The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 1371-1380

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1371

“What is it?” asked Gerald,

“Well, though I’ve been sealed by the King of Judgment Portal in the Gunter family’s secret room this entire time, I was fully conscious the whole time. With that in mind, I was able to listen in on what the Gunter had been planning throughout this period, and from what I remember, the Gunters seem to be holding two of your friends captive. One of them has the surname of Tindall, whereas the other’s surname is Baker. Both of them should still be locked up in the Gunter manor’s secret underground room!”

“So that’s why I wasn’t able to locate Chester! Gerald told me to find him, you see, and I was finding it strange that I still had no clue where he was, even after investigating for a few days! As it turned out, the Gunters have him!” said Peter as he shook his head.

Upon hearing that, Gerald realized that his biggest fears had unfortunately come true.

Not too long ago, he had nearly fallen into the Gunter family’s trap, a trap which involved Hogan almost successfully killing him. While Chester had remained in the hotel under Gerald’s orders—back when Hogan was still attacking Gerald—Gerald could already sense that Chester was definitely in danger as well. After all, he knew how good the Gunters were at scheming.

Aside from Chester, Gerald was also well aware of the possibility of Aiden—his good friend who had been participating in a trial training hosted by the Gunters—getting dealt with. Understanding how the Gunters operated, after they went missing, Gerald knew that they weren’t going to have an easy time escaping from that family.

With that in mind, Gerald then replied, “Zyla, why don’t you go on ahead first? Now that Jasmine’s been saved, I can’t just leave my two friends behind. I’ll be staying back to rescue them!”

“Are you planning to run a solo mission, Gerald? You won’t stand a chance against the King of Judgment Portal!” replied Peter in a worried tone as Zyla looked at Gerald with a concerned expression.

“I’m well aware of that, which is why I won’t be fighting him head-on! Worry not, for I have a plan. I trust that with it, I’ll be able to rescue my friends and escape safely!” said Gerald with a smile.

Gerald had honestly thought up the idea—of sneaking into the Gunter Manor—much earlier while thinking about how to obtain more news and information from the Gunters. To think that his initial plan would end up being used as a method to rescue his friends!

Regardless, seeing how persistent Gerald was being, the others knew better than to persuade him against it. Quite frankly, Zyla herself seemed to have great confidence in Gerald’s decision.

“Very well, then. Since that’s the case, we’ll be heading to the desert in the Northwest first. Since the King of Judgment doesn’t know where Liemis is, that place will be a temporary safe haven for us! We’ll be waiting for you there!” said Zyla.

“Excellent! I was about to suggest the same thing as well! For safety, I think all of you should travel in a group. Now if there isn’t anything else, I’ll be heading off first. I’ll regroup with you as soon as I can!” replied Gerald as he watched as everyone nodded in return.

Everyone was well aware that the King of Judgment could very well be rushing toward them at that very second. Not wanting to delay things any further, both parties immediately departed their separate ways.

Gerald himself made sure to grab onto Felton—who currently looked like a wild dog—before dashing into the depths of the mountains.

And just like that, the entire shantytown fell into dead silence, with only the occasional glimmer of moonlight illuminating the area.

Not too long after, however, several powerful-looking people began leaping into the pitch-black shantytown! Upon finally arriving at Peter’s courtyard, the black light—that had been leading the other people to this spot—slowly turned into the vague shape of a human.

Scanning through the empty space with his frigid eyes, the dark figure quickly spotted the sacrificial altar that was still in the middle of the courtyard.

A second later, Hogan began walking toward the dark humanoid before saying, “There’s not a single soul in this shantytown, master!”

“They’ve all run away… And quite recently too…!” declared the dark figure—who was obviously the King of Judgment Portal—as his eyes grew scarlet. In his current form, he almost seemed demonic.

“Understood! Since that’s the case, I’ll immediately order the subordinates to split up and look for them all over the place!” replied Hogan.

“There’s no need to do that. Hogan, I need you to bring these men along and head to the mountains in the south. Based on my knowledge—and the fact that they’ve only recently left—the only way they could possibly avoid getting caught is by heading into the depths of the mountains there!” ordered the King of Judgment Portal, his eyes glinting in the darkness.

Receiving their order, the team then swiftly headed into the depths of the mountains, intent on catching Gerald and his allies.

The King of Judgment Portal himself took in a deep breath before clenching his fists tightly.

“I’ve been waiting for this day for thousands of years, Liemis and Zyla… Neither of you will be able to escape from my grasp! I’ll gain the Herculean Primordial Spirit and accede to the throne of the three worlds!” declared the King of Judgment Portal, his fists clenched so tightly now that his palm was going white.

By this point, he could no longer hide the immensely evil spirit in his body…

Moving back to the search party, almost everyone from Judgment Portal was currently doing a thorough search in the depths of the mountains. Naturally, there were also several Gunters helping them—since they were cooperating with the King of Judgment Portal—to ensure that nothing would escape their eyes. With so many people actively hunting them down, Gerald and the others wouldn’t have been able to fly out of that place, even if they had wings.

It hadn’t occurred to any of the Gunters or the Judgment Portal members, however, that the others had already long left Qerton City—at extremely rapid speeds—and were now heading northwest toward the desert.

It wasn’t too long after before it was near-dawn…

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1372
While searching around the dense forest, the team had split into smaller groups, and Hogan himself was currently leading a team of five people.

