The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 1201-1210

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1201
It was akin to Gerald wearing a bulletproof vest. While having it on allowed Gerald to remain unharmed, other parties wouldn’t be able to get close to him, resulting in them feeling hurt. Though the other party’s problem could be solved should that vest be penetrated, once that happened, Gerald would surely be the one getting hurt next.

It was the reason why he had always hidden his emotions deep inside his heart. He believed that time was the best medicine to cure rancor, and after a long period, everything would simply fade away.

Shaking the thoughts off, Gerald then changed the topic by asking, “I see… What about my buddy, Xeno? How’s he doing?”

“Back when I returned to have my revenge against Jett, I remember that the Moldells had snatched up most of Mayberry’s economic lifeline. While I do know that Yoel ended up getting tortured to the point where he became a beggar, I only heard news about Xeno’s automobile trade not doing too well back then. Sadly, I didn’t have the time or energy to be concerned with too many things at the time!” added Gerald.

“Ah, yes. I wanted to talk about that too. Back then, Jett had been extremely hostile toward any capital or connections involved with you. Of course, Xeno was no exception. Not only was his company ruined by Jett, but that b*stard had even hired people to assassinate him! Thankfully, Xeno is quite smart, so he managed to bring his fiancée along and escape before Jett could murder him. Regardless, once Jett was dealt with, I returned to Mayberry and began getting things right again. Alas, when it came to Xeno, even after asking around everywhere, I found no traces of where he could have possibly gone to, even till this day!” replied Zack with a sigh.

“…I see. It seems that many problems still remain from that incident back then…” replied Gerald as he found himself speechless.

Soon after, the helicopter arrived at Mayberry. As soon as Gerald was within the city’s borders, the jade charm—that he had been holding onto—began vibrating, making a tiny ‘buzzing’ sound.

As it turned out, Master Ghost’s prediction had once more been extremely accurate. The Zirkobsite stone truly was in Mayberry!

In order to find the specific location of the stone, however, he still needed to look for another girl with a strong yin physique. According to what Mr. Ghost had said, the other person could be found in Mayberry.

Gerald was well aware that time was ticking as well. It wasn’t going to be long before the middle of the month arrived, and should he fail to accomplish his task before then, he knew he wouldn’t be able to hide his scent from her for much longer, even with the blood.

Should that scenario happen, Queena would surely hunt him down immediately, causing all the work he had done in the previous days to be rendered useless. With that in mind, Gerald didn’t dare delay it anymore.

“Speaking of which, I’ll be laying low once I return to Mayberry due to certain reasons. Regardless, you and the others should just behave like you normally would!” said Gerald as he looked at Zack.

Just like how he had located Cundrie, Gerald would need to look everywhere in order to find the other person with a strong yin physique. He was also well aware that he wouldn’t be able to find said person just by relying on others.

“Also, which area within Mayberry is usually most crowded by women?” inquired Gerald.

“Well, if it’s a place filled with girls, the university is definitely your best bet. Actually, now that you’ve asked me that, there may be an even better option. You see, there’s currently a function at Wayfair Mountain Entertainment. Felicity and many other celebrities are shooting a film there. As a result, many women—from all over the world—constantly flock around that area to watch them shoot their scenes! If it’s a place with lots of women you want, then Wayfair Mountain Entertainment is the perfect place to go!”


With that, the helicopter then sped up and flew directly toward Wayfair Mountain Entertainment. To attract even more women there, Gerald was well aware that getting more celebrities would definitely do the trick. With that in mind, he then told Zack to begin contacting handsome and effeminate men to come over to Wayfair Mountain Entertainment.

To make sure that the celebrities would drop whatever they were doing and come over immediately, Gerald also promised that they would be paid ten times more than they usually would.

Naturally, that did the trick and soon after, the entire city began getting crowded with fans from all over the world.

Once there were enough women around, Gerald began slowly strolling up and down Wayfair Mountain Entertainment, making sure to scan through the women carefully to see if any of them had particularly strong yin physiques. However, to his disappointment, even when noon came, he still couldn’t sense anyone suitable at all!

At long last, Gerald found himself walking over to the area behind the mountain, where a few of the cast and crew currently were. By the looks of it, they had just completed their shooting and were ready to get off work.

It wasn’t long before an extremely beautiful woman caught Gerald’s attention, and when he saw her, he couldn’t help but break into a smile.

The woman in question was none other than Felicity.

From what Gerald had heard, after Felicity had become famous enough, she ended up starring in two relatively successful dramas. Not only that, but she was also active on screen.

Regardless, now that she had gotten off work, Gerald noticed that she was wearing headphones as others instantly began serving her…
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1202
The ones serving Felicity continued following her as they began heading over to a private room within Wayfair Mountain Entertainment.

“Felicity!” shouted Gerald, though only a few extras seemed to have heard his shout.

Turning to look at him, one of the extras then shouted back, “Hey, now! Lots of people come to see Felicity every day you know! Who do you even think you are? Go line up properly like the rest of them!”

Hearing that, Gerald couldn’t help but shake his head with a bitter smile. He had only tried to catch up to her since he was feeling slightly touched to be able to meet up again with such an old acquaintance of his.

