The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 1611-1620

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1611
It was late that night—within a secret manor in Yanam—when Gerald and his family could be seen cheerfully eating while talking with each other.

Even Yoel—whom Gerald’s mother was currently supporting—found himself smiling due to how joyous the reunion was. It truly had been ages since they had last gotten together like this…

Even so, Gerald couldn’t seem to feel truly happy about all this. After all, in the end, poor Yoel still had his eyes gouged out and his tongue snipped! His parents no longer had functioning legs either, and as for his sister… He couldn’t even imagine all the suffering she had gone through while waiting for him…

To Gerald, all this had only happened due to him not doing his best to keep his family protected. With that in mind, he blamed himself for all their suffering, and all that guilt prevented him from enjoying himself at the moment…

If only he had made a few more precautions, Yoel would’ve surely been able to live both normally and happily like any regular person… However, Yoel had actively tried to defend his family, and as a result, he ended up in such a pitiful state… It truly made Gerald feel like he had failed his brother…

With all these thoughts plaguing his mind, Gerald knew that he would only be able to rest easy once he took down the Quantocks. That was the only way Gerald was going to be able to fully avenge his family…

Gerald’s train of thought was cut short when his smiling mother turned to look at him before saying, “Gerald… You seem a little quiet tonight…”

“She’s right! Our family’s finally reunited again, you know? Be a bit more joyous!” added Dylan.

Upon hearing that, Gerald instantly forced a smile to hide his troubles.

A short while later, however, he took in a deep breath before turning to look at his family with determined eyes…

“…Mom, Dad, Jessica, and Yoel… From today onward, I’ll never allow any of you to suffer any more pain…! I’ll protect each and every one of you no matter the costs!”

“Well said! We believe in you, Gerald!” replied Dylan as he nodded with a smile.

With that said, the laughing and talking continued late into the night…

Eventually, Gerald’s parents and Yoel headed off first to retire for the night. Watching as his parents led Yoel away, Gerald then sat in the garden with Jessica to continue talking for a bit.

“I wonder if you remember the time when you first realized that you were a rich heir, Gerald…” asked Jessica with a smile as she stared at the shining stars in the night sky.

Smiling subtly, Gerald then replied, “Of course I do! Thinking back, all of you were truly experts at hiding all that from me! Do you even have any idea how long I suffered from how poor I was?”

“We did all that for a reason though! By making you experience all that, we had hoped that it would make you strong enough to eventually be able to continue carrying our family’s torch! And lo and behold, look at you now! With you to rely on, dad can finally retire from being our family’s backbone… Honestly, by this point, I don’t really care that much about you making a huge impact on society… Instead, I just wish that our family can live together cozily!” said Jessica with words that came from her heart.

Turning to look at his sister, Gerald then lowered his head before replying in an apologetic tone, “…You must have suffered terribly while you were captured, sister… I’m sorry for being so careless! Had I made more precautions, neither of you would have ended up in such pitiful states!”

Upon hearing that, Jessica gently patted Gerald’s head before saying, “None of us blame you for all this, Gerald… After all, you couldn’t have possibly anticipated all this to happen! I understand that you badly wish to protect us since we kept protecting you back then, but understand that you’re already doing a good job! After all, we’re all together again now, aren’t we? With that said, let bygones be bygones and let’s enjoy our time together as a family to the fullest!”

“…I understand, sister…” muttered Gerald as he nodded in response…

At that very moment, a dark silhouette suddenly dashed past the forest right outside the manor…

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1612
Though the silhouette was extremely quick, Gerald was still able to see it through the corner of his eye… Realizing that they weren’t alone, Gerald had a gut feeling that the person or thing dashing about was up to no good.

Not wanting Jessica or his parents to know about the figure’s presence—and potentially get worried or scared—, Gerald then quickly said, “You know, it’s getting a bit late, wouldn’t you say? You should go ahead and get some rest first, sis!”

“I guess… Don’t stay up for too much longer yourself, Gerald!” replied Jessica as she smiled warmly before returning into the manor.

