gerald’s punch to his chest earlier, all his strength was nearly gone.

“Regret it, you say…?”

“That’s right! I know that you’ve been investigating the Sun League due to your fiancée and second uncle’s disappearance! I even saw the projected map earlier, and I can assure you that it’s definitely related to the Sun League!” replied Kort with a gulp.

Hearing that, Gerald turned to look at his grandfather. Daryl himself frowned slightly before eventually nodding at Gerald.

With that, Daryl walked over to the two before saying, “If you truly know where the location on the map is, I’ll consider letting you live. Now spit it out!”

“Haha… You see, sir, Gerald… I’ve seen the mountain on the map before… It’s called Warhill Mountain, and it’s an extremely mysterious location! For starters, everything within that area constantly changes formation! What more, if you don’t have a special wooden token, you’ll never be able to find the place, even if you search for it your entire life!” explained Kort, quickly.

“…A wooden token? What sort of wooden token? And how are we to locate this Warhill Mountain?” asked Gerald.

If they were able to find that place without much trouble, then uncovering the secrets of the Sun League wouldn’t take much longer either.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1052
With any luck, that would greatly increase his chances of finally being able to find Mila and his uncle again!

Moved by the realization that there was a higher chance that he would be able to reunite with his girlfriend, Gerald then asked, “…So, about the wooden token-”

Gerald’s sentence ended prematurely since he noticed that Kort was smirking instead of displaying his fearful expression just seconds ago. However, the realization had come a second too late since the next thing Gerald knew, there were already two beads in Kort’s right hand!

Before anyone could make a move, Kort tossed the two beads at Gerald and Daryl’s feet, causing the beads to explode with ear-shattering loudness!

Taking advantage of the chaos, Kort then made his escape!

“That scoundrel of an old man truly is as cunning as they say! Send people in pursuit of him, Welson! Don’t let him escape!” shouted Daryl as the Soul Palace subordinates immediately obeyed.

“It’s useless to do so, sir! While he’s known for both his cunningness and strength, his greatest skill is his ability to make himself lighter! Even Christopher has praised his adeptness with that skill! No matter the situation, once he’s made his escape, it’s extremely difficult to re-capture him due to how stealthy he is,” said Parker as he took a step forward while shaking his head.

With an apologetic look on his face, Gerald added, “It’s my fault, grandpa… My mind wandered for a bit the moment he mentioned Mila and uncle just know… Leave it to me, I’ll get him back!”

Though he knew that Gerald regretted his lack of concentration on the enemy, Daryl simply raised his hand before replying, “No, it’s better if we don’t press a cornered enemy too far… Even if he gets away this time, we’ll catch him again sooner or later. If my guess is correct, he should be returning to the Moldell manor now. After all, I’m sure he’s well aware that only Christopher is capable of saving him now! Until we go after them again, try not to be too anxious, Gerald.”

Hearing that, Gerald simply clenched his fists before nodding slightly in defeat.

“Christopher… Kort…” muttered Daryl to himself at the moment.

After a brief silence, Daryl seemed to recall something, thus he added, “Come with me, Gerald. You and the others should come along as well, Dylan.”

Meanwhile, Kort himself was running as swift as an arrow. As Parker had said, Kort’s ability to make himself lighter truly increased his speed tremendously.

However, Kort was still severely injured from his fight against Gerald. Despite that, he continued rushing back to the Moldell manor in Yanken, refusing to stop moving his legs till he reached his destination.

Soon enough, the next dawn came, and with loud ‘flop’ Kort knelt as he wept with grief in front of the secluded courtyard within the Moldell manor that was located near the back of a mountain.

Catching his breath, Kort then cried out, “I, Kort, am an ungrateful descendant of the Moldell family! I kneel here today to beg my third uncle to meet me! I have some urgent issues to report to you!”

With that, Kort bowed deeply, his forehead touching the ground.

Since nobody replied even after some time passed, Kort simply lifted his head before pushing his forehead deeper into the ground, making sure to make a louder sound.

Despite that, there was still no reply.

After a few more bows, Kort’s head was already bleeding. Understanding that what he was doing was futile, Kort finally got up before saying, “…I see you’re reluctant to meet me, uncle… Does that mean that I won’t ever be able to avenge my two children, even on my dying bed? With or without your help, I’m heading over to the Soul Palace to fight both Daryl and his grandson with all I have! At the very least, I’ll die and protect the honor of our family that’s existed for over a thousand years!”

“…Hold on a minute… That name… Did you say Daryl from the Soul Palace…?” said an old voice out of the blue from within the courtyard.

Eyes-widened, Kort watched as the cobweb-covered door to the room he was bowing in front of slowly creaked open.

