The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 1401-1410

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1401

The person standing before them… He wasn’t human at all…! How insanely powerful…!

As the father and son from the Xanthos family gulped, they recalled how they had first thought that Yvon possessed unique capabilities that would allow him to slaughter just about anyone… Now, however, all the youth was, was a lump of flesh! And all it had taken for Gerald to end his life was a single punch!

Being an extremely experienced and slick person, Wesson knew that he, his son, and possibly even his entire family was done for if he didn’t act fast!

With that in mind, he instantly knelt before begging, “B-boss…! Please spare our lives…! Sloan, hurry and get to your knees! Kneel before the boss and start begging for forgiveness as well!”

Following that, Welson tugged on his son’s arm till he knelt beside him. Sloan himself wasn’t about to disagree with his father’s actions. Both of them were well aware that they weren’t in any position to even dare to further offend this group of people…

“…Very good!” said Gerald with a faint smile.

Upon hearing that, Wesson—who already had a face filled with tears and snot—immediately replied, “T-thank you for sparing our lives, boss…!”

“Oh? I never said I’d be sparing your lives, though. I hope you realize that while I’ve already given you several chances to repent, neither of you took any of them! Just so you know, I once swore that I’d kill whoever tried to kill me first… Naturally, I’d have to kill their entire families as well… With that in mind, I’m not about to break my oath, especially not for you two!” retorted Gerald.

“…W-what…?!” stuttered Wesson, now sweating profusely as he feebly sat on the ground.

‘…If only I had previously known how powerful this ferocious demon truly was, I’d never have dared to offend him in the first place…!’

Following that, things proceeded rather simply. After all, it was naturally no problem for Gerald to deal with those small fries.

As the group then began heading toward the ancient tomb, Gerald recalled how he had sealed the tomb with a formation after finding out where Liemis had been hidden. He ended up leaving it back then since there was still a lot he had yet to figure out at the time.

Now, however, several of his previous questions were already resolved. What more, he had even found out a lot more about the Sun League, and he felt that he was much closer to finally cracking the group’s secrets.

Still, according to Zyla, the Mackusion should have revealed more information if his Dehlere Foundation hadn’t been ruined…

Even so, it still revealed enough for Gerald and the rest to be able to witness a few incidents at several key locations such as the ancient tomb and the Crawford Manor. Worrying that something would happen at those places soon, the group had wasted no time in heading to the ancient tomb.

When the cave leading to the tomb was in sight, Gerald explained, “You know, it was honestly lucky that Christopher had forced me into the underground palace back when he was still pursuing me… Otherwise, I would’ve never been able to find Liemis! Regardless, I made sure to seal the place up before leaving!”

As they got closer, however, Gerald soon felt his eyelids twitch.

He distinctly remembered sealing off the mouth of the cave with a large stone… However, someone seemed to have smashed that stone into pieces!

With the cave entrance now open to outsiders and chunks of stone scattered messily all over the place, Gerald felt his heart skip a beat as he said, “Something’s wrong…!”

Watching as Gerald dashed into the cave, Peter and Zyla couldn’t help but turn to look at each other.

Zyla, in particular, was displaying a cocktail of emotions on her face as she attempted to process all that was happening.

Quickly shaking the thoughts off, she then leaped forward until eventually standing by Gerald’s side.

Gerald himself was momentarily paralyzed in shock. From what he could see, not only had the entire cave grown much messier than before, but the anaconda—that had been living here for at least thousands of years—was dead as well! With a clean puncture to the snake’s head, it was evident that it was killed with only a single move.

Even so, the biggest shock yet was the fact that the eternal coffin had disappeared!

“…L-Liemis… Someone’s taken Liemis away…!”

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1402

Despite her high status, Gerald watched as her eyes grew red and teary. Who could blame her? After all, she had been waiting for this moment for thousands of years… To finally be able to reunite with Liemis… To think that even after going through so many twists and turns, Zyla was still unable to see even his corpse! Who was the one responsible for such cruelty…?

‘From what Zyla had told me, Liemis’s thought of the soul had ceased to exist around twenty years ago… It was simply something inevitable that came with my birth… Regardless, while his corpse once lay here, even that is gone now…’

Clenching his fists tightly, Gerald then said, “Putting aside the fact that this place is highly secluded, I even sealed this place using a formation in the dragon blood jade pendant… Who could’ve been capable enough to do all this…?”

“…From what I was able to see while we were still outside, your formation wasn’t ruined at all… In fact, it was solved, and rather easily too, from the looks of it! The person who broke in seems to have been very familiar with the topography here as well! They aren’t lacking strength-wise either since they managed to slaughter this giant anaconda!” muttered Peter as he gloomily walked over to the vexed Gerald’s side.

Peter was naturally just as bummed out as the duo were since, in a way, Liemis had indirectly saved his life before this… What more, Zyla had helped him a lot throughout their journey. In the end, not only did he fail to reunite her with Liemis’s corpse, but his corpse wasn’t even present anymore! This only served to increase Peter’s guilt.

