The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 1331-1340

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1331

“Mr. Crawford, this is the oxyblood pellet and herb that you asked for!”

Not long after that, one of the servants brought the things over respectfully.

Gerald checked everything carefully.

The fact that Rupert had been poisoned by Gerald was not just to scare him.

Gerald had indeed poisoned Rupert with the secret poison.

Although Rupert was a very greedy person and afraid of dying, besides half of the Cherish Herbs in King Valley, he was still pretty useful to Gerald to a certain extent.

Gerald would not be afraid that Rupert would go back on his words in the future as long as he could threaten him with the secret poison.

After leaving King Valley, Gerald did not return to his uncle’s home immediately.

Instead, as per his agreement with Leo, he arrived at the cave that Leo was hiding in.

Gerald could not help but feel a little dumbfounded when he saw the scene in front of him upon arrival at the cave.

Leo had used a pile of weeds to block the entrance of the cave and was simply sitting inside the cave motionless, just like a young schoolboy who had made a mistake and was being grounded at home.

“My lord! You’re back!” Leo said as he stood up excitedly as soon as he saw Gerald.

“Were you hiding here in this position the entire time?” Gerald asked as he laughed.

“Well, my lord, you asked me not to move. So, I hid here without moving at all after finding this cave. I was waiting for you to come back and pick me up!” Leo said as he scratched his head.

“You shouldn’t keep calling me your lord! Leo, speaking of it, you are my elder. I simply look like your deity, but I am not the same deity that you are thinking of!” Gerald replied frankly.

“That is impossible! You have the dragon blood jade pendant. Based on your aura, I can already sense that you are the deity!”

“After getting locked up by those men in the cave, I have already felt my heart throbbing over the past few days. It turns out that it is because my lord, you are here!” Leo said respectfully.

Gerald hesitated for a moment.

Queena had said that he was the deity.

Also, this jade pendant seemed to have recognized the existence of the deity. That was the reason why it gave Gerald so many memories at the very beginning when he touched it.

Now, Leo could actually sense the deity’s aura from Gerald’s body?!

Could it be that he was truly the deity? Could it be that the deity was in his body? Could it be that he was indeed the reincarnation of the deity? To be precise, could it be that the deity was Gerald in his past life, and he was the deity’s present life?

Gerald had already had these doubts in his mind for a long time.

All of these coincidences that were connected seemed to affirm and confirm this fact too.

“Regarding my identity, we will talk about it in the future. However, you should stop referring to me as your lord. It sounds a little too awkward!” Gerald said as he smiled wryly.

Leo was a little nervous, and he said, “My lord, could it be that you despise me and don’t want me to stay by your side to serve you?”

“That is not what I meant… Sigh… if you really want to, you can just call me by my name, then. My name is Gerald.”

Leo scratched his head before he said, “In that case, can I simply call you Mr. Crawford just like everyone else? They also called that other person Mr. Fairleigh!”


Gerald could only nod his head helplessly as he asked, “By the way, where did you come from, Leo? You don’t look like a local.”

Both of them found a place in the cave to sit down before Gerald questioned him out of curiosity.

Leo was truly in awe of Gerald. Perhaps it would be more appropriate to say that he was in awe of the deity. That was why they had this relationship now.

In addition, Gerald had saved his life. Leo was especially attracted to Gerald’s handsome appearance and the way that he spoke, which made him seem kind and approachable. This made Leo feel at ease.

It was also this feeling that made Leo want to recognize Gerald as his master. He felt as though he had finally found someone that he could rely on in this unfamiliar place.

So, he would naturally tell Gerald the truth at this time.

“Mr. Crawford, I escaped from a big flying battleship before coming to this place unknowingly. Moreover, I felt as though this place was somehow very strange and yet very familiar. I felt as though I had lived here before, but then again, at the same time, I felt as though this place was very strange and unfamiliar to me!” Leo said.

Gerald felt his whole body tensing up as soon as he heard Leo’s words.

“Big flying battleship?” Gerald asked in surprised.

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1332

Then, he listened carefully as Leo explained the whole story to him.

It turned out that when Leo was very young, he could vaguely remember that he was on a large flying battleship. He could not remember how old he was at that time, but Gerald assumed that he was about three to four years old then.

Moreover, many people were on that flying battleship, and there were a lot of children who would play together with him.

All of them were taken to a place together where someone took special care of them, and Leo had grown up there.

Leo had received various training, and he had participated in various fights ever since his childhood.

He only knew how to fight.

Moreover, there had always been a very mysterious legend in that place, that was none other than the deity.

The place that they were at had two huge stone statues in place. It was a statue of a deity and a lady in white.

They had grown up under the legend of the deity.

“You mean to say that you were taken away by the flying battleship? And your physique changed and became this way when you were there?” Gerald asked curiously.

He felt as though there was a mysterious door leading to a certain door hidden in the dark which was slowly opening to him.

