The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 1081-1090

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1081
Gerald had already memorized the map.

Therefore, it would not be difficult for Gerald to find the eternal coffin.

Gerald had a faint intuition in his heart that there might be a bigger secret hidden with the eternal coffin.

This world was not as simple as he thought it was.

Gerald felt that everything seemed to be even stranger especially after he had seen those murals.

How could he describe it?

It seemed as though two hands seemed to be secretly manipulating everything in the dark.

It was already very dangerous in the desert, and it would be even more dangerous as he got to the outlands of the desert.

Of course, Gerald, who was already a semi-master, did not take some of the beasts that he had encountered so far to heart.

As it got closer to the evening, Gerald had already reached the deepest part of the outlands.

He reached a place called Ullerwood.

It was not yellow sand everywhere now, but instead, it was filled with black sand.

Moreover, the wind was very strong here, and it seemed as though a gust of wind could break a human skeleton apart.

‘This is strange. Based on the mark on the map, the location of the eternal coffin should be at this spot, but this is just a piece of barren land!’

Gerald could not help but feel surprised.

‘The map could not possibly be wrong!’

Gerald endured the strong wind as he continued looking around.

Fortunately, Gerald found a deep and terrifying hole beside the mountain valley.

As expected, it should be here!

Gerald recalled the location of the map, and he could not help but feel a little pleased.

At this time, Gerald was about to go in and take a look.

Suddenly, a voice rang from above the mountain valley, startling Gerald.

“Young boy, I am truly very curious to find out why Daryl Crawford wants you to risk your life just to find this ancient tomb. What is so mysterious about it that the entire Crawford family is so interested in it? Could it be that there is some sort of treasure inside? Is that the reason why Daryl Crawford is working so hard for it?”

“Christopher Moldell!”

Who else could the old man above the mountain valley be if it was none other than Christopher Moldell?!

At this moment, Christopher jumped down from the top of the mountain valley, and he stood in front of Gerald with a joking smile on his face.

However, at this time, Christopher looked a little more haggard compared to the outstanding sage-like behavior that he had before. There were also bruises on his face.

“I have always felt very curious about the reason why your grandfather wanted to send you all the way to the North Desert. Luckily, I followed you here secretly. If it weren’t for this map, I wouldn’t have been able to arrive here one step ahead of you. However, there is some incomplete content on this map. What is it? Is it the secret of this ancient tomb?” Christopher asked as he frowned.

“You… what did you do to Giya and everyone else?!”

Gerald was so angry that his eyes flashed red in an instant.

This old fox had suffered a backlash the other day, and Gerald had taken advantage of that opportunity to slip away.

At first, Gerald had thought that the old fox had not caught up to him yet. That was the reason why Gerald had been wearing a mask in front of everyone else all the time—because he did not want to reveal his identity.

Unexpectedly, the old fox had already caught up to him.

Moreover, Gerald could have caused harm to Giya by handing the map over to her.

A murderous intent instantly stemmed up from within Gerald.

“Hahaha! Don’t worry, young boy. I did not do anything to them. Although I would usually use all kinds of means possible to get what I want, I do not need to use my strength against a few ordinary people. They are simply asleep at this time, and they will naturally wake up after sleeping for a day and night!” Christopher said as he laughed.

“The reason why I did not kill them is because I am giving you face. So, you’d better tell me the secrets in this ancient tomb before you die now! That way, I will not hurt any of your acquaintances, then. Otherwise, you can already guess how their fate will turn out to be!” Christopher said.

“You are so despicable even though you are a great master!”

“There is no other way. Since there is something in this world that I do not know of, but Daryl Crawford actually attached such great importance to, I will have to find out what it is so that I can get it! Okay, Gerald, that is all that I am going to say to you. So, why don’t you tell me whether you are going to speak up or not?”

At this time, the expression on Christopher’s face suddenly turned cold.

Gerald sneered. “The more you want to find out about it, all the more I will not reveal the truth to you, then. Besides, I would not feel any sadness if you were to kill anyone else after I die. So, are you honestly trying to threaten me with that?”
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1082
“You brat! You are indeed very witty and eloquent, but let’s see how long you can carry on like that! I am going to kill you now!”

Christopher’s eyelids twitched slightly before he rushed forward to attack Gerald.

Gerald wanted to defend himself and avoid Christopher’s attack, but he was no match for Christopher at all.

Gerald was hit directly by Christopher’s punch, and he vomited blood in an instant.

“You will not be able to avoid my attacks! Okay, I will give you one last chance. I will spare your life if you tell me the truth now!” Christopher said coldly.