As they continued searching on, one of Hogan’s subordinates suddenly shouted, “There’s a person just right up ahead, Hogan!”

Hearing that, the rest of the small group instantly dashed forward and soon enough, they were standing by that person’s side.

While running over, they had noticed that not only was the person limping as he walked, but he also had shabby clothes on as well as scars all over his body.

Now that they were actually beside him, however, Hogan’s eyes widened in shock as he said, “…Young… Young Master Gunter…?”

The last anyone had heard from Felton was a few days ago after he was sent to Dordwell Heights to locate Gerald. Nobody could even contact him up till this point.

Worried sick, Yreth—who had managed to find some clues—made sure to send several people into the mountains to look for him, though to no avail. To think that something truly did happen to Felton!

“…H-Hogan…? Oh, thank god! I’m so relieved to see you…! Please, hurry up and save me…!” said Felton as he burst into tears the second he saw Hogan and his men.

“Rest assured, for with me here, nothing more will happen to you, Young Master Gunter. Regardless, who was it who beat you up this badly?” asked Hogan.

“It… It was Gerald…! While I managed to track him down in the shantytown a few days ago, I hadn’t expected him to have hired an extremely strong person to take me on! I had no way of counterattacking at all! Once I lost, Gerald captured me and inserted a potent poison into my body! As if that wasn’t already enough, he even tortured me in countless ways! Worst of all, he somehow managed to summon the soul of the woman in white last night! Following that, he brought me into this dense forest… I still have no idea what he had hoped to achieve from this, but I simply took the chance to escape when he wasn’t paying attention to me!” explained Felton.

“As expected, the master guessed correctly! So you truly were captured and locked up in the shantytown this entire time! No wonder the Gunters were unable to gain any news about you since that day!”

Hearing that, Felton then turned to look at one of his subordinates before ordering, “You there! Go order the rest to immediately increase the search scope within the forest! Gerald’s still somewhere in here, and we mustn’t allow him to escape again!”

“Affirmative! I’ll also be calling someone over to send you back to the Gunter manor now!”

“I appreciate it!” replied Felton with a nod.

A little while later in the Gunter Manor, a servant swiftly ran up to Yreth before declaring, “Lady Gunter! Master Gunter has finally returned!”

“What? Felton’s home?” replied Yreth instantaneously, feeling both surprised and delighted.

It was no secret that Yreth had constantly been worried about Felton’s safety throughout his absence. Now that she knew that he was—at the very least—alive, her eyelids couldn’t stop twitching in her joy.

“Indeed! However, he’s also seriously injured and is currently unconscious!” said the servant.

“What? Lead me to him! Hurry!” shouted Yreth as she instantly ran out together with the servant.

Sure enough, she was immediately greeted by the sight of Felton—lying on a stretcher—the second she stepped outside. Seeing how terribly he had been tortured, Yreth was immediately filled with deep grief.

Yume herself had heard the commotion earlier, and she was now standing beside her grandmother.

“Felton… How did you end up this way…? Who did this…?!” muttered Yreth, immense pain in her voice.

“We found Young Master Gunter in the dense forest in a barely alive state! As for the perpetrator, it was none other than a subordinate that Gerald had hired! Aside from that, Gerald even inserted an extremely strange and potent poison into his body! Gerald himself is currently on the run in the dense forest!”

“…What? So it was Gerald…!” growled Yreth in such deep resentment that her eyes turned crimson.

Following that, she then turned to look at Felton again as she held onto him protectively.

“Can you hear my voice, Felton…? Worry not, I’ll definitely capture Gerald and hack him into pieces!” said Yreth as she gently caressed his cheek.

The second she touched him, however, Felton’s eyes immediately opened wide and he instantly kicked her hard in the stomach!

Completely caught off-guard, Yreth found herself flying backward before landing heavily—quite a distance away—with a loud ‘thud’!

“G-Grandma!” exclaimed Yume, feeling utterly shocked.

Felton himself was desperately screaming as he shouted, “P-please! Don’t come any closer! Please! Stay back!”

As the corner of Yreth’s mouth bled, she simply replied, “I-I’m fine…! Just go check on Felton! The poor boy must be traumatized after being tortured so terribly…!”

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1373

Yreth wasn’t blaming her grandson for his actions. After all, she knew for a fact that he simply thought that she was Gerald. After going through so much suffering, it wasn’t a surprise for Felton’s temperament to get this extreme.

‘How on earth did you even get this traumatized…? That d*mned Gerald…! I’ll hack him into pieces if it’s the last thing I do! I’ll surely get revenge on your behalf…!’ Yreth thought to herself as murderous intent flared in her eyes.

While she was undeniably furious, it was still a joyous occasion for the Gunters since Felton had managed to return in one piece.

Since both the Judgment Portal members and the Gunters were currently going all out on their hunt for Gerald, Yreth knew that this was their best chance of capturing him again. With that in mind, she let Felton recuperate in the Gunter Manor as she, too, set off to hunt Gerald down.

Due to everyone focusing on capturing Gerald, the Gunter Manor was pretty desolate by the time afternoon came.

It was around then when Felton finally decided to get off his sickbed.