Once he was sure that she had entered, Gerald instantly leaped out of the manor and headed to the spot where he had last been able to sense the shadowy figure’s presence. Upon arriving at the spot, Gerald stopped in his tracts before activating his holy sense to scan the area…

After standing there in silence for a while, Gerald eventually looked up at the trees surrounding him before shouting, “Come out already! I know you’re close by!”

Almost immediately after, the rapid rustling of leaves could be heard as the silhouette from before dashed out from one of the trees!

Noticing that it was charging toward him with a blade that glinted coldly in the moonlight, Gerald instantly stepped aside to dodge the attack before attacking his assailant with his right palm!

By the end of it all, both of them managed to successfully launch their attacks, though neither of them got hurt…

“Who are you?” asked Gerald in a frigid tone.

“To think that someone at your age would be able to enter the Sage realm… What a promising future you show! Regardless, at the rate of how fast your strength is growing, I have little doubt that you’ll be able to destroy the Quantocks with ease!” replied the slightly surprised person in a rather devilish tone.

Squinting his eyes, Gerald then glared at the man in black as he said, “Again, who are you? If you’re worthy enough then you should identify yourself as well as your intentions outright!”

“Hah! The truth is, you’re the one who isn’t worthy enough to know my identity yet! Regardless, I’ll at least let you know that I was sent here under the orders of God Lord!” replied the man with a snicker.

Before Gerald could even ask him about any more details, the man in black bolted off! And just like that, his presence was completely undetectable, gone in the dark of night…

Shortly after, Gerald heard Jade Infused Blade say from within his body, “Master, that man was strong…! He had to at least have entered the Second-soul-rank of the Sage Realm!”

“…I see. Tell me, Jade Infused Blade, do you have any idea who that ‘God Lord’ that mysterious man mentioned is…?” asked Gerald rather curiously.

“I haven’t heard of him before, though from what I can guess, he must be from Jaellatra!”

So, it was just as Gerald had predicted… Quite a stir must have taken place following the death of the Quartermains… The fact that this man had come all the way from Jaellatra to meet him was already a clear sign that more trouble was imminent.

“Still, I could sense that that man wasn’t trying to fight you, master… From what I could see, it seemed like he was just trying to test your abilities!” added Jade Infused Blade.

Gerald had assumed that as well. After all, the man hadn’t tried to do anything particularly fatal to him.

Understanding that there was a possibility that he was simply being tested, Gerald had made sure not to show too much of his capabilities earlier. Due to that, hopefully the man didn’t manage to gather too much data.

“Well, if I want to know more about this, I guess I’ll just have to look for this ‘God Lord’ and ask him myself!” muttered Gerald to himself as he casually looked in the direction where the man in black had run off to…

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1613

Meanwhile, the sound of a cup shattering to pieces could be heard within a manor in the far-off city of Sunniva…

The one who had furiously done the deed was Zaki Quantock, the head of the Quantock family…

Despite there being several other Quantocks who had witnessed the scene, all of them simply lowered their heads, not even daring to say a word or look Zaki in the eye out of fear that he would take his anger out on them…

“That utter b*stard…! I’ll definitely shred you to pieces, Gerald Crawford…!” roared the enraged Zaki, immense fury reflected in his eyes.

The extermination of the Quartermains in Jaellatra had caused a massive stir among his family here. To think that Gerald would actually be bold enough to do such a thing!

“…Father, what… should we do now…?” asked Shawn Quantock—a middle-aged man who was Zaki’s eldest son—in a careful tone as he walked up to Zaki.

“Come again? What do you mean what should we do? We’re definitely making Gerald pay for all he’s done!” retorted Zaki, his eyes glinting icily. From his look alone, it was obvious that he already had something in mind to deal with Gerald…

It was sometime later in the dead of night when Zaki could be seen discussing something with three elders who were all donning grey suits.

Standing within the hall, Zaki turned to look at one of the elders before saying in a heavy tone, “Yamazon, I’m sure you realize that the Quartermains being wiped off the face of the earth is something extremely serious. With that said, I have no choice but to ask for your help to avenge the Quantocks!”

Yamazon was from the holy mountain of Jaellatra, and he was strong enough to have attained the Second-soul-rank in the Sage Realm. With that in mind, it was no wonder why he was given the title of second master of the holy mountain. Aside from that, he was also the main backbone of the Quartermains. Due to that, he was definitely involved with the protection of the Quantocks as well.

