The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 1281-1290

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1281
Gerald was very puzzled when he heard Master Nacol’s story.

However, there seemed to be a voice telling him that there was some hidden secret behind the Dead Annie.

Nevertheless, Gerald did not intend to reveal all of the doubts he had to Master Nacol.

After all, Master Nacol was also a very simple and refined man.

Since he was no longer the young and inexperienced person he used to be back then, he had already let go of all of his hatred and resentment. He simply concentrated and focused on his meditation nowadays.

He truly admired the fact that Gerald had rescued more than a hundred babies’ lives. So, Master Nacol would answer whenever Gerald had any questions for him.

In the end, Master Nacol had even written a special letter to personally introduce Gerald to the Gunter family!

This would save Gerald a lot of unnecessary trouble.

Although he rarely made any contact with them, Master Nacol still had some ties with the Gunter family because of his master.

Gerald was extremely grateful, and he thanked Master Nacol again and again after receiving the letter from him.

After that, he bid farewell to him.

Gerald thought about everything that Master Nacol had said on the way back, and he began sorting out all of the recent events in his mind. This was because Gerald felt that there were simply too many complicated things that had been happening lately.

He felt as though he was about to collapse just by thinking about it.

Firstly, he could already confirm that Mila’s disappearance was directly related to the mysterious Sun League.

This was because the circumstances surrounding Mila’s disappearance were exactly the same as his second uncle’s mysterious disappearance back then.

It was the Sun League who had taken both his second uncle and Mila away on two separate occasions.

All of the mysteries had started ever since then.

Even if Gerald were to simply disregard the situation regarding Mila first, when his second uncle, Peter, had been carrying out the Crawford family’s Prophecy of Destruction back then, he had wanted to head to the Fenderson family to look for the other half of the jade pendant. However, before he could even do so, he had already been captured by the Sun League.

As for his grandfather, he was also in this state because of the Crawford family’s Prophecy of Destruction. He had taken the picture of the sun away with him and begun living in seclusion before subsequently disappearing.

It was an absolutely irrefutable fact that the picture of the sun was definitely related to the Sun League.

As for Gerald, his situation was related to the Prophecy of Death.

He would eventually be dismembered, and this would lead to the fulfillment of the Crawford family’s Prophecy of Destruction.

Meanwhile, there was also a mysterious man who had not revealed himself, but had already helped Gerald out several times!

He had guided him so that he could find the eternal coffin, and that was how Gerald had found the deity who had the same appearance as him. After that, the mysterious man had also continued guiding him as he continued searching for the lady in white.

Gerald could not help but wonder whether the deity and the lady in white would end up being the only ones who would be able to save him.

Could it be that they would be the ones who could help him decipher and break free from the Prophecy of Death?

In the end, there was just the pledge of the holy water left. This was probably the final piece of the puzzle to the complicated Sun League mystery.

As long as he could participate in the pledge of the holy water, Gerald would be able to obtain a lot of information that he never knew before.

However, Gerald was also afraid that he would not be able to return anymore after participating in the pledge of the holy water.

Moreover, Gerald had to be famous and well-known to be able to participate in it.

If he were to combine everything together, Gerald realized that all of these events were somehow connected to one another because of one factor, and that was none other than the Sun League!

His second uncle and Mila’s disappearance, the mysterious man, the Crawford family, the picture of the sun, the Gunter family that had suddenly emerged at this time, the King of the Judgement Portal who had never shown his face to anyone, the incident where the deity had descended to earth, and also Finnley, who had disappeared and gone missing, were all related to the Sun League.

As Gerald thought about this, he could not help but let out a long sigh.

All these things were like dark clouds which were slowly consuming him, and Gerald felt so depressed that he could not even catch his breath at times.

He felt like he was falling into a bottomless abyss. The deeper and deeper he sank into it and the more he struggled, the more mysterious things became!

But Gerald would not give up even if he were to die.

He wanted to give a just explanation and answer for everything—to his family members, Mila, and even himself!

The Sun League felt like a mouth that was constantly trying to swallow people up, and it seemed as though it was watching every step that Gerald made.

Regardless, Gerald was not afraid!

Three days later, Gerald set off together with Chester.

The location of the Ancient City was located within a large mountain, and this mountain existed in a place known as Qerton City.

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1282
Chester’s injuries were almost completely healed.

So, Gerald brought Chester and the letter along with him as they set off, and they arrived in Qerton City at dusk that day.

“It is already getting dark. Should we head into the mountain today?” Chester asked.

“We will look for a hotel to stay in for the night first. We will head into the mountain early in the morning tomorrow!” Gerald replied as he looked up at the sky.

He also looked around Qerton City.

This seemed to be a mountain city that was surrounded by countless towering mountains.

So, Chester found a hotel for them before he booked two separate rooms.

After placing their luggage into their respective rooms, the both of them went out to eat at a simple and small restaurant.

They ordered a few local specialty dishes and returned to the hotel after satisfying their hunger.

However, at this time, the receptionist at the front desk suddenly called out to them.

“Sirs! I am truly sorry!” The receptionist came over with an apologetic smile on her face.

“What’s the matter?” Chester asked.

“Well, the thing is, our hotel is almost fully booked. So, we checked both of you out of your rooms. This is your luggage, and we have been keeping watch over it at the front desk all this while!”

