The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 1451-1460

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1451

“What? Do you plan on attacking me as well?” asked Gerald with a subtle smile.

With the help of the middle-aged man, the old man then quickly got up before bowing slightly while saying, “We wouldn’t dare, sir! You’re a powerful person who’s hidden your true power extremely well… How dare we normal people offend you?”

Though elderly, the white-haired old man bore a youthful complexion. Regardless, since he looked like someone who had a considerably high status, the fact that he was speaking and behaving so humbly toward Gerald made everyone—his granddaughter included—stare in disbelief.

“…Grandpa, what are you saying? Why are you being so polite to this b*stard? Whatever the case is, since my punch missed earlier, I’ll make sure the next one lands and ruins his face!” growled the woman whose initial shock quickly turned into wrath.

Just as she was about to launch another attack, the old man instantly scowled, “Stop right there, Perla! Don’t be rude!”

Though Perla Sherwin was clearly reluctant to obey that order—a sentiment that the middle-aged man from before seemed to agree with—she deeply respected her grandfather, which was why she simply obeyed and stood at the side.

Following that, the old man then smiled—hoping to please Gerald—before saying, “Now then, you were asking my insensible granddaughter why we were kneeling here, correct?”

After seeing Gerald’s nod, the old man then explained, “Well, you see, a person called Master Ghost used to live here, and he was a wise man who could come up with extremely clever strategies and tactics. His claim to fame, however, was his ability to read one’s future. Thinking back, he truly had a number of skills that defied the heavens… While he did eventually leave without a trace, someone called Master Crawford soon took over his place! Not only is Master Crawford capable of drawing charms to save people, but he’s also able to control swords and fly on them! He truly owns an arsenal of remarkable abilities… I came here myself to beg for a charm, you see! With any luck, I hope that the master will also take my insensible granddaughter as his disciple after some begging!”

Even before his granddaughter had attacked Gerald, the old man had sensed a rather extraordinary aura surrounding Gerald… Being someone who had seen much of how the world worked, the old man found himself feeling slightly nervous of the aura, though he couldn’t quite put his finger on why yet at the time… After seeing how proficient Gerald was in martial arts, however, the old man instantly realized that Gerald was the cream of the crop, a person whose abilities and world views were unfathomable…

Terrified by that realization, it was because of that that the old man was treating Gerald with so much respect now.

Regardless, Gerald took a look around after hearing the old man’s explanation. From what he could see, most of the kneeling people were middle-aged men, though there was a young child among the crowd. If what the old man had said was true, then all of them were either here to plead for medical treatment or beg the master to take their children under his wing.

Gerald had also taken note that there was now a new master on Langvern Mountain who bore the surname of Crawford…

“What’s the master’s full name?” asked Gerald.

“Master Crawford’s full name is Gerald Crawford, if I’m not mistaken!” replied the old man respectfully.

“…Oh? His name is Master Gerald Crawford, you say?” replied Gerald, feeling intrigued as he tried to hold back from laughing.

‘To think that this sword-riding master would actually share a name with me… Still, there aren’t many in the world who are capable of bragging about riding swords…’ Gerald thought to himself, now keen on meeting this remarkable person in order to widen his knowledge.

With that, Gerald then turned around and began walking up Langvern Mountain again, completely disregarding the old man.

Seeing that, Perla was instantly shocked as she thought, ‘You… How dare you not pay attention to my grandpa…?!’

Unable to hold back her anger, she then rushed toward Gerald, aiming to land a kick against his back as she yelled, “You truly are asking for death!”

While both the middle-aged man and Perla’s grandfather had already arrived at a consensus that Gerald wasn’t someone to be trifled with, they quickly realized that the same couldn’t be said for Perla as she got closer and closer to attacking him.

They weren’t going to be able to stop her in time!

However, everyone watching found themselves momentarily frozen in place when they saw what happened next.

‘…W-what…?’ The shocked old man thought to himself as he stared wide-eyed at the paralyzed Perla.

Even Perla was in disbelief. She was now less than an inch away from Gerald, yet her feet were frozen in place. She couldn’t even move her legs in the slightest!

As terror swept through her, she now felt like she had just attempted to kick a mountain just for the sake of it.

Before she could begin regretting her decision, she felt a force gently pushing her back to where she had initially been standing!

“P-Perla…!” shouted the old man in fear as he immediately tugged on his granddaughter’s hand.

Turning to look at Gerald, it was evident that his immense fear for the youth had now overtaken his feelings of respect.

“Don’t ever try me again…!”

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1452

After casually saying that, Gerald then continued walking, not even bothering to turn around.

“Are… you planning to head up there, master…?” asked the old man.


“While it’s true that you’re quite remarkable, there are many rules to Langvern Mountain… If you still wish to head up there, why not wait here for a while? After all, it’ll soon be my family’s turn—the Sherwins—to head up there! Why not go with us?” suggested the old man.

Hearing that, Gerald then thought, ‘That’s not a bad suggestion. Since they’re planning to go visit Master Gerald Crawford anyway, I may as well follow them. After all, it’ll be easier to do that compared to fighting my way in. Still, I wonder how capable that master truly is…’

Seeing Gerald nod in agreement, the old man then said, “It’s settled, then! Speaking of which, I go by Terrance Sherwin! It’s a pleasure to meet you, master!”