Meanwhile, Felicity’s manager was carrying a stack of what seemed to be scripts as she said, “This here is a script written by an internet writer who goes by the name of ‘Two Ears is Bodhi’, Miss Nelson! It’s about a loser who rises up to fame the moment he becomes a rich heir! I’ve already contacted him through Line, and I wonder if you’d be interested to have a look at it.”

Taking a peek at the scripts, Felicity simply pouted before replying, “Just forget it for now and toss it aside! I really don’t have the time or energy to pay attention to it at the moment! I just want to get a good rest for a while!”

Following that, Felicity entered her room, and the manager—who couldn’t really say much after hearing that—simply left.

Upon closing the door behind her, Felicity found herself heaving a long sigh. While development that year had gone by rapidly and she had finally managed to achieve her life-long wish, Felicity still felt like there was something lacking in her life…

No matter how much she gained, she simply couldn’t feel happy for some reason…

Regardless, she was just about to remove her makeup and take a bath when suddenly, she caught a whiff of cigarette smoke in her room. Felicity, for one, never smoked, which was why the scent was so evident to her.

At that moment, the doors of the closet in her room burst open, and out stepped a big-bellied, bald, middle-aged man who was wearing a suit and a pair of leather shoes.

Laughing lasciviously, the nicotine stains on his teeth were clear as day.

“You… Chairman Zabka!” shouted Felicity as she instantly began taking a few steps back.

The one who was currently standing before her went by the name of Chairman Zabka. While he was her sponsor, he had constantly given her strange looks before this. Now that he was daring enough to hide in her room, Felicity could easily tell what exactly it was that he wanted from her.

Now already close to the door, Felicity immediately ran over to it to make her escape. Alas, Chairman Zabka was faster than her!

Grabbing onto her arm, Chairman Zabka barely gave any time for Felicity to scream as he quickly stuffed Felicity’s mouth with a white cloth!

Though she did attempt to struggle free, Felicity soon felt her body growing weaker and weaker.

“I’m sure you’ve long known about my feelings for you, Felicity… Yet why did you keep avoiding me? I’ve yearned for you for nights on end, you know? I really can’t take it anymore!” said Chairman Zabka as he tossed Felicity onto the bed.

“N-no…!” replied the enfeebled Felicity as she continued trying to struggle to no avail.

“Worry not, I’ll video what we’re about to do next in extreme detail… As long as you listen obediently to me and serve me well, I won’t post the video on the net! If you don’t… Well, let’s just say you’re going to be getting even more famous! Hahaha!” warned Chairman Zabka before laughing lasciviously.

Everything had been perfectly planned. Not only had he waited in Felicity’s closet for a long time just to do this, but he had also ordered someone to set up shooting equipment in her room!

Knowing that nothing could stop him now, Chairman Zabka then began undressing rather menacingly.

He had just taken his pants off when he heard someone shout, “Make a pose, Chairman Zabka!”

“Of course!” replied Zabka out of habit as he instantly turned around to pose.

Soon enough, however, his eyes began widening as his body quivered in place.

“…Who… Who the hell are you? How did you even get in here?”
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1203
At the sight of the person who was currently standing at the door alongside two black-suited bodyguards behind him—who were both holding video cameras—Desmond Zabka immediately slid on his clothes again.

From what Desmond could tell, the two bodyguards seemed even more professional than the d*mned photographers in his crew. After all, he hadn’t heard any footsteps. Hell, he didn’t even hear the door being opened!

‘I’m done for! They’ve definitely captured everything I’ve done earlier on tape! If that footage gets spread around then Felicity’s behind-the-scenes boss will definitely break all my limbs off!’

Zabka hadn’t been afraid of doing his own recording since he knew he could always manipulate it enough to make the assailant seem like it wasn’t him. If things had gone according to plan, he could’ve even used it to threaten Felicity!

“How long do you plan on filming, you b*stard?! You got a death wish or something?! Who do you work for?!” scowled Desmond as he immediately tried pouncing on them to snatch the cameras away.

However, all it took was a single kick from one of the bodyguards to send the man—who weighed over a hundred kilograms—flying back into the room and smashing against the dressing table!

After watching the mirror get shattered to pieces upon Zabka’s impact, Gerald then asked, “Are you two done shooting the video?”

“Yes, Mr. Crawford!” replied both the guards in unison.

“Then go make the preparations!”

After nodding and bowing slightly toward Gerald, both of them then hurriedly left the room.

As for Felicity, the second she realized that it was Gerald who had saved her, she was so excited that she almost burst into tears. Even though she couldn’t move, her mind was finally at ease now.

“You… You b*stard! Are you planning to threaten me?! Just tell me how much you want already! Actually, before you say anything, I’ll tell you now that I have several powerful connections in Mayberry! Since I’m feeling generous, I’ll pay you fifteen thousand dollars to delete that video! If you accept, I’ll consider today’s incident to never have happened! If you chose not to accept, however… Well, don’t blame me for what’s going to happen to you next!” warned Desmond as he somewhat calmly began lighting a cigarette.

