The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 1261-1270

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1261
Even if any of them had personal opinions on the matter, none of them dared to speak a word. After all, while it was true that they would receive no shortage of awards and recognition should they succeed in saving the children, failure to save them would surely result in them being painted as a villain.

There was simply no way that any of them were going to willingly become a scapegoat.

“…Does nobody have anything to say at all…?” asked Zane, his tone rightfully urgent as he scanned through all the present doctors.

Of course, nobody dared to answer him, and they found themselves averting their gazes whenever he turned to look at any of them.

Seeing their reactions, Zane could only sigh. It seemed that his professional career was going to end soon…

However, just as he was thinking that all was lost, someone suddenly broke the silence by saying, “I have a few ideas.”

Upon hearing that someone was actually willing to make a suggestion, all the doctors in the room immediately turned to see who had spoken. The individual in question had been sitting quietly in the corner of the conference room this entire time. If he hadn’t spoken up, there was a high chance that everyone would’ve simply continued ignoring him.

Regardless, everyone was confused as to why he was the one who had spoken up. After all, everyone had been under the assumption that he was simply one of Dr. Mabb’s apprentices, drivers, or even secretaries.

“…Say, who even is he?”

“Isn’t he just one of Dr. Mabb’s apprentices…?”

“I don’t think so! From what I remember, Dr. Mabb only has two of them!”

While everyone was currently discussing among themselves as they looked at Gerald, Gerald himself paid them no attention. The important thing was that he had already witnessed all that had been shown on screen earlier.

With the addition of rapid organ failure to the list of symptoms, Gerald was already a hundred percent certain that the Soul Eater technique had been the cause of all this.

However, it was evident that the person who had used the technique on the babies had only roughly mastered it. In fact, it wouldn’t be a stretch that the person had been using it on the babies as practice!

After all, had the person achieved mastery over the Soul Eater technique like Gerald had, then the babies would have definitely been sucked dry before turning into ashes, just like what had happened to Hendrik and the others!

Gerald himself had only been able to master it that quickly since he had previously undergone training—to hasten learning processes—together with Finnley. It was how he had regained his strength after Queena sealed his inner strength.

Regardless, to think that someone would actually practice the vicious technique on babies… The thought of it alone caused an extremely ugly expression to form on Gerald’s face.

However, he wasn’t the only one angry. The truth was that all the doctors had been feeling slightly angry and contemptuous toward Gerald the moment he said he had an idea.

“Do you already have a solution to treating this strange illness, Mr. Crawford?” asked Jace in surprise as he instantly bowed respectfully at Gerald.

Seeing how respectfully Dr. Mabb was treating the young man, all of them could immediately tell that the young man wasn’t his driver. What on earth was going on here…?

Zane—being a bit more experienced than the rest—immediately sensed that something was up. Looking at Gerald, he then said, “Do you have something in mind, young man?”

“Indeed I do,” replied Gerald, ignoring all the stares from the other doctors. His priority was to save the lives of all those babies, and being looked at contemptuously was nothing new to him anyway.

Now that he had everyone’s attention, he casually said, “The truth is, this isn’t an illness at all. The babies are currently in such a state since someone had drained them of their oxyblood, resulting in their organs failing! Due to their organs being in such poor condition, the babies are currently susceptible to infections!”

The second Gerald’s sentence ended, an uproar immediately broke out! Truth be told, several of the doctors wanted to laugh, but they refrained since they were currently facing such a serious situation.

“Young man, I heard Dr. Mabb calling you Mr. Crawford, so let’s just go with that. Regardless, I wonder if you’ve been watching too many movies. Please refrain from spouting nonsense when you don’t even understand what is going on here! Someone drained the babies’ oxyblood? Are you suggesting that we have a vampire on the loose? What more, the babies are new-borns who’ve never left the NCIU! Actually, do you even know what NCIU stands for? Since you probably don’t, it stands for Neonatal Care Unit! As an extra trivia, the air inside it is completely isolated!”

“To think that I had initially thought that you would actually provide us with a viable suggestion. As it turns out, you know nothing at all! Imagine if news about this gets published to the public! Society would definitely fall into disarray! Who even is this guy, Dr. Mabb?” asked one of the doctors as he continued glaring at Gerald.

“Please, just settle down for a minute, everyone!”

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1262
Jace quickly attempted to persuade the others to calm down before things escalated too quickly.

To be quite honest, even he had been surprised to hear Gerald say that someone had drained the babies of their oxyblood. It was a statement he hadn’t heard of before.

Even so, he had witnessed Gerald’s skills and abilities before, so Jace trusted that Gerald knew what he was doing.

“Hah! See, Dr. Mabb? I already told you that his feat earlier was just a coincidence! He’s not really capable at all! Being so young, what would he know? You’d think he was here to act in some movie after hearing his explanation!” muttered Walbridge unhappily.

Though he hadn’t said that in a particularly loud voice, everyone in the conference room could hear what he had just said.

It was obvious that Walbridge was jealous of Gerald. After all, he had seen the way Breanna—his long-time crush who was also his junior—looked at Gerald earlier. That was certainly the last straw for him!

Infuriated by him, Walbridge had had the constant urge to humiliate Gerald in public.

Upon hearing what his apprentice had to say, Jace’s expression instantly turned gloomy as he turned to look at Walbridge before saying, “Quiet, Walbridge! I believe there must be a reason for Mr. Crawford to have said all that! Let’s just see what else Mr. Crawford has to say first! What if his deduction is actually correct?”

Gerald himself now had a sour expression on his face. Anyone would feel dissatisfied after being criticized and humiliated in such a way.

“There are still many things all of you do not know about the world!” replied Gerald coldly.

“…If I may, is there a cure for all this, Mr. Crawford…?” asked Jace, choosing to believe in Gerald.

“There is. Acupuncture and medication can be used to condition their bodies. Even so, we have to act quickly. Once the babies’ organs completely fail, they won’t be able to be saved any longer!”

