The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 1461-1470

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1461
Upon hearing that, Federico paused for a moment before sneering, “…I understand, Master! I know what I have to do after this!”

He already had a plan in mind.

Regardless, since Gerald had placed such a high bid, nobody else was willing to even compete with him. Even Federico’s fans were now staring at Gerald in surprise. After all, none of them had expected that this plain-looking person would actually own this much money!

Now that they had witnessed how rich he was, some of them were already winking at him, desperately trying to gain his affection.

Of course, when had such tactics ever worked on Gerald?

Either way, while money clearly was no issue for him, Gerald wasn’t one to spend on a whim. He was only willing to spend so much on the Heavenly Horsetail Whisk since he wanted to ask the organizer of the auction where and how he had gotten his hands on the whisk.

With that, he requested to see the manager once the event was over. Upon hearing that, the service staff immediately ran off to invite the manager out, and soon after, a fat middle-aged man who went by the name of Waferer walked out.

“I appreciate your support, Mr. Crawford! You’ve officially become the biggest benefactor in our auction! Please, have my business card!” said Manager Wafarer respectfully.

Not wanting to beat around the bush, Gerald skipped the pleasantries and simply replied, “Manager Wafarer, there’s something I’d like to ask you about… Where exactly did you find the Heavenly Horsetail Whisk? And how did you get your hands on it?”

“Well, first off, you should know very well that we aren’t allowed to disclose such information without first getting the original owner’s permission! However, since you did pay such a premium price for this item, I suppose I could tell you a thing or two…” replied the manager with a smile.

Just as he was about to speak, however, a young man suddenly walked toward Manager Waferer. After glancing briefly at Terrance and the others, he then whispered something into the manager’s ears.

Looking momentarily stunned, Manager Waferer then nodded before saying, “…I understand!”

Watching as the young man left, Terrance then looked at Manager Waferer again before asking, “So, what was it that you were about to tell us?”

“…Ah, yes. About that… You shouldn’t be in a hurry, correct? You see, Mr. Crawford and Mr. Sherwin, a friend of mine has taken a fancy to the Heavenly Horsetail Whisk as well. With that said, he’s already booked an entire restaurant… I suggest that I act as a middleman so that both of you can meet and discuss this matter. Who knows, both of you could strike up a good deal!” replied Manager Waferer whose tone was now different from before.

Hearing that, Gerald easily understood that the one who was responsible for this was either Federico or that black-robed man. From how things were proceeding, it was probably not going to be that easy for Gerald to just take the Heavenly Horsetail Whisk away with him today…

Whatever the case was, it was now obvious that to Manager Wayfarer, Federico was much more important compared to Gerald.

“What should we do now, Master Crawford…?” whispered Terrance.

“Since we’re being invited over, it’d be rude for us to decline without a proper reason, no? With that said, let’s go meet up with Manager Waferer’s friend. Perhaps we’ll even be able to double the price of this item once we resell it!” replied Gerald with a subtle smile.

Though Terrance couldn’t understand what Gerald was trying to do, Gerald had already spoken his mind, so there was nothing more that the old man could say.

As Terrance followed Gerald out, he failed to notice the brief, mocking smile on Manager Waferer’s face…

It was a little while later when the group arrived at the most luxurious room—that was located on the top floor—in Jenna Parlor. True to the manager’s words, the entire restaurant had been completely emptied…

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1462
After the door to the room was opened, Gerald, Terrance, and the others walked in.

The second they entered, they were immediately greeted by the sight of Federico sitting at the main seat. A broad smile on his face as he stood up, Federico then said, “Why hello there, Uncle Sherwin! I hadn’t expected to meet you again so soon!”

“So you’re behind all this, Federico!” growled Terrance angrily.

“Now, now, there’s no need to get angry, Uncle Sherwin! Aside from wanting to reminisce with you, I also called you over today since I wanted to greet and extend my warmest welcome to Mr. Crawford!” replied Federico.

Following that, he clapped his hands before ordering, “Serve the tea to the guests!”

Shortly after, a waitress walked over with a teapot in hand. However, as soon as the teapot’s cap was removed, it was revealed there was only tea powder inside! What more, the powder itself smelled extremely unpleasant!

From that alone, it was obvious that Federico was saying that they weren’t worthy of being in his presence, despite the fact that he was the one who had called them over!

“What do you mean by this, Federico?!” growled the enraged Terrance.

“Hahaha! What could you mean? Aren’t I inviting you to have some tea?” sneered Federico.

“Tea can wait, and you can save your ‘warm welcomes’ for later. So, Young Master Dun, let’s just get straight to business. Tell us, why did you invite us here today? Even if you’re trying to buy the whisk off me, I’d prefer if you beat around the bush less!” said Gerald as he looked at Federico.