“Indeed, leader Quantock. It shames me that the Quartermains were eliminated despite being under my holy mountain’s protection within Jaellatra. With that said, I’ll surely avenge them!” replied Yamazon in a casual but domineering tone.

“I’m glad to hear that! With the help of all three of you, that b*stard will surely end up dead in no time!” declared Zaki, a satisfied smile on his face. Gerald would surely die this time!

After all, the other two elders—who went by the names of Xander Yonda and Jones Curie—were also guardians of the holy mountain, and both of them had managed to enter the First-soul-rank of the Sage Realm.

With masters who had attained the first and second soul ranks within the Sage Realm, Zaki was confident that Gerald would be no match against them…

Following that, Zaki told the trio where to find Gerald. Upon getting that information, all three of them nodded before leaping at the same time, disappearing into thin air as they readied themselves to finish Gerald off, once and for all!

Fast forward to the next morning, Gerald could be seen meditating in the garden. Waking early and meditating had become a habit for Gerald since it allowed him to better concentrate on the power of the Herculean Primordial Spirit, hence allowing his control over it to become stronger as the days went by.

However, it wasn’t long after Gerald began his daily meditation when he suddenly sensed murderous intent in the vicinity! He could also sense that it was now rapidly approaching him with such power that it couldn’t be underestimated.

As the sword that had come flying toward him grew dangerously close, Gerald opened his eyes before quickly extending his essential qi-filled palm toward the weapon’s direction!

With a simple gesture, the sword—that had momentarily frozen in place mid-air—snapped right in two!

After it clattered to the ground, three figures instantly flew in from outside the manor! Landing quite a distance before Gerald, the three people were—as expected—Yamazon and the other two elders.

Staring at the trio with a raised brow and a darkened expression for a while, Gerald then casually asked, “I’m assuming the Quantocks sent you here?”

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1614

Sneering at Gerald’s casual response, Yamazon then retorted, “Even if the Quantocks themselves don’t come for you after you destroyed the Quartermains, we sure as hell will! Cutting straight to the chase, we’re here today to end your life as revenge for the extermination of the Quartermain family!”

Yamazon’s tone was frigid, and the furious aura he released was nothing short of pressuring.

“…What? Are only three of you here to do the deed?” asked Gerald rather disdainfully as he alternated his gaze among the three.

“You’re no prize, lad! The three of us are more than enough to finish you off!” retorted Yamazon with a snicker before the murderous man made his move!

It barely took a split second for Yamazon—who had been quite a distance away—to appear right in front of Gerald! This was how powerful someone from the Sage Realm could get!

Even so, Gerald had already entered the Sage Realm as well, so he wasn’t going to get caught by Yamazon that easily. Still, he knew he had to distract the trio away from the manor first to avoid his family getting hurt.

With that in mind, he decided to lead the trip to a more spacious area to fight.

“Heh, big deal! Let’s see if you can even catch up to me first, old man!” scoffed Gerald as he leaped out of the manor.

Seeing that, Yamazon and the other two guardians immediately began chasing after him. They weren’t about to let him escape!

Gerald himself—who was now quite far from the mansion—snuck a few glances back and was relieved when he saw that the trio were taking the bait. He could at least ensure that his family would be safe now.

It wasn’t long after before all of them arrived at a spacious area. Thankfully, Gerald managed to find someplace remote so that outsiders wouldn’t be able to bump into them mid-fight and accidentally get hurt.

“That’s quite enough running around, you brat! Not like you can outrun us for long! After all, I’ve attained the strength of a Second-soul-rank master in the Sage Realm!” scoffed Yamazon as the trio surrounded Gerald.

Laughing in response, Gerald then stared at Yamazon before casually replying, “Outrun? Look, I only came all the way out here so that you wouldn’t ruin my house! After all, you won’t be able to compensate me once you’re dead!”

“How arrogant…! I’m crushing you to bits if it’s the last thing I do!” roared Yamazon as he charged straight for Gerald, his mind only filled with thoughts of murdering the youth!