They had already booked the rooms, and they had already checked in and settled themselves into the rooms.

Yet, the hotel had gone into their rooms and brought the guests’ luggage out of their rooms without any prior notice before forcing them to check out of the rooms.

This was simply too unreasonable.

The receptionist also knew that this was absolutely unreasonable and unacceptable, and that was the reason why she was so flustered, her face flushed red.

“What?! You already checked us out of our rooms? Where is your manager?!”

As for Chester, he was already filled with rage and anger, and he could not help but yell at the receptionist at this time.

The receptionist was so afraid that she could not stop herself from taking a few steps backward. At this time, she also glanced at a woman who was sitting in the corner of the lobby. The woman was enjoying tea with a few people who looked like her bodyguards.

“You don’t need to yell at her. I am afraid that this was not her idea, either!”

Gerald immediately understood what was going on as soon as he glanced at the woman who was drinking tea.

“I have two friends who will be coming to visit from outstation, and this is the best hotel in Qerton City. So, I asked the receptionist to check both of you out of your rooms. If you want to stay in a hotel, you can go and look for another hotel then!” The woman who was sitting on the sofa said in a cold voice.

At the same time, she also glanced at Gerald and Chester with a contemptuous look on her face.

“What are you?! You actually dared to simply check us out of our rooms?! Did you think you can check us out of our rooms whenever you want to? Who do you think you are?!” Chester said as he walked a few steps closer to the woman.

As for the woman, the corners of her mouth curved up into a smile that carried a hint of ridicule.

The four bodyguards beside her had already stood up as they walked towards Chester.

“Stinky brat! Open up your eyes. Can’t you see that this is the eldest young lady of the Sime family? Are you really sick of living?!” The bodyguard asked coldly.

“I don’t care whether she is Miss Sime or Miss Some. No matter what it is, who gave you the right to check us out of our rooms without our permission?!”

Chester clenched his fists tightly as he prepared to fight them.

When the bodyguard heard Chester’s ridicule and insult, he was also ready to fight back.

“Chester, forget it. This is our first time here. It would be best for us not to cause any trouble. Since the friends of the eldest young lady of the Sime family will be coming, we will just take a step back, then!”

Although Gerald was also angry, he did not want to cause any trouble or be bothered because of this kind of trivial matter.

Therefore, he patted Chester on his shoulder before pulling their luggage over. After that, they prepared to leave.

Without any warning, one of the bodyguards kicked Gerald’s luggage directly, and Gerald’s luggage flew out and smashed into the fish tank in the lobby.

The loud and crisp sound of broken glass and the sound of water flowing could be heard throughout the lobby.

“The both of you are still thinking about leaving?!”

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1283
“Kneel and kowtow in front of Miss Sime! Perhaps Miss Sime will forgive you if she is happy and satisfied, then!” The bodyguard said in a cold voice.

“Brother, you should be forgiving when you can afford to be forgiving. You don’t have to go overboard. We did not mean to offend you in any way!” Gerald said.

After that, he walked over and picked up his luggage that the bodyguard had kicked away before he prepared to leave again.

“Pfft! Did I say that you were allowed to leave?! Who was the one who said that he did not care whether I am Miss Sime or Miss Some just now? Dave, I want you to break all of his teeth!” As for the young woman, she also stood up coldly.

Chester was very furious and angry, and he could only hold back his anger.

When one of the bodyguards heard Miss Sime’s words, he kicked away the luggage that Gerald had picked up again.

“You are courting your own death!” The four bodyguards yelled out in unison.

As they spoke, they took out their batons before they tried to smash it directly on Gerald and Chester.


Although Gerald did not want to hold it against them, the people from the Sime family were simply too domineering and arrogant.

Any ordinary person would not have been able to handle it if they were to suffer a blow from these batons to their heads.

It was already bad enough that they were forcing others to check out of their rooms, but now, they were even actually intending to beat them up and force them to kneel before Miss Sime.

No one would be able to tolerate this.

“Do it!” Gerald said to Chester.

As for Chester, he had already been holding his anger back for a long time.

So, he raised his arms as the four bodyguards slammed their iron batons directly on his arms.

All four of the iron batons were broken in an instant.

The jaws of the four bodyguards were also torn apart.


The four of them were all in a state of shock as they trembled uncontrollably.

Even Miss Sime stood up again in shock, and she was obviously a little frightened.

The next scene was even bloodier.

Chester caught one bodyguard on each hand, almost as though he was playing a game of catch, before beating all four of the bodyguards up until they were almost unrecognizable.


The woman was finally afraid, and she was no longer as calm as she was before.

“You… you actually dared to attack us?! Do you know where you are?! Are you really sick of living?!” The woman yelled out loud.

As for Gerald, he simply walked over to the woman before he lifted her by her collar. Then, he threw the woman out the door directly.

The woman was thrown directly into a large pool outside the hotel.

She was instantly turned into a huge mess.

“Ahh! You guys are simply courting your own deaths! You are asking for it!” The woman yelled angrily.

After she was done speaking, she did not even bother about her own subordinates, and she simply ran away in a hurry when she saw Chester walking outside.

“D*mn it! Did you really think that a young lady like you could bully us so easily?!” Chester cursed.