“Hahaha! Mr. Moldell, did you honestly think that I am a three-year-old kid you can trick so easily?” Gerald said as he wiped the blood off from the corner of his mouth.

“I think that you are really courting your death!”

Christopher was furious, and he lifted his palm as he struck a move, and Gerald’s entire body was lifted into the air.

After pulling Gerald’s body directly toward himself, Christopher struck him once again.

This time, there was white smoke coming out of Gerald’s back after he got hit, and he was instantly thrown about ten meters away.

Gerald was bleeding internally, and he spurted out a lot of blood.

“Are you going to say it… or are you not?” Christopher asked as he ground his teeth angrily.

“I am not going to say anything. I want you to feel impatient and anxious all the time!”

Gerald replied and smiled mockingly as he wiped the blood off his mouth. He could barely support his own body as he stood up.

“Do you honestly think that I will not kill you? I can kill you first before going to Daryl Crawford directly to ask him about it! You can die now!”

Christopher was further enraged and tried to pull Gerald toward himself using his left palm again.

However, this time, Gerald suddenly raised his eyes as he tried to get out of the suction force from Christopher’s wrist.

At the same time, he also drew out the Lightbane from his waist, and he prepared to use the water dripping skill that he had learned from the Dawnbreaker.

Why was it called the water dripping skill? This was because Gerald had come to an understanding and enlightenment that the water dripping skill matched the blade from the Lightbane perfectly. He could use offense as a defense, and the aura blade was getting higher and higher every layer, just like water dripping through rocks.

Therefore, this was called the water dripping skill.

At this moment, Gerald’s figure was very swift and violent as he counterattacked with unrestrained sword moves, piling up one after the other.

Christopher could only get busy avoiding the penetrating power of the Dawnbreaker right now.

However, when he turned around, the sword was already striking him.

Christopher panicked as he responded to the attack.

Yet, it seemed as though the short blade was alive, and it focused on attacking all of Christopher’s flaws instead.

Christopher’s eyes opened wider and wider in utter disbelief.

At this moment, he could not respond in time, and he got hit in the chest by the Lightbane.

He rolled over as he fell to the ground, and a bloodstain quickly spread on the ground.

“Mysterious mirror!”

Christopher was shocked, and as he shook his wrist slightly, the mysterious mirror quickly appeared in his hand.

As for Gerald, he turned around and went past Christopher as he ran directly into the cave.

This was because Gerald knew very well that the only reason why he had managed to strike Christopher earlier was simply because he had caught him by surprise. If he wanted to confront Christopher directly, there would simply be a very big gap between the both of them.

Gerald’s only glimmer of hope was to run into the cave.

This was Gerald’s plan when he had been enduring those two initial attacks.

Every movement had gone according to plan, and everything had happened all at once.

When Christopher finally got up from the ground with his eyes wide open, Gerald had already escaped into the cave.

Christopher muttered to himself in disbelief as he stared at Gerald’s back, “He truly has a special physique. He is surprisingly strong! I nearly lost to this young boy!”

At this time, Christopher suddenly raised his head with a spiteful expression on his face, “I cannot allow him to stay alive! Otherwise, the Moldell family will not be able to escape a calamity in just five years! I absolutely cannot allow him to live!”
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1083
As he thought about it, Christopher was about to chase after Gerald.

Halfway through, he suddenly stopped in his tracks again.

Christopher touched his cheek that had been scratched, and he had a terrifying expression on his face at this time.

“Young brat, let me give you a word of advice. It would be better for you to come out of the cave obediently now. Otherwise, after you go into this cave, even if your strength increases greatly, you can forget about coming out of this cave alive!” Christopher shouted out loud as he stood at the entrance of the cave.

Not long after that, a faint voice came from within the cave saying, “Old man! That would still be better than getting killed by you outside!”

Christopher frowned. “Little b*stard! Don’t blame me for not reminding you if you were to die inside!”

It would indeed be very dangerous and risky to step into the cave. He was already a great master, and it could be said that he was invincible in this world. However, Christopher could not help but feel a lingering fear when he thought about the huge beast he had encountered in the cave just now.

This was the exact reason why he had wanted to investigate the matter thoroughly first.

He wanted to understand clearly whether it would be worth risking his life for the thing that was hidden within the cave.

If it was not worth it, Christopher would not take that risk!

This was precisely the reason why Christopher had waited for Gerald to appear.

‘That stinky brat will not be able to go too far. When the time comes, he will either run out of the cave or get killed inside the cave anyway. I should not be risking my life just because of this young brat. It would be better for me to just wait for him outside the cave. Either way, it would still be very advantageous for me!’ Christopher thought to himself.