Out stepped a trembling old man who had snowy-white hair and a body that was all skin and bones.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1053
“Regardless, the sun’s not even fully up yet, you b*stard! Crying out so loudly here… Were you planning to cry out here till I eventually died?” grumbled the old man.

Though Christopher looked like a senile old man, both his eyes seemed extremely sharp. Aside from the many cobwebs that stuck to his bony body, he didn’t seem to look all that out of the ordinary. If anything, all that simply emphasized how old Christopher was.

Even so, Kort respected him deeply. Thinking back, it had been over twenty years since he had last met his third uncle.

Gulping, Kort then pleaded, “…I apologize, but moving on, please save me, Third uncle! Both Daryl and his grandson are hunting me down with murder in mind! What more, both of them also killed two of your grandsons! Both of them met truly terrible ends!”

“I see… I’ve come across Daryl during my earlier years… To think that he’d actually return to the ordinary world! Humph! Interesting… Well, not that interesting but note-worthy… Speaking of which, I know what he’s like so I’m sure that he wouldn’t argue against a junior like you. It’s even more improbable that he’d kill both of your sons! He’s not one to go that far! Based on what you told me, could it be that your sons went looking for trouble first and, as a result, got killed because of that?” replied Christopher rather placidly.

“While I agree that my two sons are mischievous, they didn’t have to die so terribly just because of that! Just so you know, my third son, Jett, was left to die within the infamous Poisonous Mosquito Valley! Not even bones remained after the mosquitoes were done with him! As if that wasn’t enough, my other son, Yuvan, was forced to commit suicide! You can’t just sit back and continue watching all this happen so indifferently! Daryl’s probably the most powerful person in the world right now! I, for one, certainly can’t even dream of winning against him! With nobody powerful enough to defeat him, I hope that you’ll step forward to beg him not to kill me! If you refuse, then it’s better that I just die before you now in order to protect the Moldell family’s reputation!”

After saying all that, Kort eyed a large tree before rushing toward it with the intent of bludgeoning his forehead against it till he died!

Before he knew it, however, Christopher’s body had vanished from where he had initially stood, reappearing right beside Kort!

The old man then grabbed Kort’s head with a single hand before shouting, “You b*stard! While it’s true that the Moldells under me are all scared to death of Daryl, what do you mean he’s the most powerful person there is? I’m still here, aren’t I? Bold of you to say he’s undefeatable… Bolder still that you even dared to suggest for me to beg Daryl to forgive you! Ridiculous!” growled Christopher as he narrowed his eyes that reflected his sheer fury.

“…Humph. With me here, that grandson and grandfather won’t be able to lay a finger on you, so don’t worry, Kort! In fact, rather than go on the defensive, I’ll do you justice and deal with Daryl!” added Christopher in a frigid voice.

“T-thank you, third uncle!” shouted Kort as he burst into tears and leaped at Christopher to embrace him.

However, the moment both of them got into contact, Kort immediately realized that something was off. Left stupefied, Kort ended up taking a few steps backward and falling to the ground as he said, “T-third uncle! Where’s your arm?”

“…Hmm? Haha! Ah yes, I forgot that you didn’t know about me losing my right arm…” replied Christopher with a firm nod.

As the old man had said, his right arm was no longer there. Kort was caught by surprise by this since the long robes Christopher was wearing perfectly concealed the nub of his right arm.

“But… You still had it the last time we met some twenty years ago! When did this happen?”

“Haha! I broke my arm about ten years ago, so it’s no surprise that you wouldn’t know!”

“…I see… Then…”

Hearing Kort’s dispirited voice slowly trail off, Christopher immediately replied, “Hahaha! What, are you worried that I can’t defeat Daryl anymore since I’ve lost an arm?”

“I’d never doubt your strength, uncle! After all, I’m sure the way you present yourself is vastly different from what you’re truly capable of!”

Upon hearing that, Christopher simply shook his head before raising his remaining hand and gently touching the trunk of a large tree beside him.

From what Kort could estimate, the trunk was so thick that it would require at least three people hugging it in order to fully surround it.

A brief silence later, Christopher unleashed an immense force that sent a loud shockwave across the area! Immediately after, Kort’s eyes widened as he watched the large tree wither from its roots to the tips of its branches.

After a few seconds, the entire tree split cleanly in the middle! While the tree’s surface area was mostly still intact, its innards had completely festered.

“M-my god, third uncle!”
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1054
As Kort gulped loudly, clearly terrified by what he had just witnessed, Christopher let out a chuckle before saying, “So, are you still worried about those two?”

“N-not at all! You’re definitely the most powerful person in the world! With you clearly being undefeatable, we can avenge your two grandsons! I’ll escort you off the mountain!” said Kort excitedly.

