The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 1321-1330

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1321

Myles had initially thought that Gerald was just some ordinary young man who just so happened to become the disciple of his benefactor, a clinic doctor.

He would’ve never imagined for Gerald to hold such strength. People could usually tell a real expert from a fake when the ‘expert’ made their move, and from what Myles had seen, Gerald was a hundred percent the real deal. In fact, he was so strong that he was possibly even stronger than some of the masters in King Valley! That fact alone made Myles momentarily stunned speechless.

Eventually, however, he snapped out of it and immediately began sincerely praising, “M-Mr. Crawford! To think you had such immense skill!”

Myles was so overjoyed that it almost seemed like he had forgotten that Gerald had just heavily injured the steward of King Valley!

“You flatter me too much, Mr. Myles. I was simply upset with the way he was treating you!” replied Gerald with a wry smile.

“Speaking of which, Mr. Myles, is the master of the valley aware that I need the three herbs? Regardless of whether he has or hasn’t, I’d like to meet up with him!” added Gerald rather bluntly.

After his absurd encounter with those King Valley siblings who treated other peoples’ lives like they were mere playthings, Gerald’s initial respect for those in the valley had long plummeted.

As if that wasn’t enough, the master of King Valley was obviously being ungrateful since he had clearly forgotten about the man who had rescued him back then. The man in the shantytown hadn’t even thought twice about saving Myles and the master of King Valley at the time, so getting such a cold response in return now certainly irked Gerald.

“I’ll be honest and say that had I attempted to introduce you to him before this, not only would he have declined, but you most certainly wouldn’t have been able to get the three herbs you wanted either. Now that I know that you have such skill, however, that changes things entirely. You should know that the master admires martial artists the most! Also, while the King Valley may appear to be peaceful on the surface level, it’s actually in the middle of a crisis now. With that in mind, the master is currently busy recruiting masters from all over the world! Regardless, let’s go, Mr. Crawford! I’ll take you to the master of the valley right this instant!” explained Myles with a laugh.

Choosing not to say anything in response, Gerald simply followed after Myles. Quite honestly, he was curious as to what sort of deity-like person Rupert Yateman—the master of King Valley—was.

As they made their way there, Myles started talking about some of his bitter experiences here with Gerald. Essentially, after being Rupert’s personal driver for quite some time back then, he ended up getting promoted to the position of steward.

At the time, he had treated Sam like his very own brother, constantly praising him. However, things took a turn for the worst when the previous master’s wife fell seriously ill.

Sam had been placed in charge of taking care of her at the time, but due to his negligence, he ended up mixing the wrong medicines and almost caused the master’s wife to lose her life! To avoid punishment, Sam abused his trust with Myles and framed him for being the one responsible for all that!

Due to that incident, Myles was immediately demoted to a low-ranking handyman, whereas Sam was given the role of steward instead.

By the time Myles got to that part of the story, both he and Gerald had arrived at the conference hall, the place where the master of the valley usually received his guests.

Upon entering, both of them saw that there was already a crowd of people inside. From what Myles could tell, there was a rather important meeting going on, seeing that a number of core members of the King Valley were present.

All of them were seemingly too engrossed in some girl’s story that nobody even noticed Gerald and Myles’s presence.

“Dad, I’m serious! That savage is way too powerful! He killed over a hundred people there, you know? Thank god sis and I were rather well-trained in martial arts, otherwise, we wouldn’t have been able to escape!” explained the girl, hints of fear in her voice.

Finding the voice to be somewhat familiar, Gerald squinted his eyes at the girl, and sure enough, it truly was Yenny Yateman.

“I didn’t expect the Fairleighs to have such a master in Fairleigh Valley. Thankfully he appears to be on the run. If he were to obey their bidding, King Valley would definitely be in for a world of trouble!” replied a middle-aged man—from where he sat on a sofa—calmly as he turned to look at Fleur.

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1322

“As for you. How many times have I told you not to get involved with any of the Fairleighs? Knowing Seamus, who knows what he had in mind when you made that bet with him? It should’ve been clear as day that he wanted to cheat you! Had it not been for the savage running wild, you would’ve definitely lost the bet!” reprimanded the middle-aged man.

To those who knew him, he was none other than the master of King Valley, Rupert Yateman. He was a father to two daughters, them being Yenny and Fleur Yateman.

Being the younger daughter, Yenny had quite the bizarre attitude, and her personality was flippant as it was insincere. Fleur, on the other hand, was much more mature and stable-minded.

Regardless, Rupert couldn’t help but feel irked this time. After all, the bet his daughter had made had cost the lives of seven of the King Valley’s most highly ranked masters.

“All of you should know how covetously the Fairleighs have been eyeing us this entire time! With that in mind, everyone should be extra careful whenever they decide things! None of you should get involved with the Fairleighs, is that clear?” instructed Rupert.

Following that, he then turned to look at his daughters before angrily adding, “As for you two, go back to your rooms! You’re grounded until further notice!”

After the slightly pouting duo walked off to enter their rooms, Myles took a step forward and bowed before saying, “Greetings, master! This lowly one has a request!”

Frowning slightly, Rupert then asked, “Go on, what is it?”

“Well, I know you’ve been recruiting martial arts masters from all over the world, master. With that in mind, allow me to introduce you to Mr. Crawford here! He’s the disciple of our benefactor back then!” introduced Myles.

Upon hearing that, Rupert turned to look at Gerald before replying in an indifferent tone, “What benefactor?”

“…You know, the one who… Well, back in the shantytown…” mumbled Myles.