After thinking that, Christopher immediately sat down by the entrance of the cave as he listened to the movements inside the cave.

On the other hand, Gerald initially thought that the sly old fox, Christopher, simply wanted to scare him so that he would come out of the cave.

However, as Gerald walked further into the cave, he could smell a strong odor coming from within the cave.

Gerald instantly felt that something was not right.

At this time, he suddenly recalled that Christopher had looked a little haggard when he had first seen him earlier.

He had even had some minor injuries on his face.

Since the old man knew that this was an extraordinary ancient tomb, according to his temper and characteristics, there would be absolutely no reason why he would refuse to come in to take a look for himself.

‘Could it be that there was something inside the cave that hurt him, and that was the reason why he did not dare to enter the cave to continue chasing after me?’

Gerald thought to himself as he continued walking in.

It was a very short and flat corridor.

Gerald could finally see some light after walking for quite some time.

A tall stone cave appeared in front of him, and it was pitch dark inside the cave.

Moreover, there seemed to be another two big holes in the innermost part of the cave.

The two big holes were as tall as a man.

What surprised Gerald was the fact that it seemed to be a completely different area within the big holes as bright green lights were shining from within it.

It was also because of the shining bright green light from these two holes that Gerald could see some conditions within the holes.

There were carved samurai statues on both sides of the holes. It was very majestic and solemn, and there were dozens of them.

‘Could this be the heavenly soldiers that descended from the sky as mentioned in the murals?’

‘Their dressing looks just like the clothing worn by the heavenly soldiers in the murals.’

‘So, could it be that the mysterious heavenly soldier was actually buried in the eternal coffin inside?’

Gerald thought to himself.

When Gerald saw the candlesticks around him, Gerald walked over to the candlesticks before he lit the oil lamps, one by one.

It was finally bright inside the stone cave.

Gerald finally saw everything inside the cave clearly at this time.

There were many bones scattered on the ground. Based on the equipment that they had brought with them, it seemed as though they were tomb robbers.

However, when Gerald raised his head to look up at the two big holes with the bright green lights, he was stunned.

Those were not green holes!

It was… it was….

Gerald suddenly felt both of his legs going soft, and he was also feeling a little hesitant at this time.

This was the head of an extremely big anaconda! The anaconda was astoundingly big, and the two green holes were its eyes!

At this moment, the anaconda was holding its head up high as it stared coldly at Gerald.


Gerald took a deep breath.

He could feel goosebumps rising all over his body as he turned around to run away.


Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1084
There was the sound of the anaconda hissing from behind him at this time.

However, Gerald stopped in his tracks.

If he were to run out, he would certainly be killed by Christopher.

It was no wonder why that old man had seemed to look so haggard earlier. It turned out that there was this behemoth inside this cave.

Gerald hurriedly drew out his Lightbane.

He was already breaking out in cold sweat, and he was feeling very entangled and confused at this time.

There had been no mention of this huge anaconda on the map at all.

Gerald swallowed his saliva.

However, at this time, Gerald realized that the anaconda did not seem to be malicious.

It was simply staring at him, not showing any intentions of attacking at all.

In the end, the anaconda slowly lowered its head.

Looking at this scene, it felt as though the anaconda was a puppy that was behaving well and obediently when it saw its owner.

“You’re not going to kill me?”

Gerald asked tentatively as he finally felt some strength in his legs again.

Unexpectedly, the anaconda actually nodded slightly.

After that, the anaconda dropped his temple-like head directly on the ground again.

The anaconda’s body was blocking the entire pathway leading further into the cave. It seemed to be preventing others from breaking into the cave.

Gerald walked over to the anaconda gently.

Gerald did not know why he suddenly felt a very special and tingling sensation in his heart. He felt as though he could understand the anaconda’s inner emotions simply by looking into its eyes.

Gerald instantly developed an inexplicable affection for the anaconda after looking into its eyes.

He felt as though he was meeting an old friend.

Gerald was no longer afraid of the anaconda, and he tried to touch its head.

The anaconda did not resist his touch, and it was very obedient.

“You have been guarding this cave all this while? It seems as though you have never gone out of this cave before, right?” Gerald asked.

The anaconda nodded again.

After that, it moved.

As the anaconda moved its entire body, Gerald felt as though the cave within the mountain would collapse at any time.

The anaconda continued shrinking its body inside as it seemed to be making way for Gerald.

Gerald had already left his personal safety out of consideration at this time, and he boldly walked into the cave.

It did not look like an ordinary cave anymore inside.

It seemed more like a big palace-like building!

It was simply too huge!

Gerald could not help but exclaim when he saw this underground palace!