As for the people in the hotel, they were all silent and dumbfounded out of shock.

“Help us check-in and make up for the room that you checked us out of. Otherwise, we will demolish your hotel!” Gerald said as he slammed his hands angrily on the table.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!”

The receptionist and the hotel staff nodded repeatedly.

Although they could not afford to provoke the Sime family, they could not afford to provoke the two guys in front of them either.

So, they could only do as Gerald asked.

After booking the hotel rooms again, Gerald and Chester went up to their respective rooms once more.

As Gerald thought about the scene just now, he could only smile bitterly.

After all, there were no wealthy or influential families in Gerald’s eyes.

When they arrived at their room level, the elevator door opened.

There happened to be a group of people who were about to take the elevator down.

“Big Brother!”

Amongst this group of people, a young man shouted out in surprise as soon as he saw Gerald.

Gerald raised his head to take a look, and he was also a little surprised.

“Aiden? Why are you here?”

The person in front of him was none other than Aiden.

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1284
Aiden was with a group of men and women.

Gerald could not help but glance at them a couple more times because there was a faint inner strength lingering around all of them.

It was obvious that they were all martial arts practitioners.

“I arrived earlier in the morning today, Big Brother! Why are you here? Are you here for the training too?” Aiden asked in surprise.

“What training?” Gerald asked.

“Cough! Ugh!”

At this time, a girl standing next to Aiden could not help but cough slightly as she signaled for Aiden not to continue saying too much.

“This is my elder brother. The both of us are going to talk for a little while. The rest of you can go on first!” Aiden said as he looked at them.

Gerald had originally planned to nod at them before greeting them.

After all, weren’t they Aiden’s friends?

However, none of them looked at Gerald or even said hello to Gerald at all.

They simply went straight into the elevator.

“Who are they? Are they from the military region?”

Gerald could not help but ask in confusion as soon as they arrived in Gerald’s room.

This was especially so because Gerald was extremely curious about the training that Aiden had mentioned earlier.

“Not all of them are from the military region. They are all martial arts elites from all over the country, and they were recommended by the Martial Arts Association. Some of them are elites from the military region. Many top international martial arts practitioners are also here this time!” Aiden said.

“Will there be a joint training event held here?” Gerald asked.

Aiden lowered his voice before he said, “No. We are going to be trained by an ancient secret family. Every year, they will be several elite soldiers and martial arts practitioners from the military region and Martial Arts Association who will gain a few spots to train under this secret family. They have outstanding abilities as a result of participating in this training. Although I am the weakest, I was fortunate enough to gain one of the spots!”

Aiden smiled.

“Could it be that you will be going to the Gunter Manor?” Gerald finally understood what was going on.

According to what Master Nacol had said, if it was an ancient secret family, then at this place, who else could it be besides the Gunter family?

Aiden was startled, and he asked, “Brother, do you know about the Gunter family too?”

Gerald nodded as he smiled wryly.

“Yes. The Gunter family is a family that I did not have access to before. I recently found out that there are many secrets hidden in this world that many of us do not know of at all. As for the Gunter family, they are but one of those secrets. The Gunter family have already trained many great people with excellent and outstanding abilities!”

“The reason why I could gain a spot during the selection process was because of the breathing technique that you taught me some time ago. My physique improved greatly in just a few days!” Aiden said as he showed off his muscles.

When Gerald had helped Aiden to nab the thief back then, he had also taught Aiden a skill or two.

After all, Aiden would be in the military, and it would be of great use for him to possess this kind of physique.

Moreover, Aiden was originally not supposed to tell Gerald all this since it should be a highly classified matter.

However, Aiden had already personally witnessed Gerald’s strength and abilities for himself. Therefore, he had nothing to hide from Gerald.

“By the way, Brother, why are you here then?” Aiden asked again.

“Our purpose is similar. I am also going to the Gunter Manor!” Gerald replied truthfully as he smiled.

At this time, Aiden’s cell phone suddenly rang.

As soon as Aiden answered the call, a girl started cursing from the other end of the line: “Hmph! Aiden Baker! You came all the way to Qerton City! Didn’t you say that you were going to bring me out to have some fun? I have already been waiting downstairs for you with my friends for such a long time, but why haven’t I seen you yet?!”


“Okay. Okay. We can talk later!” Aiden said before he hung up the phone directly.

“Hehehe. That was one of my university classmates. She knows that I am here in Qerton City, and she came to look for me so that we can go out and have some fun together. There will be a banquet in Qerton City today, so she wanted me to go and enjoy the banquet together with her!” Aiden explained.

Gerald and Chester exchanged glances with one another before they smiled. Who knew what Aiden was up to this time?

“By the way, Brother, it has been such a long time since the both of us had fun together! You were so busy when we ran into each other the last time. Why don’t we go out and look around together tonight? After that, we can head to the Gunter Manor together tomorrow, right?” Aiden asked excitedly.

To be honest, Gerald didn’t really want to go. But after seeing the expectant look on Aiden’s face, Gerald could not bear to turn him down.

It was true that they had not had the opportunity to drink and play together after they had graduated from university.

“Alright, then! We can go out and have some fun together!” Gerald said as he smiled.

