The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 1381-1390

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1381
When Yreth rushed back to Gunter Manor with the other members of the Gunter family, all they could see was a burst of flames soaring into the sky.

The entire Gunter Manor was lit up in a big fire, and it had nearly turned into ashes.

Yreth’s face was flushed red with anger. At this moment, her feelings of grief and anger were mixed up, and this made her feel extremely hysterical. “The Gunter family’s foundation of more than ten thousand years has been completely ruined and destroyed by Gerald. Gerald! If I, Yreth Gunter, do not avenge the Gunter family for everything that you have done today, I am not a member of the Gunter family!”

Yreth naturally understood the situation now. The person who had been posing as Felton was none other than Gerald.

Moreover, Gerald had also been telling the truth. Felton had truly ended up in his hands, but Felton had not managed to escape successfully, but instead, he had been brutally murdered by Gerald in the forest.

After that, Gerald had made his way into Gunter Manor, burning down and destroying the foundation of the Gunter family.

Yreth was filled with anger and resentment. She was so enraged that her whole body was trembling uncontrollably as she ground her teeth until they were crushed.

“Gather all our forces and try your best to find and locate Gerald’s whereabouts. Even if Gerald has already run to the ends of the earth, I want you to capture and bring him back so that I can tear him into pieces!”

Yreth could not help but feel inexplicably nervous.

Could Gerald have already taken the Gunter family’s cornerstone away?! It seemed as though it had already been shifted and displaced.

But that should be impossible! After all, the ancestor of the Gunter family should be in charge of watching over it.

At this moment, Yreth did not have time to think about anything else, and she braved the raging fire as she rushed directly to her secret chamber.

Three days later, at North Desert Town.

‘Although I do not fully understand what the Herculean Golden Primordial Spirit is, the first stage of the awakening of its potential has indeed brought about many huge changes to me!’

Gerald quickly walked out from within a dense forest.

North Desert Town was already before him.

Gerald could not help but feel very surprised and happy as he thought about the changes in his body within a very short three days’ period.

According to Gerald’s original cultivation level, it would not be a problem for him to arrive at North Desert Town within a day through Qerton Mountain from Qerton City.

However, Gerald could feel that his body had undergone earth-shattering changes over the past three days.

When Finnley had bathed him with medicinal herbs and materials back then, Gerald’s body had changed drastically because of that. It was as though all of the cells in his body had opened up at once, and it was madly absorbing the holy spirit, and his physique continued growing stronger, and his skills and abilities continued strengthening back then.

But now, after the first stage of potential had been awakened, Gerald felt as though his body did not belong to him anymore. He felt as though some sort of wonderful realm between heaven and earth had been opened up. In the past, he had absorbed all of the holy spirits in others to nourish and strengthen his body, but now, he felt as though the barrier between him and the holy spirit had been completely banished, and he felt as though he had completely integrated himself and become one with the elements of heaven and earth.

Using the Thunder Eruption method, the growth rate of his own cultivation level was showing an extremely incredible growth trend.

Now, it had just been three days, but he had already crossed the middle stage of the Spirit Earth Realm, and he had already reached the later stage directly. No, it seemed to be a stage that surpassed the later stage, but Gerald was still a little unclear about the exact details.

In short, Gerald felt extremely strong and powerful now.

Three days ago, Gerald had simply had a stronger and more powerful soul. So, he did not dare to stay in Qerton City to go head-to-head with the King of the Judgement Portal and the Gunter family.

But now, Gerald would certainly be able to defeat Yreth or Queena if he had to face them directly.

This was the confidence that Gerald had. It was the kind of confidence that arose entirely because of his current strength.

However, at this moment, Gerald had to help Zyla look for Liemes’s corpse so that the both of them could finally be reconciled. After that, he would have to deal with the important matter involving the pledge of the holy water.

So, after cultivating and rushing to make his way through the forest for three days, Gerald had finally arrived.

Everyone had already agreed to meet up at a hotel that Gerald had visited when he was here before.

However, it was only after Gerald had arrived and asked about it that he found out that Uncle, Zyla, and the others had indeed stayed at this hotel. However, someone had come to pick them up in the morning yesterday and they had left, never coming back after that.

‘How could it be? Could it be that uncle is also acquainted with someone here?’ Gerald thought to himself.

“Do you know who picked them up?”

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1382

Gerald asked.

“I don’t know. We have many guests coming here recently. However, those people are all dressed in Western-style clothing, and they also have a certain logo on their chest. Based on what I saw, your friends were respectfully picked up by those people!” The boss said.

Gerald nodded.

Uncle had not left anything behind for him at all to trace and find them.

So, it seemed as though they did not intend to stay there for a long time even if they had truly left. However, something must have cropped up, and that must be why Uncle and the others had not returned yet.

“Ah, young lad, can you see that? It is some people with a similar kind of dressing. They look just like the people who picked your friends up.”

At this time, the boss spoke as he looked outside the door and pointed at a group of more than a dozen people.

Gerald looked in that direction.

The leader of the group was a tall woman with naturally curly and long hair. She was dressed in sports attire and based on the outline of her figure, it was obvious that she was born from a martial arts family.