Leo nodded.

“Yes, but Mr. Crawford, the Leo that you are looking at now is the me after my transformation!” Leo said. It seemed as though Leo felt a little embarrassed with his current rough and boorish appearance.

“After your transformation?”

“Yes. I am currently injured, so I can’t transform and change back to how I was before. I did not look like this previously. In fact, it is really strange. I started planning my escape from the big flying battleship about one month ago. After I escaped, I went into the sea. After that, a big palace at the bottom of the sea exploded. It seems as though someone had used witchcraft and some special technique on the palace. I was hit hard by this mighty power, and I fainted. When I woke up, I had already been turned into the state that I usually am in, when I am fighting and I cannot transform anymore!” Leo said.

“Into the sea? An explosion of a palace?” Gerald replied as he thought carefully.

“What happened after that? Didn’t they try to capture you?” Gerald asked again.

“I do not know. I was unconscious then. When I woke up, I found myself on a deserted island. After that, I started hiding inside the woods until a few days ago when I ran into the people from the Fairleigh family. They used some electric baton to capture me!”

Gerald was deep in thought. The explosion that Leo described seemed to be exactly the same as the one he had witnessed when he was at the palace of the king of the ocean.

Could it be that the explosion at the palace of the king of the ocean was the same explosion that had caused Leo to faint?

“Then, can you give me a general description of how the big flying battleship looks like?” Gerald asked.

Leo began to use his bare hands to draw on the ground. A few minutes later, Leo had already drawn the outline of the flying battleship.

“Sun League!”

Gerald stood up excitedly as soon as he saw the drawing.

Although Leo had only drawn a rough outline of the flying battleship, its appearance was almost exactly the same as that of the Sun League flying battleship which was depicted on the murals on the stone wall.

Gerald’s eyelids began twitching wildly.

Leo was one of the people who had escaped after getting captured by the Sun League?!

Moreover, that mysterious flying battleship had actually not been too far from him when he had dived into the bottom of the sea that day?!

Gerald began sweating all over.

In that case, Leo was one of the people who had been captured, but he had successfully escaped!

Gerald made a bold conjecture. He felt as though this was extremely possible.

“By the way, do you know this sign?”

Gerald hurriedly took out the token of the holy water which had the logo of the Sun League on it.

Leo’s eyes widened immediately.

“That is the mark that was engraved on those people’s chests!” Leo’s expression became a little flustered when he saw the logo.

That’s right! True enough, Leo had indeed escaped from the Sun League. This meant that Leo was his biggest clue in solving the mystery of the Sun League!

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1333

“What is the place that you were at, Leo? It seems as though you came from the same place as the deity and the lady in white. You likely were one of the people that the Sun League had captured from earth!” Gerald said.

After some exchanges, all of Leo’s descriptions seemed to correspond to the many clues that Gerald had obtained from the murals together with the evidence that Gerald had gathered from the palace of the king of the ocean, as well as the underground palace in the desert.

Gerald was almost certain that the Sun League had captured many people from earth, and Leo was simply one of them.

Moreover, the Sun League definitely had an inseparable connection with the lady in white and the deity.

This way, Gerald could determine that he was certainly on the right path. Queena had also come from the same place. If she could survive in the form of a soul, it would not make sense that the lady in white would not be able to do the same.

The life experiences that Chester had had as a child were proof that the lady in white had indeed been active before.

At this time, Leo said, “That place is called Jaellatra. It is very different compared to this place, but there is also a seventy to eighty percent similarity.”

“Jaellatra? So, do you mean to say that everyone who was captured along with you was all brought to this place called Jaellatra?” Gerald asked excitedly.

Leo nodded as he said, “That’s right. All of us were there, but we did not know how we could escape. Fortunately, when we were sent on another mission, we boarded the flying battleship again, and I managed to rush out and make my escape!”

“Moreover, it seems as though it would not be long before ordinary people like you would suddenly appear to receive training there!” Leo continued speaking after thinking for a while.

“Then, what were all of you training for?” Gerald asked curiously.

“I don’t know. Everyone was given their own jobs and responsibilities. The few of us were responsible for building weapons. I do not know anything else!” Leo said as he shook his head.

In this case, Gerald had a major clue now, and that was the place that was referred to as Jaellatra.

Mila and the others had been captured and taken away by the flying battleship.

It was no wonder why Gerald had used all of the financial resources and manpower that he had to find all of the clues that he had in the past year but to no avail. It turned out that they had been taken to some other place by the Sun League.

Although Leo did not know where Jaellatra was exactly, at the very least, Gerald was no longer as confused and lost as he was before.

“Mr. Crawford, you told me that you were looking for someone just now. Could it be that someone close to you had also been caught and brought to Jaellatra?” Leo asked curiously.

“Yes! They were taken away by the Sun League!” Gerald replied as he nodded.