Smiling slightly bitterly in his helpless state, Felton’s eyes momentarily lit up as he muttered to himself, “The underground prison that Aiden and Chester are currently being imprisoned in is most probably accessible through a secret room in the Manor… Still, to think that Yreth would constantly have so many servants by Felton’s side… I barely have any time alone! That witty woman is good in terms of security, that’s for sure!

While on the exterior, this person looked and sounded exactly like Felton, his true identity couldn’t be any further. In truth, the person who had been brought back to the Gunter Manor was none other than Gerald!

While he had already previously planned on sneaking into the Gunter Manor—by disguising himself as Felton—undetected to disrupt the actions of the Gunters as well as to get to the bottom of certain incidents that had been happening, he now had no need to do all that.

With that in mind, he concluded that he could just use the exact same method of sneaking in though this time, his mission would be to easily save and sneak his two friends out.

Unfortunately for him, even after inquiring—several servants—about where the entrance to the underground dungeon was the entire afternoon, none of them had any idea where it was!

Feeling slightly disappointed, Gerald then returned to Felton’s room to figure out his next step. Before he could think for long, however, he suddenly heard knocks coming from the door.

“Come in!” said Gerald.

Seconds later, the door opened and in walked a beautiful woman… Of course, it was none other than Yume.

“To think you’d still be getting out of bed and walking around even after suffering from such serious internal injuries!” said Yume rather indifferently as she looked at Felton.

From that alone, it was quite obvious that both of them didn’t really share a particularly good relationship.

Whatever the case was, Gerald found himself feeling delighted as he thought, ‘With Yume here, I’ll definitely be able to find out where the Gunter family’s underground dungeon is! ’

Following that, Felton coughed before saying, “Though Gerald is both powerful and ferocious, I’m still alive, aren’t I? So what if I walk around a bit?”

“Humph! I never thought that you’d actually admire others since you’ve been arrogant for as long as I’ve known you!” replied Yume, feeling slightly amused though she didn’t show it.

“So… Why exactly did you come over to look for me?” asked Felton rather coldly.

“It’s nothing much. I just wanted to ask whether Gerald’s truly as powerful as you described him to be. Has he really changed that much within such a short period of time?” asked Yume rather curiously.

“But of course he has! He’s currently probably even more terrifying than both of us could ever imagine!” replied Felton, trying to make as big a deal as possible about Gerald.

“…So it really is true… Well, based on his current strength, do you have any idea whether grandma will be able to capture him?” asked Yume.

“I’d say that it’s highly unlikely! After all, he’s no longer as weak as he previously was. Besides, that old woman alone won’t be able to-”


“…I- I mean grandma. What I was trying to say was that even if grandma and the King of Judgment Portal were to gang up on him, they’d still have a hard time capturing him!” corrected Felton.

Though he was rather close to Yume, he knew that it would be best if he didn’t expose his true identity for now. After all, it was better to be safe than sorry.

“…Regardless, I have something to do in the underground dungeon. Could you bring me there, Yume?” asked Felton.

Frowning slightly, she couldn’t help but feel that Felton was behaving increasingly strange today…

While she would’ve definitely been able to pick up on what was really happening on any other day, her mind was currently too occupied with Gerald’s massive transformation.

Not knowing what to make of Felton’s request, she then replied, “…Why do you wish to go there? Besides, can’t you just go yourself?”

“By the time I got back, the only item I had left on me was our family’s magic artifact. With that in mind, you have to bring me there!” replied Felton.

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1374

“Please, I know why you want to go there so much… I know for a fact that grandma’s captured two of Gerald’s friends and locked them down there. You just want to vent out your anger by hurting them, right?” said Yume without a second thought. After all, she, of all people, understood Felton’s personality the most.

“Bullsh*t! I’m trying to save them and lead them to a safe place!” retorted Felton.

“…What’s your motive here…?”

“Look, Gerald implanted an extremely potent poison within my body. If I don’t save his friends, then he’ll kill me! Is that reason good enough for you?!” replied Felton, hints of fear in his voice.

“…So that’s the case! No wonder your temperament has changed so vastly ever since you returned! Very well! Since only grandma and I have the key to the underground dungeon, I’ll lead you there!” said Yume in a rather willing tone. After all, Yume herself had been racking her brains the past few days, wondering how she could release Gerald’s allies.

The second Yume and Felton walked past the dungeon’s main doors, they were immediately greeted by endless shouting. As it turned out, many others were being kept prisoner there. Even so, they weren’t who the duo was looking for, so they simply walked on till they eventually arrived at the final dungeon.

Even before they got close to that door, however, both of them could already hear Aiden scowling every curse word in the book.

“You b*tch! You’re a wicked old hag, that’s what you are! You better let us go before I curse your entire family…!”

After Yume opened the door—while blushing slightly from all the profanities—both she and Gerald were immediately greeted by the sight of Aiden and Chester who had been tied up with chains. Their torsos, in particular, had been tied extra securely, and both of them had a blue, sparkling bead hung over their chests.

“What do you want? If you’re daring enough, come get it over with me already! Honestly though, what was I thinking when I came over to your family’s trial training back then? To think that I once considered the Gunters to be good… How blind I was! Don’t even get me started on your unreliable promises! After all, you guaranteed us that we’d get at least three meals per day when you first captured us! While that was true at the start, it soon got reduced to two meals, and then to one… Just so you know, we haven’t had anything to eat in the past two days! If you want us to die so much, then just kill us outright! We’ve suffered enough! Once we’re dead, however, do expect our boss to avenge us…!”