“I’ll just break all your bones before you can do so, then!” retorted Gerald, not wanting to show any signs of weakness.

Upon hearing that, Yamazon was so enraged that he made sure to intensify his force as he got dangerously close to Gerald!

To the old man’s shock, however, Gerald easily countered his attack with a single kick! As Yamazon found himself momentarily soaring in the air, the elder eventually crashed onto the ground, prompting his entire body to produce several sickening sounds of bone snapping…

And just like that, with every single bone in his body broken, Yamazon was dead.

“To think you’d even dare to seek revenge on me when you’re that weak! What a joke!” scoffed Gerald as he pointed at the fresh corpse…

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1615
After taking the other two out as well, Gerald began thinking of his next step.

From this encounter alone, Gerald knew that he had to head off to Sunniva City as soon as possible to destroy the Quantocks…

After thinking about it a bit more, Gerald then fished his phone out and dialed the number of Hubert Younger from the Dragon Squad… Whatever his next move was, he still needed someone to deal with these corpses first.

Hubert definitely didn’t have any objections to Gerald’s request, and about half an hour later, Hubert’s men arrived to take the bodies away…

With that out of the way, Gerald couldn’t help but sigh rather unhappily. After all, he had been enjoying a rather good morning before Yamazon and his goons came along… Still, his family remained safe, so it wasn’t all that bad.

Regardless, now that the issue was settled, Gerald hurried back to the manor…

Upon arriving, Gerald realized that his family members were already awake. Since there were already plenty of designated servants to take care of all the necessary tasks within the manor, his family members were pretty much just sitting around idly in his parents’ room.

Understanding that this was a chance as good as any to discuss things with them, Gerald looked at each of them before saying, “Dad, mom, sis, and Yoel! There’s something important I need to talk to you about and I was wondering if I could hear your opinions on it!”

Smiling back at his son, Dylan then replied, “We’re all family, Gerald! Speak your mind!”

“Alright, so essentially, I’m thinking of arranging for all of you to stay in Sacrasolis Palace. Not only is that place much safer than out here, but Mila will also be there to take care of you!” explained Gerald.

While this place was much quieter, the fact that Yamazon and his men were still able to locate them made Gerald increasingly worried about his family’s safety. After a bit of thought, Gerald eventually concluded that the Sacrasolis Palace truly was the safest place for them to live in. Mila would be there to take care of their needs as well.

Either way, neither of them had any objections with the idea, so Dylan simply replied, “That sounds good, Gerald! Let’s go with that!”

Naturally, all of them understood that they were merely sitting ducks in the eyes of Gerald’s enemies. With that in mind, as long as they could make Gerald worry less, they had no problem with following whatever Gerald arranged for them. Besides, it would also ensure that their family would at least remain together no matter what.

“I’m glad to hear that! I’ll be transferring all of you to the Sacrasolis Palace later then!” said Gerald with a nod.

At noon, all of them set off in a car for Sacrasolis Palace.

On the way there, Gerald thought about Master Ghost and all the other members of the Dragon Squad that had been posted at Sacrasolis Palace. As long as nobody from the Sage Realm tried to trespass into his base, he believed that his family would remain relatively safe from harm… People who hadn’t entered the sage realm wouldn’t be stupid enough to invade his base anyway.

Regardless, upon returning, Mila instantly embraced her husband, overjoyed to see him back in one piece. Her joy was warranted since every time Gerald headed off, Mila would get worried sick and constantly pray for Gerald’s safe return.

Either way, after things settled down a bit, Gerald turned to hand a few sound talismans to Mila before saying, “I’ll be leaving Yoel and my parents in your care for the moment, Mila. I still have some things to attend to, and it may take a while before I return. With that said, use these sound talismans if there’s anything you need to tell me!”

Knowing how heavy Gerald’s responsibilities were, Mila simply nodded. Though she couldn’t help him directly, she could at least fulfill any requests he asked from her. In order to prevent Gerald from bearing any more worries than he had to, Mila understood that she had to be the strongest woman that she could be in front of him.

With that said, Gerald then quickly left for Jaellatra again with two things in mind…

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1616
The first reason he was returning there was to find out more about the God Lord that the man in black had previously mentioned…

Secondly, he wanted to buy a few secret technique talismans.