“Ah, so that’s what you’re talking about. So you’re telling me that he accepted some disciple who just so happens to be proficient in martial arts?” replied Rupert while shaking his head.

As someone who had been through a lot, Rupert could tell from a single glance that this young man was simply here to collect the grace from that year. Thinking about it, Rupert remembered wanting to offer the farmer money back then, though that man had declined. At the time, Rupert had wondered what kind of airs that farmer was putting on. To think that that man had been saving that request all this time till he eventually figured out what he wanted from Rupert.

“Whatever the case is, just go tell the accountant and hand this boy fifty thousand- no, actually, give him a hundred thousand! With that, I hope the matter will be done and over with!” ordered Rupert as he furrowed his brows while waving for them to leave.

‘Hah! Martial artist… It’s obvious that he’s just some naïve kid!’

“To think that we came all the way here just to see a liar! Do you think you can just waltz into King Valley all willy-nilly? What do you think this place is, boy?” said one of the rather extraordinary-looking elderly men in the room as the other old men present took turns shaking their heads with wry smiles on their faces.

Raising a slight brow, Gerald could feel murderous intent building in his heart. If things were really going to proceed this way, then he wasn’t against taking the medicine by force.

Seeing how displeased Gerald was, Myles quickly replied, “B-but master, Mr. Crawford isn’t here for money! Instead, he’s here in hopes of obtaining three rare medicinal herbs!”

Now sighing in irritation, Rupert then responded, “Three rare medicinal herbs you say? What favor did that man even do for us to deserve that! Look, I’m getting really annoyed right now, so if you don’t leave with the money already, you’ll be going home empty-handed!”

At that moment, a young servant fumbled into the room while shouting, “N-not good! Things aren’t looking good!”

Watching as the boy fell to the ground, Rupert’s frown deepened as he asked, “What is it that’s gotten you into such a panic?”

“I-it’s the master of Fairleigh Valley, master! He’s leading lots of people over, saying that it was our peoples’ fault for letting some undefeatable God of War on the loose! I’m not sure what they meant by that, but they’re claiming that those from our valley caused the Fairleighs to suffer massive losses! They want us to compensate them now, and if we don’t, they’re planning on barging in!” explained the servant.

“…What?! Those utter b*stards!” roared Rupert in fury as he slammed both hands onto his table.

“Gather our men immediately! I’m the dignified master of King Valley! Who do those Fairleighs think they are just doing as they please here?!”

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1323

“The master of the valley is coming!” shouted one of the King Valley’s bodyguards excitedly. Hearing that, the other guards—who had been facing off with those from the Fairleigh family—felt like a massive weight had just been lifted off their chests.

Over sixty bodyguards from the King Valley had been groaning and howling in pain as they laid on the ground. Upon realizing that Rupert was coming, however, all of them instantly began supporting each other up—albeit all of them being a little wobbly—before staggering over to hide behind Rupert’s back.

Rupert himself was frowning deeply, his fists clenched tightly as he shouted, “Hershel! Bradley!”

Hershel was the master of Fairleigh Valley, and Bradley was Hershel’s younger brother.

While the present-day King Valley specialized in the art of pill-making and the Fairleighs were known for their expertise in martial arts, there was once a time when those from the Fairleigh Valley also specialized in pill-making. After all, the founder of Fairleigh Valley was actually a subordinate from the King Valley who managed to escape!

With that in mind, it was already pretty clear that the two families had a long history of grievances.

Regardless, despite the fact that Bradley was the younger brother, he was extremely powerful. If Rupert had to pick between whom he was more worried about, the answer would most definitely always be Bradley. If the rumors were true, Bradley’s level of strength was already nearing the advanced stage of the Spirit Earth Realm! That was honestly the reason why Rupert had begun gathering so many masters in the first place.

Even with that precaution, however, it was now evident that none of them were even a match for Bradley. After all, Bradley had simply taken the opportunity to go wild today, as seen by the sixty-over injured guards now cowering behind Rupert. He had truly underestimated how strong Bradley truly was…

Gerald himself—who had followed everyone out—was now observing the man donning black clothes and shoes who was standing in front of the other Fairleighs. Looking to be around the age of forty, a large scar on that man’s face only served to make him appear even more ferocious than he already was.

“What’s wrong, Master of King Valley? From the looks of it, you’ve invited quite a number of masters to deal with the Fairleighs! Is my guess correct?” asked Bradley as he took a step forward while looking straight into Rupert’s eyes with a smile.

Being a big boss, Rupert repressed his shock before replying, “How presumptions both of you are today! To think that you’ve brought so many of your men over on such short notice! You’ve even injured so many of our valley’s men!”

“An eye for an eye, Master Rupert! Don’t you remember how you gave my brother that scar on his face? Back when you used the King Valley’s medicine to hire a master to ambush us? If my brother hadn’t risked his life back then, I wouldn’t have even been able to escape in the first place! Mind you, I won’t ever forget how that scar came to be!” replied Hershel with a cold laugh.

The two families had been at odds for far too long, and Bradley had been particularly vengeful about it.

Following that, Bradley then added, “It’s high time we ended this nonsense, Rupert Yateman! Not only do we still have old unsettled scores, but to think that your daughter would actually free the undefeatable God of War that we so painstakingly captured! Have you any idea how many men we lost just to capture him? Our families have already been fighting for a long time, Rupert! We’ve come today to settle our hatred, both old and new! Let’s put an end to all this today!”

Not only were Bradley’s words intimidating, but whenever he opened his mouth, the scar on his face seemed like it was executing some ferocious tribal dance.

