The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 1101-1110

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1101
Back when he first saw the mural in the Divine Tomb, Gerald had learned that the woman in white was inspired by the old beggar to separate the coffin from the deity. However, nobody knew where the woman in white’s tomb was.

Now that Alice had mentioned an ancient tomb, Gerald couldn’t help but make a connection with that. Had the woman in white’s coffin been carried to the south of the ocean after the separation? Was it currently buried in the king of the ocean’s tomb?

“…Where’s the king of the ocean’s tomb located?” asked Gerald after pondering for a while.

In response, Alice told him everything that she knew.

Gerald himself paid close attention to everything she said. After all, he honestly felt that it was quite necessary for him to head there to investigate for himself.

For all he knew, the woman in white could very possibly be buried within the king of the ocean’s tomb. While Lyra had first dreamed of that woman standing by a river within that miasma-filled forest, Gerald remembered her later telling him that she wasn’t really sure of whether it was a river or an ocean.

What more, the picture of the sun had directly hinted that the jade charms were the main clue to finding the woman in white’s tomb. Based on the current turn of events, Gerald could safely say that the picture truly had given them a massive clue.

Following that, he relayed everything that he had just learned to Daryl.

In response, the surprised Daryl couldn’t help but reply, “…Are you planning to look for the king of the ocean’s tomb? The pledge of the holy water will take place in less than three months, you know?”

While Gerald was well aware that the pledge was just as important as finding the woman in white’s tomb, he knew that he wouldn’t be able to rest easy if he didn’t at least try to get to the bottom of the incident regarding the deity. After all, there was a chance that he would gain another answer once he located the woman in white.

“Indeed I am, grandpa. However, once I’ve completed my investigation, I’ll immediately return. I won’t even think about delaying the pledge of the holy water. Speaking of the pledge, here. It’s the mysterious mirror!” replied Gerald as he handed the mirror to Daryl.

“…What? Didn’t this belong to Christopher?”

“The one and only. If you meet him there, you can order him around as you wish. Trust me when I say he won’t dare to go against you…

Hearing that, Daryl’s eyes widened as he said, “…Gerald, you…”

Seeing his grandfather’s look of disbelief, Gerald then told Daryl everything that had happened back when he was still in the desert.

“…What? Your strength and training has already surpassed that of the realm of legends, my grandson? Is that true?” replied Daryl, feeling extremely delighted as he firmly patted Gerald’s shoulders with great pride.

The next day soon came and Gerald immediately prepared to set off to locate the king of the ocean’s tomb. Before his departure, he watched as his grandfather led all the people from the Soul Palace away.

Gerald himself made sure to order those from the Crawford family’s headquarters to stand by at all times. After all, there was no reason not for him to receive help from his family now that his current situation allowed it.

With that done, he then headed over to a place called Halimark City—which was on a coast located in Plymsend Bay—to have a look around.

By the time Gerald got out of the ship, night had already fallen.

Upon getting off, Gerald was immediately greeted by the sight of several passenger ships tied to the port. There also seemed to be a lot of tourists, mostly consisting of couples and a few groups of three.

Turning around to look at the vast ocean, Gerald squinted his eyes as the ocean breeze blew into his face.

Somewhere out there was a place called the Boundless Depths. According to the murals, the old beggar had separated the woman in white from the deity before burying her in that location.

How could that old man have been so cruel? If she truly was buried there, she was immensely far from the deity.

As Gerald turned to look at the beach next, deep in thought, he suddenly heard the person standing before him shout, “Gerald!”

Looking up, he saw that it was a woman who had probably arrived with the group of tourists who were currently standing in front of him.

Stunned that she knew his name, he brushed his previous thoughts aside while looking at the woman. She looked very much like someone from the city, and the woman—who was also wearing sunglasses and a sun hat—had dressed herself to look young. While Gerald found her to be slightly familiar, he simultaneously also found her to be quite odd.

“…Who are you again?”

“Haha! It’s me, Yasmeen! Yasmeen Linford? I only graduated a year earlier than you! Don’t tell me you’ve already forgotten about me?” said the tall and slim woman while smiling beautifully. She then removed her sunglasses, fully displaying her small face and charming appearance.

Now slowly recalling who she was, Gerald then replied, “Ah, it’s you, Yasmeen!”

As the memories started coming back to him, Gerald remembered that Yasmeen was still a sophomore when he first started learning at Mayberry University. Later on, she would become the president of the university’s student union. Since he was so poor back then, he had to work part-time and be thrifty, resulting in him also having to meet up with her quite a lot. Due to that, he was fairly acquainted with her.

Since she was wearing sunglasses earlier and the makeup she had on was quite exquisite—compared to what she used to wear—he hadn’t been able to realize that it was her at first glance.

Now that he knew who she was, however, he could feel that she had grown to become a strong and independent woman. From the looks of it, she had gotten pretty good at socializing as well.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1102
Then again, she had always been this way. After all, while it wasn’t uncommon for the students in Mayberry University to date other students there, Yasmeen was on a whole other level. Back then, she had dated the president of one of the companies in Mayberry who had had a divorce.

Due to their relationship, the president arranged for fireworks to be placed at every corner of the university on Yasmeen’s birthday. That night, the entire university was lit by the beautiful glow of fireworks, easily resulting in all the other girls there both admiring and envying her.

However, that wasn’t what Gerald remembered most about the incident. No, what he recalled most about that event was the fact that Yasmeen had told him to clean up all the firework remains around the university—when morning came—for fifteen dollars.

That, however, was a lot to him at the time. Once he got the money, he immediately treated Xavia to a meal at KFC. He even remembered adding another seven dollars of his own to make their feast a little grander.

