The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 1181-1190

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1181
“D*mn it! You must be courting your death! Let go of me!”

The woman went crazy as soon as she was grabbed by her hair.

She started flinging her bag around, trying to hit the person who was pulling her hair with her bag.

As a result, before she could even hit the other party with her bag, the other party had already given her a tight slap across her face.

There was a loud sound from the slap.

The woman immediately felt as though her world was spinning, and she was in a state of confusion after getting slapped. She stumbled into a bread stall nearby, and she knocked all of the bread on display down in an instant.

The person who had slapped her was none other than Gerald.

After witnessing the previous scene, Gerald had become so angry and enraged that he could not hold his anger in any longer.

He had seen and encountered many arrogant people in his life, but he had never seen anyone as arrogant as this.

This woman was actually using a person’s pain and difficulty as a way for her to gain excitement and pleasure. Why should he allow this kind of vicious woman to go around harming people?!

“D*mn it! Yumi?!”

As for the rich young man, he was also dumbfounded at this time. Everything had happened too quickly, and the rich young man did not even have time to react at all.

His own woman had actually gotten beaten up in Lugaw City?

She had been beaten up?!

How could this be possible? Who would even dare to do so?!

However, after coming to his senses, the rich young man glared at Gerald as he shouted, “You brat! You are indeed courting your own death, right? You actually dared to hit my woman? Do you know who I am?!”

All of the passersby on the street could not help but take a few steps back at this time.

The locals obviously knew of this rich and young man’s identity and power. This was also the reason why no one dared to say anything even though they had clearly witnessed the scene just now.

This young man might be taking action out of a sense of justice and righteousness, but he was taking it all out on the wrong target! He shouldn’t have gotten involved in Mr. Gross’s business!

That’s right! Mr. Gross could easily kill anyone he wanted to in Lugaw City!

When someone had accidentally offended Mr. Gross the last time, Mr. Gross had actually killed the other party’s entire family in a single night!

The passersby could only secretly think about this matter in their hearts.

“This jade pendant is clearly a genuine piece of jade. This man over here is obviously facing difficulties and in urgent need of money. The both of you are not short of money, yet you threatened him and tried to take the jade pendant from him by force for just eight thousand dollars. Don’t you think that you are being too overbearing? Furthermore, it would have been fine if you did not want to buy it, but why did you guys have to break his jade pendant? This is his life-saving money! Don’t you think that this woman deserves to get hit since she is so heartless and utterly devoid of any consciousness at all?” Gerald replied coldly.

“Husband! Chop him up! I want you to cut off his hands and feet!”

The woman on the ground finally recovered her senses, and she immediately cried out to Mr. Gross as she held onto her face.

“Pfft? She deserves to get hit?! You are truly courting your own death! Men, come over here and chop him up now!”

Mr. Gross said as he waved his hand.

At this time, several of his bodyguards instantly pulled out their machetes as they charged directly at Gerald.

Gerald could not help but feel extremely enraged and furious when he saw them charging toward him.

At this time, strong killing intent filled him instantly.

However, at this critical juncture, Gerald suddenly recalled that he was not allowed to use his inner strength.

As soon as he utilized his inner strength, his yang energy that he had been hiding using the jade pendant would all be in vain, then.

On second thought, even if Gerald did not utilize his inner strength, these men would not be his opponents at all.

Very soon, all of the men were clutching tightly onto their broken arms and ribs, and they were all wailing and crying out in pain as they lay down on the ground.


Mr. Gross and his few remaining bodyguards’ eyes widened in shock.

None of them dared to step forward at this time.

This young brat was actually very powerful!

Mr. Gross could not help but panic when he saw Gerald walking toward him. So, he hurriedly took out a pistol and aimed it directly at Gerald’s head.

“D*mn it! You are truly a very nosy person, aren’t you? I will kill you if you dare to take another step forward!” Mr. Gross yelled with flushed red eyes.

The crowd of people also dispersed as they screamed out in fear.

“Besides, if you dare to make another move, I will definitely not spare this pair of father and daughter’s lives today!” Mr. Gross warned.

Gerald took a deep breath. His inner strength began to move around restlessly.

It would simply be too easy for Gerald to deal with this rich young man.

Gerald would only need to move slightly, and his head would already be rolling on the ground.

Moreover, Gerald could easily slaughter his entire family.

But Gerald could not do so at this time!

Therefore, Gerald could only take a deep breath.

Mr. Gross saw that Gerald had stopped moving at this time.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1182
Mr. Gross could not help but sneer coldly.

“Beat him up!”

Mr. Gross shouted out to the remaining bodyguards behind him.

The bodyguards rushed forward in an instant, and they were about to charge directly toward Gerald to chop him up.


Suddenly, a pair of bodyguards dressed in black came over and stopped those men.

“Who are you people?!” Mr. Gross yelled as he looked at them.

“The Smith family.” The bodyguard casually replied.


Mr. Gross could not help but tremble slightly as he hurriedly put his pistol down.