Regardless, Rupert remained momentarily silent. It was true that he had previously sent someone to assassinate the brothers. What more, those from the King Valley had had increased conflicts with the Fairleighs quite recently. Now that the Fairleighs were even blaming his daughter for releasing their savage, Rupert could already tell that they had been waiting for an excuse to do all this. To think that they were finally going to actually do it!

However, even though it was clear that the Fairleighs were looking for a fight, given the current situation, Rupert feared that not even all the masters that he had gathered and trained over the past six years would be able to take on Bradley!

With that in mind, Rupert then lowered his voice before saying, “Don’t think you can just do whatever you please just because you’ve reached the advanced stage of the Spirit Earth Realm… I’ll have you know that we here in the King Valley haven’t just been twiddling our fingers all these years either!”

“Hah! I assure you that everyone knows how strong the King Valley is, and that naturally includes us! Look, the less you struggle, the easier it’ll be for all of us! Know that none of your ‘masters’ have even been able to withstand a single blow from Bradley! With that in mind, stop wasting our time and offer yourselves to us already! Of course, if you still wish to fight back, then it can’t be helped. Seamus! You stay back! There’s not even a need for your second uncle to take action! If they’re reluctant to cooperate, just clean up the rest of those so-called masters!” snorted Hershel as he turned to look at Seamus.

Upon hearing that, the elders from before—who had mocked Gerald—instantly portrayed extremely ugly expressions.

Those from the King Valley had been famous for the longest time. To think that they were being taken so lightly now! As if that wasn’t already humiliating enough, the Fairleighs were just leaving a junior to deal with them!

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1324

Among them, however, Rupert seemed to be the most humiliated. Taking in a deep breath, he then nodded before shouting, “Master Croft, Master Jones, and Master Keay! It’s high time we took action!”

Hearing that, the three masters then nodded in unison before turning to look at a young man who was standing beside them.

“Go deal with the young master of the Fairleigh family, Peter,” said one of the three masters, prompting the young man—who was donning tight-fitting clothing—to nod before walking toward Seamus and facing him.

After Peter made a gesture that suggested that he was saying, ‘after you,’ another of the masters then said, “Peter’s the oldest disciple under me, and he’s been training with me for over ten years. He’s already at the final stage of the Nebula Realm, so dealing with this young master shouldn’t be an issue for him.”

As the three masters took turns nodding confidently, Bradley simply smirked before looking at Peter and saying, “Hah! So they’re sending you out to your death, huh? To think that a mere child like you even dares to go against my nephew! Make sure not to hold anything back, Seamus!”

“You’re the one courting death,” replied Peter.

Being a young man who practiced martial arts day in and day out, Peter wasn’t about to let himself get affected by taunts like these.

With nothing to lose, Peter then dashed toward the sneering Seamus who had his arms crossed.

What happened next took place so quickly that the next thing everyone knew, a figure had already been flung backward! Upon the person’s collision, the impact of it alone was enough to cause the entire ancient-looking building—that they were flung toward—to quiver!

“P-Peter!” shouted all three of the masters in unison, their eyes now fully widened after witnessing what had just happened.

His body sticking against the building’s side, everyone could now see that it truly was Peter who had been punched backward. Anyone paying close attention to Peter’s body could tell that it was a punch since there was a clear fist mark embedded in his chest.

“Humph. It appears that my nephew is still a bit soft-hearted. Rest assured that your disciple isn’t dead yet. Regardless, it’s now your turn…” said Bradley with a grin, bloodlust reflected in his eyes.

Seeing that, all three of the masters felt chills running down their spines. After watching their strongest disciple fall from a single hit, the trio no longer had the confidence they initially had. Just how vast was the difference between their skill levels?

Whatever the case was, in the end, all three of them knew that there was no other way than to bite the bullet.

With that, under everyone’s expectant gazes, the three masters then slowly walked over to face Seamus before one of them shouted, “Cease this madness at once, you loquacious child!”

“Humph! Is there even a need for me to fear you three pretentious old things? Just come at me already!” retorted Seamus.

“Don’t get too cocky just yet!” replied another of the three masters. Though the trio knew that together, they were near-invincible, they still couldn’t help but feel irritated by Seamus’s taunting.

With that, all four of them then began gathering their inner strength… And a split second later, both sides had already exchanged up to eight blows!

To the untrained eye, all they could see were black shadows jumping about in the open space, causing destruction wherever they landed. To make matters more intense, each blow was so fast that it caused the air surrounding their fists to whistle!

As the four people fought on, Rupert couldn’t help but break out in cold sweat as he thought, ‘…How… How terrifying…! To think that even the third generation of the Fairleigh family was already this strong…!’

After all this time, Rupert finally realized that he had been a textbook example of being a frog in the well. After occupying Sunhill Rise for over ten years, he had assumed that he was second in the world, bested only by the heavens itself. Why hadn’t he ever considered the fact that there were many others in the outside world capable of killing him with just a simple pinch?

‘Once this battle is over, no matter what it takes, I’ll definitely have to recruit a bodyguard with at least the same amount of strength that Bradley has. Otherwise, nobody would even find out if I were to suddenly be assassinated!’ Rupert thought to himself as he continued praying that the three masters would win. If they did end up losing, then those from the King Valley would truly be unable to weather through this catastrophe!

At that moment, one final explosive sound could be heard as the silhouettes of all four people hopped back to opposing sides of the field. While one of them stood in the spot he had started from, the other three had retreated a good few steps away from where they had begun from.

Everyone’s eyes were now fully widened as chills ran up their spines.