“Do you have any idea how hasty you’re being? You can’t just treat the lives of over a hundred children like jokes, Dr. Mabb! He’s just some young boy who barely has any experience! What would he know in this situation?!” shouted another doctor in rage.

“Do you have any better ideas, then?” asked Jace coldly in return.

“While I don’t, we still can’t take this situation so lightly! Also, giving medication to new-borns? What would happen if their condition worsens after taking the medication? You, of all people, should know that these babies can’t take much more! With that in mind, we shouldn’t be playing around with their health until we’re entirely sure we can help them!” reasoned another person who felt that allowing Gerald to treat the new-borns was no different from giving him permission to toy around with their health.

Zane himself was now looking at Gerald, wondering whether to trust in him or not. Though Gerald’s explanation sounded dubious at best, there was just something about the determination and clarity in Gerald’s eyes that gave others a strong sense of conviction.

Was Gerald really that sure of his answer?

After thinking for a bit, Zane made his decision. Since nobody else had any better ideas anyway, what choice did he have but to place in trust in Gerald?

“…Let him have a go,” said Zane.

“…Come again? You’re actually letting him try? Then who’s going to bear the responsibility if something goes awry?!”

“I am!” shouted Jace, Zane, and Gerald simultaneously.

Following that, all three of them couldn’t help but turn to look at each other.

“…Fine then! Since all three of you have agreed to take full responsibility over this incident, so be it!”

Since there were now fools willing to take responsibility over the matter, everyone no longer had anything to say. Gerald could try all he wanted to!

If it wasn’t obvious enough by now, these doctors frankly didn’t care whether the babies lived or died as long as they could protect their own interests!

“Are you sure you don’t want to reconsider this, Dr. Mabb? We really shouldn’t be acting so hastily! We’re placing over a hundred lives on the line here! It isn’t just a single Lady Smith anymore!” said Walbridge whose jealousy had spiked now that the dean was also on Gerald’s side. How was that even possible?

Walbridge honestly couldn’t believe that his master was still buying into Gerald’s nonsense. How could Dr. Mabb even be confused by such incoherent ramblings?

Much to Walbridge’s surprise, Jace immediately glared at him before declaring, “Walbridge, you… I was wrong about you…!”

Stunned, Walbridge then replied, “…What? I… I just don’t want your reputation to go down the drain, doctor! After all, you’re a genius doctor!”

“Never have I ever thought of myself as a genius doctor… That’s only a title my patients gave me. Walbridge, I’ll have you know that if my reputation was all I needed to save these patients, then I’d gladly throw all of it away! You’re a thirty-year-old man who’s already been studying medicine for so many years, Walbridge… How is your way of thinking still so wrong? If you continue going down this path, I’m afraid you’ll never be able to achieve a thing in the medical world!” said Jace as he sighed in disappointment.

His face now green with envy, Walbridge then shouted, “…W-whatever the case is, I still don’t believe that he’ll be able to cure the children!”

“And what if I’m able to?” asked Gerald as he stared coldly at Walbridge.

That guy had been coming at him this entire time and it was starting to annoy Gerald…

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1263
“Hah! What do you even mean by that? Fine then. If you successfully cure the illness, then I’ll do anything you order me to!” scoffed Walbridge.

From how casually he had made that decision, it was evident that he thought that it was going to be impossible for Gerald to save all those babies who were already near death.

Hearing that, Gerald simply nodded before heading off to the isolation room together with Jace and the dean.

Only three people were allowed to enter this time, and Gerald had a change of clothes before setting foot into the isolation room with the duo from before.

By then, all the babies had already stopped crying, and the room was eerily silent. From a glance, Gerald could see that not only were their complexions dark, but their bodies all looked swollen. Even the babies’ lips appeared cracked.

Seeing those symptoms and how close those babies were to death, Gerald confirmed that it truly was the effects of the Soul Eater technique! From what he could guess from the damage done, the babies must have only experienced a third of the Soul Eater technique’s power.

His deduction explained why their bodies were all looking so swollen. It was due to all the water in their bodies being sapped right out. With barely any means to cool their internal organs down, high fevers were simply inevitable!

“…How utterly cruel…!” growled Gerald under his breath.

If Gerald truly wished to heal them, he knew that acupuncture alone wasn’t going to be sufficient. In order to ensure that there was going to be a smooth flow of oxyblood pellets within them in the future, Gerald had no choice but to use the Soul Eater technique to make up for their lost oxyblood.

However, he was also aware that the second he did that, his identity would surely be exposed since he hadn’t found the Zircobsite yet. Once that happened, Queena would definitely come running over to hunt him down. Should he get caught, he knew he wouldn’t even come close to rivaling her strength.

Gritting his teeth, Gerald reminded himself that even if that was going to be the case, it was still more important to save these lives. Since Gerald had already drained the oxyblood of several adults before this, he knew that he probably had enough to save all of them. As for revealing his location to Queena… He could still use the blood in the jade talisman to deal with that for at least another night.

Since Queena was at her most fragile now, she shouldn’t be as scary as she previously had been! With that in mind, Gerald immediately began taking action.

Standing before the baby closest to him, Gerald took a single silver needle and began rapidly—but lightly—pricking on multiple spots on the baby’s chest. The spots were by no means random, and all eighteen areas that he pricked were part of the heavenly meridian, the core meridian, and the prime meridian.

There was barely any hesitation in between each prick, and Gerald’s movements were so fluid that it almost seemed like he was performing some kind of magic show. Zane himself—who had been standing next to Gerald—couldn’t help but feel slightly dumbfounded.

Turning to look at Jace, he was surprised to see how captivated the old doctor seemed to be over Gerald’s perfect needle techniques.

Regardless, once Gerald was done, he quickly snuck his hand under the quilt and held onto the baby’s wrist. With the Soul Eater technique, he then immediately began regulating and replenishing the child’s oxyblood.