Being involved with society for so long, Desmond had already seen much and gained quite a bit of insight into how the world operated. From his previous experiences, he knew that he could just bribe paparazzi like these to pacify them. Once they deleted the photos or footage, Zabka would simply send someone over to secretly assassinate them! Nobody would know what happened, and he would just continue living his life as he usually did.

At that moment, Desmond heard the familiar muffled sounds of a walkie-talkie saying, “We’re downstairs, Mr. Crawford! Everything’s been well-prepared!”

Bringing the walkie-talkie to his mouth, Gerald then replied, “Alright, make it quick then! Be sure not to create an uproar!”

Watching as Gerald tossed the walkie-talkie aside, the puzzled Desmond then said, “…What do you mean, ‘make it quick’? Were you even listening to what I said earlier? Is fifteen thousand dollars still too little for you? Who the hell do you even work for? Give me your name!”

After looking at Gerald’s demeanor for a while, Desmond could feel his confidence slowly sinking, his gut telling him that Gerald was bad news.

“…You know, there’s a steep cliff right outside the window, you know?” said Gerald frigidly.

“…W-what do you intend to do…” replied Desmond as he glared at Gerald while trembling all over.

“You see, you messed with the wrong girl… She’s my classmate and friend, you know? And I once swore that I’d make anyone who dared to harm those close to me pay a heavy price… With that said, I’ll make sure you’ll regret ever being born!” growled Gerald as he stared at Dylan, his murderous intent reflected clearly in his eyes.

Gerald’s murderous intent was so immense that Desmond felt like he had just been thrown into a freezing dungeon. Trembling even more now as chill after chill ran down his spine, Desmond then shouted, “H-how dare you! It’d do you good to research more about how influential I am in this city! I have the most powerful connections in Mayberry and I own endless power here, you know?!”

Now knowing that Gerald wasn’t doing all this merely because of money or to collect evidence for juicy gossip, Desmond was so terrified that he almost lost control of his bladder!
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1204
Even so, knowing about all this now was a little too late for Desmond.

Grabbing him by the neck, Gerald then lifted Desmond—till his feet couldn’t touch the ground—before tossing him out the room! Naturally, the bodyguards from before quickly took care of him from that point onward.

With that done, Gerald slid an incense stick out of his sleeve, lit it, and began letting Felicity breathe in its scent.

As Gerald did so, he recalled how all this had begun in the first place. Just as he was about to knock on Felicity’s door earlier, he had heard odd noises coming from inside.

It didn’t take long for him to realize what was happening inside, and though his murderous intent immediately fired up at that moment, Gerald quickly calmed himself down. After all, he was well aware that he couldn’t act too recklessly now that he had returned to Mayberry.

It was the reason why he had quickly formulated the events that had just taken place.

Regardless, Felicity soon found herself feeling much better after smelling Gerald’s incense. The moment the feebleness was gone, she immediately sat up excitedly and embraced Gerald before saying, “T-thank god you were here, Gerald! I… I was so scared just now…”

Quite honestly, Felicity was terrified with the thought that this was all just a dream. That when she eventually woke up, the person she had yearned for, for so long would disappear…

“Everything’s fine now… Also, you’re already a great celebrity, aren’t you? How could you be so careless and not have a few bodyguards with you at all times?” replied Gerald with a slightly bitter smile.

“Well, since Chairman Lyle and many others have always taken care of me, I had the assumption that nobody would actually try to frame me… I admit, I was way too naïve! But enough about me! When… When did you come back, Gerald? Naomi and I went looking for you the second we heard that you had disappeared, you know? And that eventually led to…”

Felicity’s sentence slowly trailed off, seemingly remembering something frightening…

“…There’s no need to go into detail about that. It’s all in the past now. What matters is that we’re safe and sound now. Isn’t that nice!” replied Gerald as he looked at her with a subtle smile.

“…Yeah… Speaking of which, Gerald… Did you return to Mayberry just to see me…?” asked Felicity in a softened tone.

Even though she knew that the answer was still probably going to be no, the touched girl still felt the urge to ask that question. After all, who knows, there could be a chance that it truly was the case.

“…Somewhat,” replied Gerald, which was the truth.

While he had wanted to meet up with her sooner or later, he hadn’t returned to Mayberry just to see her. His main objective was still to find another girl with a strong yin physique, after all. Besides, he was also planning to visit his other old acquaintances.

Regardless, he of all people knew better than to use ambiguous words to coax her.

Hearing that, a hint of disappointment could be seen on Felicity’s face as she said, “…I see! Regardless, I’m glad to see that you’re safe and sound!”

“…Speaking of which, how’s Naomi been, recently? I know you’ve been busy shooting a film here in Mayberry, but have you contacted her at all while you were here?” asked Gerald.

“Naomi? Oh, we’ve been in touch quite recently, actually. We had to use the school she was teaching in to shoot a few scenes, you see. The director even allowed a few students in her class to act with us! Still, though I did consider asking Naomi to stay by my side, I refrained after hearing how much she was enjoying her job now. Speaking of which, I’m sure you’ve already guessed it by now, but she’s already a teacher, you know? She’s even bought a house for her and her mother near the school!” explained Felicity.

“I’m aware of that much,” replied Gerald with a nod.

