The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 1161-1170

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1161
Even though he hadn’t even begun thinking about what the dark light—that had escaped from the black coffin—was, Gerald truly didn’t dare to dwell any longer on any of all this, at least not for the moment.

The stress of all this just felt like a ticking time bomb weighing on his mind.

“…Speaking of which, where’s Chester?” asked Gerald, suddenly remembering about him.

“Ah. Well, the young lord had been comatose for quite a long time as well, but he regained his consciousness about half a month ago. However, he suffered quite a lot of physical injuries, especially his legs. Even till today, he still hasn’t been able to get out of bed,” replied one of the bodyguards.

“I see. It’s good enough for me that he survived!”

While the way Gerald and Chester had gotten acquainted was nothing short of dramatic, Gerald remembered how Chester had risked his life to protect him back when he was close to passing out. Due to his heroic actions, Gerald had felt extremely touched.

“…Also, aside from our signals, were any of you able to detect Miss Gunter’s…?” asked Gerald.

“About that… We searched for her for seven whole days and nights, but we weren’t successful in locating her at all, Mr. Crawford!” replied the same bodyguard from before.

Upon hearing that, Gerald was immediately filled with self-reproach.

Before descending into the ocean, Gerald had made up his mind that he would protect her since he had brought her beneath the waves with him. In the end, however, he had nearly failed to protect himself!

Due to that, he had burdened Yume. He didn’t even know if she was currently still alive or not. If only she hadn’t gone down there with him, she could have remained safe…

The thought of that made Gerald clench his fists tightly.

While he had initially thought that he could just do as he pleased with his current capabilities, in the end, it was all just a hopeless endeavor… He had just been lying to himself this entire time.

To think that a few small Dead Annies was all it took to render him incapable of fighting… If he hadn’t arranged for support above sea back then, Gerald knew that there was a high possibility that he would’ve already died in the depths of the ocean by now.

Even so, the most pitiful person throughout this entire event had to be Yume…

‘I’m so sorry…!’ Gerald thought to himself, his expression pale.

When Jasmine saw that expression on his face, her initial joy—of him finally waking up—instantly disappeared. In its place, an immense sense of loss began filling her heart.

‘…Why does she get to be blessed with having Gerald worry about her…? Haha! I’m pretty sure that Gerald wouldn’t be this sad if I were in her shoes…’

As Jasmine thought about that, Gerald himself was already scanning through the eternal coffin again.

No matter how much he looked at it, however, the coffin didn’t seem to be fake.

‘…Then… perhaps I really did save the woman in white…? The problems just keep adding to the pile… Regardless, it seems that grandpa knew about the origins of the Dead Annie flowers… Once I meet up with him, I’m sure I’ll be able to understand more about its mysteries…’

‘Speaking of grandpa, since a month and a half has already passed, he and the other legends should have long started their journey to the pledge of the holy water… I wonder how they’re all doing…’

‘Regardless, while I had initially promised to meet up with grandpa and the others once I located the woman in white’s corpse, I don’t even know where her body has gone now…’

His train of thought was cut short when miserable screams of bodyguards could suddenly be heard outside the manor!

Seconds later, the sound of a door being smashed open could be heard!

“What on earth are you doing? Anyone without an invitation is prohibited from entering this place!” shouted Gerald as he ran out to have a look at what all the commotion was about.

Upon arriving at the scene, Gerald saw a few of his bodyguards confronting a young woman who looked to be around twenty. The woman herself looked extremely cold and unapproachable.

Gerald also saw over ten seriously injured bodyguards—who were all clutching onto their chests—lying on the floor.

Before he could register anything else, several of the remaining guards began rushing toward her while shouting, “You’re courting death!”

Lifting her arm and waving her hand slightly, the bodyguards quickly found themselves flying backward as though they were all just broken kites!

As Gerald watched his men topple all over the place, he felt his eyelids twitch rapidly as he shouted, “Step down, men!”

After getting his subordinates to stop attacking, Gerald turned to get a better look at the woman.

While the purple and black eyeshadow as well as her relatively dark lipstick made the woman look extremely charming, that wasn’t what was on Gerald’s mind at the moment.

After all, he now knew who the woman was. She was none other than Linus’s kind-hearted niece, Queena!
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1162
He remembered how she had helped him enter the Yonwick family’s manor in the previous month after he had been denied access into the manor by one of the Yonwick’s apprentices.

At the time, Gerald had thought that she was extremely sweet and warm-hearted. After all, from what Gerald had personally experienced, nice women like her were far and few between in today’s world.

While that had been his initial impression of her, the current Queena’s temperament was vastly different from the one he had met back then.

Instead of the gentleness he had remembered her by, she was now displaying extreme arrogance and viciousness.

What more, while Gerald was sure that she was just an ordinary woman before this, he could now sense immense inner strength emanating from her. It was so overbearing that even Gerald had to admit that he was probably weaker than her at that moment. It was truly bewildering, to say the least.

“…What are you doing, Queena?” asked Gerald rather hesitantly.

