The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 1601-1610

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1601
The second Gerald’s sentence ended, a crisp ‘crack’ could be heard. Following that, Yesirn’s screams of pain filled the air!

Gerald had just crushed one of Yesirn’s arms, and the excruciating pain that the young master was feeling was evident in his expression.

Seeing that, Henrick’s fury knew no bounds as he glared at Gerald while shouting, “You…!”

“Look, you old b*stard! Your son’s in my hands, and if you want him alive by the end of all this, you’d better hand over my sister! I’m sure you know what’ll happen to him if you don’t comply!” retorted Gerald straightforwardly, not wanting to waste any more time than he needed to with Henrick.

It was clearly a proposal that Henrick couldn’t reject unless he didn’t care about his son, and everyone there knew that.

In response, however, Henrick simply continued pointing at Gerald as he yelled, “Listen here, if my son dies neither you nor your sister will be able to leave Jaellatra alive as well!”

‘You’re really asking for it, aren’t you?’ Gerald thought to himself. Rather than feeling afraid, the more Henrick threatened him, the more annoyed he got.

With that, more cracking sounds could be heard, followed by another ear-piercing scream from Yesirn!

“P-please… dad…! Pro- promise him that you’ll return her…! I… I don’t want to die…!” pleaded the agonized young master.

Seeing his son being tortured so much, Henrick gave it some thought, gritting his teeth the entire time before eventually growling, “…Fine! You have my word that I’ll return Jessica to you!”

Understanding that the priority was to keep his son alive, Henrick then turned to face one of his servants before ordering, “Go bring Jessica over!”

Hearing that, the servant instantly rushed back to the Quartermain family manor to retrieve Gerald’s sister.

Before Henrick could say another thing, however, he heard Gerald shout, “You’d better not be playing any tricks on me, you old b*stard! If even the slightest harm comes to my sister, I guarantee that your family will have a bloody price to pay!”

Though Henrick remained silent, he was now more enraged than ever.

To think that he, the mighty and magnificent master of the Quartermain family, would actually be threatened by this inexperienced young man! If word about this got out, he’d surely drown in humiliation!

However, he wasn’t too worried about that scenario happening. After all, the second his son was out of danger, he could just kill both Gerald and his sister on the spot! Even if he failed to do so immediately, he was definitely not letting them leave Bario city unscathed.

It was around ten minutes later when Jessica was led into the pavilion under the guide of two servants…

Upon realizing Gerald’s presence, her eyes instantly teared up as she cried out, “Gerald…!”

She knew her younger brother would definitely come save her…!

“Don’t worry, sister! Both of us will surely leave this place safely!” consoled Gerald.

Looking at all the scars and injuries Jessica had suffered, her pitiful state only served to fuel Gerald with an even greater wrath. He really wanted to chop all the Quartermains into pieces right now!

Even so, he refrained, knowing very well that the priority was to rescue his sister first. He wasn’t going to allow her to sustain any further injuries.

Regardless, upon hearing Gerald’s words, Jessica simply nodded slightly. She believed in Gerald, and she knew that they were going to make it out of all this.

Unwilling to further watch the heart-warming scene between the two siblings, Henrick then demanded, “Look, I’ve brought your sister here, Gerald! Now release my son!”

“Humph! Impatient, aren’t we? Release my sister first if you want him back!” sneered Gerald as he glared at Henrick.

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1602
“You…! Listen here, your sister’s still in my grasp! Don’t you even dare consider playing any tricks, you hear?!” retorted Henrick as he angrily grabbed Jessica by her neck.

“You old b*stard! One wrong move on my sister and your son will be dead! If you think I’m just joking around, then try me!” roared Gerald as he instantly lifted Yesirn by his neck as well.

When Henrick saw that his son’s eyes were already rolling back on his reddened face, the master of the Quartermain family knew that his threats meant nothing to Gerald.

Rather reluctantly, Henrick then released Jessica’s neck before replying, “…Fine! Let’s exchange our hostages at the same time then!”

Hearing that, Gerald knew that he had to play along. Releasing Yesirn’s neck as well, both Gerald and Henrick began slowly walking toward each other, making sure to have a firm grasp on their hostages’ backs.

Once they were close enough, the two men released their grasps at the same time, allowing Yesirn and Jessica to begin walking toward the other party…

However, the second the two passed each other, Henrick made a dash toward Jessica! Since his palm was already charged with essential qi, it was obvious that Henrick had planned to do this from the very beginning!

However, Gerald had naturally read Henrick’s mind long before this exchange. With that in mind, Gerald was able to instantaneously respond by dragging Jessica over and launching his own palm attack!