After saying that, Gerald glanced at the black-robed man—who was sitting motionless beside Federico—before thinking, ‘This man… He’s most probably Federico’s strongest subordinate…’

“So you’re a straightforward person, Mr. Crawford! I see, I see… I guess I’ll get straight to the point then! You see, the Heavenly Horsetail Whisk is a magic artifact that is of great use to me… With that said, I’d like to buy it off you, Mr. Crawford. Speaking of which, ever since I was a child, I’ve always gotten what I want. If you don’t believe me, you can just ask Manager Wafarer over here! There’s nothing on this planet that I, Federico Dun, can’t obtain if I wish for it!” declared Federico with a wry smile.

“Young Master Dun is correct! As far as I know, every single request that he’s made—within the Jenna Province—has been granted, and nobody’s ever dared to turn him down! Regardless, since you’re new here, I suggest you focus on making friends with Young Master Dun. Why not kick start this new friendship by selling the whisk to him?” said Manager Wafarer.

“You can dream on!” retorted Terrance, enraged.

Gerald had already anticipated that Federico would be up to no good, and from the looks of it, the heir had booked the entire restaurant just to ease the process of taking Gerald’s life. Regardless, Gerald had expected all this to happen, so he knew how to deal with him.

“Well, since you’re so adamant about buying it, I guess I have no choice but to begin discussing the price… Why don’t we start with you making me an offer? I’ll consider whether I’ll sell it or not based on your answer!” replied Gerald.

“I agree with that. Regardless, call it a hunch, but from my past experiences, I feel that you’ll surely be dissatisfied with my offer. In fact, I believe you’ll even think I’m trying to insult you! Either way, now that that’s out of the way, let’s get to the offer. Honestly, I quite like how straightforward you are, so I’ll give you some face and pay you ten times my usual offer amount!” said Federico as he placed a freshly printed ten-dollar banknote on the table before pushing it toward Gerald, a mocking smile on his face.

Upon seeing that, Manager Waferer—who had been sitting at the side—couldn’t help but laugh out loud as he thought, ‘Young Master Dun’s always been like this! I’ve already seen this play out many, many times before… Being a famous and influential young master in the Jenna Province, who would dare provoke him?’

‘Honestly, this situation is quite reminiscent of when another wealthy businessman from outstation had spent seven million dollars at an auction to buy an ancient vase. Unfortunately for him, the young master had also taken a fancy to the vase! After using the same method—that Young Master Dun is currently utilizing on Gerald—in the end, he got the businessman to sell the vase to him for only fifty cents!’

‘Naturally, the businessman was eventually unwilling to just accept this unfair trade. As a result, his entire family was slaughtered without mercy! This is how vicious Young Master Dun can truly be! He really is the demon King of the Jenna Province!’

As Waferer was thinking about all this, he saw that Terrance was already getting increasingly anxious and angry.

Seeing that, the manager couldn’t help but pity them slightly. With that in mind, he started playing his role as a peacemaker by saying, “Quite honestly, I advise both of you to just accept his offer. After all, he truly is offering you ten times his usual amount!”

Federico himself simply lit a cigarette before saying, “Look, just leave the whisk behind, or you’ll all die! Simple as that!”

From how indifferent his cold tone was, it suggested that killing them off was just as big a deal to him as taking a nap or having a meal.

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1463
Following that, both Federico and Manager Wafarer laughed out loud. Even the waitress—who had been serving the dishes—only seemed to stare coldly at their situation.

After all, being targeted by Federico was akin to being personally selected by the devil to undergo an extremely tragic ending…

“Surely you jest, Young Master Dun. You can’t be serious about buying it for only ten dollars, can you?” replied Gerald, unsure of where Federico was even getting all this confidence. Was it just because he had the black-robed man by his side…?

“I assure you that I’m dead serious about that! Nothing more, and nothing less!” said Federico.

“…Very well, then! I’ll agree under one condition!” replied Gerald with a smile.

“State it!”

“It’s simple, really. If you still wish for this deal to go through, you’ll just have to sacrifice the lives of your family members! Once you agree with that, I’ll sell you the Heavenly Horsetail Whisk for ten dollars, just as you’ve proposed. That should sound like a perfect deal to you, right, Master Dun?” replied Gerald.

“Hahaha! You know, I hadn’t really believed Master when he earlier told me that you weren’t an ordinary person. Now, however, I can clearly see what he meant! Quite honestly, it was exactly because of that that I was willing to give you face. To think that you’d choose to refuse my goodwill instead! Very well, then! I guess I’ll just have to show some blood first!” declared Federico as he placed his teacup down.

The second he did so, the black-robed man suddenly vanished into thin air, leaving only a trail of black mist behind! Before anyone could react, the mist quickly slithered toward Perla, and once it was behind her, the old man rematerialized again without warning! Now standing right beside Perla, the black-robed man instantly grabbed hold of her neck!

While Gerald didn’t move an inch throughout the process, the terrified Perla was now shouting, “G-grandpa! Master…! Please, save me…!”

Laughing aloud, Federico then stood up before clapping his hands while staring at Gerald with mocking eyes as he said, “How’s that, Mr. Crawford? I hope that you now realize that the only reason you’re still breathing is because I didn’t order for you to be killed yet! I’m also sure that you understand how easy it is to end you after witnessing my master’s power and abilities just now. With that said, know that your life is now in my hands, whether you like it or not!”

