The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 1571-1580

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1571
By the time the shocked Julian could feel his heart sink, the gargantuan green dragon was already inches away from Gerald!

However, the next thing everyone knew, a golden arc of light suddenly appeared and completely enveloped Gerald!

The second the dragon touched the arc of light, it instantly retracted! From an audience’s perspective, it looked like something had shocked it to the core!

“My god! What tactic is he even using?!” exclaimed the surprised Carlos who didn’t even dare blink as the battle went on.

Daryl found himself equally as surprised as well. After all, he, of all people, knew how powerful the Double-dragon spell truly was.

While Daryl knew that Gerald had summoned that golden arc of light to shield him from the attack, he hadn’t the slightest idea of what the arc of light actually was.

It couldn’t have been a magic weapon since that wouldn’t have been able to block the Double-dragon spell… The arc was most probably not cast through the use of mere inner strength either. After all, no amount of inner strength—no matter how strong it was—would’ve been able to block the spell’s power.

With all that in mind, what the hell was going on…?

His heart now racing, Daryl turned to look at his green dragon that had almost dematerialized from Gerald’s arc of light alone.

Shortly after, he watched as Gerald slowly floated into the air… and it was at that moment when he realized what was really going on.

Though he was still surprised, his gaze tightened as he declared, “So, it appears that you’ve learned a lot more secret techniques than I’ve anticipated! No wonder your fighting strategies are always so amazing!”

Following that, he began gathering power in his hands again… and this time, both dragons began charging toward Gerald!

With sparks of electricity running down the dragons’ bodies, both of them rammed straight into Gerald’s protective shield!

“You’re wasting far too much of your essential qi, you know, Daryl? I fear that your essential qi will have completely depleted before you even start fighting me head-on! Still, I’m sure you already knew that you couldn’t defeat me using regular means after our little clash yesterday… With that in mind, I can’t help but wonder if you proceeded to invite me to a duel thinking that this weak spell of yours could kill me…”

Despite the two dragons continuously ramming into Gerald’s protective shield of light, all that did was further thicken the shield’s layers!

“Impossible… Impossible…!” roared the pale-faced Daryl whose arms were already filled with bulging blue veins…

Unwilling to just accept this, Daryl kept on ordering the dragons to crash into Gerald’s arc of light slowly depleting his essential qi… Deep inside, however, Daryl knew that all he was doing was for naught.

How on earth was Gerald this powerful…? Daryl knew for a fact that Gerald was only a Third-rank Chakra King during their battle yesterday… Now, however, Gerald’s training was very evidently beyond that. Daryl’s power wasn’t even closely comparable to Gerald’s anymore! The Herculean Primordial Spirit… It was simply far too terrifying!

Still, the more he thought about it, the more he refused to give up on his assault! Maybe perseverance was the key!

The second his thought ended, however, a massive explosion could suddenly be heard, snapping him out of it!

It was evident that the explosion was caused by the dragons’ final ram into the arc of light… And now, all the surprised old man could do was watch as his shattered green dragons slowly began falling apart…

Seconds later, the horrified Daryl ended up spurting out a mouthful of blood before falling from the sky!

Shouting in pain from the impact of falling, Daryl was still more terrified of Gerald as he turned to look at the youth.

He now knew that even if he used up all his strength, he would never be able to break through Gerald’s defenses… This… This was all impossible…!

As utter disbelief was reflected in Daryl’s eyes, the crowd watching from below found themselves completely clueless as to what had just happened…
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1572
After all, the last thing they were able to see was a blinding light from atop the tower that had forced all of them to shut their eyes…

By the time their eyes finally readjusted, Daryl Crawford, the legendary King of South Asia, was already lying on the ground!

“…What?” muttered a voice.

With such a great battle taking place, it was only natural that those from the other Crawford family would also be present at the dragon tower. The one who had spoken appeared to be some kind of young master, and he had been watching everything through his sinister eyes from the moment the battle began. Even so, he truly hadn’t expected that things would go this way.

‘Is grandpa unable to even lay a finger on Gerald…?’

Meanwhile, Carlos and Julian themselves were utterly amazed by what they had just witnessed… This was a battle unlike anything they had ever seen before…

“…You…. Could you have learned all those unique techniques from Liemis…? If that’s the case, then that explains why I haven’t been able to find any records of the skills he had mastered, even after combing through the entire ancient tomb…!” asked the astonished and pale-faced old man as he slowly got to his feet, his eyes affixed to Gerald’s…

“Honestly, had you not mentioned it, I would’ve surely forgotten to tell you about it! Regardless, there was one thing that I didn’t tell you about after I returned from the ancient tomb… You see, Brother Liemis didn’t have any physical records stored within his tomb, oh no. Instead, he stored all that information within this jade pendant! Thinking back, it’s quite lucky that I didn’t inform you about this!” replied Gerald.