What followed was an explosive sound that shook the entire Featherlight Pavilion!

With dust and debris flying all over the place, Gerald used that chance to successfully flee the pavilion together with his sister!

By the time the dust had settled, Henrick realized that he had been outwitted!

His anger was cut short when he heard his servants shouting, “Y-young master…!”

Turning around, Henrick watched as his servants quickly ran over to his son’s side… However, Yesirn… He was lying motionless atop a pool of his own blood!

Momentarily frozen in place, Henrick finally snapped out of it when one of his servants turned to look at him before crying out, “M-master…! Young master, he’s… He’s dead!”

Upon hearing that, Henrick felt as though he had just been fatally struck by lightning.

“Yesirn…!” shouted Henrick as he ran toward his son’s corpse.

Though blood was still flowing endlessly out of Yesirn’s gaping neck, it was evident that the boy was no longer among the living.

As to how that gash had got there, during the earlier moments of chaos, Gerald had ordered Jade Infused Blade—who had been within Gerald’s body this entire time—to momentarily reveal himself and slice Yesirn’s neck! Since nobody there knew about Jade Infused Blade, the deed managed to be done rather stealthily.

Regardless, the now deeply pained Henrick then howled in rage, “I’m tearing off all your skin once I get my hands on you, Gerald…! I’m breaking every single tendon of yours too, and once I’m done, I’ll drink every last drop of your blood…!”

Meanwhile, Gerald was already rushing out of the city with immense speed.

“They… Won’t pursue us, right…?” asked a worried Jessica as she continued clinging onto Gerald’s back.

“Even if they do, I’ll protect you, sister! There’s no need to worry!” reassured Gerald who had already thought about his next move.

Soon enough, both of them arrived at the mouth of the Underworld Valley…

Even from afar, Jessica had already noticed a graceful but nervous-looking woman sitting under a large tree near the mouth of the valley. The person in question was Nori!

After Jade Infused Blade got the Primocorose for Gerald, both of them had decided to momentarily part ways with Nori. Before heading off to Bario city, however, Gerald had told her to wait here for him since he still needed her help with something.

Regardless, upon seeing that Gerald had made a safe return, Nori instantly got to her feet before shouting, “Gerald…!”

Gerald himself wasted no time in handing his sister over to Nori.

“Nori, I still have to deal with those people so I’ll be leaving my sister in your care for the moment. Make sure to leave immediately! Also, take this sound talisman. Once I’m done dealing with them, I’ll contact you before meeting up again!” instructed Gerald as he took a talisman out from his pocket before handing it to Nori.

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1603
“Please be careful, alright, Gerald…?” muttered Jessica before her brother parted ways.

She knew how much trouble Gerald had gotten himself into just to save her. With that in mind, she was rather reluctant to see him put himself in danger again now that they had made it out in one piece. If anything terrible happened to him because of her, Jessica was well aware that she would remain guilty about that for the rest of her life…

In response, Gerald simply revealed an understanding smile before saying, “You don’t have to worry about me, sister!”

With that, the youth turned around and instantly left…

Not too far away, Henrick was leading several of his men in pursuit of Gerald. Since Henrick had already entered the Sage Realm, his speed was near unimaginable.

Regardless, when Henrick finally saw Gerald—who appeared to be silently standing in place, waiting for his arrival—the master of the Quartermain family found himself roaring, “You’re dying today if it’s the last thing I do, Gerald…!”

Following that, several powerful-looking people leaped out from behind Henrick! From the looks of it, all of them appeared to be either Eighth or Ninth-rank Chakra Kings…

While Gerald wouldn’t have been able to deal with them in the past, things were much different now. After all, he was currently already nearing the end stages of the Ninth-rank of the Rune Realm. With that in mind, Gerald wasn’t afraid of facing those people at all.

What more, he had the exceptional Jade Infused Blade—who was also a Ninth-rank Chakra King—inside his body. Due to that, Gerald was technically not fighting alone this time.

Just as he was thinking about that, a spectral figure flew out of Gerald’s body! With a single swipe of his aurablade, Jade Infused Blade easily decapitated all of Henrick’s men before swiftly returning into Gerald’s body! Nobody else was even able to sense Jade Infused Blade’s presence!

Regardless, upon watching his men’s heads hit the ground—before slowly rolling to the side like bowling balls—, Henrick couldn’t help but shiver slightly in fright. They were all Eighth and Ninth-rank Chakra Kings…! Despite that, Gerald had barely even needed a few seconds to take all of them out!