“Realize already that there’s a vast difference between us that you’ll never be able to overcome! With that said, just get lost once you hand me the whisk! After all, you’re nothing more than an ant before my extremely powerful and talented master who’s managed to train to achieve spiritual enlightenment!” added Federico as he shook his head speechlessly.

“Indeed! How could all of you be so shameless? Do you really think you’re all high and mighty just because you’re a little wealthy? I’ll say it again, but if you know what’s good for yourself, just accept the ten dollars already and scram after handing the Heavenly Horsetail Whisk over to Young Master Dun! If you don’t, you’ll truly be dying in the Jenna Province!” insulted Manager Wafarer.

It was obvious that in his eyes, Federico was the true king here.

“Oh? I get it now… So you’re only acting so unscrupulously because you have a master who’s managed to train to achieve spiritual enlightenment…? Sorry to burst your bubble, Young Master Dun, but have you ever considered what you’d do if the master you relied so greatly on turns out to not be as strong you thought?” asked Gerald.

“You… Not as powerful? Do you even know what you’re saying?” replied Federico with a laugh.

“Oh, I know what I said. In fact, using the same comparison you made earlier, I’ll have you know that to those stronger than him, he’s the insignificant ant!” said Gerald with a casual nod.

“You can cease the act already, Gerald! What utter nonsense… Do you think you’ll be able to scare Young Master Dun away with such tactics?! While I’ve noticed that your training has increased much more compared to when we had last met quite some time ago, it appears that you’re still as stupid as ever!” sneered the black-robed man who finally decided to speak up.

“Also, while others may not know about your background, I know everything about you! So, cease the act already! All that awaits you after this is death anyway!” added the old man as he continued strangling Perla’s neck with his right hand.

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1464
For this person to just call out his name like that… Also, his tone suggested that he truly did know about Gerald’s past and background pretty well…

“…Have we met before? I don’t think I know any masters who’ve trained to achieve spiritual enlightenment!” said Gerald in slight surprise.

Upon hearing that, both the black-robed man and Federico instantly burst out laughing.

“Again, you truly are as stupid as ever…! Regardless, I didn’t expect you to still be able to remain this calm even after I’ve exposed your clunky acting! Either way… Do you really wish to know who I am? I fear you’ll be overwhelmingly shocked once you know my true identity!” replied the black-robed man with a triumphant smile.

After looking at the sneering Federico, Gerald then turned to face the black-robed man who was currently ridiculing him. He truly had no idea what was so funny.

Regardless, while Gerald could’ve just used his divine vision to figure out who this person truly was—given how crude his black robes were—he hadn’t done so simply because he really couldn’t be bothered to use his divine vision just for the sake of this person.

With that, Gerald then nodded before saying, “Go on, tell me already!”

“Alright, then! You’d better take a good long look at who I am!” replied the black-robed man with a laugh before slowly removing his hood off his head… revealing a familiar black and white face!

It was the yin yang man that Gerald had encountered back when he was still dealing with the Moldells!

After Federico and the old man burst out laughing again, the old man then said, “I’m sure you hadn’t expected both of us to meet again this way, have you, Gerald? Surprised by my sudden reappearance?”

As Gerald’s eyelids twitched slightly, he found himself thinking, ‘Who could I have expected any of this…? After all, I personally killed you back in Everdare Forest!’

If he remembered correctly, the man’s name was Julian Laker, and he had appeared in the Fenderson Manor back when Gerald was still in the Salford Province. Following that, Julian had tailed Gerald all the way into Everdare Forest, though he ended up getting killed since Gerald needed blood to bait out the Holy fox at the time.

To think that he’d actually still be alive… What more, Gerald could see that the old man had trained his essential qi while also managing to train to attain spiritual enlightenment!

However, the most surprising thing was the fact that the training aura radiating from the old man’s body wasn’t inner strength, nor was it from a secret technique. No, the aura he was exuding was the purest form of essential qi!

“Heh, I know what you’re curious about… You’re wondering how I’m still alive now, correct? Hell, I’m sure you’re also confused as to how I’ve ended up becoming the most powerful person in the world who’s been able to train to attain spiritual enlightenment, right?! As a bonus fact, I even have my own title now!” declared the old man, laughing even louder than before. Nobody on the planet could be smugger than him at this moment in time.

“Well, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t curious to know how you returned from the dead. What more, you were even able to access the training realm. And here I thought no normal person could even come close to touching Jaellatra… Regardless, what’s your current title?” asked Gerald with a nod, finding it slightly hilarious that a dead man knew more than he did.

“Regarding how I got resurrected, it was through sheer luck, honestly. After you killed me, a bolt of lightning suddenly struck my body out of nowhere! I have no idea how I didn’t immediately dissipate or turn into ashes, but either way, I somehow managed to preserve the thought of my soul! It wasn’t long after before I was able to resume full control of my body again, and it was then when I realized that my body had undergone a few abnormal changes!”