“Please stop with the profanities already! I admit that I overlooked your meals! It’s just that I’ve been particularly busy with something in the past few days! Due to that, I admit that I forgot to order for food to be sent to you! I’m terribly sorry that you’ve had to go hungry for the past two days, but know that I would’ve definitely continued feeding you well had it not been for how busy I was!” replied Yume. While she didn’t like how angrily Aiden was scowling at her, she had to admit that she felt slightly guilty.

“That’s quite enough shouting! We’re here to release you today, you know? Once you’re free, you can eat however much you want! Now hurry up and leave this place and remember, don’t ever show your faces in Qerton again!” declared Felton.

Following that, Yume turned to look at both Aiden and Chester before nodding firmly at them.

The second he heard that, a bandit—who had been standing at the side this entire time—quickly shook his head before saying, “H-huh…? Young Master Felton?! You’re letting them free? No way!”

Felton simply slapped him immediately in response before shouting, “You mother*cker! Who’s the rich heir here? Huh? Is it me or you?”

Falling to the ground from the force of the slap, the dizzy bandit then wobbled to his feet before replying, “O-of course you’re the rich heir, Young Master Felton…! However, these two are key figures in our effort to capture Gerald…! Due to that, Lady Gunter has implanted very special magic artifacts within their bodies! The second the artifacts leave their bodies, all their internal organs will simultaneously explode! It’ll be a horrible death like no other!”

“…Oh? Magical artifacts you say?” said Gerald as he paid closer attention to the blue, sparkling beads on both Chester and Aiden’s chests.

‘So they had such mysterious items implanted into them… That old woman truly is wicked…!’

“Tell me more about the magic artifacts. How do we undo their effects?” asked Yume.

“I’m not too sure about that… I do know, however, that a key is needed to undo the magic artifacts, and the key itself is stored in Lady Gunter’s room! However, only she is allowed to enter that place, so I’m afraid I can’t help you with this!” replied the bandit in dismay.

“…Could it perhaps be there…?” mumbled Yume to herself as though she was deep in thought.

“…Do you have an idea of where it could be?”

“Well… I may have an idea where exactly the key is kept inside her room… Even so, nobody is allowed to enter without permission… If we get caught, then we’ll surely be given the family punishment… Are you still willing to do so after hearing that?” asked Yume.

“What’s there to be afraid of? If she wants to kill anyone, then she can just kill me! There’s nothing to worry about!”

Upon hearing that, Yume’s respect for Gerald instantly skyrocketed. After all, all it took was a few days for him to change Felton—a usually insufferably arrogant person—this much!

With that, the duo then continued talking as they slowly made their way out of the dungeon. Before arriving at the dungeon’s entrance, however, Felton suddenly turned to face Aiden—for a brief moment—before winking twice.

Aiden found himself widening his eyes as he watched the duo leave for Yreth’s room.

‘…That gaze…!’ Aiden thought to himself as he slowly broke into a smile.

“…Say, Chester! I have a feeling that we’re as good as saved now! The boss is here!”

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1375
“…The boss is here?” asked Chester, unsure how to even react to that statement.

“Hahaha! It won’t be long before we’re saved! Just you f*cking wait, you Gunters! Once we’re free, I’m definitely setting this place on fire!” growled Aiden in rage.

A little while later, Felton and Yume arrived at Yreth’s room.

Upon entering, he found that the layout of the room wasn’t particularly complicated. Quite minimalistic, in fact. The only notable things in there were a desk at one side of the room and a shelf behind it.

“…Is this where the secret room is…?” asked Felton.

“It should be… After all, Grandma has two secret rooms, as far as I’m aware of. I’m not sure whether you know about this or not, but grandma had a secret room that was accessible through her special study. It was where she imprisoned the woman in white. As for this room… I once caught grandma exiting from behind the shelf when I was much younger… With that in mind, there should be some contraption here that opens a path behind the shelf. If it’s anything similar to the way grandma revealed the secret room in her study, then…”

As Yume’s voice trailed off, Gerald watched as she walked to the side of the study before holding onto a pen’s cap—that was on the table—and twisting it slightly…

A brief ‘click’ was heard, and all of a sudden, the shelf began trembling as it slowly slid to the side, revealing a darkened hole leading underground!

Noticing how surprised she looked, Gerald then asked, “…Didn’t you say you saw her exit that place before…?”

“Well, I did… But it’s vastly different from the secret room entrance that I remember as a child… Besides, can’t you feel that…? The strange coldness coming from the hole…” muttered Yume in her bewilderment.

“…Whatever the case is, let’s enter first… Follow me!”

Quite honestly, Gerald himself had felt a chill run down his spine as well. There was just some sort of extraordinary aura that the hole emitted… and whatever it was, it scared Gerald greatly.

Within the hole was a long corridor, and secret compartments—filled with all sorts of things—were lined all across it.

Lighting an oil lamp that she found, Yume then began looking around…

Eventually, she shouted, “I… I think I’ve found it!”

Watching as she joyfully held onto a blue jade charm, Gerald himself began sensing an enigmatic aura that was slowly growing stronger. With that in mind, he then said in a slightly fearful voice, “…Its aura is very similar to the aura of the magic artifacts on both Aiden and Chester’s bodies. This should be it. Now let’s not waste any more time and leave this place already!”


