The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 1421-1430

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1421
Since Gerald had successfully made it back to the past, it essentially meant that there were two of him in the current time and space, and Zyla had emphasized time and again and both of them should never meet face to face.

With that in mind, Gerald knew that he had to first locate his past self and temporarily hide him in a quiet place. Once that was done, he would act as his substitute for the coming week. Whatever the case was, he now needed to put on a simple disguise first…

Meanwhile, a loud ‘thud’ could be heard within the university campus as a male student was kicked down by another much taller and burlier student.

Locking arms with the tall student, was a beautifully dressed girl who simply watched as her lover pointed at Gerald before cursing, “You’re a real embarrassment, Gerald, you know that? How dare you almost bump into my girlfriend while picking up trash? I guess you’re as embarrassing as you are blind!”

After watching him kick Gerald again, his girlfriend then said, “Though he’s like this, did you know that he actually has a rather pretty girlfriend, hubby? I do wonder what goes through that head of hers! Choosing him to be her boyfriend is a real embarrassment to us women as well, you know?”

“Hahaha! Pathetic! Come on, I really don’t feel like talking about him anymore. I just can’t help but feel angry whenever I see his wimpy face! Now let’s go and have some fun, darling! There’s no need to give him any more attention than he deserves!” scoffed the burly boy as he hugged the girl before leaving together.

Being a rather busy time of the day—within the campus, no less—many students who were walking in and out of the place had witnessed the scene, and several of them were now staring and pointing at Gerald.

Naturally, this wasn’t the first time something like this had happened to him.

Whatever the case was, all the old Gerald could do was bite onto his lower lip as he clutched onto his aching belly that had been kicked rather hard. Due to all the sardonic gazes from the people around him, he couldn’t help but blush out of shame as he quickly got off the ground.

Picking up his snakeskin bag—that he had been using to pick up discarded bottles—he then quickly ran away in embarrassment.

Eventually, he arrived at a deserted corner outside the campus where he squatted down and finally allowed his tears to fall. It wasn’t like he wanted to do all this, but he was poor… He really didn’t have any other choice.

While Gerald himself had never found it shameful to be doing what he currently was from the very beginning, why was everyone bullying him for doing so?

Just as Gerald was pondering about it, he suddenly received a text message on his old phone. It was from his girlfriend, Xavia.

‘Gerald, I’ve been thinking about this for some time, but… Why don’t we take some time off from each other? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean anything by that, I just wish to be alone for a while so that I can think about my future! With that said, please don’t contact me for the time being!’

“…Why…?” wept Gerald in grief, knowing full well that this was Xavia asking him to break up with her.

Gerald was so saddened that he didn’t even notice that a person wearing a cap and mask was spying on him not too far away.

That person, of course, was none other than the future Gerald.

‘So it turns out that I’ve returned at the exact moment me and Xavia broke up!’ Gerald thought.

He had been observing his past self for a while since he wanted to see when exactly in time he had returned to. Now that that was determined, Gerald slowly began walking toward his past self…

Upon seeing him, the past Gerald instantly picked his snakeskin bag up with a frightened expression on his face as he said, “…You… W-what do you think you’re doing…?”

Frowning, the future Gerald then replied, “…Why the hell do I feel like beating you up so badly just from looking at how you behave…?!”

Since Gerald had already used the voice transformation technique on himself, his past self most definitely saw him as nothing more than a stranger.

Regardless, the future Gerald was left absolutely speechless. Though this was his old self, he really felt like slapping the past him right across his face.

After all, despite being a top-notch rich heir, he was behaving like such a wimp!

This fact alone enraged Gerald to no end.

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1422
What a truly amazing feeling…

“…E-even if you beat me up, please let me go once you’re done…!” pleaded the past Gerald.

Since his beloved Xavia had now broken up with him, it truly seemed like he had nothing more to lose… And even if others were going to scold or beat him up, it’s not like he was going to have the ability to fight back or defend himself anyway!

“By god!” muttered the future Gerald, unable to believe his past self.

With one fluid movement, Gerald then poked his past self’s acupuncture point to shut him up. Sure enough, his past self instantly went unconscious after that!

“You’re going to undergo a complete change of fate soon, buddy… I hope you won’t continue being a useless wimp like I had been right after my transformation! You’re a man, aren’t you? Start acting like one!” muttered Gerald to himself as he lifted his past self up, a wry smile on his face.

The plan was for him to hide his past self well, and once he did, he’d erase the past Gerald’s memories of the incident so that he could simply resume his life a week later. Once that was done, the future Gerald would at least have one problem he didn’t have to worry about anymore.

It was about half an hour later when the future Gerald successfully reappeared, only this time he had traded clothes with his past self and he no longer held onto the snakeskin bag.

Walking along the streets of his former campus, Gerald couldn’t help but feel nostalgic.

Now wouldn’t it be great if he could just remain here… As long as he could do so, he didn’t even want to be a rich heir anymore…

It wasn’t long before Gerald arrived at the milk tea shop. He had fond memories of this place. After all, it was how he had first gotten acquainted with Mila back then. He could still remember how cute and adorable she looked at the time…

A visible change in expression on his face, Gerald couldn’t help but think about how long both of them had been separated… Now that he was revisiting such a memorable place, it was hard for him not to be sad as he remembered the good old days with her…

Walking over to the counter, he then saw that the boss was the same old boss he used to know.