She looked very beautiful, and she had an eminent aura around her, making it obvious that she was not a local at first glance.

She was shopping on the street.

There were about a dozen bodyguards dressed in suits behind her at this time.

As the boss had just said, all of these bodyguards had a circular logo on their chests.

“It’s them?”

Gerald could not help but knit his brows together as he frowned. He stepped forward as he got ready to question them.

“Miss, you should hurry up and go back. We should be doing this personally, but Tilar Lacraft is a very sinister and cunning person. I am truly worried and afraid that you will be in danger if something were to go wrong!”

A middle-aged man behind her spoke up.

This middle-aged man had a pair of brows that were slanting like swords, and he had a piercing look in his eyes. He had an extraordinary aura, and his palms were filled with calluses. He was obviously a master.

He was speaking in a very polite and respectful manner as he followed behind the woman.

“Pfft! What is the matter? I want everyone in my family to see that I, Yileen Dailey, can also get things done, and I will not fall behind anyone else! I can even solve things that my father cannot solve, and I can deal with people that my father cannot deal with! Hmph! Alright, then. I will only meet up with them later. Stop disturbing me while I am trying to shop. Just follow me from far behind!”

Yileen looked like she was about twenty-three or twenty-four years old. Although she was very beautiful, anyone could tell that she was a very deadly person who was not to be trifled with.

So, at this moment, the few of her subordinates did not dare to continue persuading her anymore. Thus, they could only slowly follow behind her.

“Miss, there is something that I would like to ask you!”

After waiting for a while, Gerald suddenly came forward and stood in front of Yileen.

“Who are you?”

Yileen asked as she looked Gerald up and down.

He was wearing very ordinary clothes, but he actually had a very handsome appearance.

However, Yileen would never look up to someone like him, and a trace of disdain flashed through her eyes instantly.

“I would like to ask you about six of my friends. They are two men and four women, and they were staying at this hotel before this. However, I heard the boss saying that someone came to pick them up from the hotel early in the morning yesterday. Were you the ones who picked them up?” Gerald asked with a polite smile on his face.

He had decided to approach them as a normal and ordinary person.

“What the hell? Who are you? You can go and look for the person who took your friends away if you want to. Why are you asking me? I have already seen many people who have tried using the same means as you. You actually dare to try to strike up a conversation with me?! Why don’t you take a look at yourself! Do you honestly think you are worthy enough to speak to me?!” Yileen could not help but reply in contempt.

As she was speaking, the few bodyguards behind her had already taken a step forward as they all glared coldly at Gerald. They wanted to use their cold and sharp gaze to try and scare this person in front of her away…

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1383

When Gerald saw these people, he could not help but shake his head as he smiled bitterly.

It was rather dramatic if he were to think about it. Just one year ago, Gerald would certainly have felt extremely nervous no matter how calm he usually was if he were to meet so many bodyguards who were surrounding him.

But now, it would not be a joke to say that if Gerald were to simply point his finger at these people, they would all be dead in an instant, not even knowing how they died.

It was obvious that when a person possessed great strength and power that far surpassed that of an ordinary person, he would appear to be totally indifferent even when facing this kind of intimidation. He would not take it to heart at all.

At this time, Chester and Aiden had already returned to Mayberry City to recuperate and treat their injuries.

Now that Gerald could not find Zyla, he would have to get some clues from these people.

“Wait a minute!”

At this time, Yileen suddenly stopped them as she yelled out loud.

“Miss Yileen, what is wrong?” The middle-aged man asked.

“Dario, don’t you think that this young man seems to resemble someone?” Yileen suddenly spoke up, and her arms were crossed in front of her chest as she stared at Gerald.

“Resemble someone? Who does he resemble?” Dario asked.

“Don’t you think that he looks a lot like Jamarcus, the slave that I beat to death?”

Yileen was very keen and interested as she circled Gerald and stared intently at him.

The more she looked at him, the more she felt as though Gerald truly resembled her late slave.

“Miss Yileen, now that you have mentioned it, it seems as though he does indeed resemble your slave, Jamarcus!” Dario said as he nodded in agreement.

“Hahaha! I was just wondering why this person looks so familiar to me. Sigh. I still feel a little guilty sometimes because I did not control my strength well and killed Jamarcus back then. Why don’t we keep this young lad by my side as my attendant so that he can serve me, then? Looking at the way he is, I think he also cannot afford to feed and support himself anyway! Why don’t we give him a job, then?” Yileen said.

After cultivating and training in the forest for three days, Gerald’s clothes did look very embarrassing and depressing.

However, Gerald could not help but smile bitterly upon hearing Yileen’s words.

No one had ever dared to say this kind of thing to him ever since he had become Mr. Crawford, right?

“Miss, I only want to find my friends whom you had taken away. If you know where they are, please take me to see them!” Gerald replied as he smiled slightly.

“You are indeed courageous! Miss Yileen is allowing you to become her slave because she thinks you are worthy enough. You actually dare to turn her request down?!”

Dario had a very cold look in his eyes.