“…Humph! So, you’ve already entered the Ninth-rank of the Rune Realm! It appears that I’ve truly looked down on you! However, know that that rank is useless before me! After all, I’ve already entered the Sage Realm a long time ago! You, of all people, should know how vastly different that places both you and me! With that said, I can easily just crush your skull!” snorted Henrick rather confidently as he glared at Gerald.

Henrick honestly found it rather unfortunate to have to kill Gerald. After all, the fact that Gerald had managed to enter the Rune Realm at such a young age definitely signified how talented the youth was. In the end, however, Gerald was his enemy and there was nothing he could do to change that.

“Oh? Is that so? You’re free to try and do so then, you old b*stard!” retorted Gerald without the slightest hint of fear in his voice.

While Gerald was fully aware that he hadn’t entered the Sage realm yet, he believed that Henrick wasn’t capable enough to kill him. Due to that, he wasn’t afraid of the Quartermain master.

“You… How arrogant!” shouted Henrick as he dashed forward with inhuman speed! This was how strong someone who had breached the Sage Realm was!

In the blink of an eye, he was already directly in front of Gerald! Aiming for Gerald’s chest, Henrick then struck out his palm!

Of course, Gerald wasn’t about to allow Henrick to do as he pleased. With that, Gerald struck out his own palm in retaliation!

Upon collision, an explosive sound was heard, followed by the ground beneath them forming a rather deep sinkhole from the immense pressure!

As dust and dirt flew in all directions, Henrick couldn’t help but feel surprised. He never thought that Gerald would actually be able to fight against him!

While Gerald would’ve definitely not been a match against Henrick in a one-on-one battle, he actually had Jade Infused Blade on his side. With that in mind, these two individuals—who had both entered the Ninth-rank of the Rune Realm—were just enough to take on Henrick.

Naturally, Henrick was clueless about all this…

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1604
“So you managed to take my first blow! Very well, then! Let’s see if you can take another!” snorted Henrick as he took two steps back.

Following that, Henrick waved his hands slightly before shouting, “Holy Flaring Fist!”

Immediately after, his right fist was set ablaze! Wasting no time, the master of the Quartermains then began charging toward Gerald!

Seeing that, Gerald quickly yelled, “Herculean Armor!”

Sneering at the shield that Gerald had just put up, Henrick then mocked, “Just give it up! There’s no way you’ll be able to stop this attack!”

A split second later, a thunderous sound ensued as a blazing fire collided against Gerald’s shield!

Since the flames were able to bypass Gerald’s Herculean Armor, Gerald instantly felt the pain of his skin being burnt! He hadn’t expected Henrick’s attack to be this powerful! Had Gerald’s body not possessed such ample amounts of essential qi, Gerald knew for a fact that the attack could’ve very easily turned him into nothing but ash!

Regardless, after ten excruciating seconds, the flames finally subsided. By this point, Gerald’s clothes were nothing more than thin strips of burnt cloth!

“…How… How is this even possible…?!” shouted the now wide-eyed Henrick in utter disbelief. How was Gerald still alive?!

Smiling contemptuously in response, Gerald then glared daggers at Henrick before retorting, “Is that the best you can do, you old b*stard? What else do you have? Come on, show me!”

Unable to take any more of Gerald’s mockery, Henrick decided that it was high time he took Gerald out with an extremely strong attack!

With his mind made up, Henrick then stomped both his feet onto the ground, causing yet another sinkhole to form around him! His body now engulfed within a raging fire, Henrick then snorted before arrogantly declaring, “You’ll be nothing but ashes once this blow lands, Gerald!”

Pushing his arms forward, Henrick then sent five flaming dragons flying in Gerald’s direction!

“Master, this is bad! That attack is called the Five Blazing Dragons! You won’t be able to withstand it!” warned Jade Infused Blade the second he realized what was happening.

The Five Blazing Dragons was one of the fiery arts in Jaellatra. Once the technique was performed, each following fire dragon would be more powerful than the previous one. With that said, those who bore the same rank as the attacker would most definitely fail to withstand the attack.

Despite the warning, Gerald didn’t buy Jade Infused Blade’s words. After all, the Herculean Primordial Spirit was inside his body!

With that, the five dragons then rapidly flew toward Gerald!

Due to Gerald’s immense speed, he was able to easily dodge the first dragon. Watching as that particular serpent collided against a large tree that was behind him, Gerald found himself frowning slightly when the entire tree turned into nothing but ashes within seconds!

Leaping to avoid the second dragon, Gerald watched as it crashed into a stone wall, resulting in the stones catching fire as the entire wall came crumbling down!