Finally seeing the bigger picture, Daryl then nodded before saying, “…Interesting…! How absolutely interesting…!”

Rather than continuing to be enraged, Daryl was now laughing… Once he was done, however, he calmly shook his head before turning to look at Gerald as he added, “Still, what a pity…”

“What is?” asked Gerald.

“It’s a pity that you now have access to such talent that others won’t ever be able to obtain, even after training for several lifetimes! A pity that you’re now truly an unparalleled genius on this planet… And last but not least, a pity that you’re my enemy…! With that said, you won’t be able to escape death today no matter what! Thinking about it, I’m honestly a little pained by all this. If you were my real grandson and you didn’t have the Herculean Primordial Spirit within you, everything would’ve surely gone fantastically… Just imagine, me and you, grandfather and grandson! With our powers combined, we could easily dominate the three worlds!” replied Daryl as he shook his head with a bitter smile.

“However, it’s now far too late for all that wishful thinking… I’m ending you today, Gerald! Otherwise, nothing in the world will be able to control you anymore with how rapidly you’re progressing!” added Daryl.

The second his sentence ended, a black Dead Annie suddenly began materializing before the old man’s chest… Though the flower was only the size of an adult’s palm, it was clear as day that it contained an extraordinary power…

As the flower slowly floated into the sky, a beam of light shot out and completely enveloped Daryl!

Barely a second had passed when yet another massive explosion could be heard coming from beneath the dragon tower!

“W-what’s happening?!”

“Is this an earthquake?!”

With even the ground below now trembling, the astonished crowd instantly began speculating what was happening.

Staring at all that was happening, Gerald found himself frowning slightly before he asked, “And what spell are you casting this time?”

“Heh… I’m borrowing the energy from the entire nation just to initiate this ancient spell…! What I’m casting was left behind as a legacy from the ancients! It’s called the great dragon extermination spell…!”

The second Daryl’s explanation ended, he began charging the flower with all his power! With the last of his training aura, Daryl then sent out the Dead Annie!

The Dead Annie was the ultimate flower that Daryl had spent decades to nurture… It was a transcendent magic weapon.

With its power, he could enhance his holy sense in order to forcibly initiate the spell…

Naturally, all this power was well over what a magic weapon was capable of storing… With that in mind, Daryl had managed to get this far by doing something that nobody else had ever done before.

He had merged the Dead Annie with his heart. It was a process near-incomprehensible to ordinary people, but in the end, it worked out for Daryl.

However, this also meant that though Daryl had managed to attain the ultimate magic weapon, the Dead Annie was now essentially his heart.

Despite knowing that, Daryl wasn’t daunted in the least. As long as he could take Gerald out, he didn’t mind sacrificing his life!
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1573
With the Dead Annie still merged with his heart, it was near-impossible for Gerald to truly kill Daryl. After all, no amount of power would’ve been able to destroy that ultimate magic weapon.

Even so, Daryl was well aware that if he didn’t use the flower to initiate the great dragon extermination spell, he wasn’t going to be able to lay a finger on Gerald.

He wasn’t about to allow such a strong demon to exist! Not on his life! With that, the Dead Annie continued shining brighter than ever!

Meanwhile, mass destruction was occurring at the foot of the dragon tower! As multiple draconic screeches filled the air, even more dark clouds began flying toward the area, completely covering the sky…

Even to the ancients, the spell had a reputation for being extremely powerful… With that said, changes in both the sky and earth were only natural once the spell was cast.

As all this was happening, Carlos, Julian, and the rest could only look around them rather anxiously.

“What’s the meaning of all this, Laughing Master…?” asked the worried Julian.

In response, however, Carlos simply shook his head, a bitter smile on his face. After all, he knew for a fact that by this point, the battle between the two was already well beyond his comprehension…

“I’m not allowing you to continue living, Gerald!” yelled the old man, prompting nine colossal obsidian dragons to burst out from the ground, each looking equally as furious!

Upon getting to the top of the tower, all nine of the evil dragons looked like they were about to simultaneously attack Gerald when the youth simply shook his head while smiling bitterly as he said, “I guess you really are willing to pay any price just to kill me!”

Were these dark creatures capable of finally taking Gerald down?

Watching as he shook his head, the nine dragons then encircled the dragon tower before diving in to attack the protective shield that Gerald had just set up again!

The second the collision happened, however, a blinding light swept through the entire area… Followed shortly after by an explosive sound that sent fierce gusts of wind blowing in the audience’s direction!

For those who didn’t have much training, they ended up getting easily blown away by the strong gales, many finding themselves colliding against stone walls!

