The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 1631-1640

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1631
Once they arrived at the Talisman Union, Chace brought Gerald into the main hall.

A man wearing the same outfit as Chace came to greet them, and a young man was accompanying him.

“Master Hunt, it looks like you have finally gotten yourself a disciple!”

The man greeted Chace with a bright smile.

“Master Griffin, where are you going?”

His name was Llyod Griffin. Like Chace, he was also a Two-rank Talisman Master in the Talisman Union. So, it could be said that they were fellow brothers.

However, Lloyd started taking disciples much earlier than Chace.

“Haha, Master Griffin, where are you going?”

Chace smiled subtly and replied to Llyod.

“Master Griffin, my disciple has produced a middle-quality talisman. I’m bringing him to meet the Great Master to ask him to grant him the title of a One-rank Talisman Scribe!”

Lloyd told Chace rather proudly.

The hierarchical structure of the Talisman Union was divided into four levels, which were, from the bottom to the top, Talisman Scribe, Talisman Scholar, Talisman Master, and Talisman Great Master.

Only when the disciple was acknowledged by his tutor would he be able to receive the title of a Talisman Scribe. After getting the title, it would mean that he had garnered himself a place in the Talisman Union. It was a symbol of his identity.

This was why Llyod Griffin was so excited.

For so long, Lloyd had already started taking disciples, but Chace hadn’t been able to find a candidate he liked. So naturally, he had been lagging behind a little.

Now, Lloyd’s disciple was getting the title of a One-rank Talisman Scribe, but Chace was just getting himself a disciple. This somehow made Llyod look down on Chace, thinking that Chace was very far behind him already.

“Then, I shall congratulate you, Master Griffin. However, my disciple is also getting the title of One-rank Talisman Scribe soon!”

Chace, not wanting to lose, replied to Griffin confidently as he was very confident in Gerald.

In Chace’s opinion, Gerald was far more talented than Llyod’s disciple, and he was definitely going to surpass him.

“Great! I shall wait for that. When the time comes, we can have a match to see whose disciple is more powerful!”

Llyod challenged Chace in advance.

“Why not?”

Chace accepted the challenge immediately without fear.

After that, Llyod left with his disciple.

After Llyod had left, Gerald looked at Chace with a curious face. He asked, “Master, why are you so confident in me?”

Chace laughed heartily and explained, “Because I know you can do it. You are very talented. You will definitely become a very powerful Talisman Master!”

Hearing his praise, Gerald felt a little embarrassed.

He hadn’t even started learning, but Chace was already having so much expectation and confidence in him. Therefore, he had to work very hard and not let Chace down. Otherwise, he would make Chace lose face in the Talisman Union. He had to surpass Llyod’s disciple!

Later, Chace helped Gerald with the registration to join the Talisman Union and got his membership badge. Then, Chace pinned it on Gerald’s chest himself.

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1632

Looking at the shiny badge, Gerald was overwhelmed.

He had finally become a member of the Talisman Union as well as a disciple of Master Chace Hunt. Now, he could learn how to make secret technique talismans.

“Gerald, you will be staying with me for these few days. I’ll teach you some basic knowledge about secret technique talismans and the ways of drawing the strokes. Although you are very talented, there are things that you still need to learn to master the skills. Talent is an inborn advantage, but you still need to learn a lot of things. Don’t be too proud, understand?”

Master Hunt looked at Gerald and advised him sincerely.

“Yes, Master Hunt. I understand. I will do as you say and work hard in learning how to make the secret technique talismans. I will not embarrass you!”

Gerald looked at Chace with great determination and nodded.

Master Hunt had such high expectations for him, of course he would not let him down.

Having said that, Chace brought Gerald to his residence, and they started the journey of teaching and learning right away.

Time passed quickly. A few days had already passed.

During Gerald’s stay in Chace’s house, Nori came to visit a few times, but she merely came to see how Gerald was coping.

Today, Gerald was practicing alone in the garden.

After learning for a few days, Gerald had fully grasped the basics of the making of the secret technique talismans as well as the stroke patterns.