How the memory played out pretty much summed up how his relationship with Yasmeen used to be. After all, how could someone like the past Gerald even have the right to befriend her?

It was the reason why he was quite surprised that she was willing to greet him now.

“So why did you come over to Halimark City, Yasmeen?” asked Gerald as he looked at all the people—who were dressed like upper-class individuals—standing behind her.

The city itself was a place that had grown quite strong economic-wise throughout the years due to all the natural advantages its geographical features granted.

“Well, my chamber of commerce is holding functions here in the next few days. Because of that, my business partners and I have come over to seek some amusement! I’ve established a cosmetic company, after all! Haha!” replied Yasmeen as she smiled faintly while smoothening her hair.

“How truly impressive!” said Gerald as he watched her business partners begin walking over, one by one.

One of them was a middle-aged man who seemed to have quite an intimate relationship with Yasmeen. Frowning, the man then asked, “Who is this, Yasmeen?”

“Oh, him? He’s just a junior from university! I talked about him before, remember? The particularly poor student while I was studying there? That’s him! You know, he could barely afford to pay for his meals back then! I also remember his clothes being filled with patches, since most of what he earned—from doing part-time jobs daily and also from the many errands he ran for others—went into either his living expenses or his tuition fees! He didn’t have the money for anything else!” jabbered Yasmeen on and on without needing to even stop to take in a single breath.

Her friends, on the other hand, simply widened their eyes as they continued listening to her.

“How could such a poor person even exist!” said one of them as the others exchanged glances of both shock and dismay with each other.

“I know right? But that’s not even the most surprising thing! See, even though he was that poor, he still managed to get himself a girlfriend!”

As the others were filled with even greater surprise, Yasmeen turned to look at Gerald who had been silent for quite a while. Seeing how calm he looked, Yasmeen realized that she may have said a bit too much already.

Smiling rather awkwardly, she then added, “…Regardless, being able to bump into each other again must be the work of fate! Pray tell, are you here to attend Halimark City’s Enchanted Feast, Gerald?”

“Afraid not!” replied Gerald as he shook his head.

“Why are you even asking such an unnecessary question, Yasmeen? Didn’t you already tell us how poor he was back then? How could he even afford to attend the Enchanted Feast?” said a woman as she walked over.

“…That’s true… Since we’re ex-schoolmates, I’d have loved to invite you over to join us for the feast, Gerald… Sadly enough, I don’t have an extra admission ticket! Regardless, there’s an app you should really download on your phone later! You can find all my company’s products there! Speaking of my company, since it’s only recently been established, I’m in need of agents to distribute the products! You could try applying to be an agent! Worry not, one of the makeup sets I’m selling was designed for lower-income people, like yourself! Due to that, I’m sure you can promote it to your less wealthy friends!” suggested Yasmeen.

Following that, she instantly began detailing the steps required to apply to be an agent, leaving no room for Gerald to even say a word.

A little later, she handed him the contact number and business card of the regional manager before saying, “Alright, it’s getting a bit late now and I really should be leaving. After all, I still need to head to the city with my friends! Also, don’t worry about calling the manager, I’ll let him know in advance to take special care of you.”

With that, Yasmeen flashed Gerald a faint smile before leaving while waving her hand with her other friends.

Watching them walk off, Gerald could only look at their backs as he shook his head while smiling bitterly.

Yasmeen truly hadn’t changed in this aspect.

Tossing the card away, Gerald then continued walking by the beach, deep in thought.

He continued doing so for quite a bit, and the next thing he knew, it was already late at night, with very few tourists still walking around.

At that moment, he suddenly saw the faint outlines of five speedboats at the corner of his eye. Turning to get a better look at what was happening, he saw that all five of them were in hot pursuit of another speedboat that currently wasn’t too far off from them.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1103
Though it was already quite late, Gerald could clearly see that the middle-aged man—who was currently being pursued by over ten gun-wielding individuals who were riding the five speedboats—was drenched in blood. The man was also currently headed right in Gerald’s direction.

When the few remaining people at the beach saw them, they immediately ran away, focusing so much on escaping that none of them even thought about calling the police! Soon enough, the already secluded beach became completely devoid of people, save for Gerald.

Gerald found himself frowning slightly the moment he saw the pursuers. After all, he had already been slightly irked after Yasmeen interrupted his train of thought earlier.

It wasn’t long before the bloodied middle-aged man arrived at shore. Seeing that there was nowhere else to run to, the man began running toward Gerald, the only person he could see! Waving his hands as he ran over, the man then shouted, “T-toss me your phone! Please hurry!”

Since Gerald was already unhappy, he wasn’t about to take orders from some random middle-aged man. As a result, he simply ignored the man’s pleas for help.

Seconds later, a few people suddenly rushed out from the dense forest that led to the beach. Those who were initially pursuing him on their speed boats had now arrived onshore as well. Seeing that he had no place else to run, all of them quickly surrounded him. One of the men—who appeared to be the leader of the operation—noticed that Gerald was still there. Walking up to the youth, he then shouted, “Get lost! The big boss is dealing with some things here!”

In response, however, Gerald simply looked at him coldly without saying a word.

Seeing how indifferently Gerald was treating his leader, one of the youths who were surrounding the middle-aged man immediately lifted his machete and slashed it at Gerald! During that split second, rage-filled Gerald’s eyes. Since they were blindly attacking him just because he refused to move, it was evident that these were no nice people. It was also obvious to Gerald now that these people were definitely courting death!

Taking a step to the side, Gerald easily dodged the attack.