“That’s good to know! Still, I wonder if you’re aware of the troubles she’s currently facing… Though it’s only been two days, she’s refused to go out to have lunch with me, saying that she was busy. While that may not sound like much, she had previously always agreed to my lunch invitations! When I asked her what the problem was, she simply remained silent and sulky!” said Felicity as she smoothened her hair before pouring a glass of water for Gerald.

“…Oh? Is that so? I’ll go meet up with her first then. Meanwhile, you should get the rest you deserve. You know, I plan to return to Mayberry University tomorrow. If you’re interested, we could head there together!”

“O-of course!” replied Felicity, overjoyed.

After hearing how sulky Naomi had recently been, Gerald immediately thought of paying her a visit as well. The fact that she was staying close to a school also made it possible for him to kill two birds with one stone. He still needed to look for another woman with a strong yin physique, after all, and where better to find a crowd of women than a school. What a perfect coincidence!

With that in mind, Gerald then left Wayfair Mountain Entertainment in his Lamborghini to meet up with Naomi…
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1205
Mayberry First High School was the name of the school Naomi was currently teaching in. It was also where she was living close to.

After getting the directions from Felicity, Gerald found himself arriving at the front gates of a small neighborhood that looked like it was still pretty new.

By sheer coincidence, he also saw Naomi—who had a few groceries in her arms—there! However, a woman and a man seemed to be talking to her as the trio walked further into the neighborhood. The man himself had a notebook and pen in hand, seemingly recording details whenever Noami spoke.

From that alone, Gerald could deduce that the two of them were police officers dressed in regular clothing.

‘What on earth could have happened…?’ Gerald thought to himself as he continued watching them inquire Naomi about something.

As he kept a safe distance from the trio in his car, Gerald made sure to constantly be on the lookout for any women with particularly strong yin physiques.

Before long, Gerald watched as the two police officers shook hands with Naomi—seemingly done questioning her—before driving off in the direction of Mayberry First High School which wasn’t located too far away.

Naomi herself seemed to look quite disappointed as she continued carrying the ingredients back to her home.

Looking at her now, Gerald thought about how it had been almost over a year since he had last bumped into her. Though she still retained her long hair and fair skin, Naomi was now a teacher and Gerald could sense an intellectual charm—as well as greater maturity—from her that hadn’t been present the last time they met.

Now that she was alone again, Gerald drove close to her before pressing his horn slightly.

Hearing that, Naomi turned to look at the luxurious-looking car that was currently slowly tailing her.

As a hint of impatience flashed across her eyes, Naomi simply began quickening her pace. She utterly hated these kinds of playboy rich heirs who assumed that they were greater than others simply because they had more wealth.

‘How disgusting!’

Seeing her reaction, Gerald couldn’t help but laugh as he continued following her. At some point, Gerald overtook the girl before stopping his car in front of her.

Hearing him honk his car again, Naomi faced her back against the car before scowling, “Are you mad? Get lost already!”

Since such a luxurious-looking car was present, it was natural for those around the neighborhood to get drawn to the scene. In fact, several women were already walking closer to snap pictures of the car.

Though the rest were in awe, Naomi wasn’t the least impressed with the individual driving the car. Quite frankly, the only thing the driver was doing right, was raising her temper!

Rolling down the car window, Gerald looked at Naomi with a smile before asking, “Now, now, is there a need for such a bad temper?”

Upon hearing that familiar voice, Naomi suddenly began trembling all over. That voice… It made her doubt for a second whether she was truly awake or just dreaming all this. Feeling her heart clench, Naomi thought to herself, ‘Could… Could I have just heard wrongly…?’

Slowly turning around to see for herself, Naomi found herself loosening her grip and dropping all the groceries she had in hand! Though the girl hadn’t cried in the longest time, she was now ready to bawl her heart out.

She had missed Gerald dearly every single day from the moment he had left her a year and a half ago… Constantly yearning to hear his familiar voice again, she oftentimes found herself recalling the times when she had first met Gerald back in university. Due to him being a nice person with a kind heart, she had already developed a crush on him, all the way back then. What more, there was just a special charm to him.

Though the others in the university had never been able to stand Gerald back then, Naomi had always found him to be quite brilliant. She was able to see all his good points within him without being biased about how poor he was back then.

Quite honestly, she still regretted not making a move on him back then. If the two of them had become a couple from the very beginning, maybe she wouldn’t have to be filled with the pain of missing him now.

Shaking the thoughts off, the now red-eyed Naomi said, “…G-Gerald…? Is that… really you…?”

Stepping out of the car, he then smiled while looking at her before replying, “Who else could I be?”

Hearing that, Naomi wasn’t able to hold herself back any longer. Rushing over to him, she immediately wrapped her arms around him…
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1206
Since Gerald had mentioned before that his fate was still largely undecided, she had often found herself thinking about the worst-case scenarios. It was the reason why she was so glad to see him in one piece now.

By then, those living in the neighborhood were already crowding around the duo as they watched in jealousy.

“It must be nice being so rich! I’m sure he can do whatever he pleases!” said one of the men in the crowd rather enviously.

His voice was so loud that a woman—who was returning from a stroll in a nearby park—heard it. Finding his comment strange, she then realized that a huge crowd had formed right in front of her house!