The staggering trio who had retreated were the three masters…

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1325

“How unexpected for a greenhorn like you to have achieved such immense inner strength!” said one of the masters. All three of them had looks of disbelief and bitter smiles on their faces as they stared at Seamus whose entire body seemed to be steaming with excess heat.

Though Seamus was now panting slightly, it was obvious that he had persevered well in his fight. Knowing that, he then cockily said, “I hope you now understand what my father and second uncle had meant! Just surrender already so that lives can be spared! Let this be a warning that if I have to continue fighting, I won’t be holding back anymore! Understand that our visit today is solely aimed at Rupert! If you don’t wish to die, then step aside!”

Hearing that, all three of the masters could only sigh. Barely any fighting spirit left in them, they were well aware that if they were unable to take down Seamus even after combining all three of their efforts, then they could certainly forget about ever being Bradley’s opponent.

Seeing that, Rupert and everyone else from the King Valley felt as though they had hit rock bottom. Understanding that there was no longer anything to lose, Rupert glared daggers at the Fairleighs before shouting angrily, “Do it!”

Upon hearing the command, two gunmen instantly revealed themselves from behind the courtyard’s many rocks! Both of them had been hired with massive sums of money, and they had each claimed to be gods of marksmanship. With that in mind, Rupert had placed them as his last line of defense.

Regardless, just as both of them were about to open fire, Bradley suddenly used his inner strength to lift two stones off the ground before launching them directly at the two gunmen! The stones themselves hit each of them right between their eyebrows, causing both of them to scream in unison as they fell to the ground!

Up till this point, the Fairleighs had only made their appearance for about ten minutes. Despite that being the case, many of Rupert’s more capable men were already seriously wounded and down for the count. Though he still had about a hundred and fifty bodyguards at his command, Rupert knew better than to increase the casualties for the sake of it. From what he could tell, the only ones left who were capable of momentarily holding their ground were himself and a few other elders. However, that was about it.

As he pondered his next step, Bradley suddenly shouted, “Step back, Seamus. I’ll be taking over from here!”

With a frosty glare, Bradley then slowly—and menacingly—began walking toward Rupert.

At that moment, both Fleur and Yenny ran up to the square—utterly panicked and surprised by the huge mess they were currently witnessing—as they shouted, “Father…!”

By this point, Rupert’s face had gone completely pale. With trembling legs, he then slowly turned to look at his two beautiful daughters… Though he clenched his fists tightly as he tried his hardest to resist, in the end, he knew he had to do it.

“…Say… Bradley, Hershel… Quite honestly, we never really resented you back then… It was a blessing, really, that your ancestors managed to learn the art of pill-making from our King Valley. After all, it eventually led to the creation of Fairleigh Valley! Regardless, I’ve always had a hunch that Seamus was interested in our Fleur… What say you to us turning this enmity into friendship…?”

“Hah! You really think my nephew likes your Fleur? Let’s cut the bullsh*t and just let me kill you already! Once that’s done, I’ll just take your daughter so that my nephew can satisfy his urges!” scoffed Bradley, not even worried about filtering his words anymore as he began walking menacingly toward Rupert. From what everyone could see, his murderous intent was already overflowing by this point.

At that moment, Myles rushed over to stand before Rupert while shouting, “Master!”

However, the second he got there, Bradley simply smacked his hand against Myles’s shoulder, causing him to crumble to the ground, completely unable to stand!

Patting Rupert’s face with the back of his hand, Bradley—who was now standing right in front of the man—then said, “You know, once you’re out of the picture, Rupert, Fairleigh Valley will finally be able to take what we’ve always wanted. With that in mind, did you honestly think that we would even need to covet to your petty bargain?”

“B-Brother Bradley, I admit to my faults…! I was blind back then, so please forgive me…! Before you do anything rash, please remember that your ancestors were only able to make their fortune because of the King Valley! With that in mind, you can’t just wipe out the roots of your forefathers…!” pleaded Rupert. Now that he had nobody else supporting him, the trembling Rupert knew that he was no different than an ordinary man.

A split second later, Rupert’s right cheek was immediately greeted by a slap!

“‘Can’t just wipe out the roots of our ancestors?’ You talk as though you’re even worthy to call yourself that! I’ll say it now that to me, killing you is as easy as squashing a bug! Regardless, once Fairleigh Valley takes over the King Valley’s industry, I’m sure the other valleys won’t have anything to say about it, am I correct?”

“Y-yes! It’s as you said! With that in mind, please spare my life, Brother Bradley!” begged Rupert who simply couldn’t bear the pressure of death anymore. He was so terrified, in fact, that he immediately knelt before his daughters and everyone else with a loud ‘thud’ before hugging onto Bradley’s legs and bumping his forehead onto them.

Regardless of how much of a bigshot he was, he was only human and still feared death. He had only persevered for so long since he had tasted power and wealth before. In other words, he had been more afraid of losing his material belongings than death up till this point.

Watching as his former enemy knelt and begged like a dog, Bradley instantly laughed triumphantly, his dissatisfaction—that he had held in his heart for over ten years—seemingly slowly dissipating.

As for the three masters from before, they could only hold onto their chests, unable to advance nor retreat. Sighing internally, all three of them simultaneously thought, ‘Today truly has been a mistake… We’ve now lost everything…’

Looking at how pitiful the once majestic boss of Sunhill Rise currently was, everyone’s hearts felt extremely bitter. After all, no matter how much he knelt or begged for mercy, that man was still their lord.

“M-Master, you mustn’t do this…! Kneeling today will only make you the joke of the other valleys as well as our international businessman customers!” said Myles, his eyes reddened.

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1326

“I…I’ll fight it out with all of you!” shouted the furious Fleur out of the blue.