However, just as they were about to leave, both of them suddenly heard a loud scraping noise…

By the time they realized what was happening, the opening to the corridor had been sealed off, leaving the duo surrounded only by dead silence!

Just as Yume was about to investigate, she suddenly felt an immense force pulling onto her, prompting her to scream!

Gerald himself had sensed the strong suction force, and though he immediately used his Thunder Eruption skill in his attempt to resist it, the force eventually got so strong that it almost felt like he was being sucked into a black hole!

Unable to continue resisting the force by that point, both Gerald and Yume fell to the ground in unison… Only to fall into yet another chamber that was made of stone!

The second they hit the floor of the new area, all the lights within it instantly lit up.

Looking up, both of them then saw a ghostly black light hovering around in mid-air.

As if that wasn’t already shocking enough, the orb of darkness suddenly deafeningly shouted, “Haha! I’ve been waiting for someone other than Yreth to stumble in here! Tell me, are both of you descendants of the Gunter family?”

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1376

“…W-who are you…? And why are you here in our manor…?” asked the surprised Yume.

“Hahaha! Your manor? This is my manor! I was the one who founded the Gunter family, girl! Both of you are nothing more than my descendants!” replied the black light in a booming voice before slowly taking the shape of an old man.

Having white hair that tufted around his old head and a beard that dropped all the way to his chest, it was hard to deny that the old man gave off the impression of a skillful martial artist.

Regardless, the shocked Yume then replied, “…W-what did you say…?”

Gerald himself was now looking at the old man in slight surprise.

From what Gerald could tell, the old man’s form of existence was quite similar to that of the woman in white’s thought of the soul. However, there was a clear difference between the two. It was quite obvious, honestly, that the power and energy that the old man had—and could release from himself—was much stronger compared to what the woman in white could achieve.

While the woman in white was nothing more than an ordinary thought of the soul before the fusion, the figure currently standing before him was immensely different. After all, not only did he have the power and energy to materialize himself, but he was also extremely strong!

Gerald wondered how strong and terrifying that old man’s training level would actually be if he actually possessed a physical body…

“I said that both of you are nothing more than my descendants! What, hasn’t Yreth told you two about the Gunter family’s history before?” sneered the old man.

As Gerald found himself shaking his head, Yume—on the other hand—nodded quickly before saying, “Grandma’s told me lots about our ancestors ever since I was young! From what I was told, the Gunter ancestors gained immense supernatural powers and founded the base of our family after discovering some historical relics from the great civilization of antiquity. However, when our family finally became stable enough, one of our ancestors went on a journey to seek out more divine artifacts from the great civilization of antiquity… Unfortunately, that was the last anyone ever saw of him! …You… couldn’t really be suggesting that you’re that ancestor… right? But… But how? If you truly are who you claim to be, then why did grandma keep you locked up in here?” asked Yume.

Watching as the old man simply laughed in response, Yume then asked, “…What’s so funny…?”

“…I don’t think he’s locked up in here… Rather, he probably can’t show himself for certain reasons, which is why grandma brought him into this secret chamber instead. Of course, though he doesn’t leave the chamber, I’m sure he’s been remotely controlling the entire family this entire time,” said Gerald while looking at the old man.

Hearing that, the old man simply scanned Gerald from head to toe in surprise. Following that, he shook his head before saying, “I hadn’t expected our family to still have decent and capable descendants. I admit that you truly are smart, grandson! As you’ve said, I’ve been controlling the heads of the Gunter family for many generations now!”

As Yume’s jaw dropped in shock, Gerald himself felt slightly surprised.

While Zyla had already told him that the Gunters were an unusual family, he was now only realizing how true her words were. Though he had previously been wondering how the Gunters had even gotten involved with those from the Judgment Portal in the first place, everything now made sense. As it turned out, the real mastermind behind the scenes was this old man—who had probably lived for thousands of years—this entire time!

Finally starting to believe what the old man was saying, Yume then replied, “…So… You truly are our family’s ancestor…? But, if you really are our ancestor, why have you remained in here for so long without ever heading out? Didn’t you venture out to look for more divine artifacts…?”

“That’s going to be a long story to detail… Essentially, while it’s true that I headed off to seek out more divine artifacts at the time, understand that all divine artifacts—in general—tend to be guarded by heavenly spirits. With that in mind, I failed to take down one of the heavenly spirits, resulting in my body getting crushed into pieces! However, not long after, I managed to barely escape with the thought of my soul. Since the Gunters still had many strong enemies at the time, I took it upon myself to direct and control the Gunters from behind the scenes in order to prevent our family’s utter destruction. As for why I’ve managed to preserve the thought of my soul for so long, it’s because the Gunter’s heads have continuously supplied me with the spirit bodies of many top masters!” explained the old man.

“…Wait… W-what did you say…? Are… are you telling me that our family’s annual training meeting is nothing more than a means for you to absorb spiritual energy from the contestants….?” said Yume as she came to a sudden realization.

“Bingo! Alas, even though those people possessed spirit bodies, their physical talents weren’t up to my standards at all! You two have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for the perfect opportunity to possess a spirit body that’s able to help me achieve true reincarnation!” replied the old man with a laugh.