“…Alright, this one’s safe now. Remember to properly cover the quilt over the baby! Now remove the clothes off the baby on Bed 2 and bring him to me! Quickly! We don’t have much time!” ordered Gerald.

“…What? That was it?” asked Zane, his eyes widened.

“Yes, now hurry on with the next baby!”

“…R-right!” replied Zane with a nod before running off to do as he was told.

“…That… Is that…! Divine Acupuncture Therapy?!” shouted an old doctor in surprise. He had been solemnly observing them through the isolation room’s glass window for a while now, though Gerald’s immense skill had clearly flabbergasted him.

“Divine Acupuncture Therapy, Dr. Lisle?” asked another observer in slight dissatisfaction, though he had to admit that the kid was really good at performing acupuncture.

“Indeed! Divine Acupuncture Therapy is an acupuncture technique that was supposedly lost to time! According to rumors, Sawyer Wytt is the only person proficient in handling up to three steps of this technique!” explained the excited old doctor who hadn’t noticed the expression on the vice dean’s face.

“…Could he be Sawyer Wytt’s apprentice? No, that’s not right! As you’ve said, Sawyer is only proficient with three steps! But that kid there is capable of using up to eighteen! How terrifying!” exclaimed another old doctor who was familiar with the technique.

As several other old doctors—who recognized the technique—began clapping their hands in admiration as they continued staring wide-eyed, it was evident that there were still several people who were still in disbelief.

“He’s still pretty young, isn’t he? How could he possibly know how to use such a sophisticated acupuncture technique?” asked one of the skeptics.

“I’ll have you know that there’s no doubt about it! He truly is using the Divine Acupuncture Therapy technique! After all, I witnessed Mr. Sawyer Wytt using the technique while I was attending a seminar a few months ago! From what I observed, the needle that he used was exactly the same as the one Gerald’s currently using! The needle itself is an inch long, and while performing a demonstration of the technique, he lifted and vented it three times before using the Phoenix Technique to remove the needle. The action itself provides nourishment from the body, and also removes any excess miasma and moisture from within. However, I heard that one requires inner strength to perform the Divine Acupuncture Therapy technique… Could Mr. Crawford actually possess that…?” explained another doctor.

“Hah! You think someone like him could ever possess inner strength? Trust me when I say he’s probably just putting on a show. Whatever the case is, his true capabilities will be revealed through the results!” sneered Walbridge.

Being the envious person he was, Walbridge was already chanting in his mind, ‘May those children not be healed by this buffoon!’

Gerald himself wasn’t aware of the controversy among those outside the isolation room. After all, he was fully preoccupied with the Divine Acupuncture Therapy technique. With each needle that went in and out—the now pale-faced—Gerald slowly found himself getting more and more exhausted, large beads of sweat dripping off his chin. It certainly didn’t help that a lot of energy needed to be used to replenish the babies’ oxyblood.

Despite that, he maintained his immense speed and precision. Due to that, it wasn’t long before he was done with all the babies in the room!

Throughout his efforts, the babies Gerald had previously cured were already shown signs of recovery. No longer were their faces dark, and on the contrary, their complexions were slowly turning fairer and rosier, clear signs that they were recovering.

What more, the swelling on their bodies were already subsiding as well, and their skin seemed to be returning to normal. In fact, it even appeared that their aura and vitality were even stronger than before!


After seeing all this, Zane was so relieved and excited that he instantly burst into tears.

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1264

Even Jace found himself tearing up in joy. Their sheer delight had stemmed from the fact that all of the babies were most probably making it out alive now!

After carefully examining the babies—just for good measure—both men found themselves clasping their hands together while heaving huge sighs of relief to calm their excitement. How absolutely unbelievable!

“Mr. Crawford truly can bring the dead back to life!” cheered both men in immense admiration.

Gerald himself simply smiled weakly at their statement.

Compliments and admiration didn’t really mean much to him. As long as the babies were healed, that meant that he had managed to successfully achieve his goal.

Now that he was done with this issue, his mind immediately wandered to the next concern. Who was the person in charge of committing all these atrocities in Mayberry City? And was that person stronger or weaker than him? Regardless, if he didn’t find them soon, that person could definitely begin harming others!

He needed to quickly make a move anyway since he had already used his inner strength earlier. Even though he wasn’t sure whether Queena would be able to detect him—given that she was currently at her most vulnerable—Gerald knew that he still had to immediately rush over to Mountain Top Villa.

After all, as long as he was close to the Zircobsite stone, Queena probably wouldn’t be too keen on approaching him. With that in mind, he quickly made his way out of the isolation room.

Once he was outside, however, he was instantly greeted by looks of excitement and admiration from those who had heard that Gerald had successfully saved the children.

Knowing how proficient he was with the Divine Acupuncture Therapy technique, some of the older doctors even began kneeling before Gerald, hoping that he would take them under his wing as apprentices!

At that moment, Walbridge—who had a cold look on his face—suddenly said, “Amazing, aren’t you? You’re just lucky, young lad!”

Though Gerald was initially planning to leave immediately, upon hearing Walbridge’s words, he turned to face the arrogant man before replying in a cold tone, “…Speaking of which, do you remember your earlier promise?”

“…W-what?” said Walbridge, stunned.

“I distinctly remember you saying that you’d do whatever I asked you to as long as I was able to heal the babies!”

“That’s right, Dr. Lumb! All of us heard you make the promise as well!” said one of the doctors.

Seeing that everyone was now looking at him, Walbridge puffed his chest up—in his attempt to look like an honorable person—before saying, “Hah! I’ve always been a man of my word! Tell me what it is that you want!”

With how pretentious Walbridge was still being, Gerald could only look at him contemptuously before ordering, “Very well! I want you to fart!”

“…I-I beg your pardon…?” asked Walbridge, clearly taken aback.

“I told you to fart! Do it at least a hundred times in front of everyone here!”

By this point, everyone was already roaring with laughter.