Revealing a hidden dagger, she then rushed toward Bradley, intent on piercing it right into his chest! Since she had always liked martial arts and had been practicing several forms of them ever since she was a child, Fleur was rather confident that she could at least land a hit.

To her utter dismay, all it took was a single kick from Seamus for him to disarm her. She wasn’t even able to get anywhere close to Bradley!

As the dagger fell to the ground, Seamus grabbed Fleur by her wrist before pulling her into his arms.

Seeing that, the terrified Yenny then rushed forward, hoping to rescue her sister as she shouted, “I-I’ll fight you too!”

Screaming as she ran toward Seamus, another young master from Fairleigh Valley simply stepped in and grabbed her wrist before hugging her tightly in his arms, just like how Seamus was doing with Fleur.

Laughing sinisterly, Seamus then said, “You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for this moment, Fleur! I have a proposal for you! If you obey my every order tonight, then I’ll tell my father and second uncle to spare your life! Hell, I’ll even make you the young mistress of the two great valleys! Due to how generous I am, I’ll even allow you to keep half of King Valley! How about it?”

“Unhand me, you b*stard!” shouted Fleur, despair reflected in her eyes as she turned to face the hundred and fifty King Valley bodyguards who were still standing there.

“What are all of you even doing? Stop standing there in a daze and attack already!”

Upon hearing that order, all of them finally snapped out of it and took a step forward, intent on fighting till the very end! However, the second Bradley turned to look at them, all of them simply froze in place again!

After witnessing how strong the Fairleighs—who had been living in seclusion for so many years—were, everyone knew for a fact that they weren’t going to even come close to being their opponents.

“F-Fleur, just be a good girl and listen to Mr. Fairleigh! Please agree to whatever he wants and save your father…!” pleaded Rupert shamelessly.

“Hah! Save? You’re dying no matter what happens today, Rupert!” scoffed Bradley as he knocked Rupert to the ground.

“Quit dawdling with him, Bradley. It’s high time we got rid of him and all his people from King Valley! The sooner you do it, the quicker we’ll finally be able to take over this place!” said Hershel with a smirk.

“Loud and clear! Well then, Rupert! I’ll be handing you your one-way ticket to hell!” snorted Bradley as he slowly raised his arm, aiming for Rupert’s head.

Rupert himself was so frightened that he ended up closing his eyes.

Before Bradley could land the finishing blow, however, Myles—who had finally managed to struggle to his feet—suddenly shouted, “Stop!”

Now that everyone’s eyes were on him, Myles then knelt with a ‘thud’ before Gerald before begging, “Mr. Crawford! The master of the valley was wrong, so please accept my apology on his behalf! I, Myles Mateman, am willing to offer my life in exchange for another, so please, please save the master of the valley! I’ll repay his debt with my life…!”

As Myles continued kowtowing till his forehead was all bloodied, Hershel shouted, “What are you waiting for, Bradley? Do it!”

Hearing that, Bradley snapped out of it and raised his palm again, this time intent on finishing Rupert…

However, at the very last second, Bradley instinctively took a step back as something lightning-fast rushed past his eyes! Quickly looking in the direction the object had flown toward, Bradley was just in time to see it colliding against one of the courtyard’s many rock structures…

Before sending the rock exploding thunderously into a sea of debris!

Even as the dust finally settled, none of the people there were able to break free from their silent paralysis.

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1327

“…W-what…?!” shouted Bradly, an utterly horrified and incredulous expression on his face as he stared wide-eyed at Gerald.

Bradley was already someone who possessed immense strength. With that in mind, how could an ordinary person like Gerald—who looked no older than Seamus—actually cause him to flinch from attacking?

Had he not witnessed Gerald’s sudden attack just seconds ago, he wouldn’t have believed how capable the youth truly was! But this was illogical, wasn’t it?

As Bradley—in his shock and horror—continued trying to make sense of the situation, Hershel could simply frown as he turned to look at his younger brother.

Rupert, Fleur, and the others from King Valley, on the other end, were now feeling like they had finally been graced with hope after being pushed into such a desperate situation earlier.

To think that he had such ungodly strength… Thinking back, since none of them had been able to discern how powerful he truly was earlier, it was lucky that they didn’t offend him too badly…

Regardless, when Rupert saw that Gerald—who was arguably even stronger than Bradley—was now defending him, he immediately got to his feet.

Fleur herself had already wiggled free when everyone was still dumbfounded earlier, and she had just successfully freed her sister as well at the moment.

Running back to where most of the King Valley guards were, Yenny panted before saying, “S-sister! It’s him! I hadn’t noticed his presence earlier, but it turns out that he isn’t dead!”

“Hush! Don’t say anything first!” replied Fleur who was equally as surprised as Yenny was.

With the atmosphere now extremely cold and solemn, Bradley eventually frowned before asking, “…Who are you?”

Though he had already noticed Gerald’s presence long before Peter had even begun fighting Seamus, Bradley hadn’t really paid much attention to him, especially since he looked so young. Instead, his attention was fully preoccupied with the three masters, Rupert, and the two gunmen from earlier.

He now knew, however, that this kid possessed truly extraordinary strength. With that in mind, it was obvious that he had something to rely on.

Bradley was a person who had survived countless rains of bullets throughout the years, and aside from using brute force, the reason why he was still alive was because he had always been extremely careful. Even if he was facing a seemingly ordinary man, he knew better than to underestimate his opponent. After all, he was experienced enough to know that everything could go wrong because of a single wrong judgment.

