The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 1581-1590

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1581

Meanwhile, at the back of the mountain in Sacrasolis Palace.

Gerald had previously rented a manor here as a residence for Mila and his family.

For this reason, it had been named Crawford Manor.

Within this year, Gerald had also refined the source stones in the source of the holy spirit.

He was planning to move the whole pool of the source of the holy spirit to Crawford Island in Northbay.

By then, he would be able to restore the Crawford family’s business, and his Sacrasolis Palace would become their headquarters.

However, this was a very huge project. It wouldn’t be completed within ten years.

So, he had built this manor as their temporary home.

In the manor, a chubby man was crawling on the ground. He had lost his eyes, and he couldn’t talk. Moreover, the tendons of his legs and hands were all torn.

This made his life extremely inconvenient.

And on one side, Gerald’s parents were sitting in wheelchairs.

They were ordering the servants to help the chubby man up.

“Be careful. Don’t let Yoel fall!”

Dylan said with considerable concern.

“Old Master, Young Master Yoel seems to be writing something on the floor!” said the servant.

“What is he writing?” asked Dylan.

“He is writing ‘When will Brother come out? Is Sister still alive?’” said the servant. “Young Master Yoel has been writing these things for days!”

“Sigh!” Dylan sighed helplessly.

He looked sick.

“Just let him write. Maybe he will feel better this way!”

Dylan closed his eyes, and tears rolled down his cheeks.

Right then, Dylan and his wife froze when they looked at the doorway, and they choked up.

Similarly, Gerald’s eyes watered.

This was because even the servant had not noticed that Gerald had been standing there for quite some time.

“Yoel, Dad, Mum! I’m back!” Gerald shouted.

Dylan and his wife trembled as they sobbed violently.


As for Yoel, his whole body stiffened, and he dropped the pen onto the floor.

“Ah! Ah!”

Yoel struggled to get up from the ground.

His tongue had been cut out by the Quantock, hence, he could not speak.

However, Gerald knew what he was trying to say.

Five years ago, after he had defeated Daryl, he had brought Yoel and his family to Yanam. He had intended to let Yoel manage the assets of the Crawford family so that he could live a carefree life. But unexpectedly, he had caused him to become like this!

“Yoel, I’m back!”

He picked Yoel up, his eyes filled with tears.

His sister had been abducted, brought to Jaellatra, and made a slave for the Quartermain family while his family had been tortured.

After his seclusion, Gerald had indeed received a big blow.

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1582

The flame of hatred ignited and spread to every inch of Gerald’s body. Everyone in the Sacrasolis Palace seemed to be able to feel his rage.

So, over the next few days, nobody dared to even get one step closer to Gerald.

“Where is this Quantock family?”

One day, Gerald summoned all the ten elders and asked.

“The Quantock family is currently based in the southeast coastal region of Sunniva City. They are a new rising family supported by the Quartermain family in Jaellatra. The Quartermain family uses them to conquer the sources of the holy spirit. At the same time, they want to make them the new King in the North! The current leader of the Quantock family is called Zaki Quantock. He is a very strong man, and I’m sure that he is at least in the Rune Realm. Moreover, many of his followers are very powerful, and more importantly, they are supported by one of the forces in Jaellatra!” Mr. Ghost explained.

“So, what I can say is, if you want to seek revenge against him now, you are simply asking for your own death!”

Mr. Ghost voiced his concern.

“I’m aware of this. That’s why I have been thinking these days, and I have thought of a plan to solve this problem!”

Based on what Mila knew, since the Quantock family had the Quartermain family as their backers, it would mean that the latter was indeed very powerful. It was highly likely that there were strong cultivators who were already in the Sage Realm in the Quartermain family. There might even be Diaterras.

It was highly possible as they had been in power for so long and hence, they were already deeply rooted in Jaellatra.

Although Gerald had his Herculean Primordial Spirit to help him cultivate at a much faster speed as compared to other people, he wouldn’t dare to act too carelessly.

Honestly speaking, he had been very fortunate in the battle against Daryl Crawford. Luckily, Daryl was only a third-rank Chakra King. If he had also been a fifth-rank Chakra King like him at that time, the spell would have been powerful enough to destroy him, and he would undoubtedly not have had the ability to block it.

Furthermore, it was the Quartermain family they were facing this time.

“Master, what good plan have you devised?” asked Mr. Ghost.