At this time, there were four to five girls who were dressed up very innocently and beautifully waiting beside the bus stop outside the hotel. They were holding onto their bags as they chatted amongst themselves.

“Hmph! He is coming down in a short while. Seriously! He also said that he will be bringing two handsome guys with him. Sisters, you will have to take a good look at them later! The person who makes the first move will gain the upper hand!”

One of the girls who had a ponytail said as she laughed wildly.

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1285
“Hey! Aiden, over here!”

Not long after that, Gerald, Aiden, and Chester walked downstairs.

Several girls also saw them, and they hurriedly greeted Aiden.

Amongst these girls, the leader of the girls was a girl named Lijane. Both Lijane and Aiden had graduated from Sunnydale University.

After graduation, Lijane had returned to work at her hometown, Qerton City.

However, she had always been in touch with Aiden.

Amongst the girls, although all of them were very outstanding, they could still be divided into different classes and ranks.

Lijane could barely rank second.

This was because there was a girl with extremely long hair amongst the group of girls. She had an extremely beautiful and perfect figure—she was tall and fair, and she had very light makeup on.

Whenever she smiled, it seemed as though all of the air particles around her were completely frozen in the air.

Some of the guys who were waiting for the bus at the bus stop next to them also took out their cell phones with malicious intentions. All of them took the most pictures of the tall and beautiful girl.

Her name was Xola, and she was very good friends with Lijane.

All of them had come out today to play and have fun together. They were all prepared to let Aiden take them to participate in the banquet today.

If it weren’t because Aiden had run into Gerald and was eager to chat with and reminisce about the past with Gerald, they would have already arrived at the banquet a long time ago.

“Are those the two handsome guys that you were talking about?”

Lijane was clearly a very carefree person. At this time, a look of disappointment flashed through her pretty face when she finally saw the two long-awaited ‘handsome guys’ that Aiden had brought over with him today.

One of them looked a little pale, cold, and scary.

That was far from Lijane’s expectation of how a handsome guy should be.

As for the other guy, although he looked like a rather ordinary person, he was actually quite handsome.

However, he did not possess the same kind of extravagant and luxurious attitude that a young master like Aiden generally possessed. Instead, he gave people a more mature and refined feeling.

This was also a very big gap from Lijane’s expectations.

Gerald was obviously the kind of boy that would be more suitable for marriage rather than being a person’s boyfriend.

He was so boring!

Several other girls also thought about it at the same time.

“Okay! What are you girls looking at?” As for Aiden, he did not think too much. After all, he was already very happy that he could come out and have fun with Mr. Crawford today.

Everyone chatted with each other along the way.

After that, they arrived at the venue where the banquet was being held.

Gerald also noticed that most of the girls’ attention was completely focused on Aiden. None of them could even be bothered about him or Chester at all.

What was the reason?

It was because Chester’s current appearance scared and frightened them a little.

As for himself, he was too honest.

On the other hand, Aiden had always been the kind of person who had a very flamboyant and unrestrained attitude. So, he naturally attracted a lot of attention to himself.

However, Gerald did not mind even if they did not pay any attention to him. That did not mean anything to him at all. After all, the reason why Gerald had come out tonight was simply because he wanted to accompany and have some fun with his brother. They would have to head to Ancient City tomorrow.

He was not here to look for a partner!

The venue of the banquet was the largest hotel in Qerton City.

Moreover, due to the influence of the Gunter family in Ancient City, many people in Qerton City were all into martial arts, and they enjoyed watching boxing and fighting matches.

Upon entering the lobby, they could see a specially built arena in the center of the huge lobby. There were also fighters inside the ring at this time.

The seating inside the lobby was also extremely interesting.

The front row was naturally for the most distinguished guests. Gerald could see that it was the group of people who were initially with Aiden.

Nevertheless, Gerald could clearly tell that Aiden did not feel at ease with them. Therefore, Aiden naturally did not want to be together with them.

It just so happened that Gerald also did not want to go over there to make small talk with them.

To be honest, these people came with a strong sense of superiority, and they felt as though they were the best in the world. They did not even want to take a second look at anyone else at all.

Gerald could not be bothered with them.

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1286
So, the few of them sat at the most remote table.

Gerald did not notice that his arrival had attracted the attention of one of the waiters who was at the scene. The waiter secretly glanced at Gerald several times.

After confirming Gerald’s identity, he put down the plate in his hand before he turned around and left. At the same time, he also said something into his walkie-talkie.

At the same time, a beautiful woman who was dressed up in an extremely dignified and elegant manner also made an appearance at the venue, and she instantly attracted many people’s attention.

She had a devastatingly beautiful smile on her face as she walked directly toward the table at the front, which was filled with people from the training team.

“Fernando! You’re here!”

She smiled as she spoke to a man with squinting eyes who was seated at the table amongst the group of people.

Then, she blushed, and her beautiful face was flushed red as soon as she saw the man called Fernando.

“Matilda, long time no see!”

As for Fernando, he simply raised his eyes before he forced a smile on his originally cold face.

“Miss Matilda! You promised to come here with Fernando and the rest of us. However, you had already disappeared after we got out of the elevator. Fernando was waiting for you for quite some time!”

A big and burly man who was sitting beside Fernando spoke up.