After exchanging pleasantries and casually talking about a few other things, Gerald and the trio entered Langvern Church together.

From what the Terrance had told Gerald, the reason why this place was so lively now was because not too long ago, a supposedly authentic video of an old man controlling and riding a sword—that flew through the forest and even across a river—suddenly began spreading around the inner circles of powerful people in the business field.

What more, the old man apparently cured a rich businessman as well. Due to that, he ended up getting extremely famous.

Following that, he took in a few disciples, and that was around the time the business was established. Things then went smoothly for a while. A few days ago, however, the old man suddenly announced that he was willing to take in a few more disciples, though they would first have to be personally assessed by him.

All that eventually led to the current turn of events.

After hearing Terrance’s explanation, it was now evident to Gerald that most of the people here had come in hope of becoming one of the master’s new disciples.

Regardless, the four people were only a few steps in when they saw a person being driven out while a voice shouted, “Save me the effort and just leave! With such limited talent and quite worrying levels of intelligence, I simply can’t accept you as my disciple!”

Naturally, the person who was driven out looked rather dispirited.

Whatever the case was, Gerald quickly noticed that the church’s large hall had now been modified to look like an examination hall of sorts.

He also saw several young people from different families respectfully waiting to be assessed.

It wasn’t long after before a few young men and women walked over to them before saying, “Perla! You’re here! Hurry on over!”

After greeting Perla, they then turned to look at the old man before greeting, “It’s nice to meet you too, Mr. Sherwin!”

Following that, one of the men in the group then nervously said, “Say, Perla, did you know that up till this point, nobody’s succeeded in becoming the master’s disciple? Master Crawford’s conditions truly are strict!”

“I know right? Speaking of which, Perla, who is he? Is he your boyfriend?” asked a woman from the group. If it wasn’t evident enough by this point, everyone from the group was pretty well acquainted with Perla.

“…What? Of course not! He’s just here to pay Master Crawford a visit!” replied Perla in slight embarrassment.

“I didn’t come here to pay him a visit. I’m just here to look for some things!” replied Gerald casually.

Regardless, he had been observing Master Crawford for a while now, and though there were undoubtedly traces of essential qi coming from his body, the essential qi fluctuated rather frequently. In other words, it was sometimes strong and other times weak, a phenomenon that was quite peculiar to Gerald. After all, that was a trait that those from cryptic families tended to have. If that was the case, then Master Crawford definitely wasn’t a true trainer who had trained himself to achieve spiritual enlightenment.

“…Is he truly capable of controlling swords and flying on them…?” muttered Gerald to himself, now clearly doubtful about what Terrance had earlier told him.

It was at that moment when Master Crawford’s voice could be heard asking, “What’s all this noise about, then?”

Those from Perla’s group had been speaking quite loudly, which was why Master Crawford was now looking at them with a rather bleak expression on his face.

“Apologies, Master Crawford, but this man here just doubted your strength!” said Perla as she pointed at Gerald while smiling smugly.

Hearing that, Terrance was instantly stunned. However, that feeling quickly turned to anger as he shouted, “Perla! What on earth are you talking about?!”

While it was true that anyone who had witnessed Gerald’s performance earlier would feel that he was way stronger than Master Crawford, Perla was simply being too unruly! She didn’t even seem to care about the implication of her statement!

‘Powerful, aren’t you? If you’re so powerful then go out there and have a real fight! Let’s see how long you’ll last against an exceptional man like Master Crawford!’ Perla thought to herself.

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1453

“…Oh? There’s actually someone who dares doubt me?” said Master Crawford as he squinted his eyes at the direction where Gerald and the others were.

At the same time, many of the people in the large hall were staring at Gerald with bewildered gazes. After all, saying such a thing was akin to Gerald courting death!

Gerald himself could only display a bitter smile. Since things had already gotten to such a state, there was no point in beating around the bush anymore. With that in mind, he decided that it’d be better for him to just straightforwardly reveal his true thoughts.

“Indeed. Regardless, you’ll have to forgive me for being rather blunt, but your remarkable skills… They’re honestly nothing but simple tricks that barely have any functions at all, Master Crawford!” replied Gerald.

The second his sentence ended, a huge ruckus instantly erupted! For a person to doubt the master like that… He truly was asking for death!

Master Crawford himself now felt his eyelids twitching slightly. To think that he was being humiliated in public, and during his disciple selecting process, no less!

Watching as Master Crawford slowly stood up, Perla—who had been standing quietly at the side for a while—excitedly said, “Look! Master Crawford’s about to demonstrate his power!”

While she had to admit that the strange, young man was much stronger than her, in the end, he looked to only be around the same age as her. With that in mind, she wasn’t convinced that Gerald deserved the respect that her grandfather was giving to him, and she hoped that once Master Crawford was done with him, her grandfather would share her sentiment.

Regardless, Master Crawford’s actions had caught the full attention of several people by this point.

“Who even is this mad person? How dare he doubt Master Crawford!”

“I know, right? How undaunted! Someone like him will only come to regret things when he’s close to dying!”

The scowls had come from a few old men who couldn’t bear seeing Master Crawford get humiliated.