“I will first treat Yoel and my parents until they recover. So far, I have found a well-hidden secret location. I want to relocate the whole Sacrasolis Palace and the Crawford family into that place and go into hiding. Before I come back, you must never appear in public. As for the source of the holy spirit, I have made it into enough potions to supply the members of the Sacrasolis Palace in their cultivation. There shouldn’t be any problems for the next five years! As for this source of the holy spirit in Yanam, you can just announce its location to the public. I don’t believe that the other forces would just stand and watch the Quantock family keep it for themselves!” Gerald said.

“I understand. Then, Master, are you really planning to go to look for Primocorose?”

Mr. Ghost could already guess it after he had given some thought to his plan.

“Well, I have pondered about this for quite some time. Although I don’t dare to aspire to become a Diaterra, becoming a Sage is still possible if I get the right chance and practice hard. Anyway, I must first find Primocorose.” said Gerald.

Currently, the only way he could protect himself was perhaps by becoming a Sage.

Frankly speaking, if he was already a Sage now, would the Quartermain family be this reckless?

If he became a Sage, he would at least have the power to protect himself when he faced the Quartermain family.

At the very least, he would not always be in the submissive position.

“This is indeed a good plan to deal with the Quantock family for now. But Master, although you have the map, the task of searching for Primocorose is still very difficult, what’s more, to become a Sage. So, I personally hope that you can stay and hide together with us!”

Thinking about the obstacles to becoming a Sage, Mr. Ghost gave his suggestion.

Even Carlos and the others nodded in approval.

To be honest, even Julian and the rest could see that Gerald had reached his maximum potential in cultivation when he had broken through to the eighth rank in Rune Realm.

If he was able to reach the ninth rank, it would be considered a great fortune in his life already. Not to mention, finding the ancient herb, Primocorose, was a tough row to hoe. Even after he had really found it, it would still be very difficult to enter the Sage Realm because the herb was only one of the conditions that he must meet to become a Sage.

Hence, it could be said that everyone was not very optimistic about the idea.

Although Gerald could understand their concerns, he had made up his mind after seven days of contemplating the issue.

“Alright, stop trying to persuade me already. Tonight, we shall relocate. From then onward, there will be no more King in the North, no more Sacrasolis Palace, and no more Crawford family. Three days later, it will be Mila’s and my wedding day. Let us all have a good party and get drunk that night!” Gerald said cheerfully.

Seeing that Gerald had made up his mind, his subordinates had nothing more to say.

Everyone immediately revealed their smiling faces. “Great. We shall now focus on the preparation for the wedding of Master and Miss Smith!”

“Forget about the Quantock and Quartermain family. Forget about the Ringmasters of Obliteration. Get lost already, all of them! From now on, we will only focus on cultivating and waiting for Master to return with great success!”

Carlos shouted with a big smile.

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1583

The crackling sound of the fire…

Late at night.

The sound of the bonfire was heard as the dark green fire burned brightly. It was very much like the sound of popping popcorns.

Gerald was sitting beside the fire. As he added firewood to the fire, he looked up to survey the surrounding dense green forest.

In the dark night, the dense forest seemed to be even eerier.

And in the cold forest, even Gerald, who was a Chakra King, had to keep himself warm with fire.

He was no longer on the surface of Earth, but he had gone to Jaellatra.

His wedding with Mila was already an occasion from nearly a month ago.

Although Gerald had gotten the Crawford family and Sacrasolis Palace settled down and was finally married to Mila, he did not feel relieved at all.

This was because he could never know when such wonderful and warm moments would be gone again with the Quantock family preying on them all the time and the Quartermain family always ready to launch an attack.

Gerald did not have the strength to fight back at all. Therefore, he had to become even stronger in order to protect his family.

So, Gerald had gone to Jaellatra alone. His current location was the outskirts of Jaellatra, a place called Earth Capital.

According to the notes on the map, Primocorose should be here somewhere.

Although this place was in the underground world, there was the core of the Earth, which functioned like the Sun. So, it wasn’t much different from the world on the surface of Earth.

For instance, there were mountains, rivers, and dense forests, just like the one he was in now. This world was like a reflection of the surface of Earth in general.

After being here for a month, Gerald was long familiar with the environment here.

There were a lot of demonic creatures in the forest. Gerald had even encountered some huge prehistoric creatures here.

And what Gerald had been eating was none other than these prehistoric creatures that he had acquired from hunting.

“Hmph, you brat. So, you were here!”

Right then, the trees suddenly swayed, and three shadows appeared at lightning speed from a direction.

They were three middle-aged men with a rugged appearance, and they stood boldly before Gerald.