“…I… I think I see the bigger picture now… The person you’re aiming to possess is Gerald, right? The one grandma and those from the Judgment Portal are still trying to capture? After all, since his body contains the Herculean Primordial Spirit, his body is far different from an ordinary mortal’s… Is my guess correct?” asked the flabbergasted Yume.

“Right again! I can see now that you, too, are very intelligent!” said the old man before laughing once more.

Gerald himself was now so stunned that he muttered, “…Herculean Primordial Spirit…? What… is even going on here…?”

Whatever the case was, Gerald was now sure of one thing. These people were currently searching so desperately for him since his body contained a great secret that they urgently needed…

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1377

“Indeed! Once I possess Gerald’s body, I’ll surely be able to make a great comeback! Following that, our family will be able to head to Jaellatra together, a perfect world for the Gunters to reign supreme as overlords! By then, our family would be in total control of both heaven and earth!” added the old man as he chuckled longingly.

“…Regardless… Did you lead both of us down here just because you wanted to tell us all this…?” asked Yume.

“That’s a good question! See, while Gerald’s body would naturally be the best option for me, Yreth and the others have simply been too stupid. After waiting anxiously here for so long, I’m unwilling to wait any longer! Adding that to the fact that I’m slightly worried that Yreth will end up harming the body I wish to possess, I’m planning on making my comeback in advance! In order to do so, however, I’ll first need a suitable body for me to adapt to, and both of your bodies appear to possess sufficient auras…” replied the old man.

Turning to look at Gerald, he then added, “…Especially my grandson here! Quite frankly, I don’t think there’ll be anyone even close to being as suitable as him!”

“…You… what? But he’s your descendant! You aren’t even willing to let him go…?” asked Yume in surprise.

Quite honestly, even if the old man really were to harm Felton, Yume wasn’t about to feel upset or distressed for Felton’s sake. After all, Felton was a demon-like, cruel, and vicious person. In other words, him dying was actually going to be a good thing.

Even so, it still felt extremely awkward to Yume since she now knew that the person who was planning to harm Felton was her family’s ancestor whom everyone respected and admired! Knowing that simply served to amplify her discomfort!

“Well, I don’t really have a choice either. Regardless, our family is already doing well at the moment, so your sacrifice—to secure an even better future for the Gunters—will definitely be worth it!” scoffed the old man as he smiled wryly.

Astonishment was reflected in Gerald’s eyes as he finally realized where the dangerous aura—that he had sensed upon entering this area—came from. To think that this old man would be so cruel and heartless!

Even wild beasts always looked after their cubs… But this old man… He wasn’t even willing to let his own descendant off!

As Gerald took a step back, the old men then laughed before sneering, “Now, now, there’s no need to be afraid! I’ll be sure to lessen the pain as much as possible!”

Watching as the old man’s soul dived straight for Gerald, Gerald instantly exhausted all of the Thunder essential qi in his body to resist the attack!

Upon collision, an explosive sound was heard! Though Gerald had the Thunder Essential qi aura up to defend himself, the more the old man’s soul continued pushing forward, the more Gerald could feel his own soul trembling…!

His soul wasn’t the only thing trembling either, and as Gerald’s body began quivering uncontrollably, he found himself tasting a familiar sweetness in his mouth as blood began overflowing from it!

“I advise you not to continue engaging in such futile resistance! After all, it’ll only make things much more painful for you!” snorted the old man with a grin.

It was a few seconds later when the smile on the old man’s face slowly faded… Only to be turned into an expression of utter disbelief!

“…I’ve already practiced the technique—that allows me to freely move the thought of my soul—for so long that I’m quite literally an expert at it… By right, I shouldn’t make any mistakes at all while using the technique… However, why is it that a surging power repels me whenever I attempt to touch your soul…?!” said the old man in horror as he quickly backed quite a distance away from Gerald, his expression a mix of awkwardness and embarrassment!

With the strength that the old man currently possessed, it was near-impossible for him not to be able to absorb anyone’s soul, regardless of how powerful or talented that person was. Thinking about it, it was also impossible for a Gunter descendant to possess such powerful soul strength! Forget invading this young man’s soul, Gerald’s soul had the capability of destroying the old man’s own thought of the soul! But how could that be possible…?

“…You… You aren’t a descendant of my family, are you…? Who the hell are you?” muttered the intelligent old man who could now tell that something was amiss.

The strength this young man possessed was simply too incredible… Knowing that fact that it could easily destroy his thought of soul, the old man knew that he was very fortunate to have been able to pull away in time.

“His name is Felton Gunter, great-grandpa! There’s simply no way that he isn’t a Gunter descendant!” explained Yume.

“I’m well aware of who Felton is… Yreth had constantly been training him to become the next generation’s successor of the Gunter family, so I know the strength range of Felton’s power very well… With that said, the person who came with you earlier is definitely not Felton…! After all, the power of this person’s soul is so strong that even I feel terrified by it!” replied the terror-stricken old man.

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1378

Hearing that, Yume turned to look at Felton in amazement and immediately sensed that something was wrong. For one, she had never seen Felton’s eyes like that before.

Smiling faintly, Gerald then replied, “…You are correct. I’m not Felton.”

Truth be told, even he had no idea what was currently going on. While he had felt immensely dizzy after getting hit by that old man’s soul earlier, it wasn’t long before a rush of essential qi suddenly began filling his body!

