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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 1341-1350

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1341

“So you truly are here, Gerald! As I thought, nothing on this planet is too hidden for me! My judgment will always be accurate!” shouted Felton as he flashed a faint smile.

“Gerald! Hurry and beat this villain to death! Not only was he the one who sliced Sierra’s arm off, but if you had arrived a second too late, he would’ve already killed me too!” yelled Monica as she glared at Felton, her initial fear slowly dissolving.

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Gently patting Monica’s head, Gerald then looked at Felton with a faint smile before saying, “I really hadn’t expected you to be this confident, Mr. Gunter. Regardless, aside from your ‘judgment’ that I’d be in this village, what else have you managed to predict?”

“Oh? Curious, aren’t we? Well, I predict that all your training and skills will be erased by me today! Following that, I’ll bring you back to the Gunter Manor for my grandmother to deal with you! Or would you rather I destroyed you myself?!”

“You’re overwhelmingly confident, I’ll give you that. A little too confident, I’d say, since you’ve yet to do anything!”

“What can I say? I’ve always been this way!”

Hearing that, Gerald then nodded before saying, “I see, I see… Alas, I’ll have to disappoint you today, Mr. Gunter. Leo, take action! And be careful of the Dead Annie!”

“Affirmative!” roared Leo as he raised his head before taking a step forward…

A split second later, an explosive sound erupted around Leo as dust flew all over the place!

Though he could sense that the ground—and even the mountains—were quivering from the immense power that Leo was releasing, Felton simply displayed a playful smile before scoffing, “So it seems you’ve found yourself a helper! Big deal!”

The second he realized what was truly happening, however, Felton found himself freezing in place as his smile slowly disappeared.

Amidst the dust, Felton could see Leo’s body continuing to grow bigger and bigger. By the time he was done growing, Leo stood at least three meters tall, a complete giant of a man! As if that wasn’t already intimidating enough, the muscles on his body now seemed to resemble a steel-like texture!

“…H-huh…?” muttered Felton as his eyelids began twitching rapidly.

Before Felton could even recover from his shock, Leo had already begun dashing toward him! As if that wasn’t already enough, even though he wasn’t all that close to Felton yet, Leo had already used his overwhelming aura to lock Felton firmly in place!

“This… This isn’t good…!” muttered Felton under his breath as he immediately tried to use the Gunter family’s magic artifact that he had brought along… The Dead Annie!

However, Leo had already been ready for Felton to resort to that tactic. Realizing what Leo was trying to do, the hulking man then let out another ear-piercing roar!

The force of the roar itself caused Felton’s eardrums to ring wildly, sending his mind completely blank!

With his body temporarily paralyzed, Leo was easily able to toss Felton up into the air… Before leaping up himself and punching Felton toward the earth, directly in the chest!

Hearing his bones crack, Felton instantly spurt out a mouthful of blood, his entire world now spinning as his body rapidly descended to the ground.

While Leo was preoccupied with Felton, Gerald himself had been busy fighting the Gunter family’s masters, though ‘fighting’ was pretty much an overstatement. After all, he had swiftly dealt with all that family’s masters as easily as he was cutting vegetables for dinner, and they were all lying dead in a pile now.

Moving back to Felton, his body collided so hard against the ground that it caused a massive hole to form around him! By the time the dust settled, Leo was already walking toward the paralyzed man, his iron fists clenched as he got ready to punch Felton again. There was no doubt that if this second punch landed, Felton would truly end up being nothing more than minced meat!

Seeing that, Gerald—who was already done with the Gunter family’s masters—immediately yelled out, “Leo, wait!”

“With all due respect, Mr. Crawford, not only has this arrogant and domineering kid committed far too many evil crimes, but he’s also lied to us straight to our faces! I truly thought that he would turn out to be an incredible master, but as it turns out, he’s nothing but a useless person!” replied Leo who clearly looked like he hadn’t had enough fun yet and wished to continue attacking.

An observation that Gerald had made—after Leo’s transformation—was the fact that Leo ended up being a bit too keen on smashing things.

Regardless, Gerald quickly replied, “Just don’t kill him yet! After all, he’s the eldest young master of the Gunter family! What more, I’ve heard that Lord Gunter really dotes on him a lot!”

“…That’s right! I’m glad you’re still a bit realistic, Gerald! It’s true that my grandma dotes on me most, so if you truly do end up killing me today, then she’ll surely tear you to pieces! With that in mind, hurry and tell this monster to back off so that you can go back with me to see my grandmother! If you do, I’ll consider giving you another chance!”

By the time Gerald had ordered Leo to stop, Felton was already scared half to death. After all, ever since he was a child, he had been extremely powerful and had never truly taken anyone seriously.

The fact that he was completely helpless before this mutated monster was a dumbfounding experience for Felton, and before Gerald had shouted, Felton had truly thought that he wasn’t even going to be able to leave any last words.

Whatever the case was, since Gerald had told that monster to wait, that surely signified that he was now having second thoughts knowing how strong the Gunters were!

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1342
“Chance? Whatever could you be talking about?” asked Gerald as he looked at Felton—who was still lying on the ground—before clapping his hands.

“Well, if you let me off today, I’ll tell my grandmother not to come over and make things difficult for those living in this shantytown! If you don’t, well… My grandmother will surely cause a bloodbath to happen here!” replied Felton.

“I’m not sure what delusions you’re having, but I only told Leo not to kill you immediately since letting you die like this would surely minimize your grandmother’s suffering! Now that would be a true pity!” sneered Gerald with a smile.

The second he saw Gerald’s menacing smile, Felton felt as if his entire body—and possibly even his spirit—froze.

Seconds later, he stammered, “…W-what exactly do you mean by that…?”