As the old men continued bombarding him with scowls, Master Crawford himself simply narrowed his eyes before shaking his head and saying, “I won’t make things too difficult for you, young man. Just kneel before me with your forehead against the ground. Once you admit to your mistake, I’ll allow you to leave the hill unscathed!”

“You truly are the bigger man for being so forgiving, but I feel you should still teach this guy a lesson, master!” shouted someone from within the crowd.

“Is there a need to admit to a mistake if what I said was the truth? Look, the only true master of this church is the previous one. With that said, I dislike the notion of you being here since all you’re doing is humiliating Langvern!” replied Gerald casually.

“How utterly imprudent! It seems like you’ll truly remain undaunted till I teach you a proper lesson! I hope you realize that you’ve only made things more difficult for yourself! With that said, you’re only allowed to leave if you roll down the hill!” growled the furious Master Crawford as he raised his right hand.

Out of nowhere, a compass—with a golden dragon engraved on it—appeared on his hand, and the second it did, Master Crawford instantly began reciting a chant. Once he was done, he muttered an order… and just like that, the entire hall began trembling despite the lack of any strong winds!

‘By god!’ Thought everyone within the hall as they watched the tables and chairs shake wildly!

Even the old men from before were terrified, and with eyes reddened with shock, one of them quickly shouted, “You ignorant child! You’ve truly offended the master now! Hurry and kneel already!”

Terrance and the others—who had been standing at the side—were similarly frightened half to death by Master Crawford’s skill, and they were all dripping beads of cold sweat for Gerald.

Gerald himself, however, simply shook his head with a bitter smile as he said, “Is that all, Master Crawford?”

By that point, Master Crawford’s forehead was drenched with sweat. Though he wanted to create even more mayhem, no matter how much he tried, he couldn’t seem to increase the intensity of all the shaking by much.

After staring at him for a bit longer, Gerald then shook his head before asking, “Is this what you’re trying to achieve?”

With a gentle wave, the compass—that had been in Master Crawford’s grasp—instantly flew into Gerald’s hand!

The compass now in his hands, Gerald began murmuring a barely audible chant…

Before anyone could realize what was happening, an explosive sound was heard as the compass emitted a blinding light that painted the entire hall in a golden glow!

As if all that wasn’t already shocking enough, an inhuman roar was soon heard, and everyone stared wide-eyed as a faint, but large golden dragon momentarily appeared above the compass!

Screams filled the area as a twister showed up out of nowhere as well! What a dramatic change!

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1454

Almost everyone in the hall was now screaming in utter terror.

While the old men from before could almost feel their eyeballs popping out in their shock, the flabbergasted Perla herself was barely able to keep her mouth closed.

The scene happening before them now was truly difficult to swallow…!

“…A-amazing…!” stuttered Master Crawford as he fell feebly to the floor, now entirely drenched in sweat.

With a slight flick of Gerald’s wrist, the golden light disappeared and everything became peaceful again.

Turning to look at the compass, Gerald deduced that it was simply a simple magic artifact that, upon activating, was capable of displaying terrifying images.

While that was the case, since Master Crawford hadn’t trained his mind for it to be steady enough, he wasn’t able to use the compass to its full extent. Knowing that only increased Master Crawford’s humiliation.

Smiling subtly, Gerald then tossed the compass aside before looking at the master whose gaze had turned bleak by this point.

“Now then… Who exactly gave you the courage to deceive all these people?” declared Gerald.

As everyone in the hall quivered from Gerald’s authoritative voice, Master Crawford—who was clearly the recipient of Gerald’s question—dropped to his knees before replying, “P-please don’t be angry, master…! I was told to wait for a young man here… As for why I used my magic, it was because that same person who told me to wait ordered me to protect the Feng Shui of this place and continue burning incense here…!”

The second his sentence ended, several hissing sounds could be heard as multiple people in the hall drew in cold breaths.

“A young man? Do you have a name?” asked Gerald who already had a good guess of what was happening.

“G-Gerald Crawford! I was told to wait for that young man!” replied Master Crawford quickly.

“And who was it who told you to wait for him? Also, what’s your real name?”

“I-it was my great aunt! And I go by the name of Gus Linstone…!”

After hearing all that Gus had to say, everyone found themselves immensely shocked. However, their shock quickly turned into rage as they took turns glaring at Gus.

Following that, they then turned to respectfully look at Gerald who now looked more like a deity than anything.

Gerald, however, wasn’t going to waste any more time.

“Order everyone to descend the hill, right this instant!” instructed Gerald.

“R-right away…!” replied Gus as he quickly began driving everyone out.

Soon enough, only Terrance and a few others remained.

Before Gerald could ask Gus for more details, he watched as Terrance knelt before respectfully saying, “Master, I have a request…!”

As the middle-aged man from before knelt as well, Gerald observed the duo for a while. To think that the old man was willing to do this despite already having one foot in the grave…

Truth be told, Gerald hadn’t found that old man annoying from the very beginning, so he simply asked, “What is this about?”

“While my granddaughter has always been rather naughty, she’s always had the heart to train. Unfortunately, she hasn’t been able to find a suitable teacher at all… Now that we’ve witnessed your remarkable skills, however, I feel that you’d be the perfect teacher for her…! With that said, I hope you’re willing to take her under your wing!” replied Terrance, his eyes now teary and reddened.