“Haha! Still, you honestly didn’t have to come looking for me all the way up here. After all, I was going to leave the mountain before long anyway,” replied Christopher with a smile.

Hearing that, Kort seemed to remember something.

“…Now that I think about it, right before you went into seclusion twenty years ago, I remember you telling me that you wanted to make preparations for the pledge of the holy water… I also recall that the pledge is held once every thirty years… From what I can tell, that day is swiftly approaching! Since you seem to have gained the title of great master for at least ten years by now—judging from your strength—you can definitely represent our family to join the pledge!”

“You remember correctly. You know, my father died when he was participating in a pledge of the holy water. On the day that happened, I swore to myself that I’d one day arrive at the realm of legends and undergo the pledge of the holy water before I died,” replied Christopher as he reminisced.

“Speaking of the pledge of the holy water, I remember you showing me a picture of Warhill Mountain back before you entered seclusion. I saw it again yesterday at the Crawford family mansion. Apparently, the Crawford grandfather and grandson wish to solve the mystery behind the Sun League!” said Kort.

“Haha! Do they, now? They can certainly try! After all, nobody’s been able to unravel the mysteries behind the Sun League for almost a thousand years by now! The league itself almost feels imaginary, and at this point, I think it wouldn’t be far-fetched to say that there’s some cursed law that prevents anyone from ever finding them! Despite my dad being so powerful back then and even going so far as to devote much of his life to solving the mystery behind that group, in the end, he still failed to do so! I must say that Daryl truly is overestimating his abilities now…” replied Christopher as he laughed loudly.

“However, according to a clue that great grandfather had left back then, the pledge of the holy water is closely linked with the Sun League…”

“Indeed it is. I had a chat with my father in a secret room before he passed away that year. He told me that those who gained the status of great master would be granted tokens of the holy water that would be used for the pledge. My dad himself had doubted that the Sun League was the true provider of the holy water which, according to rumors, granted one immortality! To prove his point, he headed out to solve the secrets behind the Sun League. However, when he finally returned, he was a shadow of his former self. It was as though he had lost all his wits, and he remained silent most of the time. Less than a month later, he passed away, leaving behind only a map of Warhill Mountain that he brought back with him!” replied Christopher in a melancholic tone.

“If that’s the case, then you’d better not go, uncle… After all, the Moldell family can’t lose you! I mean… You know, just in case any accidents happen to you… Once you’re gone, the Moldell family members will be sitting ducks!” said Kort, evidently worried.

“Haha! Life and death are ruled by fate! What more, I’ve already worked so hard for so many years just to participate in the pledge of the holy water… I can’t just give up now! Don’t worry, I’ll get rid of all the Moldell family’s obstacles before I leave. Regardless, the sun is barely even up yet and you look exhausted… Go get some rest first,” said Christopher as he smiled subtly.

“Thank you, uncle!”

Back in the Crawford Manor, Gerald was currently meditating on the floor of his room while simultaneously practicing his breathing method.

During the previous day, Gerald’s grandfather had called any relevant Crawfords over into the manor’s secret room. Once inside, he asked them to try comprehending the Crawford family’s heirloom, the picture of the sun.

After seeing that nobody was able to gather anything from the picture, Gerald tried deciphering the picture’s deeper meaning as well.

While he did manage to decipher a few things, it was only a few techniques he could use to exert his power of the blessings of the dragon.

Back in the present, Lyra herself was fast asleep on her bed. Due to how exhausted she had been, she had turned in early.

Both Gerald and her were in the same room since his grandfather already treated her like his granddaughter-in-law, similar to Gerald’s parents and sister. Knowing that they had to share a room no matter what, Gerald simply opted to remain on the floor.

Turning to look at her, Gerald was surprised to see Lyra shaking her head in her sleep.


As he went over to check on her, he could see that she was also sweating profusely.

Realizing that she must be having a bad dream, Gerald smiled bitterly as he asked, “A nightmare…?”

Just as he was about to cover her with a blanket, he heard her nervously say, “…Who… who are you…?”

Surprised, Gerald turned to look at her, only to find that her eyes were still shut tight. Even though she was just sleep talking, her voice seemed utterly terrified. What could she be dreaming about…?
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1055
Lyra found herself walking amidst a dense forest on a large mountain. The air was filled with a thick miasma and everything felt gloomy and eerie.

The fact that there didn’t seem like there was anyone else around made her feel all the more terrified.

After walking through the forest for some time, Lyra’s ears twitched as the sound of a flowing stream could be heard. Looking around, she eventually came across a lit area where the stream was. However, that wasn’t the only thing she saw there.