“Believe me when I say that I’ve been wondering how to deal with you throughout my journey here. In the end, I’ve concluded that you’re still slightly useful to me. With that in mind, I can’t just allow you to die so easily! Whatever the case is, go clean up the scene first, Leo! You can leave this kid to me!” ordered Gerald as Leo immediately began properly disposing of the many fresh corpses.

Gerald, on the other hand, went ahead and retrieved the Dead Annie from Felton’s hand. Unlike the previous instances of the flower, however, this one looked like it was made out of pure gold.

“What exactly is this, Mr. Gunter?” asked Gerald.

“It’s the Dead Annie Mother!” replied Felton while glaring at Gerald. Though he was angry, he no longer exuded the arrogant and domineering attitude that he earlier had.

“Humph! You wanted to kill me earlier, didn’t you, you b*stard? I’ll be killing you instead now!” shouted Monica out of the blue as she walked up to Felton before slapping him hard on his cheek!

Eyes widened in shock, Felton glared daggers at Monica, immense murderous intent in his eyes as he roared, “You… You b*tch! You must truly be tired of living! Don’t you know that I hate being slapped in the face the most?!”

Though his rage was clear as day, since Leo had severed several of Felton’s meridians earlier, Felton couldn’t even gather the strength to get to his feet!

As he continued struggling to get up, Gerald squatted by his side before slapping him on his other cheek!

Turning to glare daggers at Gerald next, he was immediately greeted by many more severe slaps!

By the time Gerald eventually gave him room to breathe, Felton found himself gritting his teeth in seething rage as he said, “…Could you guys truly be unafraid of death? I’ll be sure to have my grandmother kill all of you if it’s the last thing I do!”

Even when he was young, nobody had ever dared to treat him this way! To think that these people were actually slapping him so much despite knowing which family he belonged to!

“I implore you to wake up, Mr. Gunter. If you haven’t already noticed, you’re already in my hands now. Do you really think you’ll be able to stay alive long enough for you to ever talk to your grandmother again? Speaking of that old woman, I’m not letting her off either!” replied Gerald as he lifted Felton off the ground before tugging him toward the middle-aged man’s yard.

Once they were there, he dropped Felton to the ground before kicking Felton a few feet away!

Following that, Gerald began filling three bowls with water before slowly swirling the fresh liquid in each of them.

Confused, Monica—who had been following him closely this entire time—asked, “…What are you doing, Gerald…?”

“Ah, I’m brewing a sort of poison! It’s known as inexorable witchcraft!”

“…And it involves water?”

“Not entirely, but its effects will be doubled with water!”

Hearing that, Felton—who still had a cold gaze in his eyes though traces of fear could also be seen reflected in them now—then asked, “…Inexorable witchcraft? …What exactly does it do?”

“I’m glad you asked! You see, among all the secret techniques, this is one of the most vicious kinds of witchcraft! Once it starts, your entire body will begin itching. Eventually, the itch will get so bad that you’ll begin scratching yourself, but don’t think it’ll end after that. Oh no, you’ll continue scratching and scratching till all your skin peels off, and eventually, you’ll scratch yourself to death!” explained Gerald.

Widening his eyes even more, Felton then warned, “Y-you b*stard! I dare you…! You won’t do it! …I-I can tell that you’re bluffing…!”

Ignoring him, Gerald simply continued finishing up the poison. Once he was done, he squatted right next to Felton’s limp body before tilting the brew of inexorable witchcraft dangerously close to him…

Realizing that Gerald was dead serious, Felton quickly began begging, “…P-please, I was wrong, Mr. Crawford…! I’m the one at fault here, so please, please don’t do it, Mr. Crawford…! Understand that I only came here to capture you under grandma’s orders…! Hell, she’s not even the puppet master of all this! With that in mind, you shouldn’t be bearing your grudges against her! Regardless, again, I emphasize the fact that I was forced to do this! Y-you said I was going to be of great use to you earlier, right? Let me prove my worth to that statement! I won’t fail you, I swear!”

“Oh? Is that so? Well, why don’t you tell me a bit more about this Dead Annie Mother, then?”

“G-grandma told me that since regular Dead Annies can already be used to suppress and restrain your functional yin energy, the Dead Annie Mother would have allowed me to subdue you with nearly no effort at all! It’s also the Gunter family’s most prized possession, but anyway, why don’t we negotiate this out? If you promise not to use that poison on me, then I’ll teach you how to utilize the Dead Annie secret technique, and that includes how to use the Dead Annie Mother! With that in mind, please, please spare my life…! What do you say to that…?” asked Felton as he gulped.

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1343
“That honestly doesn’t sound too bad an idea! Additionally, I’d like to ask you a few other questions… If you answer them honestly, I’ll consider not planting the poison inside you!” sneered Gerald.

“Y-you can ask me anything! I swear to answer honestly as long as I know the answer to them! Just please, spare my life…!” pleaded Felton, incapable of thinking about anything else aside from surviving right now.

After all, while he had initially planned to use his grandmother’s superiority to scare Gerald off, Gerald appeared completely unfazed by his threats! What more, Felton was truthfully extremely terrified of the witchcraft that Gerald had just brewed up! That b*stard’s methods were simply too sinister and vicious!

While Felton truly wished that he could just eat Gerald alive at that moment, he was well aware of who was in power now. As a result, he honestly began teaching Gerald how to use both the Dead Annie and the Dead Annie Mother secret techniques. He also made sure to answer all of Gerald’s questions as truthfully as possible.

Once Gerald was done with his questions, Felton looked straight into Gerald’s eyes before saying, “…There, I’ve already answered every question you asked, and I’m sure I’ve even added some information that you didn’t ask for… I’ve told you everything I know…! With that in mind, you can spare my life now, right…?”