“I must say, it must have been hard for you to have kept looking for me since the last time we met, right?”

Gerald took a piece of meat from beside the bonfire and put it into his mouth.

These three men were the natives in Earth Capital, and they were also robbers.

In this forest, many people had been killed by them.

Besides, the cultivation levels of these three were not low. One of them was a Nine-rank Master, and the other two were Third-rank Chakra Kings.

Back when Gerald had first come into the forest, they had already pestered him.

However, Gerald, who was not familiar with the situation, had just let them go every time they met.

Out of his expectation, the three had found him again after several days.

“It looks like you will not spare me easily this time?” Gerald said with a smile.

“Of course. Brat, you should ask around. In this area, there are very few people who can escape from our hands, what’s more with just you alone?”

The three sneered as they approached Gerald.

It seemed as though they wanted to make Gerald pay the price for sure this time.

Staring at the bonfire, Gerald had already moved his fingers, preparing to fight at any time. Since this had happened so many times, he had already decided not to give them any mercy anymore. It would be better for him to finish the three of them here, or he would have a lot of trouble to deal with in the future.

Stomp! Stomp! Stomp!

Right at that moment, the sound of footsteps was heard once more from another direction.

Seven people were walking toward Gerald.

Their appearance took Gerald and the three by surprise.

Among the seven people, there were six men and a woman.

The leader of the group was an old man with messy hair. He had a cane in his hand, and it seemed that he was blind.

However, he could walk very fast as if there was wind carrying his feet.

They had a strong hostile aura.

As the seven people came forth, even the fire Gerald had made quivered uncontrollably.

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1584

Gerald glanced at them from sideways. It seemed as though their power was not to be underestimated.

Three silver kunai were thrown out and hit the tree.

On each of the silver kunai, there were carvings of seven skulls, making them look rather creepy.

The three robbers froze, and their faces showed great horror immediately after.

“What? It’s actually the Seven Deadly Lords of the Earth Capital!”

Right after they realized who they were, the three robbers immediately knelt and kowtowed to them.

“Seven Lords, we did not know you would be coming here. We’re very sorry to have disturbed you. We shall leave right away and disappear seven miles away!”

They bowed to the Seven Deadly Lords. Not waiting for the reply from the Lords, they disappeared with lightning speed after casting a hateful look at Gerald.

On the other hand, Gerald simply ignored them.

After glancing at them, he lowered his head and continued eating.

Those few people glanced at Gerald coldly with a hint of killing intent in their eyes. However, Gerald was clearly not the one they were targeting.

So, instead of messing with Gerald, they simply sat down and closed their eyes, as if waiting for something.

Just as expected, after a while, the sound of fast footsteps was heard. It was a lady, and she was running without pacing, almost as though she was being hunted by someone.

When the lady saw the seven people sitting on the path in front of her, she stopped running, and her eyes were immediately filled with despair.

Soon, the people who were chasing her from behind also caught up with her.

Among the people, the leader was a young man wearing a robe.

“Hahaha! Miss Nori Zahn, just you run! Come on, why are you not running anymore?”

A man in a long robe smirked with his hands behind his back as he spoke.

“Zarek Mackowski, your family killed my family. I will surely get my revenge!”

The lady called Nori Zahn had a flash of determination in her eyes as she said that.

“Great. I shall wait for you to do just that. The only thing is that I guess we will have to solve the matters between the two of us in bed. What do you think? Why don’t you come back with me, and we will have a fierce three hundred rounds of battle in bed until one of us is drained? How does that sound? Hahaha!”

This obscene remark made everyone in the scene bark with laughter.

“How impudent!”

Nori Zahn raised her hands and wanted to fight back. This lady should be a Five-Rank Master already, but to Zarek Mackowski, she was simply too weak. Therefore, one punch was sufficient for him to make her fall on the ground once more.

Coincidentally, she fell somewhere near Gerald, who was not far away from them.

She gathered all her strength and got on her feet. Looking at the people on both sides who were closing in on her, she turned to Gerald with a pitiful look.

“Mister, could you save me?” said Nori.

However, Gerald simply kept on eating and did not speak.

“It turns out you are also a lackey of the Mackowski family!”

Nori was completely in despair now.

“I know nothing about the Mackowski family. I am only here for my personal matters. Why should I help you without any reason?”

Gerald had no idea about the grudges between the two families, so he was not willing to get himself into hot water.

From the way Gerald spoke and his calmness despite the situation he was in, Nori knew he was not just any commoner.