Standing beside the stream was a woman wearing white clothes. It was a no-brainer that anyone who saw such a long-haired woman standing in the middle of nowhere would be rightfully terrified.

“…Who… who are you…?” asked Lyra meekly as she looked at the woman’s back.

“…Save me… You’re the only one capable of leading him here to save me…!” replied the woman.

Though Lyra was terrified when she heard that, she could sense the melancholy in her voice, and it seemed that the woman was weeping as well.

“…W-who is this, ‘he’ you speak of…?”

“…Save me…! You’re the only one capable of leading him here to save me…!” repeated the woman as she wailed on.

To Lyra’s horror, the woman then slowly began turning around. Lyra felt her eyes widen in fear as she saw the woman’s extremely pale face. That wasn’t the worst part either. The woman was shedding tears of blood!

Lyra instantly let out a blood-curdling scream and it took her a while to finally realize that Gerald’s voice was present.

Opening her eyes, she saw that Gerald was sitting beside her, and he currently had a concerned look on his face as he asked, “What’s wrong, Lyra?”

Throwing herself into his arms, her heart continued pounding rapidly for a while. Eventually, she managed to calm down slightly.

“Was it a nightmare…?” asked Gerald.

“It… It was… It was terrifying… I dreamed that I was stuck in a dense and gloomy forest with nobody else around… However, the moment I finally bumped into someone, it was a woman who cried tears of blood! She… She told me to send someone over to save her!” replied Lyra as she explained what she had dreamed of.

Slowly shaking his head, Gerald then said, “Maybe you’re just too tired due to the stress of everything that’s been happening recently… Regardless, it’ll still be a little while before dawn… Take the time to rest, and try not to worry too much about it. I’ll be by your side…”

“I… I don’t think I’ll be able to… Ever since I saw that picture of Warhill Mountain, I’ve constantly felt insecure… It’s like I can feel that something is about to happen… Also, the more I think about it, the more I feel that that woman’s back resembles someone…”

“Hmm? Do you have any idea who…?”

“…Yes. Remember that statue of a woman that I was talking about? Back when we first saw the map? That statue—that had been broken waist-down—resembled the white-clothed woman in my dream a lot! In fact, they look exceedingly similar!” replied Lyra who was so scared that her cheeks became flushed.

“I see… Regardless, everything’s fine now… It’s normal to get nightmares of unnerving images… Again, I’ll be here so do rest for a little longer…”

After some persuasion, Lyra eventually lay down on her bed again. Gerald himself didn’t take the incident to heart.

Once dawn came, both of them got up separately. A little while later, a servant knocked on the door before saying, “Young master and young lady, the old master ordered everyone in the family to get themselves cleaned up at the break of dawn. After all, you’ll all be studying the picture of the sun again.”

“Very well!” replied Gerald with a nod.

Even from the previous day, his grandfather had prioritized the picture of the sun above all else, telling the other Crawfords to study it.

After all, he was well aware that alone, one’s power was limited. With so many family members there, they were bound to eventually find out more about it.

Gerald knew that his grandfather was simply worried about the prophesized curse of the sun picture. The curse where the Crawford family would eventually end up getting wiped out for good. It was why they had been making preparations to face the calamity from time to time.

Regardless, by the time Gerald and Lyra arrived at the secret room after cleaning themselves up, they found that though it was still very early in the morning, many, if not all, of the Crawford family members were already gathered there.

The room was so silent that Gerald felt that even a toddler would be pressured to study along silently if one was present.

Deeper inside, Gerald’s grandfather could be seen studying the map with many others. They seemed to have been doing so for a while now.

Seeing that, Gerald pulled Lyra along to the side before sitting down beside her. He then whispered, “That picture of the sun is our family’s heirloom, Lyra. Do have a look at it too since grandpa called you over as well.”

“Will do!” replied Lyra as she nodded firmly.

The picture itself was as cryptic as ever, and nobody had been able to discern anything meaningful from it.

As Gerald started studying the image as well, several other thoughts were swimming in Lyra’s head. Essentially, she was just feeling pleased that Gerald was finally starting to accept her more.

It was great news for her, and quite honestly, nothing else was more important to Lyra at the moment.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1056
However, upon seeing how seriously Gerald was already studying the image of the sun, Lyra leaned toward Gerald’s side and held on to her beautiful chin before observing the picture as well.

In general, once people placed their other thoughts aside, they would be able to concentrate much better. That applied to Lyra as well.

As she continued looking at it, Lyra paused for a brief moment before a frown began forming on her face.


Squinting her eyes, Lyra’s eyes slowly widened, fear reflected in them as she sat upright before shouting, “No… No!”

Everyone instantly became terrified as they watched Lyra—who had placed her hands on the side of her head—scream hysterically.