“Spare your life? While it’s true that the score between both of us has now been settled, at the end of the day, you’re still the person who sliced off Sierra’s arm! With that in mind, I still haven’t settled that score with you yet, but I have the perfect solution to that issue! I’ll just implant the poison into you and with that, I’ll consider any bad blood we had before this to be done and over with!” replied Gerald with a smile.

“…You… You…! You b*stard! How dare you make a fool out of me?!” roared the enraged Felton as blue veins instantly began revealing themselves on his forehead.

“So what if I did! Were you truly thinking that I would just let you off, you silly boy?” sneered Gerald before tilting the contents of the bowl onto Felton!

In no time flat, Gerald had successfully implanted the inexorable witchcraft into Felton’s body!

“You utter b*stard! I’ll kill you! I’ll… I’ll slice you up into a thousand pieces if you don’t remove the poison right this instant!” cried out Felton almost hysterically as he instantly began desperately struggling on the ground.

Watching as strong emotions of anger and fear appeared on Felton’s face, Gerald simply replied, “Remove…? You have no idea why it’s called inexorable witchcraft, do you?”

“…Is there meaning behind that name?”

“While it’s only considered to be one of the more vicious witchcrafts among the secret techniques, it’s without a doubt, the most powerful, and for good reason too. After all, there truly is no way of removing it! Just so you know, only records of creating this particular witchcraft have been found in the secret techniques book. With that in mind, nobody truly knows how to remove it! Regardless, you don’t have to worry too quickly since I haven’t activated the poison. However, the effects of the inexorable witchcraft will instantly begin taking effect the second you use your inner strength! Consider this a warning and don’t blame me should a time come when you activate your inner strength on your own accord and trigger the poison! Another thing to note is that even if you manage to find a master to attempt to help remove the witchcraft from your body sometime in the future, make sure you don’t accidentally use any essential qi to force it out!” explained Gerald with a laugh.

“…There… There’s no way to remove it?! You…!” growled Felton, feeling immensely frustrated. Despite being infuriated, however, he didn’t dare say a word to Gerald. The only thing he could do to calm himself down was to grab onto the dirt on the ground.

While he wanted to attempt begging for mercy, he refrained since Gerald had already implanted the witchcraft in his body anyway. With that in mind, as long as Gerald felt dissatisfied, he could easily trigger the poison, causing things to very quickly turn extremely ugly.

At that moment, Leo—who had already transformed back to his original state—walked over and kicked Leo a few times before saying, “Everything’s done, Mr. Crawford! Heh! Why’s this young lad not dead yet? Is there even a reason to keep him alive?”

“He’s still slightly useful to me, though you can destroy his inner strength later before tossing him into the cellar and locking him up there. Also, I’ll be entasking you with staying here in the shantytown to protect Monica and the other villagers. While I’ve already told Felton to send a text message to tell the Gunter family’s subordinates to change their target, I’d feel better if you stayed back here, just in case!” replied Gerald.

“Very well, Mr. Crawford. What will you be doing in the meantime?”

Oh, I’ll be locating Rosie Slow! Don’t worry, I can go on my own!” said Gerald before immediately turning around to leave, intent on looking for Seth and Suri again.

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1344
“Come along now, young lad! I’m tossing you into the cellar!” said Leo with a chuckle before lifting Felton with a single hand.

In his current state, Felton felt like he was nothing but a tiny chick who didn’t even dare to fight or talk back.

As for Gerald’s side of things, Suri had made sure to contact Rosie once noon came, telling her that someone wished to meet up with her.

Due to how much Rosie trusted Suri, she agreed to meet Gerald despite her busy schedule.

With that, Gerald, Suri, and Seth then headed straight for the company—in Qerton City—where Rosie was currently at.

Upon meeting her, Gerald could immediately sense that Rosie had a very strong aura, just as he had expected her to have. In other words, she had a perfect body for the lady in white to adapt to.

Regardless, with the trio now standing before her, the fair-skinned and beautiful woman—who looked like quite a domineering chairman at around the age of twenty-seven—asked, “You’re Mr. Crawford, correct? Suri told me that you were looking for me. How can I help you?”

“A pleasure to meet you, Chairman Slow. I’ll cut straight to the chase and say that I require you to come someplace with me. More specifically, I’d like to borrow you for less than three days. Of course, I’m not asking you to do so for free. From what I’ve heard from Suri, your company appears to currently be experiencing a massive financial crisis, am I correct? I’ll say it now that should you agree to my request, I’m willing to compensate you with over ten times the amount of what you currently owe!” replied Gerald without beating around the bush.

Upon hearing that, Rosie found herself frowning slightly. With a bitter smile, she then said, “I apologize, Mr. Crawford, but what exactly do you mean by ‘borrow’? I’m afraid what you’re asking for is simply too inconvenient for me to oblige to!”

Though she had immediately turned down his request, Rosie couldn’t help but wonder who this handsome and refined person was. What did he even mean by ‘borrowing’ her? What more, the amount she needed to tide over her company’s financial crisis was at least a hundred million dollars! Going with what he had suggested, wouldn’t ten times of that amount to a billion dollars?

Due to it clearly sounding unbelievable, Rosie quickly found herself concluding that Gerald wasn’t a reliable person. With that in mind, she simply stood up to leave so that she could be done with this queer conversation.

At that moment, a shout could suddenly be heard coming from outside, stating, “Mr. Caffin! You can’t just go in like that! Our chairman’s meeting up with a guest right now!”

“Bah! All she’s meeting is a pimp, isn’t she! Now get out of my way! I’m meeting Rosie!” declared Mr. Caffin as he slammed the office door open.