“…Boss! A cup of milk tea, please!”

“Coming right up!” said the boss as he instantly began preparing Gerald’s drink.

Once he was done, he then added, “That’ll be eight dollars, please!”

Taking a banknote out of his pocket, Gerald then handed it to the boss before replying, “Thanks! Keep the change!”

Just as he was about to leave with his drink, Gerald heard the boss shout, “…Hold it! What do you mean, keep the change? A cup of milk tea costs eight dollars! You only gave me a banknote worth a single dollar!”

Immediately turning back to look at the boss—who was currently looking at Gerald like he was some kind of fool—Gerald took a peek at the banknote before realizing that the boss hadn’t been kidding.

He had forgotten how poor he used to be!

The current Gerald was so used to spending money in the billions that he wasn’t accustomed to regular banknotes anymore! With that in mind, he truly didn’t know what to do in his current situation!

Since he didn’t have anything else inside his wallet, he quickly came to realize that he only had a dollar as his savings! All he had was a dollar?!

As if that wasn’t already embarrassing enough, several other students—who were also present to buy milk tea—were already covering their mouths as they laughed at Gerald.

Though none of them said a thing, their expressions alone suggested that they were saying, ‘This pathetic pauper is actually drinking milk tea too?!’

“…Now hold on, are you honestly telling me that you don’t even have eight dollars on you?” said the boss, completely speechless.

“…I… I don’t think I have that much…!” replied the embarrassed Gerald as he checked to see if any money had slipped into his pockets. To his dismay, he quickly realized that that dollar truly was all that he had on him!

“…What? So were you deliberately trying to make fun of me, then?! While a cup of milk tea isn’t much, I won’t just tolerate being told to keep the change after being given only a single dollar! What exactly did you even mean by that, huh? Being so pretentious when you clearly don’t have the money! I’m warning you, don’t you even dare think about leaving if you don’t hand me the proper amount of money today! If I don’t get it by the end of the day, I’m bringing up this matter to the university!” declared the boss.

Now completely at a loss for what to do as he continued getting ridiculed, he suddenly heard a sweet voice—from behind him—calling out, “Don’t make things difficult for him, boss! I’ll pay for the milk tea on his behalf!”

The feminine voice was as clear and pleasant as an oriole, and a certain gentleness and elegance simply exuded from it.

Upon hearing it, Gerald found himself trembling uncontrollably as his cup of milk tea instantly fell to the ground…

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1423

Upon turning around, Gerald instantly saw a few tall, graceful, and well-dressed girls standing before him.

However, it was the girl standing right in front of the group who caused Gerald’s eyes to instantly well up with tears.

It was Mila!

As he immediately began breathing rapidly, Gerald recalled how he had been extremely worried and depressed just an hour ago. While it was true that he really wanted to meet up with Mila, he wasn’t even sure what kinds of emotions to present when he finally stood before her.

Since he hadn’t really figured how to deal with his emotions yet, now that Mila was suddenly before him, he instantly found his mind going completely blank.

Though he was now staring blankly at her, his mind was still able to register how beautiful, adorable, lovely, and kind-hearted she was!

While he was filled with adoration for her, Mila herself couldn’t help but feel slightly frightened when she saw how Gerald was staring at her. While fear was her initial reaction, she couldn’t help but notice that there was some sort of inexplicable emotion reflected in his eyes.

The girls surrounding her clearly felt the same, and they instantly pulled her back as one of the girls whispered, “Do you think that person is crazy, Mila?”

“I was just thinking the same thing! Just look at how he’s staring at her! Could Mila’s beauty have driven him insane?” whispered another girl as all of them took turns staring at him in disgust.

Shortly after, another girl said, “…I think we should leave for now, Mila!”

After seeing how creepily Gerald was staring at her, all the girls had already lost interest in getting milk tea. They simply wanted to drag her away from Gerald as soon as possible!

Hearing that, Mila quickly paid for Gerald’s drinks before turning to glance at Gerald who was still staring at her in a daze. Unable to stop herself from biting her red, lower lips, Mila’s friends were just about to drag her away when Gerald suddenly shouted, “W-wait, Mila! Don’t go!”

Gerald didn’t even know what he was thinking, but the second he saw Mila about to leave, he instantly grabbed onto her wrist.

He was truly terrified that Mila was going to leave him again. Once that happened, who knows how long it’d take for him to meet her again? Hell, this could very well be the last time they ever met!

Whatever the case was, Mila was instantly taken aback by his action and screamed before shouting, “W-what are you doing?!”

Quite honestly, even though her roommates had all been disgusted by his earlier gaze, a voice in her heart had assured her that he didn’t have any malicious intentions at all. If anything, Mila was able to detect strong feelings of affection in his eyes!

Though her heart even began beating rapidly the second he held onto her wrist, she quickly snapped out of it and instinctively retracted her arm back in slight horror.

Why on earth was she feeling this way when she barely even knew who the person before her was…?