After easily dodging the third and fourth dragon as well, however, Gerald was unable to avoid getting hit by the final one!

Since the fifth fiery dragon was stronger than all the previous ones, Gerald instantly found himself unable to move a muscle the second it collided into him!

Now in immense pain, Gerald—who had been flung high into the air from the impact—slowly began falling into the Underworld Valley’s abyss…

Knowing very well that Gerald definitely wouldn’t be able to survive such a fall, Henrick found himself breathing a sigh of relief. He had finally avenged his son…

Just to make sure, however, Henrick took a few glances at the bottom of the abyss… Sensing nothing, the Quartermain master then turned to leave, never looking back…

…It was quite some time later when Gerald’s fingers began to twitch. Despite falling all the way to the bottom of the Underground Valley’s abyss—into what seemed like a meadow of sorts—, Gerald had survived! Even so, the terribly injured youth was still unconscious at the moment…

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1605
“…Master… Master, please, wake up…!” called out Jade Infused Blade.

He had earlier exited Gerald’s body, and after sitting quietly beside the youth for a while, Jade Infused Blade decided to at least try to wake Gerald up.

Watching as the heavily injured youth—whose body was now filled with scars—continued breathing shallowly, Jade Infused Blade could only sigh.

With even Gerald’s barrier of essential qi now ruined, it was honestly a miracle that Gerald was still alive. Had it not been for the Herculean Primordial Spirit in his body, Gerald would’ve perished ages ago…

At that moment, Jade Infused Blade’s ears twitched slightly. Following that, he quickly re-entered Gerald’s body. Someone was here!

Seconds later, several tree branches began stretching out toward Gerald… Once he was all wrapped up, the branches gently dragged him into a tree hole…

It was about a day later when Gerald’s eyes finally opened again… Upon attempting to get up, Gerald instantly began coughing rather violently!

“Hey now, don’t go moving around seconds after you’ve just woken up! Your injuries aren’t healed yet! With that said, just lie down and recuperate for the moment!” shouted a deep and almost godly-sounding voice from somewhere…

Upon hearing that, Gerald instantly turned vigilant out of habit. Even after looking around, however, he couldn’t seem to detect where that voice had come from.

“…Who’s there…?” asked Gerald with a slight frown.

After chuckling heartily, the voice then replied, “I’m a tree spirit that resides in the Underworld Valley! I’m the one who saved you, you know? Regardless, the tree hole you’re currently in… It’s actually my body! With that said, in a way, you’re now inside me!”

Hearing that, Gerald then instantly said, “I see…! Thank you for saving me, senior…!”

Before he could further express his gratitude, however, Gerald found himself coughing vigorously again.

The moment Gerald realized that there was even blood in his mouth, the tree spirit simply advised, “Look, you’re terribly injured at the moment. Go lie down and stop moving about! Understand that your body’s barrier of essential qi is slowly recovering! It needs time to fully heal!”

Understanding that the tree spirit’s advice was sound, Gerald could only obey his words. After lying down again, Gerald began thinking about how powerful the Five Blazing Dragons attack was. From what he could now tell, the only way he was going to be able to beat Henrick was by breaching the Sage Realm…

“Alright, now that you’ve settled down a bit and I’m pretty sure that you have nowhere else to go, tell me, how did you suffer such serious injuries?” asked the tree spirit, clearly trying to ease the tension.

“…Well, I had a battle against Henrick, the master of the Quartermain family! After being hit by his Five Blazing Dragons attack, I ended up getting hit by the final dragon! As a result, I fell into the bottom of the abyss…” replied Gerald in a rather shameful tone.

In the end, Gerald was a mighty person who was at the level of a Ninth-rank Chakra King. Despite that, he still ended up getting terribly beaten up and he even fell right into the Underworld Valley’s abyss! With that in mind, Gerald truly felt humiliated by this defeat…

Much to Gerald’s displeasure, however, the second his sentence ended, the tree spirit instantly broke into a roar of laughter!

“The Five Blazing Dragons? You can’t be serious!” scoffed the spirit as it continued laughing for quite a while.

Not expecting the senior to laugh at him like that, the now frowning Gerald then muttered, “Is my loss that funny to you, senior…?”

“Hmm? Oh no, I’m not laughing about you! I’m laughing about Henrick!” replied the tree spirit as he quickly explained himself to avoid any misunderstandings.

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1606
“Oh? Why is that?” asked Gerald rather curiously

“Well, you see, Henrick hasn’t completed his training on the Five Blazing Dragons attack! He’s still one level short! With that in mind, the only reason you ended up getting this seriously hurt is because he’s already entered the Sage Realm! Though I can see that you’re already nearing the end of the Rune Realm, I don’t think I have to remind you that a Ninth-rank Chakra King and a Sage’s power is still vastly different!” explained the tree spirit.