“…Her?” said Gerald with a frown.

Looking at Gerald’s frown, Perla instantly found herself blushing. After all, she now deeply respected and admired him after witnessing his true capabilities.

“I’ll have to refuse!” added Gerald as he shook his head.

“B-but why, master…!” asked Terrance rather desperately as Perla felt herself come close to crying.

“She has a terrible temper typical of a rich, young lady! That simply won’t do!” replied Gerald as he casually waved his hand.

“I-I can change…! I’ll drop this bad attitude immediately…!” exclaimed Perla.

“Change? Haha! If you say so… Look, since you like making things so difficult for people and you think you can just drop that temper of yours all willy-nilly, why don’t you head to the square and bark like a dog three times? If you do it properly, I’ll consider taking you under my wing! If you don’t, then just get off the hill like the others already!” retorted Gerald.

Preoccupied with so many things, Gerald really wasn’t in the mood to take in any disciples.

In fact, had it not been because the old man had knelt before him, Gerald wouldn’t even have bothered listening to his request.

Regardless, he felt that what he had told Perla to do was the easiest way for him to get her off his back.

To his surprise, however, Perla only hesitated for a brief moment before dashing toward the square…

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1455

Her eyes reddened, several people who were descending the hill found themselves astonished as they watched Perla imitate a dog and bark thrice!

Gerald truly hadn’t expected this to happen. After all, he had initially thought that Perla was nothing more than a rich young lady who was both hedonistic and extremely sensitive to how others viewed her. To think that she would actually be willing to humiliate herself just to be able to be his disciple!

Quite frankly, he had suggested for her to bark like a dog since Gerald knew that the humiliation from the act was a little too much for even him to handle. With that in mind, he was convinced that Perla wouldn’t be able to carry out the act. Now that she had, however…

“…I… I’ve done as you told… Are you willing to take me under your wing now…?” asked Perla as she stood before Gerald.

“…That…” replied Gerald rather hesitantly.

Upon noticing that Terrance was also staring at him with his breath held, Gerald eventually grew too embarrassed to go back on his word.

With a nod, he then said, “…Alright, fine…”

Overjoyed by Gerald’s reply, Terrance immediately exclaimed, “Well, what are you waiting for, Perla? Hurry and kneel before your master! Remember to greet him as well!”

After hearing what Gerald had told her to do earlier, Terrance had assumed that his granddaughter’s bad temper would flare up, prompting her to offend Gerald and further lower her chances of ever getting to be his disciple… To his surprise, his granddaughter was smart and did as she was told! Due to that, despite his clear reluctance, Gerald wasn’t able to go back on his word.

To think that the Sherwin family was able to get acquainted with such a great person just because of that small act… It truly was a great fortune on the part of the Sherwins!

‘You’ve finally grown up, my granddaughter…’ Thought the old man to himself.

As for Perla, she quickly headed off to get some sweet-smelling tea. Once she had served it to Gerald, she immediately knelt. With her forehead against the floor, she then declared, “Please accept my respect and worship toward you, master!”

‘…Could my encounter with this young woman have been predicted as well, I wonder…?’ Gerald thought to himself with a bitter smile.

Turning to look at Gus—who had been standing silently at the side this entire time, not daring to speak—Gerald then asked him about his great aunt.

After listening to what Gus had to say, Gerald couldn’t help but smile.

As it turned out, Gus had bumped into the ghost of his ‘great aunt’ while going up the mountain a few months ago. After their initial encounter, Gus had simply acted out everything that his great aunt had ordered him to do, and that included waiting for Gerald.

By that point, Gerald could already guess that the ‘great aunt’ of his, was none other than Zenny!

Gerald remembered how Zenny had given him a ton of advice after Master Ghost left. After hearing Gus’s story, he was pleased to know that Zenny was still in one piece.

While talking about all this, Gus had led Gerald to a manor, and upon entering, Gerald was instantly greeted by the sight of Zenny.

“I didn’t expect that we’d meet each other again so soon, Gerald!” exclaimed the bamboo puppet as she stared at Gerald.

“I didn’t either. Regardless, I remember that Langvern Mountain had been engulfed in flames back then! I truly thought that you were a lost cause!” replied Gerald, recalling what Queena had done that night.

“Well, I certainly was burned into a crisp! Haha! However, I’m just a puppet, and my body parts can easily be replaced! What more, I’m able to retain my consciousness, even after going unconscious for a while!” explained Zenny.

“I see. Master Ghost truly has excellent workmanship to be able to have made you… Either way, is it true that the master had foreseen me returning here?” asked Gerald.

“Indeed! He had ordered me to stay here and wait for you! Following that, we’d go look for him together! Though, to be more specific, our next mission will be to save him!” replied Zenny.


“Yes! You see, Master Ghost had already predicted that he’d face a great disaster sooner or later. Queena’s appearance was only the beginning of the disaster, and by this point, the worst parts of his predictions should already be in play! Master Ghost even told me that whether he ends up living or dying ultimately depends on you!” explained Zenny.

“…I see. Then, do you know where he is now? The sooner I save him the better! After all, the reason I came here today is because I have important affairs that I need his help with!” said Gerald.