It must have taken so much manpower and material resources to repair and build such a majestic building. Even if modern technology was so advanced now, it would still be impossible.

Inside the underground palace, there were many large stone statues that looked just like the stone statues outside.

There were also thirty-six large stone pillars that were surrounded by seven to eight people.

A colorful crystal platform was set in the center of the palace. There was a large coffin that was floating like a crystal in the middle of the platform.

‘That is the eternal coffin?!’

Gerald was shocked.

As he looked around him again, Gerald could see very detailed murals all around him.


The anaconda hissed at this time as it looked at the mural.

“You want me to finish looking through all of these murals?” Gerald questioned in surprise.

The anaconda nodded.


After swallowing his saliva and taking a glance at the eternal coffin, Gerald immediately walked toward the murals.

After listening to some of Giya’s explanations in regards to murals before this, Gerald could roughly understand what was painted in the murals.

The murals were very detailed.

This was the burial spot of the mysterious heavenly soldier. The king had held the most prestigious state funeral for the heavenly soldier that descended from the sky, incurring a huge amount of manpower and material resources to build this underground palace. Only a deity would be worthy of such a majestic palace!

This had been built for future generations to admire!

It was all explained in the murals.

The murals at the back made Gerald feel even more interested at this point.

This was because it described in detail the events behind the big tree falling from the sky…
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1085
That big tree was known as the sacred tree to the people of this country.

This was because the big tree had fallen from the sky.

At that time, the people in this country thought that God was sending this heavenly soldier here to invite and bring them up to heaven. However, something had happened along the way, and the mysterious deity and all of the other heavenly soldiers that he had brought here with him had died.

The king felt that since this was a request from heaven, he should not lose his etiquette.

He felt that he would also have to try to go up and explain what had happened to the deity here.

Therefore, the king had sent the best three hundred warriors in the country to start climbing up the sacred tree.

However, even after waiting for a long time, the three hundred warriors did not return.

The king was not content, and every year thereafter, he would select a new group of warriors to climb the sacred tree.

It was only until the eve of the completion of the deity’s burial palace that something strange happened when they were about to proceed with the grand burial of the deity.

Lightning struck the sacred tree, and the sacred tree burst into a huge fire. The huge fire lasted for more than a month before it finally disappeared.

The king was very annoyed and frustrated, and he felt that God was blaming them for not cherishing the opportunity that He had given them.

However, at this moment, the deity’s burial was the most important.

After that, there was a detailed story of how the king was going to proceed with the grand burial of the deity and the woman. In the end, an old beggar had stopped them from doing so.

The murals said that the old beggar had looked at the king with a serious and solemn expression on his face as he told the king that the couple should not be buried together.

The king did not believe him at this time.

Therefore, the old beggar had used black magic. He had pointed at the wall, and a scene had appeared on the wall in an instant, and it was a scene of their country being destroyed!

The mural said that all of the ministers in the palace were shocked when the old beggar had used this method.

They had started bowing before him, one after the other, and even the king had bowed before him.

In the end, the king finally heeded the old beggar’s advice.

The king wanted the old beggar to become their national teacher so that he could guide him on how he could continue keeping his country safe.

However, the old beggar turned down the king’s request, and he simply drew two pictures for the king instead.

One of the pictures was just a symbol.

However, Gerald could clearly tell that this was the symbol of the Sun League.

The other picture was even more mysterious.

‘Why does it resemble… the picture of the sun, which is the Crawford family’s magic artifact?’

Gerald scratched his forehead, and he could not help but felt very surprised.

After that, the mural simply stated that the country had become remarkably prosperous for a few years after receiving the two pictures, and the country had nearly unified with hundreds of its neighboring countries.

The king had then honored the old beggar as a holy treasure.

Gerald could not help but take a deep breath when he saw this.

‘Could it be that the picture of the sun, which is the Crawford family’s heirloom, and the Sun League are connected? Moreover, the person who came up with the picture of the sun is actually none other than this old beggar!’ Gerald thought to himself.

The curiosity that Gerald had forced him to continue looking through the murals.

After that, the tomb had been sealed up.

It had taken more than ten years to build this underground palace, and it had also taken them several years to seal it up.

During this time, something strange had happened to this already prosperous country.

The strangest thing was a large corpse that had fallen from the sky!

The appearance of this huge corpse was carved out in detail.

Gerald took a closer look at the mural, and he realized that this… this was actually the corpse of a dragon!

A dragon?!

Gerald’s eyes widened in surprise.

He was even more shocked at this time that the mural had stated that a dragon had fallen from the sky.

The dragon was about thirty meters long, and it had claws as tough as steel which could easily tear people’s heads apart.