“…You… You sc*mbag! How dare you molest her?! You must be tired of living, aren’t you?!” shouted Mila’s friends as they instantly rushed forward to attack Gerald.

“I know right?! To think he’d take advantage of her when Mila even helped him pay for his drink! Don’t let him off that easily, sisters!” shouted another girl as the group quickly encircled him.

Seeing that, Mila instantly shouted, “T-That’s quite enough! Let’s just go already…!”

Mila had a feeling that this boy didn’t have any malicious intent at all. With that said, instead of feeling creeped out, she instead felt pitiful for him. Due to that, the soft-hearted girl quickly pulled her roommates away from Gerald while persuading them not to call the police.

Another reason she wanted to head off as soon as possible was because more and more people were already gathering and pointing at them while whispering about what was going on!

As Mila and her friends began walking away, Gerald soon regained his senses as well when he saw Mila’s slowly disappearing back.

…He… He was in the past now! Mila didn’t even know who he was yet at this point! Due to his impulsiveness, he had frightened her off!

He couldn’t help but sigh at his rashness. Still, Gerald now had a plan in mind…

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1424
In the past, from the moment he had first met Mila and even after they had gotten together, their love had always been plain and simple. Despite having immense wealth later on, he never felt the need to do anything excessive or extravagant for her. After all, the past Gerald had felt that the only truly important thing was for both of them to deeply love each other.

It wasn’t until much later when Gerald finally understood that even if two people were deeply in love, romance was still very much necessary. By the time he realized that and wanted to start trying to be romantic, however, it was already far too late.

With that in mind, now that he had been given a chance to return to the past, Gerald truly wanted to make up for all these regrets of his. He wanted to give Mila the most extravagant romance in the world. He’d make her the happiest woman on the planet!

While this was what he fantasized about, he decided not to return to campus just yet. He also knew that it would be best for him not to continue pursuing Mila—at least not yet—especially after what had just taken place. He was truly afraid that he would just scare her even further.

Besides, he still had other more important things to attend to, and that was to head to Mountain Top Villa.

By this point, the villa should’ve already been built, though it probably hadn’t been auctioned off yet.

With that in mind, all Gerald had to do now was contact Zack and purchase the villa. Following that, he would then instruct Zack to begin investing in manpower to dig out the Zircobsite.

Gerald had figured that a small amount of manpower simply wouldn’t do if he wanted to excavate Mountain Top within seven days, so he was ready to go big.

After all, Zyla had said that as long as he didn’t change the end result of anything, things occurring a bit earlier shouldn’t be an issue.

With all that in mind, Gerald then fished his cell phone out before dialing a familiar number…

The second it connected, Gerald instantly said, “Sister!”

“Gerald? Why are you calling me now? I’m still working inside my factory, you know? Can’t you hear all the voices around me?!” replied Jessica.

Though Gerald hadn’t found those noises suspicious at all in the past, now that he was hearing them again, he knew that she was undoubtedly in some kind of meeting.

Shaking his head with a bitter smile on his face, Gerald simply said, “I need money!”

“Of course you do, our whole family does! Our parents are working hard abroad, right? With so many debts to settle, we truly don’t have much to spare! Still, how much do you need? I’ll try and see if I can get a way to get the amount you need!” replied Jessica in a way that suggested that she was in a rather tough spot.

“I need at least a few million dollars to buy Mayberry Commercial Street so that the entire street will be completely at my disposal. Is that too much?” asked Gerald with a laugh.

“…You… What did you say?” asked Jessica, her eyes now fully widened.

“I said I need a few million dollars!” repeated Gerald.

“Gerald, did someone say something to you?!” asked Jessica, her tone now frigid.

“Not at all. I just happened to guess that some things were off… You know, while your brother’s an honest person, he’s no fool!” replied Gerald.

“…Hahaha! I can’t say I expected this at all! Good boy! How smart of you! You know, I was just planning to have a showdown with you so that I could tell you the truth in the next few days! To think you’d have a hunch about the truth before I even told you anything! If you think our family’s actually very wealthy, you’re absolutely correct! Hell, our family’s so rich and influential that we own over half the world’s wealth and resources! With that said, you’re an extremely influential and top, rich heir!” explained Jessica.

“How impressive!” replied Gerald, trying his best to sound shocked.

“Also, I’m completely fine giving you money if you need it. Truth be told, both Mayberry Commercial Street and Wayfair Mountain Entertainment were developed under both our names. You know, I’ve been planning on instructing Zack Lyle to pick you up when we eventually head over to make changes to the contract in the coming few days. Now that you already know everything, however, you can just head over to talk directly to Zack. I’ll be arranging for him to pick you up. Remember, Mayberry Commercial Street belongs to our family!” added Jessica.

While Jessica truly seemed like she still had a lot to say, since Gerald was in a hurry, he didn’t really reply much.

After some prevarications, Gerald hung up. However, instead of waiting for Zack, he instantly headed over to Wayfair Mountain Entertainment instead!

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1425
“Hold on, now! Where do you think you’re going? Do you think this is someplace you can just enter indiscriminately?!” shouted a security guard as several other guards—who all had serious and solemn expressions on their faces—shook their electric batons threateningly before Gerald.