“All I know is that the master has gone to the Jenna Province! If we’re looking for him, that’s the place to go! He also noted that his hometown is located there, and that it’s the place where his fortune starts and ends, which is why he wanted to endure through his disasters there! He didn’t tell you about this back then since he was afraid that your early appearance would ruin the predestined fate!” replied Zenny.

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1456

“I see… Well, let’s not waste any more time and set off to the Jenna Province as soon as possible then!” said Gerald with a nod.

Gerald had several things boggling his mind now, one of which was his grandfather’s true identity. Aside from that, his family members and Zyla were still missing. He had to head to Jaellatra to look for Mila too…

Thankfully, he now had his uncle to rely on to solve some of those worries of his. With that in mind, Gerald knew that he had to pick up the pace as well and locate Master Ghost as soon as possible so that more of those mysteries could be solved sooner.

“Speaking of which… you’ll be coming with me, right?” asked Gerald.

“But of course! My mission will only be complete once I find master together with you! Also, there’s a bead within my body that you can retrieve and stuff inside an exquisite rag doll! It’ll be easier for you to carry me around as an ornament!” explained Zenny.

“That’s great to know!” replied Gerald.

“Are you planning on heading to the Jenna Province, Master Crawford…?” asked Terrance in a surprised tone after hearing about Gerald’s plans a little later.

“I am. Is something the matter?”

“Hahaha! Well, my family resides there, you see! If you aren’t against it, the Sherwins would be more than willing to provide a place for you to stay in!” replied Terrance in utter delight.

After all, if Gerald agreed with that, then the old man would surely get a chance to deepen his relationship with him with each passing day. Now that would be a true blessing for the Sherwins!

Upon hearing her grandfather’s suggestion, Perla instantly began begging Gerald to accept the offer as well.

Hearing that suggestion, Gerald began considering it. Master Ghost’s church was located in Langvern Mountain, and though Terrance was from the Jenna Province, he didn’t seem to know where Master Ghost was either. Even so, Gerald still needed someplace to temporarily live in so that he could ask around and hopefully locate Master Ghost.

It was definitely a plus that the Sherwins were apparently quite an influential local family there. With that in mind, he’d surely have a much easier way of dealing with things…

Adding that to the fact that his family and Zyla were still missing and he was quite anxious to meet Master Ghost again, Gerald finalized his thoughts before saying, “…Fine! Just arrange it that way!”

Just as Terrance was about to say something, however, Gerald watched as the old man got too excited and ended up upsetting his blood and qi flow! As a result, Terrance instantly began vomiting mouthfuls of blood before flopping to the ground and convulsing violently.

“G-grandpa?!” shouted the anxious Perla as the middle-aged man quickly fished out some medicine from his pocket.

“W-what’s wrong with my grandpa, master…?” asked Perla as she looked at Gerald, hoping that he had a way to help.

“From what I can see, he suffered from internal injuries before, and his organs ended up getting damaged. Due to that, his qi can’t be upset. Since both his blood and qi ended up getting upset just now, it appears that his internal organs have ruptured!” replied Gerald casually.

Truth be told, he had already noticed the problem for a while, and he had been planning to ask Terrance about how he had sustained such serious injuries.

Still, Gerald truly hadn’t expected Terrance to get so excited to the point where his old internal injuries would open!

“Y-you truly are wise, Master Crawford… Just as you’ve said, I suffered from a serious internal injury a while back…” replied Terrance as he spurted out even more blood.

Hearing that, Gerald simply lifted a finger and poked a few of Terrance’s acupuncture points, resulting in them being instantly sealed.

For Terrance, it truly was an odd feeling. After all, one second he was feeling like his heart was splitting in two, and the next, all the pain was simply gone!

Looking at Gerald with a bewildered gaze, the old man found himself muttering, “…Master Crawford…”

Reverence reflected in his eyes, Terrence was awed beyond words as he continued staring at Gerald. Despite being so young, his training and skills were unparalleled…

“If you weren’t already aware, you suffered those injuries due to being jolted by essential qi. Essential qi doesn’t resemble inner strength, nor is it similar to secret techniques, you know? Few people on the planet have mastered essential qi, and since you were struck by the real deal, I wonder who you could’ve bumped into…” replied Gerald with a frown.

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1457
“You truly have good judgment, Master Crawford… It was about half a year ago when I bumped into that exceptional person… My family has always revered martial arts skills, you see, and I have a lot of disciples who serve as my subordinates… Regardless, the exceptional person was hired by our family’s enemy to assassinate me in secret. After all, with me gone, my family would certainly fall into ruin! Still, that person was extremely powerful… Despite owning over twenty exceptional subordinates, none of them could even get close to that immensely skillful man!”

“Eventually, my son and dozens of bodyguards had to risk their lives to allow me to escape with my life intact. However, even though I managed to run far, I still ended up getting attacked and injured by his essential qi! Even though the essential qi had only brushed against me gently, I still ended up almost dying on the spot!” explained the old man, fear reflected in his eyes.

It was evident that the incident had left a psychological scar on Terrence, and Gerald simply nodded in understanding. After all, he, of all people, knew that there was a vast difference between people who owned essential qi and ordinary folk.