“Stay back, Dario. You said that you want to find your friends, right? Okay, then. I promise you. However, you will have to follow me first. After I am done with my business, I will bring you to see your friends!”

Yileen rolled her eyes slightly before she smiled at Dario.

How could this kind of petty trick escape Gerald’s eyes?

To be honest, Gerald could already guess what Yileen was thinking of. However, there were indeed traces and clues of Zyla, Uncle, and the others in this group of people.

Of course, Gerald had another option.

He could easily defeat them on the spot so that he could force them to tell him the truth.

However, Gerald was afraid that they would really turn out to be Uncle’s friends. These people would not be able to withstand Gerald’s blow. If he were to accidentally kill them, it would not be good.

After thinking about it, Gerald decided to agree to her request for the time being so that he could see what kind of plans and tricks she had up her sleeves.

“I will agree to your request if you promise me that I will be able to see my friends!” Gerald said.

“Hahaha! Alright, then. By the way, what is your name?” Yileen asked as she sneered.

“Gerald Crawford!”

“Your name is so girly! It would not sound good for me to call you Gerald. Well, I will call you Crawford in the future. You will stay by my side and follow me from now onward. I will treat you the same way that I treated Jamarcus in the past, but I will not beat you! Hahaha!” Yileen said as she laughed.

It seemed as though she had something important to do, and that was the reason why she had made an appearance here today. After a while, Yileen assembled and gathered her men before heading toward a manor that was located to the north of the town.

Gerald also had a general understanding of the situation along the way.

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1384

Something strange seemed to have happened in the North Desert Town about a month ago.

Many family forces had begun arriving and gathering here, one after the other.

The Dailey family was just one of them.

Yileen was out here as a representative of the Dailey family for negotiation and discussion with Tilar Lacraft. However, Gerald was unclear about the terms and purpose of their negotiation.

Regardless, Gerald could not be bothered about these things.

Very soon, Yileen’s convoy arrived outside of Tilar’s manor.

There were many of Tilar’s bodyguards, both inside and outside of the manor.

Tilar belonged to one of the powerful local forces, and he was a local tyrant.

Tilar was a middle-aged man who was a little round and chubby, and his eyes were narrowed into a straight line.

“Miss Dailey, I thought that the Dailey family would not step up this time. I truly did not expect that you would actually come here in person. Okay, then. You are indeed very courageous and resolute! Miss Dailey, you are certainly an exceptional heroine!”

Tilar said, and he squinted his eyes as he looked Yileen’s body up and down.

“Tilar Lacraft, stop talking so much nonsense and let’s just get straight to the point. I want to ask you, why did you suddenly change your mind and lower the Dailey family’s percentage, when we have originally agreed and decided that the four big and influential families would work together, make contributions, and share the discovery of these historical ruins? What do you mean by this?” Yileen spoke up in an extremely arrogant and domineering manner.

“Hahaha! Miss Dailey, you are indeed a very straightforward person! You are right. We originally planned to divide the historical ruins equally. However, the Xanthos family made the biggest contribution in this matter, and they were also the first ones to discover this miracle. As for the Dailey family, your family hardly made any contributions in this matter at all. Therefore, for the sake of achieving real fairness, the rest of the two families have already agreed to the Xanthos family’s proposal to allow the Xanthos family to gain a bigger percentage!” Tilar said as he laughed.

“My ass! Tilar Lacraft, don’t forget, the Dailey family was the one who opened the door to the historical ruins. If the Dailey family did not exist, the rest of the three families might still be waiting outside under the sun!” Yileen retorted.

Although Gerald, who was standing aside, could not hear everything, he could hear most of the important parts.

Historical ruins.

Gerald felt that it could be possible that this group of people had found a place that was similar to the ancient tomb. The four families were originally collaborating and working together to split the profits evenly. However, it was obvious that someone had tried to go back on their word after that!

“Tilar Lacraft, don’t forget who saved your life in the first place! You are indeed heartless and ungrateful!” Yileen scolded angrily.

“Pfft! Yileen Dailey, I am only so polite and respectful to you because of our mutual affection in the past. You stinky brat! You’d better not try to take advantage of my weakness to trample all over me! It seems as though you will not understand the current situation you are in if I do not teach you a lesson today!”

“Alright, then. Since you have already personally come all the way to my doorstep, it seems as though I will not have to make another trip, then!”

At this time, Tilar suddenly waved his hand, and a group of bodyguards rushed over immediately as they brought out their pistols and surrounded the group of people in an instant.

“Tilar Lacraft, I dare you!” Yileen yelled angrily.

As for Tilar, he simply walked over directly toward Yileen before giving her a tight slap across her face.

“You stupid woman. Why wouldn’t I dare to?!”

“Dario, kill them for me!”

As for Yileen, she never expected that Tilar would actually dare to hit her.

So, she yelled out angrily at this moment.

“Hahaha! Dario is a very rare master indeed. To be honest, the reason why I have always been fearful of the Dailey family was simply because of Dario! The 108th generation of the descendants of the iron palm. It is indeed very terrifying!” Tilar said as he laughed without a hint of panic at all.

“Dario, what are you waiting for? I asked you to kill him for me!” Yileen shouted at Dario who was still standing in place without moving.