Thankfully, a few of the audience members had brought along people with higher ranks, and they were able to be protected since their training was much higher.

All in all, there was simply a lot of screaming and utter chaos at the foot of the dragon tower…

Regardless, though dust was now all over the place… Daryl’s slow but increasingly maniacal laughter could be heard…

After all, he had finally defeated Gerald! Without a doubt, Gerald would’ve surely turned to dust by this point!

Simply continuing to laugh for a while longer, Daryl’s laughter came to an abrupt halt when the dust finally settled again…

There he was. The man he now utterly feared…

Watching as the unscathed young man began walking toward him with his hands in his pockets, Daryl found himself muttering, “…W-what… How… How is this possible…?”

He simply couldn’t believe it. He had used the Dead Annie to initiate the great dragon extermination spell knowing full well that he would die doing so. Shockingly enough, even after all that, Gerald was still perfectly fine! In top condition, even!

“…Master… He’s alright…!”

From beneath the dragon tower, Carlos could finally calm himself after realizing that Gerald was still fine. Following that deafening explosion, he could now finally stand on the tower again.

“This… This is impossible…! How are you still okay…?!” stuttered the terrified Daryl as he stared wide-eyed at the smiling Gerald.

How had the great dragon extermination spell failed to have killed him?

His hands still in his pockets, Gerald simply replied in a cheerful tone, “But of course I’m alright. After all, your ‘great spell’ is nothing by child’s play in my eyes…”

“You…!” retorted Daryl as a pointed at Gerald.

However, before he could even say another word, he felt as blood began gushing up his throat!

While vomiting a mouthful of blood, Daryl thought about all that had just taken place.

The great dragon extermination spell… It was a highly restricted ancient spell, yet to Gerald, dealing with it had simply been child’s play…

It was also Daryl’s suicidal but strongest attack, and even though Daryl had sacrificed his life for all this, he still wasn’t able to land a single hit on Gerald…
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1574
The Dead Annie was gone, Gerald was still alive and well…

The more Daryl thought about it, the more pain he felt in his chest. As his head began spinning and a trickle of blood rolled down the corner of his mouth, the dying man—who was still pointing at Gerald—could only mutter in his sheer disbelief, “You… You… My… My Dead Annie…!”

Holding onto his chest as he continued mumbling to himself, it almost felt like Daryl had completely lost his soul… Not only that, but he now appeared much, much older than he previously had. The youth on his face and the sheen of his white hair were no longer present…

Clenching his teeth as he tried his best to continue glaring at Gerald, the old man knew deep in his heart that there was nothing else he could do.

Gerald, on the other hand, appeared rather chipper as he walked even closer to Daryl. With a calm voice, Gerald then said, “Before you die, there’s something I’d like to tell you, Daryl.”

“…What is it…?”

“Well, during our initial fight, I had only used about twenty percent of my essential qi…”

“…You… What…?!” muttered the weakened old man as his eyes bulged.

“And to block your great dragon extermination spell, I simply had to use forty percent instead,” replied Gerald.

“You…! That… That’s not possible…!” shouted Daryl as he fell feebly to the ground.

“Why wouldn’t it be? After all, I only have to use about ten percent of my essential qi during regular fights! Regardless, from what I could tell, you were only able to claw your way up the hierarchy due to the Dead Annie, correct? As for the demonic powers you own… I’m assuming that that’s the power of the primordial spirit that you injected into yourself. Whatever the case is, with your primordial spirit now destroyed, your life should be over in a few minutes.”

“Also, I can’t deny that we were affectionate with each other for a time in the past. With that, I’m giving the cultivating Crawfords half an hour to prepare for their own funerals. Once that time is up, I’m wiping all of them out!” added Gerald in a stern voice.

Before Daryl could even reply, Gerald simply kicked the old man off the dragon tower…

With that, Dylan finally found his chance to shout, “Gerald…!”

“Dad! Mom! Sister…!” cried out the moved Gerald as he quickly ran over to set them free.

With that done, he then looked over to Mila…

Momentarily overwhelmed, Gerald couldn’t help but ask, “Mila…! Do you still remember who I am…?”

After studying Gerald for a brief moment, Mila slowly replied, “You… feel familiar… But I’m afraid I can’t remember a thing about you…!”

“Heh, it’s fine. I’ll eventually find a way to recover your memory… From now on, we’ll never be apart again!” said Gerald with a wide smile on his face.

At that moment, an explosive sound could be heard as the dragon tower began shaking violently! It was on the verge of collapse!

Quickly casting a spell, Gerald easily brought everyone down the tower.

The second all of them set foot on the ground, the entire building completely collapsed!