“Why, I came over to see you, of course!” replied the woman as she placed both her arms behind her back while looking at Gerald rather fiendishly as though she was staring at someone whom she hadn’t met for a long time.

“While I appreciate your kind gesture of visiting, don’t you think you went a little overboard by hurting my men, Queena?” said Gerald as he turned to glance at the wailing bodyguards who were still lying on the floor.

“It’s their fault for stopping me from entering! Quite honestly, if it wasn’t for the fact that I was worried that you’d get angry, I would’ve just chopped their heads off by now! I refrained from doing so just for you, you know? I hope that gives you a clear image of how important you are to me!” replied the woman as she began seductively walking toward Gerald.

No human would ever treat another’s life as a trivial thing, especially not Queena, the person who would probably be sad for quite some time after a kitten or puppy died.

“…You… You aren’t Queena, are you? Who are you?! Queena isn’t like this at all!” declared Gerald in a frigid tone.

“You’re always like this, aren’t you…? No matter what I do, you’ll still end up having doubts about me… While it’s true that I cheat a lot, I’d never ever cheat you! Despite that, you still keep doubting everything I do!” said Queena in return as her eyes suddenly turned vicious.

“I’ve no idea what you’re talking about, but I know for a fact that you aren’t Queena!”

“Is it really that important whether I truly am Queena or not? After all, the most important thing is that we’ll still end up being together in the future! Nobody’s going to be able to snatch you away from me!” replied Queena as she smiled smugly.

Now directly in front of Gerald, Queena stared intently at his face. However, the moment she raised a hand to caress his cheek, Gerald quickly took a step backward, leaving her hand hanging in mid-air.

Looking at Gerald with a smile, she then said, “Fine, fine, I won’t tease you anymore… See, I came here today to give you some time to prepare yourself. Since tomorrow’s a good day, I’ve decided that we’re getting married then!”

“…What? Marriage?” replied Gerald, stunned.

“…I already have a fiancée so it’s impossible that I’d marry you! Also, I’m a good three to four years older than you!” added Gerald.

After undergoing such a huge change, Gerald knew that Queena wasn’t the same person she used to be. While he was sure about that, he wasn’t willing to argue with her just yet. After all, he was still unable to get an accurate reading of how strong she truly was. Due to that, he would only have a row with her as a last resort.

“I don’t care about that! We’re getting married tomorrow and that’s final! I wish to announce our love and marriage to everyone on the planet!”

Following that, Queena turned around and headed to the door leading outside. However, the moment she got there, Jasmine suddenly stepped forward while exclaiming, “Hold it! Who do you even think you are? Gerald already has someone he loves! You can’t just order him to get married to you out of the blue!”

Upon hearing that, Queena stopped walking forward. Tilting her head slightly to look at Jasmine, she then growled in a spine-tingling voice, “While I already hate any women that get too close to him, I hate women like you more! Women who dare to disobey my wishes!”

The moment her sentence ended, she stretched open her fingers before taking in a small breath. Through that action alone, Jasmine felt her entire body being pulled toward her!

“Jasmine!” shouted Gerald as he immediately stretched his own hand out to hold onto her.

However, before he was even able to touch Jasmine’s arm, Gerald suddenly felt a strong inner force against him! He found himself retreating a few steps due to the impact alone.

Looking at his hurting hand, Gerald saw that her attack had caused his thenar webspace to be completely torn off! His green veins were also extremely visible now, pulsating as his arms and palms began bleeding.

Jasmine herself was now being strangled by Queena…
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1163
‘S-she’s so strong…!’ Gerald thought to himself.

He only needed to experience her inner force once to know that her current force was already immensely different compared to the other forces he had previously come into contact with.

If he had to make a comparison between his force and hers, it was like comparing dirty water in a stagnant pool to pure and distilled water. With a difference that large, there was absolutely no doubt who held more power here.

Gerald watched as Jasmine’s face flushed as Queena slowly intensified the grip of her force.

Jasmine was going to die any second now if Queena truly wanted to end her!

“Stop!” shouted Gerald as he quickly began running toward her again.

“Worry not, I won’t kill her like this… After all, I can see that you care for her a lot! Anyway, I’ll be taking her with me until I get your answer!” replied Queena as she gently touched Jasmine’s body…

The moment she did so, Jasmine instantly blacked out! As Queena exited the manor, both Gerald and Bryson ran after her.

Upon exiting, however, the two men immediately saw several of the Yonwick family’s cars and bodyguards waiting outside. As the unconscious girl was brought into one of the cars, Queena herself stood before another car’s door before tilting her head to look at Gerald.

“You know, no matter where you go, you won’t be able to escape! I’m not letting you slip away from me again!” said Queena before closing the car’s door behind her and ordering her men to drive.

“J-Jasmine…!” shouted Bryson, looking extremely worried as he watched the cars drive off.

Seconds after Bryson shouted, Gerald began coughing loudly before vomiting a mouthful of blood!

“Mr. Crawford!”


Seeing him in such a state, Joshua and the others immediately surrounded him.