“Ah. Don’t mention it anymore. Something happened at noon today, and it made me very angry! I also got injured. After I bandaged up my injuries, I wanted to go back and find those two guys, but they had already run away. If it weren’t because my father wanted me to take this banquet seriously, I would have already searched all over the world just to find those two men!” Matilda said angrily.

“Oh? Someone actually dared to provoke you, Miss Matilda? Just tell us who it is, and we will avenge you!” The big guy next to Fernando said as he smiled.

“Sigh! It’s a pity I can’t find them at all! However, I have photos of them from the surveillance camera. I believe that they will not be able to escape too far before I find out about their whereabouts!” Matilda said out of hatred and resentment.

After that, she looked at Fernando before she said, “By the way, Fernando, the Dawson family has always been very close to the Sime family. There are many of our friends from all walks of life, especially those from the Martial Arts Association who came to participate in the banquet today. My father wanted to ask you if you could display your strength and abilities on stage during the finale of the banquet later. This is what I wanted to tell you earlier in the afternoon!”

“After all, you are the first member in the training team who is going to undergo training under the Gunter family. Your presence will certainly ensure that the Sime family can be even more deeply rooted and established in Qerton City!”

“Matilda, you should know that I have never liked to show off my strength and abilities. Do you honestly want me to go on stage and fight like those people over there who are nothing more than a piece of trash?”

Fernando narrowed his eyes before he shook his head with a wry smile on his face.

He clearly looked down on all of the contestants who were up on the stage. They were nothing more than garbage to him.

Someone in the training team spoke up. “That’s right, Matilda. When have you ever seen Fernando showing off his strength or abilities on stage? I can still remember that Fernando went up on stage to compete against a master when he was just twelve years old. At the end of the day, Fernando ended up digging out both of the master’s eyes, and he also twisted and broke all four of his limbs. The master ended up being crippled for life! Hahaha!”

As for several of the girls in the training team, they could not help but look at Fernando because they wanted to gain his favor too. After all, Fernando was truly very strong and powerful.

“Fernando, could you just help me out this time?”

There were suddenly tears welling up in Matilda’s eyes.

However, before Fernando could reply, the sound of a few hurried footsteps sounded.

It was a few bodyguards who were rushing toward Matilda’s side at the same time.

“Miss Matilda! We found them!” The bodyguards said excitedly.

Matilda naturally knew who the bodyguards were referring to when they said that they had already found them.

“Hmph! So, where are they? Could it be that they have already left Qerton City?” Matilda asked angrily.

“No. The both of them are actually here on the scene. We have already confirmed it! They are indeed very courageous, and they even dared to come and attend the banquet today!” The bodyguard said.

“What?!” Matilda was horrified.

The tears in her eyes welled up even more intensely and she was about to burst into tears.

“Alright, then. Since Fernando does not even care about my life and death anymore, and since he is not willing to help me in any way, I will just go against them and fight them on my own even though both of them are really strong and skillful!” Matilda choked as she spoke.

Fernando could not help but shake his head with a wry smile on his face as he said, “You always act this way, and you are using the same method again! Alright, then. Since someone actually dared to provoke you, and since they are masters who are already here at the scene, I will go up on stage to help you resolve your grievances with them so that I can take revenge on your behalf too, okay? That way, I would have already agreed to do everything that you asked of me, right?”

“Hahaha! I knew it! I knew that you doted on me the most, Fernando!” Matilda cheered excitedly out of joy.

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1287
At this moment, Fernando also happened to see the two men after he looked in the direction that the bodyguard was pointing at.

There were already dozens of bodyguards surrounding the two men at this time.

“B*stards! You guys are certainly done for this time! Fernando, I also want you to dig his eyes out and break all of his limbs!” Matilda said angrily as she clenched her fists.

Fernando nodded in agreement.

As for Gerald, Chester, and Aiden, they had all been focusing on the fights that were going on inside the arena.

To be honest, these two fighters had clearly been training hard for a long time. Their skills and abilities were also abundant. Therefore, their fight was actually extremely enjoyable.

“Mr. Crawford, something does not seem right. I think that those bodyguards seem to be coming for us. Moreover, I also saw that young lady that we met earlier in the afternoon!”

Chester said as he was drinking his juice while keeping his eyes on the fight that was going on in the arena.

“Mm. I already noticed it a long time ago. I saw that someone was keeping an eye on us as soon as we stepped into the banquet. I truly did not expect the young lady of the Sime family to be so unreasonable!” Gerald said as he smiled wryly.

“Big Brother, is something wrong?” Aiden asked softly as he also noticed that something was wrong.

“It’s okay. We can just wait and see what they are going to do first!” Gerald replied lightly.

“Aiden! Aiden! Why are you calling this guy your big brother?” Lijane suddenly asked as she grabbed Aiden’s arm at this time.

Why did it seem as though this man named Gerald was even more powerful as compared to Aiden? Why did it seem like Aiden was just his younger brother?

“There are some things that you should not be asking. Just live honestly. If there is a fight later, you girls should just step aside. They will not make things difficult for you as this matter does not concern you at all!”

Aiden clenched his fists as he waited to start fighting as soon as Gerald gave him the order.

As for everyone else in the venue, none of them were stupid either.