“Sigh. Miss Yileen, I have already advised you several times and told you that it would be best if you were to stay at home. Based on the current situation, it is not time for you to continue acting in such a willful manner!” Dario said with a bitter smile on his face as he shook his head.

After that, Dario brought more than a dozen bodyguards as they walked behind Tilar. “Mr. Lacraft is already being very polite to you, Miss Yileen!”

Dario smiled as he shook his head.


Yileen’s eyes widened in disbelief.

Dario was actually leading the bodyguards of the Dailey family to defect and betray the Dailey family!

Although Yileen was also skilled in martial arts, at this moment, she could only take a step back out of fear as she looked at the bodyguards of the Lacraft family who were all staring fiercely at her at this time…

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1385

She would never be these people’s opponent.

At this moment, she was so scared that her palms and the back of her hands were all sweaty.

Dario was supposed to be the Dailey family’s support and pillar of strength, but now, he was actually turning his back on them?!

“So, what now, Miss Dailey? Master Dario is one of the top masters, but he is made to look like a slave in the Dailey family. However, it will be a whole different story if Master Dario were to come to us. Master Dario will become the Lacraft family’s guest of honor!” Tilar said as he grinned.

“You… what are you guys thinking of doing?” Yileen said as she swallowed hard.

“Hahaha! I know that your father loves you the most because you are his only daughter. If he were to find out that you have fallen into our hands, I believe that your father will certainly agree and sign some of the terms of the agreement that Mr. Xanthos is going to bring up! It is actually that simple!” Tilar said as he shrugged.

“We have not even entered the innermost part of the historical ruins, and we cannot even be certain that there is even any treasure in it at all. So, don’t you think that you and the Xanthos family are acting a little too rashly by threatening the Dailey family so soon?” Yileen said.

“Hahaha! What a silly and adorable woman. Did you honestly think that we would go through so much trouble if we had not found anything? Anyway, no matter what it is, you have already fallen into my hands now. So, I might as well tell you the truth. The Xanthos family has already found a treasure inside the ruins!” Tilar said.

“I do not believe you! The historical ruins are so mysterious. I do not believe that the Xanthos family would have already discovered any secrets within it in just a few days.” Yileen replied as she shook her head.

However, at this time, Yileen was also starting to doubt her own beliefs. After all, if the Xanthos family had not found any earth-shattering and unbelievable priceless treasures, they would not have asked Tilar to go back on his oath. In that case, Tilar would certainly not have the power to make Dario turn his back on the Dailey family either.

At the end of the day, out of the four great and influential families, the other two families had already shown their favor toward the Xanthos family. So, at this point, the Dailey family was indeed a little out of place as compared to them.

“Alright, then. In that case, I will make sure that you are utterly convinced then, Miss Dailey. Why don’t you take a look at what this is?”

As he spoke, Tilar took out a very simple and unsophisticated wooden box.

The wooden box was pitch-black, and it looked just like the size of a baby’s palm.

He took it out carefully, and this wooden box naturally attracted Gerald’s attention at this time.

Gerald knitted his brows tightly together as he felt extremely curious.

The wooden box did not look like an ordinary relic at first glance. No matter how he looked at it, it seemed to contain a trace of a holy spirit.

Gerald’s brows were tightly knitted together as he watched intently.

At this time, Tilar opened the wooden box.

Immediately afterward, a hint of a very rich purple glow came out of the box, and the purple glow instantly enveloped itself around Tilar.

It was a spiritual artifact that was accompanying the purple glow.

Gerald’s eyelids twitched fiercely at this time.

‘It is indeed not just an ordinary relic! It is a spiritual artifact!’

Gerald was shocked.

He had originally thought that this group of people was simply fighting because of some treasure that they had found in the ancient tomb. Unexpectedly, what they had found was actually a spiritual artifact!

Gerald had heard Queena talking about this in the snake cave back then.

Any place where a spiritual artifact was found would be a miracle belonging to the ancient Shunzuog Civilization.

Anyone would certainly be able to find a great ancient heritage or even some good fortune or adventure in that place.

Could it be that the historical ruins were actually a miracle?

In that case, Gerald could now roughly guess the reason as to why Zyla would choose to mingle with and stick around this group of people.

Not to mention Uncle and the others, but if Gerald were to encounter and discover this kind of miracle, he would not let this opportunity go just like that either.

It seemed as though his trip was not in vain this time.

“This… what is this?!”

As for Yileen, she was extremely shocked.

“Hahaha! This is a kind of magic stone. This magic stone alone is already a priceless and invaluable treasure. So, do you finally understand everything now, Miss Dailey?” Tilar said as he laughed.

As for Dario, he could only shake his head with a bitter smile on his face.

Yileen was so enraged that her chest was rising up and down due to her frantic breathing. This group of people was simply too good at scheming! Even her father had been kept completely in the dark.

“Miss Dailey, you are all alone now. So, it would be best if you chose not to resist. You should just be obedient and submit to the arrest without putting up any resistance. Otherwise, you will certainly have to suffer a little, then!” Tilar reminded her.