“With that said, the only explanation as to why I’m still alive is that I’ve been able to undergo nirvana reincarnation! I find it funny that after endlessly training my inner strength in the past—thinking that I was already at the top of the world with it—it took a bolt of lightning to make me realize that I could get much stronger! Either way, I was able to condense all my essential qi after being struck, and I felt so strong at the time that it was almost as though I had just undergone deification! Truth be told, I’ve been excited to tell you about all this for a while now! Hahaha!” explained Julian.

Hearing that, Gerald laughed as well before saying, “So you thought owning essential qi alone was enough to qualify you to become a deity?”

“To be fair, I didn’t know anything about this at the time. It wasn’t until much later when I was finally able to come into contact with others who were also training to attain spiritual enlightenment. Following that, I became aware that I was one of them, and it was also around then when I gained my title. You see, those who are able to train to attain spiritual enlightenment are extremely special and powerful. With that in mind, we’re all worthy of having our own titles, and mine is the Yin Yang Master!”

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1465
“Well, from what you’ve told me, I can safely say that you truly are one lucky person. Still, why the Yin Yang Master?” asked Gerald rather curiously.

“Titles are usually awarded based on the receiver’s characteristics. Regardless, do you still think you’re all-powerful, Gerald?” scoffed Yin Yang.

“Wouldn’t even dream about it!” replied Gerald as he shook his head.

“You can stop putting that act in front of me! While I admit that you’re extremely powerful and talented—based on our previous encounter—, I’ll have you know that we had only seen a small portion of the world back then! I’ll say it right now that the true masters who control the world are those who train to attain spiritual enlightenment! With their extensive and near-incomparable power and abilities, they’re easily able to dominate the world if they wanted to! As a fun fact, know that there’s at least one person in every country who trains themselves to attain spiritual enlightenment!”

“Regardless, even though I’m already one of them and I’ve been given the title of Yin Yang Master—signifying that I’m already one of the top people on the planet—I still know my limitations very well. After all, despite having this title, I’m still worlds apart from getting as strong as the Nine-rank Master! With that in mind, I’m lightyears away from the incredibly skilled top masters who’ve been able to get the title of Chakra King!” explained Yin Yang as his expression momentarily turned respectful with the mention of the Chakra King title.

“So what I’m hearing is that anyone above the Nine-rank master will be given the title of Chakra King? Who’s giving all these titles out anyway?” asked Gerald, puzzled.

“Hahaha! You don’t have to worry yourself about that… Regardless, I have to say that everything’s simply come and gone too quickly and suddenly… I’ll have you know that all this while, I’ve been unable to share this joy with others, my disciple included. After all, telling him about all this would certainly fill him with shock and amazement! But here I am, sharing all this with you, Gerald! After all, you’re different!”

“Truth be told, you’re a fine young man who not only has good character, but you’re also extremely talented! Hell, you even have an amazing training base! Due to all that, I have to say I quite like you. However, there simply is no way out of this. Just so you know, some people are inherently born with evil natures, and I’m one of them. Besides, not only have we been fighting against each other for such a long time, you’ve even killed me before! With that in mind, you can only ever be my enemy!”

“Still, I have to admit that I found it quite intriguing and enjoyable to tell you all about my amazing growth and experiences. I’ve been waiting for the longest time for a chance to finally be able to tell you all this, you know? After all, I had been completely defeated by you just a year ago! To think that the gap between us would end up becoming this vast the next time we met!” said Yin Yang as he cackled.

“You can save the laughing for later. I still have a few questions I’d like to ask. For one, since you’re already so powerful, why did you choose to stay by an ordinary young man’s side, Yin Yang?”

Quite frankly, everyone had expected Gerald to be terrified after hearing Yin Yang’s speech. After all, they were mortal enemies. With that in mind, even if he wasn’t panicked, Gerald should’ve at least been a little nervous.

On the contrary, Gerald was as cool as a cucumber! Still sitting with his legs crossed, it gave off the impression that Gerald was a leader who was listening to his subordinate reporting for duty! What nerve!

Naturally, this infuriated Yin Yang. Greatly displeased with Gerald’s attitude, he then sneered, “You truly have made great progress in your disposition and temperament, Gerald… After all, you’re still able to remain so calm before me even after not meeting for a year…”

Before Yin Yang could go on, Gerald simply raised his hand, interrupting him before saying, “That’s quite enough of chit chat. Now hurry up and answer my question!”

“…You brat…! How dare you keep disrespecting me, time and time again…! I guess you won’t take my warnings seriously till I threaten you, you narrow-minded young man! Very well then, I’ll show you the true power of a grandmaster! Your life ends now!” roared Yin Yang as he released Perla… before instantly aiming at Gerald and using his sword tactic!

Explosive sounds quickly followed as a turbulence sent all the tables and chairs in the room flying all over the place! With wine glasses and the restaurant’s windows shattering from the immense force, the scene was made even more terrifying when a blade that glowed purple and black manifested at the tip of Yin Yang’s finger before shooting out at Gerald!