“I beg you. The Mackowski family has killed my family. I was barely able to escape, and I must take revenge. As long as you save me today, I will be willing to do anything for you. I will obey all your orders!”

Nori ground her teeth and begged with tears.

“No, I can’t. There are two very powerful men among them. I don’t want to burden myself any further!”

Gerald shook his head.


Nori nearly fainted out of anger when she heard this.

She was now in a life and death situation, but look at this man! She truly wanted to say that he was an evil man, but on the contrary, he looked like a gentleman. However, she could not say that he was a kind man either because even though she was pleading so hard, he was just thinking about his own interests.

More importantly, although he still looked very young, he had a strong aura which convinced her that he was very powerful.

Therefore, she pinned all of her hopes on this man.

“Miss Zahn, stop struggling already. Don’t make me hurt you. Hahaha!”

Zarek Mackowski came over with a wicked smile.

“Wait, Zarek Mackowski. You must be blind. Can’t you see that my fiancé is here?!”

Nori bit her lips and shouted, her finger pointing toward Gerald.

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1585


Of course Gerald knew what the lady called Nori Zahn was trying to play.

At the same time, he was annoyed by her words.

Perhaps she didn’t realize what troubles her words would bring him.

Because now, Zarek and his gang were already looking at him differently.

“Fiancé? How interesting. Hey kid, which family in Earth Capital do you come from?”

Zarek laughed coldly.

As for Nori, she bit her lips and ran to hide behind Gerald immediately.

In truth, it could be easily seen that she was a very strong-willed girl. She would only do this now because she had no other choice.

Still, the only thing that she could not be sure of was whether this young man could win against the Seven Deadly Lords and the Mackowskis. Anyhow, she would not let a single chance of survival slip through her hands.

“I’ll depend on you now!”

Nori looked at Gerald and whispered to herself.

But out of her expectation, Gerald smiled helplessly at her.

“I don’t belong to any family. Besides, I am not the fiancé of this lady. We do not know each other. I am just a passerby. Mr. Mackowski, you can ignore me completely. If you have any grudge with this lady, you can just do whatever you want!”

Why would he let himself be used by someone else for her benefits so easily? How absurd!


Nori opened her eyes wide in disbelief.

She never expected that this seemingly modest gentleman would be so cold-hearted.

She was instantly rendered speechless, especially when Gerald walked away with his hands at his back after saying such things.

‘Oh my God, is there truly such a person in this world?! I, Nori Zahn, am so blind!’

“Hahaha! Nori Zahn, did you hear him? You, the young lady of the Zahn family, were actually refused by someone else! Besides, did you think it would be so easy to fool me?”

Zarek laughed out loud, holding his stomach.

“The Mackowski family is acting so ruthlessly just because you wanted to get the Primocorose! Now that you have already gotten the map that shows the mechanism of the traps in Underworld Valley from the Zahn family, must you kill us all?!”

Nori clenched her fists and spoke, her eyes filled with tears.

“Of course, to me, you and the map are equally important. You may be more important than the map, since having you is much more exciting! Listen, Seven Deadly Lords! You should step aside for now, because I can no longer hold in the fire in my heart! I want to f*ck this girl right now! Without my order, don’t come here!”

As he took off his clothes, Zarek laughed lewdly.

As soon as the Seven Deadly Lords heard his words, they retreated immediately as they already knew his madness.

“You shameless bstard! Son of a btch!”

Nori cried out in great despair.

She secretly took out a short dagger in her hand.

She had decided to end her life at any time.

Now that the Zahn family had perished, she had to preserve the last bit of dignity of her family.

It was better to die than to be humiliated.

“Hahaha! Baby, I’m coming!”

Zarek had finished taking off his top and pounced toward Nori immediately.


Just as Zarek pounced on Nori and Nori closed her eyes, ready to stab herself with the dagger, a slapping sound was heard.

A hand was clasping Zarek’s shoulder.

Nori opened her eyes. It was the young man who had left just now. He had actually come back!

Without them realizing it, he was already standing behind Zarek.

“D*mn it, you brat! Are you asking for death?! Are you trying to play a hero to save the beauty? Do you know what price you are going to pay?!”

Zarek was enraged, and his face showed his intention to kill.

Gerald said calmly. “Just now, I heard you talking about the map of Underworld Valley. I reckon it’s the key to get the Primocorose. Am I right?”

“B*stard! You are merely a nobody. How dare you dream of obtaining the Primocorose! You are just asking for your death!” Zarek roared in anger.

He raised his fist and aimed it at Gerald’s face.