It was barely a few seconds later when someone shouted, “…Hey, look there! What’s that under the tower?”

Hearing that, Gerald turned to look back at what remained of the dragon tower… And upon realizing what that person was talking about, Gerald’s eyelids instantly began twitching rapidly…
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1575
While a huge cloud of dust was still floating around in the air, a deep ravine had clearly formed beneath the tower…

However, that wasn’t what shocked everyone most. Oh no, their surprise stemmed from the fact that colorful lights were being emitted from within that very ravine! With such dazzling lights that lit even the darkened sky, it made everyone feel like there was treasure waiting to be uncovered down there…

However, seeing that Gerald wasn’t making a move, nobody dared to go any closer. After all, after witnessing such a deadly battle with their very own eyes, all of them were naturally concerned about whether the King of the North would end up killing them if they weren’t careful…

Daryl, on the other hand, was quickly being carried away by the other Crawfords…

When he saw the colorful lights, however, his eyes instantly widened as he shouted, “…No… No…!”

Even so, nobody appeared to hear his cries… In a way, it was almost as though he was desperately trying to stop something…

Regardless, Master Ghost slowly walked over to Gerald, looking at the ravine the entire time as he said, “Master…”

Nodding in response, Gerald then walked closer to the foot of the tower…

Looking down, he saw that a deep pit—not unlike the opening of a big well—had formed underneath the tower… The more he looked at it, the more he felt like there was some kind of underground palace underneath!

To think that the collapse of the dragon tower would reveal such a place…

“What on earth is that…?” asked the audience among themselves, unable to continue remaining patient.

Peering in to get a closer look, Gerald was able to identify that the light was coming out of a colorful pool of water located in the center of the underground palace… The palace itself appeared to be over twenty meters below ground.

Understanding that he wasn’t going to be able to get any more information if he remained up here, Gerald then leaped down together with Master Ghost and a few others.

The deeper they went, the more intense the sensation became, and all this was due to the fact that there was an abundance of holy spirits down here…

Before this, Gerald had mainly relied on pill making to help him train since he had learned the art of pill making. Adding that with the talent that he obtained with the aid of the Herculean Primordial Spirit, Gerald had to say that the rate of his training was rather satisfactory, even though it was sometimes not as rapid as he had anticipated.

This, of course, was understandable. After all, there weren’t that many holy spirits on earth to go around in the first place.

Down here, however, it was completely different. The holy spirits came like the wind, and Gerald could even feel his entire body soaked in it.

Even Julian and Carlos had their eyes widened in disbelief as they began feeling the drastic changes this place was doing to their bodies.

The feeling of holy spirits seeping into their bodies… It was a near indescribable feeling.

To put into context, being in the world above felt like being a penniless child who dreamt of becoming rich. Of course, that wasn’t going to happen anytime soon from just a single wish.

Down here, however, it felt like that same child had just found out that their bank account had been loaded with a million dollars! That sudden rush of excitement… That was what all of them were feeling right now.

Turning to look at the astonished Gerald, Carlos then asked in his amazement, “What even is this place…? How could there be such an abundance of holy spirits…?”

Raising an eyebrow, Gerald then began looking around… Eventually, his gaze fell on the ancient-looking and colorful pool from before.

After contemplating for a while, he eventually realized something and quickly asked, “…Say, doesn’t this pool look a lot like that source of holy spirits that Zyla had told me about before…?”

As the name implied, the source of holy spirits was capable of releasing a lot of holy spirits. In a way, it functioned similarly to a water well.

Whatever the case was, it was rumored that there was once an era of great trainers around a few hundred thousand years ago… Back then, great masters were everywhere, and many were even able to enter the realm of the Immortal Body!

When one began training, however, it was obvious that there was a great price to pay in order to climb up the other ranks.

From the time one started training, to the moment they turned into a Chakra King, the journey was never easy. Even after breaking into the levels of Sage and finally entering the legendary levels of attaining immortality, the journey would never become any less arduous…
Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1576
With that said, it appeared that there were actually others back then who had managed to attain the realm of the Immortal Body…

In recent times, however, people were skeptical even when it came to the existence of Ninth-rank Chakra Kings, so nobody even considered the existence of Sages.

This was mainly due to the sudden depletion of holy spirits on the planet back then. Due to that event, not only was there great turmoil between heaven and earth, but calamities also happened rather frequently for a time. Regardless, all this eventually spelled the fall of the era of great trainers…

Either way, there were a few who were lucky enough to discover that the earth was actually hollow inside. Realizing that there existed another world between the earth’s crust and core, those who found ways to escape there were able to survive the great catastrophes…

In this other world, the earth’s core was their source of energy, not unlike the sun.