It was as if a water god had collided against a mountain, causing all the essential qi dammed up inside to gush out the moment a crack appeared! To put things simply, Gerald’s body was currently overflowing with power, and along with it, came an extremely destructive aura.

As Gerald realized that he no longer needed to be afraid of the old man anymore, the surprised Yume exclaimed, “…H-huh…? Then… If you’re not Felton… Who are you…?!”

“I’m the one who killed him!” replied Gerald casually.

“You… You killed Felton…?!” said Yume as she took a few steps back.

Even so, she already had a good guess who the person standing before her truly was… Could… Could it really be him…?

As Yume pondered on her conclusion, the enraged old man roared, “You… You brat…! Not only did you kill my descendant, but you also disguised yourself to be him just so you could enter our family’s secret chamber! No wonder your essential qi felt so different compared to the rest of the Gunter family members…!”

Just as the old man was preparing to take action again, he suddenly froze in place as he saw what seemed to be a faint, golden light glowing off Gerald’s entire body…

It was the same golden light that had earlier hurt him!

“…What is this…? Why does it seem as though the power of your soul keeps getting stronger and stronger…? It’s just been a few moments, yet the aura your body’s emitting has risen several levels already…!” muttered the old man as his eyes widened in disbelief.

“I’ll be honest and say that I have no idea what’s happening either. What I do know, however, is that the strong impact on my soul—when you attacked me earlier—seemed to release something that had been suppressed within my body for the longest time… With that said, it’s now filling me with extreme strength!” replied the curious Gerald rather casually.

“You’re… being filled with extreme strength?” asked the old man in surprise.

“Indeed. With how strong I am now, I’m going to be frank and say that I now have the means to easily destroy you in seconds! I truly wonder how you managed to trigger all this… Well, since all this happened the second you attacked me, why don’t you try attacking me again?” asked Gerald in a curious tone as he smiled wryly.

“…T-that…” stuttered the old man as he began panting rather heavily.

By that point, the golden light had grown so much that it almost seemed to encapsulate Gerald within an orb of light. As the light completed its condensation process, the energy it emitted grew even more terrifying to the old man!

After staring intently at Gerald for a while, the old man’s eyes widened as he took a few steps back in horror. Seemingly understanding what was happening now, the old man then said, “This… This is the first stage of the Herculean Golden Primordial Spirit…! It seems to be the first-level potential release of the Herculean Primordial Spirit…! Which could only mean that… You… You’re Gerald…!”

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1379

“…Gerald?” asked Yume, looking at Gerald wide-eyed.

Nodding in response, Gerald then replied, “While Zyla did talk about the Herculean Golden Primordial Spirit—that you just mentioned—she didn’t elaborate much on it. With that in mind, I know very little about it. What exactly is it…? From what I can guess, it seems that you’re referring to the secret that’s hidden within me… Had the King of Judgment Portal come all the way here just to acquire this secret as well…?”

Upon hearing that, the old man’s eyes instantly lit up as he shouted, “So you truly are, Gerald!”

While he was overjoyed that Gerald was finally standing before him now, he was simultaneously saddened to know that Gerald’s current potential and strength were a bit too daunting for him to handle.

The old man was also well aware that even the slightest carelessness—on his behalf—could end up enraging Gerald, in turn destroying the Gunter Manor and eventually, the rest of his family despite them being so cautious this entire time!

Whatever the case was, it appeared that he was the one who had helped Gerald unlock the first stage of the Herculean Golden Primordial Spirit’s release…

To think that he was already this terrifying despite being only at the first stage! Hell, Gerald hadn’t even gained the full power of the first stage yet! If he were to one day unlock all nine stages of the Herculean Primordial Spirit, then he’d surely be able to destroy entire worlds with just a flick of his finger! How utterly horrifying…!

“You still haven’t answered my question. What exactly is the Herculean Golden Primordial Spirit?” asked Gerald.

“…It’s the potential that exists within you… Every time it is released, it’ll ramp up the potential of the three realms… Such potential is enough to make anyone whose training in martial arts go crazy!” explained the old man.

“This… potential… Is it in my body?” asked Gerald who hadn’t noticed the old man slowly moving his hands, sneakily gathering his essential qi.

“Bingo. Tell me, do you know who you are?” asked the old man in a hushed voice before gulping.

“Who I am?” asked Gerald.

The second Gerald’s question ended, the old man suddenly raised his head before launching an attack at Gerald with all his strength!

Since the worst possible outcome—to him—was now a reality, he knew that he couldn’t allow Gerald to continue developing any further. If he did, then his thousands of years preparing for all this would’ve been for nothing!

His only option left was to fight Gerald!

As the old man’s palm grew inches away from Gerald’s chest, the golden light suddenly reappeared where he had planned to strike, causing an explosive sound to ensue!

Not only did the thought of the soul of the old man tremble as it flew backward, but the darkness surrounding his body immediately dissipated as well! Due to the sudden instability of the thought of his soul, the old man instantly screamed in tremendous pain as he stared at Gerald with utterly horrified eyes.

“By god…! You’ve just unlocked the first stage of your potential yet you’re already capable of piercing through the thought of my soul?! How is any of this even possible?!” shouted the old man, looking extremely desperate now.