When they saw so many bodyguards suddenly entering the scene, who would still dare to speak up at this time? Everyone simply looked in Gerald’s direction quietly as they wondered what was going to happen next.

At this time, the sound of a red wine bottle falling to the ground and shattering into pieces broke the silence at the scene.

Someone had intentionally broken a bottle of red wine directly next to Gerald’s table.

It was a woman who was coming aggressively at them.

“The both of you are truly great! I looked all over for the both of you and I thought that you had already run away. However, I never expected that you would actually dare to come and attend a banquet hosted by my family?!”

This woman was none other than Matilda SIme.

She sneered as she stared at them.

She was going to take revenge for the humiliation that she had suffered and avenge herself in front of everyone today.

“This time, I don’t need to go around looking for you everywhere anymore!” Matilda said as she sneered.

“Based on these few guys’ abilities? Hahaha! It will be useless even if you send ten times the amount of people here!” Chester said as he laughed.

“Who is so amazing? If she were to send ten times the amount of people, that would be about five to six hundred people, then. Even if there were five to six hundred pigs, you don’t need to catch them all at once, right? Since you are so amazing and powerful, you should really go against Fernando! So, I want to ask you if you dare to come up and compete with Fernando, then?”

A big and burly man walked over, and he had a satirical look on his face. As he spoke, there was a murderous intent in his tone, and it made it seem as though the air around them had instantly become very cold.

“Come on, kid. You have the opportunity to compete on the same stage as Fernando. So, even if you were to get your limbs abolished, and even if you were to turn into a cripple, you can already brag about it for a lifetime since you had the opportunity to fight against Fernando. There are so many experts from the Martial Arts Association here at the scene today. So, why don’t you ask them about Fernando Dawson’s name and reputation, then?” The burly man said.

“Fernando Dawson?”

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1288
As soon as this remark came out, everyone started trembling uncontrollably out of fear.

Fernando’s skills and cultivation base were extremely famous and well-known throughout the Martial Arts Association. Ever since Fernando was a teenager, even the existence of someone who was already a top master was no longer his opponent.

Fernando was extremely talented, and he was a very terrifying person!

Moreover, at this time, everyone could see that a young man who had a very majestic aura was already slowly walking up the high platform as he squinted his eyes slightly.

After that, he pointed at Gerald before he said coldly, “I heard Matilda say that you are particularly good at fighting. So, why don’t you come up and accept my challenge, then? Let me see how strong and powerful you truly are!” Fernando simply shook his head and smiled wryly as he scanned through the zealous eyes of the people in the audience.

As for Aiden, he obviously did not expect that Matilda would actually be able to get Fernando to fight on her behalf.

So, he was already breaking out in cold sweat all over his forehead at this time.

“Sorry, but I am not interested at all!” Gerald simply replied without much interest.

Gerald really did not want to be too extravagant, and he did not want to attract too much attention to himself on this trip. Moreover, there were many people here who were related to the Gunter family. Gerald did not know what was going on with the Gunter family, so he did not want to act too rashly.

“Not interested? I think you must be afraid and do not dare to go against him, right? You b*stard! I didn’t see you acting this way when you hit me in the afternoon today? So, why are you so afraid, and why aren’t you doing anything now that Fernando is challenging you?” Matilda said coldly as she was extremely angry.

At the same time, she also truly despised and looked down on Gerald.

She was the eldest young lady of the Sime family in Qerton City, and she had never been subjected to this kind of insults and ridicule in her whole life.

In truth, the Sime family had already sent their men to intercept Gerald and Chester at the hotel, but unfortunately, both of them were not in the hotel.

Matilda had initially thought that the both of them had already fled and run away after finding out about her background and strength.

Unexpectedly, they had not left, but they even had the guts to come and attend the banquet hosted by the Sime family!

It was indeed true that when a person searched all over for something, they would not be able to find it. However, they would easily encounter the thing or person that they had been searching for without putting in any effort at all when they were not looking for it.

This time, she would certainly have to teach these two men a lesson in order to get rid of all the anger and resentment that she held in her heart.

“What?! You with the last name Crawford, you actually dare to turn Fernando’s challenge down?! You are not giving him any face at all?! Fernando is allowing you to become his opponent! Moreover, it would actually be your greatest honor and glory to be defeated by Fernando! You dare to turn him down?!” At this time, the big and burly man next to Fernando stepped forward before he walked over to Gerald and spoke up angrily.

His name was Yuno Liler. Aiden had given him a brief introduction of this guy, and it seemed as though he was one of the core figures in their training team this time.

Now that Gerald was openly refusing and turning Fernando’s invitation to challenge him down directly, Yuno could not help but feel as though this was equivalent to Gerald giving Fernando a slap across his face.

Fernando was also obviously a little unhappy. He opened up his slightly squinting eyes as he looked at Gerald with a frown on his face.

“So, what if I refuse to give him any face?” Gerald asked as he raised his head and stared at Yuno with a hint of ridicule in his smile.

“You…” Yuno’s face immediately flushed red out of anger, and he was really very tempted to beat Gerald up at this time.

Aiden hurriedly rushed toward Gerald’s side.

Although Mr. Crawford was extremely strong and powerful now, and even though Aiden had been exceptionally surprised at the strength and abilities that Gerald had shown when he had helped him to catch the thief, the person that Mr. Crawford had offended this time was Fernando, who was a freak.