Chace was very satisfied with Gerald’s performance. He was sure that he had not chosen the wrong person. Gerald’s talent was extremely high. In just a few days, he was already able to produce a middle-quality talisman easily. Moreover, those talismans were of high grade in that category, and Chace found it rather surprising.

Thinking about his days back then, he did not have Gerald’s talent when he was learning how to make talismans. So, he was only able to make middle-grade middle-quality talismans.

As the saying went, talent works, genius creates.

Gerald was the genius. With just a little guidance, he was able to grasp it immediately and then create surprisingly amazing things.

At the moment, Gerald was drawing on the talisman in front of him swiftly. It was a golden dragon. Gerald had seen this golden dragon pattern in an old book. He reckoned it was mysterious and challenging, so he decided to give it a try.

That old book had been given to him by Chace for his learning. Apart from those patterns that were used to make perfect quality talismans, Gerald had basically learnt all the other patterns. This golden dragon was one of the patterns used in perfect quality talismans.

Gerald had long heard that the perfect quality talismans were very difficult to be produced as they required skills and the strokes were extremely detailed and unusual. Hence, nobody was able to produce a perfect quality talisman until now.

However, Gerald did not want to buy it. He thought that there was nothing insurmountable in this world. The only problem was that the way to do so had not been discovered yet.


At the end of his first experiment, Gerald threw the talisman in his hand into the sky.

The talisman immediately turned into a golden ray and disappeared.

The first trial was a failure!

“No. It must be the wrong strokes. I want to keep trying!”

Gerald did not give up and started his analysis. Then, he started drawing again.

A few minutes later, after he had finished his drawing, he threw the talisman into the sky for the second time.

Again, the talisman turned into a golden ray and disappeared. But this time, the ray was brighter with a hint of silver. It seemed he had improved a bit.

Seeing this, Gerald’s confidence heightened. He felt that he was improving. So if he kept on working he would eventually succeed. Thinking of this, Gerald started his third trial.

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1633
On his third attempt, Gerald changed the way he did the strokes.

Honestly speaking, this golden dragon pattern was unusual. Starting the strokes at different spots would bring about different outcomes. Only when he found the right spot to start the strokes would he be able to produce the perfect quality talisman.

A few minutes later, Gerald had finished the drawing for the third time.

This time, he had improved a lot.

Although he wasn’t able to produce a perfect quality talisman, he had successfully produced a rare quality talisman.

A shiny silver dragon surrounded by golden light gushed out from the talisman and circled Gerald.

“Gerald, how’s your practice?”

Just then, Chace came back from work., and he walked into the garden as he asked Gerald.

The next second, Chace opened his eyes wide, and his face changed drastically. He put on a surprised look on his face.

“A rare quality talisman!”

Chace strode forward and shouted as he looked at the silver dragon.

Just as he said that, the silver dragon disappeared before Gerald. The talisman had expired.

Every talisman could only last for a few tens of seconds, one or two minutes at most. Once the time was up, the effect of the talisman would be gone.

“This… Gerald, did you make this?!”

After quite a while, when Chace was finally able to react, he asked Gerald.

Gerald nodded gently and said, “Yes, Master. I made this!”

“How did you manage to produce a rare quality talisman?! Do you already know the strokes used for making rare quality talismans?”

Chace asked Gerald in confusion.

It was impossible for a novice to learn the strokes for making rare quality talismans in such a short time, let alone produce one. He had to learn it step by step in order to reach this stage.

Yet now, Gerald had already produced a rare quality talisman successfully. It was simply mind-blowing.

“Master, I was just practicing here by myself. I kept changing the way I did the strokes, and then I succeeded!”

Gerald explained to Chace calmly.

Chace looked at the wasted talisman papers on the floor. He knew Gerald was not talking big. This was the result of his hard work and practice.

“Come with me to the Great Master Hall. I will take you to meet the Talisman Great Master!”

Chace could no longer bear it and grabbed Gerald’s arm as he spoke. The tutor and disciple left the house quickly and headed toward the Great Master Hall.

The Great Master Hall was the residence of the chairman of the Talisman Union, the Talisman Great Master of the Talisman Hall, Chadrick Gibson.

Chace had to report such shocking news to the Talisman Great Master, Chadrick Gibson, and let him grant Gerald the title of One-rank Talisman Scribe.