“So, it turns out that the Smith family is here!” Abner said as he smiled faintly.

The Smith family was indeed one of the very few families that were even more powerful and influential as compared to the Gross family in Lugaw City.

Although Abner was very vicious, he also knew the ways of this world very well, and he knew how to abide by the rules. He knew that there were people that he could provoke, but at the same time, there were also some people he should never try to provoke!

“You cannot touch this man, and you cannot touch this pair of father and daughter either! This is because they are under the protection of the eldest young lady of the Smith family!” The bodyguards said.

“Pfft. The eldest young lady of the Smith family?! I am the…”

Abner’s girlfriend was about to lose her temper as she slowly stood up at this time, but she was immediately stopped by Abner, who gave her a warning look.

“Alright, then. Since the eldest young lady of the Smith family has already spoken up, the Gross family will certainly give her face. Moreover, these are just a few stray dogs anyway. I will let them go if she wants me to!”

Abner said as he nodded and smiled coldly.

After that, he supported the woman as they prepared to leave.

However, as they walked up to Gerald, Abner whispered, “Brother, you’d better watch out. Wait for it. There will come a day when I make you pay for your actions!”

After that, Abner left with his girlfriend.

“Uncle, there are fifteen thousand dollars here. This is given by our eldest young lady. You can just treat it as though she bought the jade pendant from you!”

The bodyguard handed a box that was filled with fifteen thousand dollars over to the middle-aged man. “Use this money to treat your daughter’s illness first. You don’t have to worry about Mr. Gross. He will not cause you any trouble!”

“Thank you! Please thank Miss Smith for her kindness and mercy!”

The middle-aged man was so touched that he was about to kowtow to thank him, but the bodyguard hurriedly stopped him.

As for Gerald, he could not help but feel very touched, and he now had a very favorable impression of the eldest young lady of the Smith family.

At this time, there were two young women who were wearing masks over their faces, looking at this scene from a distance.

These two young women were none other than the two beautiful women from the street earlier.

Their convoy had already arrived at this time.

In fact, when Cundrie had arrived at the scene with her sister just now, they did not know what had happened. They could only see the crowd of people quickly scattering and dispersing.

It turned out that Abner had taken out his pistol and had been pointing it directly at an ordinary young man at this time.

After stopping a passerby to ask about the situation, they found out the general context of everything that had happened earlier.

Therefore, Cundrie had immediately sent her bodyguards to stop Abner.

This had eventually led to the current scene and turn of events.

She had a very kind heart. Therefore, whenever she saw anyone in trouble, she would always help as soon as she could.

Gerald could not help but feel very moved because of this girl’s strong sense of justice.

When he heard the bodyguard saying something about the Smith family, Gerald immediately turned around, and he saw Cundrie through the crowd of people.

Cundrie was wearing a mask at this time, and she simply nodded slightly as she faced Gerald’s gaze.

After that, she turned around and got into the car with her sister.

She did not seem to notice that Gerald looked dumbfounded, and his mind had already gone completely blank as soon as he saw her.

At this time, Gerald’s whole body was trembling in excitement.

This was because Gerald could see this girl’s eyes and figure clearly. He was all too familiar with it, and he would never forget it in this life!


Gerald called her name out loud in disbelief.

This was because the girl was none other than Mila!

However, the girl did not hear him at all.

The car started moving as it left in a hurry.


Gerald hurriedly chased after the car that was leaving from a distance…
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1183
The several bodyguards were all stunned when they saw Gerald chasing after the eldest young lady’s car.

They could not hear what Gerald was shouting out at this time. However, they were worried that the eldest young lady would be in danger. Therefore, they hurriedly got into the car to chase after him.

Gerald continued running after the Cundrie as her car continued driving on.

Inside the car.

“Sister, did you notice that young man before you got into the car just now?” Riley asked with a smile on her face.

“Which young man are you talking about?” Cundrie asked as she frowned slightly, and her red lips were also slightly parted at this time.

“I’m talking about the young man that Abner was pointing a pistol at after he helped that pair of father and daughter!” Riley said, and she covered her mouth as she laughed.

“Him? No. Why?”

“You might not know this, but he looked dumbfounded and completely stunned when he saw you just now! He was just standing in place, and he looked so silly then! Hahaha! I saw the look on his face before I got into the car, and it was truly hilarious! Fortunately, you did not take off your mask. If you had taken off your mask, wouldn’t he have been so mesmerized by your beauty that he would have already fainted on the spot?”

Riley could not help but laugh out loud.

“You are the only person who could say something like that…” Cundrie simply replied.

However, at this time, Cundrie also suddenly thought of the strange expression on the young man’s face earlier when she had nodded slightly at him. He really had had a very stupid and silly expression on his face, and she felt like laughing when she thought about it now.

As Cundrie thought about it, she could not stop the corners of her lips from curving upward into a beautiful arc.