The mural also explained that the huge dragon corpse was covered in hard scales.

Some of these scales were golden-yellow in color, and some of them were jet-black.

This was a dragon with a mixture of golden-yellow and jet-black colors.

When the dragon’s corpse had fallen, its body was already rotten, and everyone had stayed away from it.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1086
They had initially been planning to bury it, but the dragon’s corpse caused a plague at this time.

Many people had died from the plague.

Just as the king was completely at a loss for what to do, the old beggar was mentioned again.

It seemed as though the old beggar had finally come back three years later.

However, when the old beggar came back this time, he no longer looked like an old beggar, but instead, he was dressed very formally.

The old beggar told the king that he had only been pretending to be an old beggar back then so that he could get things done easily, but he was not really a beggar.

The king was naturally overjoyed when he heard this, and he gave him the best and most luxurious treatment.

The king then asked him how he should deal with the dragon’s corpse.

The old beggar proposed that the dragon’s corpse should be immediately cremated without any further delay.

The mural also stated that the old beggar had excellent medical skills. He healed the people who had been infected by the plague at that time, and he also healed the prince, who had been infected because of the plague.

However, he also brought up one condition.

He wanted to go and take a look inside the underground palace.

Not only that, he wanted to go in and take a look at the underground palace on his own. He wanted all the craftsmen and workers who were responsible for carving the murals at that time to stay away.

The king was overjoyed, and he had agreed to these requests.

The old beggar had stayed in the underground palace for more than ten days. He even brought a bag with him when he went in.

After that, the people across the country knelt and worshipped him again as they welcomed him back, hoping that he would stay.

Yet, the old beggar turned down their request again.

The mural depicted that when night came, the old beggar was standing on the wall as he faced everyone in the city who was bowing before him. At this time, the old beggar pointed at the moon that had just been exposed.

Everyone had looked up at the moon, and when they finally reacted, the old beggar had already disappeared.

At that time, to commemorate him, the people had set up a temple to worship and admire him.

“Heavenly soldiers who fell from the sky, the sacred tree, the strange and mysterious old beggar, the dragon, and also that sky battleship!” Gerald murmured.

The more information Gerald got from the murals, the more he felt as though he could not understand it.

These murals and the events depicted in these murals seemed to feel so lifelike.

Was it really just the imagination of the people from ancient times?

Gerald could not help but felt a little doubtful and suspicious at this time.

Before this, he had still been doubtful, but at this point, Gerald was already ninety percent convinced that all of this could possibly be true!

Could an entirely different civilization truly have existed in this world ten thousand years ago, or even tens of thousands of years ago?!

Although the legend of the existence of dragons was already long history… were dragons truly just a legend?

Gerald was surprised.

He took a deep breath as he tried to look for the whereabouts of the woman dressed in white from the murals.

However, there was no mention of the woman in white at all.

Gerald could not help but feel a little disappointed.

‘This old beggar seems to have had the ability to understand ancient and modern times. Could there possibly be such an enchanting being and existence in this world?’ Gerald thought to himself again.

At this time, Gerald looked at the anaconda.

“By the way, when did you come here? I believe you were not so big when you first came here, right?” Gerald asked.

The anaconda hissed before it spat on one of the murals.

It was a mural of the scene when the old beggar had entered the underground palace with a bag in his hand.

Gerald was stunned for a moment as he thought to himself.

At this time, he could not help but tremble all over.

Gerald stared at the anaconda before he said, “Do you mean to say that the old beggar brought you into the underground palace in that bag back then?!”

Gerald felt as though he was running out of breath.

The anaconda nodded.

Oh, my God!

Gerald was in a state of shock and disbelief.

“You have already lived for tens of thousands of years?!”

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1087
The anaconda nodded again.

If this had not happened in front of him, Gerald would never have believed that this was true!

This anaconda was even older than his ancestors!

“Why didn’t you kill me? The old beggar brought you into the underground palace back then. Therefore, he must have wanted you to guard this ancient tomb. You would have to kill anyone who breaks into this ancient tomb, right?” Gerald could not help but ask curiously.

The anaconda hissed as it spat and pointed at the mural from earlier.

After that, the anaconda turned around as it glanced at the eternal coffin.

The mural that the anaconda had spat at was the one where the old man had stayed in the underground palace for ten days after bringing the anaconda in, and the anaconda was pointing at the eternal coffin at this time.

It seemed as though the ten days that the old man had spent in the underground palace had something to do with the eternal coffin.

There were no other clues on the mural, and it seemed as though the anaconda was trying to tell him that the answer lay within the eternal coffin.