Soon after, Chace had already arrived at the Great Master Hall with Gerald.

Coincidently, they met Llyod and his disciple, Nolan Jacobs, at the door.

“Yo, Master Hunt. Are you looking for Talisman Great Master, too?”

Seeing Chace’s arrival, Lloyd sneered.

“Master Griffin, why are you here as well? Didn’t your disciple already get the title of a One-rank Talisman Scribe?”

Chace asked calmly. He wondered why he kept bumping into this man wherever he went.

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1634
Chace would have a headache every time he met with Llyod because this fellow always liked to annoy him, and he would occasionally mock him. Conversely, he would brag about himself. That was just so annoying.

“The Talisman Great Master has gone into seclusion since a few days ago. That’s why my disciple hasn’t gotten his title yet. I heard he was coming out today, so I quickly came to see him. Master Hunt, are you bringing your disciple to get a title as well?”

Lloyd explained to Chace before he asked suspiciously.

“That’s right! My disciple is very talented. He improves very quickly, so I brought him here to get his title!”

Chase replied with high confidence.

Lloyd was a little taken aback when he heard him. He knew that Chace had just accepted a disciple a few days ago, but now, the disciple was already going to get a title. This was a little too fast in his opinion as his disciple had spent almost two months learning before he was qualified to get a title.

“Master Hunt, getting a title is not a trivial matter. You cannot joke around with it. Are you sure your disciple is qualified for that already?”

Lloyd reminded him, looking at Chace in disbelief.

Of course, Chace knew what Llyod meant. Lloyd clearly did not believe what he had said.

‘Are you kidding me? Gerald has successfully produced a rare quality talisman, and it is worth mentioning that he did it without any guidance. He learned it all by himself! With such talent and ability, how could he not be qualified?’

But of course, Chace would not tell him the truth about Gerald.

“Haha! Of course I know that. Still, I believe that my disciple will not disappoint me!”

Chace chuckled and replied to Llyod.

After listening to his reply, Lloyd sneered silently in his mind. He wanted to see how Chace embarrassed himself later. He wouldn’t believe that Chace’s disciple could have succeeded in making a talisman in such a short time.

After a while, the door of the Great Master Hall opened. Chace and Llyod quickly brought their respective disciples into the hall.

An old man wearing a golden silk dragon robe was seated in the hall. He was the Talisman Great Master of the Talisman Hall, Chadrick Gibson.

“Chace, Lloyd, why are you here?”

Seeing them, Chadrick asked slowly.

“Great Master, I brought my disciple to report to you about his success and to get the title of One-rank Talisman Scribe for him!”

Without waiting for Chace to open his mouth, Lloyd grabbed the chance to speak to Chadrick first.

“Oh? What kind of talisman has your disciple managed to produce?” Chadrick asked again.

To get the rank of a Talisman Scribe, one must get recognition from the Talisman Great Master first.

“Great Master, my disciple, Nolan Jacobs, is able to produce high-grade middle-quality secret technique talisman!” Lloyd replied immediately, his face full of unconcealable pride.

“Hmm. High-grade middle-quality talisman. Not bad. He is indeed talented. Alright, I agree to grant your disciple the title of a One-rank Talisman Scribe. You can go to the hall now and proceed with the registration.”

Upon hearing that, Chadrick nodded in satisfaction and said.

Frankly speaking, a One-rank Talisman Scribe was only able to produce a high-grade middle-quality talisman at most.

“Thank you, Great Master!”

Lloyd and his disciple, Nolan, immediately thanked the Talisman Great Master.

“Chace, what about you? Are you here to get a title for your disciple as well?”

Chadrick then looked at Chace and asked.

“Yes, Great Master. My disciple is called Gerald Crawford. He is already able to produce a high-quality secret technique talisman!”

Chace told Chadrick right away.

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1635
Hearing this, Lloyd and his disciple, who was leaving, stopped in their tracks.

Lloyd turned around quickly and stared at Chace in great disbelief.

“What are you saying? Your disciple can produce a high quality talisman?!” Lloyd asked suspiciously. He did not believe in Chace’s words.