Before the youth could even react to his missed attack, he suddenly heard a buzzing noise. The next thing he knew, he had already been kicked into the air! The moment he collided with the ground, he heard a crack from his legs. Though he wanted to cover his mouth to suppress his screams of pain, he found that he could no longer move his arms! Not only that, he quickly realized that all his teeth had also been smashed! To his horror, he now understood that not only had Gerald’s kicks resulted in all four of his main limbs being broken, but the bones in his right leg and hand had also ended up being completely shattered!

After seeing what he had done, the others—who had been watching from the moment they encircled the middle-aged man—were now looking at Gerald like he was some kind of monster. The leader himself already had a gut feeling that something was wrong when he first saw how indifferent Gerald’s expression was. Now that this had happened, he knew that they had been placed in an extremely difficult situation, even before completing their goal! After all, he hadn’t even been able to see how his subordinate had been taken out despite being so close to the two! The only thing he was able to catch was Gerald using both his legs to kick. The next thing he knew, all his subordinate’s limbs were broken!

While Gerald certainly looked innocent and harmless enough, it was now evident to everyone else there of how cruel he could be. After seeing how he had broken all the youth’s limbs without a second thought, they all knew that Gerald was even more vicious than their leader. As they continued thinking about how merciless he was, their leader failed to notice that Gerald’s expression had barely even changed after inflicting such heavy wounds on the subordinate.

In truth, his expression wouldn’t have changed even if he killed that youth. After all, Gerald had already killed endless numbers of people!

After considering for a brief moment, the leader bowed cordially at Gerald before saying, “…I apologize, mister. I admit that it was our fault this time around. Men, head out!”

As the middle-aged man from before looked at the leader—who was now ordering his machete-wielding men to leave—he felt blessed to have bumped into Gerald. After all, not only would he now be able to live to see another day, but the people pursuing him earlier were actually taking the initiative to leave! While he was pleased to be able to survive, what Gerald said next instantly sent chills running down his spine.

“Did I say you could leave?” said Gerald, his tone frigid.

Hearing that, the men who were already prepared to retreat slowly—and anxiously—turned around to look at Gerald, guns raised. They were right to be anxious. After all, they were only retreating now since they knew that Gerald was too powerful for them. To think that he would disallow them from leaving!

“What else do you want?” asked the group’s leader who appeared to be the most anxious among his men. The leader himself appeared to be a sturdy-looking man with a dragon tattooed all over his right arm. While his other men were probably not aware of it, their leader knew that there existed families who practiced Ancient Martial Arts that allowed them to defy the orders of nature. People from these families were allegedly able to fight against dozens or even hundreds of people alone. With that in mind, the leader knew that he and his subordinates were severely outmatched against Gerald who had already shown what he was capable of.

“For ruining my mood, each of you can choose whether to break off an arm or a leg. Of course, you’ll each be doing the breaking on your own,” said Gerald as casually as he would’ve asked them for a piece of chocolate, each.

“…What? You may be an exceptional man, but don’t you think you’re pushing it? Humph! How insensible!” growled the leader viciously.

“‘Insensible,’ you say? Well, then lets up it to two-”

Before Gerald could even finish his sentence, he noticed a thin, young man—who looked to be around twenty—standing at the back forcibly breaking off his left arm with a loud ‘crack’!

“…What the hell are you doing?!” roared the leader as he turned to look at the young man who simply remained silent.

The young man himself had fear in his eyes. After all, while witnessing the terrifying scene earlier, but he had also seen Gerald’s gaze while doing the deed. It was the gaze of a man who had experienced a lot of murder. As if that wasn’t enough, his aura was also filled with murderous intent.

As the others began shuddering with fear, Gerald stared at the youth a little longer before saying, “I can see you’re sensible. Now step aside.”

“Now then. For the rest of you, each of you will be breaking two limbs of your choice-”

However, Gerald’s sentence was cut short once more when the group’s leader immediately rushed toward him with his gun aimed at Gerald! Seeing that, all his other subordinates—except for the one who had stepped aside earlier—did the same as their leader.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1104
Sneering contemptuously, Gerald then rushed toward them instead of retreating. Launching several swift punches and kicks, the cracking and snapping of bones filled the night air. It was only a few seconds later when everyone—who had gone for the attack—resembled the first person who had gotten all his limbs broken.

With their teeth smashed and limbs shattered as they lay on the ground, all of them felt like fainting from the immense pain alone. Despite that, they were all still staring wide-eyed at Gerald, looking at him like he was some kind of monster.

‘What kind of person even is he…? How could we have offended such a person…?’

Gerald, however, couldn’t even be bothered about those on the ground. Clapping the sand off his hands, he then continued his stroll, acting as if nothing had happened.

Before he could get far, the middle-aged man—who was still covered in blood—caught up to him before bowing respectfully as he said, “T-thank you so much for saving me, mister! I’m a local of Halimark City and I go by the name of Wagner Yarne! I was lucky that I bumped into you while they were chasing after me, otherwise I would’ve definitely been done for!”

While Wagner was seriously injured, he felt that he needed to at least show his immense gratitude to his savior first.

Hearing that, Gerald simply replied, “I wasn’t particularly trying to save you, so there’s no need to thank me!”

Following that, Gerald immediately turned around to leave. Looking at Gerald’s back as he walked off, Wagner could already feel how extraordinary Gerald was as an individual, especially in terms of his aura and temperament.

“Please wait for a moment, mister! Did you perhaps come to Halimark City to attend the Enchanted Feast organized by the Minshall family?” asked Wagner respectfully.

‘…The Minshall family? Enchanted Feast?’ Gerald thought to himself.

The Minshall family was the family who was still searching for Alice. They were also the family who had previously owned the jade charms that they had dug up from the king of the ocean’s tomb.

Gerald’s purpose for coming here in the first place was to find the Minshalls and negotiate a deal with them.