Naturally, Gerald had instantly been stopped upon trying to enter the villa, and all the guards looked like they were ready to beat down Gerald without the slightest hesitation if he continued trying to barge in.

“…Hmm? Hubby, look there! That repulsive person is trying to enter such a prestigious place as Wayfair Mountain Entertainment! He should really take a good look at himself first before attempting such a thing!” ridiculed a woman who had her arms locked with her husband’s, both of them sharing equally satirical expressions on their faces as they looked at him.

While he heard that, Gerald really couldn’t be bothered with them. Either way, it was probably about time for Zack to set out to come meet him now.

Not in any particular hurry, Gerald simply took a step back before waiting quietly.

Retracting her contemptuous gaze from Gerald, she then looked at her husband before complaining, “Regardless, is your cousin truly reliable? You should know that it isn’t easy to be able to walk around the entire periphery of Wayfair Mountain Entertainment! I only managed to get us in here due to my dad’s many connections and relationships, you know? With that said, to think that he’s actually taking advantage of this to pick up girls, even though he hasn’t even been here that long!”

“Well, since you told me that father-in-law is able to use his connections to let us have fun in Wayfair Mountain Entertainment anyway, I thought it’d be fine to let him come over since he brought up the matter to me yesterday. I wouldn’t look good if I turned down his request, right…?” coaxed the woman’s husband.

Knowing that they were simply trying to show off their relationship and connections, Gerald simply continued waiting at the side for Zack to come over, completely uninterested in continuing to listen in to their conversation.

It wasn’t long after before the man pointed at an approaching car while shouting, “He’s here!”

At that moment, a white BMW could be seen approaching the entrance. As if it wasn’t eye-catching enough, the driver was constantly honking the car’s horn, almost as though he was afraid that people wouldn’t notice the car.

Eventually, the luxury car came to a screeching halt.

“Sorry to have kept you waiting, cousin and sister-in-law!” said a young man—who was wearing a pair of sunglasses—as he stepped out of the car.

From the looks of it, he was a student, and after taking a step forward, he removed his sunglasses and slid it into his front pocket rather coolly.

Following that, two other boys and a girl stepped out of the car as well.

While one of the boys had his hair dyed blonde, the girl herself was both slim and tall, her beautiful face slightly reddened due to her shyness.

Regardless, when the four of them began walking toward the entrance, the sister-in-law scoffed in a cold voice, “A bit late, aren’t we? Oh, and who’s this?”

“Sister-in-law, meet my new girlfriend, Xavia! Xavia, these are my cousin and sister-in-law whom I was telling you about! Heh, my sister-in-law is extremely wealthy, you know? After getting together earlier today, my sister-in-law had invited us over to have fun at Wayfair Mountain Entertainment, you know?” introduced the young man who seemed to be the head of the group.

While Gerald hadn’t been paying attention at first, after hearing that familiar voice and name, he couldn’t help but feel slightly startled. Turning to look at the group of people, Gerald found himself slightly shocked. It truly was his girlfriend- No, his ex-girlfriend, Xavia! What a coincidence for him to actually be able to run into her here!

As for the three boys, they were none other than Yuri, Danny, and Blondie…

Whatever the case was, Gerald instantly knew that something wasn’t right. After all, he recalled that Xavia hadn’t been to Wayfair Mountain Entertainment before at this point. From what he could remember, the first time she was supposed to enter this place was when Yuri’s friend brought them in, and Gerald distinctly recalled completely embarrassing Xavia at that moment.

With that in mind, why was she at Wayfair Mountain Entertainment now? Could what Zyla had said be true? That his arrival here had broken some unspoken rules?

Even if that was the case, Gerald didn’t think too much about it. While he had already lost all feelings he had for Xavia a long time ago, he couldn’t help but feel slightly weirded out by the fact that Xavia had instantly gotten together with someone else right after they broke up. Even more startling was the fact that he was able to bump into her here of all places.

As Gerald remained momentarily stunned, Yuri and the others—who had just noticed Gerald’s presence—turned to look at him, surprised looks on their faces, and this was especially the case for Xavia whose cheeks had turned as red as tomatoes at that moment. She truly wished that she could just bury herself deep underground at that moment!

“…G-Gerald…? You… Please don’t misunderstand… We were just… Initially studying together! And once we were done, we just decided to come out and have some fun!” explained Xavia nervously.

While it was true that they had already broken up, Xavia couldn’t help but feel slightly embarrassed to meet him again in such a situation.

“…I see! Good for you! Go ahead and have your fun then!” replied Gerald with a wry smile.

“Hah! I already told you that that kid looked a bit too much like Gerald back inside the car, Yuri! To think that it really was him! I truly hadn’t expected things to get so interesting and exciting!”

“I guess this pauper must be having a rough time facing the truth now! Regardless, just so you know, Xavia’s going to be our sister-in-law from now on! With that said, I’ll beat you to death if you dare pester Xavia any further in future!” scoffed Blondie with no filter to his words.

Xavia herself simply straightened her hair as she peeked at Gerald, hoping to see his expression.