“He is actually quite handsome, and he also has a very kind heart. He is so much better compared to Ferris! This kind of young man would simply be a great husband. Don’t you think so, sister?”

“Shh! Shhh! Stop bringing up my weakness!”

“I am not doing that! But in all honesty, Sister, what is your fantasy about love? Be a little more serious. I am seriously asking you about this matter!”

“My fantasy about love? How can I explain this… In truth, throughout all these years, I have always been thinking about whether there would be a guy like Yang Guo in . He has only ever been in love with his aunt, and he had been searching for her throughout his entire life. Even though there were countless beauties by his side, his goal had always been very clear and certain. He simply wanted to be together with her!”

At this time, a longing look flashed through Cundrie’s eyes.

“Oh. Pfft. I don’t believe that there will be this kind of love in this world. Furthermore, that kind of love would only exist in fantasy novels. There will never be a man who is as infatuated as Yang Guo was in real life. Nowadays, there are only men who would appear and stay by a beautiful woman’s side to get closer to them regardless of anything she had encountered. I feel as though that kind of man would fall in love with any beautiful woman. Hahaha! In truth, this kind of man is just a scumbag in reality! If he cannot wait for his one true love, he might simply forget her really quickly!”

Cundrie nodded in agreement when she heard those words. “What you said seems to make sense too. Men nowadays are no longer that silly!”

“Pfft. Can you stop changing the topic just to avoid my question? Let’s talk about serious business. You have not commented about that young man just now. My guess is that he has already fallen in love with you. Perhaps he is already head over heels in love with you now, and he can no longer forget you. Even though we have already left, he is still chasing after us and following us closely because he wants to take a closer look at you. I am serious! My senses are usually very accurate in this kind of matter! I believe that is the way that he was looking at you just now!” Riley said mischievously.


At this time, the driver suddenly yelled out loud.

Cundrie and Riley frowned at the same time.

After all, girls absolutely disliked and hated men who swore.

“What do you think you are doing?” Riley asked coldly.

The driver pointed at the rear-view mirror before he said, “That kid is really chasing after our car! He is right behind us!”


The two beauties were shocked and surprised at this time, and they hastily turned around to look behind the car.

At first glance, they could see that Gerald was indeed chasing behind their car.

Even though the car was going at an extremely fast speed, Gerald was desperately chasing after the car.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1184
It seemed as though he would not give up if he could not catch up to their car.

Riley covered her mouth and said, “Oh, my God! I really would not have expected that there would be such an infatuated person in this world! Sister, it seems as though he has truly fallen in love with you at first sight!”

Cundrie could not help but blush at this time.

This was because many people had pursued and gone after Cundrie ever since she was young because of her beautiful appearance and excellent temperament. However, she had never met a boy like this.

It would be a lie to say that Cundrie was not moved at all.

“Sister, why don’t we stop the car and see what he wants to say to you? Hahaha! Looking at him, I’ve suddenly thought of a story. It’s about a beggar who fell in love with a rich young lady at first sight. After that, he wrote a love letter to her as he chased after the rich young lady’s sedan to express his love and affection for her. As a result, he ended up getting beaten to death by the rich young lady’s family! Alas, it was all destined to be a tragedy from the very beginning…” Riley said expectantly.

“Why should we stop the car? Don’t be a troublemaker! You should stop watching so many television dramas in the future. They are not good for you!” Cundrie said as she pretended to be angry.

“That’s right! Miss Cundrie, Miss Riley, we cannot attempt to understand a person’s heart nowadays. Who knows if this young man has any other intentions by chasing after our car!”

At this time, the driver also spoke up as he continued driving.

“You should also shut up and focus on driving!” Cundrie said coldly.

Gerald continued chasing after their car at the back.

Gerald knew that he could not be wrong. This was because it would be simply impossible for two people to look the same, just like the lady who was dressed in white.

He could not be wrong.

This girl seemed to be the same girl that he had seen back on Langvern Mountain.

Her back view, her eyes, and even the look in her eyes were exactly the same.

It had to be her! He would not miss out on her again this time.

Very soon, the car finally arrived at the Smith Manor.

“Miss Cundrie, that young lad has really chased you all the way here. You can go in with Miss Riley first, and we will stop him!”

The driver said as he opened the car door for Cundrie.

Cundrie nodded, and she initially wanted to tell him not to hurt Gerald and to simply ask him to leave. However, she did not say anything in the end, and she could only nod slightly.

At this time, Gerald had already caught up to them.

“Mila, is it you?!” Gerald shouted.

His mind was indeed a complete blank at this time, and he had already thought about everything that he could possibly think of.

“What Mila are you talking about?! You brat! Don’t even think about pestering our eldest young lady! This is the Smith Manor! Why don’t you take a look at your own status and identity?! You actually dared to barge in here just like that?! Men, throw him out immediately!”

Several bodyguards surrounded Gerald at this time and captured him as they prepared to throw him out.

However, Gerald struggled desperately, and he finally freed himself from those bodyguards.