“…So… that attack wasn’t what hurt me? I only got all these injuries due to our strength difference?” asked Gerald rather quickly.

“That’s right! If you need further proof, being hurt by a fully mastered Five Blazing Dragons attack would’ve definitely reduced you to nothing but dust! The fact that you’re still in one piece says a lot about that!” replied the tree spirit.

“…I see. Still, you appear to know quite a bit about the attack and even Henrick… Who exactly are you, if you don’t mind me asking…?” asked Gerald, sensing that something was amiss.

After all, it was a wonder why a tree spirit would know so much about outside affairs…

“Hmm? Well of course I’d know him well! Henrick’s my junior!” replied the tree spirit with a chuckle.

Upon hearing that, Gerald was instantly stunned.

“What? He’s your junior? But aren’t you…?”

“Ah, just to clarify, I wasn’t always a tree spirit! Back then, I had fought a great battle with Henrick in the Underworld Valley as well! However, due to my carelessness, Henrick found a chance to launch a completely avoidable sneak attack on me! As a result, I lost the battle… After being tossed into the valley’s abyss, my soul somehow got integrated with a tree spirit within this deep valley. With that said, I’ll be staying here for a while! However, know that my resentment toward Henrick hasn’t diminished in the slightest!” detailed the tree spirit who clearly despised Henrick with a passion.

Quickly putting two and two together, Gerald then asked, “From what you’ve told me, both you and Henrick share a master, correct? Why did you end up fighting each other? What exactly did Henrick have his eyes on…? Could it be that…”

“I have to say that you’re really smart, mister! As you may already have guessed, Henrick was after my Five Blazing Dragons attack! I say ‘my’ since at the time, I was the only one capable of using it after master imparted it to me. The fact that he wasn’t chosen naturally fuelled his jealousy, and since then, he would constantly attempt to obtain the secret scroll of the Five Blazing Dragons—that I kept within me—in order to train for it.”

“While he did succeed in the end, I had one last trick up my sleeve! I made sure to hide the last part of the scroll in the deepest parts of my body, which was why Henrick only managed to get his hands on an incomplete scroll!” sneered the tree spirit as he thought about it.

After hearing all that, it explained why the tree spirit knew so much about Henrick and the Five Blazing Dragons. As it turned out, Henrick was the original heir to the attack!

“Again, since he hasn’t been able to complete his training for the Five Blazing Dragons attack, I assure you that you were only hurt due to his strength!” added the tree spirit.

“…Understood! Speaking of which, could I have your name…?” asked Gerald, curious about the tree spirit’s real name after hearing all that.

“Of course! It’s Roman Freeman!”

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Freeman! I’m Gerald!” introduced Gerald.

“Hahaha! I have a feeling that fate had a role in our meeting, mister! With that said, I’m willing to impart the complete Five Blazing Dragons attack to you on one condition! What do you say?” replied Roman with a subtle smile.

“Go on, Mr. Freeman! I’ll definitely try my best to fulfill it!” replied Gerald, overjoyed that Roman was willing to teach the technique to him in the first place.

Aside from the fact that he was going to master an attack that would surely be able to take Henrick out with ease, Gerald’s enthusiastic reply also stemmed from the fact that he wanted to repay Roman’s kindness for saving him. With that in mind, he was fully ready to agree to any of Roman’s conditions.

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1607
With Roman’s help, it only took half a day for Gerald’s injuries to be completely healed.

Following that, not only did Roman begin imparting the Five Blazing Dragons skill into Gerald, but the tree spirit also taught Gerald many other martial arts that he had learned throughout his lifetime.

With that in mind, it was obvious that Gerald had agreed with Roman’s terms. As for what the condition itself was, what Roman wanted was quite straightforward, and it was honestly something that Gerald had already been planning to do anyway. In short, Roman wanted Gerald to end Henrick’s life.

Regardless, it wasn’t long before Gerald was able to completely master the Five Blazing Dragons attack. Since the knowledge was imparted into Gerald, Gerald didn’t even need to undergo any training to master the skill. What more, he could now use all the skills that Roman had previously learned!

Now that he had imparted all his skills, Roman’s voice boomed one final time in the tree hole as he said, “I’ve imparted everything that I know into you, Gerald! Now that I’ve successfully done my part, I can finally retire! I’ll be leaving everything to you now!”