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1386
Only then did Tilar suddenly realize that a young man was standing behind Yileen at this point.

Tilar did not know whether the young man had been frightened because of his majestic aura. At this moment, he seemed to be in a trance, as though he was deep in his own thoughts.

It seemed as though his mind and attention were not placed on Yileen at all.

‘Could it be because I have frightened and scared him?’

Tilar shook his head as he thought to himself.

After that, he asked, “Master Dario, who is that man? Is he one of Yileen’s slaves too?”

“Yes, Mr. Lacraft. He is a slave that Yileen had just taken in earlier.”

Dario nodded before he continued, “He is just a poor guy who was deceived and tricked by Yileen. Hahaha! He did not even know that he had been sold off and taken advantage of!”

Dario smiled bitterly.

“He seems to have already heard all of our conversations. So, Master Dario, you know what you will have to do, then!” Tilar said as he sneered.

The complete success of this plan obviously made him feel extremely comfortable.

“I understand. I will burn him alive later. If he wants to blame anyone, he can only blame himself for his bad luck!” Dario replied confidently.

“Ahh!” Yileen was so afraid that she could only swallow her saliva out of fright.

This was especially so when she happened to see a subordinate bringing a big barrel full of gasoline over to them.

Yileen could not stop her legs from trembling out of fear as she observed this scene.

Dario was obviously doing this to make an example out of Gerald so that he could scare her. He was going to kill Gerald so that he could scare Yileen into submission, all so she would act obediently and fulfill the next step of their plan.

“Why? Miss Dailey, are you scared now?” Tilar asked as he sneered.

“You… you… don’t kill me! I beg you!” Yileen said as she trembled in fear.

“Hahaha! What if I can only keep one of you alive, then? Will it be you or this young lad here?” Tilar asked as he continued ridiculing Yileen.

“Of course you will have to kill him, then! He is just a slave! Even if you burn him to death, I would still be of use to you as long as I am alive!”

Yileen hurriedly backed away.


Yileen’s actions made everyone laugh until they were all rolling with laughter.

“Stop laughing! It is time for you to take action. You can also allow Miss Dailey to experience and witness a bloody scene!” Tilar said as he waved his hand.

“Okay, Boss. This kid is probably already scared silly. He has not even reacted all this time, but he will certainly scream out in pain later!”

The subordinate said with a grin on his face as he walked toward Gerald.

“Young lad, you are going to die tragically soon. You’d better shout it out loud if you have any last words!”

The subordinate said savagely as he cracked his own neck slightly.


As for Gerald, he was still focusing and concentrating, and he simply made a silent gesture at the subordinate.

“What is going on? What are you doing?” The subordinate was taken aback by Gerald’s reaction.

“Is the miracle that you mentioned found in a cave in the desert about seventy miles away from this place?” Gerald asked lightly.

“Ehh? Young lad, how did you know that?!”

Tilar could not help but feel a little startled.

This matter was a very big secret!

“You don’t have to worry about how I found out about it. By the way, you said that you want to keep this woman back here. I’m afraid that will not be possible. She has to bring me to see my friends!”

Gerald was using his own concentration energy to search for a place that was filled with a holy spirit nearby. Just as expected, he locked onto a spot. Based on Tilar’s reaction, it seemed as though the location of the miracle that he had speculated was indeed correct. It was the historical ruins that they were talking about.

“You brat! Are you really that dumb and brainless?! You are already about to die! I have more than seventy men in my manor, and they can easily drown you with a single mouthful of their saliva each. You actually dare to try and negotiate with me at this time?! It seems as though you are indeed not a smart kid at all. Moreover, you are truly stupid. Did you really think that you would be able to threaten me just because you know the location of the historical ruins?!”

Tilar shook his head speechlessly. All of Tilar’s men also sneered as they stared at Gerald.

“I am not trying to negotiate any terms with you. I think I have already expressed my intentions very clearly. Those are my words, and my words are commands before you. If you refuse to obey my commands…”

The corners of Gerald’s lips turned into a smile as he continued, “I will just kill all of you, then!”

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1387

“Hahaha! Boss, I have already confirmed that this person is definitely a lunatic. He can’t possibly be even crazier than this!”

The crowd of people was all laughing out loud at this time.

Don’t mention the others, but even Yileen was also looking at Gerald as though he was a fool.

There was indeed something wrong with this man’s brain.

He could have been a little smarter, and he could have simply knelt and begged Tilar for mercy at this moment. Yet, he was actually uttering conceited nonsense without using his brain at all. No, in fact, he was even speaking like a madman.

He was already on the verge of dying! Yileen had originally felt some pity for him, but now, she no longer felt even a trace of sympathy for him anymore.

‘He is a fool, and he truly deserves to die!’ Yileen thought to herself.

“Master Dario, I have already laughed enough. Killing him off was originally supposed to be an extremely serious matter. However, I never would have expected this young man to turn it into such an amusing matter. Forget it! Kill him now and let Miss Dailey witness his death with her own eyes!”

Tilar also shook his head with a wry smile on his face.

Dario’s mouth curved into a smile that was full of ridicule. At this time, he walked directly toward Gerald as he clasped his hands on Gerald’s shoulder.