After that, Gerald rushed directly toward Cundrie, and he hugged Cundrie tightly from the back amidst the shocked and stunned look in the bodyguards’ eyes.

“Mila, it’s really great to be able to finally see you again! You might not know this, but I have been looking for you everywhere over the past two years!”

Gerald hugged her tightly and desperately, almost as though he was afraid that this would all be a dream.

As for Cundrie, she had initially wanted to resist. However, at this moment, she suddenly felt as though there was a magnetic force that was pulling her to him. She actually felt that she wanted to continue to remain in Gerald’s tight embrace.

She felt as though she could feel a sort of love and affection emitting directly from Gerald’s arms. It felt like a love that could melt everything.

This was an irresistible love…
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1185
Riley could only cover her mouth in surprise as she looked at the drama unfolding in front of her.

She even hurriedly took out her cell phone to take pictures, fearing that she would miss out on this moment.

No one would have expected this young man to be so crazy. Who would have known that he would actually rush up to hug Cundrie as soon as he saw her? This was simply unbelievable! Ahh! This was simply insane!

“I… I am not…”

After a brief period of calmness, Cundrie struggled slightly as she spoke in a soft voice.

It was also this voice that woke Gerald up in an instant.

This was not Mila’s voice.

Gerald hurriedly let go.

Cundrie had a strange expression on her face, as though she was feeling a little apologetic as she turned around slightly.

It was only at this time that Gerald could finally see her whole appearance clearly.

Her back view, her figure, and even her eyes really resembled Mila.

However, although she was also very beautiful… she was not Mila. He had made a mistake.

Gerald was startled, and there was a look of desperation and loss in Gerald’s eyes.

He felt as though he had finally seen the light just now. That was the reason why he had tried so hard to rush toward her, only to realize that it was just another abyss beneath the light.

How could this girl possibly be Mila? Mila had already been captured by the people from the Sun League.

“You b*stard! You actually dared to insult and molest our eldest young lady?! We are going to beat you to death today!”

The bodyguards were all enraged and furious as they came to their senses.

Their eldest young lady was devastatingly beautiful and had countless suitors going after her, but she had actually been hugged by an ordinary person with no status or background at all!

Regardless of whether it was because of their jealousy or sense of responsibility, these bodyguards simply wanted to tear Gerald’s heart out.

At this time, the bodyguards had batons in their hands as they began using them to hit Gerald.

As for Gerald, he was already in a great state of disappointment after harboring so much hope earlier. His mind was now a complete blank, and he could not even feel any pain even as he was getting beaten up.

“Oh, my God! It seems as though that tragic story is really reappearing! The beggar fell in love with the wealthy young lady, but there were no results in the end, and he will eventually get beaten to death by her family!” Riley lamented.

“Stop it! Why are you creating such a big commotion in the Smith Manor?!”

At this time, an angry shout coming from a beautiful woman interrupted everything.

The bodyguards stopped in their act, one after the other, before bowing slightly as they looked at the beautiful woman.


“What is going on? Why are you beating someone up and fighting in front of the Smith Manor?!” The beautiful woman said with a cold expression on her face.

“This young brat came all the way to the Smith Manor… and he was pestering the eldest young lady. So, we…” The bodyguards replied after thinking about it.

“Someone like him is pestering Cundrie?!”

When the beautiful woman saw how Gerald was dressed, she instantly thought that he was just an ordinary commoner, no different as compared to a beggar in her eyes.

She snorted coldly. “You actually crave and seek for someone you are not worthy of. You actually dared to come all the way here to pester my daughter?! You’d better leave right now! Otherwise, I will make sure that you disappear from this world!”

Gerald truly did not expect that he would inevitably get himself involved in such a big mess.

This was especially so because he had taken the initiative to hug the eldest young lady of the Smith family just now.

Gerald could only blame himself for this mistake.

“I… I recognized the wrong person. I am sorry!” Gerald said.

After calming himself down, Gerald suddenly thought of the reason why he had suddenly acted that way earlier.

Aside from the fact that this woman’s figure really resembled Mila and had interrupted his usual train of thoughts, the most important point was the jade charm that he was carrying on him at this time.

The jade charm would not only help him to hide his yang energy, but it would also help him seek out someone with an extremely strong yin physique.

Zenny had already mentioned that yin and yang would naturally be attracted to one another. Therefore, they would certainly collide when they met.

That’s right! That should be the reason.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1186
This was especially so when Gerald thought about the strange feeling he had felt in his heart when he embraced Cundrie earlier.

At this point, Gerald had already determined that the woman in front of him was someone with a strong yin physique.

He had finally met her.

As long as he could obtain her invigorating blood droplets, he would be able to return to Mayberry City safely.

At this time, Gerald had already calmed down completely.