“H-how utterly powerful and terrifying…!” muttered Terrance as his entire body trembled in fear.

However, just as the sword was about to pierce through Gerald, it suddenly disappeared!

“…Huh? …W-what…?” muttered Yin Yang in his disbelief as he looked at his sword finger.

The skill he had just utilized was known as the Soul Slasher, and its name was pretty self-explanatory. Regardless, he had perfected the skill, and none of his attacks with it had ever missed before…

“Curious as to how I stopped that?” asked Gerald indifferently.

“…How did you do it?” replied Yin Yang with a frown, now feeling that this young man wasn’t as simple as he portrayed himself to be. Gerald had been calm throughout this entire time… A little too calm… Terrifyingly calm, even…

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1466
Choosing not to answer him verbally, Gerald simply mimicked what Yin Yang had done earlier—in order to use the sword tactic—before pointing in a random direction…

All of a sudden, the room began trembling wildly, causing the surrounding walls to crack and even begin crumbling! Following that, a massive sword that glowed purple and black began manifesting!

The sheer force of the summoning process alone caused strong winds to blow, and the next thing Terrance and Manager Waferer—who had been standing at the side—knew, the corners of their mouths were already bleeding due to how sharp the blades of wind were!

However, they were far too preoccupied with staring wide-eyed at the powerful-looking sword of light before them to even notice that they were hurt! It looked so powerful that it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that it could easily topple the entire restaurant with a single swing!

With a slight gesture, Gerald made the sword momentarily disappear… Once it reappeared, it was tiny. However, as the sword of light shot past Yin Yang’s face, it caused a steady stream of blood to trickle down his right cheek…

By this point, Yin Yang was already panting heavily as he stared at Gerald, eyes fully widened in disbelief.

“…W-what…? You… You’ve also become someone who’s trained to attain spiritual enlightenment…?!” muttered Yin Yang in horror.

What Gerald had just accomplished was the highest level for this particular magic art. In other words, the ability to freely retract and release the sword of light.

It was a level that not even Yin Yang had been able to master, yet Gerald appeared to have already perfected it…

Gulping, the horrified Yin Yang then asked, “When… When did you manage to attain spiritual enlightenment…? And when did you master the Soul Slasher…?”

“Just a few days ago, to be quite frank. As for the Soul Slasher, I learned it just now by observing you. While you may think you’re all-powerful, your movements are honestly pretty slow and the tactics you muttered aren’t as silent as you’d like to imagine! I could hear all of it!” replied Gerald with a faint smile.

“…Y-you…!” stuttered Yin Yang as he took two steps back in fear. Gerald had now shown him what true terror felt like…!

Realizing how much trouble he was now in, Yin Yang instantly kowtowed before Gerald while shouting, “P-please spare my life, Mr. Crawford! No, Senior! I was wrong, senior…!”

While Yin Yang hadn’t been afraid of death in the past, he was extremely terrified of dying now. After all, he had finally gotten a taste of what it felt like to be the cream of the crop, a person training to attain spiritual enlightenment… It was like a precious dream come true, and he wasn’t ready to lose all that right here and now.

After witnessing the extent of Gerald’s skills and understanding why he had been so calm this entire time, Yin Yang knew that the young man had already beaten him in every aspect possible. It was just as he had earlier said… The gap between them was simply too vast…!

Yin Yang’s biggest discomfort, however, came from the fact that he had been treating himself as the protagonist this entire time… He now understood that the actual protagonist had been Gerald all along!

As for Manager Waferer, he finally snapped out of his shock when he realized that Yin Yang was kneeling before Gerald. Realizing how dire things were now, the manager instantly knelt in front of Gerald as well, pleading, “P-please spare my life as well, Mr. Crawford…!”

Federico himself was facing a fair amount of internal struggle in his heart. However, since his master was actually kneeling before Gerald while begging for his life, Federico simply did the same.

Seeing that, Gerald—who was still seated on his chair—raised his hand slightly, summoning a cup of untouched fragrant tea into it.

After taking a few sips, Gerald then said, “We truly haven’t met in ages, Yin Yang… Regardless, I can’t exactly tell when it started, but I’ve begun liking it when people talk to me with this kind of attitude and reverence… I would have certainly been much happier if the three of you had spoken to me with this attitude from the very beginning!”

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1467
“P-please spare my life, Mr. Crawford…! I beg of you…!” pleaded Yin Yang as he continued begging for mercy.

Though Federico continued begging as well, he was simultaneously wondering why someone who was around the same age as him could be so powerful.

After becoming Yin Yang’s disciple and entering the realm of training, Federico had naturally grown quite arrogant, and it was no easy task for him to willingly submit to a person from the bottom of his heart.

With that in mind, he quickly regained his wits and began thinking that all of this was simply nonsense! There was no way he was going to just bow to the whims of a person his age!