While secret technique talismans were common in Jaellatra, they were all generally rather pricey. It definitely didn’t help that the ones Gerald wanted were of the rarer variants…

Quite honestly, Gerald had previously thought about learning how to make talismans. In doing so, he would surely be able to save up quite a bit.

Even so, Gerald was aware that talisman making was a very challenging skill to master. With barely any time or energy to spare for that, Gerald simply put the thought aside for now.

Regardless, after flying for about an hour, Gerald arrived at Jaellatra without a hitch. Now that this was his second time here, Gerald no longer found the place to be unfamiliar. In fact, he was able to gather his bearings rather easily, and he could get to the places he wanted to—within the city—quite comfortably.

Either way, it didn’t take long for Gerald to arrive at the Zahn family’s residence. Naturally, he was here to look for Nori Zahn.

Nori had the Zahn family as her backer in Jaellatra, and the Zahns were a considerably prestigious family here. As for why he came looking for it, it was only the natural choice since Nori was the only person he knew in Jaellatra.

Regardless, Gerald was promptly stopped by two guards—who were standing guard in front of the Zahn manor—when they saw him approaching the Zahn family manor’s gates.

“Good day, may I know who you’re looking for?” asked one of the guards.

“Good day. I’m a friend of your eldest young lady and I’ve come over to visit! If she’s home, could you tell her that Gerald Crawford is here to meet her?” replied Gerald with a cheerful smile.

“Apologies, but the young lady has gone out!” said the same guard from before.

“Gone out? Do you have any idea where she went…?” asked Gerald.

“I’m afraid not, and the same probably goes for him… In the end, we’re just guards of the family! We have no right to know the affairs of the young lady!”

Upon hearing that, Gerald simply nodded. There was no reason for the guards to lie to him, so he may as well just head off into the city to try looking for her. With any luck, he’d manage to bump into her…

Still, this girl truly had the worst of timing… To think that she wouldn’t be home when he finally found the time to come meet her again!

Either way, Gerald soon found himself walking along the busy streets of Earth Capital alone…

While looking around, Gerald had to admit that this place was far more magnificent compared to any place on earth. With that said, it really was no mystery why Jaellatra was so much richer than earth.

Regardless, Gerald’s train of thought was cut short when he suddenly heard someone saying, “Please, Nori! I’m being sincere here, so please just accept me!”

Turning to face the source of the voice, Gerald watched as a man donning a white suit walked out of a luxurious restaurant while desperately pleading to an unimpressed woman who was trying to walk away from him.

It was evident that the woman wasn’t interested in him at all, and after closer inspection, Gerald was able to discern that she truly was the Nori that he was looking for! To think that he would actually manage to locate her!

Since she looked like she was currently in a pickle now, Gerald hesitated for a moment before calling out, “Nori!”

Upon hearing that familiar voice, Nori instantly turned to see if it really was him… Upon realizing that it really was Gerald, her eyes instantly glinted with joy as she exclaimed, “Gerald!”

Following that, she quickly ran toward him before embracing him tightly!

Gerald was completely caught off guard by this. After all, this was the last thing that he could have expected Nori to do! Whatever the case was, he was still a married man…

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1617

With that in mind, Gerald quickly got the girl off him.

In response, the surprised Nori then asked, “Why have you returned, Gerald? And why didn’t you tell me that you were coming back in advance?”

“I did try to look for you, but your guards told me that you had gone out! Due to that, I came over here to see if I would have any luck finding you!” explained Gerald.

Upon hearing that, Nori was instantly overjoyed. After all, she had missed Gerald dearly ever since they parted ways. She had also been bored out of her mind since then.

Regardless, upon seeing how intimate Nori was being with Gerald, the young man in white furiously stomped over to them before asking, “Who is he, Nori?”

Glaring back at the man in white, Nori then said in a cold tone, “He’s my boyfriend, Johnie Lager! With that said, you’d best stop pestering me or he’ll teach you a good lesson!”

Gerald himself could only frown when he heard Nori’s claim. This woman was far too proficient in using others as her shield…

“…Sorry, but I’m not her boyfriend!” denied Gerald, not wanting to be taken advantage of that easily.