Gerald knocked Zarek out with just one slap.

What a joke. This Zarek Mackowski was just a One-rank Chakra King at most, it was simply too easy for Gerald to beat him.


Zarek covered his cheek with his hand and looked at Gerald in disbelief. He did not expect this man to be so powerful.

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1586

“I’m asking you a question. Answer me!” said Gerald.

“That’s right. The map that shows the mechanisms of the traps in Underworld Valley is the key to find the Primocorose. But the thing is, I snatched it from the Zahn family. So now, it belongs to the Mackowski family. Brother, don’t tell me you haven’t heard about my family?”

Now that Zaker knew that he was no match for him and had no idea where the Seven Deadly Lords were, he could only act submissively.

“No wonder the fog was so thick every time I went to Underworld Valley following the map. Looks like I guessed it correctly. There are indeed special traps in the valley.”

Gerald finally found an answer to his question, and his eyes immediately lit up.

“You said that the map is with you, right?”

Gerald said excitedly.

“That’s right. Brother, you are indeed quite powerful. However, you will know how powerful the Mackowski family is by simply asking anyone. I can forgive you for your impoliteness toward me today, but I will advise you not to think about touching the map…”


Before he could finish his words, Gerald had already given him another hard slap and thrown him to the ground.

Then, he even stepped on his face. “I have been searching far and wide. In the end, I found it by sheer luck! I have been looking for this thing for a month, and it has been with you all along!”

“Who… who are you actually?!”

Zaker asked in fear.

This man did not act according to the norms. His actions were completely unpredictable.

He had told him his family name, but he just did not seem to get it.

“It doesn’t matter who I am. What matters is that since I’ve come across this map, it’s mine to take. It’s something you snatched from other people anyway!”

Gerald smiled coldly.

Gerald saw a bag tied around Zaker’s waist.

So, he raised his hand, and the bag flew to his hand right away.

“I know the method of picking the Primocorose! Please save me!”

Nori shouted as if he was her lifeline.


Gerald smiled.

He wanted to leave right after he had gotten what he wanted.

“B*stard! How dare you be rude to Young Master Mackowski! You are asking for death!”

And as soon as Gerald turned around, seven shadows flew in his direction.


They were none other than the Seven Deadly Lords.

As soon as they came forth, they were already showing open hostility to Gerald, and they struck him with their strongest blow.

Gerald could not dodge the attack, so he immediately kicked Zaker hard and sent him in the direction of the attack to block it.

Bang! Bang! Boom!

Seven strikes. It was too late for them to withdraw the attacks, so all seven strikes hit Zaker squarely.


It was a loud and miserable cry.

Next, all they saw was the pulpy and bloody wound on Zaker’s chest.

“Young Master Mackowski!”

The seven lords landed on the ground and looked at Zaker, who was spurting blood uncontrollably, and their faces turned pale immediately.

They were so shocked that their legs gave out.

Zaker Mackowski was the only son of the leader of the Mackowski family in Earth Capital.

But now, he had actually been killed by them?!

Even if they ran to the end of the world, they would not be able to escape death.

Looking at Zaker, who was almost unable to survive, Nori felt relieved and scared simultaneously.

“Let’s go, quick!”

Nori told Gerald hurriedly.

Since Gerald had gotten what he wanted, he was too lazy to entertain the Seven Deadly Lords. So, he used his levitation spell and disappeared from the ground along with Nori.

“Young Master Mackowski! We didn’t mean to!”

The seven lords knelt beside Zaker and cried, not daring to say anything.

“Quick… Go… and get my father! Get him to save me!”

Zaker’s body was trembling uncontrollably. As he vomited blood, he forced himself to squeeze this sentence out of his mouth…

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1587


Moments later, Yusef Mackowski arrived with his men.

As soon as he saw his son, who was dying, he was devastated.

The Zahn and Mackowski families had ruled the entire Earth Capital for many years.

Eventually, the Mackowski had become the dominant family in Earth Capital.

Yet, unexpectedly, their only son, Zaker Mackoski, who was regarded by Yusef as the future heir of the Mackowski family, had actually suffered such a serious injury.

“Were you the ones who harmed Young Master?!”

Yusef was now full of malicious intent. He was glaring at them and releasing a strong aura from his body.

The aura was enough to make the Seven Deadly Lords shiver and fall to the ground.

A Nine-rank Chakra King was simply too horrifying.

How could they withstand his strong aura?