As Gerald stood silently at the side in self-reproach, Zyla—who had been standing quite close to the dead anaconda—found herself shedding a tear that rolled down her cheek and onto the giant snake’s corpse…

With a rather clear ‘plop’, Zyla’s teardrop instantly caused a green light to be emitted from the giant snake…!

Eventually forming the shape of a green orb of light, the orb began emitting a somewhat ‘buzzy’ sound, prompting both Zyla and Gerald to curiously walk closer to investigate.

After hearing it make a few more strange noises, they were finally able to discern a few words! The orb of green was trying to communicate with them!

“You’re… back…!” said the rather awkward and unclear voice.

“…Are you the giant anaconda?” asked Gerald in surprise.

While he was glad that they were still able to tell what it was trying to say—albeit a bit slowly—Gerald couldn’t help but feel that the orb of green greatly resembled the thought of the soul of the Gunter family’s ancestor that he had taken out the other day.

“Yes, it’s me… Sadly, I’m only capable of meeting you like this since I’ve died, as you can see… Regardless, I’m only showing myself now since while I was bracing myself for death back then, I had retained my thought of the soul by holding onto the thought that I wouldn’t pass on until I received the tiniest amount of holy strength… Due to the tear, I was able to manifest this form with some effort…!” explained the giant anaconda extremely slowly.

“…I see… What exactly happened here…? And don’t worry, I’ll be finding a suitable body for you to attain rebirth immediately after this! After all, since you’ve managed to manifest the thought of your soul, I’ll just need to use Thunder Eruption to transfer your soul over!” said Gerald who honestly found the giant snake to be quite pitiful.

After all, it had been captured when it was just a tiny snake before being placed in here as a beast to guard the tomb. In other words, it had been locked up in here for thousands of years by now.

Now that its mission was finally complete, Gerald had been planning to get a primary forest for it to live there freely for the rest of its life. Though it was just an animal, Gerald personally felt the need to treat it as a senior. After all, it had helped him back then when he first entered the ancient tomb.

“While I appreciate it, know that your efforts will be useless. It’s taken great effort for me to retain my soul while waiting for your arrival in the past twenty over days… With that said, I’ve had to deplete the primary part of my soul in order to keep this tiny thought of my soul intact for this long. Due to that, once I pass on my message, I’ll sadly be disappearing for good!” replied the giant snake’s soul with a sigh.

Just from the snake’s words alone, Gerald could feel how lonely it was, and how much it yearned to go to the outside world.

“…Don’t say that… There must be a way to save you! I’ve plenty of ideas on how to achieve that!” said Gerald quickly.

Ignoring that statement, the snake then replied in an increasingly weakened voice, “I… Was slaughtered by an extremely powerful masked old man… Be careful if you ever bump into him… After all, not only is he cruel and vicious, but he also seems to know you well… Since he’s snatched the God of Battle’s corpse away, it’s evident that he’s trying to gain something from him…!”

“A… masked old man…?” muttered both Gerald and Zyla as they turned to look at each other…

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1403

“…Before that, why would you claim that he knows Gerald well…?” asked Zyla as she wiped her tears away while looking at the orb of green.

“It’s because he knew this place a little too well. You see, the formation Gerald used to seal the cave is the formation of the jade pendant, a formation that the God of Battle bestowed upon Gerald… While ordinary people would undoubtedly be unable to ever solve it, that old man had done so with great ease… What more, after slaughtering me, he used several methods to investigate the God of Battle’s corpse, mentioning Gerald’s name multiple times in the process… Aside from that, he also kept repeating the word ‘secret’, so I have a sneaking suspicion that he knows Gerald well!” explained the giant anaconda.

“Regardless, he didn’t seem to attain what he wanted, which prompted him to bring the eternal coffin away… Thankfully, it hadn’t dawned upon him at the time that I had rather strong soul power. It comes with living for over thousands of years. Whatever the case was, though my body perished, my soul remained, which is why I managed to see all this!” added the snake.

Hearing that, Gerald could only frown as he fell deep into thought.

Just as the snake had said, the formation had been embedded into his memories through the jade pendant… Seeing that knowledge of that wasn’t solving anything, he then thought about who knew about this place. Aside from Christopher, his grandfather, and the mysterious person who had led him here in the first place, there wasn’t anyone else that Gerald could think of. Speaking of that mysterious person, he had yet to appear before Gerald till this very day…

While he knew that something had happened for Christopher to die such a terrible death, Gerald wasn’t sure whether his grandfather—and the others who had headed to the pledge of the holy water with him—were still alive. Quite frankly, he didn’t even dare think about it. However, that did mean that his grandfather and Christopher were physically unable to be the culprits of this incident…

With that said, the mysterious person was the most likely person to have done all this…

‘…The mysterious person… It couldn’t be him, right…? It just wouldn’t make any sense! After all, he was the one who had led me to the eternal coffin… It must’ve been done out of goodwill, no…?’ Gerald thought to himself, remembering how the mysterious person had left him a clue when he had met a brick wall while investigating the Sun League back then.