“Cundrie, Riley, both of you should stay at home. You are not allowed to go anywhere anymore. Look at the kind of people you have gotten entangled with now! I am going to look for your father. He’s currently engaged in some business activity, so the both of you should stay at home and rest. Mr. Snyder will be holding a celebration banquet tomorrow. I heard that he has invited a particularly mysterious VIP. The entire Snyder family is placing great importance on this matter, and it would be great if you could come to the banquet tomorrow too. So, you should prepare for it!” Mrs. Smith patted Cundrie’s shoulder gently.

Just as she was about to leave, she suddenly realized that Gerald had not left yet.

“Byron! You can figure out how you are going to deal with this matter. I don’t want to see this person in front of my house again!”

After she was done speaking, Mrs. Smith glanced at Gerald disdainfully before she left.

As the head of the bodyguards, Byron cracked his neck slightly before he prepared to deal with Gerald and teach him a lesson.

Just as he was about to hit Gerald…


Cundrie shouted, “Let him go. Just let him leave!”

“But Miss Cundrie, Madam said…” Byron and the others felt as though they were missing something, and they did not feel content if they could not beat Gerald up today.

However, they had no choice but to obey since Cundrie had already spoken up.

“You brat! We are already letting you go, so why aren’t you leaving yet?!” Byron scolded coldly.

As for Gerald, he raised his head and glanced at Cundrie before he said, “I am truly sorry about everything that has happened here today. I wonder if you could do me another favor? The only reason why I acted so rudely just now was because I thought that you were someone else!”

Cundrie could not help but feel a little unhappy when she heard those words.

It did not matter whether he loved her or not.

The main reason was that Cundrie had initially thought that the reason why Gerald had chased after her so desperately and even endured a beating was because he admired her and was in love with her.

However, who would have expected that it was all simply because he had thought that she was someone else.

Girls would always be a little narrow-minded, and this included Cundrie, who was just like a goddess.

“We can just pretend that nothing happened here today! You can go and look for the person that you are in love with, then!”

After she was done speaking, Cundrie turned around and walked into the villa.

As for Riley, she also made a monkey face at Gerald before going inside.

Gerald knew that the most he would get from Cundrie would be a dead drop of blood if he continued pestering her today.

Alas, he had no choice but to leave first before thinking of another way.

Therefore, Gerald could only shake his head before he left.

“Byron, look at that young brat! He actually gets to leave just like that after taking advantage of the eldest young lady! We have already been serving the eldest young lady for so many years, but in the end, that young brat got to take advantage of her while we do not get any benefit at all! I really cannot accept this!”

Several bodyguards murmured softly as they stared at Gerald’s back. It was obvious that they felt as though they had not beaten Gerald up enough earlier. They felt as though they still had some unfinished business with him.

“Hmph! I am also feeling very discontent! Why don’t we follow him and continue beating him up again, then? We have to let him know that our eldest young lady is not someone he can hug whenever he wants to!”

Byron and the others said this as they followed Gerald out with their batons in hand.

Gerald continued walking until he had arrived at a park by a dense forest.

He wanted to sit down so that he could enjoy a moment of tranquillity at this time to calm his heart down again.

Byron and the others were following him from a distance.

However, before they could even beat Gerald up, they noticed that another group of men had taken the lead and were walking directly toward Gerald, who was sitting on the stone bench.

This group of men was even more ruthless, and all of them were holding machetes in their hands. It was obvious that they intended to chop Gerald up.

“Byron, isn’t that Mr. Gross’s men? It seems as though they are going to attack him. What should we do?” Several of the bodyguards asked.

“What else can we do? Let’s observe the situation first. Even though this young kid really deserves a beating, no matter what it is, he stepped up to save that pair of father and daughter just now. Therefore, it proves that this young man does not have a bad heart. We will save his life if it is necessary before beating him up again. What do you guys think about it?”

“Agreed!” Everyone nodded in agreement…
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1187
“You brat! You offended Mr. Gross, but you are still so carefree and at ease now. Could it be that you really have nine lives to possess such great courage?!”

At this time, eighteen men surrounded Gerald as they held the machetes in their hands.

The bald-headed leader of the group spoke as he sneered.

“He is probably frightened to death now. He must have already found out about Mr. Gross’s identity and reputation. However, it is already too late for him to hide now! Since he dares to raise his hand to hit Mr. Gross’s woman, he is destined to fall here today!”

Several men said as they laughed amongst themselves.

“It’s great that you guys are here. Listen. If you had to ask for someone’s help, what would you do so that this person would help you willingly? However, because you already had a misunderstanding with her in advance, you did not know how to bring up your request when you wanted to do so.” Gerald questioned them when he saw the group of men.

This was because he was feeling extremely depressed at this time.

He had hugged Cundrie out of a moment of impulse, and it seemed as though it had really affected her.

If he had not been that impulsive, she might have been willing to give him a drop of her blood as long as Gerald sincerely asked her for it. However, things had already ended up in a rather embarrassing state at this point.

Furthermore, Gerald was not an expert in pleasing or making a girl happy.

What should he do?

Gerald could only ask them for their opinion.