Even so, there was an unwritten rule stating that those who owned essential qi weren’t allowed to interfere too much in the affairs of ordinary people. Since the rule was mostly abided by, this was honestly the first time Gerald had heard about such an incident.

As he thought about it, Gerald remembered his uncle telling him—a while back—that the most powerful people didn’t come from cryptic families, even though cryptic families were known to be extremely powerful within certain areas. Regardless, those from such families were far from being the cream of the crop.

After all, he had come across locals before who had truly trained themselves to achieve spiritual enlightenment. Despite not coming from Jaellatra, they had essential qi, similar to his uncle’s.

With that in mind, the world truly was an enormous place… Gerald was no longer as ignorant as he had been in the past anymore… He now knew that his enemies from before were far from being at the top of the world…

“Regardless, following that, my family’s properties were snatched away from me, Master Crawford! Unable to do anything on my own, I’ve placed all my hope on my granddaughter… That’s why I was so willing to kneel here… I was hoping that Master Crawford of the Langvern Church would take her in as his disciple. With any luck, she’d be able to become a person who truly managed to train herself to achieve spiritual enlightenment…” added Terrence.

“I see… Still, you have to take things slow when it comes to things like these. Here, I’ll help you cure your internal injuries first!” said Gerald as he checked the condition of Terrance’s heart.

Realizing that he hadn’t been lying, Gerald thought about how miserable the man must currently be. Adding that to the fact that Gerald had taken Perla as his disciple, he knew he had to at least pay some respect to Terrance.

With that in mind, Gerald then activated his golden eye to begin treating Terrance’s wounds.

According to what Terrance had said, the Sherwins were once a rich and prestigious family in the Jenna Province. However, some trouble that had happened about half a year ago caused the entire family to go downhill. With only a few companies left in hand, the Sherwins were pretty much only comparable to a regular family now.

Either way, after both Gerald and Zenny closed off Langvern Mountain, the group then headed over to the Sherwin family’s manor.

Upon arriving, Terrance made sure to give it his all when it came to taking care of Gerald. The old man also made sure to send his subordinates out to inquire about Master Ghost’s whereabouts.

Gerald himself made sure to look for Master Ghost as well.

However, even after looking for some time across almost all the areas within the entire Jenna Province, Gerald was still unable to gain any clues about Master Ghost’s whereabouts!

Even so, Gerald made sure to train Perla in the garden whenever he was free, simultaneously diligently training himself during those periods as well.

It was sometime later when Gerald realized something. To his bewilderment, the speed of his inner training had begun slowing down for some unknown reason!

What more, something strange was also happening to his body. Five discs had appeared on his elixir-of-life field, and they were arranged in an orderly manner in five different colors. Constantly revolving around that area, they truly were strange, even to Gerald. While Gerald did attempt to touch them using the power of his thought, they didn’t respond at all.

“They’ve been in my body for five days now… What even are they…? If only Zyla was here… She’d surely know about this!”

At the start of it all, Gerald had noticed a few colorful spots appearing within his elixir-of-life field. However, Gerald hadn’t paid much attention to that at the time.

Now, however, he could no longer ignore them. After all, they had clearly turned much more mature now, and they had developed some kind of scope.

While he had no clue what was going on, Gerald wasn’t the kind of person who would allow himself to remain idle. Since Zyla wasn’t by his side, he constantly found himself looking into his implanted memories, hoping to find some answers there. After all, he had a sneaking suspicion that at least one of those memories must have had a direct connection to the colorful disks.

At that moment, Gerald heard a knock on the door as Perla’s voice called out, “Are you still training, master…?”

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1458

“What is it?”

“Grandpa says he’s found an important clue!”

“…Oh?” said Gerald as he opened his eyes. Knowing that this had to be something related to Master Ghost, Gerald then walked out.

When Terrance saw him walking over, he instantly said, “Please have a look at these photographs that my subordinates were able to capture, Master Crawford!”

Taking the photographs from Terrance’s extended hand, Gerald saw that one of them contained an expensive-looking glass cabinet. Squinting his eyes, he was able to discern a rather familiar-looking horsetail whisk lying inside it…

There was no doubt about it. That horsetail whisk definitely belonged to Master Ghost!

Zenny apparently noticed the glimmer of hope in Gerald’s eyes, prompting her to say, “It’s something that belongs to master!”

“After you showed us Master Ghost’s photographs, a few of my subordinates noticed that the horsetail whisk that they found was a mirror image of the one that Master Ghost usually holds onto in most of the photographs you showed us! It’s the reason why they took that photo in the first place!” explained Terrance.

“As for where my subordinates found it, well… It appeared at the biggest auction in the Jenna Province! It’s a pretty grand event! Regardless, since you said that something bad could have happened to Master Ghost, I find myself wondering if he had to sell his horsetail whisk here due to difficulties in surviving…” added the old man.

In response, Gerald simply shook his head before replying, “If it was money he wanted, then he could’ve just used any one of his arsenal of capabilities to earn what he needed. I truly believe that he wouldn’t have fallen to such a pitiful state that he had to sell his horsetail whisk for money! Regardless, let’s head to the auction to have a look first. The best course of action right now would be to gain information on the person who had provided the item itself. I’m sure that will lead to us finding an important clue!”