“You want me to open the coffin?” Gerald asked tentatively.

The anaconda nodded.

Gerald took a deep breath before he walked toward the colorful platform.

The entire platform was made out of many colorful stones.

The eternal coffin made out of crystal jade was suspended in the air above the colorful stones.

It was like a beautiful work of art that made people wonder and marvel at it.

After walking up and observing the eternal coffin from a close range, Gerald could vaguely see a dark figure lying inside the coffin.

That should be the corpse of the deity from back then.

Although Gerald could not see the figure clearly, he could see the outline of the figure being reflected on the crystal coffin.

It was indeed the eternal coffin, and the corpse was not rotten even after being preserved for such a long time.

Could this deity indeed be a deity that had descended from heaven?

Gerald suppressed his curiosity as he slowly pushed the coffin board open.

Upon pushing it away, the corpse of the deity was unreservedly displayed in front of him for a moment.

Gerald was stunned as soon as he looked at the body properly.

He felt as though his heart had stopped beating at this point.

‘How can this be possible?!’

Gerald’s eyes widened in the next moment, and a trace of shock and terror filled his body in an instant.

He could not help but tremble uncontrollably.

This was because… the corpse lying inside the coffin was none other than himself?!

To be precise, the figure lying inside the coffin looked exactly like him.

He was wearing a golden armor with a white robe, and he had long hair.

However, his face was the exact copy of Gerald’s face!

‘How could this be possible?!’

Gerald could not help but exclaim in his heart again as he subconsciously took two steps backward.

At this time, Gerald looked at the anaconda, which was looking at him respectfully.

It was no wonder why the anaconda was treating him with such respect instead of killing him! It turned out that the anaconda was regarding him as the master of the underground palace!

The anaconda hissed before it motioned for Gerald to look beside the corpse.

Gerald looked in that direction.

It turned out that there was a scroll next to the corpse.

There was also a round jade pendant next to it.

The anaconda wanted Gerald to open up the scroll.

Gerald suppressed the horror that he was feeling as he picked up the scroll.

After opening the scroll, Gerald saw some ancient writing densely recorded on it.

Gerald had asked Professor Yale about these ancient writings just a few days ago.

Therefore, Gerald could understand the content of the scroll briefly.

‘This should be the life record of this corpse!’

‘His wife was mentioned in the scroll, and the words, Sun League, were also mentioned, followed by humans, and it seems as though the last few words are talking about destruction!’

Gerald could only effectively understand these words.

The deity’s wife and the Sun League were both mentioned. Could it be that the death of this deity could be directly related to the Sun League, then? What destruction could he be referring to? Would humanity be destroyed?

Gerald could not help but feel confused and frustrated.

“This is not a suicide note left behind by the corpse, right?” Gerald asked the anaconda.

The anaconda shook his head.

“I understand now. The old beggar who brought you in here was the one who placed this scroll inside the eternal coffin, right?” Gerald asked.

The anaconda nodded.

“Who is that old beggar? Why does he know so many secrets, and why does it seem as though he has supernatural powers?”

Gerald was truly surprised.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1088
The anaconda shook its head again.

“What does this mean? What exactly is the Sun League?”

Gerald was already sweating profusely at this time, especially since he was seeing someone who looked just like him, lying inside the eternal coffin at this time.

Could it be possible that there was such a thing as reincarnation?

Everything was filled with doubts.

Moreover, it seemed as though the mysterious man who had led him here had probably known everything, then. Yet, who was he?

Gerald was filled with doubts, and he picked up the round jade pendant as he looked at it.

There were many complicated lines painted on it.

Gerald did not know if he was hallucinating or whether it was just an illusion, but he felt as though he saw those lines move.

At this moment, Gerald stared at those lines even more intently, and it seemed as though the lines were moving even faster.

This made Gerald feel giddy, and he became very dizzy at this time.

Gerald shook his head, and he suddenly felt everything turning black before his eyes as he passed out.

However, Gerald was still conscious.

He could feel that his hands and feet were cold, but he could not open his eyes at all.

Suddenly, a huge hole appeared in front of him.

There was a bright line coming out from the hole.

There was also a stream that was flowing out smoothly.

A black shadow was standing at the side of the stream with his hands behind his back.

“You’re finally here?” The dark figure asked with his back facing Gerald.

“What do you mean by that? Who are you?” Gerald asked in surprise.

“I have been waiting for you for such a long time!” The man said.

“Always remember that the greater your abilities, the more people you will need to protect. This is especially so for the person that you love so deeply. Make sure you do not let her down!” The black figure said again.