Leo scratched his head and said, “But you are a legend from where I came from. So, you should know the way to Jaellatra. There is also a long-standing legend in Jaellatra. Shortly after you gained fame and became famous, you suddenly disappeared. Unexpectedly, you actually came here!” Leo said excitedly.

“I cannot explain everything to you in one or two sentences. However, I am not the deity that you are talking about. As for him, his body is currently stored in an underground palace. Moreover, the lady in white also came here with him. I am currently looking for the lady in white because I want to help the two of them to be reunited once again. This is because I think that there are more secrets hidden where the lady in white is at, but I can’t seem to find her at all. Furthermore…”

Gerald had been feeling very depressed over the past few days. He had so many pent-up feelings inside, but he did not know who he could talk to at all.

When he saw that Leo seemed to be an honest and trustworthy person, he was willing to open up and talk to Leo about all of these things. Moreover, Leo was also very happy to be his confidant.

“I have also heard of some of their legends before. The possessed Queena that you spoke about seems to be her elder sister. She is extremely strong and powerful, but she is also very wicked. She disappeared at the same time as you too, deity! All of them came here! Moreover, it seems as though she had condensed her consciousness and thoughts to form a soul. Now that she has found a suitable body, it is equivalent to her getting reborn!” Leo said.

Since his thinking ability seemed to be slightly weaker compared to an average person, he was silent for a moment before he said, “If his sister has already been resurrected as you’ve said, and if she has also shown signs of being active a few years ago, this can only prove that she has already condensed her consciousness and thought to form a soul. Unfortunately, she could not find an adaptable body. Therefore, there was no way for her to get reborn!”

“An adaptable body?” Gerald asked, a little puzzled.

“That’s right. A resurrected soul will need to find a suitable adaptable body. If there is no suitable adaptable body, the soul will simply move along with the coffin. However, as soon as there is a suitable adaptable body for her, you can use it to lead her out, and she will be able to get reborn, then! Mr. Crawford, when that happens, you will not need to work so hard to find her corpse!”

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1334

“So, that is the case! In the very beginning, when he was at the underground palace in the desert, a mysterious person reminded him to look for the coffin of the lady in white so that he could bury them together. So, it turns out that it was not transporting her corpse, but it was transporting their consciousness and thoughts!” Leo said.

Gerald finally understood.

“Leo, do you know how to find a suitable adaptable body for her, then? Do you know how to draw her out?” Gerald hurriedly asked.

“According to the legends, it is rumored that she is the same as the deity, and she cultivates and practices the Thunder Eruption technique. So, there is thunder essential qi in her body, and her soul has also been transitioned. So, you have to find someone proficient in Thunder Eruption to use the Thunder Godly Pupil to find a suitable adaptable body for her. After finding a suitable adaptable body, the person should also release thunder essential qi. When she senses it, she will come out immediately!”

“However, Mr. Crawford, there are not many people who can use or practice the Thunder Eruption technique. I naturally do not know how to use it!” Leo said as he was filled with self-reproach.

“Thunder Eruption?”

As soon as Gerald heard this, he could not help but feel overjoyed.

Wasn’t he practicing and cultivating the Thunder Eruption technique now?

Indeed, there were many techniques such as eye training, physical training, and qi training recorded within it.

It turned out that he would be able to find the lady in white by using the Thunder Eruption technique!

“That’s right. However, this kind of secret technique has very high requirements on a person’s physique and blood vessels. If they are not talented or skillful enough, they would explode and die while practicing or using this technique!” Leo said, and there was a strong longing look in his eyes.

Was there such a saying about the Thunder Eruption technique? But why was he okay even after practicing it?

Could it be that he was indeed the reincarnation of the deity?

However, Gerald did not have time to think about this for the time being.

Leo told Gerald how to use the thunder essential qi to find a way to look for a suitable adaptable body.

“Leo, thank you for telling and giving me so many clues!”

Gerald patted Leo’s shoulder excitedly before he took out the oxyblood pellet that he had obtained from King Valley over to Leo.

“I do not know if this oxyblood pellet will have any effect on the recovery of your essential qi. However, I brought it here for you anyway. If you consume it, I believe that it will be more or less useful to you!” Gerald said as he handed the oxyblood pellet over.

“Oxyblood pellet? That is good stuff! Although the quality is not very good, it is still very useful. It is indeed very useful to me! Thank you so much, Mr. Deity! No, I mean, Mr. Crawford!” Leo exclaimed as he held the oxyblood pellet happily with both hands.

Then, he waved his hands and directly swallowed about a dozen of the oxyblood pellets.

Not long after that, Gerald saw that Leo’s originally pale complexion had already recovered, and he was gaining some color on his ruddy complexion.

Leo closed his eyes as he examined his body calmly. “I have already recovered some of the essential qi in my body. I will try and transform my body into its original state now!”