“Y-you… Do you think I can just fart whenever I want to…?” muttered Walbridge, feeling extremely humiliated.

“Why not? It’s just a hundred so it shouldn’t be too difficult! Allow me to assist!” replied Gerald as he swiftly poked one of Walbridge’s acupuncture points with a finger.

Almost immediately after, a loud farting sound filled the corridor. Then another, and another.

As Walbridge continued to fart against his will, his face was already pale from all the humiliation. Try as he might, he simply couldn’t hold back at all!

With everyone now focused on Walbridge—as they covered their noses—Gerald took the opportunity to use the chaos to make his escape!

Not long after, Walbridge released one final and extra-long fart before finally crying out, “I-I’m done! One hundred farts in total!”

To everyone’s surprise, Gerald was no longer there! Though some of the old doctors wanted to attempt chasing him down, they quickly realized that it was probably going to be a futile effort. After all, they now realized that Gerald had planned his escape the moment he ordered Walbridge to begin farting as a distraction!

It was a little while later when Gerald began speeding his car toward Mountain Top Villa. The evening sky was already darkening as the car accelerated past a dense forest.

As he continued driving down the desolate road, Gerald squinted his eyes before widening them in shock. Stepping on the brakes, the car came to a screeching halt as Gerald’s eyelids twitched rapidly at the old lady squatting in the middle of the road.

The old lady herself seemed to be burning some papers in hand by tossing them into a brazier of sorts. Whatever the case was, the old lady was by no means an unfamiliar face to Gerald.

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1265
All it took was a single glance for him to know who she was!

Getting out of his car before casually looking at her, Gerald shouted out, “It appears that it truly is inevitable for enemies to cross paths!”

The second his sentence ended, however, his expression instantly turned cold as he glared at her while saying, “Regardless, were you the one who used the Soul Eater technique on all those babies?”

“What, did you think you were the only one capable of using that technique? Still, it’s a pity that you arrived so early… Otherwise, I could have continued draining more oxyblood from babies tonight in order to bring my training to the next level!” replied the old lady as she slowly got up now that she was done burning what seemed to be paper money!

Turning to look at Gerald, there was a firm and determined look in her eyes as she added, “I admit that you truly are powerful, Gerald… Had I not underestimated you at the time, you wouldn’t have been able to take the lives of so many members of the Holy Witchcraft! Regardless, I’m not allowing you to escape today! If you know what’s best for you, then just follow me back obediently! The magnificent lord awaits you!”

If it wasn’t already obvious, the old woman was none other than Tiara, the leader of the Holy Witchcraft! Due to his strength and abilities being sealed back then, Tiara was able to kill his brother, Chester!

Though he wanted to kill her as well back then to avenge Chester’s death, he simply couldn’t afford to since his priority at the time was to escape.

Regardless, Gerald did remember Tiara being called away by Queena back then… It appeared that the two were acquainted with each other. With that in mind, Gerald then asked in a rather surprised tone, “…The magnificent lord…? Are you referring to Queena?”

“Indeed I am! Just so you know how powerful the magnificent lord is, I’ll let you in on a little something. You should very well be aware that there are three main religions and nine schools of thoughts, correct? Well, I’ll have you know that all three religions are already under the control of our magnificent lord! Due to that, we have religious disciples all over the world! With that in mind, know that you’ll never be able to truly escape from our magnificent lord!” sneered the old woman.

“I had a hunch that someone was poisoning all those babies to force me to reveal myself! To think that I was right! Either way, it appears that you’re now Queena’s lackey as well! I’m assuming she was the one who taught the Soul Eater technique to you then!”

Queena, the woman in white, and the deity came from the same place. With that in mind, aside from the deity, Queena should be the only other person proficient in the Soul Eater technique!

“You think you’re so smart, don’t you? Though I hate to admit it, your deduction is correct! It truly was the magnificent lord who had taught me how to use the Soul Eater technique! However, I’m not the only person she taught the technique to! Your little buddy’s mastered it as well!” replied Tiara with a cold smile on her face.

“What are you waiting for, Chester? Bring them out immediately!” yelled Tiara.

‘…Chester?’ Gerald thought to himself, momentarily stunned.

Sensing the presence of a few others, Gerald found himself looking in that direction… The moment he saw a familiar-looking man—who was pushing a few other familiar-looking people out of the woods—Gerald’s eyes immediately widened.

It truly was Chester, and he appeared to be holding Gavin, Helen, and Rita as hostages!

While it was undoubtedly Chester in the flesh, something was seriously wrong. Not only was Chester emitting immense murderous intent, but the expression he had on his face was unsettling, to say the least. What on earth had happened?

“I don’t know what you’re planning, Tiara, but I hope you realize that I was only weak back then since I just had my strength sealed before confronting you! With that in mind, there’s no reason for me to be afraid of you now!” scoffed Gerald before dashing straight for Tiara!

Tiara, however, simply displayed an indifferent expression as her body suddenly started turning translucent! Almost as though she had been nothing but an illusion, Tiara vanished completely in the next second!

The moment that happened, Gerald immediately froze in place! That, however, was far from a voluntary action. It felt as though he was being held in place by some ungodly force!

What strength and power! Gerald had first had experience with Tiara’s strength and abilities before, and he knew for a fact that she wasn’t this strong before.

“To hell with you! Have you any idea how unforgivable it is to kill the members of the Holy Witchcraft?!” roared Tiara as she suddenly reappeared right in front of him—without warning—and launched an attack aimed straight for Gerald’s chest!

The second her fist collided with his chest, Gerald found himself being thrown backward! Thunderous sounds followed as Gerald’s body continued colliding with several trees, causing them to snap clear in half!

Since Gerald’s body was no longer comparable to an ordinary human’s and he had just reactivated his inner strength, he was certain that Tiara’s inner strength shouldn’t hurt this much. After all, the time gap from when they had last met wasn’t all that large.