Regardless, following that, not only did they manage to survive, but they even successfully created a civilization there! While it still exists today, nobody there was ever able to train to the peak that they had once been able to achieve…

While it was true that sources of holy spirits used to be scattered everywhere on earth in the past, it was still quite unexpected that there would actually be such a source hidden underneath the dragon tower….

‘Had I trained here, I could’ve easily gotten to the level of an Eighth-rank Chakra King…! Though it may still have been rather difficult to enter the level of a Sage…’ Gerald thought to himself.

After surveying the area for himself, Master Ghost then reported, “…It seems that someone has been here before… And there appears to be other things in here as well!”

“I see. For now, order the people from the Sacrasolis Palace to block the vicinity of the dragon tower. Nobody is to enter this place!” instructed Gerald.

Upon hearing that, Julian instantly got to his feet and began executing the order.

With that done, Gerald finally decided to look away from the source of holy spirits and begin scanning through the rest of the area…

While the place wasn’t particularly large, it appeared well-equipped. There was also a coffin present in the corner of the room.

Walking over to it, Gerald found that the body inside belonged to none other than the God of Battle, Liemis.

‘After killing that giant snake, Daryl must have used this place to keep Brother Liemis’s body safe and hidden… Thinking about it, it’s no wonder why he chose this place to have our battle!’ Gerald thought to himself.

Aside from the coffin, there was also a huge furnace there which Gerald assumed that Daryl must have used to make pills for his own benefit.

With all these new discoveries, Gerald was quite glad that he had managed to attain the Fifth-rank before today’s battle. Otherwise, there was a very real chance that he could’ve fallen right into Daryl’s hands by this point! The thought of it alone made Gerald shudder.

His train of thought was cut short when he heard Master Ghost’s surprised voice saying, “Master, look! There’s a codex here!”

Turning to look at Master Ghost—who had the parchment in hand—Gerald then took it for himself to have a look at its contents.

Though many of its pages were already coming loose due to how old it was, its contents were still pretty readable.

On the first page, Gerald was greeted by the image of a strange plant… Following that, there were two maps and some written descriptions… From the looks of it, Daryl had spent a considerable amount of time trying to study all this since most of the words were marked.

“What’s written in there, master?” asked Carlos.

After carefully studying the image of the plant for a while, Gerald then replied in a serious tone, “…Have a look at this plant. If I’m not mistaken, it appears to be a Primocorose! It was mentioned in the ancient manuscript about pill making that Brother Liemis left behind!”

“A… Primocorose…?” muttered both Carlos and Julian who had clearly never heard of the plant.

“The Primocorose is the main herb needed to create advancement pellets… Even so, this ancient plant has supposedly gone extinct, even in today’s Jaellatra! Hell, the Primocorose was already an extremely precious herb during the Shunzuog Civilization! With that said, the herb is extremely rare!” explained Gerald as he recalled what he had learned from the manuscript.

“It can be used to create advancement pellets? My god!” replied Carlos as his jaw dropped.

“Oh? You know what advancement pellets are, Laughing Master?” asked Master Ghost in surprise.

“Of course I do! Those pellets are essential in helping a Chakra King break through to become a Sage! While it’s extremely difficult to become a Chakra King, there are some who have managed to attain the rank of a Ninth-rank Chakra King after training for thousands of years. Even so, nobody’s been able to advance to the level of a Sage for the longest time due to the lack of advancement pellets!” replied Carlos with a sigh.

“I see! I never thought that advancement pellets would be so crucial!” replied Master Ghost with a nod.

“Indeed. However, since the Primocorose is extinct, nobody is able to make any more of them. If one still hastily tries to become a Sage without the help of the pellet, death is a very real possibility!” explained Gerald before turning to look at the map on the next page…

However, after giving it a good look, Gerald momentarily froze in place!

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1577

“What’s on that map, master?” asked Master Ghost when he saw Gerald’s sudden change in expression.

“…This is the first of two maps. This one shows the entrance to Jaellatra…! As for the other, it appears to show a dimension separate from both earth and Jaellatra… According to this note here, Primocoroses could possibly be found there!” explained Gerald.

Finding a Primocorose today was equivalent to trying to look for a specific grain of sand within a desert…

With the help of Daryl—of all people—however, they now had information on where to possibly look for the plant!

Though he was excited, Gerald couldn’t help but feel pitiful toward Daryl. After all, that old man had made such thorough planning all this time… There was no way he could’ve anticipated that all his hard work would end up becoming another person’s prize in the end…

From what Gerald could assume, Daryl had wanted to use Gerald’s Herculean Primordial Spirit as a scaffold to attain higher levels of training. Following that, he would have attempted to obtain a Primocorose for himself, and had everything gone to plan, Daryl would have surely been able to enter the legendary Sage Realm.