Hearing that, Nori turned to glare at Gerald next, annoyed by his insensitivity. After all, wasn’t it obvious that she was just trying to rid herself of Johnie?

Either way, the angered young man went by the name of Johnie Lager, and he had been pursuing Nori for the longest time. To his dismay, Nori didn’t seem to like him at all, and she seemed reluctant to even look at him! Though it made him deeply upset, her actions only served to fuel his need to make her his.

Ignoring Nori’s glares, Gerald—who very much preferred not to cause any unnecessary misunderstandings—then added, “Whatever the case is, it appears that you have some things to attend to at the moment, Nori. With that in mind, we can find someplace to sit and talk once you’re done settling things!”

Just as Gerald was about to walk away, however, the now nervous Nori instantly reached out to wrap her arms around Geralds!

As if she was going to let him off that easily when he had come with the specific intent to meet her! Besides, he still owed her one!

Making sure to press her bosom against Gerald’s arm, Nori then whispered, “Don’t forget that you still owe me a favor, Gerald! Look, this man is extremely troublesome! If you pretend to be my boyfriend and help me get rid of him, I’ll consider that favor to be accomplished!”

When she put it that way, Gerald could only silently agree. After all, he was a man of his words.

Understanding that Gerald’s silence signified his approval, Nori then turned to face Johnie before putting on a stern expression as she warned, “Look, Johnie, I’m busy at the moment, so please stop pestering me! I already have a boyfriend, as you can see, so know that you and I won’t ever be a thing! Now, goodbye!”

Upon hearing that, Johnie instantly felt humiliated. He was the young master of the Lager family… The fact that the woman he loved was being snatched away from him right before his eyes was nothing short of disgraceful!

After a short pause, Johnie pointed at Gerald before growling, “…You there! What’s your name? I’m challenging you to a duel!”

Raising a brow in response, Gerald couldn’t help but feel that Johnie was rather ignorant. After all, he was still unwilling to let go of Nori even though she had explicitly rejected him.

Snorting disdainfully, Nori simply glared daggers at Johnie as she retorted, “Are you seriously challenging my boyfriend to a duel, Johnie? With how weak you are, a single pinch from him is enough to kill you!”

Hearing that, Johnie was instantly infuriated! Wasn’t Nori looking down on him too much? In the end, he was still a Ninth-rank Chakra King!

“Listen here, kid! If you don’t accept my challenge today, I definitely won’t be allowing you to leave this place alive…!”

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1618
Now already seeing Gerald as his target, Johnie no longer cared about Nori’s humiliating words.

While Gerald hadn’t really wanted to get too involved with this man in the first place, after hearing Johnie’s threats, Gerald found that this was as good a time as any to teach the youth a lesson.

‘So, he appears to be a fearless lad who won’t cry till he sees his own coffin! Well, since he probably won’t back down till he achieves his goal anyway…’

“Are you really sure you wish to fight me alone?” asked Gerald in a cold voice as he turned to glare at Johnie.

“Stop talking crap and accept the duel already! Know that if I win, you’ll have to leave Earth Capital by crawling all the way out!” scoffed Johnie as he glared back at Gerald.

“That’s fine by me, but what if you lose?” asked Gerald as he flashed a wry smile.

“Humph! As if I’d ever lose to someone like you!” scoffed Johnie confidently. He had assumed that Gerald was simply no match against him, which was why he was being so disrespectful toward him.

“That doesn’t answer my question. Regardless, if you lose, you’ll give me a hundred million dollars. Is that acceptable?” asked Gerald after thinking for a bit.

Naturally, Gerald wanted to use his winnings on the talismans he was planning on buying. After all, why use his own money when he could use Johnie’s? Spending other peoples’ money was much more fun anyway.

“Fine by me!” replied Johnie without the slightest hesitation. He came from a wealthy family, after all, so that amount was nothing extraordinary to him.

Regardless, Nori wasn’t about to stop Gerald from doing whatever he wanted to. After all, she knew his capabilities well, and she was more than certain that Johnie was going to end up losing and paying Gerald all that money.