Alas, Tiara’s inner strength was now even stronger than his own! Even so, Gerald could sense that her inner strength was ‘really weird,’ though he couldn’t quite pinpoint why.

Whatever the case was, once Gerald finally collided with a tree—that didn’t snap from the impact of his body—Gerald instantly vomited blood! As if he wasn’t in enough pain already, his limp body soon began falling to the ground! The immense pain of his back colliding with the ground felt so terrible that Gerald could feel acute pain in several of his bones! It was no exaggeration when Gerald thought that his whole body was about to fall apart!

Despite already making him suffer so much, Tiara wasn’t about to give him the opportunity to relieve himself of the pain. Reappearing before Gerald again, the old woman immediately began strangling his throat with a single hand.

Her grip made Gerald feel like he was being choked by a pair of giant steel tongs, and when he turned to look at the old woman, he was greeted by the sight of an extremely hideous and vicious-looking face!

“Though the magnificent lord told me to spare your life, I’m afraid I can’t do that. I need my revenge, Gerald. I need it more than anything else! I’m avenging all the lives you’ve taken from the Holy Witchcraft that day if it’s the last thing I do!” roared Tiara.

Gerald truly wasn’t getting a break, and he was constantly getting shocked by how strong Tiara had suddenly become! Unable to even free himself from her grasp, Gerald now felt as though he was just some weak and fragile kid.

Gerald’s gut had been telling him that something was terribly, terribly wrong, and Gerald whole-heartedly agreed with it. After giving it some thought, Gerald realized that Tiara’s current inner strength was actually on par with Queena’s!

What on earth had Queena done to her…?

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1266

“L-let him go…!” shouted the three kidnapped—and frightened—Smiths before Tiara could land another blow on the now bloodied Gerald. Rita, in particular, was shouting even louder than Mila’s parents.

“…Hah! Trash like him isn’t worth my energy to kill! With that in mind… Hey, Chester! That’s your beloved brother, right? Go ahead and kill that brat who doesn’t know what’s best for himself! Worry not about the magnificent lord, for I’ll take full responsibility for everything that’s happened here!” ordered Tiara.

It was evident by this point that the Smiths’ pleas for mercy did little to impress Tiara. Instead, they seemed to further enrage her!

Regardless, the way Tiara had ordered her grandson almost made it seem like she was just talking to some random member of the Holy Witchcraft instead of her actual grandson… On second thought, ‘dog’ would be a better term to describe Chester’s relationship with Tiara now. A very obedient and vicious dog… He barely had any resemblance to the old woman’s grandson anymore!

Whatever the case was, upon hearing the command, the resurrected Chester instantly glowered with rage as he slowly began walking toward Gerald!

The second he stood before the injured youth, Chester barely had any hesitation when he punched Gerald hard on the face! The punch itself made Gerald feel like he had just run into a glass door while running, and Gerald found himself instantly growing dizzy.

So even Chester’s inner strength had been amplified… What a powerful transformation process…!

“Atta boy! Good job!” said Tiara with a sinister laugh as the corners of her mouth curled into a malicious smile.

“Heh. How does it feel, Gerald? To have the person you regarded as your younger brother beat you up like this… How does it feel to know that even a dog like Chester is more than enough to kill you?!”

Pausing for a brief moment to grin evilly, Tiara then returned to her indifferent expression before tossing a dagger over to Chester’s feet.

Momentarily looking at her grandson—who was still overflowing with murderous intent—Tiara then turned to look back at Gerald before saying, “Whatever the case is, since you’re going to die here anyway, I may as well have Chester deal the finishing blow! I hope you enjoy the experience of being killed by your very own brother! Chester! This here is the elder brother you love so much to the point of betraying me! I command you to dice him up with that dagger!”

Upon hearing the command, Chester’s eyes grew frigid as he picked the dagger up before viciously slashing at Gerald’s arm! Gerald himself could feel his arm growing slightly numb as the scent of fresh blood filled the air.

“Atta boy, Chester! Now chop off one of his arms!”

Unlike the first time, however, Chester seemed to hesitate the second he heard the following order. Though the dagger was still in his hand, he was simply frozen in that position. It was almost as though there was some magical force preventing him from doing the deed!

Staring straight into Gerald’s eyes, a voice seemed to emanate from within him, screaming, ‘No! Don’t do it!’

Seeing that, Tiara then shouted, “What the hell are you doing, Chester? Snap out of that daze and slice his arm off already!”

“Y-Yes, master…!” replied Chester as his entire body began trembling uncontrollably!

Taking in a deep breath, Chester then slowly began raising the dagger…

With Chester holding on so tightly to Gerald’s neck with his other hand, the bloodied youth couldn’t even attempt to dodge it even if he wanted to. Chester’s current strength was simply far too immense for Gerald to even begin resisting! With that in mind, there was no way Gerald was going to be able to have his arm intact once Chester did the deed!

Even though he was aware of that, all Gerald could do was watch as the dagger—whose tip was facing downward—got slowly raised to an optimal point… Before it rapidly began descending!

As Gerald’s heart beat frantically, he thought about how he had only been a step away from achieving the baptism of heaven. It was supposed to happen tonight too!

To think that he was going to be ended by Tiara before he could even manage to deal with Queena or find the woman in white…

Gerald knew that Chester wasn’t to blame since he was nothing more than a puppet to Tiara now, incapable of disobeying her orders… Whatever the case was, Gerald continued focusing on the rapidly descending dagger as his mind braced for the hellish pain to come once his arm got sliced off.

That moment itself felt like an eternity as all sorts of memories began flooding his mind. It was almost as though his mind was no longer bound by any forms of restriction.

Gerald recalled a saying that moments before a person died, their life would quite literally flash before their very eyes within tenths of a second. Perhaps he was experiencing that right now…

Amidst the plethora of memories, Gerald suddenly saw a very clear figure before him…

It was Mila.

‘I wonder if Mila’s dead or still alive at this point… If she’s still among the living, how is she doing in life…? Is her life good? Miserable…? Is she being loved and doted on…? Or perhaps she’s being tortured and abused…?’