Watching as his thought of the soul slowly dissipated, the old man could only wail hysterically in all the pain he was experiencing.

He had already come this far, yet… No. He wasn’t going to just reconcile with this… He wasn’t going to just get destroyed like this…!

With that, he then turned to glare at the frightened Yume—who was still looking at Gerald—before dashing toward her!

Even if he wasn’t able to move Gerald’s soul, he could at least still take over Yume’s body. In doing so, he would, at the very least, still have a lease of life!

“Be careful!” shouted Gerald as he pointed his fingers at Yume before sealing the position between her eyebrows. Unable to bear Gerald’s power, she instantly fainted on the spot.

Gerald had learned a thing or two about adaptable bodies from Leo, and he knew what needed to be done in order to prevent a soul from entering another person’s body. True to Leo’s teachings, regardless of how powerful the old man was, there was nothing more he could do about the situation.

“I’ll say it now that you lost the right to call yourself the ancestor of the Gunters ages ago. In my eyes, you’re nothing but an old demon who’s lived for thousands of years! With that in mind, I believe it’s high time you got destroyed!” said Gerald.

“N-no…! Please don’t destroy me…! Wait!”

Naturally, Gerald wasn’t going to listen to a word he said. Gerald was well aware that the old man wasn’t most afraid of his essential qi, nor his strength. No, the old man was utterly terrified by his thought of the soul. After all, Gerald’s thought of the soul was many times stronger compared to the old man’s. Hell, Gerald’s thought of the soul was capable of ending the old man in a snap of a finger.

With that in mind, Gerald then unleashed a great power from his thought of the soul! Aiming it toward the old man, Gerald then coldly shouted, “To hell with you!”

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1380

Gerald’s golden light then flickered before completely enveloping the already faint, black light. And with that, the black light was no more, completely overwhelmed by the immense power.

‘So my potential has finally been released… If this is truly the Herculean Primordial Spirit, then that means I’ve successfully unlocked the first stage of the Primordial Spirit! Though I do wonder… Once I unlock all nine stages, will I really be capable of causing massive destruction to both heaven and earth…?’ Gerald thought to himself in amazement.

Whatever the case was, Gerald then lifted the unconscious Yume off the ground before tearing his mask off, revealing his true face. Just as he was about to leave with her, however, he suddenly noticed a rather strange piece of equipment built in the center of the secret chamber.

It looked like some kind of pool, and above it, was a blue light that dispersed a blue liquid from it, not unlike how automatic water fountains functioned. The pool itself seemed to be emitting its own blue glow.

‘…This should be what Felton was telling me about… It should be the cornerstone that this family—with secret techniques—used to train their inner strength…! In other words, this should be the source of their family’s power…!’ Gerald thought to himself.

“Well, since I’m already here anyway, I may as well make the best of the situation. In order to repay your kindness, I’ll be passing on a special training technique to you, Yume! Still, it truly seems that both of us can never be on the same path after all!” muttered Gerald with a wry smile as he shook his head.

Following that, he gathered some strength in his palm before blasting the concentrated energy at the cornerstone!

Upon hitting its mark, the blue crystal sphere rolled to the side and the stone platform ended up shattering to pieces in an explosive sound, causing the liquid in the pool to immediately flow out!

“Let’s see how arrogant you can continue being after taking this away from you!” sneered Gerald before picking the blue crystal sphere up and leaving the place for good.

Meanwhile, Yreth—who had been busy commanding the rest of the Gunters in her search for Gerald—suddenly felt her heart palpitate, prompting her to shudder and shout, “…Something’s not right…!”

“What is it, Lady Yreth?” asked one of her subordinates.

“Something’s happened at home…! It seems that our foundation has shaken!” replied Yreth as she frowned incredulously.

She knew for a fact that the place where their foundation was hidden was extremely deep and well-concealed. What more, ‘he’ would’ve been standing guard there as well. With that in mind, how could it have shaken…?

If the Gunters no longer had the foundation, then they’d never be able to continue making any progress in their training. Should that come to be, then all the Gunters could do in future was sit idle till their fortune ran dry! Worst come to worst, all it would take was a few years for there to no longer be any more new Gunters who possessed any knowledge of secret techniques!

As she was thinking about that, one of her subordinates suddenly called out in a panicked voice, “W-we’ve found him…! Lady Yreth, we’ve found him…!”

“What? You’ve found Gerald? Also, why do you look so panicked?” asked Yreth as her eyes instantly lit up. Turning to face the direction of the voice, she saw several Gunters carrying a person as they rushed toward her.

Gulping, the subordinate then miserably replied, “…I-it’s not Gerald, Lady Yreth… We… We found Mr. Felton’s body…!”

“…W-what did you say…? Felton’s body…?!” said Yreth as she felt an acute pain in her heart.

By the time the subordinates stood before her with Felton’s body, Yreth was feeling so faint from the shock that she required someone to support her body.

Upon carefully inspecting the body, she heavy-heartedly had to acknowledge that her grandson was dead… But how could that be…? Hadn’t he already returned home…? Why was his corpse here then…?

…If he was here this entire time… Then… Who was the Felton back at Gunter Manor?

As a sea of questions arose in her heart, she slowly began connecting the dots… Before her eyes widened in astonishment.

“…This is bad. Everyone! Hurry and return to the Gunter Manor with me…!” commanded Yreth.

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