And just like that, Roman was gone. Just as his surname implied, Roman Freeman was now finally able to rest in peace, free from everything that had previously held him back…

With that in mind, Gerald knew that his next step was to get rid of Henrick. After all, the sooner he fulfilled Roman’s final wish, the better.

Stepping outside the tree hole, Gerald then turned around to look at the towering tree before him… With determination in his eyes, Gerald had a serious expression on his face as he declared, “I definitely won’t disappoint you, Mr. Freeman…!”

After giving the tree a deep bow, he then turned to leave…

Not long after, Jade Infused Blade—who had been inside Gerald’s body this entire time—said, “Congratulations, master! You’ve finally entered the Sage Realm!”

As a result of attaining Roman’s skills, the Herculean Primordial Spirit within Gerald’s body underwent a rapid improvement, allowing the youth to finally breach the Sage Realm.

For a person who had achieved this level of strength, leaping onto roofs and vaulting over walls was nothing. With that in mind, Gerald easily scaled a stone wall before using the top of the wall to propel himself into the air!

Though Gerald wanted to immediately deal with Henrick, he knew that he had to at least meet up with Nori and Jessica first.

If everything had gone to plan, Nori should have brought Jessica to a small town—not too far from the Underworld Valley—to recuperate for a while, while waiting for Gerald. Hoping that that was the case, Gerald arrived at the small town just a few minutes later.

Seeing that Gerald had returned safe and sound, both Nori and Jessica were instantly relieved. After all, they had been waiting for him for almost an entire day by this point, and both girls had been worried sick throughout that period.

“I’m so glad that you’ve returned safely, Gerald…!” cried out Jessica as she hugged him tightly.

Patting her back, Gerald then consoled, “You, of all people, should know how capable my martial arts skills are, sister… With that in mind, I’d surely return fine no matter what!”

“As much as I’d love to believe that, accidents can happen, you know? If something happens to you, how am I to even answer to our parents…” mumbled Jessica while pouting like a child.

If something bad ever happened to Gerald, Jessica didn’t even know whether she’d still have the will to live or not…

As she thought about that, Gerald turned to face Nori, a gratuitous smile on his face as he said, “Also, thank you for taking care of my sister, Nori!”

“No problem! Though… How do you plan to repay my kindness?” teased Nori in return, a rather interesting smile on her face.

Upon hearing that, Gerald instantly felt slightly awkward. That awkwardness, however, didn’t stem from her beauty. After all, he was a married man and he already had an exceptionally beautiful woman as his wife.

Regardless, Gerald knew that he still owed her one, so he simply suggested, “…Well, let’s just say that I’m indebted to you! How would you like me to repay your kindness? Give it some thought and once you’ve made up your mind, I’ll agree to one of your requests!”

“Deal! Remember, you were the one who suggested that, so you’d better not go back on your words!”

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1608
The way Nori had said it, it was almost as though she was afraid that Gerald would end up going back on his word.

Sensing that, Gerald looked at her with determined eyes before saying, “Don’t worry, I always keep my word! After all, a person who lies is nothing but a coward!”

Following that, Gerald alternated his gaze between his sister and Nori before adding, “Alright, there’s still something I need to settle. With that said, I’m going to have to need both of you to continue waiting for me here for a little while. Don’t worry, once I return, we’ll leave this place together! Also, remember not to go out all willy-nilly and if needed, you can contact me with the sound talisman. The second it’s activated I’ll rush back immediately!”

“…What? You’re heading off again, Gerald? But where to?” asked Jessica in a worried tone. After all, to think that they had to part ways again so quickly after reuniting!

“Don’t worry, sister! I’ll definitely make a safe return! Just know that there are still some issues I need to resolve!” replied Gerald as he looked straight into Jessica’s eyes.

Upon hearing that, his sister simply nodded slowly… She, for one, knew that there was no use trying to persuade her brother against it. With that in mind, she could only pray that he would return unscathed.

With that, Gerald then made a massive leap before flying back to Bario City at immense speeds…

There was going to be bloodshed tonight, and Gerald was going to make sure that none of the Quartermains would remain…

Meanwhile, the Quartermain family manor was brightly lit, with sheets of white cloth hung everywhere. Adding that to the many death wreaths placed all over the place, it was clear that the Quartermains were holding a funeral for Yesirn.

Henrick himself was standing before Yesirn’s memorial tablet. After wrapping white strips of cloth over his son’s corpse, the teary-eyed Henrick then said, “I’ve taken revenge for you, son… Gerald’s dead now, so you can rest in peace…!”