Feeling that something was amiss, she quickly made her way through the crowd and was shocked to see that her daughter—alongside some man whose back was facing her—was the center of all the attention!

“Still, that rich heir truly is capable… All he did was say a few things to that beauty to gain her affection!” said another person from within the crowd.

Hearing that, the woman growled, “…What?”

Under the impression that her daughter was getting bullied, she then rushed over and pulled Naomi away from the stranger’s embrace while before, “You b*stard! Unhand my daughter!”

She couldn’t care less whether the person was a rich heir or not. As long as he was trying to take advantage of her daughter, she was going to make sure that that playboy would get a piece of her mind.

“Now listen here, you-”

Momentarily stunned when she saw who the person her daughter had been hugging was, her angered face slowly turned into surprise before eventually ending in delight.

“…Gerald…? Are… Are you really Gerald…?” asked the woman, her shock evident in her voice.

“Indeed I am, madam. It’s truly been a long time since we’ve last met each other!” replied Gerald with a smile.

“And here I thought that someone was bullying Naomi! Well, now that I know who you are, do come in!” replied Naomi’s mother happily.

Since Gerald had cured her illness back then, her sudden change in mood was really no surprise. Regardless, all three of them then entered Naomi’s house.

Upon entering, Naomi’s mother took good care of Gerald and immediately headed off to cook the ingredients that Naomi had brought home with her. According to her mother, Gerald had to stay for a home-cooked meal with them no matter what.

Gerald himself wasn’t about to say no to that, and he simply sat on a sofa, chatting with Naomi as her mother cooked in the kitchen.

While chatting, Gerald eventually asked about the two people that Naomi had talked with back at the entrance of the neighborhood.

Scratching the back of her head, Naomi then explained, “If you hadn’t reminded me about it, I would’ve surely forgotten about it by now… I even promised the two that I’d head over to the school to help them get to the bottom of the incident once I brought the groceries back home!”

“An incident? What happened?” asked Gerald, realizing now that the ‘incident’ had something to do with Naomi.

At that moment, Naomi’s mother walked out and said, “It’s all because of that thirty thousand dollar scholarship… You see, not only does Naomi have the position of a class teacher, but she also manages the scholarships of the senior students! The thing is, all that money suddenly went missing the night before the scholarship money was to be distributed! As if that wasn’t already troubling enough, a woman by the name of Yazmin Yallop keeps asserting that Naomi was the one who had taken the money! Her argument was that Noami was suddenly able to buy a house not long after the money was stolen!”

“While even the school had initially wanted to deal with the situation in a low-key manner, that madwoman reported the case to the police and insisted that Naomi was the perpetrator! That’s the reason why the officers were looking for her in the first place!” grumbled Naomi’s mother angrily.

Following, she then added, “I’m sure you’re well aware that Naomi isn’t such a person, right Gerald? After all, even though your subordinates keep trying to hand her money, Naomi never accepts any of it! With that in mind, why would she even covet the thirty thousand dollar scholarship?”

“But of course I believe her!” replied Gerald with a nod.

“I’m glad you agree! But my daughter here… You know, she said she was willing to just admit to stealing the money and let bygones be bygones! Just giving away thirty thousand dollars for something she didn’t do? Not on my watch! There’s no way I’m allowing that Yazmin to take advantage of her like this!” growled the angered mother.

“First things first… Who exactly is this Yazmin person?” asked Gerald.

“Ah… She’s the class teacher of the class right next to mine… She’s been jealous of me ever since I took over her position in the grade she’s teaching in. I didn’t even have a say in it when I got recommended to get the role during the conferring of academic titles… However, she fully doubts that and believes that I made schemes to snatch everything away from her! With that in mind, she’s been hostile toward me ever since!” replied Naomi with a sigh.

“She’s bullying you because her husband is both powerful and capable! Aside from that, you’re also slightly at fault for being so gentle all the time! Some people are just like this, you know? The more you respect her, the more she’ll think how easily bullied you are. I’ve already told you to tell Chairman Lyle about this, but you simply refused… We have Gerald’s support on our side, you know? What are you even afraid of?”

“…It’d be better if you said less about this mom. Regardless, I need to head over to the school since the officers are still waiting for me… Do you mind waiting here for the moment, Gerald?” asked Naomi.

“Actually, I was planning to head to your school to have a look around anyway. Let’s just head over together!” replied Gerald as he stood up.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1207
Gerald knew Naomi’s personality well. As long as she thought that she was able to solve an issue, she simply wouldn’t rely on others to help her. In fact, she would still refuse to beg others for help, even if she couldn’t solve the issue in the end!

He also knew that she was probably feeling guilty about asking for his—and in turn, Zack’s—help after receiving so much of his money during their last meeting.

‘For a teacher, she still behaves like a silly girl…’ Gerald thought to himself as he drove Naomi to Mayberry First High School.

Upon parking his car at the entrance, both of them had just taken a few steps into the school when a female student—carrying a backpack—saw Naomi and called out, “Miss Milton! Hello!”

From her greeting, it was evident that she was one of Naomi’s students. Though her clothes were well kept and her face was considerably beautiful, Gerald could tell that the girl barely had any confidence in her. After all, she hardly even dared to raise her head while talking to others. While observing her, Gerald also noticed that her backpack was slightly torn.