While she knew that ending things this way was quite cruel to Gerald, vain girls like Xavia would always be tempted to see how jealous the faces of boys fighting over her were.

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1426

Gerald, however, simply retained his bitter smile. Thinking back, he felt that he truly had been a little too childish and naïve back then.

Clearly dissatisfied by the indifferent look on his face, Xavia found herself asking, “…What do you mean by that, Gerald?”

“I meant exactly what I said!” replied Gerald.

“…You…! You pathetic fool! I’ll have you know that I’ve already been liking Yuri for some time! You’re just a pauper, you hear?! Only a fool would be interested in you!” scowled Xavia.

“You can’t really blame me for liking him either! If anything, you should be blaming yourself for being such a disappointment and failing to meet my expectations! You know, aside from being able to buy branded handbags and cosmetics, getting together with Yuri has even granted me access to Wayfair Mountain Entertainment! What have you been able to give me? You absolute nothing of a person!” added Xavia who was scowling eagerly now, most probably because of her extreme embarrassment.

“…Who is this guy, Yuri? Is he your classmate?” asked the woman who had been standing silently at the side this entire time.

“Hah! This guy? He’s just a pathetic pauper from our university who used to be Xavia’s ex-boyfriend!” exclaimed Yuri excitedly.

“Hah! And here I was wondering what this guy was up to! He tried to break into Wayfair Mountain Entertainment earlier, you know? As a result, he got kicked out by the security guards!” scoffed the woman in an even more mocking tone than before.

“What?! You actually thought about entering Wayfair Mountain Entertainment?! Do you even know what sort of place this is? Do you think you can just enter all willy-nilly?” exclaimed Xavia, surprised beyond words.

No matter how she looked at it, Xavia could only feel that Gerald was nothing but an idiot now. How had she ever taken interest in him in the first place?

“Alright, that’s quite enough! Let’s not continue wasting our time spouting nonsense with him! It’s getting pretty late, so let’s head in and have some fun, Yuri and Xavia!” said the woman.

“Indeed! Let’s head in now, Xavia!” added Yuri as he placed his arm over her shoulder, almost as though he was trying to brag.

However, before they could enter, they were instantly stopped by the security guards as one of them said, “Apologies, but we’ve just received a notification stating that Wayfair Mountain Entertainment is closed for the day. In other words, nobody is allowed to enter!”

“What? But we’ve bought admission tickets!” replied the puzzled woman.

“Any admission tickets are invalid from this moment onward. If you have any objections, then go file a complaint!” retorted the guard coldly.

Hearing that, the woman instantly began feeling anxious. If the guards were saying that, then it must be true! Even if she was dissatisfied, she wasn’t about to dare to try anything funny!

After a brief moment, the woman then—rather unwillingly—asked, “…May I ask why…?”

“It’s because Mr. Crawford, the boss of Mayberry Commercial Group, is coming over today! We’re closed for business so that we can prepare to receive Mr. Crawford!” replied the guard.

“What?! Mr. Crawford? The boss of Mayberry Commercial group?!” exclaimed the woman.

While she honestly didn’t know who Mr. Crawford was, she was well aware of what the Mayberry Commercial Group was. After all, the entirety of Mayberry Commercial Street—which included Wayfair Mountain Entertainment—was owned by the Mayberry Commercial Group. With that in mind, how wealthy and powerful could the boss of the group be…?

Even Yuri and Xavia knew about the strength and power that the Mayberry Commercial Group possessed, so both of them felt themselves gulping.

“Now get out of the way! Since all the senior executives of our group are showing themselves now, I believe that Mr. Crawford is already on his way here!” instructed the security guard.

Upon seeing so many high-level senior executives rushing out of the villa, he and the other guards couldn’t help but feel extremely nervous, which was why they were now urging the group to leave.

Naturally, Xavia and the others immediately hurried to the side when they heard this.

Gerald, however, remained standing at the entrance without moving an inch.

Seeing that, the guard angrily yelled, “You brat! Didn’t you hear what I said? Get out of the way already!”

“F*cking hell! Is he insane?!” muttered both Yuri and Danny contemptuously.

“That fool…! I truly am speechless!” added Xavia in a cold tone as she crossed her arms.

When the guard saw that Gerald was still choosing to disregard his command, he instantly lifted his baton and tried to hit Gerald while shouting, “You’re courting death, aren’t you?!”

In response, Gerald simply pointed a finger at the guard… Sending the baton flying out of the guard’s hand! The guard himself found himself falling on his back and rolling backward for a while! By the time he got back up, he had a horrified expression on his face as he looked at Gerald.

Staring back at the guard, Gerald then casually said, “I’m your beloved Mr. Crawford!”

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1427

“…What? Who did you say you were?” said the astonished security guard.

He truly couldn’t believe that this young man before him—who was an actual pauper—would dare to claim that he was Mr. Crawford!

While he definitely wouldn’t have believed Gerald judging off his appearance alone, the guard had the shock of his life when he saw the look in the youth’s eyes.

He hadn’t really been paying too much attention to Gerald earlier, but after catching a glimpse of Gerald’s gaze—when Gerald was staring at him—the guard instantly felt a strong, pressuring aura from the youth.