Upon hearing that, the rest of the Quartermains present began weeping as well. After all, watching one’s child die before their very eyes was most definitely one of the saddest things to witness…

Unbeknownst to them, however, the Quartermains were going to reunite with Yesirn very, very, soon.

At that moment, a booming and rather familiar voice suddenly shouted, “Hey now, you old b*stard! Instead of grieving for him, why don’t I just send you to hell so that both of you can get reunited!”

Shocked, everyone turned to look at the source of the voice… And there Gerald was, casually standing with his arms crossed atop the Quartermain manor’s roof!

The second Henrick saw the youth, he was instantly hit by immense wrath and shock. Gerald had been hit by the Five Blazing Dragons attack, had he not? How was he still alive?! In fact, how did he even remain so perfectly fine?!

“You… You’re alive…?!” growled Henrick as he glared at Gerald.

Snorting contemptuously, Gerald then sneered, “Aren’t you a bit too confident with yourself, Henrick? You weren’t even able to completely master that attack! With that said, there’s no way I would’ve died to that!”

Furrowing his brows, Henrick then gloomily replied, “…How do you even know about that?”

To think that Gerald was aware that he hadn’t perfected the Five Blazing Dragons attack… But how? Nobody else—who was alive—should even know about that!

“There’s no need to know about that. After all, you’re going to be dead soon anyway. As I’ve promised myself, I’m exterminating the Quartermains if it’s the last thing I do!” retorted Gerald in a frigid tone.

Hearing that, Henrick simply snorted disdainfully as he yelled, “You sound rather sure of yourself! If I could defeat you back then what makes you think you’ll win this time?! Now stop talking trash and just die already!”

Following that, the Quartermain master leaped toward Gerald, intent on attacking the youth!

Unfortunately for him, Henrick looking down on Gerald was a truly fatal mistake…

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1609
Despite seeing that Henrick was launching an attack at him, Gerald hardly even looked anxious.

In response, he simply shouted, “Weakening Strike, the first move of Judge Swift Sword Technique!”

The second his sentence ended, Jade Infused blade exited Gerald’s body before transforming into a sword! Upon unsheathing the blade from its scabbard, a blindingly white light then flashed, followed by loud ripping sounds that filled the air!

Now feeling increasingly intimidated, Henrick quickly used his essential qi to block the attack!

As an explosive sound followed, Henrick quickly realized that though he had managed to stop the main attack, the force of it alone still sent Henrick flying toward the ground! Upon collision, the Quartermain head instantly vomited a mouthful of blood…

Coughing as he stared at Gerald in sheer disbelief, Henrick then yelled, “You…! How… How are you even able to perform the Judge Swift Sword Technique?!”

As far as Henrick knew, there was only one person who had successfully mastered that technique… And that person was none other than his old senior, Roman!

Created by Roman himself, the Judge Swift Sword Technique was the other skill that his senior had prided himself in, aside from the Five Blazing Dragons technique.

The sword technique itself consisted of three separate moves, with the first being Weakening Strike, the second called Glistening Star Strike, and the final one named the Judge Swift Strike!

Regardless, by right, the Judge Swift Sword Technique should have disappeared together with Roman… After all, Henrick had made sure to finish off his senior before tossing him into the Underworld Valley’s abyss.

With that in mind, the fact that the technique still existed was a great shock to Henrick.

“How, you ask? Well, let’s just say that I’m fully aware that you’re vicious enough to not even spare your senior! With that said, I’m going to be executing the principles of your sect on behalf of Roman today!” sneered Gerald contemptuously as he casually pointed the sword at Henrick.

At that moment, Henrick swore that he could almost see his senior standing where Gerald was…

“…To think that you had been alive this entire time, senior…! You even imparted all your skills into this person! Still, I hope you realize that I’m much stronger than I was back then!” grumbled Henrick as he quickly got to his feet.

Following that, Henrick spread both his hands out… and seconds later, his entire body was set ablaze! With a fiery dragon now wrapped around his body, it was clear that Henrick was about to use the Five Blazing Dragons technique!

Gerald, however, simply replied, “Just saying, but you haven’t really mastered that technique yet. You know, in case you’ve forgotten.”

“So what of it? Allow me to remind you that the secret scroll of the Five Blazing Dragons is still with me! With that said, this incomplete attack is still sufficient in ridding you for good!” scoffed Henrick confidently, clearly unaware that Gerald had not only mastered that very attack, but had also entered the Sage Realm!

“I see… Well, since you’re holding onto that incomplete attack so obstinately, I’ll show you how it’s really done before you die!” replied Gerald who couldn’t be bothered with any more of Henrick’s nonsense.