Following that, everyone watched as a robed old man—who looked to be around the age of sixty—sporting a goatee and a felt hat on his head, entered the room alongside his bodyguard. If the four people inside the office didn’t know any better, they’d surely have assumed that old man was from some band!

Hands in his pocket, Mr. Caffin then said in a carefree manner, “Your subordinate truly is too ignorant, Rosie! Can you imagine her actually trying to stop me from entering your office? How could she not know that you’re already engaged to me!”

“I beg your pardon, Titus! Have you gone mad? Who on earth got engaged to you? Also, do you really think that my office is someplace you can just barge into whenever you feel like it?” retorted Rosie.

From what Gerald could see, Rosie’s disgusted expression was more than enough to tell him that she wasn’t the least interested in Titus at all.

“Regardless, aren’t you interested in finding out why I so anxiously came over to look for you today? Worry not, I’ve got you covered. See, with your mother currently so ill and in a vegetative state, I went ahead and took the initiative to find a top-notch doctor for you! The doctor in question is Dr. Yivian Zouch, and he’s well-known for curing several other patients who were also in vegetative states!” explained Titus as he quickly introduced Yivian to Rosie.

Upon hearing that, Rosie—who had initially been planning to scowl and chase Titus out of her office in anger—found herself holding her tongue as she gulped and turned to look at Dr. Zouch before saying, “…Is he the one?”

“Indeed I am, Miss Slow. Just so you know, Mr. Caffin pleaded to me for the longest time before I finally agreed to come over! He’s really been willing to spend a lot of effort on you!” said the doctor as he rested his left arm against his back while stroking his goatee with his right hand, a pose that suggested that he truly was a world-renowned expert.

“Hear that, Rosie? Do you see how much I care about you now? Speaking of which, who is that pimp anyway?” snorted Titus as he looked at Gerald with hostile eyes.

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1345
“I’m not acquainted with him either. Either way, I have other things to attend to, Mr. Crawford. Also, I’m afraid I won’t be able to help with your request. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to take care of my mother for now!” said Rosalie.

Quite honestly, if it wasn’t for the fact that Suri had been the one who had brought Gerald over today, Rosie would’ve already issued for someone to chase him off so that she wouldn’t have had to waste so much time on him in the first place!

“I truly implore you to reconsider my proposal, Chairman Slow. After all, I’ve already offered you very generous terms, and you’ll be able to receive a mountain of money without even doing much. To sweeten the deal, I’ll treat your mother’s illness as well as long as you agree to my proposal!” replied Gerald.

“That’s right, Chairman Slow! He’s capable of that!” added Suri.

Truthfully, Suri had been trying her best to recommend Gerald to Rosie since she wanted him to help treat Rosie’s mother. After all, Suri knew for a fact how much of a toll Chairman Slow’s mother’s illness had always been on Rosie.

What more, Suri was certain that Gerald could help since she had already had the honor of witnessing Gerald’s magical medical skills when he treated her grandfather. After all, it had only taken about half an hour—after ingesting Gerald’s oxyblood pellet—for her grandfather’s expression to grow much ruddier than before. In fact, he was even capable of standing again by that point!

With that in mind, Suri knew for a fact that calling Gerald a genius doctor was no exaggeration.

“…You… Can treat illnesses as well?” asked Rosie in utter disbelief.

She had already had the impression that Gerald was a slightly unreliable person. After all, despite having just met her, he had claimed that he was going to help her tide over her company’s financial crisis. As if that wasn’t already enough, he was now saying that he was capable of curing her ailing mother! There was no way she was going to fall for that!

“Humph! I appreciate the gesture, Mr. Crawford, but I find myself more willing to trust in Dr. Zouch!” replied Rosie as she spoke her mind without the slightest hesitation.

As she ordered her subordinate to chase him away, Gerald simply smiled subtly before saying, “Suit yourself, Chairman Slow! Hopefully you don’t come to regret your decision!”

While Rosie didn’t reply to that, Titus—who had been standing impatiently at the side this entire time—snapped, “D*mn it, brat! Don’t you get what Rosie’s trying to say? You’re just some young lad who’s not even seen much of this world yet! How dare you even claim that you’re capable of curing illnesses! Honestly, I think you just have ulterior motives for trying to get close to my fiancée! Throw this man out immediately, Hiro!”

“With all due respect, Mr. Caffin, I’ve vowed never to attack anyone without a weapon. Had this man attempted to attack you first, I would’ve definitely taught him a lesson by now. However, not only has he not done that, but he’s not holding a weapon at all! He simply looks like a regular Joe and I can’t hurt someone like that!” replied Hiro—who had been standing behind Mr. Caffin this entire time with his arms crossed—as he squinted his eyes slightly before shaking his head.

Though Hiro exuded a rather arrogant and domineering aura, Titus simply retorted, “This is no time to be thinking about your oath! Just teach him a lesson already!”

“And just what exactly are you ordering him to do? Whatever the case is, Mr. Crawford came over to meet me today, so don’t you start doing anything to him now! You can’t just act recklessly as you please just because you have a master by your side!” replied Rosie.

Though she didn’t really like Gerald, in the end, Suri was the one who had brought him here. Since she treated Suri like her sister and best friend, Rosie had stepped in to stop Titus, just to give her some face. Had Suri not been the one who invited Gerald, however, Rosie secretly hoped that Titus would just teach this lad—who didn’t know any better—a good lesson.

“You hear that, brat? Rosie’s already pleading on your behalf, so you better get lost right this instant! Otherwise, I’ll show you how powerful I truly am!” warned Titus.

Hearing that, Gerald simply chuckled with a wry smile as he shook his head.

“…You… You brat! What are you laughing about?!” growled Titus.