Adding the immense oppressive feeling—Gerald was capable of emitting—to his great strength, the stunned guard—who was now feeling chill after chill run down his back—felt more and more compelled to believe Gerald’s claim.

Even Xavia and the others had been startled the second they heard Gerald say that.

Soon after, Xavia snapped out of it before laughing and saying, “Did I hear wrongly? Who did you say you were? Haha!”

While Xavia had initially thought that Gerald was going to get beaten up, she hadn’t expected him to actually be that skillful and strong! Even so, her focus still lay on what Gerald had just said. That he was actually Mr. Crawford.

Mr. Crawford was the wealthiest and most influential figure in all of Mayberry city. If he truly was Mr. Crawford, then wouldn’t that make her Mrs. Crawford? …No, that’d make her the former Mrs. Crawford… She couldn’t just accept that!

After hearing his claim, Xavia simply felt an inexplicable sense of panic within the depths of her heart. It was obvious that she had nothing to do with this person anymore… So why was she feeling so afraid…?

It wasn’t long after when Zack finally arrived at the scene. Due to how joyful Zack’s face was as he ran toward Gerald, Gerald figured that his sister must have already explained everything to Zack. The fact that Zack instantly knew who he was must have also meant that his sister had sent a photograph of him to Zack as well.

Regardless, upon standing before Gerald, Zack instantly made a deep bow before shouting, “Mr. Crawford!”

Following that, the group of senior executives behind Zack shouted in unison, “Mr. Crawford…!”

After being given the appropriate information, Zack now knew that the young man before him was Gerald, the child whom the Crawfords had raised in poverty from the second he was born!


By that point, Xavia, Yuri, and the others were already completely dumbfounded. Yuri, in particular, could feel his face turning green as he continued staring wide-eyed at Gerald.

The pathetic pauper… He was actually a rich, young master? And one whom even Chairman Lyle had to bow before?!

Now breathing frantically, those from the group who had mocked Gerald desperately wanted to just drill a hole in the ground now so that they could hide their faces.

“Very good. Regardless, there are some important matters that I’d like to discuss with you, Chairman Lyle. Let’s head over to the office to talk about this!” replied Gerald with a slight nod.

“Of course, Mr. Crawford!” replied Zack.

Just as they were about to head in, Xavia couldn’t help but yell, “…W-wait a moment…!”

“Hmm? Is there anything I could help with, miss?” asked Zack as he looked at Xavia.

“A-are you sure you aren’t mistaken, Chairman Lyle…? His name is Gerald Crawford, you know? And he’s a mere student from our university! How could he possibly be Mr. Crawford…?!” stuttered Xavia as she stopped Zack from proceeding any further.

“No mistakes here. Mr. Crawford’s true name is indeed, Gerald Crawford!” replied Zack rather indifferently.

“…I-Impossible… None of this is possible…!” muttered Xavia as she took a few steps back.

Zack’s words had struck through her very being like bolts of lightning that brought about endless destruction, simultaneously dispelling all of Xavia’s hopes and dreams.

Now feeling extremely regretful, Xavia found herself calling out, “G-Gerald…!”

“Forget it, we’ve already broken up. With that in mind, there’s no need for us to further bother with each other anymore. Now go ahead and live a good life! I have things to attend to!” replied Gerald as he ignored her regretful pleas, heading straight into Wayfair Mountain Entertainment as the rest of the people at the entrance remained fully stunned for quite a while.

Regardless, once they were inside the office, Zack immediately said, “It’s true that Mountain Top Villa is getting auctioned soon. Are you planning on buying it, Mr. Crawford?”

While this was Zack’s first time dealing with Mr. Crawford, he couldn’t help but feel that the Mr. Crawford before him was completely different from the Mr. Crawford Zack had initially imagined.

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1428
Zack had initially thought that though Gerald had managed to find out about his true identity on his own, it’d still take quite a while for him to complete the transition. After all, Mr. Crawford had been raised in poverty for as long as he lived!

With that in mind, Zack had prepared himself to be greeted by a rather embarrassed, and honest Mr. Crawford. Now that Gerald was before him, however, he could’ve never expected him to be someone so driven and courageous. What more, Gerald had a rather strong pressuring aura surrounding him at all times!

While it wasn’t aimed at anyone in particular, it was enough to make those surrounding Gerald feel that it was hard to breathe.

“Bingo. Also, I don’t just want you to buy it for me, but I also need you to hire an engineering team to begin excavating Mountain Top. Immediately. Let’s just say that there’s a massive boulder inside that’s extremely useful to me… Regardless, you’ll have six days to complete your task. Is there anything else you’d like to ask?” instructed Gerald.

“…N-not at all… I’ll get it done immediately!” replied Zack.

Though he had initially thought about asking Gerald about his motive, he quickly retracted his words before they were able to leave his mouth. At the end of the day, Zack was an experienced man who knew what he should question and what he shouldn’t.

Now that Gerald had made all the appropriate arrangements, Gerald simply needed to wait for the next few days.

With Gerald now obtaining a bit of free time till then, he found himself thinking that he wasn’t going to have another shot at traveling to the past once all this was over. With that in mind, he wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to make up for all the regrets that Mila had throughout her time with him.