While it was true that Gerald was now conscious, he was still only at around seventy percent of his usual strength at the moment due to the damage he sustained from the Dead Annies.

Adding that to the fact that Queena had almost crushed the force in Gerald’s entire body when he came into contact with her force while trying to save Jasmine earlier, there were now both old and new injuries on him.

She was simply too strong! Due to all the injuries, he simply couldn’t hold back the surge of his force and blood.

After all that, he now knew that even at his peak form, it was still going to be difficult for him to resist any of Queena’s attacks.

“She… She’s too strong, senior! I don’t think you can take her on unless master is here…!” said Joshua.

“…I have to agree…” replied Gerald as he shook his head bitterly.

“Still, to think that she’s so strong despite her young age! How truly unimaginable!” exclaimed Bryson.

“Queena isn’t that strong… In fact, I know for certain that that isn’t Queena! Regardless, I do have a pretty good hunch of who she actually is!” replied Gerald as he held onto his chest, still enduring the immense pain there.

“Who do you have in mind?” asked both Joshua and Bryson in unison.

However, Gerald didn’t reply. Instead, he only turned to face the manor, looking in the direction where the eternal coffin had been stored…

“…Who she is doesn’t matter. Whatever the case is, since all this is happening because of me, I won’t allow anyone other than me to get hurt! Worry not, I’ll surely bring Jasmine back!”

It was a little while later when the team of cars stopped before the Yonwick family manor. Turning to look at the back seat, the driver saw that Queena had her eyes closed. Following that, he then called out, “We’re here, miss!”

Sensing how dominant her aura was without even the need to be angry was certainly astonishing for the driver and the other Yonwick family bodyguards. Starting as early as half a month ago, Miss Yonwick truly had changed a lot…

For one, everyone was immediately able to tell that something was wrong then since she had constantly kept herself locked in her room from that point onward…

While she finally came out again today, her immediate response was to order—in a commanding tone—the Yonwick family’s team of cars to set off with her!
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1164
Up till that point, nobody had ever seen Queena behaving like that. However, due to how commanding her tone was, everyone couldn’t help but obey her every word. Her imposingness was simply too powerful!

Regardless, after being told that they had arrived, Queena simply stepped out of the car and began walking into the manor.

Inside the manor itself, a minor familial commotion seemed to be taking place…

Aside from the fact that several Yonwicks were currently standing together, Freya herself was currently walking to and fro, looking quite anxious.

The issue stemmed from the fact that she had initially planned to rush to the airport to pick a friend up. However, she soon realized that Queena had taken all the family’s cars out together with her!

‘D*mn it all!’ Freya cursed in her mind.

Queena was just her third uncle’s daughter, which meant that she didn’t have a high status! To think that she would actually be daring enough to take the team of cars out, even though Freya was—supposedly—the only one who could use them! How absolutely frustrating!

As Freya continued being outraged, she finally saw Queena slowly making her way toward the group of Yonwicks.

“We should really discipline Queena properly this time, dad! Even though she’s just from Third uncle’s family, she’s slowly getting more and more imprudent by the day by not respecting her elders!” declared Freya.

While Linus said nothing, Queena’s parents quickly ran over to the angered girl before saying, “We’ll discipline our own daughter, young lady!”

“Since she’s using the family’s resources, it’s up to you whether you wish to discipline her. Regardless, I’m still going to personally teach her a lesson!” growled Freya angrily.

Though Freya wanted to give Queena a piece of her mind as soon as she stood before her, Queena never stopped walking… In fact, she didn’t even greet anyone!

Almost as though she hadn’t seen anyone at all within the manor, Queena simply continued making her way to her room without a word!

That, of course, only served to amplify Freya’s anger.

In an angered tone, Freya then shouted, “Hey, Queena! Didn’t you see us standing here? Aren’t you going to greet us at all? Regardless, why the hell did you use all the family’s cars without permission? While we’re at it…”

Though Freya still had a lot to say, the moment she saw the woman that her family’s bodyguards were currently dragging in, her voice slowly trailed off in shock. She wasn’t the only one feeling that way either.

The second Linus and the others saw her, everyone was utterly flabbergasted.

“M-miss Fenderson?! Why…” stuttered Linus whose face had already gone pale.

After all, it had taken so much effort just to send her away back then… To think that she had actually been recaptured by one of his family members! Wasn’t this going to cause their family to truly be exterminated this time?!

“You… You actually brought Miss Fenderson back here again?!” shouted Freya in her bewilderment.

Hearing that, Queena turned to face the rest of the Yonwicks, staring specifically at Freya. The moment she felt Queena’s cold gaze on her, Freya instantly began trembling. Both frightened and shocked, Freya felt as though she had just been tossed into some freezing dungeon.

After continuing to stare at her for a little while, Queena then sneered, “From now on, everything in this family is at my disposal, and that includes you! Now step down!”

Following that, Queena simply waved her hand slightly and Freya was instantly tossed out!