He was prepared to throw Gerald into the gasoline.

But very soon, he was full of shock and surprise.

This was because he found that no matter how hard he tried, the young man in front of him would not move at all.

Dario felt as though what he was pulling was not a person, but a huge mountain.

His own strength seemed to be so mild and insignificant in front of this person!

Could it be an illusion?

Dario was horrified.

He was a top master amongst all masters. His iron palm was already at the point of perfection.

He could easily smash a cow to death with just one palm.

So, why couldn’t he settle this young man, then?

“Hahaha!” Gerald laughed faintly as he looked at him.

Gerald’s laughter, and especially the look in his eyes, actually made Dario feel chills all over his back.

“You… what are you laughing at?!” Dario asked in astonishment.

“I am laughing at all of you. All of you are truly very pitiful. Did you really think that people like you guys would be able to kill me just like that? Moreover, you even told me such a big piece of news!”

Gerald shook his head.

At this moment, he simply shook his body slightly.


The part between Dario’s thumb and index finger was torn apart directly, and his whole body was hit by a rush of surging energy as he flew to the back and crashed heavily on the ground.

Dario’s clothes were already torn into pieces because of the explosion, and he looked extremely pitiful and pathetic at this time.

All of the veins in his arms were protruding, and it bulged out, looking three times bigger than it was in an instant.

It was abolished!

His arm was now crippled!

Dario looked at the young man in disbelief as he swallowed wildly. He… he… was he a man or a demon?!

As for Tilar, his eyelids twitched wildly as he hurriedly took a few steps backward.

This scene had obviously scared him.

Yileen was even more shocked, and she used her hand to cover her mouth in shock.

She had originally thought that this man was just a pathetic person—a silly pathetic fool.

However, she never would have expected that he would actually be as powerful as a deity!

Everyone’s impression of Gerald immediately changed at this moment.

This was because a strong killing intent had shrouded itself around all of them at this point.

“Don’t mess around with us!”

Tilar shouted wildly, “Brothers! Take out your pistols now! I want all of you to take out your pistols! Do not let him move at all!”

Tilar was hysterical.

As soon as Tilar’s subordinates took out their weapons, Gerald simply waved his hand lightly, and all of the weapons fell out of their hands in an instant as it flew to the side.

Right then and there, everyone was dumbfounded.

Tilar had been in the underground world for such a long time, and at this moment, he could finally see the kind of existence that this young man who was standing in front of him actually was.

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1388

He seemed like a demon—a demon who could easily kill anyone at any time with just a single flick of his fingers!

“Don’t move! Don’t move any more! I want everyone to stay back!”

Tilar raised his hand to signal his subordinates so that they would not act rashly any longer.

Then, Tilar slowly walked in front of Gerald before he knelt directly in front of him with a thud.

“Boss, I… I was wrong!”

Tilar bowed in front of Gerald with an expression on his face that was filled with respect.

“That’s right. You are very smart indeed. Talking to me in this posture is probably the best and smartest thing you have ever done in your whole life!”

Gerald would never think about justice or righteousness whenever he was dealing with this kind of people.

Only fear—fear from deep within the body and mind would truly and utterly convince a person to surrender himself.

“I… I was wrong too! Please spare my life! I am willing to pledge my loyalty to you and serve you by your side from now onward!”

As for Dario, when he saw that Tilar seemed to have made a narrow escape after kneeling in front of Gerald, Dario hurriedly knelt and bowed in front of him too.

“Who do you think you are? Did you really think that someone like you would be worthy enough to stay by my side to serve me? You… you are not qualified or worthy enough to become my dog!”

Gerald shook his head.

“Please spare my life!”

Dario pleaded as he continued bowing and knocking his head on the ground.

“This is a gasoline tank. You said that you were going to light me up just now. It just so happens that I have never seen anyone get killed in this manner before. So, I truly want to open up my eyes and witness it for myself today!” Gerald replied coldly.

As soon as his voice fell, Gerald raised his hand as he inhaled, and Dario flew directly into the gasoline tank in an instant.

As he flicked his fingers, a flame shot out directly.

An earth-shattering burst of flames ignited in an instant, and Dario started screaming out loud as though he was a pig that was getting slaughtered.


Yileen held her head in her hands as she started screaming out of fear.

At this time, Tilar and his group of subordinates also swallowed wildly as all of them broke out in cold sweat.

This person in front of them at this moment was, in fact, a living demon.

Everyone knelt instantly, and no one dared to look directly into Gerald’s eyes at all.

There was even someone who peed in his pants.

“This is how it should have been. If you had known that this would happen, why would you bother talking so much nonsense just now?!”

Gerald shook his head as he smiled slightly.

Then, he looked at Yileen and said, “Miss Dailey, I was not joking with you just now either. If you really know of my friends’ whereabouts, you’d better bring me to see them right now!”

Yileen swallowed frantically at this time. She had been deceiving Gerald all along. She did not know of Gerald’s friends’ whereabouts at all.

She was terrified. She was afraid that she would die if she were to tell him the truth now.

However, if she refused to tell him the truth, she would certainly have to die, then.