Though Gerald had constantly told Mila that he would make her the happiest woman in the world once they got married, he never really managed to achieve that. After all, she had gone missing before he could properly give her anything.

Due to that, Gerald didn’t even care if both of them weren’t a couple yet at this point in time. Couple or not, he was going to make sure that he made her feel extremely happy and blissful throughout their six short days together.

With that in mind, Gerald then returned to the milk tea shop on campus before ordering, “Boss, I’d like a cup of milk tea!”

“…You… You still haven’t had enough? Do you even have the money for it? Are you trying to give me more trouble?” muttered the slightly worried boss.

Hearing that, Gerald simply fished out a hundred-dollar banknote before placing it in front of the boss.

“Keep the change!”

Eyes-widened, the shocked boss then replied, “…Did… Did you steal this…?”

“While it’s true that your milk tea is delicious, you truly spout a bit too much nonsense… Just hurry up!” muttered Gerald, feeling speechless.

“…R-right! Coming right up!” announced the boss, deciding not to question things any further.

After being handed his milk tea, Gerald then held onto the cup before walking toward the Department of Broadcasting and Hosting.

At the time, there was a male teacher teaching in Mila’s classroom…

When the classroom door was suddenly pushed open, everyone inside couldn’t help but turn to look at who it was… Upon realizing that it was Gerald—of all people—with a cup of milk tea in hand, everyone was instantly stunned.

After all, Gerald was famous among those in the University for being a pathetic and penniless pauper. Why had he come all the way to the Department of Broadcasting and Hosting?

“Pst! Mila! Look there, it’s him!”

Mila herself had still been taking notes at that moment, but after getting nudged by her friend, she instantly saw what was going on.

As she felt her beautiful face turn slightly reddened, the teacher removed his glasses before coldly asking, “…And what exactly are you doing, boy? Why did you come to our class?”

Choosing to simply ignore him, Gerald then slid a hand into his pocket before slowly walking toward Mila… And placing the cup of milk tea before her.

“I owed you a cup of milk tea, so I’m returning it to you now!”

Hearing that, howls and gasps of surprise began coming from the rest of Mila’s classmates! Was the pauper actually trying to get the beauty?

Everyone felt that the dramatic scene unfolding before their very eyes was simply unreal!

“…T-there’s no need to return it to me…! Regardless, you should hurry and leave first…!” replied Mila who had been caught completely off guard by all this. Seeing her all dazed, the rest of the male students in her class instantly shot dirty glances at Gerald.

“Oh, but before I do, know that I still owe you two other things! While I don’t know when I’ll be able to return them to you, I’ll eventually fulfill both wishes!” declared Gerald in a serious tone.

“W-what other two things…?” asked Mila meekly.

“First off, I owe you a promise! Secondly, my heart!”

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1429
By the time Gerald was done speaking, everyone was completely dumbfounded. Regardless of whether it was because of how romantic his remarks were or something else, the scene was enough to cause a major uproar among Mila’s classmates! Some people were even snapping pictures of the scene with their cell phones!

As Mila’s face grew the reddest she had ever been, Gerald—who was done speaking—simply turned around and left the classroom.

Staring at Gerald’s back, Mila felt an inexplicable emotion welling within her… Where were these feelings even coming from…?

Naturally, the incident quickly became extremely popular within the university; the second Mila’s class ended. After all, a scene where a pathetic pauper attempted to pursue a goddess was something that one would usually only be able to see in movies!

Regardless, Gerald’s move had amplified the courage of all the shyer boys who had previously not dared to ask Mila out. Due to that, many of them were now standing in line to give love letters to her!

Knowing that she absolutely couldn’t remain in her classroom anymore, Mila had decided to go out with her close friends.

Before they were able to leave, however, they heard a rather beautiful girl from her class—who was currently staring at Mila in dissatisfaction—mutter, “Hah! What’s so great about you, Mila Smith? The boys must truly be blind for them to treat you like some kind of goddess!”

The girl herself went by the name of Mallory Xenakis, and she was rather popular within the Department of Broadcasting and Hosting.

Naturally, the more popular a girl was, the greater her jealousy when attention was drawn away from her. Now that all eyes were on Mila, it wasn’t a surprise for her to feel this unhappy and dissatisfied.

“And what’s wrong with the boys treating her like a goddess, Mallory? How many boys even like you?” scoffed one of Mila’s good friends.

Since Mallory had always been mean toward Mila, several of Mila’s closer friends had a rather bad relationship with her.

“Boys? Hah! I’ll say it now that there are way too many people currently after me, and they’re all sons of very wealthy and powerful men! Do you think I’m someone like Mila? A person whom even a pathetic pauper dares to pursue? I don’t give a d*mn about any of this at all!” declared Mallory.

“You’re just jealous because everyone’s talking about Mila instead of you now, aren’t you, Mallory? Just admit to that already! Is there really a need to act like this?” retorted another one of Mila’s friends.

“Mila’s the main topic of conversation, you say? Well, allow me to remind you that the university’s fiftieth-anniversary celebration is in three days’ time! I’m sure all of you are already aware that I’m the main emcee of the group! Oh, and what about Mila? She’s just a substitute emcee! With that said, I’m sure everyone will finally be able to differentiate between the main character and the side chick from just a simple glance during the event! Just you guys wait!”