Whatever the case was, both of them eventually found a wide space to duel in. Upon arriving there, Johnie took his jacket off before stretching his neck and starting to warm up.

Gerald himself simply stood there, watching Johnie calmly.

While Gerald was honestly glad that this man was giving him easy money, he was getting rather impatient with the youth’s antics.

“…I don’t have all day, you know? How much longer are you planning to warm up?”

Upon hearing that, Johnie’s eyes flared up with rage!

With an immense urge to pound Gerald into a pulp, Johnie then roared, “I’m done! With that said, enjoy getting pummelled into fine dust!”

Following that, the youth leaped into the sky… Before rapidly descending down on Gerald, his fist aimed for Gerald’s face!

Gerald himself simply stared back at Johnie without even the slightest intention of dodging the hit. After all, from what he could see, Johnie was as slow as a snail.

With that said, before Johnie could even lay a finger on Gerald, Gerald quickly retaliated with a kick, sending the shocked Johnie flying backward!

Upon falling onto the ground, the impact from all that was so great that a circular depression instantly formed around Johnie’s now limp body!

Though only thirty percent of Gerald’s power had been used in that kick, that was all he needed to completely overpower Johnie. Fights against such people were best ended in a single strike anyway.

Barely even able to stand up again, the horrified Johnie stared wide-eyed at the monstrous youth…

To think that Gerald was able to completely defeat him in just a single strike! The thought of it alone struck a massive fear within his heart…

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1619

Regardless, the terrified Johnie could only stare as Gerald slowly walked over to him… before squatting right before him and outstretching his right hand.

Looking at Johnie right in the eye, Gerald then said, “Well, as you’ve promised, a hundred million dollars for losing, please!”

Upon hearing that, Johnie—who had already closed his eyes, expecting the worst to happen—instantly found himself heaving a sigh of relief… As it turned out, Gerald was particularly trying to teach him a lesson…

Either way, Johnie understood that it was his total defeat, so he simply handed the hundred million dollars over to Gerald. Money would always come and go, so that amount was nothing much to Johnie.

However, though he didn’t particularly care about losing the money, he did care about losing his pride. His dignity as the young master of the Lager family had been shattered, and Johnie simply couldn’t stand that…

Whatever the case was, after taking the money, Gerald then left with Nori, leaving the depressed youth lying on the ground… It truly appeared that Gerald didn’t care about Johnie at all…

After quite a while, Johnie finally got to his feet before slowly limping away…

This… This wasn’t over yet…!

By that point, Gerald and Nori had just found a suitable café to chat in.

The second she sat down, Nori immediately displayed an enthusiastic expression as she asked, “So, why did you come looking for me, Gerald? Could it be that you missed me?”

Raising a slight brow, Gerald wondered if the girl had fallen for him to even ask such a question…

“…I simply came over to ask you about something!” replied Gerald with a serious face.

“…Oh, come on…! You could’ve given me a more interesting reply, you know? What a boring man!” pouted Nori rather adorably.

Gerald was a rather eloquent person and he knew it, but he was also well aware that he was already a married man. With that said, he needed to be serious when talking with other women so that they wouldn’t get the wrong idea. With that said, the fact that he had pretended to be Nori’s boyfriend earlier was already a rather big exception on his part.

Truth be told, if he wasn’t already a thing with Mila, who knows, maybe he would’ve actually had feelings for Nori. Then again, it was pointless to think of such scenarios when he already had such a perfect wife.

Regardless, Gerald ignored Nori’s pouting and simply asked, “So… Tell me, do you know anyone by the name of God Lord, Nori?”

“Not at all!” grumbled Nori as she turned to face her side.

Seeing her reaction, Gerald could only sigh in resignation. Girls in this era were simply too difficult to deal with!

No longer a person who entertained the whims of others, Gerald then stood up before saying, “Very well, then. You can just forget about it. I’ll be taking my leave now, and sorry to have bothered you!”

Seeing that Gerald really was getting ready to leave, Nori instantly started to panic. If Gerald really left now, then all her previous actions would’ve been meaningless!!

Gerald, for one, was well aware that Nori wasn’t really angry with him. She was simply pretending to pout so that he would care a bit more about her. Unfortunately for her, Gerald was no bootlicker, so he wasn’t about to fall for her bait anytime soon.