“Very well, I’ll arrange for it immediately! Just so you know, the auction takes place tonight, and many powerful people from all over the country will be attending. With that in mind, I truly think that this will be your best bet to look for clues regarding Master Ghost!” replied Terrance.

While waiting for the event to begin, Gerald couldn’t help but feel slightly ill at ease… After all, he remembered that Zenny had said that Master Ghost had foreseen that he would face a great disaster within the Jenna Province. Since his horsetail whisk was being auctioned, could that signify that something had already happened to him…?

Night soon fell and the group instantly headed over to the auction venue.

Just as Gerald was about to enter the venue, he suddenly heard a voice saying, “My, my! What a surprise! If it isn’t Mr. Sherwin! It’s been ages since you’ve last made an appearance for such an occasion within the Jenna Province! Could it be that the Sherwins have finally taken a turn for the better? I’d assume so since you’re partaking in the auction’s liveliness so leisurely!

Turning around, Gerald saw that the voice had come from a white-suited rich heir who had just gotten out of one of the many luxurious-looking cars that had just come to a halt before the venue’s entrance.

While the arrival of so many luxury cars certainly caused quite a stir among those who witnessed them, the heir himself looked more interested in Terrance as he stared at the old man.

Observing the rich heir, Gerald noticed that aside from a pair of bodyguards standing behind him, there was also a black-robed person—covered from head to toe—standing by the heir’s side who gave off a peculiar vibe…

Gerald wasn’t sure whether it had anything to do with the fact that he had heard quite a bit of things about black-robed men recently, but he found his eyelids twitching slightly as he glanced a few more times at the old man.

Surprisingly, Gerald noticed that there was moving essential qi within that person’s body.

‘Could he be someone who had trained himself to achieve spiritual enlightenment…?’ Gerald thought to himself, bewildered.

The more surprising thing to Gerald, however, was the fact that the impressive person—who had managed to attain spiritual enlightenment—was actually willing to be another person’s lackey!

While Gerald was wondering how that person was able to just reconcile with that fact, Terrance, on the other hand, now had reddened eyes as he stared back at the rich, young man.

“F-Federico Dun…!” growled Terrance in great fury. However, the second he saw the old man standing before the youth, Terrance instantly retracted in fear.

“G-Grandpa…!” cried out Perla as she ran over to stand beside him before glaring at Federico.

Before she could do anything, however, Terrance quickly held onto his granddaughter’s wrist, a clear indication for her not to act impulsively.

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1459

“…I simply came today to widen my knowledge and meet up with old acquaintances, Young Master Dun. I wouldn’t dream of ruining your fun!” replied Terrance, clearly suffering in silence.

“Hahaha! I’m glad to hear that! Still, a little bird told me that after you went bankrupt half a year ago, you’ve been looking far and wide for exceptional masters! I do wonder if you’ve found any… Quite frankly, the Duns have also been helping you locate the true criminal behind the scenes this entire time! Once we find the culprits, we’ll definitely avenge you!” declared Federico coldly.

“I appreciate you going through all that trouble!” replied Terrance who was still trying his best to suppress his anger as the corners of his mouth twitched erratically.

“There’s no need to thank me! It’s what a junior should do for his senior anyway!” said Federico before roaring out in laughter and walking into the venue.

As the black-robed man followed Federico in, he made sure to take a few glances at Gerald…

Regardless, once they had entered, Perla immediately grumbled, “To think that we’d bump into that person here… He even had the audacity to pretend to be a good guy…!”

From that, Gerald could easily guess that it was the Duns who had been targeting the Sherwins throughout this entire time.

“Was that old man the person who had beaten you up?” asked Gerald rather casually.

“That’s right, Mr. Crawford! He’s extremely powerful…!” replied Terrance.

Hearing that, Gerald simply nodded in response without saying another word.

Meanwhile, knowing that they were now quite a distance away from Terrance, Federico quickly dropped his mischievous smile before turning to look at the black-robed man.

With a rather stern face, he then asked, “You kept looking at that youth by that old b*stard’s side earlier… Why is that, master? Do you have some kind of history with him, master?”

“As a matter of fact, I do!” replied the black-robed man in a husky, old voice.

“Then, I assume you’re well-acquainted with him? Who exactly is he?”

“Just know that he’s an old acquaintance of mine! Either way, he’ll be dead soon! Haha!” replied the old man. Though his voice wasn’t all that loud, his words alone were enough to send chills down anyone’s spine…

Regardless, the auction was about to begin soon, and Gerald—and the others—quickly found seats nearing the rear end of the venue.

From what Terrance had told him, the large-scale auction was organized by the Waddys, the most powerful family in the Jenna Province. They were so powerful that even the Duns had to attend, just to pay the Waddy family some respect.

While Perla was worried that Federico would continue finding faults with them there, Terrance himself wasn’t the least afraid.

Not long after, the auctioning then began. As per usual, most of the initial auction items were pretty unimpressive.

The second the horsetail whisk was put up for auction, however, all the spectators instantly found themselves momentarily holding their breaths.