“You haven’t gone home yet, Sherry?” asked Naomi in a slightly concerned tone.

After lowering her head even more, Sherry then replied, “I-I was told to stay back at school, miss… I’ve already written about how you remained at school throughout the entire day the day before yesterday… They told me that it could be used as evidence! I’m really sorry I can’t help with much, Miss Milton! But I truly believe that you weren’t the one who had taken the money!”

Sherry’s voice slowly got softer and softer, and by the end of her sentence, the now teary-eyed girl’s voice was barely audible.

Smiling subtly, Naomi then said, “It’s fine, Sherry. You said the truth and that’s all that matters to me… Regardless, your results have been wavering slightly of late… It’s almost time for the final high school exam you know? Focus more on that and give it your all, alright? Now, it’s getting pretty late. Hurry along home, now!”

After getting patted on the head, Sherry then nodded before leaving the school.

As Naomi watched her run off, Gerald averted his gaze from Sherry, disallowing Naomi from noticing the sudden seriousness in his eyes.

“…She’s the most obedient student in the class, you know? She’s extremely diligent when it comes to her studies as well. Seeing her that hardworking, I was always willing to stay back at school to teach her… However, it was about a month ago when her mood suddenly turned slightly bad… I’m not sure what happened, but it influenced her results slightly negatively as well!” said Naomi, concern in her voice.

“Studies aren’t the only thing you should be concerned about, you know? If you think the student deserves it, then as a teacher, you should be concerned about her life as well. You should take note of whether there are any sore spots that she refuses to talk about, or whether something’s happened to her family… Things like that, you know?” replied Gerald as he smiled at Naomi.

“You almost sound like you’ve previously worked as a teacher yourself,” said Naomi as she returned the smile.

“I have, but nowhere near your level of dedication, of course! I was a Biology teacher for a short period, but then again, I only taught by reading out of the textbook!”

Amused, Naomi simply chuckled at his reply, and soon enough, both of them arrived at the principal’s office.

Before they even entered, however, both of them could already hear the frantic yells of a woman from inside the principal’s office.

“I’m telling you, officers, she’s the culprit! You really don’t have to investigate any further! I swear to god that there’s nobody else capable of doing the deed! Besides, not only do we have a testimony now, but we also have material evidence! I mean, just look at the house she’s just bought for herself! I’ve been wondering for a while how she was so willing to suddenly fork out so much to buy that house! At long last, I finally realized that she had her eyes on the cash this entire time! It’s been her plan this entire time, I tell you! So again, there’s no need to investigate anymore! Just capture and take her away already! Imprison or shoot her in the head, I don’t care! Just do whatever you need to do!”

“Miss Yallop, please be quiet… Solid evidence is needed before we do anything…” replied the male officer as both of the police looked helplessly at Yasmine.

It was at that moment when Gerald and Naomi decided to step into the principal’s office.

Staring at the teacher who looked to be around the age of twenty-four, Gerald remembered how Naomi had said that Yazmin’s husband was quite capable.

While Naomi had only been able to join the school after passing the official teacher examination, Yazmin was simply given an important position in the school the moment she was recruited.

As time passed, the difference between Yazmin and Naomi’s capabilities became more and more discernible. With Naomi clearly being more adept at her job, it was no wonder why the principal had handed the more important tasks for Naomi to deal with.

Knowing that only caused Yazmin’s jealousy to skyrocket…
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1208
Yazmin wasn’t just jealous of Naomi’s capabilities either. In fact, she was even more irked by the fact that Naomi had been chosen to be the top beauty in the school!

The moment she found out about that, Yazmin nearly went mad with rage. As long as Naomi existed, Yazmin felt that she would always remain in her shadow.

“…Humph! Don’t you know how late you are? You almost had me wondering whether you were too frightened to come for fear you’d get tossed into jail immediately! You even brought some guy with you! Are you planning to scare me with him or something? Just look at how shabby he looks!” said Yazmin right off the bat.

Simply choosing to ignore her, Naomi then began explaining her point of view to the officers and the principal.

In the end, they weren’t able to arrive at an immediate conclusion. With that said, the officers then told them that they would probably return again the day after. They also told Naomi to be prepared at all times, stating that as long as they could contact her at all times, she should be fine.

The moment the officers left after saying that, Yazmin immediately turned to look at Naomi before shouting coldly, “Humph! Even if there isn’t an immediate conclusion, I assure you that the incident won’t end until the culprit is caught! And here I was thinking that you were a woman with good temperament before this… To think that you’d actually steal the scholarship money! Don’t you have a guilty conscience at all? It’s truly a wonder how you were chosen to be the most exceptional teacher in the first place!”

“Honestly, you of all people should know what exactly took place… Best be careful now… Don’t get into too much trouble or you’ll end up hurting yourself instead!” sneered Gerald as he glared icily at Yazmin.

Suddenly being stared at like that, Yazmin felt herself go pale as she gulped slightly.

Naomi herself turned to look at Gerald in bewilderment.