“Lyra? Lyra, are you alright?” asked Gerald.

“What’s wrong, Lyra?” asked Daryl next as he stood up and walked toward her.

With a quivering finger, Lyra then pointed at the picture of the sun. In a terrified voice, she then muttered, “I… I saw it…”

She was simply too frightened to even say anything beyond that.

After Daryl and Gerald exchanged glances with each other, both of them asked in unison, “What did you see?”

Slowly turning to look at Gerald, Lyra then replied, “I… I saw… I saw Gerald getting murdered by others!”

The moment her sentence ended, Lyra immediately burst into tears.

“…What? Gerald was being murdered? Calm yourself Lyra, and tell us everything that you saw!” said Daryl.

From the moment he had first met Lyra, Daryl had sensed that his granddaughter-in-law was quite good, and not just in terms of her beauty and disposition. However, he couldn’t quite put his thumb on why he felt that way.

As it turned out, his granddaughter-in-law had such a high level of understanding that she was able to comprehend the picture of the sun!

After calming down a bit more, Lyra slowly relayed everything she had seen in the picture.

It had started when the picture of the sun suddenly began transforming the moment Lyra paid closer attention to it.

Instead of a sun, the picture now portrayed the opening of a cave and in it, was a high stone platform. As if that wasn’t strange enough already, Lyra swore that she could hear the eerie sounds of a flowing creek on the mountain as well.

Moving back to the platform, she saw a woman dressed in white climbing up its stone surface. On the platform itself was a youth that had been tied down by five large iron chains. Surrounding the platform were several people wearing hideous masks, and all of them were pulling the iron chains outward, stretching the poor youth’s limbs further and further.

Of course, the youth was none other than Gerald, and Lyra watched in horror as he began screaming in pain due to his limbs slowly getting extended by the chains.

She had to stop them! However, no matter how desperately she tried to rush over, Lyra simply couldn’t budge an inch.

Eventually, the disgusting sound of something being ripped apart could be heard… That was the moment when Lyra watched as Gerald’s body got torn into several pieces, fresh blood gushing wildly out of his tattered body!

Lyra ended her explanation there, choking between sobs.

“…How… How could any of this be? Are you truly sure that that was Gerald, Lyra?” asked Dylan in disbelief.

As Gerald’s face turned serious, Daryl himself was already portraying an extremely ugly expression.

“…I… I don’t think that these are all mere coincidences… After all, I had a nightmare of that exact same woman earlier… It can’t be just a coincidence for me to see her again so soon!” said Lyra as she began tugging her own hair.

“…Unfortunately, the picture never lies to anyone! The event Lyra saw will probably happen in the near future! Gerald will also be powerless to fight back once the time comes since Lyra saw him being torn to shreds!” replied Daryl, his worry prominent in his tone.

“Why… Why would you say that, dad? Didn’t you say that Gerald has already entered the realm of the legends…? Ordinary people shouldn’t be able to lay their hands on him! Shouldn’t the scenario Lyra saw be impossible?”

By then, even Yulia and Jessica were getting increasingly frightened as they saw the slight anxiousness on Daryl’s face.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1057
“Alright Lyra, listen to me. I want you to take in a deep breath and focus on the picture again. I need to know whether you see the same scene again,” said Daryl hurriedly.

Hearing that, Lyra nodded before reluctantly turning to look at the picture of the sun once more.

After furrowing her brows for a while, she eventually covered her mouth before replying with a nod, “…It’s exactly the same… Upon closer inspection, the five people were even making threatening gestures… I… I can’t bear to look at the picture anymore… Grandpa, please! You have to save Gerald!”

Watching Lyra cry out to his father, Dylan himself said, “Is there a possibility that the sun picture could have prophesied wrongly, dad…? After all, Gerald is much stronger than before. There’s no way such a scenario could take place, right?”

Shaking his head, Daryl then replied, “As I’ve said, the picture of the sun never lies. If it predicted that Gerald would die being torn apart, it’ll surely happen sooner or later. Still, I wonder what their motive is… Or who they even are…”

As everyone fell silent, Gerald turned to look at his family members.

While Gerald was definitely pained to find out that the picture had predicted a horrible death for him, he didn’t want his family members to feel the same grief that he was.

Clearing his throat, Gerald then flashed a slightly bitter smile before saying, “Dad, mom, grandpa, sister, and Lyra… There really isn’t a need to worry! After all, aren’t I in perfect condition now? Besides, grandpa’s already said that I’ve entered the realm of legends! Though I’m sure that there are still people who are stronger than me out there in the world, it definitely won’t be easy for them to kill me!”