As he spoke, Leo clenched his fists tightly, and there was a loud cracking sound in all of the bones in his body.

Immediately afterward, Gerald saw that his physique was shrinking at an extremely incredible speed that was visible to the naked eye.

It felt as though he was using a shrinking technique.

Leo eventually turned into an ordinary-looking uncle with an average height and chubby body without much trouble at all.

“Hehe! Thank you, Mr. Crawford. I can finally be like you now!” Leo said as he smiled.

“Yes!” Gerald replied as he nodded lightly.

“I just do not have a weapon on hand now. Mr. Crawford, is there a blacksmith shop here? I will go and get a weapon for myself so that we can go and look for them!” Leo suddenly said viciously.

“Look for them? Who are you going to look for?”

“Since the Gunter family actually tried to harm you, I will tear them apart to avenge you!”

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1335

Gerald truly would not have expected Leo to be so angry and enraged because he wanted to avenge him.

Gerald felt faintly moved.

“Before that, I will use the herbs to save someone! So, we should go back first!” Gerald said as he smiled.

“Okay, Mr. Crawford!” Leo said as he scratched his head.

After they had left the cave, both of them headed directly toward the shanty town.

Sierra’s arm problem cannot be delayed any longer. Otherwise, there would certainly be a sequela.

Moreover, Gerald would have to focus on finding a suitable adaptable body for the lady in white after this. There were so many people in this world. So, where would Gerald necessarily be able to find the perfect and right adaptable body for the lady in white?!

Gerald did not know whether it was a coincidence or not, but as the both of them were walking out of the mountain, Gerald suddenly felt his spiritual sense surging.


Gerald knew that whenever he felt this way, it simply meant that there was someone with the same aura as him who had appeared not too far away from him.

However, what was really strange was that Gerald would certainly have a very strong feeling if it was a master that was appearing near him, such as how it had been when he had met Hogan before this.

But now, Gerald simply felt a very subtle feeling.

This could only mean that this person was not a master.

That was strange!

As for Leo, he obviously had this kind of intuition too, and he was on guard at this time.

According to what he had heard from Leo, Gerald closed his eyes slightly as he used his magic technique. When he opened his eyes again, there was a strange purple light flashing in his eyes.

The purple rays of light were like two rays that were shooting in four different directions.

“The Thunder Godly Pupil?!”

Leo, who was standing aside, was also shocked.

However, when he saw that Gerald was fully focused, he did not say anything else.

At this time, he only felt as though it was truly strange. ‘Mr. Crawford is clearly the deity. So, why is he simply refusing to admit it, then?’

‘He even knows how to use the Thunder Godly Pupil! That is already even more self-explanatory in itself!’

‘It must be because the deity has his own plans and intentions. I should not be talking and asking too much about it. Otherwise, it will not be good if I were to offend and make the deity angry.’

Leo secretly thought to himself, and he felt even more respect for Gerald as he waited at the side.

“Leo, you told me a lot about essential qi just now. One of the points was that I would certainly be very aware of it when there is another strange aura around me. I feel as though I have already found the suitable adaptable body that you wanted me to find. It is very near us!” Gerald could not help but feel a little surprised.

According to Leo, the powerhouse aura would give him a very strong feeling. Besides that, his essential qi would also automatically give him a very cold sort of feeling.

If the energy was soft and gentle, the aura would feel even more feminine.

What the lady in white needed was a woman with a soft and feminine aura in her so that she could become her adaptable body.

Gerald found a suitable adaptable body using the Thunder Godly Pupil.

“That might be possible. Actually, although adaptable bodies are rare, they are also not scarce. It is mostly that kind of woman who is born with a spiritual nature. They could more or less be used as an adaptable body!” Leo said.

“It is just about ten miles away! Let’s head over there!”

As soon as his voice fell, Gerald’s figure quickly moved toward the direction.

This location was already very close to the entrance of the mountain.

There was a small village outside the mountain.

At the entrance at this moment, several young men were surrounding a woman. Moreover, it seemed as though a boy who looked about the age of sixteen or seventeen years old was injured and lying on the ground at this time.

He was struggling to get up so that he could fight with these young men. However, he was quickly kicked down to the ground.

“Let go of my elder sister!”

The young boy grabbed a few pebbles from the ground and threw them directly at the heads of the several men.

As a result, the few men kicked him again, and he flew more than ten meters away.


The girl looked to be about twenty-three or twenty-four years old, and she was shouting in a very distressed voice at this time.

“Hahaha. So, what now? If you don’t want to see your younger brother getting beaten up, you should just get into the car and accompany us for a little while. It is indeed the first time I’ve ever seen such a beautiful girl!” One of the young men said as he grasped the woman’s chin.

“Get lost!” The girl struggled desperately.

“We are from the Sime family, little beauty. Do you think you can continue living if you were to offend us?” The young man threatened her again.