‘The pledge of the holy water is happening soon too… Dad, mom, Jessica, grandpa, and Lyra… Could tonight truly be my final night…? Am I going to die from pain and blood loss after all my limbs are torn from my body…?’


‘…No. I… I can’t allow this to just happen! I have to continue living! I have to continue searching for her till the day I can finally see Mila with my very own eyes again…!’

Following that thought, Gerald’s body moved on instinct extremely rapidly! He hadn’t even been paying attention to where Chester’s arm or the dagger was, yet Gerald somehow managed to firmly grab hold of Chester’s wrist!

With his arm now restrained and the dagger unmoving in his hand, Chester’s eyes grew even more vicious as he attempted to continue trying to attack Gerald!

At that moment, Gerald—who was still bleeding profusely from his wounds—suddenly clenched his teeth before shouting, “Have you already forgotten that you wished to atone for your sins, Chester?! Don’t let Tiara continue using you to commit more crimes!”

Hearing that, Chester seemed to become momentarily stunned.

It was then when the jade pendant Gerald had on him—that had been dyed red due to all his blood—suddenly began glowing strangely… Before anyone could react, a golden light suddenly shone out of it!

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1267

The light itself was rivaled only by the brightness of an intense spotlight, and it instantly lit the entire area with a blinding flash! Chester himself was hit point-blank by the golden light, and the second it connected with him, Chester suddenly began screaming in pain!

Gerald watched wide-eyed as a black glow began seeping out of Chester’s body! Slowly but surely, Chester began losing his strength and power. His vitality rapidly diminished as well, and by the time he stopped screaming, Chester was so weak that from just a single push from Gerald, he ended up falling to the ground, instantly going unconscious!

“…Chester…?” called out Gerald as he held onto his still-bleeding wound.

No matter how much he called out, however, Chester truly was out cold.

At that moment, the pendant suddenly switched the golden light out for flashes of all seven colors of the rainbow! Gerald was naturally surprised by all these changes. The jade pendant was acting really strange today!

“…I really hadn’t expected you to be holding onto such a treasure, Gerald!” shouted Tiara, a glint of greed in her eyes.

“After acquiring that treasure, I’ll definitely be able to increase my training even further!” added Tiara as she instantly began rushing toward Gerald with greed-filled eyes!

Before she could get too close, however, several rustling sounds suddenly began coming from all directions. The next thing she knew, eight extremely fast figures had surrounded both her and Gerald!

“Do you really think you’re worthy enough to get your hands on that treasure, old lady? Gerald is ours!” shouted one of the eight men.

The men themselves looked extremely pale, and, putting it quite frankly, they looked like they had already been dead for a few days. Even so, the one who shouted had an extremely dominating and loud voice.

What more, each of them seemed to possess extremely strong skills, with none of them feeling like they were any weaker than Tiara. There were such strong masters with immense presences around this entire time? And to think that all of them would show themselves at the same time! Gerald could only look at them with fear in his eyes.

What the hell was even going on anymore…?

The weirdest thing yet was how strong Tiara, Chester, and the eight men’s inner strength were. There were all on a completely different level compared to Gerald’s own inner strength, and that fact alone made Gerald terrified.

Remembering how Tiara had mentioned the three religions and the nine schools of thought earlier, Gerald now deduced that there were definitely more than two opposing forces at play.

While Queena was from one of them, the eight men who had just shown themselves seemed to be from another.

Whatever the case was, Gerald was most certain about one thing. Both forces were out to get him.

“Oh? Is that so? Then let’s see if you even have the ability to go against me first!” retorted Tiara as she locked her eyes onto Gerald before rushing toward him!

Seeing that, the eight men did the same! A split second later, both parties grabbed onto Gerald’s arms and legs before starting to tug with all their might!

‘God almighty, I’m going to be ripped into pieces!’

Though Gerald was resolute on making it out alive, it was difficult to maintain such hope when his limbs were literally being torn apart!

‘Jade pendant! Jade pendant! Are you truly a spiritual artifact? If you can hear me, then please help me one more time! I can’t die yet! Please, I don’t want to die yet!’ cried out Gerald in his mind, hoping that the jade pendant would react to his pleas for help.

Unfortunately, there seemed to be little to no reaction from the jade pendant. Utterly grief-stricken and mortified, Gerald found himself spurting out blood as both parties continued spinning him around!

With one final roar of pain, the green veins all over his body suddenly erupted, causing a massive force to envelop his body out of the blue!

The strange force itself felt almost explosive, and the strength of it caused both parties to fly backward extremely violently!

That was the last thing Gerald remembered before his vision went dark and he fainted…

By the time he finally got up again, he realized that he was lying inside a room. Realizing that there was a group of people surrounding him, the still slightly dazed Gerald was able to make out—at the very least—that Rita, Gavin, and Helen were there with him.

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1268
“Mr. Crawford! You’re finally awake!” shouted Jace who seemed to have been sitting beside him this entire time. Realizing that his wounds had been bandaged, Gerald now knew that Jace had been the one who had stabilized his condition.

“I am… Thank you, Dr. Mabb…” replied Gerald as he held onto his wounds.

Recalling that he had almost been killed by Tiara and those eight men, Gerald turned to look at the Smiths as he asked, “Aunt Helen… Uncle Smith… Were you the ones who had rescued and brought me here…?”

As he awaited their reply, Gerald faintly remembered himself desperately pleading the jade pendant to help him back then. He also recalled the sudden burst of energy that emitted from his body before eventually passing out. Naturally, he had no idea what happened after going unconscious.

“That’s right, Gerald… You almost frightened us to death earlier, you know? You sent all nine of them flying into the air in all directions! Sensing the opportunity to escape, we then quickly brought you back with us!” explained Helen who was very obviously still terrified after witnessing all that had happened today.