Daryl, however, shook his head as he replied, “I know what you’re thinking about, Gerald. While it’s true that you’ve managed to transcend the realm of champions and enter the realm of legends, you still can’t truly be considered to be a great master. From what I’ve observed, you seem to only be at half the level of a great master. A semi-great master, if you will. You still require more training before you can truly enter the realm of legends.”

“A semi-great master?”

“That’s right! As a result, if you bump into a true great master who wishes to harm you, there’s a high chance that you won’t have the sufficient power to fight back. After all, there’s still a vast difference between a semi-great master and a great master who’s completed his training,” explained Daryl.

“Then what should we do, dad? We can’t just wait and watch as Gerald gets mercilessly murdered by those mysterious masked people! There has to be some way to avoid that outcome, right?” asked Dylan anxiously.

“Of course we won’t! As long the tiniest chance of evading that scenario exists, we’ll definitely give it a try! Still, too many things have been happening recently… I have a gut feeling that something major will happen next… Call it a hunch, but I have a feeling that the incident will be related to the token of the holy water…” replied Daryl with a frown.

“The token of holy water?” asked Gerald.

“…Dylan, tell everyone to leave first. I’ve something to tell Gerald. Personally,” said Daryl.

Hearing that, the others obeyed and soon enough, only Gerald and Daryl remained in the secret room.

“…So… What’s this token of the holy water, grandpa? What’s happening to it? And why haven’t I ever heard you talking about it before?” asked Gerald in confusion.

“Well, I received a legendary token of the holy water not long after you headed to the Logan Province. The token itself was given to me by a force that invites great masters from all over the world to an event known as the pledge of the holy water. On that day, limited holy water will be presented to the great masters and in order to obtain it, the great masters will have to fight each other for it. The holy water itself is worth fighting over since it’s said that whoever drinks it will be granted immortality!”

After a brief pause, Daryl then continued, “While the pledge of the holy water is held once every thirty years, up till this point, nobody has actually consumed any before. After all, everyone who’s ever returned after participating in the event either ends up going missing or turns insane. For the ones who become deranged, they end up passing away soon after.”

“You should know that even Christopher’s father participated in the pledge of the holy water before. However, after returning, he only lived less than a year before passing away. While I’d like to say that it’s only a mystery for the Moldells to solve, in the end, it’s something even the rest of us—who’ve entered the realm of legends—need answers to.”
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1058
Daryl then added, “With great masters already existing so few and far between, you may wonder why such a powerful force would and could summon so many of them from all across the globe. Well, you see, nobody would know about the truth behind the event if they didn’t partake in the pledge of the holy water in the first place! Regardless, I told you to stay since there’s a very important clue to all this that I wanted to tell you.”

“What is it?”

“Well, I know that you’ve constantly been investigating the Sun League. There was a picture that was etched on the stone tablet that was dug up, and I find it to be quite similar to the place that was described on the token of the holy water. I want to study it together with you. Call it a gut feeling, but I feel that it’s closely linked with the pledge of the holy water.”

“From what you’ve said, it truly does seem relevant. If one manages to participate in the pledge of the holy water, there’s a chance that the secrets of the Sun League—which have remained an enigma for nearly a thousand years—may finally be solved!”

Despite knowing full well that those who participated in the pledge either went missing right off the bat or went insane before dying, Gerald was still very excited to have a lead.

What sort of life did those from within the Sun League live? Who even were their members?

After suffering for over a year, would he finally be able to solve those questions?

Regardless, Gerald finally understood why Finnley had claimed that it would be better to just kill himself when Gerald told him that he was going to investigate the Sun League a year ago. Finnley must’ve been aware that only great masters would be able to uncover their secrets, and even if they managed to do so, no answers would ever return with them—to the ordinary world—once the event was over. After all, the participants either disappeared or went insane!

“For a while now, I’ve noticed that something seemed to be weighing on your mind. You even summoned all the family members to observe the picture of the sun! So this was what it was…”

“Indeed… As you can already tell, I may not be able to return once I head out on this journey… If I don’t leave the picture of the sun with you, then I’ll truly be a great sinner to the Crawford family!” replied Daryl as he shook his head.

“…How do you feel about me representing you to participate in the pledge of the holy water, grandpa? After all, since the picture of the sun predicts that I’ll die soon anyway, I may as well participate in the pledge of the holy water in a final attempt to solve the secrets of the Sun League. Who knows, I may even succeed and find out where Mila and uncle are. If I’m able to do that, then I’ll at least be able to die content,” proposed Gerald with a slightly bitter smile.

“Rejected. First of all, my name was the one that was engraved on this token of the holy water, so they’d surely be expecting me. Secondly, once they find out that you’re only a semi-great master, that’ll give them even more reasons not to allow you to participate. I know how much you love me, Gerald… After all, you’re always so obedient… However…”

At this point, Daryl, one of the strongest to ever live, suddenly burst into tears!