Unfortunately for him, he hadn’t considered the fact that even with the aid of the great dragon extermination spell, he still wasn’t Gerald’s opponent. It explained why he was still so full of moxie, even as he was dying!

Gerald’s train of thought was interrupted when Carlos said, “Master, this artifact looks like the legendary storage ring!”

Seeing that Carlos was holding up an ancient-looking ring, Gerald went over to have a better look at it. As Carlos had said, it really was a storage ring. Essentially, it was yet another magical artifact from ancient times that Zyla had told him about before.

Carefully examining the ring, Gerald then replied, “It appears that Daryl has gotten himself quite a number of treasures!”

“Do you know how to use that ring, master? I’ve only read about it in an ancient book!” asked Carlos rather curiously.

Frowning slightly, Gerald then replied, “What’s so difficult about it?”

Following that, he transferred some of his holy sense into the ring… And just like that, a connection was formed between them.

Within the ring, there appeared to be a space that was at least two hundred meters wide. Gerald was able to tell since with his holy sense, he could roughly scan through the storage space.

Even so, the more important thing was that Daryl had stored quite a bit of good stuff inside, with most of them being expensive herbs! In fact, there also appeared to be a few extinct herbs in the mix!

Now that he knew what was inside, Gerald looked at the parchment in his hand…


Using his holy sense, the parchment then suddenly began glowing! A second later, it turned into a stream of light that the storage ring then absorbed!

Seeing that, Carlos instantly cheered.

Following that, Gerald then stored Liemis’s coffin within the ring as well. Once he found the chance, he would surely return his corpse to Zyla.

Not long after, all of them got out of the place and Gerald instantly began sealing the place up with a protective spell.

Once he was done, Gerald then said, “I’ve sealed this place up with the aid of the dragon blood jade pendant. I still have other things to attend to now, so in the meantime, go get some men from the Sacrasolis Palace to guard this place!”


“Following this, I’ll be busy trying to help Mila recover her memory. She was drugged with some special medicine, you see, and it’s wiped out most of her memory. This will cause great damage to her body in the long run, which is why I’m prioritizing curing it! With that said, I’m placing you three in charge of the affairs of this place!” added Gerald.

Naturally, now that they had lost their leader, the rest of the cultivating Crawford family was easily wiped out.

Still, how lucky it was for Gerald to have found a source of holy spirits. Not only that, he had also managed to obtain several of Daryl’s treasures!

Gerald had to admit that the precious herbs that Daryl had collected were especially helpful in treating Mila’s condition to recover her memories.

Putting all that aside, it was only natural that the people of Yanam—having lost their main backer—gladly accepted the King of the North to take over. The only condition they had for him was that Gerald had to promise to protect the peace of Yanam. To Gerald, that sounded like a good bargain as any.

With all that agreed upon, the area surrounding the dragon tower was then labeled as a restricted area and given to the Sacrasolis Palace.

Knowing that the source of the holy spirits was nothing to scoff about, Gerald also made sure to conceal the news properly to avoid any unnecessary disruptions. The last thing he wanted was for forces to begin fighting for it.

Apart from using the source of the holy spirit for himself, Gerald also used it to create supplement potions for the members of the Sacrasolis Palace in order to boost their training.

Soon enough, five years passed without incident…

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1578

In the present day near the borders of Yanam, what used to be the dragon tower had now turned into a castle-like building.

Heavily guarded by regular soldiers as well as a few strong cultivators, nobody dared to even be within a hundred-mile radius of the area…

In the innermost area of the building, ten gloomy old guards could be seen standing on both sides of an entrance that led into a mysterious-looking stone cave…

“Is master still not getting out…?” whispered the guards among themselves.

By that point, one of the guards was already pacing back and forth with his hands against his back.

After a while, Julian—who was one of the guards—couldn’t help but smile as he said, “Carlos, could you stop with the pacing around already? You’re making me dizzy!”

Hearing that, the eight others began teasing Carlos as well.

The eight other guards were strong cultivators who had taken refuge under Gerald’s wing within the past five years. They weren’t the only ones, though. To be quite frank, there was almost an overabundance of strong cultivators who had decided to become the King of the North’s followers.

With that said, the organization grew considerably over time, leading to a hierarchy being formed. Among them, ten elders were appointed to be the personal assistants of the King of the North, and they were also his strongest men.

“Quiet down, gentlemen!” shouted an old-sounding voice at that moment which instantly prompted the men to behave.

The second they saw him, the elders instantly bowed before declaring, “Master Ghost!”

However, upon realizing that a beauty had arrived with Master Ghost, the guards barely dared to take in a breath before quickly bowing once more—this time even more respectfully—as they shouted, “Miss Smith!”