“You… you… don’t you guys have any regard for the law at all?!”

The several young men were still holding firmly onto the girl’s wrist.

“The law? The Sime family is the law!” One of the young men said as he grinned.

After that, he rushed forward as he tried to force himself on the girl.

At this moment, someone suddenly grabbed his collar from the back.

Then, the young man was subsequently lifted up by a gentle force.

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1336

“Who is it?!”

The other four men also reacted at this moment.

This was because this person had come forward at such a fast speed, and this group of people could not even see what was going on.

So, they hurriedly took out their daggers, one after the other.

“Mr. Crawford said that you guys deserve to die!”

That’s right. This person was none other than Leo.

Gerald and Leo had been following the aura, and they had followed it all the way here, only to witness the scene that was unfolding before them.

This was when Leo had decided to take action.

“Who the heck is Mr. Crawford?! We are from the Sime family! Are you tired of living?! You’d better let go right now!” The few men said at the same time.

“Mr. Crawford said that the people from the Sime family deserve to die even more!”

After he was done speaking, Leo exerted some slight force. After that, the person in his hand was thrown about twenty meters high up into the sky.

It felt as though Leo was simply throwing a chicken into the sky.

After he had fallen to the ground, he struggled a few times, and then, there were no longer any more movements from him.


When the few men saw this, they were all in shock.

They immediately threw their daggers to the ground, one after the other, before they knelt in front of Leo.

“Master! Please spare our lives, master!”

However, Leo did not care so much.

All he could remember was that Mr. Crawford had said that these men deserved to die.

So, Leo simply snapped and broke the necks of the two remaining men in an instant.

After the pair of siblings were saved, they hugged each other in fear.

The scene just now had absolutely frightened the girl to death.

Right then, she looked at Gerald and the murderous uncle who was slowly walking toward them.

“You don’t have to be afraid. We will not hurt you!” Gerald said as he walked over with a smile on his face.

“Thank you! Thank you for saving us!” The girl said as she nodded slightly.

Gerald looked at the girl as he used the Thunder Godly Pupil to observe her.

The aura came from this girl indeed, but the aura on her body seemed to come and go.

It seemed as though she had an adaptable body, but on the other hand, it seemed as though she did not have one.

Based on the situation, it was very likely that she had come into contact with another person with a suitable adaptable body. Moreover, her encounter with this person had happened not too long ago.

“You don’t need to thank us. Since your brother is holding a bamboo basket, could it be that the both of you were heading up the mountain to gather some medicinal herbs?” Gerald asked.

The girl protected her brother who was already wounded and bruised all over after getting beaten up as she nodded.

She was obviously still afraid of Gerald and Leo.

“The both of you live in this village?” Gerald asked again.

The girl nodded again.

“If there is nothing particularly important or urgent, it would be better for you not to head up into the mountain. It is too dangerous for the both of you. What are you going to do if you run into a wild beast there?”

When Gerald saw that the both of them seemed to be quite fearful of him too, Gerald did not want to continue asking them too much.

“We have to go up the mountain to gather some medicinal herbs so that we can brew some medicine for my grandfather!” The young boy spoke up at this time. “Furthermore, I am not afraid of any wild animals or beasts. I can sense them and know even before they come near us!”


Gerald glanced faintly at the young boy who had been badly beaten up.

Gerald only smiled wryly and did not say anything else. He simply nodded before he left.

“Mr. Crawford, it seems as though that woman does not have an adaptable body!” Leo, who was beside Gerald, suddenly spoke up.

“That’s right. Although she does not have an adaptable body, she must have been in contact with someone who has an adaptable body. We will go back and give uncle the medicine to treat Sierra first. After that, we will come back and look for them again!”

After Gerald was done speaking, the both of them quickly left and disappeared very soon.

“Sister, the both of them have already gone far away!”

At this time, the sixteen or seventeen-year-old boy suddenly said at the entrance of the village. He had been lying down on the ground, as though he was listening to something.

“How many times have I told you not to let any strangers know about your abilities? We do not even know who they are and what kind of people they are. Brother, are you still hurting?” The girl said.

“No, I am not in any more pain. Let’s go! We can go into the mountain to gather some herbs. I want to gather some Cherish Herbs to treat Rosie’s mother. Rosie has always been very kind to our family! Besides that, that brother and uncle who saved us just now have also been very kind to us and have done us a very huge favor!” The young boy said.

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1337

At this time, Gerald and Leo had already returned to Gerald’s uncle’s house in the shanty town.

“Gerald, why are you only back now? Did you encounter any trouble along the way?” Monica asked as she hurriedly came forward to greet him when she heard Gerald’s voice.

“Fortunately, it was just some small obstacles!” Gerald said as he nodded slightly.

“Gerald, who is he, then?” Monica could not help but wonder when she saw Leo, who was dressed in rags.