‘I’m unconvinced of all this…! Even if master is willing to kowtow before you, I can’t accept this at all! I’m simply being a real man now by making a strategic submission! Mark my words, I’ll surely get back at you for all this one day…!’ Federico thought to himself.

By thinking of it as a strategic retreat, Federico became more willing to continue pleading for mercy.

“I don’t mind sparing your lives. After all, I never even said that I’d kill both of you in the first place!” said Gerald as he looked at Yin Yang and Manager Wafarer, prompting both of them to heave huge sighs of relief.

Realizing that his name hadn’t been called out, Federico could only stare at Gerald in disbelief.

“As for you, I recall that you’ve agreed to exchange the lives of your family members in return for the Heavenly Horsetail Whisk. While it’s true that a real man should know when to make strategic submissions, a true man follows his promises to the very end as well! With that said, you and your entire family will have to die!” declared Gerald.

“…Y-you… What…?!” stuttered Federico, now terrified beyond words. He hadn’t anticipated that Gerald could read minds!

Quickly backing away in panic, Federico instantly began muttering, “N-no…! Please, don’t…!”

However, Gerald was having none of that. Muttering a few tactics, Gerald then pointed his sword finger at Federico!

Following that, a powerful blood-red sword flew right at the terrified man, completely enveloping Federico in a crimson glow as soon as it came into contact with him!

While he thought he was going to die, Federico eventually opened his eyes… Only to realize that he was still in one piece.

“…I’m… Alive…?” muttered Federico, utterly shocked by the turn of events.

Federico found himself pondering if this was a lucky situation similar to what his master had experienced… With his body radiating such strong rays of light, he also wondered if they were the reason why Gerald’s deadly sword attack hadn’t harmed him in the slightest. Could it be that… He truly was a disciple chosen by god?

However, his fantasies quickly came to a halt when he heard Gerald explain in an indifferent tone, “Don’t get your hopes up. You’ve just been afflicted with a blood curse! As long as the curse is active, anyone who shares the same bloodline as you will start dying, one by one! Don’t worry, you’ll be the last to die, so cherish what little time you have left!”

“…H-huh…? A… Blood curse…?!” exclaimed Federico.

The second his sentence ended, an acute pain instantly swept through Federico’s body! As painful black cracks began forming all over his face, Federico finally began regretting his actions.

Everything had initially been fine… He was already a rich young master, wasn’t he? Just why did he have to go provoke this person…?!

“Just… Why…?!” cried out the aching Federico as his entire body exploded into a bloody mist a split second later!

As the bloody mist remained suspended in the air, both Yin Yang and Manager Wafarer gulped as a clear message was imprinted into their minds and hearts.

Anyone who dared to offend Mr. Crawford would surely die…!

Snapping out of it, Manager Wafarer immediately resumed kowtowing as he pleaded, “P-please, please, please spare my life, Mr. Crawford…!”

Yin Yang himself was petrified in fear, unable to even move an inch.

Ignoring Manager Wafarer for the moment, Gerald then turned to look at Yin Yang before asking, “Now then… Do you remember the question I asked earlier?”

“I-I remember…!”

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1468
Watching as Yin Yang nodded repeatedly, Gerald then said, “Repeat what I asked then before you answer my question!”

Gulping, Yin Yang then muttered, “Y-you asked me how I had obtained my title and why I had chosen to stay by Young Master Dun’s side…!”

Wiping the sweat off his forehead, Yin Yang then added, “Truth be told, I only managed to figure all this out about half a year after training to attain spiritual enlightenment. Mr. Crawford, did you know that the world is more exciting and amazing than anything you could’ve ever imagined? For starters, there’s a realm- no, an entire world that can be assessed by those training to attain spiritual enlightenment! However, you should also know that many of them later choose to live and work alongside regular people! We refer to this as joining society!”

“Speaking of which, while it’s true that those who have attained spiritual enlightenment have great power and influence that could easily be used to take control over planet’s order, in an effort to keep unruly people under control, a joint organization known as the Ringmasters of Obliteration was created! Speaking of the Ringmasters of Obliteration, they’re also the ones who regulate the ranks and titles. With that said, those who train to attain spiritual enlightenment have to use the Appraisal Obsidian to complete an essential qi examination that will then give them their grade!”

“As for me, I’m currently in the joining society stage as a person who is training to attain spiritual enlightenment. Naturally, I have my own selfish reasons for doing this!” explained Yin Yang before pausing for a while as he observed Gerald’s expression.

“Regardless, there will be an underground ceremony in the Jenna Province in the next few days. From the rumors I’ve heard, that it’s due to a non-government organization discovering a miracle. While miracles are oftentimes extremely dangerous, they’re also very enticing. With that in mind, I came here about three months ago to lay down the foundation. After all, it’s said that among the miracles, there are some magic artifacts that are capable of destroying the world!” added Yin Yang, stating all that he knew without hiding anything.

Naturally, Gerald made sure to pay extra close attention to everything that Yin Yang said. He was truly learning a lot today, and he now realized that what Peter and Zyla had shared with him before was only the tip of the iceberg in the world of those who trained to achieve spiritual enlightenment.