With the help of his clue, Gerald was able to progress almost instantaneously that day…

‘He had anonymously sent that map—leading to the eternal coffin—to me back then, telling me to head there alone… After grandpa agreed that I should go, I eventually found the coffin, which allowed me to make such rapid progress in my training back then… Following that, I finally took revenge for my family by taking the Moldells out… Regardless, he was also the reason I got so many hints regarding Zyla’s incident. Up till this point, he’s been helping me this entire time… Could it be that he’s just using me…? Is he planning on eventually harming me…? But that doesn’t make any sense! At least not for the moment…’ Gerald pondered.

“Are you perhaps acquainted with such a secretive and powerful person, Gerald…?” asked Zyla as she looked at him.

After thinking for a short while, Gerald then nodded before saying, “…As a matter of fact, I am! I’ve mentioned him to you before… He’s my master, Finnley, and he’s so strong that even at my current level of training, I’m still not confident of standing against him! Just so you know, while I’ve sparred with him daily—while I was still training under him—not once had he ever found the need to display his true strength!”

Upon hearing that, Zyla’s and Peter’s expressions instantly turned stern. After all, someone who was able to create fear in Gerald—even at his current level of strength—was surely no ordinary powerful person…

“However, I’m indebted to Finnley. After all, not only did he save my life, but he’s also the one who first taught me martial arts! He’s always been kind to me, so I truly see no reason for him to do all this…” added Gerald.

He simply couldn’t figure it out at all. After all, Gerald had even previously reassured himself that Finnley was the mysterious person who had been helping him out in secret, and he had always felt at ease with this conclusion. This was due to how relaxed he had always felt whenever he was around that old man.

“…Still, if he truly is that nice to you, don’t you find it odd that he hasn’t met up with you by this point? Call it a gut feeling, but I feel that your Dehlere Foundation being ruined is directly linked to him!” said Zyla after thinking for a while.

Hearing that, Gerald instantly felt an acute pain in his heart as he shook his head before replying, “That’s simply impossible! I refuse to believe that he’d treat me this way! Even if he really was the cause of that, I still wish to investigate before jumping to any conclusions!”

At that moment, Jasmine—who had been standing close by this entire time—stepped forward and pointed at the orb of green while shouting, “Gerald, look there! The thought of the giant anaconda’s soul is starting to vanish…!”

Turning to face the rapidly fading soul, Gerald put all other thoughts aside for now and instantly used his Thunder Eruption skill to wrap his essential qi around the thought of the soul, desperately hoping to preserve it.

“There’s no need to waste your essential qi on me… I’m already fading and there’s nothing you can do to stop that… Please remember what I said and be careful in everything you do in the future… Live well, Gerald…!”

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1404

Hearing the giant snake say that, Gerald intensified his force, delivering more essential qi as he shouted, “I’m not letting you die like this…!”

“…Heh… To think that I’d actually be able to make a friend after so long… And such a caring one at that… Thank you…” muttered the now tiny orb of green as it slowly began floating higher…

Almost like fireflies taking flight in the night, the thought of the anaconda’s soul rose higher, and higher, until eventually, it scattered in a sea of glittering sparkles…

As the final sparkles faded, Gerald found himself clenching his fists tightly. While he had only met the giant anaconda once before this, it had previously helped him. What more, the snake had even sacrificed the thought of its soul just to warn him about that masked old man… By that point, Gerald had already considered the snake to be part of his family, and he had sworn that he would never let those by his side get hurt.

In the end, however, he was completely useless in that situation. The soul had completely disappeared, and there was nothing he could have done to prevent it from happening.

The fact that Gerald had even lost Liemis’s corpse only served to make him want to beat himself up badly. Quite honestly, he didn’t even feel like showing his face to anyone at the moment due to his immense guilt and shame.

“Worry not, I don’t blame you for any of this, Gerald… Maybe it’s just my fate, and with that in mind, please don’t feel guilty over this incident… Whatever the case is, we need to leave for the Crawford Manor, quickly. After all, since the tomb ended up just like how the Mackusion had predicted, I’m truly worried that your family will end up getting attacked as well!” said Zyla.

Hearing that, both Gerald and Peter’s gazes instantly turned anxious.

“Remember, the Mackusion had displayed a black light enshrouding the eerily silent ancient tomb back then… And the same atmosphere was present in the Crawford Manor that it showed us! With that in mind, we need to rush to your home right this instant, Gerald…!” added Zyla.

As Peter’s eyelids twitched, the worried Gerald knew that all she had just said was right. From what the snake had told him, the murderer knew him very well. With that in mind, it was safe to assume that the masked man also knew about his family…

Now anxious out of his wits, he knew he couldn’t allow something similar to happen to his family too…!

Following that, Zyla quickly arranged for Leo to stay back and bury the giant anaconda’s carcass. After that, he was to safely escort Jasmine and the other women all the way back to Northbay.

As for Gerald, Zyla, and Peter, the trio immediately headed for the Crawford Manor first.