“This fine item here is called the Heavenly Horsetail Whisk, and it’s a relic from the Warring State Period that’s claimed to also be a magic artifact! With that in mind, the starting price for this item is twelve million dollars!” shouted the host.

Upon hearing that, the crowd instantly broke into an uproar!

While it was true that many of those present could sense that it was a good item, none of them had anticipated the outrageous price of twelve million dollars!

Though several people among the crowd were now discussing the atrocious price, none of them dared to bid for the item.

Amidst all the chaos, Federico simply exchanged glances with the black-robed man. Following that, Federico then nodded before raising his hand.

Upon seeing that, the host instantly declared, “Oh? It appears that Young Master Dun is offering twelve million dollars!”

Hearing that, Terrance then turned to look at Gerald before saying, “Mr. Crawford…”

“There’s no rush. Let’s just wait for a bit longer!” replied Gerald calmly.

At that moment, a coquettishly-dressed woman—who was sitting behind them—excitedly shouted, “Oh dear, please move aside! You’re blocking me from taking photographs!”

Turning around, Gerald saw that several other men and women were with her, and the females in that group—in particular—were all behaving like fanatic fans as they stared at Federico who was sitting in the front row.

“Oh gosh, our Young Master Dun is so handsome…! To think that his first offer would be twelve million dollars too! We definitely have to take a group photograph with him later!”

“I know, right? Aside from those from the Waddy family, Young Master Dun is undoubtedly the second most powerful person within the Jenna Province! Just look at how liberal he is with his money! Either way, there’s probably nobody else who’d dare to offer a price higher than that!” squealed the women excitedly.

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1460
From how much they were idolizing Federico, it was clear that those from within that group viewed anyone else as nothing but idiots.

Regardless, after hearing them scowl at her master, Perla angrily retorted, “And just who are you to tell others to move aside?”

“Who am I? Who are you? Look, just step aside already! We really can’t take photographs of Young Master Dun from here! Can’t you even do that?!”

“Yeah! What, do you think you’re rich or something? Go ahead and compete with our Young Master Dun if you dare, then!” retorted the fanatic women contemptuously.

“You…!” growled Perla who was now brimming with rage.

“Just let them say what they want. Regardless, help me shout out a price, Mr. Sherwin,” said Gerald as he turned to look at Terrance when he saw that nobody else was attempting to raise the bid.

“Very well, Master Crawford. How much do you intend to raise the bid by?” asked Terrance.

Hearing that, Gerald lifted a single finger.

Frowning slightly, Terrance then said, “With all due respect, sir, simply adding a hundred thousand dollars won’t make much of a difference!”

“Hah! For a second there, I almost thought that you were actually rich! A hundred thousand dollars… Pathetic!” scoffed the fans as they immediately began ridiculing Gerald.

“I didn’t mean a hundred thousand dollars!” replied Gerald casually.

“Then… A million dollars? That’s fine. I’ll be offering the price immediately then!” said Terrance with a nod.

Before he could do so, however, Gerald quickly replied, “That’s not it either!”

“…W-what…? Then… How much are you suggesting…?” asked the flabbergasted Terrance.

“I’m starting off with ten million dollars!” replied Gerald.

Quite honestly, Gerald had been wondering why banknotes began at a dollar. Wasn’t that way too troublesome? Things would be so much easier to calculate if a million dollars was the basic unit of money!

It was the reason why Gerald had simply lifted a single finger to indicate how much he wanted to raise the bid. After all, it was far too meddlesome to slowly increase the price a dollar at a time.

“…A-are you sure about this, Master Crawford…?” replied Terrance, his eyes now fully widened.

Even the fanatics—who were still standing behind them—were staring in disbelief at him now, not daring to say another word.

Seeing that Gerald was making no effort to stop him, Terrance then shouted, “…Fifteen million dollars!”

“…F-Fifteen million dollars? Did I hear someone offer fifteen million dollars?!” announced the host excitedly.

He had initially expected Young Master Dun to be the top bidder. To his surprise, someone was willing to pay a much higher price than that!

Federico himself now had a stiffened expression. How dare someone humiliate him…!

‘It’s that d*mned Terrance again…! He truly is courting death…! Fine then! Since you want to play around so much, I’ll play this game as well!’

“Thirty million dollars!” shouted Young Master Dun who looked like he had lost his wits.

Hearing that, Terrance instantly became worried. Gerald, however, simply shook his head with a bitter smile on his face. Games involving money were simply too boring for him…

“A hundred and fifty million dollars!” said Gerald as he looked at Terrance.

The second Terrance shouted out that amount, the entire venue broke into an uproar!

“I-I refuse to believe that the Sherwins are able to pay such a large amount of money in one go!” exclaimed Federico who clearly wasn’t expecting any of this to happen.

Just as he was about to compete with the Sherwins again—since he held a massive grudge against them—the black-robed man suddenly tugged on his wrist before saying in a low voice, “Don’t increase the price any further, Young Master Dun! With him here, you won’t ever be able to win, no matter how high you offer!”

“Then am I to just hand over this supreme magic artifact to them without a fight, Master?!” replied Federico, unable to reconcile with the thought of that outcome.

“Hahaha! But of course not! Remember, I told you that I was acquainted with that young man, Young Master Dun! If you’ve forgotten, I also said that he’d be dead soon!”

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