Following that, Helen explained how Tiara had brought some of her men with her over to their house not long after Gerald left. Since Gavin, Rita, and Helen just so happened to be serving Lady Smith at the time, all three of them ended up getting kidnapped by Tiara and her men!

Eventually, all that led to Tiara besieging Gerald.

From what Helen had told him, Gerald deduced that Tiara must’ve previously been unable to find him in Mayberry, even after days of searching. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have needed to do all this just to weed him out.

Putting Tiara aside for the moment, Gerald began thinking about the jade pendant. It appeared that the pendant wasn’t as simple as Gerald had initially thought. After all, it practically saved his skin earlier.

Before he could delve any further into it, Zack—who had also been present this entire time—suddenly said in a worried tone, “You really scared us half to death earlier, Mr. Crawford! By the time we got there to carry your unconscious body over, you were completely drenched in blood!”

“I truly had a near-death experience earlier, that’s for sure… Regardless, where are we?” asked Gerald, suddenly realizing that he was someplace unfamiliar.

“We’re currently in a villa that’s halfway up Mountain Top. While we’re on the topic, I’m glad to announce that we’ve already managed to punch a hole through the mountain! We should be able to locate what you’re looking for soon, Mr. Crawford!” reported Zack.

“…I see! That explains it!”

Gerald was, of course, talking about how strongly the jade pendant had reacted at the time.

Before Zack was able to inquire Gerald about it, a screaming female could suddenly be heard coming from the room next door! Shortly after, the sound of a plate falling to the floor followed!

It didn’t take much to be able to guess that some woman had just witnessed something extremely terrifying, and not long after, a young nurse—who looked to be around the age of eighteen—stumbled into the room while shouting in a panicked voice, “D-dr. Mabb…! The man next door has already awoken, and he’s slowly breaking free of his steel restraints!”

“What?!” shouted Zack in disbelief before glancing at several of his men who were in the room. Getting the message, the guards instantly headed for the room next door.

“What on earth is happening?” asked Gerald.

“It’s that man who was trying to kill you with a dagger last night! While we were sure that he was still unconscious at the time we began transferring you here, upon arriving at the villa, we realized that he had tailed us all the way here! Though he was extremely weak at the time, he kept muttering the phrase, ‘I’m going to save you, Mr. Crawford…!’ Hearing that, we couldn’t allow Mr. Lyle to just kill him. After all, we weren’t sure whether he was a friend or foe yet. Due to that, we restrained him with steel chains for the time being!” replied Helen.

“That’s Chester!” exclaimed Gerald as his eyelids twitched. Immediately hopping off his bed, Gerald began rushing over to the room next door.

Upon entering, Gerald saw several bodyguards standing near the door, all of them looking rather stunned.

Turning to see what they were all looking at, Gerald saw Chester standing there, breaking off yet another chain with his bare hands. From the looks of it, he had been tied with at least a dozen steel chains, though many of them were already lying broken on the floor.

Though the guards all had electric batons in hand, not one of them even dared to step forward to attack him. It was evident that this was their first time seeing such an insanely strong person.

Feeling extremely moved to see his close friend alive and kicking again, Gerald called out, “Chester…!”

Hearing the familiar voice, Chester’s body began trembling ever so slightly as he raised his head to see if it really was Gerald. Upon getting that confirmation, Chester called out extremely slowly, “M… Mr… Crawford…!”

The way he was speaking was reminiscent of a toddler who was barely able to speak clearly yet. Despite that, Gerald knew that Chester was fully sober from the look in his eyes alone. He truly had no idea what method had been used to bring Chester back to life.

“Yes, it’s me, Chester!” replied Gerald while looking straight into his brother’s eyes.

Chester had taken a killing blow for Gerald back then to save his brother, and Gerald had always felt guilty about that. Regardless of what Chester even was now, Gerald couldn’t help but feel happy to see him alive…

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1269
“…Chester, didn’t you… you know… Either way… How did you get resurrected…?” asked Gerald as he slowly approached him.

Chester himself seemed like he had a lot to tell Gerald, and while the explanation process was a little slow and awkward, Gerald could still understand what his brother was saying.

As it turned out, after Gerald had personally buried Chester’s body, Tiara dug it out again and used a secret technique—that Queena had taught her—to resurrect and turn him into a killing machine!

Chester also took the time to explain the long-standing heritage of the Holy Witchcraft. Apparently, Queena’s soul was the one who had professionally founded the Holy Witchcraft, and before she died, she had made special preparations for her own resurrection hundreds of years later!

Upon hearing this, Gerald finally understood everything. So that’s why Tiara had been so frightened when she received the letter from Queena’s subordinate in front of the manor that day! Queena was actually her ancestor!

As for Chester’s resurrection, it wasn’t a real resurrection at all! From what Gerald now understood, Queena had used some ancient form of witchcraft to fill Chester’s body with vitality, thus in a sense, ‘resurrecting’ him. Though this form of witchcraft was innately evil, using it on someone would greatly increase the person’s strength, Tiara being a living example of that.

Regardless, it wouldn’t be a stretch to consider the current Chester to be half-human and half-demon. Chester also added that several people were in the same state that he was now in, and that they too had undergone great transformations due to Queena’s actions.

“Throughout this time, I’ve been living as a bystander… As in, I haven’t been able to control my body at all! It was like I was watching some messed up movie where I’d do whatever Tiara ordered me to… I… I’ve done way too many atrocities that I didn’t want to…!”

“…However, the golden light that was emitted from that pendant… It seemed to contain some sort of magical energy. The second I was hit by it, all the guilt and evil from my body just seemed to melt away, allowing me to gradually regain my consciousness and free myself from merely being a bystander!” explained Chester.

Recalling what Master Ghost had told him, Gerald’s yang energy was extremely masculine since it hadn’t undergone holy baptism yet. Aside from that, Master Ghost had also said that the owner of the jade pendant had an inextricable link to him. With that in mind, the jade pendant was definitely no ordinary object.