“From the looks of it, he seems to be looking at you with disdain, Mr. Caffin!” said Yivian who had been silent this entire time.

“I’m laughing at how overly confident you are! To think that someone like you is still worthy of the title ‘Mr. Caffin,’… Aren’t you even aware of your own capabilities?” retorted Gerald as he moved for the door to leave.

However, Hiro suddenly blocked Gerald’s path—his arms still crossed as he squinted his eyes—before saying, “Now that you’ve insulted Mr. Caffin, I can’t allow you to just leave like that! I’m teaching you a lesson right here and now!”

The way he was speaking suggested that everything in the world was nothing but pitiful ants to him. It was the arrogance of a warrior.

“You know, after hearing you keep yapping on and on about teaching me a lesson, I’ve grown curious as to where you get your confidence from! Regardless, I do hope you understand that healing your mother and dealing with your company’s financial crisis is only out of goodwill. Refusing my request is another matter altogether!” warned Gerald after turning to look at Rosie with a wry smile.

“For f*ck’s sake! Are you actually threatening my fiancée right in front of me?! Beat him to death already, Hiro!” ordered Titus.

“It seems that I’ll have to make an exception to deal with this ant today!” replied Hiro as he shook his head, seemingly still reluctant to break his oath as he took a step forward.

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1346
The second Hiro got close enough to Gerald, however, Gerald simply raised his arm and slapped Hiro’s face with the back of his hand. While Gerald hadn’t really used that much force—simply making use of the inertia from raising his arm to hit Hiro— Hiro ended up spinning twice in the air before finally landing atop a coffee table that, in turn, smashed into pieces!

With his cheek now extremely swollen as he spat out several broken teeth, by the time he realized what had just happened, Hiro was beyond shocked and dumbfounded.

This person had been this strong this entire time?! Hiro couldn’t even resist that sudden and strenuous blow in the least! How was that even possible?!

By this point, Titus was so shocked that he could only gulp in horror as he took a step back.

Even Rosie found her eyelids twitching slightly. Gerald’s skill was now apparent, and it well-exceeded her expectations.

“…D-do you have any idea who I am? I’m the boss of the Caffin Group!” yelled Titus as soon as he regained his wits.

“Caffin group this, Caffin group that… I’ve grown numb of hearing you say that! Are you honestly still trying to use that Caffin Group of yours to threaten me?!” snarled Gerald as he glared at Titus with a frigid expression.

The glare alone made Titus feel as though an electric current had just run through his body. Shuddering in fear, he had no idea where this panic stemmed from, but whatever the case was, he was so frightened that it felt like his life didn’t even belong to him anymore!

With that, he immediately nodded in his terror-stricken state as he said, “P-please don’t hit me! You’re right! Everything you say from now on is true!”

“I don’t have a need to hit you just yet!” growled Gerald as he stared disdainfully at Titus.

Following that, he then turned to look at Rosie before saying, “Miss Slow, I’m giving you a minute to reconsider it. Again, note that as long as you agree to my request, I’ll treat your mother as well as give you compensation of over ten times what you need to tide over your financial crisis!”

After slapping Hiro, Gerald’s true aura had flared to life, and in Rosie’s eyes, he no longer looked like he was just some swindler. Rather, he now felt like someone extremely powerful and terrifying!

In other words, she was finally starting to believe in Gerald’s words.

While Rosie truly wished to agree to his request now, she simply couldn’t get used to Gerald’s insufferably arrogant attitude!

“…Humph. You said you’d help me, but I wonder how true that statement really is… After all, my company’s facing a massive financial crisis, and I need at least a hundred million dollars to fully clear the issue! You said you were willing to compensate me ten times that amount, right? Does your statement still stand?” replied Rosie, feeling extremely unconvinced.

“…Oh? It’s only a hundred million dollars?” asked Gerald, feeling genuinely surprised.

Seeing that, Rosie took in a deep breath. Who even was this person…?

“…That’s right! While I only require a hundred million dollars, ten times of that would turn the compensation sum into a billion dollars! Are you willing to just hand that over?” asked Rosie.

“Why not?” replied Gerald with a nod.

“…What? You… Since you’re so willing to fork over a billion dollars, then why don’t you just give me ten billion dollars instead?!” said Rosie, her eyes now completely widened in shock.

Even Titus was shocked speechless at that moment!

However, upon seeing Gerald shaking his head, a hint of contempt was reflected in Rosie’s eyes as she thought, ‘Hah! And here I thought you truly were some wealthy man!’

She instantly ate her words, however, the second she saw Gerald fish out a cheque from his pocket.

“This here is a special cheque that I got from the bank before I came here. There’s no limit to this cheque, you see, and as long as you agree to my request, you can fill up whatever amount you wish to obtain on this cheque! There’s no need to hold back at all! Just write down whatever figure you can imagine!” said Gerald as he handed Rosie the cheque.

By then, everyone in the room was staring at him in utter shock.

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1347
Nobody would’ve believed Gerald’s statement had they not heard him say it with their very own ears.

Even so, while Rosie had undoubtedly heard his proposal very clearly this time—and was also aware that the special cheque was the real deal—she still had a nagging feeling that Gerald was simply bragging.

While she had no idea how he had even managed to obtain that cheque, Rosie truly wondered if he would really be willing to just hand the money over if she wrote down five billion dollars on the cheque, an amount that Rosie couldn’t possibly even dare to raise any further!

Titus himself was too dumbfounded to even close his mouth now!

“It’s been two minutes. Have you already thought everything out? If you have, then go ahead and fill in whatever figures you like on the cheque,” added Gerald with a subtle smile.

“…You’re the one who’s suggesting this, alright? I can truly write whatever amount I wish for on this cheque, correct? No take-backs?” grumbled Rosie in her annoyance.