Given their capabilities, it would only take about a few hours for Gerald and the two others to reach the Crawford Manor in Northbay.

Throughout his journey there, he couldn’t help but wonder how Lyra, Queta, and Giya—who had been recuperating in the Crawford Manor the last time he met them—were currently doing.

He also found himself considering the security of the Crawford Manor. While it was true that those from the Soul Palace were currently guarding the place, that masked man had been able to kill that giant anaconda with barely any trouble. With that in mind, Gerald was worried that if the masked old man had any bad intentions toward his family, nobody at the manor would be able to stop him!

Regardless, after flying for a while, Gerald shouted, “The manor’s on the island up ahead!”

Since Gerald had slightly higher training than the other two, he was the first to land on the island. However, he was already worried the second he set foot there. After all, despite the island being so massive, there wasn’t a single soul around. The entire place was simply devoid of its usual hustle and bustle…

The dead silence was also quite eerie…

Could the Mackusion truly have predicted his family’s misfortune as accurately as it had foreseen the events at the ancient tomb…?

Feeling his qi rising as his agitation and anxiousness peaked, his legs now felt like they were made of lead as he slowly stepped past the large entrance doors of the Crawford Manor…

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1405

The second he stepped inside, the only thing that greeted Gerald was darkness and silence… Now brimming with fear and worry, he didn’t even dare take another step further. He just couldn’t bear the thought of witnessing a similar scene as he had back inside the ancient tomb.

Despite his fears, he knew he still had to see the truth of the situation for himself. With that in mind, he slowly proceeded further into the manor…

Used to how lively the Crawford Manor used to be, Gerald couldn’t help but get the creeps with how devoid of people the manor now was.

Activating his holy sense,—in order to ease detection of any signs of life—Gerald quickly found that the current area where he was in truly was vacant…

Not wanting to give up that easily, he quickly proceeded to the next area within the manor. With how fast he was, he soon finished searching every nook and cranny in the manor…

By the end of it, his search results made him simultaneously happy and depressed.

While he was devastated that there were zero traces of life within the entire manor, he was glad—at the very least—that the situation here wasn’t similar to the conditions on Warhill Island that the Mackusion had displayed. In other words, he was relieved that he hadn’t come across any corpses. That meant that there was a chance that his family members were still safe, despite them being missing.

‘Still… Where could everyone have gone…?’ Gerald thought to himself, disappointed that he hadn’t even come across a single person in the manor.

‘Is there any hope that they’re all still fine…?’ Gerald thought to himself as Peter and Zyla rushed in.

Upon seeing how dispirited he looked, they already knew the results of his search without even needing to ask.

Peter himself had earlier looked around the courtyard, and he already had a bad feeling about all this before he even reunited with Gerald.

“I’ve already used my holy sense to locate them, but I haven’t been able to find anyone at all…! They’ve just vanished into thin air…!” muttered Gerald under his breath as he clenched his fists.

“At the very least there haven’t been any corpses! With that in mind, let’s not worry too much! There’s a chance that they’re all still fine!” replied Zyla as she walked over to Gerald and held onto his hand.

‘I do hope so… Still, I wonder if the one responsible for all this is the masked old man as well… If it is, not only has he stolen Liemis’s corpse, but he’s also kidnapped all of my family members!’ Gerald thought to himself with a frown.

The second his thought ended, both Gerald and Peter’s ears perked as they slowly turned to look behind them. There, lay an indoor well that was historically important to the Crawfords.

Exchanging glances with each other, both of them were sure that they had heard a voice coming from within the well…

Giving Gerald a nod, Peter then dashed toward the well, arms outstretched as he fished for whoever was inside!

Upon getting hold of someone, Peter instantly dragged them out of the well… And out came a plump, middle-aged man who was drenched from head to toe!

Now realizing that the man had been staying immersed in the well this entire time, Gerald found himself thinking, ‘So he was submerged this entire time… With how chilly the water in there is, no wonder I couldn’t detect him despite using my holy sense… ’

“…Who are you? And why are you hiding in the well in my house?” asked Gerald with a frown.

With how unfamiliar the person looked, Gerald was certain that he wasn’t a Crawford.

“I-I go by the name of Wes Lakely, Mr. Crawford, and I’m a manager from one of the economic areas in Weston…! It’s a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Crawford…!” cried out the man as he immediately knelt before Gerald.

“…That doesn’t answer my other question, Wes. Why were you hiding in the well?” asked Gerald.

“A-ah… Well, it’s because something’s happened to the economic area I’m in… While I’ve contacted those from your family through the headquarters, I couldn’t get to them at all, even after quite some time! In the end, things couldn’t be delayed any further so I decided to come here in person two days ago to make a report. While I did hear rumors that something happened to the Crawfords, I paid little notice to it till I actually arrived. However, upon arriving, I found it odd that there weren’t even any bodyguards at the entrance… Curious, I then stepped in to have a look and see if everything was going alright…” explained Wes before taking in a deep breath.