“No, Master! Young Master was hurt by the daughter of the Zahn family and a young man she conspired with. Besides, the young man snatched away the map of Underworld Valley. We tried to attack him, but he used Young Master as a shield to block the attack. Young Master’s injury had nothing to do with us!”

The leader of the Seven Deadly Lords, who was blind, said as he sobbed in fear.

“A young man?”

Yusef sounded very cold.

“Hmph. Since they have taken the map, they must be heading to Underworld Valley now. They are certainly not far away! I have stabilized Young Master’s condition. His life is no longer in danger. Send him back, and I shall catch up with that b*stard and retrieve the map!”

Yusef ordered coldly.

Meanwhile, a strong killing intent flashed through his eyes.


Before the crowd could salute him, they saw a flash of light, and Yusef Mackowski was already gone.

As Gerald and Nori were on their way, Gerald stopped walking suddenly.

“Hey, why did you stop? With the map of the Zahn family in hand, we can get to Underworld Valley before dark. It’s only a stone throw away from here!”

Nori couldn’t help but ask in confusion.

“No. My divine eye is flickering. It makes me feel uneasy. When this happens, it means that our trip this time is very dangerous. I have destroyed Zaker Mackowski, so I think that the Mackowski family will not let things go easily for me. Maybe, they have even already learned about what happened just now and are heading to Underworld Valley. So, we cannot go there now!” explained Gerald.

“It can’t be, can it?” asked Nori.

“Why not? It’s you who said that the Mackowski family has been in power for hundreds of years in Earth Capital. Do you think the members in the family are mere idiots?”

After saying that, Gerald surveyed their surroundings. “The only thing we can do now is to hide and observe what happens next!”

However, as soon as he had said that, they heard a huge gust of wind.

“Hey, kid, where are you trying to go?”

A loud voice was heard resounding throughout the forest.

They felt the cold wind blowing and saw the leaves falling.


There was a loud noise, and they saw the falling leaves gathering at a high speed, forming a huge orb in just a short time.

With a strong murderous aura, the huge orb of leaves charged toward Gerald.

So that was the power of a Nine-rank Chakra King!

Gerald’s eyelid was twitching crazily.

He grabbed Nori’s arm and backed up several times.

However, the orb was extremely fast.


Holding Nori with him, Gerald leaped into the sky.


There was a loud explosion, and the earth shook. Even the big trees in their surroundings were crushed into pieces in no time.

The orb of leaves then dispersed and flew across the sky.

Gerald took a few steps backward. This essential qi was too strong.

“Well, well, well. What a good young man who dared to harm my son! Today, I will cut you into pieces to avenge my son! If you are sensible enough, you should hand over the map and accept your death penalty quietly!”

Above a tall tree, Yusef Mackoski descended to the ground like a god with his hands crossed in front of his chest.

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1588

Yusef Makowski was the leader of the Mackowski family in Earth Capital. He was also a Nine-rank Chakra King. Hence, he had divine power.

“Gerald, what should we do now?! He came too quickly. Moreover, his cultivation level is extremely high!”

Nori grabbed Gerald’s arm desperately.

Gerald had clearly underestimated the ability of a Nine-rank Chakra King.

In truth, his divine eye had already sensed him earlier on. He should have left immediately at that time.

He was a Nine-rank Chakra King after all. His speed could not be judged using the standards of any common cultivators.

Right now, Gerald was working out the best plan in his heart quickly.

After experiencing the first attack, Gerald could distinctly feel the gap between his and Yusef’s strength. If he was to fight with him head-on, he would be as good as dead.

His opponent was in the ninth rank, a rank that even he, who owned the Herculean Primordial Spirit, found very hard to achieve.

“Hey, kid. You are quite impressive. You are already an Eight-rank Chakra King when you are still this young. It looks like I must eliminate you today, or I will face big troubles in the future!”

After sizing up Gerald, Yusef was at first shocked by Gerald’s cultivation level. Then, he immediately revealed his intention to kill Gerald unreservedly. He was determined to kill Gerald.

“No matter what, let’s try first!”

Gerald had made up his mind.

He raised his hand right away. “Leader of the Mackowskis. Although I , Gerald Crawford, am already an Eight-rank Chakra King, you should know very well the gap between me and you, a Nine-rank Chakra King. If we were to fight against each other, I will definitely not be a match for you!”

“Haha! Kid, glad that you are aware of this. Then, tell me, how are we going to fight against each other?”

“My suggestion is that we give each other three strikes. Then, we shall see who falls after the three strikes! Well, you can certainly refuse my suggestion since you are the one who has the say now!” said Gerald.