‘…Why would he say such a thing…? Is he assuming that Yazmin stole the money and placed the blame on me instead…? But that’s impossible! Yazmin was out on a business trip when the incident happened… Besides, she wasn’t even aware that I had taken the scholarship out at that point in time… Heck, not even my mom knew back then! With that in mind, I’m the only possible person to know about this… It’s the reason why Yazmin immediately placed the blame on me…’ Naomi thought to herself.

“…What… What do you mean by that? Don’t get into too much trouble or I’ll end up hurting myself? Listen, you’d better tell me what you mean by that, or I’m not letting you leave the school alive!” replied Yazmin, her anxiety evident in her voice.

“Oh, I’m sure you know exactly what I mean… Either way, let’s just wait till tomorrow. I’ll share the truth behind all this and I hope someone won’t end up crying then!” said Gerald as he led Naomi out of the office.

Once they had left, Yazmin’s eyes grew fierce as she left the office and instantly began making a phone call.

“…Hubby? I’m facing some issues… Naomi called over some guy and he seems to be targeting me! What should I do…?” asked Yazmin.

“Worry not. I’ll investigate his background right this instant!”

“That’s great to hear! Hah! I’ll definitely ruin Naomi this time… As for the student, think of a way to keep her quiet and obedient! I’m glad that everything is still under control” replied Yazmin in a vicious voice before hanging up.

Meanwhile, Gerald and Naomi were already in his car. However, it wasn’t long before Naomi realized that they weren’t heading back to her home.

“…Gerald…? Where are we headed to?” asked Naomi.

“Well, about that student of yours… Sherry, was it? Could you tell me where she lives?” asked Gerald in return.

“…Huh? You want to meet Sherry? For what reason…? She’s an obedient child and she’s already given her part of the testimony… I assure you that she’s only told them the truth, and I truly hope that she did so rather than choose to lie just to defend me… That way, she won’t have too much to weigh on her mind!” replied Naomi.

“Oh, I could tell that she’s obedient. However, I could also tell that she was facing another issue, a very troubling one at that. If we don’t act fast she could end up falling into an endless abyss… So again, where does she live?”
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1209
Gerald was no stranger to mind reading. As long as a person’s training was less than his, he was able to see what that person was thinking from just a simple glance.

That said, when he had earlier bumped into Sherry, he came to learn about the truth about the incident.

Yazmin truly was a vicious woman with the wickedest of hearts. After all, from what Gerald found out, death wasn’t off the table when that woman became jealous. Fearing that something would happen to Sherry, Gerald wanted Naomi to bring him to her.

From what Gerald had read from Sherry’s mind, it was about a week ago when Yazmin made her appearance before Sherry’s house, even though Yazmin should’ve rightfully been on some kind of business trip at that time.

After calling Sherry out, she ordered her to secretly stalk Naomi and attempt to steal the scholarship money. Yazmin even explicitly said that by doing so, she would be able to frame Naomi! Adding that her husband’s subordinates would lend her a hand in secret while Sherry did the deed, Yazmin also promised that once Sherry acquired the money, she could use it to pay for the medical expenses needed to treat her mother’s illness.

Upon digging a bit deeper into her memories, Gerald found that her mother had fallen seriously ill about half a month ago, and her fatherless family was simply too poor to do anything about it.

Even so, Sherry simply couldn’t bring herself to steal!

It was then when Yazmin began threatening her. According to Sherry’s memories, Yazmin had told her that if she refused to help her, then Yazmin would actively try to cut off her grant to the point where Sherry wouldn’t be able to sit for her college entrance exams!

In fact, she wouldn’t even be able to acquire her high school graduation certificate! Hearing that, Sherry was instantly terrified. After all, her biggest dream was to get admitted into university.

After a few restless nights of battling between her dreams and her morals, Sherry’s determination finally shattered the moment Yazmin told her that she was going to use her connections to make Sherry drop out if she continued being hesitant.

With a threat like that, Sherry had no choice but to obey.

Following that, Sherry began stalking Naomi until she eventually took the money out. The night after Naomi did that, Sherry snuck into the financial room with the key that she had previously duplicated.

As for the surveillance system, Yazmin’s husband had made sure to send some of his men to deal with it first. Due to all that happened behind the scenes, Naomi was eventually labeled as a thief.

Of course, Gerald wasn’t blaming Sherry for doing all this. After all, it was evident that the girl had a simple heart. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to gather so much off her mind so easily. Being a filial and obedient girl, Gerald didn’t doubt the fact that Sherry was pretty much a victim in all this as well.

Regardless, Gerald currently had two things on his mind as he continued driving to Sherry’s house. Firstly, he told Naomi all that he had found out to get her clarification on all this.

As for the other thing, he wanted to save Sherry too.

After all, if she did indeed use all thirty thousand dollars to pay for her mother’s medical fees, then Sherry would still end up losing her chance to sit for her college entrance exams. What more, there was also a very real chance that she would end up getting imprisoned! Not only would her life be ruined, but her mother would also be filled with grief! It could truly result in a broken family!

Thinking about it made Gerald remember how vicious and cruel a woman Yazmin was. Quite honestly, he had to actively hold himself back from beating that woman to death when they had earlier met in the principal’s office.