“…What did you see?” asked Gerald.

“…I… I saw corpses… Many of whom were your family’s bodyguards…! Aside from that, I also clearly remember hearing a terrible cry coming from the back… Panic took over me at the time, and the only thing I could think of was to find someplace to hide! It was then when I accidentally fell into the well…”

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1406

Watching as Wes took in another deep breath, Peter then asked, “…A terrible cry? Also, how many corpses are we talking about here?”

“There… Weren’t that many, to be quite honest… Around eight of them, if I recall… I was too terrified by the terrible cries coming from the backyard back then to pay proper attention…!” replied Wes who was clearly still traumatized by that experience.

“…So… Following that, you fell into the well and simply stayed there till now…? Is that what happened?” asked Gerald as both he and Peter exchanged glances with each other.

Gerald believed in Wes’s words since he had earlier used his divine vision to detect any lies. As it turned out, everything that Wes had said was true.

“Indeed, Mr. Crawford! Also, not long after I fell into the well, I started hearing people running toward me! Fearing the worst, I instantly dived deeper into the well! I’m assuming that that’s the only reason I’m still alive!” explained Wes.

“…Who could be orchestrating all this…?” muttered Gerald before taking in a deep breath. His blood and qi were boiling by this point, and anyone would be able to sense the murderous intent emitting from him.

“Regardless, I eventually stuck my head out of the water and took a peek to see whether the coast was clear… However, I was immediately greeted by the sound of heavy things being dragged away… Assuming that the corpses were being disposed of, I was so terrified that I didn’t even dare reveal myself up till the point I heard your familiar voice, Mr. Crawford! Still… Why would something this terrible happen, Mr. Crawford…? With your family being so powerful, I can’t even imagine anyone daring enough to touch you!” cried out Wes, his voice filled with grief.

“…You mentioned something earlier about people learning that something had happened to the Crawfords before you arrived at this manor… Who exactly told you about that rumor?” asked Peter coldly.

“I-I found out about it from a few regional managers in Weston! From what I know, they were the first to know about the incident!”

“…I see. Speaking of, you said you had something to report to the Crawfords… What is it?”

“Y-yes! Well, I found out that a few managers from larger areas were transferring out properties of the Crawford family in secret. While I wanted to immediately report that incident, I couldn’t find anyone relevant! I truly hadn’t expected for something like this to have happened to your family when I first got here, Mr. Crawford…!” wailed Wes, still kneeling on the ground in tears.

“Managers you say… Seems like they know a thing or two about this incident!” replied Peter.

Nodding in response, Gerald then said, “I’ll be capturing and interrogating them about this immediately!”

“…No, let’s not do that first. It’s best not to alert the enemy before you further investigate the details regarding this incident. After all, the fact that the regional managers actually dared to transfer out the properties in secret is already highly suspicious. From what I know, the Crawford family’s regional managers always passed their trades down to the next generation, and each generation—up till this point—has been loyal to the Crawfords. With how loyal they are, betraying the Crawfords when they’re in danger seems highly unlikely. With that in mind, let’s not act impulsively yet till more of the incident comes to light,” replied Peter after thinking for a while.

Upon hearing that, Gerald nodded though he also began eyeing the man rather curiously before eventually asking, “…You seem to know quite a bit about my family, don’t you, sir?”

This wasn’t the first time Gerald had a hunch about that, and he was curious as to why Peter knew so much about him.

“…Did you get to know me from long ago, sir? Or did we meet when I was much younger?” asked Gerald.

Shaking his head with a smile, Peter then replied, “Well… The first half of your guess is true. See, I first got to know you when you were studying at university… Naturally, I kept a close eye on your daily experiences back then.”

Peter didn’t feel the need to hide all this anymore, and his statement was—as to be expected—greatly surprising to Gerald.

“…What? Have you been secretly observing me this entire time, sir?” asked Gerald in bewilderment.

“Well, observing isn’t really the correct term here…” replied Peter, seemingly thinking about something before his expression gradually turned solemn.

“But you know so much about me, sir… With that in mind, how else could you have gotten to know me so well if you hadn’t been observing me?” inquired Gerald, not understanding Peter at all.

“Putting it frankly, I’ve been observing another person who’s been observing you this entire time!”

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1407

“…What? There was another person observing me this entire time…?!” replied Gerald fearfully.

As it turned out, his university life hadn’t been as peaceful as he remembered it to be. Quite the contrary, in fact! To think that he had been closely monitored by others his entire time! Not only that, but he had just found out that people like Peter had apparently also been keeping a close eye on his observers!

Truth be told, Gerald had found Peter to be quite odd from the moment he woke up after being saved by him. After all, Peter knew him well, and it was definitely no coincidence that Peter had been present to save him that night.

Hell, after getting along better with Peter, Gerald had found that the man even seemed to have a good grasp on his temperament and characteristics.

While Gerald had occasionally wanted to ask Peter about that, every time he led the conversation in that direction, Peter made it very clear that he didn’t want to talk about it.