“Very well, kid. Are you trying to provoke me? Nevertheless, my son is already half-dead after being beaten by you. No matter how eloquent you are today, you won’t be able to escape death! However, I can see that you have a unique spiritual essence. If I can get your spiritual essence and use it on my son, it will not be a bad remedy to treat his injury! Since that is the case, I am worried that I might destroy your spiritual essence if we truly fight against each other. So, yes, I will accept your suggestion. Let’s hit each other with a strike now!”

Yusef laughed coldly and descended slowly in front of Gerald.

“Kid, let’s go!”

Yusef folded his arms across his chest, completely disregarding Gerald.

“Then, I shall not show mercy anymore!”

Gerald gathered all the essential qi in his body and transferred it into his palm.

Following that, he gave Yusef a heavy strike.


Once it hit Yusef, Gerald felt a sharp, tearing pain on his palm. It was as though he was hitting a big mountain, and he could not even break Yusef’s defense.


The essential qi rebounded, and Gerald took several steps back due to the momentum.

A Nine-rank Chakra King and an Eight-rank Chakra King. The gap between the two was simply too big!

Gerald was horrified.

“This is the second strike!”

Gerald cared no more and struck him the second time with all his might.

The rebound was even more violent than just now.

Gerald felt the rebound from his hand to his back, and he spurted out a mouthful of blood, taking a few steps backward.

“Hahaha! How ignorant! Kid, although it is a rare occasion for someone so young like you to be an Eight-rank Chakra King, you will never be able to break my Heavenly Dipper Protection Technique! So, you can only die when I am your opponent!”

Yusef Mackowski threw back his head and laughed.

“Gerald, can you handle it or not?”

Nori asked anxiously.

“This is the last strike!”

Gerald forced himself to stand up once more. He ground his teeth as he tried hard to maintain his posture.

He gathered his essential qi and pounced on Yusef once more.

“Hahaha, it is useless!”

Yusef shook his head.

However, in the next second, he was stunned.

The next thing he saw was when Gerald closed his eyes, an eye actually grew on his forehead.

Then, a powerful golden beam came out from that eye.


Yusef was stunned…

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1589

By the time Yusef wanted to react to what he had seen, it was already too late.

The light was too difficult to block as it had come very suddenly.

The light hit his eyes directly, and he stumbled a few steps backward. His head spun crazily, and he fell to the ground.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Gerald ran, taking Nori along with him.

“B*stard, how dare you play dirty tricks on me! Today, I, Yusef Mackowski, will break you into pieces!”

Yusef’s spiritual power was heavily damaged. Now, he was looking at Gerald’s back who was running away in the opposite direction unwillingly, but he could only gnash his teeth with hatred.

Gerald did not dare to delay any longer.

He knew that his power was too weak. Even with the help of his divine eye, he could only hold Yusef off temporarily. Now, hiding was no longer possible.

The only thing he could do was to rely on the map and get into Underworld Valley. Using the traps to their advantage, they could somehow block Yusef from getting to them.

On the way there, Gerald examined the map thoroughly and imprinted all the details on the map into his brain.

Then, he destroyed the map for good.

Taking Nori with him, they entered the valley, which was covered in thick black fog.

“Phew, we should already be somewhere at the center of Underworld Valley. Yusef Mackowski shouldn’t be able to catch up already, right?”

Nori spoke as she panted heavily, scanning the eerie surroundings.

“Not necessarily. Yusef Mackowski is not that easy to deal with. We’d better be careful!”

Gerald said, cocking his eyebrows.

At the same time, he surveyed their surroundings vigilantly.

Since the moment they entered Underworld Valley, Gerald had managed to dodge many deadly traps with the help of the map. However, the map was not a panacea. Along the way, they bumped into many ancient beasts which made them into a mess.

For instance, they encountered a Yellow Stone Viper just now. If it hadn’t been for Gerald’s fast reaction, that venomous snake would have already killed them in seconds.

Therefore, Gerald was very cautious.

Squeak squeak…

Suddenly, the distinct sound of rolling wooden wheels entered their ears. It was very clear.

“Listen Gerald. What is that?”

Nori’s heart almost leaped into her throat, and she looked around in panic.

The sound was getting clearer and clearer.

“I heard it. Shh!”

Gerald gestured for her to be quiet.

He put all his attention into the sound. Finally, he managed to identify the direction of the source of the sound in the dark.

At that moment, he vaguely saw the object in front of him,


Nori cried out loud in fear and hid behind Gerald.