After thinking about it, Yileen finally confessed honestly, “I… I haven’t seen your friends at all. I was simply lying to you. I am sorry! Please spare my life! I will not dare to do it again!”

“Could it be that they had already headed to the historical ruins that you guys were talking about? I heard the boss of the hotel saying that the people who picked them up and took them away were all wearing the same clothes as this dozen or so of your subordinates!” Gerald continued asking coldly.

“Perhaps… perhaps it was the Xanthos family! They could have been picked up by Mr. Xanthos. Both the Xanthos family and the Dailey family have this similar logo on their chests!” Tilar said with his head lowered at this time.

“Are you sure?” Gerald asked as he frowned.

Tilar nodded repeatedly as he said, “I am certain. Boss, can I ask if the friends that you were mentioning consist of three women and two men?”


Zyla was the thought of the soul. It had already been more than three days now, so she should have already come out of Rosie’s body.

Gerald nodded at this time.

“That’s right, then. Two days ago, Mr. Xanthos invited several masters to come over, and they seemed to be extremely powerful. They were also the ones who unraveled the mystery of the historical ruins! I have also met those people several times before, and they said that they were waiting for someone here. I thought that the person they were waiting for should be even more strong and powerful, then!”

As he thought about this, Tilar swallowed his saliva and asked, “Could it be that you are the person they were waiting for?”

“That’s right. I want you to bring me to see them now!”

Gerald said casually with his hands behind his back.

Tilar trembled slightly as he nodded repeatedly.

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1389

In the living room, at the Xanthos Manor.

A middle-aged man and a young man were seated on the sofa as they discussed something seriously with seven people who were all dressed in black uniforms.

“This matter related to the historical ruins will be the biggest event that will shake the whole world. So, we have to be extra careful and meticulous this time. As for the seven of you, you have extraordinary skills and abilities. So, we will have to rely on you masters to help us in the future.”

The middle-aged man said as he laughed with a teacup in his hand.

This middle-aged man was Wesson Xanthos, and he was the head of the Xanthos family, which was a well-known family force. Wesson was a very cruel and merciless man, and he had been worshipping theology all his life. He had been continuously expanding and building his family up with the help and connection of various dark forces over the years.

The young man beside him was Sloan, commonly referred to as Young Master Xanthos. He seemed to have inherited all of Wesson’s characteristics, and he even surpassed his father in certain ways. Even from a young age, he had already gained a vicious title because he had a very ruthless character hidden behind his gentle appearance.

He was Wesson’s only son.

As for these seven people, they were all skillful top masters that the pair of father and son had just invited to come over.

Amongst the seven people, there were six men and one woman, and they had a very strong and hostile aura encompassing them.

The Xanthos family had originally thought that the historical ruin they had discovered was just a large ancient tomb. However, it would not have been easy for them to crack this ancient tomb open if they were to rely solely on the strength of the Xanthos family.

So, they had united with the Dailey family, the Lacraft family, and other big families to jointly develop and open up the historical ruins.

They would share everything equally after gathering the treasures.

Of course, as per the pair of father and son’s calculation, it would simply be impossible for all parties to share everything equally at the end of the day. So, they naturally had their own plans in regards to how they would eventually deal with those other big families.

However, Wesson would never have expected that this was not actually just an ancient tomb. Instead, it was a place that was filled with many spiritual artifacts.

Everything inside could not be measured by its value or price at all.

Therefore, the Xanthos family would have to take advantage of everything by themselves.

Their plan was originally going smoothly, but unexpectedly, a few strangers had come to this place a few days ago.

They were even more strange. They had discovered the secret of this ancient tomb almost immediately, and they had even helped everyone to enter the depths of this miracle.

There were men and women amongst this group of people. There were an extraordinarily beautiful young woman and a middle-aged man with a face full of scars, and there was also a very quiet and silent middle-aged man amongst them. They aroused and attracted both Wesson and Sloan’s attention.

None of them looked like people that anyone should easily provoke.

Therefore, it would certainly be very unwise of them to have a direct confrontation and conflict with them.

So, Wesson and Sloan had invited them to come over so that they could develop and further discover the historical ruins together before they would cut them off completely in one swoop.

That was what led to the current scene at the moment.

“Chairman Xanthos, you have an awe-inspiring reputation, and you are known for your great strength. This time, you are actually paying such a high price just to invite the Seven Monsters from Snow Mountain to make a trip here personally. So, could it be possible that the skills and abilities of the few people that Chairman Xanthos is trying to deal with have already reached an incredibly terrifying point?”

The head of the Seven Monsters from Snow Mountain spoke up at this time.

“Yes. If that was not the case, I would not dare to trouble the seven of you at all!” Wesson replied.

“Chairman Xanthos, why don’t you tell us about your plans, then?!”

The head of the Seven Monsters from Snow Mountain was an old man, and he smiled as he squinted his eyes slightly.