Gerald felt even more confused at this time as he said, “Sir, I do not know what you are talking about. I simply want to ask why the deity in the eternal coffin looks exactly like me. Also, are you that deity?”

“You will find out eventually!”

The voice of the black figure sounded very bleak.

“What is the Sun League? It seems as though my lover has been captured by the Sun League, and there is completely no news on her at all!” Gerald said.

“Everyone will die because of her. Everyone!” The black figure said.

“If you are not going to tell me anything, shouldn’t you at least tell me how I can protect the people that I love?” Gerald asked in surprise.

As soon as he was done speaking, he suddenly felt the giddy and dizzy feeling in his head again.

However, it felt completely different than it did before.

It seemed as though countless pieces of information were pouring into his brain at this time.

Gerald felt as though his brain was about to explode.

Too much information!

‘My head… it hurts! Ahhh!’

Gerald held tightly onto his head as he screamed and rolled on the ground in pain.

He could no longer tell the difference between north, south, east, and west at this point.

He felt as though his head was about to explode from the pain.

However, the black figure kept talking.

“From now on, you have to be even more careful, especially of the people around you! This is because I am you, and you are me!”

“I am dying! Hurry up and save me!”

Gerald was foaming at his mouth, and the whites of his eyes were showing as he continued struggling on the ground.


Eventually, it felt as though the information in Gerald’s mind was forming a medium which suddenly exploded,

Gerald started spurting out blood as he stopped struggling before he fainted…

Drip, drip, drip…

Gerald did not know how long he was out for, but he gradually awoke when he heard the sound of dripping water.

When he stood up, Gerald discovered that he was still in the underground palace.

The anaconda was staring at him with a concerned look in its eyes.

“I’m not dead yet?”

Gerald was a little surprised.

However, his smile froze immediately afterward, because Gerald suddenly realized that there seemed to be something more in his mind as this time!
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1089
There was an extra memory in Gerald’s mind. It was a memory that did not belong to him.

There was simply too much information in his mind.

He had too many martial arts skills and powers. It was just way too much!

It felt as though Gerald had already mastered all of these skills and abilities thoroughly. This was especially so for the breathing technique.

When Gerald breathed now, he felt as though he could automatically activate this technique in an instant.

Gerald felt skeptical.

Moreover, it seemed as though there were many more memories in his mind, but these memories seemed vague.

No matter how much Gerald thought about it, he could not remember anything at all.

Was it because of that jade pendant?

That was not all.

Gerald also discovered that his strength and physique seemed to have improved greatly.

He stretched out his palms to activate his inner strength, and a rush of heat and energy was released through the palm of his hands.

“Inner strength and outer physique! The great master realm!” Gerald was overjoyed.

Moreover, his inner strength and breathing technique was growing at a spectacular speed! Furthermore, Gerald’s inner strength was unmistakably different as compared to before.

He was even more powerful and strong as compared to before.

Gerald drew out his Lightbane and performed a set of swordsmanship.

His aura blade was invincible.

Before his sword arrived, the edge of his aura blade had already arrived.

Gerald could split a large rock from more than ten meters away.

Moreover, the more he activated his inner strength, the faster it was growing within him.

‘Could this be the great master realm?!’

‘Why do I feel as though one of my random hits is several times stronger as compared to grandpa or even Christopher Moldell?’

‘If I were to use all of my strength to attack, it would certainly be difficult for Christopher to resist my attack even with the help of his mysterious mirror.’

It was not that Gerald was being arrogant.

However, he truly felt this way at this time.

‘Grandpa said that the most mysterious realm in this world is the great master realm! However, I have a feeling that I have already surpassed the realm of the great master!’ Gerald thought to himself.

Gerald took the jade pendant and looked at it.

The dark figure had told him a lot just now, but it was still not complete.

Furthermore, it seemed as though his tone had been particularly hesitant and desolate.

The dark figure had passed all of these onto him. So, it seemed as though there was something that he wanted him to do. Also, Gerald recalled that the last thing that he was shouting seemed to be “I am you, and you are me!”.

Could it be that Gerald was the reincarnation of this deity?

Gerald looked at the corpse lying inside the eternal coffin once again.

‘I will hold onto the jade pendant first. I still have too many doubts about the eternal coffin that I simply cannot resolve overnight. I will seal up this cave after I go out later, and I will come back again after getting all the answers that I need.’ Gerald thought to himself.

After that, he kept the jade pendant away.

After all, there was a person from tens of thousands of years ago who looked just like him lying inside the eternal coffin. This made Gerald feel completely at a loss, and he did not dare to act rashly.

At this moment, it seemed as though the anaconda had something to say to him.

It started hissing as it approached one of the murals.