In front of them was a wooden wheelbarrow. On the wheelbarrow, there was a big red wooden coffin.

The wheelbarrow could move on its own, and it was heading toward them, carrying along the wooden coffin on it.

Squeak squeak…

They could hear a creaking sound, almost as if the wooden board was about to shatter at any time. It also meant that there might be something big in the coffin.

It was also Gerald’s first time seeing such a bizarre scene. It would be a lie if he said that he was not in panic now.

“It can’t be a hiderigami, right?”

Gerald was talking to himself, somewhat confused.

To put it simply, a hiderigami was a dried corpse. In simpler words, a zombie.

This thing had been created by using a corpse. The corpse would absorb the essence of the sun and moon and transform into a corpse demon.

It was vicious and bloodthirsty, infinitely powerful and immortal.

In truth, Gerald had learned all of these things from movies.

“Zombie?! Gerald, stop scaring me already! Why is there such a thing in the valley?!”

Nori swallowed her saliva.

“This valley is at least ten-thousand years old. I wouldn’t be surprised if a dinosaur appeared in front of me!” said Gerald.

Gerald was about to grab Nori’s hand to walk away from the coffin when suddenly…


The wooden wheelbarrow moved and charged toward Gerald.

“Get away from me!”

Gerald pushed Nori to the side.

Then, he took up a sword-wielding gesture, and a sword flew toward the wooden wheelbarrow immediately.

However, it was almost as if the wooden wheelbarrow were a living thing, and it dodged the sword easily.

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1590

A loud bang was heard, and Gerald’s sword hit a big stone behind it, smashing it into ashes.


The next moment, a puff of white smoke came out from the coffin.

It was as if the lid of the coffin was transformed into a divine arrow, and it flew toward Gerald.


Gerald blocked it with his palm.

Once the battle started, Gerald was appalled.

A strong force appeared, and it dragged Gerald a few ten meters backward.

“Gerald, are you alright?”

Nori asked quickly in concern.

Honestly, although Nori was using Gerald as a means to survive, she was sincerely worried about him when she saw him get injured.

After all, it was not the first time Gerald had saved her.

If it wasn’t for him, she would already be dead.

“This thing is so powerful! It’s just another Yusef Mackowski!”

Blue veins bulged on Gerald’s arm, and he could feel a tingling sensation in his arm.

Meanwhile, white smoke was still coming out from the coffin.

Then, they saw a pair of ancient official boots slowly appear from the inside of the coffin.

After that, it was a two-meter tall corpse which was wearing an official robe standing in front of the coffin, its black face covered in green hair, and it had green eyes and two big white fangs.

Its hands were like steel forks, and its fingernails were almost twenty centimeters long.

“Zom… It’s a zombie!”

Nori quickly helped Gerald up.


The zombie stared at Gerald and Nori for a while. Then, it started to roar.

He pounced on Gerald, and his one leap was enough to cover a distance of twenty meters.

His body was like a small hill, covering them completely from above!

Divine eye!

Gerald shut his eyes tightly, and the third eye appeared right away.


A powerful golden beam struck the zombie.


However, the attack was only able to make it pause for a second. It was hopeless.

Gerald wanted to fly away. However, the zombie had already arrived before his eyes, and it grabbed his shoulders.

His strength made Gerald feel as though he was locked by an iron chain made from a-thousand-year-old refined iron.

It was very difficult to break free.


The zombie flung Gerald ruthlessly.

Gerald’s body smashed more than thirty boulders into ashes.

After only one attack, Gerald felt as if his body was about to break into pieces. He almost couldn’t gather his essential qi anymore.

This beast was simply too strong!

Gerald held his chest in horror.

The zombie, which was blowing black smoke out of its mouth, was slowly walking toward Gerald again.

“Monster, you’d better not move another inch! You and your son were killed by your enemy and buried here, which is why you have such deep hatred. If you dare to move another inch, I will destroy your son’s swaddling clothes!”

As Gerald was spurting out blood and had no idea how to deal with the situation, Nori had run to the red coffin. She forced herself to endure the foul stench to take out the embroidered swaddling clothes of a baby.

The corpse of the baby had long since disappeared, and only the swaddling clothes were left behind.

This item was clearly very precious to the zombie, and it actually stopped in its tracks immediately.


It roared angrily at Nori.

Evidently, when Gerald had been fighting against the zombie, Nori had seen the written record about the owner of the coffin on the coffin lid while she had been panicking.

Regardless of whether it worked or not, she had tried, and so, there was this scene. Nevertheless, Nori had certainly made the right bet!

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