Regardless, after hearing what Gerald had to say about the situation, Naomi ended up covering her mouth in fear. While she absolutely bought what Gerald had just told her, she simply couldn’t believe that Yazmin would dare to do such a thing, even though Naomi knew for a fact that she was being targeted by her.

She trembled as she thought how terrifying a jealous person’s heart could get.

“…Then… If what you’re saying is true, then Sherry’s life will surely be ruined! That poor diligent girl!” said Naomi, her worry apparent in her voice.

“It’s not too late yet. However, judging from that woman’s actions, I’m sure that she’ll be sending some people over to keep an eye on Sherry soon. Hang on tight, we’re going to be rushing over to her place!” replied Gerald as he instantly began accelerating.

Soon after, they arrived at a shantytown in the suburbs of Mayberry. It wasn’t long before both of them could see Sherry from afar, holding onto a thermos in her backyard. From the looks of it, she had just cooked a meal for her mother and was now heading back into her house.

Just as she was opening her front door, however, two black cars suddenly came to a screeching halt before her house, and out stepped six sturdy-looking men. All of them had crew cuts and they were also wearing gold chains around their necks. With bags under their armpits and cigarettes in their mouths, the men were quick to block Sherry from closing the door behind her.

“What’s the hurry, little girl? I’m sure that serving the meal can wait!” said what seemed to be the leader with a cold smile.

“…It’s you people again! I already did the thing you told me to! Why are you still pestering me?” replied Sherry as she hugged onto her thermos tightly while taking a step back in fear.

“Haha! There’s no need to be afraid… Honestly, we’re just here to warn you not to reveal the incident to others no matter what… Well, that was the initial plan, that is. We decided to take an extra measure by having you record yourself admit to doing the deeds. Fret not, for as long as you don’t reveal the incident to the public, then the video will be safe in our hands forever. However, should news about the deed spill out, then you’ll soon find yourself getting famous all over the country once we post the video on every major social media site!” added the leader as he laughed aloud, prompting a few of his men to show Sherry the video cameras they were holding onto.
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1210
“Again, worry not, little girl! We’ll be quick as long as you’re obedient. In fact, I’d even be willing to pay you some cash… if you make me feel good, that is! You’ll be using the money to save a life anyway, so what I’m about to do to you next is going to be a fair trade!” shouted the leader as he dragged Sherry by the arm, causing the thermos she was holding onto to fall to the ground!

As the carefully-prepared food that Sherry had earlier cooked for her mother got spilled all over the ground, the leader quickly covered her mouth and began carrying her into one of their cars!

Seeing that, the other five men stood at the side as they laughed in excitement.

However, one of the men’s laughter was short-lived as he suddenly felt someone grabbing his right ear! Before he could even react, the sickening sound of flesh being torn off could be heard. By the time he screamed in agony, half of his face was already bloodied!

Gerald himself casually tossed the torn-off ear to the ground before revealing that he was holding onto a large iron stick that he had picked up from the streets.

With a single smash to the man’s head, he immediately fell to the ground, convulsing as foam exited his mouth!

The second they saw how terribly their comrade was suffering, the remaining men immediately grew terrified. As for their leader, he quickly jumped out from the car, a hideous expression on his face.

“You f*cking bastard! How dare you ruin our affairs! You’re just begging for death, aren’t you?!” roared the fierce-looking man as he unsheathed a dagger that had been attached to his waist.

Before the leader could strike, another one of his men had already unsheathed his own dagger, and was currently rushing toward Gerald to stab him!

However, Gerald was much, much faster.

Grabbing onto the assailant’s ear, Gerald twisted it with great force, causing yet another tearing sound to be heard as a new scream filled the air.

Repeating the process, Gerald tossed the ear aside before smashing the stick into the side of his head. Naturally, this man reacted exactly the same as the first.

“You… You b*stard! Gang up on him!” ordered the leader as his eyelids twitched rapidly.

Though the leader weighed over a hundred kilograms, his movements weren’t clumsy at all. In fact, he was the fastest and also the smartest among his men.

Charging at Gerald, he leaped into the air, aiming a flying kick right at Gerald’s head!

Even so, Gerald remained calm as he struck the iron stick right into the man’s leg before he was even able to get close to Gerald.

Following the sickening sounds of bones cracking, the leader screamed in pain as he toppled to the ground. With how hard Gerald had hit his leg, his leg was now angled in a way that his calf was folded against his thigh. After being twisted in such a frightening way, the man could even feel his thigh with his toes!

As he continued screaming on the ground while convulsing erratically before Gerald, Gerald himself coldly declared, “I won’t even bother using my fists to beat all of you up! You’re all nothing but b*stards!”

After saying that, he then ripped the leader’s ear off as well before throwing it aside! Now bleeding profusely, the leader of the men almost found himself fainting from the sheer pain alone.

Seeing that, the remaining men instantly threw their daggers aside as they began running away! After seeing their boss being beaten up so easily, they knew they could never dream of defeating Gerald. Not only was Gerald powerful, but he was also a savage for pulling off the ears of whoever he beat up!

Of course, it was impossible for them to escape in the first place.

Running after the escaping men, Gerald whacked his iron stick onto all of them, making sure to rip an ear off each of the men.

Once he was done, he fed the ears he had collected to a few stray dogs…

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