Regardless, he was now lifting the veils of mysteries on his own.

As he thought about it, he recalled Peter saying that there was a big problem with his grandfather. Had his grandfather also been training to attain spiritual enlightenment…? If that was the case, then everything that had happened up till this point started to make a lot more sense. For some reason, realizing that seemed to make Gerald’s heartache the more he thought about it.

“…I see. Regardless, if I remember correctly, your name is Julian Laker, correct?” asked Gerald casually.

“It is, Mr. Crawford!” replied Julian fearfully.

“Well, since you seem to have the will to live and I know it wasn’t easy for you to get to where you currently are, I’m giving you a chance to persuade me as to why I shouldn’t kill you right now! Make it snappy!” said Gerald.

“I-if you let me live, then I, Julian Laker, will follow you and be your slave! I’ll be willing to do anything for you in return for your kindness and benevolence! I’ve seen the errors of my ways! I truly have!” replied Julian as he immediately began kowtowing again.

Truly terrified and filled with profound respect and humility toward Gerald, everything that Julian had just said was the truth. After all, stating that Gerald was far scarier now than he had been a year ago was no exaggeration.

There wasn’t a good ending to be found by choosing to go against him.

“Very good,” said Gerald rather indifferently.

As relief washed through Julian, the terrified Manager Wafarer began kowtowing again as well as he pleaded, “I-I’m willing to become your slave as well, Mr. Crawford…!”

In response, Gerald simply lightly stepped on Manager Waferer’s head!

“Oh? Who do you even think you are? Do you truly think that you’re worthy enough to stay by my side…?”

“N-no! I was wrong for stepping out of line! Please forgive me!” cried out the terror-stricken manager.

“I’m glad you realize that. Regardless, you still haven’t answered my question. How did you get your hands on the Heavenly Horsetail Whisk?” asked Gerald.

Not daring to hide anything from Gerald anymore, Manager Waferer quickly replied, “I-it was given to me by a student…! While I came to realize that the item had great value after having someone evaluate it, the student simply asked for three hundred thousand dollars! Quite frankly, I wouldn’t have minded paying him three million dollars had he not been so adamant with that price!”

“A student? Do you know more about him?” asked Gerald with a frown.

Momentarily stunned when he heard that question, Manager Waferer quickly snapped out of it before replying, “W-well, at the time, I was curious to know how that kid had managed to get his hands on the magic artifact as well… With that said, I sent someone to tail him in secret… From what I’ve managed to gather, the student’s name is Yul and he’s a fourth-year senior studying at the Jenna Province University… He’s also in the second class of the Department of Economics and Management! While his family isn’t that well to do, he seems to be a very honest person…!”

“Yul…” murmured Gerald as a plan began forming in his mind…

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1469
Master Ghost had always been a calm man who had the remarkable ability to predict the future. With that in mind, it was impossible for him to have simply chosen to dispose of such a valuable magic artifact just like that. But what could his intentions have been…?

As Gerald pondered on, Zenny—who had been quiet this entire time—finally decided to say, “Could Master Ghost be trying to tell us something, Gerald? Could this be his way of asking for help?”

Nodding in response, Gerald then replied, “I assume so. After all, with his near-perfect ability to predict the future, he’s probably already predicted that we’d come looking for him. In fact, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that he already knows when we’ll be coming to get him! Why else would he have allowed his beloved whisk to end up in that auction in the past few days? Regardless, we should head to Jenna Province University first. Once we find Yul, we’ll ask him about what he knows!”

“I used to study at that university too, master! Why don’t I accompany you there? I’m sure having someone by your side will be more convenient for you anyway!” suggested Perla.

“You have a good point. Very well, then!”

Upon arriving at the Jenna Province University, Gerald found himself thinking about his past. It was just something that happened anytime he entered any campus. Regardless, it had been three years since Mila had gone missing… That was also the start of all of this…

Despite that, now that he was within another university, it felt like everything had just happened yesterday… Time simply worked that way, secretly slipping away when one was most unprepared for it…

When Perla—who had been following Gerald around campus—saw that he was deep in thought, she decided not to interrupt him. Instead, she simply chose to head to the Department of Economics and Management to look for Yul.

Gerald himself simply continued wandering around campus.

Just as he was thinking that all universities looked more or less the same, he suddenly heard someone shouting, “Look out!”

At that moment, a large kite was swooping down from the sky, and it was headed straight for Gerald! Things like these weren’t uncommon when flying a kite. After all, without wind, kites would simply descend rapidly, and there was no real way of stopping that from happening.

Regardless, the girl who had called out to Gerald appeared to have been flying the kite with a few friends of hers, and they were now frantically trying to warn Gerald about it.

Needless to say, Gerald noticed it almost instantaneously. Since he was still deep in thought, he didn’t consider his actions and ended up pointing at the kite… Before causing it to explode while it was still in the sky!

By the time the kite fell to the ground, it was nothing but ashes!