“He is my friend. Monica, help me clean up the guest room later. I will talk to my uncle so that Leo can stay here for the time being! By the way, Monica, where is uncle?” Gerald asked as he looked inside the house.

“Uncle went out to run some errands!” Monica said.

“I have already gotten the medicinal herbs that are needed. I will go and help Sierra change the dressing for her wounds first. After that, I will accompany Leo to buy a shirt! We still have something else that we have to do tomorrow!” Gerald said.

“Ahh?! Why are you so busy? I wanted you to teach me some of your skills!”

Monica looked at Gerald with a pouty expression on her face. However, she listened to Gerald’s instructions and went to clean up the guest room.

Gerald spent two hours helping Sierra change the dressing on her wounds.

This way, after Sierra’s arm recovered, there would be no scar, and it would be perfectly reattached.

After they were done eating, Gerald brought Leo to his room. They were preparing to return to that village tomorrow. This time, Gerald would certainly be able to find a suitable adaptable body for the lady in white.

To be honest, it was a little wicked to be seeking an adaptable body.

After all, according to Leo, if a soul lingered on in an adaptable body for more than ten days, it would cause severe damage to the original soul in the body.

For instance, Gerald did not even know whether the original and genuine Queena was dead or alive at this time.

Gerald could not help but feel a little self-reproach when he thought of that extremely kind young girl.

Although he was not the one who had brought this upon her directly, he was indirectly related to this incident no matter what it was.

If he had not made the mistake of entering another realm, he would not have made the mistake of releasing her and letting her out.

So, this time, Gerald was already prepared to search for many adaptable bodies.

Gerald was also willing to compensate them regardless of how much money they would ask for it.

If everything went well, he would be able to successfully save the lady in white.

Gerald would also constantly help her change her adaptable body so that they could avoid harming or taking any innocent lives.

As for that pair of siblings, they were an extremely important and invaluable clue.

Early the next morning, Gerald and Leo went to the village.

What Gerald would not have expected was that the young boy whom he had rescued yesterday would actually be squatting in front of the entrance of the village as soon as he arrived at the entrance of the village.

He was holding a knife in his hand, and he was slashing at the place where the bodies had flown around yesterday!

After killing those men yesterday, Leo had casually thrown their bodies on the grass by the roadside.

When Gerald walked over, he saw that the scene had already been cleaned up.

“Big brother! Uncle! The both of you are already here?”

As soon as the young boy saw the both of them, he hurriedly stood up as he asked in surprise.

When Gerald and this uncle had saved him and his sister, he had realized that this uncle was extremely well-versed in martial arts.

As for this elder brother, the young boy could feel that he was even more mysterious.

So, they had left a very deep impression on the young boy.

“Hm? It looks like you’re waiting for someone. Could it be that you were waiting for us?” Gerald could not help but ask as he smiled wryly.

“Yes, I was waiting for the both of you! I could hear you coming toward the village. So, I knew that you must be here to look for me and my sister. Moreover, you seem to have said that you needed my sister’s help yesterday!” The young boy said.

Gerald and Leo exchanged glances with one another at this time.

It seemed as though this kid was not as simple as he looked.

It was only then that Gerald suddenly thought of what the young boy had said before they had parted ways yesterday.

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1338
He had said that he could hear and sense danger, and he could escape as soon as he predicted that there was any form of danger.

That was the reason why he was not afraid of any wild animals or beasts in the mountain at all.

“How can you hear it?” Gerald asked.

If it was true, this young kid was indeed a little special, then. Gerald could not even sense anyone or anything all the way to the shanty town which was so far away, but this young kid could actually sense him coming in advance. It was rather mysterious!

“Hehe! My sister said that this is my biggest secret! By the way, big brother, uncle, why are you looking for my elder sister?” The young boy said.

“Why don’t you take us to see your sister first? To tell you the truth, I have something that I need your sister’s help with!” Gerald said frankly.


After that, Seth led the two men toward his house.

“Brother Gerald, Uncle, can the both of you teach me some fighting moves? I want to be as strong and powerful as both of you so that no one will dare to bully me in the future! I can only run away when I sense and predict danger. However, there is no way for me to fight back at all, just like what happened yesterday when those b*stards caught hold of my sister!”

Seth begged on the way back home.

Seth did not know why, but he felt as though Leo, and especially Gerald, were particularly easy to approach and get close to.

That was the reason why Seth dared to speak his mind in front of them.

“You want to learn some fighting moves from us, but you have not told us how you have such supernatural powers. How did you know that we were going to come and find you today?” Gerald asked as he smiled wryly.

Of course, Gerald would not make Seth reveal his secret to him in vain. If Seth were to tell him his secret, Gerald would certainly help him to get what he wanted, then.

“That is a secret, and it is my biggest secret. But Brother Gerald, you have to keep your promise. If I tell you my secret, you and uncle will have to teach me how to fight, then!” Seth said.