With her sneer alone already sounding so oppressive, none of the Yonwicks dared to go against her decision, not even Linus! In a way, it almost felt like whatever she ordered had to be obeyed no matter what!

Freya—who was now lying on the ground—was now too terrified to even crawl back up. Gulping in fear, she then watched as Queena continued bringing Jasmine back into her room…

A little while later, Jasmine was brought into Queena’s room, and the moment she was released, Jasmine glared at her before saying, “…I’ve met Queena before… She’s kind and gentle! After all, my grandpa, younger sister, and Master Joshua had only remained safe throughout that time with her secret help! You’re too ruthless to be her!”

“…Oh? Aren’t you afraid of me…? Don’t you fear that I’ll kill you at all?” replied Queena as she looked at the girl curiously.

“Not in the least! Hell, not only am I not afraid of you, but I’m willing to die if it’s for Gerald, the person I love most! If you’re planning on using me to threaten Gerald to marry such a vicious woman as you are, you’d best give up the idea! Know that the moment you threaten him with that, I’ll end myself so that Gerald won’t have to worry about me anymore!” declared Jasmine, displaying no weakness in her voice.

Upon hearing that, Queena’s eyelids twitched. It was evident that what Jasmine had just said had seriously irked her.

“…You’re a rich young lady, aren’t you? With so many men in the world, why do you insist on loving him? Even to the point of sacrificing yourself! You’d abandon everything for him without the slightest hesitation! Why is that?” asked Queena, jealousy reflected in her eyes.

From what Jasmine could tell, her words had evoked some painful memories in her.

“…It’s because I love him! With my strong feelings for Gerald, I’m able to do anything for him without ever having to be at a loss of what to do!” replied Jasmine.

“…I don’t believe in love, and I certainly won’t believe that a woman, especially one who’s as prestigious and high-positioned as you are, would truly abandon everything for him! After all, even I wasn’t able to do that… And because of that, I’ve suffered terribly for my entire life!” shouted Queena as she clenched her fists so tightly that her sharp fingernails dug deep into her palms, causing her excruciating pain….
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1165
“…You… don’t know what love is…? …So that’s why you go to such extremes when dealing with things! …Look, I’ll have you know that fame and wealth are only able to give people the illusion of happiness… No matter how much of them you gain, you won’t ever truly be happy without knowing what love is! After all, with an empty heart, you won’t be able to hold on to anything dear… No amount of fame or wealth can fill that gap, and you’ll just continue suffering till the day you die unless you come to understand that!” explained Jasmine.

While she didn’t know who the woman in front of her was yet, that wasn’t really the crucial thing now. The important thing was that though the woman was extremely powerful, she had a fatal weakness.

She appeared to have been deeply hurt by love.

Queena herself couldn’t help but stare at Jasmine in amazement after hearing all that. While Queena had initially planned to kill Jasmine after inflicting immense fear into the girl—to the point of forming an utterly terrified expression—she now felt as though she had been defeated by Jasmine.

After all, the girl had been indifferent toward all her threats. It simply made Queena feel like a loser.

“…You’re intelligent, I’ll give you that… Regardless, you’ve touched me deeply… Alright, hear me out. I’ll now tell you a story, and after listening to it, I need you to identify which of the two girls in the tale are wrong! If you’re able to give me a clear answer, I’ll consider freeing you,” replied the moved Queena as she sat at the side.

Jasmine gave no verbal reply, and only stared at the sitting girl.

Seeing that, Queena then began her tale.

“There were once a pair of sisters, twin sisters, to be exact… Both of them were like two peas in a pod, and the older sister was named Chloe while the younger one went by Indigo. The sisters had always had a very good relationship, even from their childhood days. They always enjoyed things together, but also made sure to endure all their misfortunes side by side.”

“All this continued until they met a guy at the age of sixteen. Not only was the person in question extremely diligent and considered to be a young genius, he was also extraordinarily handsome! It was like he was excellent in every sense! Regardless, both sisters ended up falling for him at about the same time…”

The love they felt for him, however, was somewhat similar to the love that Jasmine had earlier described, though both of them would only come to realize that later.

The young genius himself had first fallen for Chloe, the elder twin. While for a time, the three of them were able to enjoy beautiful sunsets and sunrises together, hand in hand, Chloe eventually ended up growing dissatisfied.

Not only did she want to have him all for herself, but she also had a gut feeling that her younger sister would end up ruining her relationship with him in the future.

This wasn’t a baseless assumption either. After all, both of them had constantly been compared with each other ever since they were young. While the younger sister was known to be witty, obedient, and agreeable, nobody ever praised Chloe.

Though she had initially been fine with that, now that the young genius had fallen for her, she began taking it more personally. Knowing how much more exceptional her younger sister was compared to her, she was well aware that others would find it much easier to notice Indigo’s potential and advantages, including the young genius.

As a result, Chloe began distancing herself from Indigo. Eventually, she even began targeting her younger sister!

Despite all that, Indigo would always tolerate Chloe’s behavior. To Chloe’s dismay, the more Indigo tolerated her, the clearer and stronger her advantages became.