When the girls finally got to Gerald, they instantly began shouting both anxiously and in rage when they saw the condition of their kite.

“Was there really a need for this? It’s not like we did it on purpose! Why’d you have to burn our kite?!” yelled one of the girls.

Of the four long-haired girls in the group—who all looked equally slim and attractive—three of them were pointing angrily at him. The fourth, from what Gerald could see, seemed to be more on the quiet and demure side. Even so, there were still obvious hints of disappointment on her face.

Whatever the case was, Gerald found himself sighing internally as an apologetic expression formed on his face. This was why he preferred sealing off his essential qi… After all, if he accidentally used it, there was always the potential of him accidentally hurting others…

Snapping out of it, Gerald then quickly replied, “I didn’t mean to! I apologize!”

“What do you mean you didn’t mean to? It’s obvious that you intentionally burnt our kite just because it nearly hit you! How terrible can you be?!” retorted another girl.

From the looks of it, they had been so focused on getting to Gerald earlier that they hadn’t really seen how their kite had been obliterated. With that in mind, Gerald burning it seemed to be the only logical conclusion based on the kite’s current condition. From what Gerald could see, they weren’t about to accept any other explanation either.

With that in mind, Gerald then said, “Look, I’ll compensate you for it!”

As he said that, an elegant-looking girl—who had previously been standing in the center of the group—began winding up the kite’s string…

However, she didn’t notice a pit hole in time and found herself leaning dangerously forward!

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1470
Seeing that, Gerald instantly grabbed hold of the girl’s waist before helping her up!

“My god! What the hell are you doing?! Are you actually taking advantage of Xyrielle right before our very eyes?!” yelled the enraged girls.

To think that he was being so daring out in public, and in front of them, no less!

“I-it isn’t what you think, Xaverie…!” said Xyrielle, hoping to stop her friends from saying anything unnecessary.

“There’s no need to be afraid, Xyrielle! We’re here to defend you! Whatever the case is, I’m making a call now so that this kid pays for what he’s done!” said Xaverie as her angered friends united against their common enemy.

“You’ve got it all wrong! He was simply preventing me from falling just now! There’s a pit hole there, see?” explained Xyrielle.

“…Huh?” replied her friends, all startled to hear that.

After realizing what had truly happened, their glares softened slightly. Xyrielle, on the other hand, found herself blushing slightly as she looked at Gerald.

A brief moment later, one of the girls then said, “…Even so, he’ll still have to make up for our burnt kite!”

“I already said I was sorry!” replied Gerald with a wry smile.

“And do you think things will be settled with a simple apology?” retorted Xaverie as she crossed her arms.

Tugging onto Xaverie’s sleeve, Xyrielle then asked, “What are you still doing, Xaverie?”

“Xyrielle, you, of all people, should know how expensive that kite was! After all, it was made with high-quality materials! Regardless, with how plainly you’re dressed, I assume it’d be difficult for you to cough out a hundred and fifty dollars… Still, you did help Xyrielle out earlier… Fine, why don’t we do this? Taking into account that you aided her, you’ll just have to buy each of us a cup of milk tea as compensation. How’s that?” asked Xaverie.

“No problem!” replied Gerald with a smile as the other girls cheered and applauded.

Soon enough, all four of the girls were holding a cup of milk tea in their hands. Just as they were about to leave, however, Xaverie asked, “Speaking of which, what’s your name? And which department are you from?”

Seeing no reason to hide it, Gerald simply replied, “I’m Gerald! Gerald Crawford!”

“Copy that! Also, just so you know, a cup of milk tea each isn’t going to cut it! The next time we bump into you, we’ll be asking for at least one more milk tea treat from you! With that said, I’ll be remembering you!” said Xaverie as she dragged her friends away.

Naturally, that wasn’t a problem for Gerald. Xaverie didn’t seem to be making things particularly difficult for him either. Truth be told, he found them to be quite interesting.

Now that that issue had been dealt with, Gerald recalled that he still had important business to attend to. With that, he then quickly headed to the Department of Economics and Management.

As he left, however, he didn’t notice that Xyrielle had been constantly turning back to look at him from time to time…

Watching as his figure slowly disappeared, Xarielle was jolted back to reality when Xaverie suddenly shouted, “Xyrielle!”

Startled, she then replied, “…H-huh? What’s wrong?”

“You know, I’ve noticed that you’ve been acting a bit off for a while now… While you were all cheerful before this, you’ve been acting pretty shy ever since you bumped into that boy! Hell, you were even blushing as you stole glances at him just seconds ago! You can’t have already developed feelings for him just because he hugged you a little just now, right…?” said Xaverie in disbelief.

“N-no! That’s not the case! It’s just… When I saw him earlier…” muttered Xyrielle, hesitant on completing her sentence.

“Go on!” replied Xaverie as she and the other girls anxiously waited for Xyrielle to finish her sentence.

“It’s hard to put into words, alright? Look, do you girls remember when we bumped into that fortune-teller about half a year ago…?”

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