Following that, things got busy and Gerald didn’t have a chance to ponder about it again up till this point. Due to Peter’s slip of his tongue, it reminded Gerald to try his luck asking him why he knew so much about Gerald again. He truly hadn’t expected to finally get such a shocking answer today.

“Regardless, I found out that that person had already been keeping an eye on you—for who knows how long—by the time you left Serene County to start your freshman year. While he laid low for a while, he started appearing more frequently after your identity was exposed.”

“Unsure what he was truly after and worried that he would do bad things to you, I—in turn—began observing him. You know, for convenience, I even disguised myself like this and occasionally snuck into the back kitchen of your university’s cafeteria under the guise of a worker there! Haha!” explained Peter as he revealed a wry smile.

“You even snuck into my university’s cafeteria? But I’ve never come across you!” replied Gerald, failing to recall ever meeting Peter before this.

Quite honestly, Gerald was in disbelief that such a remarkable man had been watching over him from his university’s cafeteria this entire time!

“Of course you wouldn’t have met me! There wasn’t any reason for you to pay attention to such a random person! Besides, I mostly remained in the back kitchen, and even if I went out, I made sure to do so sneakily!” said Peter.

“…I see. Speaking of which, you said you found out that he was stalking me when I first started university… Does that mean you had your reasons to be there as well? Also, who exactly are you, sir…?” asked Gerald, feeling that now was his best bet of getting the truth from Peter.

“Where to even begin… Truth be told, I hadn’t planned on reuniting with you till I managed to identify your stalker… Regardless, I have a feeling that he’s the one responsible for all the current incidents! I also suspect that he’s already noticed that I’ve been stalking him in return! You know, despite keeping a close eye on him for so many years, I never even told Jasmine about my observations on him for fear that that information would somehow get leaked to the stalker. By this point, however, I feel that hiding all this is no longer necessary,” replied Peter as he turned to look at the curious Gerald.

Following that, Peter placed his hand near his ears… Before slowly peeling off what seemed to be a mask made of human skin!

Despite the fact that Peter was still a middle-aged man, his appearance could only be described as being extremely handsome.

Even so, his good looks wasn’t the reason why Gerald’s eyes were now so wide open. No, Gerald was now trembling because he recognized that face anywhere.

“…S-second uncle…?” stuttered the bewildered Gerald. The man’s appearance bore a striking resemblance to his uncle in the photograph that he had!

As Gerald continued staring in disbelief at his uncle, Peter replied, “Now you finally know who I am, Gerald…”

“…So it really is you, Second uncle…! But… But didn’t you…?” muttered Gerald, his breath getting increasingly heavy.

“I’ll take my time explaining all this on a later date, Gerald. For now, let’s focus on finding out where my brother and sister-in-law are. We still have to look into the incident regarding the pledge of the holy water as well. To think that I still haven’t found his motivations yet, even after he’s kidnapped our entire family…! While I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t worried for them, I have a gut feeling that everyone from our family will remain safe for now, or at the very least, they won’t be in danger of being killed just yet. While his aim is still unknown, I’m certain that it isn’t to just kill people off!” replied Peter as he calmly analyzed what they knew.

Hearing that, Gerald looked at his uncle rather excitedly before nodding firmly and asking, “…You’re right! Speaking of which, have you ever fought against my stalker throughout his many years observing me, uncle? And do you have any clues about him…?”

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1408

Upon hearing Gerald’s question, Peter momentarily averted his gaze. Clearing his throat, he then sheepishly replied, “…Regarding that… I haven’t had any reason to go into combat with him… As for clues about him, I don’t even know his true identity yet… Well, that was the case before we bumped into Wes, of course. From what Wes told us, it’s now safe to assume that the managers from the large areas will be the key to us getting our next clue! Also, I have a feeling that since he’s now starting to make his appearance, he’ll definitely be reappearing again!”

“Whatever the case is, I’ll definitely be capturing that stalker if he truly is the one responsible for all these incidents!”

It was at that moment when Wes—who had been shivering this entire time—flopped feebly to the ground before falling unconscious.

Seeing that, Gerald immediately lifted the fainted man up before saying, “With how long he’s been immersed in that freezing water, I’m sure his internal organs are now damaged! I’ll be saving him first, Second uncle!”

As Gerald walked off—with Wes in his arms—toward a room in the manor, Peter turned to face Zyla, a worried expression on his face.

Seeing that, Zyla knew that he realized that she had already caught on. With that in mind, she minced no words as she asked, “Judging from all that you’ve said… Could you be from Jaellatra too? Was it the Sun League who brought you there?”

“It appears that I can’t hide anything from you, Miss Lockland! Then again, it’d be hard to hide anything from your deity eyes!” replied Peter as he bowed slightly at Zyla.

“Well, your training is quite similar to Leo’s, so I had my suspicions that that was the case. Regardless, why didn’t you tell Gerald the entire truth just now?” asked Zyla, curious.