At this time, the bald man and the others could only exchange glances with one another with a confused and puzzled expression on their faces.

The reason why they were here was to kill this man. Even if this man was not going to pee his pants in fright, he should at least give them some sort of reaction, right?

After all, this group of men was not the ordinary bodyguards Mr. Gross usually had with him. However, they were all top-level bodyguards that the Gross family had hired for an extremely high price. Each and every one of these eighteen men had experience equivalent to that of a mercenary, and each of them had taken at least thirty to forty lives each.

Under any ordinary circumstances, the murderous aura around them would surge out as soon as they opened their mouths, and there was no need for them to take any action at all.

However, it seemed as though there was something wrong with the young man in front of them.

“What kind of nonsense are you talking about? You offended Mr. Gross, but you are not afraid at all? Hahaha! Nevertheless, you are going to suffer a horrible death soon!” The bald man shouted sharply with a murderous aura lingering around him.

“Oh! It seems like you guys do not know the answer either. I was initially thinking of asking you for a solution! Hahaha!” Gerald replied with a wry smile on his face.

He had been busy thinking about the countermeasures that he could take earlier. Therefore, he did not take what the bald man had said to heart at all.

At this time, it seemed as though Gerald had come to a sudden realization as he said, “Oh, by the way, all of you are Mr. Gross’s men? Did he send you guys here to kill me?”

It seemed as though Gerald had just come to his senses.

“F*ck! Boss! It seems as though this young brat is making a fool out of us!”

The group of men was all enraged.

The bald man was also trembling in anger at this time as he waved his hand and said, “You think you are dealing with ordinary bodyguards, don’t you? You really think that you are invincible and at the top of the world? Brothers, cut him up now! Show him how powerful we are!”

At this time, the seventeen other men raised their machetes as they rushed directly at Gerald.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Successive noises sounded one after the other.

Gerald moved extremely quickly, and he completely disregarded the weapons they had in their hands.

Although Gerald could not use his inner strength, these ordinary men were not his opponents at all in terms of their skills or strength.

In the blink of an eye, these men’s legs and arms were all bent in an exaggerated posture, and all of them collapsed to the ground, one after the other, as they cried out in pain.

The men were all howling helplessly like the rooster that was traditionally used and sacrificed as an offering during the New Year after getting their arms and legs twisted violently.

Moreover, the entire process was very quick and clean.

The bald man stood in place as he looked at his healthy and well brothers from earlier.

He could not help but feel a cold chill run down his back at this time.

Amazing! He was simply too cruel!

The bald man had initially thought that the eighteen of them would be able to deal with and get rid of this young man who was obviously not from this city. He even thought that they would be able to easily frighten and scare him to death.

Unexpectedly, this young man was actually a master. Moreover, he was a master who could make people feel the chills running down their backs!

On the other side.

Boom. Boom. Boom.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1188
After a few loud noises, Byron and the others, who had chased after Gerald to beat him up, could not hold the batons in their hands firmly. All of their batons fell directly to the ground as though they had already rehearsed beforehand.

This was because their minds had gone completely blank at this time. Each of them also had a shocked and incredulous expression on their faces.

Byron could only open his eyes wide as he swallowed in shock. He could not help but feel that his throat was very dry at this time.

This young man was too ferocious! He was simply too ferocious!

The other men could not help but gasp as they thought this to themselves!

After Gerald was done dealing with those men, he finally fixed his eyes on the bald man who was already breaking out in cold sweat at this time.

The bald man could not help but feel extremely frightened as Gerald stared at him.

At this time, he instantly felt a damp and warm sensation on his lower body.

The bald man instantly dropped his weapon to the ground as he knelt directly and begged, “Big Brother, please spare my life!”

“My question is the same as before. How can I seek forgiveness from a girl and get her to willingly and sincerely offer me a helping hand? I have a feeling that you might have an answer!”

Gerald walked toward the bald man before he touched the latter’s bald head gently. It felt as though Gerald was an elder who was looking at a young child in a doting and loving manner.

“I… I feel that if you have the opportunity to do so, you can… you can try to help her. Girls are generally very soft-hearted. As long as you are willing to help her, she will understand your intentions, and she will not hold anything against you anymore!” The bald man hurriedly replied as he swallowed vigorously.

“Oh, so that is the case!”

Gerald mused as he nodded thoughtfully.

After that, he hit the bald man on his head before saying, “If you knew the answer to my question, why didn’t you say so earlier?!”

The bald man was so frightened that he was about to shit his pants.

“I… I forgot about it!”

“Help me to relay a message to Mr. Gross!”

“Big Brother, what should I tell him?”

“Tell him to live well…”

After he was done speaking, Gerald turned around and left.

As he was walking past Byron and the others, Gerald naturally knew that this group of men were the bodyguards working for the Smith family. So, he simply nodded at them.

As for Byron and the others, they also nodded slightly before making way for him.

Gerald had to get her blood no matter what it was.

Besides, when Gerald had been sitting at the park, he had taken a look at the other jade charm.