Not wanting to be outdone, Chloe decided to build up her own aura, one that would overtake her younger sister’s.

However, the harder she trained to achieve that, the more unscrupulous she ended up becoming. Eventually, she became completely blinded by fame and wealth, losing herself as well as her initial aspirations.

Sometime later, an incident happened where Chloe stepped over the line. Because of her actions, everyone ended up standing against her and this included her younger sister who ended up breaking relations with her. However, the most devastating blow came from the young genius who had chosen to stand against her as well…

Feeling that she had lost everything at that moment, Chloe became enveloped with fury and resentment.

As the incident developed even further, the young genius grew further and further apart from Chloe. This was because throughout the past few years, he had endured a number of misfortunes together with Indigo. Due to that, both of them developed quite a deep relationship.

Brimming with jealousy upon finding out about that, Chloe began deliberately starting fights with Indigo. Due to how much they fought, their resentment eventually got to a point where both of them wanted each other dead.

When a crisis happened one day, Chloe finally had a chance to prove herself.

If she had only been willing to abandon all her fame and wealth to save him back then, the situation could’ve been eased… However, she had been hesitant at the most critical time.

During the crisis, Indigo had disregarded her own safety and life, immediately rushing over to the young genius’s side when he was in danger.

It was at that moment when Chloe realized that she had been completely defeated.

Chloe had still been thinking about herself while Indigo had rushed to save the person she loved… She… She just couldn’t admit that she was weaker than Indigo… She wouldn’t…

By this point, Queena’s eyes had already grown teary.

Though Queena hadn’t revealed much about the story to Jasmine, Jasmine could sense that Queena was truly concerned about that young man as well as her resentment back then…
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1166
“…Could… you be Chloe…?” asked Gerald in a careful tone.

After hearing how she had lost everything and completely changed after being betrayed by her friends and family, Jasmine now felt that Queena was more pitiful than anything.

“…That’s not important. Regardless, know that I won’t stop until I get my hands on him, and I will get what I want!” declared Queena as she clenched her fists tightly.

“…But… What does all this have to do with Gerald…?” asked Jasmine rather curiously.

“You wouldn’t understand even if I explained everything to you… Do know that I’m only telling you a summarized version of this story. After all, I’m well aware that you’re a smart girl! I’m not going to tell you everything in detail just so you can find my weaknesses!” sneered Queena.

“…Are you always this defensive with everyone around you…? Were you like this with him as well…?” asked Jasmine.

“Indeed, I was! It… It was the reason why he began distancing himself from me in the first place! However, I’m going to win this time… And I’m winning everything!” replied Queena as she took in a deep breath.

As a frigid expression formed on her face, one of the maids suddenly walked over before saying, “Pardon me, miss Queena…”

“What is it?”

“Young Master Gerald wishes to see you!” replied the maid.

Hearing that, Queena turned to look at Jasmine before saying, “…Please bring Miss Fenderson to the room downstairs… She’s not allowed to leave without my permission, understand?”

After instructing the maid on what to do, Queena walked out the room and began heading to the living room where Gerald currently was.

Once she got there, she saw Linus and the others in the room. Gerald himself was seated on one of the couches in the living room.

After Queena ordered Linus and the other Yonwicks to leave the room, Gerald watched as all of them left before standing up and saying, “While I’m not quite sure what is going on between the two of us, I assure you, Miss Queena, that none of this has anything to do with my friend. With that in mind, please free her!”

While Queena’s face had been quite happy just seconds ago, her expression bittered as she instantly said in a spine-tingling cold voice, “…So… You only came here to ask me to free your friend…?”

“Indeed!” replied Gerald as Queena immediately shot a frigid glare at him.

“Regardless, I have a hunch of who you actually are. I’m not quite sure what your relationship with the woman in white is, nor do I know what misunderstandings you have with Zeus. However, I do know that while I may look exactly like him, I’m not the person you think I am, which is why I’ll never fall for the woman in white! There’s only one person I truly love, and with that in mind, I hope you come to realize that there’s no room for you to negotiate!” added Gerald as he looked straight into her eyes.

Through his analysis on the writing that he had found back on Montholm Island, Gerald recalled there being someone that looked similar to the woman in white, yet wasn’t really her. The doppelganger was the one in charge of heartlessly killing the eight people on that island back then.

Gerald also suspected that the one who had saved him that night was this woman. With her standing before him right now, all his theories simply seemed to point to her.

Queena herself had a look of disbelief on her face, clearly angered by Gerald’s claim as she growled, “Are… Are you trying to fool me…?”
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1167
“I have no reason to lie to you! All that I’ve said is true! I’m truly not the person you’ve been looking for!” said Gerald, looking at her straight in the eye.

Based on her reaction, he no longer had any doubts about what was going on. The person he had saved was definitely not the woman in white. As for the real woman in white, she could very possibly still be within the king of the ocean’s palace.

With these new revelations, Gerald felt it would be wiser not to mention where Zeus’s whereabouts was. He would keep that a secret until he found the real woman in white.