“If you’re talking about the stalker, it’s not that I didn’t want to… I just don’t want to place the blame on the stalker till I’ve absolutely confirmed that he’s the one responsible for all this. The other reason is because Gerald’s undergone enough hardships and mental suffering for the time being… I fear that if I tell him who I suspect the stalker to be, he won’t be able to accept it and end up in complete denial!” replied Peter as he shook his head in worry.

“The truth seems hard for you to accept as well.”

“Regardless, I hope that everything will continue proceeding for the best from now on!”

“Indeed. Still, despite all the hardships he’s had to go through, all of them are simply part of his destiny. From the moment he was born, he was already destined to be extraordinary. With that in mind, he’s never going to be able to live life as an ordinary person!” said Zyla.

“That’s true… Well, what do you think Gerald should do in the future?” asked Peter.

“Though his training is already at a terrifying level, his Dehlere Foundation is still ruined. In other words, it’s evident that he won’t be able to achieve a state that’ll enable him to deal against those people yet! With that in mind, I’m quite worried about what’ll happen next!”

Peter was honestly most worried about this.

From what Peter could tell, there was a high chance that his brother, Queta, and the others weren’t going to be in life-threatening danger any time soon… After all, Peter had a gut feeling that the person doing all this simply kidnapped them so that they could be used to threaten Gerald. Should that scenario come to be, Gerald would certainly have to face a lot of trouble.

This was due to the fact that at his current strength, there was simply no way for Gerald to even come close to defeating those truly powerful people.

At that moment, Gerald returned from the room and asked, “Zyla? Second uncle? What are you discussing?”

“We’re talking about your ruined Dehlere Foundation…” replied Zyla as she turned to look at Gerald.

“I know it’s ruined… But I really don’t have the time nor energy to let it recover! After all, the priority right now is to investigate where my family members are! The second I’m done with that, I’ll need to instantly begin investigating the pledge of the holy water next to look for my grandpa!” said the distressed Gerald.

“While I understand your urge to immediately begin investigating, even if you eventually manage to find the truth behind these incidents, I assure you that you’ll be facing great danger throughout that process. What happens if you lack the strength to defend yourself against that? With that in mind, you’ll be able to investigate without any worry of that issue should you heal your Dehlere Foundation first!” advised Zyla.

Nodding in agreement, Peter then said, “What she said is true, Gerald. Your priority should definitely be to heal your Dehlere Foundation. Do note that Miss Lockland and I both have our hopes on you…”

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1409

“…I understand, Zyla, Second uncle… Still, while you told me that the Mackusion could be used to heal my Dehlere Foundation, how exactly do I initiate the healing process…? Now that you’ve said all that, I’m adamant on fully healing my Dehlere Foundation before anything else!”

“Speaking of the Dehlere Foundation, after doing a bit of research, I found that even a slightly unstable Dehlere Foundation can be very difficult to heal… If what I read was true, then it also leaves a very major flaw to one’s training journey!” said Gerald, clearly feeling that the chances of him fully recovering his Dehlere Foundation was slim, even with the help of something as magical as the Mackusion! The recovery process was simply too difficult from what he had managed to investigate!

“While you’ll undeniably have to face many hardships in order to heal your Dehlere Foundation, know that a full recovery isn’t entirely impossible! The Mackusion is key in your recovery, and for you to initiate the healing process, you’ll have to utilize the Mackusion’s ability to pull the strings of time and space!” replied Zyla with a nod.

“…Pull the strings of time and space…?” asked both Peter and Gerald in unison.

“Indeed! From what Liemis told me back then, the true power of the Mackusion lies in its ability to pull the strings of time and space… By utilizing that ability, you’ll be able to return to a time before your Dehlere Foundation was ruined! Once that’s achieved, you should theoretically be able to undergo the awakening of heaven earlier before the culprit manages to ruin your Dehlere Foundation!” explained Zyla.

“Not going to lie, that sounds rather unimaginable… If it truly is capable of that, then the Mackusion is a one-of-a-kind oddity…!” replied Peter as he nodded in bewilderment.

“It truly is… In any case, doesn’t that also mean that while time traveling, I’ll be able to mend any of my past regrets…?” asked Gerald curiously.

Shaking her head in response, Zyla then replied, “I’m afraid you’re wrong there. While it’s true that the Mackusion is capable of pulling the strings of space and time, the second you time travel the first time, the Mackusion will only have a fixed amount of time before all its powers deplete! Once that happens, the Mackusion itself will cease to exist, and you’ll be forcefully pulled back to the present!”

Watching as Gerald nodded, Zyla then added, “Still, to think that the current conditions of the situation would be this vague… With the King of Judgment Portal definitely not giving up on recapturing you that easily and the masked old man restlessly acting behind the scenes, we truly don’t have time to spare, Gerald… The situation where the pledge of the holy water is being held—which is also where the entrance to Jaellatra is—isn’t any less complicated either… With that in mind, before you have the strength to rule, I advise you against heading there without careful consideration. One wrong step and all your previous efforts could easily come undone! By that point, it’ll truly be too late to fix anything!”