He was truly very interested in martial arts.

Leo smiled before he said, “Even if you did not tell us about your supernatural powers, we could also guess what it is. Young kid, you must be clairaudient, right?”


Gerald was surprised.

This vocabulary sounded very strange and mysterious to him.

Even Gerald would not have known this.

However, it was obvious that Leo seemed to know even more than Gerald did in certain aspects!

True enough, Seth was extremely surprised, and his eyes widened in shock as he said, “Uncle, how could you tell at a single glance?!”

“Hahaha! Some people have the same skills as you or even stronger skills than you have where I came from!” Leo said in a domineering tone.

“However, it seems as though you have not received any special training at all. So, how is it possible for you to possess this kind of ability, then?” Leo asked as he scratched his head.

“My guess was right indeed. The both of you are truly people with great abilities! Hehe. I am indeed clairaudient. Based on my calculations, I think that I can hear sounds up to about five hundred miles away. That is how I can sense if any dangers are approaching.” Seth said.

“Sigh! I originally thought that I would be able to make a fortune because of this magical ability that I have. However, I realized that being clairaudient does not mean anything at all. I cannot make any money, and I cannot even afford to treat my grandfather’s illness. That is why I have to go into the mountain to gather some medicinal herbs!” Seth said as he sighed.

“Leo, how do people gain clairaudience? I’m guessing that they must have gained this ability through a certain method, right? I don’t think an ordinary person would be able to become clairaudient simply through any cultivation or training!” Gerald asked out of curiosity.

“Well, we will have to ask this young kid, Seth, about it. We should ask him how he became clairaudient. When I transformed in the beginning, the abilities that I gained were infinite strength!” Leo said.

“Moreover, some sort of elixir is needed to achieve that kind of mutation!” Leo said.

Gerald nodded.

‘Leo came from Jaellatra, which is a very strange and mysterious place.’

‘Many abnormal changes and transformations can occur there. Therefore, it would be understandable if a person went through a transformation there. However, Seth has been living here all this while. So, how did Seth come to possess a certain special ability just like Leo, then?’

Gerald could not help but wonder.

So, he hurriedly asked Seth about it.

Of course, Seth was not a foolish person, and he was actually very witty and intelligent.

Therefore, Seth only told Gerald the truth after he had made Gerald swear repeatedly that he would teach him martial arts after he had told him everything.

“Brother Gerald, I gained this special ability inside a snake cave in the mountain when I was twelve years old. I ate one of the fruits there, and then I ended up like this. Besides that, there were many weird paintings and murals inside the cave…”

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1339

“Where is that snake cave?” Gerald asked as stared intently at Seth.

This world was indeed very amazing. Since Seth could encounter such good luck and fortune with his hearing, there had to be other hidden secrets inside that snake cave.

Gerald speculated that if that were indeed the case, he would have to go and take a look at that particular snake cave.

“It is up on the mountain. I still remember the exact location of the snake cave. Brother Gerald, I can take you there later if you want!” Seth said.

“Okay! I will have to trouble you, then!” Gerald said as he nodded.

Seth’s name was Seth Laird, and his sister’s name was Suri Laird.

Their parents would often be away all year round, and the both of them usually lived with their grandfather.

However, Seth’s grandfather was weak and frail, and he needed medicinal herbs to preserve his life.

Seth also mentioned another sister named Rosie Slow as he spoke. Suri was Rosie’s personal secretary, and Rosie was the one who was giving them the money that they needed to treat their grandfather’s illness.

Therefore, Seth had always regarded Rosie as their savior and benefactor.

If Gerald’s guess was right, Rosie had to be the person that he was looking for. This would be the only way that he could explain the source of the adaptable body aura on Suri.

“Sister, look who’s here!”

At this time, Seth shouted out loud as he stood in the yard.

Not long after that, Suri walked out of the yard, and the whole yard was instantly filled with a strong medicinal fragrance.

“Where did you run off to again? Dr. Hadskis is checking grandpa’s pulse now. Quiet down a little!” Suri said.

After she was done speaking, she looked at Gerald and Leo who were standing behind Seth.

She was startled for a moment before she said, “It’s you guys…”

It was obvious that Suri still had a strong sense of fear in her eyes.

Although Gerald had saved her life, the way that they had killed those men yesterday would make any ordinary woman feel scared and afraid.

Also, just as Gerald had expected, there was no longer any aura lingering around Suri’s body at this time.

“Miss Laird, we do not have any malicious intentions. However, there is something that I need your help with. I will do you a favor if you can do me a favor. How about that?” Gerald asked as he smiled.

“I… how can I help you?” Suri asked as she pulled her younger brother to her side.

“I heard Seth saying that the only woman that you have been in contact with yesterday is none other than Chairman Rosie Slow. So, I would like to ask for your help to arrange for me to meet up with her!” Gerald said.