Before the girls could quarrel any further, Mila quickly pulled her sisters out of the classroom to leave. She simply couldn’t be bothered wasting her time bickering about something so trivial.

Glaring at Mila’s back with fierce eyes, she then shouted, “Just you wait and see, Mila Smith…!”

Following that, she fished her phone out before locating the contact number saved under the name, ‘Godfather’…

As Mallory dialed the number, Gerald himself had just exited a branded clothing store with a new shirt on.

He had gone there immediately after leaving the Department of Broadcasting and Hosting, and he was making sure that nobody would continue referring to him as a pathetic pauper anymore from this day onward.

Regardless, Gerald was feeling extremely happy and joyous since he had finally been able to reunite with Mila after so long…

Still, undergoing the baptism of heaven remained his top priority. With that said, aside from secretly looking at Mila when he had nothing else to do, Gerald spent most of his time waiting at Mountain Top Villa.

While his sudden change was undoubtedly a great shock for all his classmates, they were no longer important in his eyes. After all, he had already had a showdown and his identity as a top-notch rich heir was now exposed.

That, in itself, caused a huge sensation among those in the university, and countless beautiful girls instantly flocked around him. Of course, Gerald made sure to tactfully turn all of them down.

While all was going pretty well, Gerald constantly reminded himself to remain alert. He even made sure to retain a semi-vigilant state, even while resting late at night in his dormitory!

In the end, he was thankful that he did. True to Peter’s words, Gerald could clearly sense the presence of a person who had been spying on him…

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1430
In fact, that person didn’t even seem to be stalking Gerald from that far away!

While he would only approach Gerald secretly for a few hours during the day before this, after Gerald disclosed his true identity—about three days ago—Gerald found that the person now kept a more frequent eye out on him.

Currently walking around on campus, Gerald activated his holy sense to see if he could sense the person’s presence again… And sure enough, he quickly realized that two people had been tailing him closely for some time now, with the first being the mysterious stalker and the second being Peter.

‘Could my Dehlere Foundation truly have been ruined by that person…? If we had a close relationship, then I’d truly have a very close relationship with that person…!’ Gerald thought to himself.

Still, who was his stalker’s identity…? If Gerald truly wanted to find out about that, now would be his perfect opportunity to do so…

Even so, Gerald was slightly worried that he wouldn’t be a match for the stalker yet with his current strength.

‘I can only hope that you’ll still be following me when I’m awakening my Dehlere Foundation… Should that be the case, then I’ll surely be able to finally find out who you truly are…!’

Regardless, it was the university’s anniversary today, and Gerald recalled that Mila was one of the emcees during the celebration back then.

He also remembered that at that point in time, the past Gerald had only thought of Mila as ‘an extremely beautiful girl’. The old him could’ve never anticipated that Mila would eventually end up becoming his girlfriend!

Shaking the thoughts off, Gerald then began walking toward the university’s celebration site which was already crowded with people at the time.

The members of the organizing team themselves were also extremely busy.

At that moment, a middle-aged director called Mila—who had been busy memorizing her script—to the side before saying, “Mila! I’ve something important to tell you!”

“Yes, Director Yaccarino…?” asked Mila curiously.

I’m afraid you won’t be able to go up on stage today!“ replied the director. “…H-huh…? Why’s that?!” asked Mila who couldn’t help but feel slightly surprised.

“Well, you should know that there has been quite a bit of discussion going on about you in the past two days… A boy recently confessed his love for you, correct? Due to that, the university feels that if they allow you to go on stage, you’ll most probably leave a negative impact on the university! I hope you’ll be a little understanding in regards to this matter!”

“…B-but… I…” replied Mila, feeling slightly miserable now.

“But what? How dare you still have the audacity to show your face here, even after someone like that confessed his love to you? Do you seriously want to embarrass all of us too?!” scoffed Mallory as she walked over to Mila, glints of arrogance in her eyes.

If it wasn’t already obvious enough, Mallory had set Mila up. After all, her godfather was a rather well-known person within the business world. What more, he was quite an influential and powerful figure within this city!

Since Mallory asked him to lend a hand in this, it was barely a problem for him to pull a few strings for things to work out her way. In fact, he was even going to be personally making a trip here to see Mallory today.

Regardless, since Mallory had such a powerful figure backing her up, it was obvious that she was the main character today.

“I know you’re the mastermind behind all this, Mallory…! You truly are a petty villain!” growled Mila.

“Don’t blame me! It’s not my fault for having a good godfather while you have nothing at all!” retorted Mallory, feeling extremely proud of herself when she saw how disappointed Mila looked.

“Just so you know, my godfather will be cheering for me from within the audience, so I can’t stay and chat any longer! Farewell now! Go be part of the audience or something!” said Mallory before walking off.

While Mila was both angry and frustrated, she knew that in the end, she wouldn’t be able to change a thing. With that in mind, all she could do was toss her things aside before walking out from the back…

However, Mallory and Mila were both slightly surprised when they witnessed the scene before them…

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