“As I’ve said, any amount you wish for!”

“…Fine! You’re filthy rich, aren’t you? Then I’m writing down five billion dollars on the cheque!” declared Rosie, still thinking that Gerald was simply bragging.

In her mind, she was wondering if he had watched one too many television dramas in his life. To think that he would actually dare to just hand her a cheque so casually before telling her to fill in any amount that she wished for! If she didn’t know any better, she’d say he was simply mimicking the protagonist of some drama series he watched! Hell, even in dramas, the ones receiving the cheques would still write down manageable amounts of money for the protagonists to pay! Nothing exceeding tens of millions of dollars, that’s for sure!

However, since Gerald was still bragging this excessively, Rosie wasn’t about to give face to him. Did he truly think that he was some protagonist?!

“I’m warning you, once I write that amount down, the cheque will be effective under the law and you’ll have to call the bank immediately to hand me the money! It’s still not too late to retract your statement, you know!” said Rosie, giving Gerald her final warning.

“Chairman Slow, please don’t take him too seriously!” pleaded Suri—who had been too shocked to even say a word this entire time—out of the blue.

“I’ve already said it multiple times, any amount you wish for! I’ve also already notified the bank in advance, so as soon as you write however much you want down, you can instantly go to the bank to have the money transferred directly to you!” replied Gerald with a wry smile on his face as he shook his head in resignation. It was just five billion dollars, right? Was there even a need to make such a huge commotion about it?

“You…! Very well! I’m writing it down right this instant!” said Rosie as she bit her lower lip before writing down that exact amount on the cheque.

Following that, she immediately called up the bank using the number written on the special cheque.

After a short while, the call was picked up and a sweet female voice immediately said, “Good day! You must be Miss Rosie Slow, correct? Please tell me the amount you wrote down on the cheque as well as your bank account number! We’ll be transferring the money over to your bank account immediately after!”

Gulping, Rosie then stated the information that the sales personnel had asked for.

Following that, the sweet-sounding lady then immediately began the transferring process while saying, “Thank you! Please wait a moment!”

It was obvious by this point that customers like Gerald didn’t even need to be there in person for such transactions. After all, his words alone were the greatest certification, and soon enough, Rosie received the ‘transfer successful’ notification on her cell phone.

Staring at her phone, Rosie found herself gulping before turning to look at Gerald in her complete disbelief. He truly had just given her five billion dollars!

“…You… How… How could you possibly be this rich…? What if I wrote fifty billion dollars instead of five billion on the cheque just now…?” asked the flabbergasted Rosie.

“So what if you wrote down fifty billion dollars? It’s just an extra zero, right? Big deal,” replied Gerald.

He truly couldn’t imagine why people placed so much importance on money. After all, Gerald himself was constantly wondering how he could just return to living his life as a pauper! Oh, how he missed his relaxing and enjoyable days as a poor person!

“It… It’s just an extra zero…?!” exclaimed Rosie, shocked once again by Gerald’s words.

Could someone just come over and beat this man up already?! He was simply too much…!

“Regardless, since the payment part is already settled, let’s head off!” said Gerald.

“…Head off? Where to…?” asked Rosie curiously.

“Isn’t your mother seriously ill? I’ll be curing her first and following that, I hope you’ll stick to your end of the deal and allow me to borrow you for three days. Once the three days are up, your task will have successfully been completed. If you still feel like the compensation money isn’t enough by then, you’re free to ask me for more. Hell, if you prefer another cheque like the one from earlier, I’m fine with that too,” replied Gerald as he slid a hand into his pocket before walking to the door.

The second he walked past Titus, Titus instantly bowed respectfully toward Gerald while shouting, “Brother!”

He was now regretting judging Gerald solely by his appearance. After all, Gerald was a truly capable and resolute person.

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1348

What more, for a person to so casually hand a blank cheque to someone and tell them to just write however much they wanted… How wealthy was he even to be able to just say something like that?!

Understanding that he had almost offended this powerful figure earlier, Titus now truly felt like dying.

Regardless, though Gerald simply chose to ignore Titus as his hand grasped the doorknob, he suddenly heard another person—from behind him—calling out, “Brother!”

It was Hiro, and the injured man—who had finally managed to struggle to his feet—flopped onto the sofa before adding, “I… I was using my full strength against you earlier, thinking that you’d never be able to withstand my blow… But you were simply too powerful just now…! Tell me, brother, how much strength did you actually use on me earlier…?”

Turning back to casually look at Hiro, Gerald simply replied, “Strength…? I barely used any at all! Truth be told, it was just a simple wave of my hand!”

“…What?!” exclaimed the stunned Hiro as Gerald simply walked out the door without turning back.

It was at that moment when Rosie was finally willing to believe that this honest-looking man truly was an authentic, outstanding, and mysterious top master. He was so powerful that quite honestly, Rosie felt like she had no other choice but to trust in him.

Still, she couldn’t help but wonder why he wanted to borrow her for three days… Was he… planning to do something with her…?

Then again, he had already spent so much money to compensate her, and he was even willing to treat her mother… Why would he do all that just to spend some time with her…? Perhaps…

As several messy thoughts ran through Rosie’s mind, she found herself quickly snapping out of it. What the hell was she even thinking about!

Her pretty face now blushing extremely hard, Rosie simply began running after Gerald.

Meanwhile, back in the Gunter Manor, Yreth was facing one of her subordinates as she asked, “Well? Have you managed to contact Felton yet? Didn’t he head out to capture Gerald? Why isn’t he back yet?”