True enough, the woman was none other than Mila, and after a lot of attentive care from Gerald, Mila had managed to recover almost eighty percent of her memory.

Honestly, they would’ve already gotten married by this point had it not been for the constant attacks from other forces throughout these five years.

“Master Crawford has been taking good care of Miss Smith all these years to the point where he even returned to Mayberry with her for three years, just to ease her memory’s recovery! Now that Master Crawford has completed his seclusion and is coming out anytime now, you’d best not let him catch you behaving so nonchalantly! If he does, you’ll certainly be facing his wrath! Let’s not forget that Miss Smith was almost recaptured by the people from Jaellatra a year back!” warned Master Ghost.

Upon hearing that, the ten elders instantly nodded rather anxiously.

A year back, Gerald had decided to enter seclusion in order to be able to deal with stronger enemies from other forces. It was also around that time when the Quartermain family from Jaellatra ordered their clan on earth to abduct Mila!

Thankfully, the ten elders had been able to protect her after going through a deadly battle.

It wasn’t all that uncommon for the forces of Jaellatra to send their clans to earth to establish their power and interfere with matters up here.

Aside from their own clan members, there were also some like Daryl—who possessed the power of a Chakra King—who secretly colluded with the forces of Jaellatra and willingly became their puppets.

Regardless, the many conflicts that had happened within this castle’s walls had mostly stemmed from both deep grudges and the fact that the source of the holy spirits was discovered by other forces about two years ago.

At that moment, the green stone door of the underground palace slowly began rumbling open, prompting everyone to go silent….

Mila, on the other hand, found herself blushing as she looked eagerly at the opening stone wall…

Everyone was greatly excited. After all, Master Crawford was finally coming out again!

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1579

With a loud ‘thud’ the stone door finally opened fully, and out stepped Gerald…

While his appearance hadn’t changed by much in the past five years, there was a notable change in his temperament. If one had to describe it, he now had the unambiguous aura of a superior.

“Master!” shouted everyone present as they bowed deeply toward him.

Nodding slightly, Gerald then turned to look at the pleased Mila who was unable to hold herself from saying, “You’ve finally returned, Gerald…!”

“Indeed. Even so, I’ll have to speed up my training. Otherwise, I won’t be able to deal with the repeated attacks from the Ringmasters of Obliteration and those Chakra Kings!” replied Gerald.

“You’re currently exuding an extraordinary aura, master… Could it be that you’ve managed to become an Eighth-rank Chakra King…?” asked Carlos who was amazed by the immense change that he sensed within Gerald.

“I have. With the help of the source of the holy spirits, I was actually able to break through the Eighth-rank about half a year ago. Sadly enough, I haven’t been able to improve any further in the latter half of the year!”

Being the highest rank in the realm, it was naturally never going to be easy for anyone to become a Ninth-rank Chakra King, not even for Gerald who learned it the hard way. After all, he wasn’t able to progress at all, even after training for six months!

Truth be told, Gerald had almost been blinded by hatred on several occasions during his seclusion. He also frequently doubted whether he would ever be able to enter the ninth rank.

After all, in his previous training, even if it went slow, Gerald would’ve at least felt a sense of progression. While trying to ascend to the ninth rank, however, it almost felt as though he was sinking deeper and deeper into the sea. In other words, it felt as though his training wasn’t producing any results at all, and the thought of it alone made him anxious!

Thinking back to when he had first found the map leading to the Primocorose’s location, Gerald remembered how he had planned to find the plant after breaking through the ninth rank. Once found, he would then create an advancement pill before using it to enter the legendary Sage Realm.

Following that, Gerald hoped that he would finally have the right to speak before the Ringmasters of Obliteration…

Unfortunately, the fruitless year had mercilessly tugged Gerald back to reality… If it was already this hard to get to the ninth rank, then getting to the Sage Ream was surely going to be impossible!

Shaking the thought off, Gerald then asked, “So, did anything noteworthy happen during my seclusion?”

Upon hearing that question, the ten elders instantly lowered their heads…

After a while, Master Ghost finally said, “…About a year ago, the Quartermains sent their men to attempt to recapture Miss Smith… They also added that if you keep on…”

Realizing Master Ghost’s hesitation, Gerald then frowned before asking, “Keep on what?”

The Quartermains were the family that had taken Mila in at the time, and they were also a very powerful family within Jaellatra. Over the years, they had supported many forces on earth…

Daryl himself had only been able to locate Mila due to the fact that he had secretly been colluding with them

With all that in mind, it really wasn’t all that unexpected for the Quartermains to keep trying to get Mila back.

While that itself was a minor setback, the real issue was that the Sun League itself was backing the Quartermains.