“They are a group of people, and I do not know how they discovered the miracle. Moreover, they have even entered the depth of the miracle. It is actually really simple. I know that the Seven Monsters from Snow Mountain are in possession of a kind of poison known as the Snow Mountain Silkworm Venom which can be transformed into a poisonous fog. It would simply be impossible to stop this kind of poison. Therefore, I am thinking of releasing this poisonous fog in the depths of the miracle. After that, to stay on the safe side, I would like to trouble the Seven Monsters of Snow Mountain to personally step in and kill all of them one by one before bringing their corpses out to me. At that time, I will be willing to share the fruits of my victory with the seven of you!” Wesson said as he smiled.

The Seven Monsters of Snow Mountain were naturally not afraid of this kind of poison.

As soon as they heard this, the Seven Monsters of Snow Mountain also felt that this would be feasible. So, they naturally nodded, one after the other.

At this time, a servant suddenly walked in respectfully.

“Sir, Mr. Lacraft has brought a young man here with him to see you!”

“Hm? Alright, then. Invite him in!” Wesson said as he smiled.

As for the Seven Monsters of Snow Mountain, they disappeared from the sofa in a blink of an eye, almost as though they had never been there.

Sloan could not stop his eyelids from twitching slightly.

Right after that, Gerald, Tilar, and Yileen walked in.

“Chairman Lacraft, who is this?”

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1390

“This is Mr. Crawford. Mr. Gerald Crawford!” Tilar said respectfully as he made the introduction.

“Mr. Crawford is here today because he is looking for the few masters whom Chairman Xanthos invited to come over just a few days ago. They are all Mr. Crawford’s friends. At the same time, Mr. Crawford would also like to investigate and take a look at the miracle!”

At this time, Tilar was acting just like a filial son in front of Gerald, and he did not even dare to take a deeper breath at all.

As for Wesson, he had also obtained some important information and clues at this time.

This was especially so because he had just heard that the people in the cave who were about to be poisoned by him were actually this young man’s friends.

This made him feel a little more fearful and anxious.

“Oh! It will be easy for us to talk about this, then! It turns out that you are a friend of those few masters!” Wesson said as he smiled, and he wanted to shake hands with Gerald.

“Stop talking so much nonsense and take me to see them!”

As for Gerald, his sharp gaze swept across the room swiftly as he glanced coldly at Wesson.

At this moment, he spoke up casually.

“You arrogant man!”

Sloan could not help but feel angry when he saw Gerald’s arrogant and domineering attitude.

“Sloan! Don’t be rude!”

However, Wesson stopped him before he said, “Alright, then. Since you are determined and have the intention to investigate and check out the miracle, I will send some men to lead the way!”

Wesson seemed to agree with Gerald’s request on the surface, but in actual fact, he was already holding a grudge against Gerald.

At this time, he immediately arranged for his subordinate to lead Gerald and bring him to the cave.

Not long after Gerald had left, Sloan slammed his hands on the table angrily as he said, “Dad! Why did you stop me just now instead of letting me deal with that arrogant kid?!”

“You are too rash and reckless! Don’t forget that those people are also masters with great abilities. As for that young man, although we cannot see anything extraordinary about him, didn’t you notice that Yileen Dailey and Tilar Lacraft were both so frightened and afraid to even speak up in front of him?! Therefore, it is obvious that this man is not as simple as he looks!”

Wesson spoke up at this time as he could easily tell some things at a single glance when it came to certain underground matters.

“What should we do, then? Are we really going to take him to the ancient tomb?!” Sloan asked as he frowned.

“Of course, not! In order to prevent any new and complicated problems from arising, I want to invite the Seven Monsters from Snow Mountain to intercept and kill him as he is making his way there. That way, our mission will be accomplished as soon as we poison those few masters inside the cave to death! Pfft! In my opinion, Tilar Lacraft and the Dailey family are already of no use to me anymore!” Wesson said as he sneered.

At this time, the Seven Monsters from Snow Mountain who had disappeared from the sofa just now suddenly reappeared again.

All seven of them squinted their eyes slightly.

They looked like they were all very calm in meditation and had no worldly passions at all.

This was actually a necessary quality of every top master. They would always close their eyes to rest and calm their minds so that they would always be immersed in a certain wonderful and magical state.

“That young man just now is actually extremely talented. If it weren’t because of Chairman Xanthos’s needs, I would have already thought of taking him in as a disciple so that I could train him a little more. Unfortunately, since this is Chairman Xanthos’s wishes, he will have to die today!”

The old man, who was the head of the group, said with his eyes closed.

“I will have to trouble the seven of you, then!”

Wesson was overjoyed, and he hurriedly picked up the hot ginseng tea as he prepared to replace the wine with tea instead.

The old man raised his hand and refused it as he said, “No need. We will be back soon. You can just leave the tea here because it will not get cold!”

The old man then laughed bitterly.

After that, their figures disappeared completely.

At this moment, there was only a young man left seated on the sofa with his legs crossed. He was the youngest amongst the Seven Monsters of Snow Mountain.

“Mr. Yvon, why didn’t you go with them?” Sloan asked curiously.

“Because the six of them are already sufficient to complete the mission. As for me, the reason why I am staying behind is because I am tasked with the responsibility of staying back with Chairman Xanthos so that we can receive the fruits of our victory together!” The young man named Yvon replied with a faint smile on his face.

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