“…You know, I’m familiar with this place, mister! If you’re interested in heading to the Enchanted Feast, or anywhere in Halimark City for that matter, I can-”

Before Wagner could even finish his sentence, he began coughing rather terribly.

Taking a look at the coughing man, Gerald replied, “Before anything else, you should find someplace to cure your injuries.”

With that, Gerald turned to look at the distant—yet brightly lit—Halimark City next before slowly walking over in that direction.

Wagner, on the other hand, simply waited for Gerald to move a bit further away before running over to a payphone.

“C-come pick me up immediately!” said Wagner as soon as the call connected.

“Could you be injured, Mr. Yarne?! Hold on, I’ll send someone over to you from the nearest hospital, right this instant!” replied the person on the other end of the phone, respectfully.

“My current injuries won’t kill me! Regardless, come quickly! I seem to have come across that person and I’m pretty sure it’s him!” shouted Wagner in return, his anxiety evident in his tone as he continued staring at the direction Gerald had walked off to.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1105
Sometime later as Gerald was continuing to walk toward the center of the city, he suddenly stopped moving forward.

Turning around, he then coldly said, “Look, I really didn’t intend to save you, so there’s no need to follow me around. You’d better leave now while I’m in a good mood, otherwise you’ll end up like those men back at the beach!”

Naturally, the person he was talking to was none other than Wagner.

“Please don’t be angry, mister! You just seem to resemble someone I know a lot! The person in question is quite important to my family, the Yarnes, you see… Which is why I would like to get to know you a bit better!” replied Wagner respectfully.

Before Gerald could even say anything else, he immediately explained, “You see, mister, the Yarne family has been waiting for someone for the longest time. Said person was said to make an appearance sooner or later, and quite frankly, you fit the description of the person to a tee! Call it pestering if you’d like, but I’m following you around for a reason!”

“…Hmm? Waiting for ‘someone’?” replied Gerald with a slight frown.

“Indeed, mister! Regardless, I’ve already ordered for my servant to drive a car here. I was wondering if you’d have the time to follow me to the Yarne family manor,” said Wagner.

Back when Gerald had stepped forward to save him, he had already felt that the young man looked slightly familiar. However, he just couldn’t put his finger on why he felt that way.

When he finally got a clearer look at Gerald’s face, however, he instantly understood where the feeling had stemmed from. Could it really be him?

Not wanting to lose track of Gerald, he then immediately called his servant to drive a car over before tailing Gerald. All that led to the current situation.

“Does that ‘someone’ really resemble me that much?” asked Gerald.

“Indeed! The resemblance is almost uncanny, but let’s not talk about this here. Again, please come to the Yarne family manor with me. You’ll see what I mean once we’re there!”

In response, Gerald simply nodded slightly. His first reason for agreeing was because based on Wagner’s expression, the middle-aged man didn’t seem to be lying.

The other reason was because too many mysterious and odd incidents had been taking place recently. Since some seemingly random person was now telling him that they had been waiting for someone who resembled him to show up, Gerald couldn’t help but dwell on it.

Soon enough, Wagner’s car came and drove both of them off to Yarne Manor.

On their way there, Gerald had a simple chat with Wagner. Through that, he got to know a bit more about the Yarnes as well as another incident.

The Yarne family had a history of over eight hundred years and it all began when they established their family properties here all those centuries ago. The family was considered to be one of the larger ones within Halimark City, and it was known for its power and knowledge. Wagner himself was the current master of that family.

Wagner also told Gerald that the Yarnes used to simply be fishermen before establishing their family properties. After an incident took place, however, drastic changes soon happened which eventually led to the current high status of the Yarne family.

“…For your sake, Mr. Yarne, I hope that what you plan to show me intrigues me!” warned Gerald as he walked behind Wagner once they finally got out of the car.

“I wouldn’t dare make a mountain out of a molehill about something like this, mister! I assure you that you’ll understand things better once you have a look at it! I truly believe that our meeting wasn’t by mere chance!” replied Wagner who was currently drenched with cold sweat. After all, the aura Gerald was exerting was definitely pressuring.

As they walked and talked on, Wagner looked like he was trying to hide something every time the duo passed by anybody.

It was only after leading Gerald into a secret room when Wagner finally took out an extremely ancient-looking scroll.

Clearly enduring the pain as he handed the scroll to Gerald, he then said, “Have a look, mister!”

Taking the scroll in hand, he found it weird to be given a scroll out of the blue. As a result, he couldn’t help but ask, “…Does this contain a panting?”

“Indeed it does, mister! Well, to be more accurate, it contains a portrait!”
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1106
Wagner followed that sentence with a nod.

Hearing that, Gerald slowly opened the scroll. True to Wagner’s words, the opened scroll revealed an extremely vivid and realistic portrait of some sort of general.

The general himself was holding a longsword in hand, and he looked extremely formidable. Even Gerald couldn’t help but feel slightly intimidated by the painting.

However, even that wasn’t what captured Gerald’s attention the most. No, what absolutely caught his interest was the fact that the general in the picture looked exactly like the deity in the eternal coffin which, in turn, meant that both of them looked exactly like him!

Even the sword in the general’s hand seemed to be the Lightbane! The longsword that Gerald always carried around with him!

“It’s him!” shouted Gerald, his eyelids twitching slightly.

“Do you know him, mister? Regardless, I told you that there was a reason behind all my actions! My family’s been waiting all this time for a person who resembled the one in the portrait, and here you finally are!”

Gerald didn’t even know how to reply to that.

To think that he would still be able to come across the general after leaving the desert… This was definitely no coincidence. Who exactly was this person…? And how did he have such remarkable capabilities? How could he even predict that Gerald would come here?