From what he knew, Chace’s disciple had only studied for a few days. How could it be possible that he was able to produce a high quality secret technique talisman? In fact, his disciple was only able to produce a middle-quality talisman after studying for almost two months.

Nevertheless, just because his disciple couldn’t do it, it didn’t mean that Gerald couldn’t do it either.

“Chace, how long has your disciple been following you?” Chadrick asked.

“Five days, Great Master.”

Chace answered honestly.


“Great Master, this is absolutely impossible. Chace must be lying to you. How is it possible that his disciple can produce a high quality talisman after learning for just five days?!”

Before Chadrick could say anything, Lloyd was already shouting angrily at Chadrick. He did not believe it at all.

Chace couldn’t help but frown. His face darkened, and he turned to Lloyd.

“Master Griffin, just because your disciple cannot do it, it doesn’t mean that my disciple cannot do it too. I told you before that my disciple is very talented!”

Lloyd’s doubt of Gerald was similar to doubting his own ability, so Chace would not just let Lloyd criticize Gerald.

Besides, Gerald indeed had the ability to do so. He had witnessed it himself. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have come to see the Talisman Great Master. Was he that free?

“Lloyd, be quiet!”

Chadrick’s face darkened, and he ordered Lloyd sternly.

Lloyd did not dare to make a sound anymore, and he quieted down immediately, shutting his mouth tightly.

“Chace, are you aware of the consequences that you will have to face if you are lying?”

Chadrick then reminded Chace. This was no laughing matter, so he hoped that Chace would think about it before making a decision. It was still not too late for him to take back his words.

“Great Master, I, Chace Hunt, would never lie. My disciple certainly has the talent!”

Chace replied firmly to Chadrick.

“Well, since that’s the case, I shall test him myself. If he truly is what you claim him to be, I shall grant him the title of a One-rank Talisman Master!”

Chadrick proposed to Chace after hearing what he had said.

Chace turned around and looked at Gerald, who was standing behind him.

Gerald was calm, not nervous at all.

“Gerald, are you ready?” asked Chace.

Gerald nodded, indicating his agreement to the test.

Seeing Gerald agree to the test, Chace was reassured. He knew Gerald would be able to do it.

Then, Chace, Lloyd, and Nolan stood aside, and Chadrick prepared a brush and talisman paper for Gerald. He put them in front of Gerald.

“My test is very simple. If you can produce a high quality talisman on the spot, you will pass the test! If you fail, it will mean that your tutor is bluffing, and he will be expelled from the Talisman Union. You will both lose your memberships of the Talisman Union!”

Chadrick explained the rules of the test briefly and reminded him about the consequences.

“I understand, Great Master. I shall prove it to you!”

Gerald agreed to it without a second thought.

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1636
“Alright, let’s begin!”

Chadrick nodded and signaled for him to start.

Once he had said that, Gerald quickly took the brush and started drawing on the talisman paper.

Gerald drew the patterns from his memory. He had decided to give a hard slap to the faces of Lloyd and Nolan so that he could make his tutor proud.

Therefore, Gerald did not plan to produce a high quality secret technique talisman. In fact, he planned to produce a higher quality one, that was, a rare quality secret technique talisman, which was none other than the golden dragon talisman that he had succeeded in doing today.

However, there was one concern he had. He had only succeeded in drawing the golden dragon talisman after practicing a few times. He wasn’t sure if he would be successful this time.

So, Gerald knew that he had to take a chance.

Honestly speaking, producing a high-quality secret technique talisman was not a problem at all to Gerald. He could draw the patterns easily. However, he knew he could not prove his ability too easily. Since he wanted to prove his ability, he had to amaze them.

A few minutes later, Gerald finished drawing the talisman and threw it into the sky.

The talisman turned into a golden ray and disappeared.

It was a failure!

Seeing this, Chace was dumbfounded.

Chadrick cocked his eyebrows, his face darkening, and Lloyd didn’t waste the chance to worsen the situation.

“Just as I have told you earlier, Great Master. Chace and his disciple were bluffing!” Lloyd shouted at Chadrick.

Gerald looked very grave. He knew what consequences he would bring to Chace if he failed.

“Great Master, I was too nervous and accidentally made a mistake. Please give me one more chance!”