Seeing that Gerald wasn’t replying, Rupert—who was now finally regaining a bit of confidence—cleared his throat as he said, “…Well then! I hadn’t expected our benefactor from back then to raise such an outstanding apprentice! I admit that I was a bit too rash and impetuous just now… If I remember correctly, Myles had said that you wished to collect three Cherish Herbs, correct? If you help us deal with the Fairleighs, forget three, I’ll give you ten of them! Hell, I’ll even throw in another seventy-five thousand dollars! How about it?”

Upon hearing that, Gerald simply turned to look at him before smiling coldly as he replied, “I hope you understand that I only saved you earlier due to how sincerely Myles was begging me to! Are you honestly attempting to use those simple terms, thinking you can just dismiss me after I deal with them? When you’re currently at such a critical moment that could easily spell your death?”

What Gerald had said was no exaggeration. Had he not felt Myles’s immense loyalty, Gerald wouldn’t even have considered saving Rupert’s life. After all, he could’ve just obtained the medicine on his own once Rupert was dead.

Hearing Gerald’s reply, Rupert instantly felt his heart clench.

Since Gerald looked like a country bumpkin who hadn’t seen much of the world, Rupert had assumed that Gerald would definitely be surprised by his sudden offer. In the end, however, Rupert was the one who was surprised since Gerald didn’t seem to care about the offer at all!

“…Do you not think that my offer is good enough, young lad? What do you wish for then? Just say the word and I’ll give it to you as long as you’re willing to help get rid of my enemies for me!” bargained Rupert.

“Oh, what I want is quite simple. I just wish to own a fifth of the King Valley!” replied Gerald with a laugh.

“…I… I beg your pardon…?” replied Rupert, his eyes widened in shock.

Even Fleur hadn’t expected Gerald to be this greedy!

“Oh? Hmm… Well, I said I just wish to own a fourth of the King Valley!” said Gerald with a smirk.

Now breathing frantically, Rupert finally realized how seriously he had underestimated the kid. To think that this young country bumpkin would even dare to ask for a fifth of the King Valley! As if that wasn’t already outrageous enough, he was now asking for a fourth!

“…I’m sure I heard you said a fifth earlier… Regardless, I won’t lie that it’s exceedingly difficult for me to just hand over a fifth of my valley to you! How about this? Should you be willing to help me deal with them, I’ll give you a tenth of this place! It’ll certainly be more than sufficient for you to lead an easy and carefree life from the money generated from that area!”

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1328

Rupert found himself frowning as he said that. Naturally, he was going to be reluctant to part with his assents, and since he was still alive, he was definitely going to at least attempt to negotiate further.

Fixing his gaze on Rupert, Gerald simply replied, “A third!”

Hearing that, the elders found themselves exchanging glances with one another. It was already obvious that the knife was at Rupert’s throat, so there really was no reason for him to continue trying to bargain with Gerald. With how things were currently going, the elders knew for a fact that there was a very real possibility of Rupert losing the entire valley to Gerald by the time all this was over.

Taking in a deep breath, Rupert—who was still unwilling to just agree like that—then said, “Please don’t take advantage of us knowing that we’re already at our weakest, young lad! So be it! I’ll hand you a fifth of the valley, just as you’ve asked before! Is that agreeable?”

“Half of King Valley! Nothing less if you still want me to help you!” replied Gerald with a smile.

Rupert instantly knelt on the ground upon hearing that. He truly was caught in a dilemma since it wouldn’t be right for him to simply accept Gerald’s condition like that.

Quite honestly, he was wondering if Gerald would truly end up being useful in the end. After all, not even the three masters and two gunmen he had hired were able to deal with the situation. In the end, however, he knew that Gerald was his final ray of hope, and he couldn’t just let him walk off now that he was already on the verge of death.

He now also knew better than to continue trying to trick Gerald, knowing full well that if he attempted it one more time, Gerald would most certainly end up getting the entire valley.

If only he had known that things were going to end up this way, then he would’ve definitely attempted to build a better relationship with Gerald earlier. To think that Gerald had simply started off asking for three Cherish herbs… There were at least a million of them stored within King Valley after collecting them for hundreds of years! Why hadn’t he just given three of them to him and be done with it?

Now extremely frantic, Rupert could almost feel himself losing his temper. However, he refrained, knowing that whether he got angry or not, there was still not going to be any other way out.

With that in mind, the master of the valley gritted his teeth and stomped his foot hard on the ground before saying, “…Very well! I’ll… I’ll give you half of King Valley! Now please, please, help me get rid of those enemies!”

“Now wouldn’t it have been better for you not to play any of your petty tricks in the first place…?” replied Gerald with a grin before turning to look at Bradley and the others.

From what he was able to tell, Bradley’s strength was close to the middle stage of the Spirit Earth Realm, the same stage that Gerald currently was on. While that would technically signify that he and Gerald were equally matched in terms of strength, Gerald was clearly superior when it came to the amount of training both of them had experienced.

“…Don’t get cocky too soon! From what I can sense, both of us are equally matched in terms of our inner strength! Furthermore, I have my brother and nephew here with me!” grunted Bradley. While it was true that he was a very cautious person, his anger had overtaken most of his rationality. He was so infuriated, in fact, that blood was already starting to seep from his old facial scar, making him look all the more ferocious!

Looking straight into Bradley’s eyes, Gerald then replied, “Oh? You don’t believe that I can take you down? Hmm… What to do… I guess I’ll just have to prove my point by having all three of you come at me at the same time! How about that?”

“…You…! You’re really asking for death, aren’t you?!” roared Bradley as his eyes instantly flared up with murderous intent.