Aiden could not help but feel a little nervous. After all, even though Maverick was already very difficult to deal with in the first place, if this arrogant and presumptuous Fernando were to make a move, Maverick would not even be seen as a threat at all.

So, Aiden was truly worried about Mr. Crawford’s safety if both Fernando and Yuno were to attack him at the same time.

“Fernando, Yuno, there must be some sort of misunderstanding here. Can you give me some face? Why don’t we sit down and talk things over a drink instead?” Aiden said.

“We can sit down and have a drink, and we will certainly satisfy you no matter what kind of compensation you want from us!”

In order to ensure that Mr. Crawford would not be met with any harm, Aiden could only give in and plead with them.

“Aiden, I understand your kind intentions, but I don’t have the time to sit down and talk to them!”

Gerald patted Aiden on his shoulder. He naturally knew that Aiden was only doing this for him because he was afraid for his safety.

However, Gerald was also telling the truth. He simply wanted to keep up the peace and do his own part. He did not want to cause too much trouble.

It could be said that Gerald would make a concession as much as he could when it came to certain matters.

At this time, he looked at Matilda before he said, “If you have any unresolved grievances with me, you can ask your father to head to Mayberry City to look for Mr. Crawford. I believe that you will be able to obtain the answer that you want, then!” Gerald said as he sneered.

“Huh? Mr. Crawford from Mayberry City?!”

As soon as Gerald said these words, everyone at the scene was shocked again…

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1289
“Mr. Crawford from Mayberry City?” Matilda was also taken aback.

“Impossible! Hmph! You are simply pretending to be the Mr. Crawford from Mayberry City because you know that you are going to die here, right?” Matilda hurriedly said after she had made up her mind.

As for the girls who had come with Aiden, the way that they were looking at Gerald now kept changing.

“I guess he can only pretend to be the Mr. Crawford from Mayberry City now since he has offended Miss Sime. That is probably the only way he can save his own life today. Otherwise, he will end up being a cripple!”

There was a lot of discussion going on at this time.

As Gerald was about to leave, Yuno took the lead as he walked over and stood on the high platform, glaring coldly at Gerald.

“You brat! If you dare to take another step forward, I will make sure that your blood will be splattered everywhere on the spot!” Yuno yelled coldly.

“Yuno is also a master from the Martial Arts Association. It seems as though he is not going to let this guy who is pretending to be Mr. Crawford from Mayberry City off just like that today.”

“I guess it is because this young lad is just too hateful. Who gave him the courage to pretend to be the young master of the Crawford family?! He is really courting his own death!”

Many people were filled with righteous indignation at this time.

“How about that? So, are you brave enough to take another step forward, or why don’t you agree to fight against me first?” Yuno asked as he sneered.

“All of you will still have to participate in the training under the Gunter family tomorrow. However, it is truly unnecessary for you to fight with me.” Gerald replied as he shook his head.

“Hahaha! You are indeed a useless piece of trash! Do you mean that you will hurt me if I were to fight with you?!” Yuno was very confident.

Moreover, Gerald’s words seemed to be the biggest joke in history to Yuno, and he could not help but continue sneering and ridiculing Gerald.

“It looks like…” Gerald looked at Yuno before he smiled and said, “You are bent on fighting with me today?”

“Why? Are you afraid?”

Yuno walked over to Gerald before he started poking Gerald in the chest as he said, word by word, “If you are afraid, don’t lie or brag anymore in the future. Also, you should cut off your own hands in front of Miss Matilda.”

Gerald snorted coldly before he said, “I am just afraid that you are not worthy enough to become my opponent.”

“I am not worthy enough to become your opponent?!” Yuno thought that he had heard Gerald’s words wrongly.

He turned around before he said in a loud voice to the people around him, “This kid thinks that I am not worthy of becoming his opponent to fight against him! Don’t you guys think that this is really hilarious?!”

As soon as Yuno said these words, there was an uproar.

“He actually dares to say that Yuno is not worthy of being his opponent. Hahaha. This guy who is pretending to be Mr. Crawford must really be insane!”

“Yuno is the second-best fighter amongst the younger generation in the Martial Arts Association. Aside from Fernando, who else would dare to say that they would win in a fight against Yuno?!”

“Who knows? Perhaps he is actually a hidden martial arts master? Hahaha!”

When everyone at the scene saw that there was going to be a good show, they hurriedly put everything down and came over to join in on the excitement.

In truth, many people had felt some pity for Gerald at first. After all, simply by comparing their body shape and physique, Yuno was over 1.9 meters tall, while Gerald was just over 1.7 meters tall. At first glance, Gerald was naturally on the weaker side as compared to Yuno. Therefore, everyone pitied and sympathized with Gerald.

Yet, Gerald had actually said these words, and everyone instantly felt as though he was being way too ignorant.

First, he had offended the eldest young lady of the Sime family, and now, he was actually simply shooting his mouth off.

He really did not know what was good for himself.

Aiden was also feeling very nervous at this time.

After all, these people were all the elite amongst the elites.

“Come on! Just wait and see how I am going to deal with you, then!” Yuno said as he hooked his punches in an attempt to provoke Gerald.