“I don’t care! I’m never going to believe you! Regardless, I’ve told you that we’re getting married tomorrow! Do you already have your answer?” asked Queena as her gaze momentarily softened as she looked at him.

“Marriage isn’t a game, and it’s not like there’s any love between us in the first place… With that in mind, how could we get married?” replied Gerald with a bitter smile.

“It’s definitely no game, I agree with that. Whatever the case is, does that mean that there really is no room for further discussion between us? Is the only one in your heart that lover of yours?” asked Queena as she raised a brow.

Hearing no reply from Gerald, Queena glared daggers at him as she added, “I see. So that’s how it’s going to be. I get where you’re coming from, but just because you don’t love me today, that doesn’t mean you won’t end up loving me in the future! I’ll make you beg me sincerely to love me one day!”

Following that, she pointed at both Gerald’s shoulder and forehead in quick succession. A split second later, Gerald felt his entire body stiffen. He couldn’t move a muscle!

Turning to look at Queena—who had the elegance of a queen—Gerald asked, “What did you do to me?”

“It’s simple, really. All I did was restrain the three largest chakras on your body. I’ve also sealed your inner strength! Due to that, you’re just a regular human being now. Tell you what, I’ll give you a bit more time to think about it. If you truly wish to recover your strength in order to get one step closer to finding the answer you seek, then beg me for marriage. You’ll have to kneel before me while doing so, of course!” replied Queena, her pretty eyes glistening coldly.

Taking in a deep breath, she then gave Gerald an emotionless stare before shouting, “Now head back and sleep on it!”

With that, she turned around to leave.

Throughout this entire time, the other Yonwicks had been standing outside, listening intently to their conversation. Linus himself was already sweating.

He had previously thought that the Holy Witchcraft was already an incredible powerhouse. However, that changed when he found out about Gerald’s existence. For a time, he had already convinced himself that Gerald was the greatest of the great…

However, it wasn’t even that long after they had finally managed to get that death god away from their family when an even bigger threat showed up. To think that that person would be Queena!

In their hearts, everyone was already well aware that the current Queena was no longer the same good girl that they once used to know. Her change was simply too jarring.

Moving back to Gerald, he knew that Queena hadn’t been pulling his leg. True to her word, he instantly found that he could no longer access his strength anymore. As a result, he was well aware that he wouldn’t be able to withstand any attacks anymore, at least for the time being. The worst part was that the injuries his body had suffered now felt even more painful.

‘There must be a way to take her on! There must be…!’ Gerald thought to himself.

Just as he was about to leave, Freya noticed that Queena still hadn’t walked too far off.

Knowing that Gerald had lost his power and was now just a weak person, Freya rushed toward him with glistening eyes as she yelled, “You heartless jerk! How dare you show your face here just to reject our dear Queena? I’ll beat you to death for that!”

Of course, she was only doing all this to get on Queena’s good side. However, before she could land a slap, she felt a tight grip on her wrist.

Gulping, Freya turned around and saw that it was Queena!

“Beat him to death? You have little right to do so! Now leave!” shouted Queena as she tossed Freya to the side.

Turning to look at Gerald again, Queena then said, “One day, you’ll understand that I’m only doing all this for you… I hope that you won’t disappoint me because I’ll destroy anything that I can’t get… Nobody should have what I can’t have!”

With that, Gerald slowly left the Yonwick manor as he held onto his weakened body. Never could he have anticipated that he would meet up with such a difficult opponent like this…

Regardless, while telling her where Zeus currently was would definitely help with his current situation, his gut told him not to reveal the information, and Gerald had decided to trust his intuition.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1168
After all, Zeus seemed to be somewhat related to him, and Jasmine was still being held captive by her.

Regardless, once he got back to the Montholm Island manor, he was immediately greeted by the sight of a group of people surrounding the manor. Everyone was dressed in odd-looking costumes, and there were hundreds of them blocking the manor’s entrance.

However, what caught Gerald’s attention most was a few of his bodyguards lying on the ground.

“Young master! You’ve returned!” shouted several of his bodyguards—who were still conscious—excitedly the moment they saw him.

Realizing that he was now present, Joshua and Lord Fenderson immediately began walking toward him.

Once they were before him, Bryson immediately explained, “These are all members of the Holy Witchcraft, Gerald! The master of the Holy Witchcraft has personally come over today to meet you!”

Hearing that, Gerald immediately knew what they were here for!

“So you’re Gerald?” asked an old woman as she stepped forward.

She was clearly the master of the Holy Witchcraft, and despite already being in her eighties, both her skin and hair seemed to almost glow. There didn’t seem to be many wrinkles on her face either. In other words, she looked much younger than her actual age.

Going by the name of Tiara, she had heard that a powerful young man foreign to Montholm Island had beaten up one of the members of the Holy Witchcraft. From what she had been told, that person didn’t even have a chance to fight back against that young man.

As if that wasn’t enough, the young man even took her grandchild away! With nothing similar ever happening to the Holy Witchcraft in the past century, Tiara knew she had to see that young man for herself to believe it.