Hearing that, Gerald found himself gradually calming down.

He had honestly been worried about his grandfather this entire time since he wasn’t even sure if he was still alive at the pledge of the holy water. Had Zyla and Peter not been present to advise him against it, he would’ve definitely rushed off to look for his grandfather by this point.

Zyla was right, and understanding that calmed Gerald down greatly. It was true that he still didn’t have the power to rule, and if he simply tried to brute force his way to the pledge of the holy water, it would surely result in a scene similar to how Hogan had almost slaughtered him a while back. If he truly did end up dying there, then there’d certainly spell doom for his family, grandfather, and Mila…!

“…While I agree with what you’ve said, I’d like to delay the time travel for another week, Zyla. Until I investigate the incident regarding the regional managers, I fear I won’t be able to rest easy at all, subsequently affecting my concentration when I go back in time!” replied Gerald.

Regardless of how strong a person’s nature was, nobody would be able to remain calm if they knew that their family members could possibly be in danger or even dead! The fact that he already had a clue to explore now definitely made Gerald keener on dealing with this issue first.

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1410

“You’re free to do so, of course, but remember, the process of using the power in the dragon blood jade pendant to refine the Mackusion requires—at minimum—a whole day and night to complete. With that in mind, please return as quickly as possible once you’re done. Your Second uncle will stay to help me guard the process!” said Zyla after thinking for a while.

“Not a problem, Miss Lockland. However, I do wonder… Even if Gerald will be able to return to the past, which period of time should he return to? And how long can he remain there?” asked Peter.

“That’s a good question. After all, Gerald needs to return to a perfect point in time—before his Dehlere Foundation was ruined—to undergo the baptism of heaven in order to achieve the most optimal effects. Truth be told, Gerald underwent his baptism of heaven rather late into the game… Due to that, he wasn’t able to activate his Dehlere Foundation—during the baptism— since it had already been ruined ages ago!”

“Regardless, after previously analyzing Gerald’s condition, I’d say he has to go back at least two and a half years ago to get to a time when his Dehlere Foundation was still intact. As for the time-traveling process itself, it depends on Gerald’s tacit understanding of the dragon blood jade pendant. Once there’s a clear understanding, the Mackusion will send Gerald back to the time period he wants to go to. Now, regarding how long Gerald can remain there… Regardless of how things go, you’ll be staying there for a whole week. In other words, you’ll only have seven days to undergo the baptism of heaven before you’ll be forced back to the present!” explained Zyla.

As Peter nodded in response, Gerald found himself wondering, ‘Two and a half years ago, huh… I was still a pauper back then… Regardless, the Zircobsite is located within Mountain Top… I wonder if I’d end up disrupting the order if I revealed my identity upfront…’

Worried about that, he then asked Zyla about it.

“Hmm… That’s another thing to look out for. Once you’ve returned to the past, you can’t alter anything that you already know will happen… For example, let’s say something happened to your friend back then and you end up intervening—whether directly or indirectly—to prevent some incident from happening… If it gets to a point where you end up altering the ending of that scenario, you’ll most probably get forcefully sent back here.”

“Now, regarding you revealing your identity a bit earlier to obtain the Zircobsite… I feel that the Mackusion won’t force you back since it’ll only be a matter of time before the past you decides to reveal his identity anyway. In other words, the results will end up the same, even if you choose to reveal your identity a little earlier. The Mackusion will essentially just consider that to be the process of you completing your transformation from a poor student to a rich heir,” explained Zyla.

“That’s reassuring to hear… After all, I bought Mountain Top Villa under the identity of Mr. Crawford. In other words, even if I buy it a little earlier after going back in time, it shouldn’t really matter as long as I use the same alias when buying it, correct?”

“That should be the case, yes. Speaking of which, there are two other things you need to know about time travel… Since returning to the past isn’t something natural, there’s a high chance that your presence there will cause spatial and temporal anomalies… In other words, there’s a very likely chance that incidents in the past won’t end up happening in the order you remember them. With that said, there’s a high possibility that you’ll end up getting caught by surprise if you only expect things to happen in the way they previously did! Due to that, I implore you to be extra careful when tackling any situations you come across!”

“I’ll keep that in mind!” replied Gerald with a nod.

“Good. Now for the second thing, know that there’ll be another you—the you from the past—walking around once you successfully time travel… You’ll need to find a way to make the old you disappear, at least temporarily. Following that, you can take his place and things will go much smoother for you. Do note that both of you can’t see each other face-to-face. If he does end up seeing you, then the Mackusion will instantly shatter and all our plans will truly be for naught!” said Zyla.

“I understand, Zyla!”

“Excellent! Now, if there isn’t anything else, hurry along and we’ll begin our separate missions! Remember, you have to return here before midnight tomorrow!”

Nodding in response, Gerald then instantly began dashing toward Mayberry, not wanting to delay things any more than he needed to.

After his cousin had taken over the economic area of Weston, the headquarters were relocated to Mayberry. With that in mind, he needed to return to that place again if he wanted to look for them…

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