Knowing that, Gerald was rightfully worried. It was also the reason why he kept trying to speed up his training. After all, he was still a little too weak within their presence.

“…They said… that if you carried on being stubborn, they wouldn’t continue sending their small fries at us anymore… Instead, they’d send true masters from Jaellatra to finish you off, once and for all!” replied Master Ghost truthfully.

“…I see,” said Gerald, his frown deepening.

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1580

Looking at the change in Gerald’s expression, Master Ghost wanted to say something, though he ended up zipping his mouth tight.

Mila herself simply lowered her head out of guilt.

Though there were barely any changes in their expressions, Gerald was still able to notice them.

“…And what about those from the Ringmasters of Obliteration? Did they come over to cause trouble again?” asked Gerald.

“They’ve always been pestering us! We’re honestly already used to them!”

“I see. And how are my parents and sister?” asked Gerald with a slightly raised brow.

“…About… that…” replied Master Ghost as his face turned slightly pale…

Even the ten elders found themselves lowering their heads even more, not even daring to breathe…

As for Mila, tears soon began rolling down her cheeks.

Watching as she covered her mouth in her grief, Gerald then barked, “What’s wrong? What happened to them?”

Hearing that, Mila only cried even louder as the ten elders knelt.

Gulping, Master Ghost then replied, “…It was about a year ago when we had a fierce battle with the Quantocks… However, during that battle, the Quartermains showed themselves as well! We were never their match… In the end, they declared that not only did they want Miss Smith back, but they also wanted you dead! Following that, they gave us three days to Miss Smith over to them. If we didn’t comply, they told us that they’d wipe out the entire city!”

His eyes now reddened, Gerald then asked, “What happened after that?!”

“…The… Quartermains didn’t even care one bit about the agreement they had with the Ringmasters of Obliteration… With that said, they ended up killing several people in the Crawford family! Young Master Yoel, in particular, had his eyes gouged out and his tongue sliced off just because he wanted to argue with them! Not only that, Elder Julian’s arm got chopped off as well!”

Upon hearing that, Gerald’s heart thumped as he muttered, “…Yoel…”

Thinking about his godbrother, Gerald had to admit that Yoel had suffered way too much ever since he got to know Gerald. He was supposed to be enjoying life now… Instead, he ended up getting tortured that badly because of Gerald…

As for Julian…

Turning to look at the old man, he realized that one of his arms really was missing. Lifting Julian’s empty sleeve, Gerald’s eyes began welling up with tears.

After staring blankly at the sleeve for a while, Julian—who also had watery eyes now—cleared his throat before saying, “I… hope you haven’t forgotten that I’m left-handed… Thankfully they chose to chop my right arm off… Regardless, I find my current state to be much more comfortable…!”

Shaking his head, Gerald then turned to stare coldly at Master Ghost before asking, “…What else happened?”

“We had hidden Miss Smith rather early on back then, so she didn’t know about all this at the time… Regardless, I was well aware that they weren’t only here for Miss Smith. It was quite evident that they were also trying to conquer the source of the holy spirits for the Quartermains! Had they succeeded, they would’ve surely been able to support the Quantocks to get rid of you and become the new King of the North! With that in mind, none of the Sacrasolis Palace members told them your location, even though it brought about their deaths!”

“While they did terrible things to Young Master Yoel, that was only the first half of their warning to you. Following that, they even broke the Old Master and Old Mistress’s legs before chaining them up! They even took Miss Crawford away, saying that they’d make her a slave of the Quartermains for a hundred years!” replied Master Ghost.

“What?!” roared the enraged Gerald whose essential qi was now overflowing from his body, his eyes burning with murderous intent.

“…It was my idea to keep this a secret from you, at least for a while, master… After all, if you made a hasty appearance, they’d surely kill you on the spot! Once that happens, everything will truly be over! The Quantocks would surely murder the rest of us and following that, they’d be crowned the new King of the North!”

“Regardless, since we still contributed quite a bit to the Ringmasters of Obliteration in recent years, despite our conflicts, they ended up interceding in the end. After some negotiating, they gave us one year to bring Miss Smith back to them. You would also have to accept your death penalty then! In their words, ‘Your death is the only way the rest of the Crawfords will be able to remain alive!’” cried out Master Ghost as he knelt to the ground before wailing.

Though Gerald was furious, he knew that this was already the best result they could’ve ever hoped to achieve. Any other outcome would’ve surely led to all of them getting slaughtered by the Quantocks…

Had that happened, Gerald wasn’t even able to imagine how many lives would end up being sacrificed, just because of him…

Even so, his sister… his family… This wasn’t something he could just tolerate!

Just thinking about it made him clench his fists tightly…

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