In the end, Bradley was someone who placed his worth even higher than his life. With that in mind, despite Gerald clearly having an immense amount of strength, Bradley was more than determined to break him into pieces after being humiliated so much by him!

“Once I’ve torn off your head and limbs, I’ll be tossing all of them into the river for the fish to feed on!” growled the enraged Bradley who now looked so terrifying that everyone present instantly turned pale in fright.

‘You really are just a young kid who doesn’t know what’s good for you! Look at the situation you got yourself in! Couldn’t you sense how terrifying Bradley already was? Why did you have to provoke him even further? While it’s true that you’re talented, you should know that Bradley’s already a veteran!’ thought the three masters as they helplessly watched on.

Myles himself was completely dumbfounded by the turn of events. While he already knew that Gerald was arrogant, he hadn’t expected him to be this arrogant! Was he really going to attempt to fight all three of them at once…?

Before Myles could wonder any further, he saw Gerald straightening his body before casually replying, “Oh? Is that so?”

Following that, Gerald suddenly outstretched his right hand before clenching and turning it ever so slightly… It gave the impression as though he had caught the wind… As everyone wondered what he was trying to do, Gerald then retracted his hand toward his chest before seemingly tossing an invisible knife toward Bradley…

Only rather than just being mere mimicry of tossing a knife, everyone stared wide-eyed as a white light shot out from his palm! As if that wasn’t already shocking enough, the crowd watched in astonishment as the ground split slightly apart as the orb of light continued flying toward Bradley!

In the light’s path, however, was a rather large boulder. Everyone now curious to know what would happen to the light upon collision, their question was quickly answered when it simply shot through the boulder!

…But wait, it didn’t just shoot through… A split second later, the boulder split into two clean halves, with both sides cut so clean that they gleamed like the surface of a mirror! Expensive-looking tiles cracking apart as the light surged on, it finally stopped moving the second it arrived inches away from Bradley’s face.

As Bradley stood paralyzed in his utter shock, the others found themselves too dumbfounded to even make a sound as well.

Everyone now looking at the deep gash on the earth that Gerald had caused, the entirety of King Valley became momentarily enveloped in silence.

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1329

“…B-by god… Is he… Is he a human or a god…?”

Though Myles’s mouth had been hanging open this entire time, he couldn’t care less about how he looked as he trembled while muttering that question.

Even the three masters were utterly stunned. After all, while Bradley was more powerful, faster, and more skillful compared to regular people, his capabilities were still—at the very least—predictable and understandable. Gerald, on the other hand, was a completely different story.

After all, he had just split the earth and even a large boulder clear in half just by waving his hand in the air! Nobody could’ve predicted that! Several others were having similar thoughts as well.

Regardless, following a long silence, one of the three masters—after staring at the marks left on the ground this entire time—murmured, “…That wasn’t a celestial technique… Instead, it was a strange martial art… It… It was the airbending skill…! Adding that to the fact that that boy has already conquered the Nebula Realm and owns the Power of the Hundred Divine Fists, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that he would be able to easily kill a person standing ten meters away! I had always thought that all that was simply the stuff of legends… Now that I’ve witnessed it with my very own eyes, I can safely say that I can die without any regrets…”

Before anyone could even respond to that, the steps of feet pattering could be heard, prompting everyone to turn around… Only to realize that Bradley was retreating!

“Retreat! Hurry!” yelled Bradley.

“…What? He’s… he’s attempting to escape…?!”

Of course he was. After seeing how Gerald had launched such a powerful attack just by fiddling with his fingers, Bradley instantly realized that he had just dug his own grave.

To his utter shock, not only did Gerald exhibit signs of superb training, but he also possessed extremely powerful martial art skills! Understanding that, Bradley knew that he was no longer worthy of being Gerald’s opponent.

What an extraordinary being! Bradley knew for a fact that even if there were ten of himself, all of his copies wouldn’t even come close to defeating Gerald!

“To think that he’s already entered such a realm at his age! How utterly unbelievable! Even my genius of a master back then wasn’t able to enter that realm till he was around fifty, and he’s a top master as well as a hero! How could a martial artist with such an ordinary background even possess such godly skills?!” muttered Bradley under his breath as he continued dashing away, hoping that his head start would allow him to escape.

Just as the other Fairleighs—who were now starting to get increasingly worried—were about to turn around and book it, Gerald simply looked at the escaping man before sneering, “Finally planning on leaving? I’m afraid it’s much too late for that!”

Following that, Gerald took in a deep breath before activating his Thunder Eruption skill! His palms now reddened, Gerald then flicked his fingers, sending three, white, silk-like strands shooting out like bullets toward Bradley, Hershel, and Seamus’s backs!

Upon—flying over ten meters and—hitting their backs, Seamus was the first to scream as he instantly began spurting blood out of his mouth before falling to the ground shortly after.

Bradley himself found his eyes turning black as he felt the blunt force—that felt similar to being hit with a hammer—on his back. Being flung forward by how hard the force was, Bradley ended up smashing directly into a wall!

Witnessing all that, the three masters could only tremble in fear as one of them said, “…Both his inner and external strength are equally as extraordinary…! He really is capable of killing with just a snap of a finger! He’s a living god on earth…!”

While the young man only looked to be around the age of twenty-five, none of the masters had any further doubts that he was a true apex great master as well as someone extremely—and mysteriously—well-learned in the realm of martial arts

Regardless, the masters were glad that they had earlier held their tongues. After all, they would’ve definitely been slapped by Gerald had they said what was previously on their mind, that being, ‘How could there possibly be a great master under the age of thirty? They’re already extremely rare in the world, and they’re comparable only to living masterpieces! With that in mind, one can’t simply brag about being a great master!’