“…I …I just can’t find a way to save you…! I’m uncertain how things will end for me as well once I go on this journey… Gerald, know that you’re the future of the Crawford family… If you die, then our family will sink together with you!” cried out Daryl.

While he had claimed that he would look for a way to solve things, after being notified of the picture of the sun’s prophecy, what else could be done?

Hearing that, Gerald started weeping as well. While he wasn’t afraid of death, since he was now aware of what was to come, he knew that he needed to start staying away from everyone. That alone was enough to fill him with grief.

“…Please don’t be saddened, grandpa… When that day comes along, I’ll be sure to fight them till my very last breath!” declared Gerald as he clenched his fists tightly.

Looking at his grandson, Daryl then nodded firmly before replying, “…Either way, that woman in white clothes that Lyra keeps mentioning seems to have a lot to do with you! How cryptic… Regardless, I have to say that Lyra truly surprised me this time… I’ve heard from your dad that she was the only one who was able to see a broken stone statue on the map that was traced from the stone tablet! She was the sole person to be able to see through and decipher the sun picture’s prophecy as well today! What exactly are her origins? You know, I even secretly investigated her when your parents picked her up by the beach, yet I found nothing at the time. Regardless, it never occurred to me that she would have such capabilities…”

Hearing that, Gerald fell silent, feeling both flustered and confused.

While some revelations seemed to have made things rather complicated, Gerald could sense that he was also getting closer to the truth now.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1059
As both of them continued pondering in the secret room, Dylan suddenly shouted from outside, “Dad!”

“What is it, Dylan?”

“One of the servants found an ancient-looking box in the manor earlier… Attached to it was a letter with Gerald’s name on it!” said Dylan as he entered the room with the bo.

Just as Dylan had said, a letter addressed to Gerald had been placed atop the square box.

“Is there any indication of the sender?” asked Daryl.

“None that I know of. According to the servant, he found it by accident. Even after enquiring Welson about it, none of his security systems were able to capture any clues!” replied Dylan, his tone slightly anxious.

He had reason to feel so. After all, his father belonged to the Soul Palace, and everyone who was part of that secret society was the best among the best! Since someone was actually able to infiltrate their manor—even after Welson and his men had taken charge of the Crawford family’s security—of course he would feel nervous!

“…How odd… I wonder why so many weird incidents are occurring recently… Could something big be about to happen…?” muttered Daryl who was also starting to get worried.

“…Regardless, take a look inside the wooden box, Gerald. It’s meant for you anyway,” added Daryl after a brief pause.

“Alright!” replied Gerald as he doubtfully opened the box.

Upon opening it, an ancient-looking scroll was revealed.

After inspecting it a bit closer, it seemed to be a route map in a desert. The few grains of sand that were present on the scroll confirmed their deduction.

Every point on the map was marked clearly, and Gerald found himself surprised when he realized that the final destination appeared to be some underground palace. What more, there was a large sarcophagus in the middle of that palace!

Though the scroll was rather compact with rather crudely-marked details, the sarcophagus clearly stood out the most.

“…Well, it’s definitely a map of sorts…” said Gerald after looking at it for quite a while, still feeling slightly baffled.

Who exactly could have sent him such an oddity?

“…Based on the coordinates, it appears that the desert in question should be the Death Desert located northwest from here. It puzzles me as to why our anonymous sender even sent Gerald such a map… Also, that sarcophagus was definitely meant to stand out among the other details on the map… From the looks of it, it could be an eternal coffin…” replied Daryl.

“An eternal coffin?” asked Dylan, confused.

“Indeed. I’ve seen such coffins before in the picture of the sun… The coffin itself is a patent belonging to one of the countries in the Western Regions, and it has a history of at least a few thousand years by now. According to legends, people who are buried in such coffins will be able to keep their appearance and bodies fully intact,” replied Daryl as he took a deep breath.

“There used to be a lot of people who wanted to get their hands on the eternal coffin, but even after so long, nobody’s truly seen it before. How queer… Why could have sent you such a large gift? What even is the meaning behind all this…?” added Daryl.

“…You know, Parker said that someone aided him secretly while he was looking for leads to locate the Sun League. Now that someone’s sent us this map, I wonder if the sender is the same person who helped Parker… Could it be that the person has been helping us behind the scenes this entire time?” said Dylan as both he and Daryl turned to look at Gerald.

Daryl knew for a fact that there wasn’t such a person in his life who would do something like that for him. Dylan was thinking the same thing.

As a result, Gerald was the only possible person with such a connection.