Even after visiting and looking around Lugaw City over the past few days, he had not felt any sensation or feeling that linked him to the Zircobsite.

This proved that the Zircobsite was not in Lugaw City.

It was in Mayberry City.

There were only a few days left until the middle of the month.

Therefore, Gerald had to act as quickly as possible.

As he thought about it, Gerald arrived at the entrance of the Smith Manor once more.

He wanted to meet Cundrie.

“Sister, what are you doing? Why does it seem like you are constantly so distracted?”

Riley had just prepared a cup of coffee for her sister.

At this time, she saw Cundrie holding onto her cheeks, and she was clearly taken aback at this time.

“Hahaha! Don’t tell me that you are thinking of that beggar… no, no… I mean, that young man just now?!” Riley said as she laughed.

Cundrie took a deep breath, but she did not deny anything.

Instead, she said, “Do you feel that that young man seems to give off a very strange vibe? It seems like he has already been looking for that girl for a very long time. Besides, I must truly resemble that girl closely. That is the reason why he was so excited when he saw me, and he totally lost control of himself. It felt as though he had forgotten everything just because of that girl, Mila. He thought that I was the Mila that he had been looking for!”

“So what even if that was the case? I originally thought that he had fallen for you because of your beauty! As a result, all of this happened just because he thought you were someone else! We are already letting that little beggar off easily by not asking the bodyguards to beat him to death after he had taken advantage of you!”

Riley had constantly treated Gerald as the protagonist in a story where the beggar had fallen in love with the wealthy young lady. So, that was the reason why she had given him this nickname.

“No. I have always been wondering whether there would be a man in this world who would love a single girl with all of his heart and life, even to the point where he would be willing to die for her. This is because I am also as doubtful as you are! I do not believe that any man would be that foolish! However, at the moment when he was hugging me tightly just now, I could feel the deepest part of his heart, and it felt as though I could feel his love and concern for that girl named Mila. It was a very deep and strong love…”
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1189
“To be honest, when he hugged me in his arms, I was a little moved. For a moment, I even thought about how blessed and happy that girl that he loved so dearly would actually feel. There is truly such a guy who cares about her this way!”

A look of envy flashed through Cundrie’s beautiful eyes at this time.

“Sigh. Okay, okay, that’s enough. You should immerse yourself in that kind of thought and waste your energy thinking about all these useless things. I would have been interested to find out more if he was in love with you. However, I think that it would be better to think about Mr. Snyder’s celebration banquet tomorrow instead. I heard that many big figures from Lugaw City and the southern region will be participating in this banquet. This is especially so because he has invited a particularly mysterious VIP to attend his celebration banquet!” Riley said.

“You can go if you want to, but I will not be going!” Cundrie flatly refused.

“Ahh? You are not going? But Mr. Snyder has specially invited you to attend the banquet. Furthermore, Mr. Snyder has already been pursuing you for such a long time now. I heard some of Mr. Snyder’s friends saying that he actually intends to proclaim and confess his love for you once again tomorrow.”

“I know of his intentions, and that is the reason why I will not attend the banquet. I already told him that I have a sweetheart. However, he still refuses to give up. I have no feelings for him at all, and I also know the reason why he is pursuing me. A girl’s instinct is often very accurate, and it seems as though he seriously belittles girls a little too much!” Cundrie said as she shook her head.

“But even if you say that you have a sweetheart, he will never believe it unless you can prove it to him. You will have to bring your sweetheart along with you so that you can parade him in front of Mr. Snyder before he believes you! That is the only way to make him give up! If you continue delaying it like this, it is not a good solution at all!”

“I understand what you mean, but where am I going to find someone to act as my sweetheart? I cannot casually look for just any random guy, can I?” Cundrie replied as she shook her head helplessly.

Riley also sighed as she felt a little depressed.

She walked toward the window as she looked out of the window, feeling a little down and depressed. She also wanted to share her sister’s burden and worries for her.

At this time, her eyes suddenly opened wider and wider.

After that, she said joyfully in surprise, “Hahaha! Sister, I’ve found you a solution! To be even more precise, I think that I have already found you the perfect candidate!”

“What candidate are you talking about?”

“Hurry up and look! That little beggar is standing in front of the entrance of our house again! It seems as though he is sending himself here!”

Cundrie walked over to the window and saw that what her sister was saying was indeed true.

“Why is he here again? I understand what you mean, but he also has a person that he loves deeply. So, how could I make use of his feelings like this, then? I cannot ask him to pretend to be my boyfriend!” Cundrie replied as she shook her head.

“Pfft! He is not worthy or qualified enough to pretend to be my sister’s boyfriend. Anyway, just leave this matter to me. We can attend the celebration banquet together as usual tomorrow. I can assure you that Mr. Snyder will not get his way. His strategy will not succeed, and you will also be able to give our parents a clear explanation in regards to this matter!”

Cundrie could only nod doubtfully as she stared at her sister, who was acting rather quirkily.