Whatever the case was, with all three of the commanding Fairleighs now completely defeated, it was now their family’s subordinates’ turn to not dare to make any further moves.

Seeing that the tables had now completely turned, Rupert finally fully recovered from his initial shock and ran over to Bradley before kicking him right in the stomach! Following that, he then laughed before saying, “I bet you never imagined that things would end up this way, did you, young lad? Remember that if I could humiliate and toss you out like the miserable outcast you were back then, then I can just as easily kill you today! Hahaha!”

The second his sentence ended, however, he suddenly heard a faint voice behind him saying, “I assure you that Bradley isn’t dead yet… He’s simply unconscious for now… You had best be careful that he doesn’t wake up from your kick…”

Hearing that, Rupert instantly stopped laughing before turning around to look at Gerald, a pleasant smile on his face.

“…Mr. Crawford- No, Master Crawford… What… did you mean by that…? Didn’t you kill this murderer…?”

Rolling his eyes, Gerald simply replied, “No matter what the case is, he’s still a learned great master, and his inner strength is almost as good as mine. I only had the upper hand since my martial arts skills are a little better than his. With that in mind, why would I kill him? He’s only unconscious now!”

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1330

The second he was finished speaking, Gerald walked over to Bradley before patting his body a few times.

“…Alright, I’ve severed all of his vital energy points. Even if he has any inner strength left, he won’t be able to use it for the time being. I’ll be leaving him to you then,” said Gerald.

“T-Thank you, Master Crawford! I truly am in awe of your extraordinary strength, greatness, and techniques!” flattered Rupert as he stood beside Gerald.

Watching as the man nearing his fifties tried his best to flatter a much younger person would make anyone watching the scene tempted to laugh out loud. It certainly didn’t help that his attitude before and after he found out how strong Gerald was had taken a complete one-eighty!

Upon hearing that, Gerald himself could only shake his head with a wry smile on his face.

What Gerald didn’t know was that after experiencing a roller coaster of emotions today, Rupert had long given up on maintaining his dignity and image anymore. All he wanted to do now was to get into Gerald’s good books, and what better way to do that than to keep flattering him!

Rupert’s thought process was that if he had such a learned great master backing him up, then he surely wouldn’t have to worry about any other champions, legends, or even masters in the future!

‘No matter how strong my future enemies are, they’d never come close to even being as powerful as Master Crawford, the youth who can kill with just air!’ Rupert thought to himself.

At that moment, the three masters walked over to Gerald—disregarding the injuries on their bodies—before asking, “Master Crawford, will he truly be unable to use his strength after you severed his vital energy points?”

A warrior’s inner strength stemmed from their elixir-of-life field. With that in mind, if Gerald truly had interrupted his main acupuncture points, then Bradley would no longer be able to access his inner strength for real!

“I simply used a unique method of interrupting his body’s meridians at several points. Due to that, his inner strength will constantly be scattered all over the place. If he can’t collect his inner strength, then he’s pretty much rendered powerless,” explained Gerald casually.

The three masters were dumbfounded once again. How utterly amazing! This youth truly was a god on earth!

Even Fleur and Yenny were now blushing. No wonder he hadn’t been afraid when they first caught him. Even when he was sent to such a dangerous place, both of them had found it slightly odd that there wasn’t a trace of fear on his face! Now that they knew how powerful he was, it made sense why he hadn’t been frightened in the least!

“Regardless, now that I’ve solved your issue, I think it’s high time you fulfilled your promise to me, master of the valley,” said Gerald as he clapped his hands.

“…Promise?” replied Rupert as he placed his hand over his head as though he had just regained his senses.

Now that his enemies had been taken care of and there was no more danger, Rupert was starting to feel slightly unwilling to part with half of his assets…

“…Hmm? Could you perhaps be planning on going back on your word…?” asked Gerald with a frown as he glared at Rupert.

The moment Gerald’s eyes met his, Rupert felt as though he had just been electrocuted. Trembling as he gritted his teeth in panic, Rupert then replied, “N-no! Of course, not! Worry not, Master Crawford, for I’ll definitely fulfill my promise!”

Knowing that Gerald was even more ferocious than Bradley, Rupert was afraid that his life would be on the line if he didn’t keep his word.

Even so, that didn’t stop him from trying to think up countermeasures. As his mind continued racing, he suddenly heard Gerald say, “As long as you don’t go back on your word, you’ll be fine. Speaking of which, I’ll soon be taking my leave first, but before that, I need you to get me the herbs that I asked for as well as a few oxyblood pellets. I’ll be using them soon!”

“R-right away, Master Crawford…!” replied Rupert in a clearly depressed voice.

‘What on earth should I even do here…? I can’t just hand over half of my assets to this young kid! He’s not worthy of all that power! I’ll have to find a way to get rid of him… But until then, I guess I can only continue delaying the process of handing the valley over… I’ll never hand half of King Valley to him…!’

Just as he was deep in thought, Rupert suddenly felt his brows going cold. It felt as if something had… just entered his brain?

Turning around quickly, he was just in time to see Gerald moving his hand away.

Touching his forehead, Rupert then asked, “…Master Crawford…? What were you doing…?”

“Oh, nothing much. I simply inserted poison into your brain! After all, with half of the King Valley being put on the line, I have a feeling that you may try to delay things till you find a way to get rid of me! Of course, if that’s not the case, all the better for you!” replied Gerald with a smile.

“…T-that… I… I would never…” stuttered Rupert, now completely dumbfounded.

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