“While it’s true that he had gone out to capture Gerald, Mr. Felton sent a message to us earlier stating that Gerald had escaped into the mountains, Lady Gunter! While we immediately attempted to get in touch with him after that, we quickly realized that we couldn’t get to him! From what we can assume, he chased Gerald so far up the mountain that he reached an area that didn’t have any signal!” explained one of the subordinates respectfully.

“From what I know, the current Gerald is simply a Spirit Earth Realm master at best. With that in mind, it shouldn’t be a problem for Felton to defeat him at all! What more, he’s even brought along the Dead Annie Mother—our family’s most treasured possession—just in case! With it, even if he were to run into a top master similar to the one he had previously bumped into, that master wouldn’t be able to combat our magical artifact at all! Which begs the question, what’s taking him so long…? …I want all of you to immediately head up the mountain as well to assist Felton!” said Yreth with a frown.

“Affirmative, Lady Gunter!” replied the subordinate before running off.

Yreth herself simply turned to look at the screen before her.

“…You can stop hiding now. I already knew you were listening in to our conversation from the very beginning!” said Yreth coldly.

Following that, a young woman slowly walked out from behind the screen… It was Yume.

She didn’t know why and when it started, but Yume simply couldn’t forget about Gerald, and she found herself constantly thinking about him. She truly hoped that she could see him again, though she didn’t even know if that could ever happen. Still, in the end, what she truly wished for was for Gerald not to ever end up getting caught by her grandmother.

“You must be overjoyed that I haven’t been able to catch that young lad yet, aren’t you?” asked Yreth as she glared at Yume, her voice frigid.

“Why do we even need to capture him, grandma…? He bears no grudges or grievances against us, and he was even planning to pay you a visit before this! With that in mind, why did you have to collude with the Judgment Portal to harm him…? Can’t all this be settled just by having a good chat with him…? Once that’s done, you can just let him off, right…?” pleaded Yume, her eyes reddened.

“Hah! You truly have fallen head over heels for him! I really can’t imagine what sort of magic that kid has… Ever since you were young, you’ve always despised and rejected any guys who’ve tried to make advances on you. Despite that, to think that you would actually end up getting enchanted by him after getting to know him for just a few days!” retorted Yreth, clearly feeling exasperated since she felt that Yume wasn’t living up to her expectations.

“…L-love…? I’m not…!” replied Yume, blushing hard as she nervously tugged on her own clothes to calm herself.

“Who do you even think you’re kidding? Regardless, I hope you know that aside from achieving the Gunter family’s goal, grandma’s anxious to find him for your own good as well! I’m saying it now that you falling for him is only going to end up in tragedy! It’s simply destined that you won’t ever be able to be together with him! He just isn’t someone within your grasp! Can’t you understand what I’m trying to say here…?” said Yreth, feeling extremely tempted to lose her temper. However, she was an old and experienced person, which was why she switched her initially vicious expression into a resigned one as she looked at her granddaughter.

“…Why… Why do all of you keep saying that I’ll never have a happy ending with him…? How can all of you just say that so confidently?!” replied Yume in a panic, her heart now filled with immense anger and resentment as she recalled Master Ghost’s words back then.

“…Mind you, I shouldn’t be telling you about this yet, but if I don’t, I truly am afraid that you’ll be silly enough to do something stupid in future! So be it! I’ll tell you everything today!” declared Yreth as she took in a deep breath.

Her expression now solemn, Yreth then turned to look at Yume before asking, “Tell me… Do you truly know who Gerald is…?”

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1349
“…Who is he…?” asked Yume, her eyes turning serious.

From the moment she had first met him, Yume could already tell that Gerald was no ordinary person. While it was true that Gerald was the heir of the wealthiest and most influential family on the planet, her grandmother still wouldn’t have needed to devise so many tactics and traps just to capture him if he was merely a regular person. Hell, her grandmother even ended up colluding with the Judgment Portal just to deal with Gerald!

All this begged a question. Though it was true that Gerald’s current training far exceeded that of his peers, Yreth could most probably deal with him easily. In other words, there really wasn’t a need for those from the Judgment Portal—who were even stronger compared to Yume’s family—to collude with the Gunters just to deal with Gerald. After all, what need was there to join forces if both parties were clearly capable enough to capture him on their own?

With that in mind, it was no wonder why Yreth’s words aroused Yume’s curiosity.

Nodding, Yreth then sighed before saying, “…Very well! Come along with me!”

Following that, Yreth led Yume to her exclusive secret room which Yume knew was a forbidden area that only the current head of the Gunter family was allowed to enter. Upon arriving there, Yreth gently touched a mechanism which resulted in the door to the room being slowly opened.

Upon taking a single step into the room, Yreth triggered bright lights to suddenly flare to life, illuminating the initial darkness of what laid beyond the door. As Yume followed closely behind her grandmother, she now realized that the door led to a massive hall that was at least four hundred square meters. Aside from that, it was also noteworthy that the stone walls surrounding the hall were made out of bluestone.

Regardless, after walking for a while, both of them eventually stood before a large coffin that was placed atop a high platform that lay in the middle of what seemed to be a lobby.

The coffin itself looked slightly strange, to say the least. It resembled a crystal eternal coffin, and the bottom of it was somehow levitating in the air. While the inside of the coffin wasn’t all that clear, Yume could still clearly discern that inside it was the corpse of a woman.

After staring curiously at the woman for some time, Yume eventually realized that there was much more to awe in the room.

For one, bookshelves were sticking against every wall in the room, and each of them was filled to the brim with the Gunter family’s most precious secret books. Aside from that, there was also an incense stand—which currently held several burning incense sticks—at the northernmost wall, and placed upright near it, was a piece of jade. Taking a step forward, Yume also noticed the presence of a big alchemy cauldron, its current contents exuding all sorts of colorful lights that honestly looked a bit strange and creepy.