With that, Gerald then did the same gestures as Henrick had… Just like his opponent, Gerald’s entire body was then engulfed within flames! However, unlike Henrick, Gerald’s flames were golden! Following that, two dragons appeared, one made of fire and the other made of golden light! Coiling around each other, both individual dragons were more dazzling than what Henrick’s dragons could ever achieve.

“What?!” yelled the deeply astonished Henrick as his eyes widened. This… This was the fully mastered Five Blazing Dragons technique…!

“Take a good, long look at what the fully mastered Five Blazing Dragons technique looks like, Henrick!”

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1610
After Gerald declared that, a furious roar could be heard as the youth summoned five fiery dragons, each shining in blindingly golden light! However, Gerald wasn’t done.

Following that, all five dragons merged to form a blast of fire and light that then shot out toward Henrick!

Unable to avoid the attack, Henrick was instantly turned to ashes the second the flames engulfed him!

Though the rest of the Quartermains were instantly terror-stricken, they barely had any time to react as the attack began aiming for them as well! Soon enough, the entire manor was set ablaze, and all that remained of the Quartermains were their ashes…

This was the true power of the finalized Five Blazing Dragons… Everything within thirty feet of it would simply crumble!

Regardless, now that the Quartermains had been completely eliminated, Gerald began making his way out of Bario City.

While he was glad to have helped Roman fulfill his dying wish, Gerald was well aware that news of the Quartermain’s extermination would surely spread like wildfire throughout Jaellatra.

With the public in chaos, it definitely wouldn’t take long for the forces who had initially been backing the Quartermains up to have their revenge.

Though Gerald had already entered the Sage Realm, Gerald understood that there were many other exceptional people within Jaellatra. With that in mind, staying there for any longer would surely spell trouble. Due to that, Gerald knew that he had to leave with Jessica as soon as possible.

With the plan all set, Gerald then left Jaellatra with Jessica early the next morning.

While Nori chose to return to Earth Capital on her own, she made sure to remind Gerald that he owed her one before he left. She also added that when a suitable time came, she would surely call for his help.

Regardless, true to what Gerald had predicted, chaos ensued all across Jaellatra not long after he and Jessica made their escape.

After all, the Quartermains were a greatly famous and reputable family in Jaellatra. They were also known to be extremely strong. With that in mind, the fact that they had been taken out in a single night was definitely stupefying…

It was sometime later when a person wearing a phoenix robe and a golden crown could be seen sitting atop a throne within the God Temple of Jaellatra… Holding a scepter with dragon carvings all over it, the person went by the name of Apollo, and he was the king of the God Temple. Apollo was also the ruler of all of Jaellatra, and he had attained the Seventh-soul-rank within the Sage Realm…

At that moment, a man donning a black cape ran in before respectfully saying, “God Lord, the Quartermains have been completely eliminated! Due to that, I believe that a few of Jaellatra’s forces will begin causing trouble in their attempt to snatch the previous turfs that the Quartermains owned!”

The person speaking—who had attained the Second-soul-rank in the Sage Realm—went by the name of Hisham, and he was one of God Lord’s followers.

“I see… Do we have the culprit?” asked Apollo in a slow but deep voice. His commanding tone alone was enough to send shivers down one’s spine…

“We do! The one responsible for all this is a youth by the name of Gerald! According to what I’ve gathered, he appears to be from Earth!” replied Hisham.

“From Earth, you say… Very well. From this moment onward, you’re tasked with heading there and testing that person’s strength out! Once you’ve done sufficient tests, come back and report the results to me!” ordered Apollo before closing both his eyes.

“Yes, God Lord!” replied Hisham as he cupped his hands in obeisance before leaving immediately.

Not even bothering to open his eyes again, it appeared that Apollo had little interest in Gerald…

Regardless, it didn’t take long for all the Quartermain family’s turfs to be snatched and divided among the other families in Jaellatra, leaving the Quartermains nothing but a distant memory…

By that point, Gerald and his sister had already made their safe return to Earth…

Upon reuniting her with their family, Gerald’s parents—and Yoel—were instantly overjoyed to find out that both of them had returned in one piece. Their family was finally together again!

While the occasion was certainly joyous, Gerald knew that things were far from over. After all, though the Quartermains in Jaellatra were no more, the Quartermains in Sunniva City—the Quantocks—were still alive, and Gerald was well aware that both families were connected by the same sect and bloodline…

Truth be told, this entire incident began from the actions of the Quantocks, and they were also responsible for sending his sister to the Quartermains. With that in mind, Gerald definitely had to take out the Quantocks next…

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