“Fine, fine! I won’t tease you anymore! You really are an insensitive person, you know?” grumbled Nori as she quickly pulled him back to his seat.

Hearing that, Gerald obliged before turning to look at Nori, keenly awaiting her answer.

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1620

“You were asking about God Lord, right? His real name is Apollo and he’s the supreme ruler of Jaellatra! He lives in the God Temple!” explained Nori.

Hearing that, Gerald now realized that his actions must’ve already caught the attention of Jaellatra’s supreme ruler…

“Actually, why the sudden interest in him, Gerald? Just so you know, God Lord isn’t as simple as you may think he is. According to rumors, he’s already trained enough to attain the Seventh-soul-rank in the Sage Realm! With that said, he truly is a terrifying individual!” added Nori.

Even though Nori was clueless as to why Gerald was asking about the God Lord, it was clear that she was warning him against trying to mess with Apollo.

After finding out that Apollo had possibly already entered the Seventh-soul-rank in the Sage Realm, Gerald felt a shiver run down his spine… If that was really the case, then Apollo was surely someone with monstrous strength…

Since Gerald was now only nearing the Second-soul-rank within the Sage Realm, the gap between him and Apollo was almost astronomical… If he were to anger Apollo at his current strength, Gerald would no doubt be killed in seconds, completely unable to even defend himself…

“…I see. Then… Do you know of a man donning black robes who acts as a follower of the God Lord?” asked Gerald.

After thinking for a while, Nori then replied, “I… do recall such a man, yes… I think his name was Hisham… Regardless, he’s one of God Lord’s henchmen, and he mostly aids Apollo in managing matters around Jaellatra. Since the God Lord himself hardly ever shows up in public, Hisham is the one who usually does all that needs to be done.”

Hearing that, Gerald found that it all matched up. Based on Nori’s description of him, Gerald was now pretty sure that Hisham was the person who had tried to test him back then.

Still, Gerald had a hunch that Apollo wasn’t particularly going after him yet. After all, Hisham had left almost immediately after testing Gerald’s capabilities.

“Don’t… tell me that you’ve already offended the God Lord, Gerald…” mumbled Nori as she looked at Gerald, concern in her eyes.

Shaking his head, Gerald then replied, “Don’t worry, I’m not stupid enough to piss off someone who’s attained the Seventh-soul-rank in the Sage Realm!”

Relieved to hear that, Nori then said, “I’m glad to hear that… Speaking of which, why did you ask for so much money from Johnie? Are you short of money or something?”

Though a hundred million dollars wasn’t that much to Nori either, it was still a sum that would be able to sustain an ordinary person for life.

Chuckling in response, Gerald simply replied, “Putting it bluntly, it’s much more fun spending someone else’s money when shopping! Speaking of shipping, I’ve heard that Jaellatra is famous for its secret technique talismans… Could you bring me over to the place that sells them? I’ve been itching to get my hands on some!”

Upon hearing that, Nori now understood that Gerald had returned to Jaellatra to obtain some secret technique talismans. It also explained why he had asked for so much money from Johnie.

“Of course! Though… Are you sure that a hundred million dollars is enough…?” asked Nori rather doubtfully.

After all, secret technique talismans were rather rare, even in Jaellatra. With that said, they were exceptionally pricey, with even the most common of talismans costing around a few thousand dollars. With that in mind, the more advanced secret technique talismans were undoubtedly priced much, much higher than that…

“I believe that the earnings I got off Johnie should be sufficient. Even if it isn’t, I have my own money as well. Regardless, let’s go have a look at the talismans first before anything else!” replied Gerald with a calm smile. After all, money had never really been an issue for him, and he wasn’t about to start worrying about not having enough.

Regardless, with all that out of the way, the duo then quickly finished their coffee before heading off to the largest secret technique talisman sales center in Jaellatra, Talisman Hall.

All the secret technique talismans in Jaellatra were made there, and the one responsible for crafting the more advanced ones went by the name of Boshier, the Great Talisman Master. Either way, upon completion, the talismans would then be placed in the Talisman hall where they would then be either auctioned or sold…

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