“Indeed, I am!” replied Gerald with a nod.

“You? You’re nothing but a sick weakling, are you not? Are you really that powerful? Regardless, know that even if the entire world is afraid of you, I won’t ever be, Gerald, so it’s high time you quit all this nonsense! We’ll talk more about this later, but for now, return my grandchild to me!” said Tiara coldly as she squinted her eyes.

“I didn’t bind Chester to me. He was the one who had chosen to stay by my side, and I’ve always treated him as a friend. No matter what he decides to do today, I’ll support him. Note that the decision is his. If he wishes to go back with you, I won’t try to stop him. However, if he’s unwilling, don’t even think about taking him away! He’s been trying his best to make up for all the wrong he’s previously done!” replied Gerald.

“How arrogant of you! Who do you even think you are, little Gerald?! Fine then, I’ll show you the true power of the Holy Witchcraft today! The floor is yours, Second lord!” declared Tiara as she waved a hand.

Following that, a man in his sixties stepped out from the crowd, an emotionless expression on his face.

He was Hendrik Tindall, the second lord of the Holy Witchcraft.

Locking his eyes on Gerald, he then charged toward him!

Seeing that, Joshua simply smiled before saying, “Who does he even think he is? Senior could easily take him down!”

However, contrary to what he had assumed, within three rounds, Gerald was already clearly out of shape.

Soon after, Hendrik landed a kick on Gerald’s chest, sending Gerald flying as blood spurted out of his mouth!

“And here I thought that you would actually be a capable opponent… As it turns out, you’re just another useless and arrogant brat!” declared Hendrik before laughing.

“…He clearly doesn’t look like a worthy opponent for Chester… While I have no idea what method he used to lead Chester astray, it’s high time we ended all this nonsense. Kill them all, Second lord!” ordered Tiara.

“With pleasure!” shouted Hendrik as he looked at Gerald with a smirk on his face as he raised his right hand.

“Making us come all the way for nothing… You’ll pay with your life, you useless brat!”

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1169
Seconds before Hendrik was able to land his skull-crushing punch on Gerald—who was already prepared to die at this point—a shout made him stop his attack half-way.

Of course, the person who had shouted was none other than Chester.

“Grandma, Second Lord! Please don’t kill master! This has nothing to do with him!” said Chester as he fell to his knees.

“You’re calling him master? How absolutely ridiculous! You’re the master of the Holy Witchcraft! Why on earth would you call this wealthy spoilt brat your master? If news gets out about this, then our clan’s prestigious name will surely be destroyed by you!” replied Tiara as the corner of her lips twitched.

She, for one, was a person who cared a lot about prestige. To her, a man dying was nothing special if it was to maintain the Holy Witchcraft’s status!

“It was my personal decision to be by master’s side! I’ve never wanted to be the young master of the Holy Witchcraft in the first place! All I’ve ever wanted was to live normally… Ever since I began following master, I came to realize that I was actually able to be useful to him, and knowing that, I was happy! After all, I was finally granted a chance to walk away from my past lifestyle and begin making up for all the wrong I’ve done!” cried out Chester.

None of what Chester had said was an exaggeration. He truly had been living in both guilt and pain before this, feeling extremely lost and coming to hate everything since he couldn’t find a way out no matter what.

However, from the moment Gerald had given him a taste of death before pulling him back, Chester became enlightened. In a way, that experience had allowed him to finally find a way to slowly relieve himself of his tormented past.

To make up for all that he had done, he swore from that moment that he would continue doing good deeds by continuing to stay by Gerald’s side. He would finally be able to achieve much more in life.

That wasn’t the only positive thing about all this either. Chester had actually managed to gain more friends throughout his stay with Gerald. The friends in question were Master Joshua and several of the Crawford bodyguards.

In fact, just yesterday, the bodyguards had invited him over to join them for a drink. However, Master Joshua had caught them in the act and for a second there, they all thought that they were going to be in trouble. However, Joshua had only been putting on a façade, and in the end, he ended up joining them as well…

It gave him a feeling of warmth… This was how being alive was supposed to feel.

Chester was also aware that they had invited him to drink with them because they all knew what had happened to him…

They had noticed that Chester was still quite self-conscious despite having turned into a new leaf after he began following Gerald around. He had reason to feel that way too. After all, he was a sinner. An unworthy young master of the Holy Witchcraft…

However, knowledge of that didn’t stop Joshua and the guards from seeing him as a friend. A friend of Gerald’s was a friend of theirs, and it was at that moment when Chester knew he could share anything on his mind with them.

It was nothing short of liberating, and for a moment, Chester truly believed that he had finally been able to walk away from his past.

“…Ridiculous… How absolutely ridiculous! How could the young master of the Holy Witchcraft say something like that?!” roared Tiara in fury, her eyes brimming with murderous intent.

“Since you’re my grandson, I’ll give you one final chance! Kill this Gerald and you’ll be permitted to regain your title of young master of the Holy Witchcraft!” added Tiara.