“…Who was it who asked you to wait for me? Where is that person?” asked Gerald after giving it some thought.

The other things could wait for now. After all, as long as he was able to find this mysterious person, all the other mysteries could be resolved much easier.

To his surprise, Wagner simply shook his head before replying, “I’m afraid that I’m not quite sure who the person who told us to wait for you was, mister… After all, my ancestors had been told to wait from eight hundred years ago… Thanks to Master Ghost’s near-perfect calculations, however, he was able to estimate that I’d be able to meet that person soon. If you truly are the one we’ve been waiting for, then our eight hundred year mission is now finally complete!”

While Wagner seemed to be filled with excitement, Gerald himself was left bewildered as he muttered, “E-eight hundred years ago…?”

So what Wagner was telling him now was that someone from eight hundred years ago had wanted members of the Yarne family to wait for Gerald and meet up with him?!

Wanting to get to the bottom of this, Gerald told Wagner to detail all that he knew about the person.

Hearing that, Wagner then began elaborating on how the Yarne family had first met the mysterious person. As Wagner had earlier said, the Yarnes were only simple fishermen about eight hundred years ago.

However, all that changed when one of his ancestors bumped into an old beggar on his way home after fishing one evening. The old beggar had requested Wagner’s ancestor for some food. His ancestor was so kind that he brought the old man home and served him a grand seafood feast!

Once the old beggar had eaten to his heart’s content, however, he refused to leave! Instead, he told Wagner’s ancestor that he was going to stay here until he managed to get the Yarnes to become a rich and powerful family.

Upon hearing that, his ancestor’s family instantly grew amused, thinking that he was drunk. To their shock, he then stood up with a serious look on his face before saying, “As long as you’re willing to fulfill a single promise for me, I’ll allow all of you to lead a wealthy life without worries from now on.”

Following that, he took out a huge amount of gold from his pocket. Stupefied, Wagner’s ancestors immediately asked what the beggar wanted them to do.

Knowing that he had gotten their attention, the old beggar then began drawing a portrait on the spot. Once he was done, he told the Yarnes to wait for the person—who looked similar to the portrait he had drawn—to appear and once he did, they were to hand a wooden box—which the old man handed over to them—to him.

True to his word, he soon helped the Yarnes become a rich and powerful family. Once that was done, the old beggar simply left.

The Yarne family had never expected such an opportunity to come to them. In just less than a year, their family had managed to make a fortune in Halimark City, building several family properties there which still remained today.

“To be quite frank, my father had told me about all this not long before he passed away. I hadn’t really cared too much about it back then, thinking it was all just nonsense. After all, it is a tale from eight hundred years ago. Imagine my shock when I bumped into you today!” explained Wagner.

Gerald was equally as shocked after hearing Wagner’s entire tale.

“An old beggar? Why is it that old beggar again?! Can such coincidences even exist? He already appeared once in the North Desert! To think that he’s making an appearance here as well! There’s got to be at least a few thousand years in between his two appearances! Could it perhaps have been some descendant of his who had equally remarkable abilities? Or… Could they actually be the same person…?” muttered Gerald to himself, feeling quite nervous and frightened at the same time.

He was right to be terrified. After all, such a mysterious and extraordinarily strong person knew him this well and was probably keeping a constant eye on him! Anyone would be worried if they found out that such a person existed!

“Speaking of which, mister, the old beggar also told us to relay two sentences to you!” said Wagner as he looked at Gerald.

“What are they?”

“One is reborn in heaven beside the red spider lily. A defiant dragon will appear near the crossing of blood!”
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1107
Gerald thought carefully about the two sentences. ‘Reborn in heaven beside the red spider lily…’ And then there was some dragon who would appear near the crossing of blood…

…Wait. The crossing of blood? Crawford?!

Gerald was completely astonished at this point. He had honestly been actively refusing to believe that someone actually had the capability of breaking through all the limits and mastering the act of going back and forth between ancient and modern times. However, no matter how much he wanted to continue denying the possibility, everything he had found was simply hinting that all this was real.

“You know, my ancestors deduced that the person in the painting—once he was reborn—would most probably bear the surname of Crawford… While you certainly look like the person in the portrait, I wonder about your surname… If it truly is Crawford, then you’re definitely the one we’ve been waiting for, mister!” said Wagner as he looked at Gerald.

Frowning slightly, Gerald then nodded before replying, “…My full name is Gerald Crawford!”

“…T-then… By god, you truly are the one we’ve been waiting for! What the old beggar had claimed turned out to be true after all!” replied Wagner excitedly.

Gerald, however, only felt his stress building by the second.

If Gerald had to provide a visualization of what he was currently feeling, he felt like there was a pair of large, invisible hands controlling everything. Just like pawns on a chessboard, anyone unfortunate enough to be picked up by the hands would have to go according to where the person wanted them to be. The thought of that alone was enough to cause near suffocating amounts of stress and fear to him.

Who exactly was this person…?

Feeling a shiver run down his spine, Gerald quickly shook the thought away.

Wagner, on the other hand, revealed another secret room—though it was more of a secret compartment—before taking out a simple, but quite ancient-looking wooden box.

Coughing slightly, Wagner then said, “This here is the box that the old beggar told us to hand to you. I’ll step aside for the moment for you to have a private look at its contents.”

“That’s unnecessary. There’s nothing to be ashamed about… After all, nobody in the world would probably be able to keep any secrets from him! Haha!” replied Gerald with a bitter laugh.

Upon opening it, a strange fragrance was immediately released. As the scent continued spreading around the room, Gerald looked at the inch-tall and hard-looking golden amulet inside the box that somewhat resembled a goldfish’s tail. Beside it, lay some sort of black pill that was in the form of a pellet.