After that, it pointed at the mural of the eve of the burial, where the old beggar had come out to block the deity from being buried together with the woman in white.

The anaconda was specifically pointing at the woman in white.

“What are you trying to say? Do you mean that you want me to find this woman in white?” Gerald asked.

The anaconda nodded.

After that, the anaconda looked at the eternal coffin and the jade pendant in Gerald’s hand.

“Is this what the dark figure wants me to do? He wants me to find her?” Gerald asked.

The anaconda nodded again.


At this point, Gerald suddenly remembered the strange dream that Lyra had had before he came to the desert.

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1090
Warhill Mountain, the collapsed statue of the woman in white, and the prophecy of the picture of the sun. He thought of the woman in white that had appeared when he had died.

A woman in white again?

Could both of them be the same person?

‘This matter seems to be getting more and more troublesome. I will have to go back and see whether I can find some answers from the picture of the sun!’ Gerald thought to himself.

At this time, Gerald closed the coffin again.

At the same time, Gerald arranged a seal formation around the coffin following his memory.

It would be better for him to preserve and keep this body well.

“Thank you for your help. It will not take too long, I will come back as soon as I figure everything out!” Gerald said as he patted the anaconda’s head.

The anaconda nodded.

After that, Gerald left.

In truth, Gerald did not notice it himself, but even though he was still the same person as he was before, he was already portraying a completely different kind of temperament.

Gerald slowly went out, following the low and steady corridor.

Gerald also sealed up the corridor completely as he left.

Gerald stretched his body slightly and sighed as soon as he walked out along the corridor.

The black wind had already stopped outside.

‘I should move some boulders here!’ Gerald thought to himself.

Gerald walked to the side before he moved some rocks to seal up the entire corridor.

Suddenly, a whistling sound came from the sky.

“Hahaha! Stinky brat! It has already been ten days! You are finally willing to come out after I have waited for you for ten days!”

Immediately afterward, a figure jumped off a low cliff and landed directly in front of Gerald.

“Ten days! I initially thought that you had already died inside, but I felt a little hesitant and reluctant to leave. Fortunately, I decided to wait a little longer! Otherwise, you would have already slipped away just like that!” Christopher said as he laughed.

Gerald was startled as he said, “So, it turns out that I was unconscious for ten days inside the cave. I honestly thought that it had just been one night!”

“You must have been so scared and terrified inside the cave, right? Stinky brat, you are truly very fortunate! You actually did not get killed by that huge anaconda!”

“It seems as though this is surely God’s will! It is God’s will for me to get my hands on you and your physique!” Christopher sneered.

Gerald realized that Christopher looked even more haggard as compared to how he was when he had met him ten days ago.

It seemed as though Christopher had had a very difficult time waiting for him at this place where the black wind was howling.

“Hmm? Why did you block the entrance of the cave? Is there any big secret inside this cave?” Christopher queried.

“Well, it is full of mysteries. I cannot crack all of them at once, but I am not entirely without a clue. That is why I am going to seal up this cave first so that I can come back here again in the future!” Gerald replied frankly.

“What? If that is the case, does that mean you have already found the secret inside this cave? What is it?”

Christopher was very excited, and a trace of greed flashed through his eyes.

Immediately afterward, he turned around abruptly as he tried to move the boulder.

However, no matter how hard he tried, he could not move the boulder at all.

“How can it be so heavy?”

Christopher’s face had already turned purple.

“I have already blessed the boulder with some secret technique. Therefore, using strength alone is completely useless!” Gerald said as he smiled.

“Secret technique? What secret technique are you talking about?” Christopher asked in surprise.

“To put it simply, I am using some profound energy that exists in nature. Let’s put it this way, it is simply like the power of a magnetic forcefield. Can you oppose the power of a magnetic forcefield with your strength alone?” Gerald asked.

“What? You… how did you learn how to do that?! Inside the cave?” Christopher asked with his eyes wide opened.


“Now I know why Daryl Crawford wanted you to come here even at the risk of your own life. It turns out that there was actually this kind of secret technique inside the cave! God is indeed blessing me! God is truly on my side!” Christopher said as he grinned.

After that, he stared coldly at Gerald.

“It is no wonder why I felt as though your breath and aura seemed to be so different as compared to before. It turns out that you have had such a fortunate encounter! Unfortunately for you, you have told me everything. It is such a pity that from now onward, I will be the only person in this world who will know of this secret! Gerald, no matter what it is, I will not allow you to keep your life today! Don’t blame me for being cruel and ruthless! Give me your life!”

As soon as his voice fell, Christopher flew toward Gerald as he tried to strike Gerald in the chest with his killing palm…

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