Looking at the vicious woman, Gerald could only clench his fists tightly. If only Queena hadn’t sealed off his power!

“Don’t make me repeat myself!” warned Tiara.

“Even if I have to die, I won’t hurt my master! Why do you want to kill him so badly, grandmother?! I’ve already left the Holy Witchcraft and I’m over with it! Please, just leave us be already!” replied Chester as he instantly began repeatedly lowering his forehead to the ground.

As blood began trickling down his forehead, the angered Tiara then shouted, “You b*stard of a grandson! Fine then! If you won’t do it, I’ll just kill this useless brat myself!”

With that said, she raised her right palm and—aiming it toward Gerald’s head—instantly began charging toward him!

Without his inner strength, Gerald knew that he wouldn’t be able to dodge the attack, so he could only brace for impact!

A loud ‘thud’ could be heard, as Gerald’s eyes reddened.

However, the redness wasn’t because of the attack. No, it was out of utter shock.

Chester had taken the hit for him, and due to that, part of his skull ended up getting crushed! The worst thing was, Tiara had clearly been able to stop her attack when Chester stood before Gerald. Even so, the old woman had proceeded with the deed anyway!

With blood now spurting out of Chester’s mouth, he fell to the ground right before Gerald.

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1170
The roar had come from Gerald whose eyes were now bloodshot as he stared at all the blood currently gushing out of Chester’s mouth.

As Joshua and Lord Fenderson immediately rushed over, the trembling Chester stuttered, “M-master… it… it hurts…!”

Covering the injured parts of Chester’s head with his hand, Gerald attempted to force his powers out to save him while shouting, “You’ll be fine! Stay with me!”

“I-it’s… too late… Y-you know, master… I… I think I can finally see Lola…! After so many years, she still looks like an eight-year-old child… And… her smile… her laughter… they’re as pretty as ever…!” replied Chester, his voice slowly weakening as more blood spilled out from his mouth.

“I… can see it now… She’s rowing a boat… She’s telling me that we’re going… to see the sunset together… We… We’re finally going to be reunited again… How great…!” added the dying Chester, his trembling slowly getting weaker and weaker…

“I… miss you so much… Lola…”

That was the last thing Chester ever said as his hand slowly went limp.

“Chester!” shouted Joshua.

However, no amount of shouting would be able to help. Chester had already breathed his last breath…

Despite the emotional scene, Tiara herself simply looked away disdainfully.

Even Hendrik had scorn in his gaze as he thought to himself, ‘Well isn’t this great? To think that the young master would actually do all this to anger the master of the Holy Witchcraft! Regardless, now that he’s dead, then that means that the position of future master of the Holy Witchcraft will fall to…’

As Hendrik smirked to himself, Gerald turned to look at Tiara as he growled, “He had already chosen to start a new life… Chester had been ready to start doing good after all the wrong he’s done… How… How could you do something like this to your own blood-related grandson?!”

“He deserves to die for being such a disgrace to the Holy Witchcraft!” retorted Tiara to the furious Gerald.

“You know, I heard from Chester that you were the one who killed Lola as well… You’re one vicious old woman… You’ll certainly die an ugly death one day!” cursed Gerald.

“…What? You… You…! I’ll kill you!” roared Tiara the moment she heard the words, ‘old woman’. That was the last thing she wanted to be referred to as!

Just as the raging old woman was about to charge toward Gerald, a black car—which Gerald recognized to be one of the Yonwick’s—came to a screeching halt close to them.

Following that, the car’s driver immediately stepped out before shouting, “Please, wait a minute!”

“…A subordinate of the Yonwick’s? How dare you attempt to stop me!” replied Tiara with a frown.

“Lady Queena wishes to see you!”

“What? Queena? Who does she even think he is? How dare she order me around!” growled Tiara, her rage seething by this point.

“Please don’t be upset, Master Tiara. Before anything else, Lady Queena told me to show this to you… She said you’d understand once you open it!” said the driver as he tossed a box to Tiara.

Catching it, Tiara then opened it to see what the big deal was. Seconds later, however, her body instantly began trembling wildly as her eyes widened.

“…I-I’ll follow you to meet Lady Queena!” replied Tiara as she immediately bowed! Whatever she had seen in that box, it must’ve been extremely incredible…

Getting the confirmation he needed, the driver then looked at Gerald before saying, “As for you, Mr. Crawford, Lady Queena asks if you’ve made up your mind. If you’re still uncertain about it, I was told to leave you to be dealt with by the Holy Witchcraft’s second lord!”

“Then tell her that even if I were to die, I’ll make her suffer for the rest of her life! She’ll never get what she wants!” replied Gerald, the only person who knew that he was referring to Zeus.

“Very well, then. You’ll be in charge of young master Gerald then, Second lord. However, you’re not allowed to kill him!” said the driver as he turned to look at Hendrik.

While Hendrik himself had never looked up upon the Yonwicks, seeing how terrified the master of the Holy Witchcraft currently was, he didn’t dare to disobey. There was something he wanted to ask Gerald anyway…

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