“What a pleasant scent!” exclaimed Wagner in surprise.

Evidently deep in thought, Gerald brought the pellet close to his nose and sniffed it, though he didn’t say anything else.

“…After being in there for such a long time, is the pellet still edible, mister…?” asked Wagner.

“It became inedible long ago. It’s an oxyblood pellet, and it’s typically consumed to help one quickly restore their strength and stamina. Should a person take one when they’re in great danger, their chances of finding a way out of their predicament is greatly increased.”

Gerald was able to recognize the pellet so quickly since he remembered the strange memory that the jade pendant had bestowed upon him.

“My word! How very knowledgeable of you, mister!” praised Wagner.

“…Regardless, the condition of the ingredients required to refine such a pellet is very harsh. Speaking of which, when I first entered your house, I was able to catch the fragrance of medicine. In fact, it’s everywhere. What kind of business does the Yarne family currently run?” asked Gerald.

“Well, my family is in the medicinal business. We have a lot of marine medicine products!” replied Wagner.

“I see. I wonder if you possess herbs that go by the name of wiqerice… It’s the main ingredient needed to refine this kind of oxyblood pellet…”

“Wiqerice…? Alas, I’ve never even heard about it!” replied Wagner with a slightly bitter smile.

“I see… Seems that I won’t be able to get it from you then,” said Gerald as he calmly shook his head.

Since the mysterious man had given him an oxyblood pellet, Gerald was pretty sure that the man was well aware that such pellets typically only had a shell life of about a month… Did the person intend for Gerald to refine the pellet himself to be used to save himself when it was necessary…?

“Well, not necessarily… Remember, I’m only the boss so I’m not really proficient with medicinal herbs myself… Regardless, there may be a way for you to get that herb…”

After hesitating for a brief moment, Wagner looked at Gerald before adding, “I wonder if you’ve heard of the prestigious herb auction before…”

“Are you referring to the underground auction of the Enchanted Feast?” asked Gerald in a rather soft tone.

“That’s right. The auction is considered to be one of the major functions during the Enchanted Feast! One can expect to find many valuable herbs there that have been provided by both medicinal herb farmers and herb gatherers who have gathered their herbs from mountains. Many of the herbs there are well over a hundred years old, and they won’t be distributed to the market. The participants consist of wealthy people and businessmen—related to the field—who are invited to the auction to bid for the herbs. Understanding their value, many of them choose to pay for the herbs on the spot,” explained Wagner.

The way he described it, it was quite evident that such an auction belonged to a private organization, meaning it wasn’t a public event.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1108
Still, with so many medicinal herb gatherers dying out at sea or high in the mountains every year, several of the herbs sold there were bound to have vague origins.

“As they say, rare things are always more valuable. Since so many wealthy merchants and prestigious people head to the Enchanted Feast just for a chance to get their hands on ancient herbs, maybe you’ll be able to find the herb you want there,” added Wagner.

Gerald simply nodded in response.

“…Speaking of which, I heard you mentioning someone called Master Ghost earlier… You said that he had predicted that I would show myself sooner or later, correct? Since he was actually able to calculate that possibility, I wonder what kind of person he is…?” asked Gerald, suddenly recalling what Wagner had earlier said.

It wasn’t the first time Gerald had heard that name either. After all, Master Ghost had also helped Alice escape from her predicament back then. As he thought about it, Gerald wondered if Master Ghost could actually be more accurate than the picture of the sun.

“Ah, well, Master Ghost is a mysterious master in Halimark City, known for his extremely accurate calculations. I had personally paid him a visit on the eleventh of last month to ask him when I would finally be able to meet the person in the portrait. After all, my family had already been waiting for well over eight hundred years. In response, he told me to just continue waiting since my family had been told to do so. However, he also said that I would be able to meet said person after a short while. In which case, he was right. Just as he had predicted, you appeared not long after!”

Hearing that, Gerald frowned slightly. If that person truly was that powerful, then Gerald definitely needed to pay him a personal visit as well.

“Where does Master Ghost live?” asked Gerald.

“Is there something you need to ask him about, mister? I’ll arrange for your meeting but he won’t be meeting anyone today!”

“Why is that?”

“Well, let’s just say that Master Ghost has an odd habit. He only tells people their fortunes on odd-numbered days. He simply refuses to meet anyone on days with even numbers! As a result, you’ll have to wait for tomorrow—which will be the twenty-first—if you wish to see him!” explained Wagner.

“I see… Then it can’t be helped. I’ll head to the Enchanted Feast’s medicine auction first to see if I can find the herb I want” replied Gerald with a nod.

With the pledge of the holy water just around the corner, he knew that the pellet could potentially be extremely useful. As a result, he was adamant about collecting wiqerice herbs to refine it. Besides, Gerald knew that the mysterious person had definitely left it in the box for a reason.

As Gerald helplessly thought about how little he still knew about the mysterious person, Wagner began coughing rather badly as he said, “I-if that’s the case… allow me to… accompany you…”

“…I’ll tend to your injuries first before anything else… Give me a moment to write a prescription for you… Tell your people to grind the herbs once I’m done…”

Once everything was done, Gerald and Wagner hailed a taxi to head to the Enchanted Feast. Though it had already gotten quite dark, the venue hosting the Enchanted Feast was brightly lit. It was also extremely crowded.

“Apologies, but this is a private event. If you don’t have an invitation card, then kindly leave,” said a security guard rather rudely after walking up to the duo.

“An invitation card? Humph! I’m Wagner Yarne! Are you saying that even I require an invitation card?” replied Wagner rather placidly.