After that, he stretched his neck and moved his hands and feet briefly.

Yuno started throwing some punches, and each of his punches was so strong that it seemed as though it was strong enough to kill a tiger.

Unexpectedly, Gerald snorted disdainfully as he said, “You are just throwing some highly impractical punches with fancy footwork.”

As soon as he said those words, it was not only Yuno’s expression that had changed drastically, but the expression on the faces of everyone in the Martial Arts Association. Even Fernando’s expression changed at this time. Some highly impractical punches with fancy footwork?! Gerald was not only insulting Yuno alone, but he was also insulting the entire Martial Arts Association.

At this moment, the spectators around them also completely lost all of the sympathies that they had initially felt for Gerald.

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1290
After all, it was important for a person to have self-knowledge. Since Gerald was still shooting his mouth off at a time like this, this only made others look down on him even more.

“Start fighting! Teach him a lesson!” Someone yelled out in dissatisfaction from amongst the audience.

“Young lad, you are indeed courting your death!” Yuno yelled angrily before he rushed directly at Gerald.

Yuno’s skills were indeed very sharp as compared to an ordinary person. Regardless of whether it was a flying kick or a side kick, all of his moves were very simple but powerful. If he were to hit a person directly on his head, that person could easily be knocked into a coma.

The crowd of people quickly hid and avoided them, out of fear that Yuno would injure them too.

However, Gerald simply put his hands into his pockets calmly as he avoided many of Yuno’s flying kicks and side kicks several times in a row.

When Gerald saw that Yuno was going all out to attack him, he could not help but hum slightly before he raised his foot fiercely and ferociously, as if he was raising a giant ax.

Yuno raised his hand in shock as he instinctively put his hands in front of him. However, he flew out directly and fell to the ground on his knees after Gerald had kicked him.

Fortunately, there was soft cushioning on the ground. Otherwise, Yuno would certainly have had to lie down on the hospital bed for half a year at least.

“He won?!”

Everyone on the sidelines was in shock.

Even Aiden was so shocked that his eyes were about to pop out of his sockets.

He had initially thought that Gerald would certainly be utterly defeated by Yuno. This was because even though Gerald possessed great strength and abilities, no matter what it was, Yuno had received and undergone special martial arts training from an early age, unlike any other ordinary person.

Yet, Gerald had actually defeated Yuno with just a single kick?!

“Yuno is too weak, right? He can’t even handle that young lad.”

“It seems as though he was not bragging at all. He truly has some skills of his own.”

There was a lot of ongoing discussion amongst the audience, and some of them were looking at Gerald in a different light now.

Everyone had initially thought that he was only good at bragging and provoking others. However, since he could easily defeat Yuno, this could only prove that he was actually rather powerful and skillful.

This scene also caused the expression on Matilda’s face to change slightly.

She really would not have expected Gerald to win. Moreover, he had won so easily. Matilda knew of Yuno’s strength very well, but he could not even accept a single attack from Gerald?!

Matilda was filled with anger and resentment for Gerald at this time.

Only Fernando frowned as he walked over to take a look at Yuno. Both the meridians in Yuno’s arms were broken, and both of his kneecaps were completely shattered. At this time, Yuno had already fallen unconscious because of the pain. Fernando then turned around and looked at Gerald as he said, “You are pretty skillful, but you should not have dealt such a heavy blow to him. You have ended his martial arts journey completely here! Now, things are not as simple as you offending Matilda anymore!”

“Even if we were to forget about the fact that he was the one who provoked me in the first place, let’s say one of his previous kicks had hit me directly, what would have happened to me, then?” Gerald asked lightly.

Fernando frowned again.

If a normal person’s side kick were to hit a person in the head directly, that person would certainly suffer from a mild injury.

Yuno was about 1.9 meters tall, and he weighed more than a hundred kilograms. If he were to hit a person in the head with all of his might, if his opponent was an ordinary person, that person would certainly end up in a vegetative state.

Strictly speaking, Gerald had already been very merciful toward Yuno.

Fernando stood up and said, “Very well. Since you have such strength, you are indeed worthy enough to die in my hands, then!”

Fernando spoke coldly.

As soon as his words fell, the audience were all staring at them with their eyes wide open in shock. Fernando was already feeling anxious, so they were in for a great show, then!

“You still want to fight with me?” Gerald asked as he narrowed his eyes slightly.

Fernando still dared to step up and challenge him to a fight even after he had seen how Gerald had kicked Yuno earlier. So, it seemed as though Fernando had not shown his true strength yet.

“You should not think that I will not hold back at all if we were to go all out in a fight,” Gerald said lightly.

“Pfft! Do you honestly think that you will be able to defeat Fernando?!”

As soon as Gerald spoke up, there was someone who was extremely dissatisfied amongst the audience. It was Matilda who had spoken up as she snorted coldly.

“That’s right. His kick just now was actually not even that powerful. It was just a little faster and stronger.” Another girl said at this time.

Although Gerald had defeated Yuno easily and swiftly earlier, everyone was still filled with confidence in Fernando’s strength and capability. After all, Fernando had proven his strength and abilities in front of countless people throughout all these years.

Even Matilda was a little more rest assured at this time. If Fernando were to step up and go against this person, that person would certainly be done for, then!

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