“You want to look for Chairman Slow?” Suri asked, a little worried.

Gerald simply nodded before he walked toward the medicine jar where the medicine was being decocted.

“This prescription of yours will only treat your grandfather’s symptoms, but it will not be able to treat the root cause of your grandfather’s illness. If your grandfather takes this medicine for a long time, he will not only grow more and more dependent on the medicine, but his body condition will only deteriorate even more!” Gerald said.

“You… who are you guys?!”

It was obvious that Gerald was right, and the expression on the latter’s face changed in an instant.

“Sister, Brother Gerald and this uncle are good people, and they are also people with great abilities. They are looking for Sister Rosie because they want to ask her for her help so that they can find someone. Also, Brother Gerald has already said that he will help us heal grandpa!” Seth hurriedly said.


“Of course, it’s real!”

“Seth, this is an oxyblood pellet. Split it into twelve portions before brewing it for your grandfather. You can feed it to him once every month for the next twelve months. Your grandfather’s illness will be fully cured after a year!”

As Gerald spoke, he handed an oxyblood pellet over to Seth.

“You don’t even need to check my grandfather’s pulse first?” Suri asked in surprise.

“No. I can already guess what kind of illness your grandfather has simply by looking at the prescription. We have no other ill intentions. We simply want to ask Chairman Slow for her help with something important!” Gerald said sincerely.

Suri struggled for a while, but based on Gerald’s pristine appearance, she could tell that he was not lying to her.

So, she nodded as she said, “Okay. I will help to arrange a meeting with her for you. However, Chairman Slow is not available right now as she is currently in a meeting. She will only have some spare time later in the afternoon!”

At this time, Gerald suddenly received a text message on his cell phone.

[Hurry up and come back! Something has happened!]

It was a text message from Monica.


Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1340
Gerald felt a little apprehensive as soon as he saw the text message.

What could have happened in the shanty town?

It seemed as though his uncle had not returned yet.

No. He would have to rush back to take a look.

At this time, Gerald raised his head to look at Seth.

“Seth, could you help me listen and see whether something is happening in the shanty town that I came from?” Gerald asked.

Seth hurriedly agreed.

Then, he knelt on the ground as he listened attentively.

“Yes. It seems as though many people have suddenly appeared there. Many people are all gathered together currently. However, I do not know what is going on!” Seth said.

Gerald frowned as he thought about the situation.

This was bad!

It had to be the people from the Gunter family!

Felton was the one who had injured Sierra, and his uncle was the one who had fought back and driven him away.

So, the Gunter family would not let them off just like that. Moreover, they would certainly know of their whereabouts.

A hint of anger flashed through Gerald’s eyes at this time.

“Leo, let’s go back!”

At the shanty town.

Seth’s hearing was indeed accurate.

All of the people in the village had indeed been gathered out on the main street of the shanty town.

Moreover, it was a group of masters from the Gunter family who were watching over them at this time.

Monica could not escape, and they had captured her as they brought her before Felton.

Felton was standing with his hands behind his back at this moment as he squinted slightly.

“Where is Gerald? You’d better tell me right now. Otherwise, my subordinates are going to start killing these people now! This time, that master will not be here to save all of you!” Felton said coldly.

“I do not know who Gerald is! You are that b*stard who cut Sierra’s arm off! You are simply a beast who will not even let a child off!” Monica was extremely furious, and she simply glared at Felton as she cursed angrily at him.

When Felton heard this, he simply shook his head as he smiled bitterly.

“I know that there is a master hiding here in this shanty town. Perhaps you are not afraid at all. However, I think that you should not try and take any more chances. I already have a way to deal with that person. This time, I am not only looking for Gerald, but I also want to look for that man to take revenge on him! So, beauty, if you don’t want to end up like that stinky brat and have your arm cut off, you should just tell me the truth right now!” Felton warned her once again.

As he spoke, he suddenly stretched out his hand as he grabbed hold of Monica’s neck.

“I do not know who Gerald is!”

Monica stretched out her hands to hit Felton as she struggled to get out of his grasp.

“Well, alright then. I can tell that you people will not give in unless you see blood! Since that is the case, I will kill a few of you right now to set an example for the others!”

Felton put some strength into his arm, and he was already prepared to break Monica’s neck.

At this time, the other masters from the Gunter family were also prepared to kill a few people.

“Young lad, you will pay with your life!”

A loud voice suddenly sounded in his ears.

This voice was very deafening and loud, and it came before anyone appeared with a sudden burst of dust.

After that, a small pebble broke through the rising dust as it flew directly toward Felton’s temple.

Felton subconsciously let go of Monica as he dodged the pebble.

The pebble pierced through a thick tree directly.

Felton took two steps backward as he knitted his brows tightly together.

“A master! This shanty town is indeed not that simple!” Felton said, smirking in anger as he looked at the two figures that were walking toward him at this time…

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