Hearing that, the security guard’s eyes widened as he coldly said, “And who the hell is Mr. Yarne? I’ve never heard of such a name! Look, if you don’t have an invitation card, then get lost! Also, you there! What are you looking at? Do you think that just about any random person can attend the Enchanted Feast?”

“…Hmm? Say, Yasmeen! Look there! Isn’t that your university junior? He’s here too!” said a feminine voice from behind Gerald.

Turning around, Gerald saw that it truly was Yasmeen and her friends. To think that they would bump into each other again for the second time tonight.

“Hah! It seems that he wants to attend the Enchanted Feast to have some fun! Sadly, it looks like he was rejected from entering!”

“What a foolish person! Did he go mad from being poor for so long? How could a random person like him even think about participating in the Enchanted Feast all willy-nilly?”

As Yasmeen’s female friends continued laughing and talking among themselves, Yasmeen herself had her mouth gaping so widely that an entire egg could probably fit in it.

When she finally recovered from her shock, Yasmeen asked in a surprised tone, “…Gerald? Why did you come here…?”

“What other reason could there be? You know what they say, the poorer one is, the more they want to show off! He must have come over to have a look around and take some pictures! I wouldn’t be surprised if he posted the photos as ‘proof’ that he had attended the event!” whispered the women among themselves.

Though it was quite evident that Yasmeen’s friends were disgusted with Gerald, Gerald himself said nothing.

It wasn’t long before Yasmeen and her friends decided not to linger around Gerald any longer. After all, several people were now looking at them.

Taking the initiative to get them away from Gerald, a man standing beside Yasmeen said, “That’s quite enough. Let’s just head in already. After all, the event is about to begin.”

Hearing that, Wagner was filled with deep shame.

Giving the guard an indignant look, he then said, “Are you sure you don’t want to let us in? While the medicine auction is organized under the name of the Enchanted Feast, last I checked, it doesn’t belong to the Minshall family! Don’t you think you’re crossing the line a little?”

“As I’ve said, you’re prohibited from entering unless you have an invitation card!” replied the guard coldly.

“What’s wrong?” said a loud and clear female voice out of the blue.

The voice was so striking that several people immediately turned to look at the voice’s owner. Wagner—who seemed to recognize the voice—on the other hand, instantly grew gloomy.

Turning around, both he and Gerald were greeted by the sight of a group of people walking toward them. With the person leading the people being a tall, slim, and seemingly multiracial woman whose face was sharply contoured—almost like a marble—it wasn’t hard to guess that she was the one who had shouted out earlier.

Her chin was raised high and hints of disdain could be seen in her eyes as she continued walking on while looking at Wagner.

All the present security guards, on the other hand, shouted in unison, “A pleasure to have you, young lady!”
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1109
“If it isn’t Zoey Minshall…” said Wagner rather casually as he looked at Gerald.

“It’s best that you don’t get fooled by her pretty looks, Mr. Crawford… Zoey is the young lady of the Minshall family and she’s known for being both cruel and vicious when dealing with things… You know, I heard that the Minshall family’s old master’s health has been deteriorating in recent years… It’s no secret among those in Halimark City that she’s hired people to refine some sort of eternal pellet. I guess that’s why the Minshalls organized the Enchanted Feast and invited the organizers of the valuable herb auction here in advance. She probably already has her eyes set on a few herbs!” added Wagner.

“Sounds to me like you’re not on friendly terms with the Minshalls. Are they the most powerful family in Halimark City?” asked Gerald as he looked back at Wagner before laughing wryly.

Nodding slightly awkwardly, Wagner then replied, “Well, the Yarnes were still the largest family here up till a few hundred years ago… Now, however, my family has unfortunately fallen to second place in terms of power… Today, the city’s economic flow is controlled entirely by the Minshall family… Since we’re not being granted access into the event despite the fact that my family runs a medicine-based business, it’s clear that the Minshalls are deliberately targeting me! I sincerely apologize for that, Mr. Crawford… I’ll get someone to acquire and send two invitation cards to us right this instant!”

Gerald simply remained silent after hearing that.

Zoey herself soon walked close enough to stare coldly at both Gerald and Wagner. Though her expression was frigid, she didn’t say a word to the duo. Instead, led by several security guards, she continued walking into the venue with several others following behind her. Also notable, was an imposing-looking middle-aged man who walked beside her the entire time.

Once inside, the security guard from earlier walked over to Zoey before respectfully saying, “Since I didn’t allow Wagner to enter earlier, he seemed to be particularly angry, miss.”

“You did a very good job, then. I just want him to know that though the Minshalls are a foreign family, we’ve already established our dominance here in Halimark City. Local rascals like him need to pay attention to their own status. He of all people should know not to step into the Minshall family’s territory as he wishes. Then again, it’s not like he can. Besides, my family had previously told him to collect herbs that my grandpa needs within a year’s time. To think that he didn’t even pay much attention to the request! I’ve already given him enough respect for not personally teaching him a lesson for that!” replied Zoey calmly.

Lowering her voice slightly, she then added, “Speaking of which… Have you done the thing I told you to?”

“Worry not, miss. Under no circumstances will it fail. We’ll definitely obtain the elixir that we’ve set our eyes on!” replied the guard coldly.

After a few more people entered the venue, Wagner finally got hold of the invitation cards. It had taken a short while, but both Gerald and Wagner could now enter.

Inside, Gerald soon found out that all the herbs being auctioned there truly were both ancient and valuable. He also came to realize that he needed some of them for himself.

Though many others were already making bids for a herb when Gerald and Wagner arrived at the bidding area, Gerald didn’t take it upon himself to be cordial.

“Seven million dollars!” shouted Gerald.

Naturally, his insane proposal instantly changed the atmosphere in the venue slightly.