Gerald remembered how brightly the jade pendant had shone while Chester was still strangling him. He also recalled how a black glow seemed to have escaped from his body. The jade pendant must have purified the evil nature in Chester’s body at that moment!

“…Speaking of which, Chester, who were those eight men? All of you had immense inner strength, and not even mine could ever hope to rival yours now! I don’t think I can even hurt any of you with my current strength!” said Gerald.

“Ah, those people… They come from an organization called the Judgement Portal. While Tiara was reporting to Queena, I heard them mentioning that both the Judgement Portal and Queena’s Squad of Divine Grimness are still relatively new forces. From what I found out, the Judgement Portal group has constantly been going against the Squad of Divine Grimness. Their group has also been actively trying to locate you! From one of our confrontations with them, one of the Judgement Portal’s members said that they wanted to capture you before heading to the Ancient City to look for the corpse of the Celestial Lady!” explained Chester with a cough.

As he had said before, though Chester was controlled physically, his mind had been active the entire time. It was the reason why he could still recall all this, albeit a bit roughly.

‘…Ancient City? A Celestial Lady… The woman in white? And what even is the Judgement Portal? Their members are extremely strong!’ Gerald thought to himself, puzzled.

From what he had learned, Gerald could deduce at least half of what was happening with the whole Ancient City thing.

Yume was part of the Gunter family and back then, she and that old lady had disappeared in the king of the ocean’s palace. Since there weren’t even any traces of her left, Gerald could simply assume that she was dead. Now, however, he was thinking otherwise.

Could she have survived? And could she have gone elsewhere to bring the woman in white out? That possibility wasn’t completely out of the question!

After all, Gerald had previously sent some of his men to investigate the remains of the king of the ocean’s palace. As was expected, the tomb was completely decimated.

Looking at Chester, Gerald then asked, “Do you happen to know where the Ancient City is, Chester?”

Shaking his head in response, Chester then replied, “Unfortunately, all I know is that Queena and the others headed there immediately the moment they found out that the woman in white was there. Before leaving, she sent me and Tiara to go after you. Aside from that, I really have no idea where the Ancient City is!”

“Ancient City? Master Nacol was talking about that just a few days ago! If I remember correctly, the Gunters are living there…” said Dr. Mabb—who had been silent this entire time—out of the blue.

“…Oh? If the Gunters are there and if the woman in white has made an appearance there, then I’m sold that that’s the same Ancient City that Chester’s talking about!”

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1270
Seeing how intently Gerald was looking at him, Jace then replied, “Well, Master Nacol is currently giving lectures in Mayberry City. If you wish to meet him, I can surely introduce him to you. What more, he just so happens to be an old friend of Mr. Sawyer Wytt!”

“Sounds great to me! I’ll be troubling you then, Dr. Mab!” said Gerald with a nod.

As soon as his sentence ended, a subordinate suddenly ran into the room, reporting, “Mr. Lyle! Mr. Crawford! We’ve managed to excavate most of the mountain and we’ve located a colorful boulder in there!”

“A colorful boulder?” replied Gerald, startled.

At that moment, Gerald felt an extremely strong masculine aura pulsing continuously from within his body.

“It’s the Zircobsite for sure!” shouted Gerald, feeling overjoyed. He had finally located the stone!

“Zack, I need you to immediately instruct your men to block the surrounding areas around Mountain Top. Nobody is allowed to even get close to it!” ordered Gerald.

“Right away, Mr. Crawford!”

Meanwhile, several of the workers—at Mountain Top—were still feeling dumbfounded as they stared at the multi-colored boulder that was radiating brightly. While all of them were tempted to touch the boulder—feeling that it would bring them auspiciousness—the stone was located right in the middle of a cave.

While that itself wouldn’t have stopped them from entering, the second any one of them got close to the cave’s entrance—to have a better look at the colorful boulder—they would immediately be greeted by near-unbearable scorching heat.

“My god! This is a bit too hot, isn’t it?!” said a few of the workers who had attempted—but clearly failed—to enter the cave as they wiped the sweat off their foreheads.

“Regardless, Mr. Crawford truly is fortunate, isn’t he? I estimate that this boulder should cost at least several hundreds of millions of dollars!”

Several people were clearly envious of Gerald’s luck, and many of them had thought about stealing small pieces of the boulder to take back with them. Unfortunately, none of them were even able to get close to it!

Their plans were interrupted shortly after when several Crawford bodyguards suddenly appeared before the workers and ordered them to immediately descend the mountain. By then, all the roads leading up to the mountain—within a fifty-mile radius—had been blocked, and anyone who had previously been within the vicinity was promptly forced out.

Regardless, it wasn’t long before Gerald stood alone before the cave’s entrance. Looking into the underground cave, he saw the stone and how brilliant the colorful rays of light—that it reflected—were.

Feeling simultaneously shocked and amazed, Gerald felt as though a strange thought was constantly attempting to communicate with him

From outside, Gerald thought to himself, ‘Such a massive hole within the mountain… Could this cave have been equivalent to some sort of mansion in the past…?’

Whatever the case was, Gerald was going to head further in to catch a closer glimpse of the Zircobsite first! Though beads of sweat were already rolling down his forehead at the cave’s entrance, the immense heat was nothing to him.

With that in mind, he then jumped right into the cave! Upon reaching the bottom, Gerald flinched slightly from the pain of his still rather-fresh wounds

Though the entrance of the cave was just about the size of a well opening, Gerald found the interior of the cave to be much larger than he had initially anticipated. The area was so large, in fact, that the more Gerald looked around the more he felt that something was off with the cave.

Based on his deductions, the cave hadn’t formed naturally. Instead, it had been carved up by men who knew what they were doing.

As Gerald continued scanning through the area—with the aid of the bright and colorful lights radiating from the Zircobsite—his eyelids suddenly began twitching rapidly the moment he looked in a particular direction and saw something that caused chills to run down his spine.

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