Riley hurriedly ran downstairs at this time.

“Little Beggar!”

Riley yelled at Gerald.

Gerald looked at her as he asked, “Are you calling me?”

“Who else could I be calling if it was not you? Hey! What are you still doing in front of our house? Are you thinking of taking advantage of my sister again?” Riley said.

“No, no, no. I only came here because I wanted to meet Miss Smith so that I could apologize to her again!” Gerald hurriedly said.

“Hmph! You don’t need to apologize to her anymore. However, if you truly feel bad about what happened earlier, I need you to do my sister a favor tomorrow. By the way, based on your accent, it seems as though you come from the southern region, right?”

“Yes! I am from Mayberry City! What favor can I do for her?” Gerald replied.

“What? You’re from Mayberry City?! That is simply perfect, then! You are the perfect candidate to pull this off!”

Riley was so happy that she could not help but jump in excitement.

After that, Riley calmed herself down and regained her composure before she said, “This is what I need you to do. The Snyder family will be holding a celebration banquet tomorrow. So, I want you to send my sister an invitation letter in public, and there is only one sentence that you need to say. Furthermore, you have to make sure that everyone at the banquet knows about this. This is especially so for the host of the banquet, Mr. Snyder!”

“Well? Will you be willing to do my sister this favor? If you are willing to help her, my sister will certainly be very grateful, and she will forgive you for everything!” Riley said.

Gerald had originally been planning to ask for Cundrie’s forgiveness, and he had been thinking about what he could possibly do for her.

He had even thought about giving her hundreds of millions of dollars. After all, that would simply be a very small matter to him.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1190
However, Gerald was afraid that Cundrie would hate him even more if he used money to ask for her forgiveness. The loss that he would suffer would certainly outweigh his gains, then.

Since he could simply obtain her forgiveness by doing her such a simple favor, how could Gerald possibly refuse to do so?

“No problem!”

“Alright, then. Come to our house early in the morning tomorrow before going to the banquet. I will prepare and give you the invitation letter then. After that, all you need to do is act according to our plan…”

The Snyder family was a very well-known and influential family in Lugaw City and even the entire Southern Region.

There were two main and most influential families in Lugaw City, and the largest and most influential family was the Snyder family. The rumors amongst the locals were that the Snyder family was connected to the dragon vein, and they had connections all over the country.

Although the Smith family was strong, they were still one grade lower compared to the Snyder family.

The Snyder family could be considered the leader in the entire Lugaw City, and everyone had to give them face.

Everyone in Lugaw City ushered in the most important day in Lugaw City today.

This was because the celebration banquet that the Snyder family had spent the whole year preparing for was officially beginning.

Many luxury cars had gathered on the streets of Lugaw City ever since early in the morning.

Many famous and wealthy businessmen from all over the country as well as from abroad had also arrived in Lugaw City.

Everyone wanted to participate in this eye-catching moment.

The celebration banquet would be held at the Lugaw International Hotel, which was the hotel with the highest standards in the entire Lugaw City.

Many luxury cars filled up the underground parking lot of the hotel.

There was also a long red carpet at the entrance of the hotel.

The passersby were all very envious. If any one of them could walk on this red carpet, they would be willing to live ten years less.

As one of the well-known and most influential families in Lugaw City, the entire Smith family would naturally be participating in the event.

Mrs. Smith was dressed even more glamorously today as she walked in front of her two beautiful daughters. She had a very arrogant and smug look on her face at this time.

This was because she had already received definite news that aside from the particularly mysterious guest, the other big event that was going to happen at the celebration banquet today was that Mr. Snyder was going to publicly propose to her daughter, Cundrie.

This news was absolutely unmistakable.

As soon as these two big and influential families joined hands in marriage, this would certainly be the most highly anticipated moment for their families.

Many of the other families had also heard about this rumor.

Therefore, many people came forth to congratulate Mrs. Smith.

However, Mrs. Smith would constantly look around as she snickered and spent time chatting with wealthy businessmen from all over the world. Time passed by quickly.

Not long after that, it was already noon.

Many wealthy businessmen took their seats in the hall.

There was a high platform at the foremost location of the hall, and many powerful and influential figures from all over the world were seated on the high platform at this time.

However, just as everyone was looking forward to the arrival of the mysterious guest, news came that the mysterious guest had met with some problem and might arrive at a slightly later time.

Everyone could not help but felt a little disappointed.

In a bid to ease everyone’s disappointment, the eldest young master of the Snyder family decided to use another method to calm everyone down.

At this time, he could not help but fix his gaze at the spot where the Smith family was seated at.

Mrs. Smith was filled with excitement. Could it be that the moment that she had been waiting for, for her daughter, was going to arrive in advance?

Everyone present in the hall was also looking at Mr. Snyder out of curiosity. The entire scene was completely silent at this time…

“B*stard, it’s you!”

Just as the entire scene was quiet, a loud commotion was heard from outside the hall…

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