Now at peak curiosity, Yume found herself saying, “Grandma…!”

“Since this is the first time you’re stepping into this place, it can’t be helped that you’d be a little curious. Regardless, this here is the secret room where our family keeps our most mysterious and prized possessions. While by right, only the Gunter head is allowed to even step into this room, I’m making an exception for you today!” stated Yreth rather casually.

Hearing that, Yume gulped before asking, “This… coffin…. Could it be holding the ancient corpse of that woman that we were previously searching for at the bottom of the ocean…?”

“That’s her, alright!”

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1350

“…Is she really that important…? Even Gerald is still looking for her… Honestly, had you not misled him with the Dead Annies back then, he would’ve already succeeded in finding her by this point!” said Yume rather curiously.

“Well of course he’s still looking for her! After all, this woman in white is one of Gerald’s women!” replied Yreth as she squinted her eyes.

“…She’s… Gerald’s what? But… She’s already been in that coffin for at least tens of thousands of years, hasn’t she?” asked Yume, shaking her head in disbelief.

“Well, to be more specific, her name is Zyla Lockland, and she was Gerald’s woman in his past life! Regardless, stop interrupting me and let me elaborate before you ask any more questions! You’ll understand everything once I’m done explaining!” replied Yreth as she rested her arms behind her back before starting to pace back and forth as she slowly told Yume the entire story…

With her ears perked, Yume listened as Yreth said, “While I’m sure you already know that our family is an ancient one, I don’t think I’ve ever told you about a sacred civilization that existed hundreds of thousands of years ago… It was known as the great civilization of antiquity!”

“Back then, ancient training sects were aplenty, so there were many who were able to train themselves to achieve spiritual enlightenment. With that in mind, plenty of great and powerful warriors were born, and they were capable of near-inhuman feats such as breaking mountains apart, working miracles, and even controlling the five elements! They truly were omnipotent beings!”

“However, among all of them, there was one person who trained himself to the point where not only did he achieve spiritual enlightenment, but he was also able to become immortal! From the day he managed to achieve immortality, he gained the ability to live both in heaven and on earth without needing to reincarnate!”

Yume found her eyes widening even more now, finding everything that her grandmother said to be both weird and mysterious…

“Even so, the brilliance of the great civilization of antiquity was just like a meteor. In other words, though it was both bright and dazzling, it was short-lived, and it didn’t go out slowly either. The entire civilization simply disappeared completely without a trace one night!”

Hearing that, Yume couldn’t help but ask, “But… If the great civilization of antiquity truly did exist—and the people back then were as powerful as you described—how could they have just disappeared or died out overnight, grandma?”

“It was due to the holy spirits!”

“…Holy spirits…?”

“Indeed! Mind you, there were plenty of holy spirits on the earth back during the great civilization of antiquity. However, for some unknown reason, the holy spirits suddenly began ceasing to exist! They just started disappearing out of the blue! Without being able to rely on the holy spirits, those who were still training to achieve spiritual enlightenment couldn’t avoid catastrophe, and their souls ended up getting dispelled. With that in mind, without holy spirits for support, the person with the Immortal Body wasn’t able to continue maintaining his ancient power!”

“…If that’s the case, then doesn’t that mean that all his efforts to become the most powerful person back then were wasted? After all, even he wasn’t able to resist the catastrophe!” replied Yume.

“That’s where you’re wrong!” said Yreth with a bitter smile on her face as she shook her head.

“…I’m wrong…? Then, does that mean that he managed to avoid the catastrophe, even though he was unable to maintain his Immortal Body?”

“That’s right. After all, he was the eternal top master during the great civilization of antiquity. Back when the catastrophe happened, all of the great masters were incapable of even fighting back, so they either ended up dying or fleeing if they could! That man, however, opted to undergo a supernatural transformation to deal with the situation. Since he was proficient in several supernatural transformation techniques, he chose to condense his primordial spirit and use an artificial reincarnation method to avoid the catastrophe. To complete that cycle, he needed to reincarnate nine times, and this is currently his ninth. He’ll finally be awakening again in this lifetime!”

Following that, Yreth had to momentarily pause to calm herself for a moment. Once she shook the feeling off, she then added, “The primordial spirit itself is known as the Herculean Primordial Spirit, and the Herculean Supernatural Technique was something that he came up with himself! With that in mind, do you understand now, Yume? Anyone who manages to get their hands on the primordial spirit will be able to train and achieve an Immortal Body! I’m saying it right now that what I’m now telling you is a very big secret! Very few people in the world even know about this!”

As Yume’s breath hastened, she then asked in disbelief, “Grandma… You couldn’t be saying that Gerald is the primordial spirit of that top master back then, right…?!”

Watching as Yume almost fell in her shock, Yreth replied, “It is indeed. I’m also well aware that aside from our family and the Judgment Portal, many others are trying to locate and get close to him as well!”

“Note that Gerald still has a lot of unlocked potential, and there’s plenty of room for him to further his development. With that in mind, both our family and the Judgment Portal are truthfully fearful of Gerald. Not only do we not dare to face him directly, but we’re also worried about hurting him too much. After all, who knows what would happen if we accidentally frustrated him so much that his full potential and abilities ended up being forced out? With that in mind, the only thing we dare to do right now is to capture him first! Once that’s done, we’ll slowly figure out how to deal with him!”

“In a way, this is all a gamble, and the only option is to win. With that, I hope you finally see the bigger picture now. Do you still think that Gerald is someone that you should be falling in love with?” asked Yreth coldly.

Hearing that, Yume could only take a few steps backward as powerlessness swept through her entire body. If what Yreth had said was all true… Then there truly was no way for her to even come close to being qualified to love him!

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