“…Could it be my master, Finnley…? Though there’s little reason for him to do things behind the scenes… If he truly wished to help me, he’d definitely make himself known!” replied Gerald, still feeling perplexed after giving it quite a bit of thought.

In the end, Finnley seemed to be the only one that made sense. However, there really was no reason for Finnley not to just show himself, right?

“…Regardless, that issue can wait. For now, why not open the letter first and see what it says,” said Daryl.

Upon opening the letter, Gerald was greeted by only a few lines of words. However, when all three of them read the letter’s contents, they ended up feeling rather stunned.

‘When the bright sky erodes the moon,’

‘And water flows in the opposite direction,’

‘The Golden flower will wither as soon as it falls.’
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1060
When the bright sky erodes the moon? Why would there even be a moon in the middle of a bright day? And why on earth would water flow in the opposite direction?

While Gerald found the first two sentences to be extremely peculiar, the last one was relatively easier to grasp.

It signified that someone was going to die once the golden flower fell to the ground.

“…Could that be referring to me…?” muttered Gerald to himself.

“It seems that even the sender’s level of training is difficult to pinpoint. Whoever it is, they seem to thoroughly understand everything… Could there really exist such a powerful person in the world?” added Daryl in disbelief.

“…Regardless, what about Gerald, dad? Since this mysterious yet powerful person sent such a note to Gerald, doesn’t that signify that the prophecy of the sun picture is most likely going to come true? What could all of this even mean?” asked Dylan anxiously.

“Hmm… Well, aside from the scroll we received, we don’t really have any other options to deal with the current situation. Since that person wants us to look for the eternal coffin, a wild guess would be that the coffin will be used to keep Gerald’s body intact should something truly happen to him. However, Gerald will die being torn to shreds according to the sun picture’s prophecy!” replied Daryl as he shook his head.

“Again, we have no better options at the moment… Besides, based on the previous incidents, the person who’s been secretly helping us doesn’t seem to hold any animosity against us. Whatever the case is, the person seems to want you to locate the eternal coffin for a reason only he knows. What do you think?” added Daryl.

“Heh, I won’t be living for much longer anyway so I may as well go look for it. Since I want to improve my strength to hopefully be able to truly become a great master anyway, this will be the perfect chance for me to head out and gain more experience. Should everything go smoothly, who knows, I may even be qualified to participate in the pledge of the holy water!” replied Gerald.

Gerald had a strong gut feeling that the pledge of the holy water was the key to unlocking the secrets of the Sun League. He simply felt that all the questions he had would finally be answered once he participated in the pledge.

Since he was already a semi-great master, he knew that he needed to train as much as he possibly could in order to attain the title of a true great master. With any luck, once that happened, he would still be able to participate in the pledge. The thought of that motivated him to try his best. After all, if he was able to uncover the Sun League’s secrets, then all this would be worthwhile, even if the prophecy of his death ended up becoming true.

“I see… Well, I guess it’s settled then. Then again, looking for the eternal coffin is the only thing we can do now,” said Daryl with a helpless sigh.

With that, all three of them chatted late into the night.

The very next day, all the members of the Crawford family gathered around a helicopter, ready to bid Gerald farewell.

Gerald himself was ready to depart.

Meanwhile, Welson was on the beach, busy giving orders to a few subordinates.

“Pay extra attention to everything that happens on the island! The lord said that it’s currently a critical moment for the Crawford family, so all of you have to be even more serious than you’ve ever been!”

After receiving their orders, Welson told them to leave before placing his hands against his back as he stood by the beach, looking out at the vast ocean.

Recently, he couldn’t help but constantly feel that something was wrong. Though things still appeared to be peaceful, he always felt a lingering feeling that something major would happen soon.

That feeling was particularly strong the moment he woke up today. It was so overbearing that he felt both flustered and extremely anxious, even now.

As he continued thinking about it while looking at the ocean, he suddenly heard faint footsteps walking up to him from behind.

“…Hmm? What’s the matter?” asked Welson as he tilted his head slightly, thinking that it was one of his subordinates.

“Could this place be where the Crawford family lives?” asked an unexpectedly old-sounding voice.

Feeling his heart skip a beat, Welson immediately turned around, only to be greeted by a white-haired old man who was all skin and bones.

With his face filled with wrinkles, the old man had plain white clothes on and he appeared to have lost an arm as well.

Despite how frail the old man looked, Welson couldn’t help but feel nervous.

‘How did he even get here? And when did he appear behind me?’

“…May I know who you are, sir? And why have you come to search for the Crawford family on this island?” replied Welson as he bowed slightly, understanding that this old man was no ordinary person.

“I’m the great master… Christopher Moldell!”

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