As several people took turns staring at the sitting youth who had made that massive bid, one of the seated women in the room quickly exclaimed in surprise, “…Hmm? Yasmeen, look there! I-isn’t the one who shouted, your junior?!”

“H-huh? You’re right! Also, did he say seven million dollars earlier? He must’ve just yelled that amount for the heck of it, right? He can’t truly be that rich, right…?”

“I’m guessing that’s the case! Regardless, how did he even sneak into this place…? From the looks of it, I wonder if he’s even participated in an auction before… Once you offer a price, you can’t retract it, you know? If nobody offers a higher price he’s bound to be ruined!”

The ones who had spoken were obviously Yasmeen’s friends, and they were all feeling equally surprised and helpless by both Gerald’s presence there and also his bidding amount.

After all, the highest price offered up till this point was only around a million dollars. At the rate things were going, they had assumed that bidding for the current herb would stop once someone offered two million dollars. To think that Gerald had actually offered seven million dollars!

As the girls continued discussing among themselves, the plump man who had made the two million dollar bid sat down sensibly. Immediately after doing so, however, he shot a glance at Zoey.

Noticing his gaze, Zoey herself—who was sitting in the front row of the VIP seats—slightly narrowed her beautiful eyes before gesturing at a security guard who was standing at the side.

Seeing that, the guard—who was none other than the one who had blocked Gerald and Wagner’s path at the door earlier—immediately headed to where Gerald was seated before coldly saying, “Good evening, gentlemen! Our sincerest apologies, but we need to check your invitation cards!”

“You’re telling me that among all the people here, you’re only going to check ours? That kind of bullsh*t, don’t you think, mister?” replied Wagner as he took in a deep breath, now so angry that he was already trembling all over.

“Since you offered such a high bid, I’m just afraid that someone snuck in here to cause trouble! As a result, please give me your cooperation, gentlemen!”
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1110
After hearing the security guard’s dumb reasoning, Gerald simply frowned slightly before replying, “Let him have a look!”

Following Gerald’s order, Wagner presented their invitation cards to the security guard who—once he received them—immediately began checking the cards thoroughly.

Gerald, however, was no longer the naïve person he used to be. He already had an idea of what the security guard and Zoey were up to.

Noticing that the guard was wearing an earphone, Gerald used his heightened perceptive hearing to listen in on their plan. Instantly recognizing Zoey’s voice, he heard her order, “Drive them away, and be sure to investigate that youth’s background. If he truly is rich, then we may as well arrange for someone to blackmail them.”

Hearing that, Gerald couldn’t help but smile bitterly.

Wagner had already mentioned that the Minshalls were only rich due to them relying on both thefts and robberies. After all, the Minshall family’s ancestors were all pirates.

After hearing Zoey’s plans, Gerald really had to try his hardest not to burst out laughing.

“Apologies, gentlemen, but after looking through your admission tickets, they seem to be fake! Due to that, please leave!” grunted the guard.

“Fake? How the hell are they fake? You’d better give me a proper explanation, right this instant!” shouted Wagner as he immediately stood up, now fuming in anger.

“We can prove that they’re fake!” shouted Yasmeen’s friends out of the blue as they, too, stood up from their seats.

Following that, the middle-aged man from Yasmeen’s group—who was the same person who had told the girls to enter the venue earlier—added, “We’re acquainted with that young man! He goes by Gerald Crawford and he’s from Mayberry! However, the most important thing to note is that he’s a poor student!”

“Yeah! Both he and that man were stopped at the door earlier, you know? I saw them on the phone earlier when I was heading to the washroom too! They must have purchased the fake tickets then!” shouted another female friend of Yasmeen’s.

It was honestly quite obvious why they were doing all this. After all, anyone sensible would be able to tell that the security guard was one who belonged to the Minshall family. By stepping forward now and cooperating with the Minshalls, there existed a chance that that family would have a deeper impression on them. With any luck, the Minshalls could, in turn, potentially aid them in future as well.

What more, this was also an opportunity for them to get to know more rich merchants!

“A poor student? How did he even manage to sneak into this place?”

As the others in the venue began discussing the situation, Yasmeen herself looked at Gerald before saying, “You know, you were quite an honest person in the past… To think that you’d end up like this… Look, if you really came here to gain more insight, then you should focus on earning money properly! If you have the energy to do such unnecessary things, then you may as well use that energy to do part-time jobs! You can’t just step into an event with this level of social class all willy-nilly!”

Watching as Yasmeen shook her head, Wagner immediately began looking around to find anyone who knew him. To his surprise, nobody within the spacious auction house seemed to be locals aside from those from the Minshall family!

“Well, regardless, of whether the tickets are real or not, the main focus is still whether we have the money to buy the herbs here, no?” said Gerald at that moment as he shook his head, a bitter smile on his face.

Following that, he turned to look at the organizers before adding, “I’m sure the organizers don’t intend on missing out on a chance to earn money, correct?”

“If you’re truly able to fork out enough money to buy the herbs here, then you’re definitely a distinguished guest to us, sir!” replied one of the organizers.

After all, what Gerald had said was true. They just wanted to earn more and they couldn’t care less about whether Gerald and Wagner had tickets or not.

Upon hearing that, the guard didn’t even know what else to say. As a result, he simply took in a deep breath before turning to leave.

“…How annoying!” grumbled Wagner angrily.

Of course, Gerald felt the same, and he wasn’t about to allow such an incident to pass without any consequences. Long before the guard had turned to leave, Gerald had already secretly plucked a strand of hair off the guard.

It was now time to make use of it.

After taking only a few steps away from them, the security guard suddenly began trembling all over… The next thing everyone knew, he suddenly let out a terrifying howl!

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