Gerald begged.

“If you can’t do it, you just can’t, even if you are given a second chance. Great Master, you must punish Chace and his disciple severely!”

When Lloyd heard it, he barked at Gerald angrily and suggested this to Chadrick.

Chadrick fell into deep thought. In truth, he had somehow guessed what Gerald was drawing on the talisman paper based on his strokes and the pattern, and he had thought that the golden ray was unusual.

“Okay, I will give you one more chance!”

After quite some time, Chadrick agreed to give Gerald another chance.

Gerald and Chace were delighted when they heard that. On the other hand, Lloyd was very irritated and wondered why Chadrick would make such a decision.

Gerald started drawing a talisman for the second time.

This time, he knew he had to succeed, or he would be done for.

Gerald closed his eyes tightly. He was not in a rush to start drawing, but he was searching in his mind on how he had drawn the pattern this morning.

“Just forget it if you can’t do it. Don’t waste time anymore!”

Seeing Gerald hesitate to move his brush, Lloyd sneered at him again.

Gerald opened his eyes wide suddenly and started drawing on the talisman paper like the wind.

Every stroke Gerald drew on the talisman paper looked very strange.

Meanwhile, Chadrick, who was watching the way Gerald did his strokes from above, was shocked at what he was seeing.

“This is…”

Chadrick couldn’t help but feel that the strokes and patterns Gerald was drawing seemed very familiar.

The next second, Gerald finished drawing the talisman. The moment he put down his brush, he threw the talisman into the air.

A brilliant golden ray emanated from the talisman, instantly illuminating the whole Great Master Hall, and a golden dragon surged out from the golden light and surrounded Gerald.

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1637
“A talisman of perfect quality!”

Chace exclaimed in great surprise when he saw this.

The golden light was shining brightly with the purple qi drifting from the east, and the white mist surrounded them. It was a magnificent scene.

That’s right. Gerald had actually produced a perfect quality secret technique talisman!

“This. How could this be possible?!”

Lloyd, who was standing on the side, could not believe what he was seeing. He shouted with his eyes wide open.

Although he did not believe it, it did not change the fact that it was right before his eyes.

At the same time, Chadrick was equally flabbergasted. He didn’t expect that Gerald would actually produce a perfect quality secret technique talisman as he knew perfectly well that even he himself was unable to do so.

“You. How did you do it?”

Chadrick asked Gerald immediately.

“Great Master, I just kept practicing and exploring. Before I came here, I had already produced a rare-quality talisman successfully!” Gerald answered right away.

Hearing his answer, Chadrick nodded in satisfaction.

“Chace, your disciple is indeed extremely talented. From now on, he will be a One-rank Talisman Master in the Talisman Hall!”

Then, he praised Chace and granted Gerald the title.

A One-rank Talisman Master. This meant that Gerald was now enjoying the same status as a tutor, and this honorable status was very precious. When he received the title as a One-rank Talisman Master from the Talisman Hall, it would also mean that his status would be very high in the whole of Jaellatra.

“Great Master, you…”

Lloyd was naturally the first person who was unwilling to accept this. He approached Chadrick immediately as if wanting to say something.

Chadrick knew what was going through Llyod’s mind. Without waiting for him to say anything, he stopped him first. “Lloyd, I know what you want to say, but this matter is settled. Alright, off you go now. I still have things to do!”

Lloyd felt helpless, but he could only swallow his anger and leave with his disciple.

As for Chace and Gerald, the tutor and the disciple were overjoyed, thinking that Lloyd was shooting himself in the foot.

After leaving the Talisman Hall, Chace smiled at Gerald and praised him. “Gerald, you are now a tutor in the Talisman Hall! Your future depends on yourself now.”

“Master, even though I have become a tutor, you are still my teacher!”

Gerald looked at Chace with an unwavering gaze as he spoke.

As the saying went, once a teacher, always a teacher.

If it wasn’t for Chace being willing to accept him as his disciple, how could he have achieved such an accomplishment?

Hearing Gerald’s words, Chace felt warm in his heart. He had indeed chosen the right disciple.

Very soon, Chace brought Gerald to report to the Talisman Hall to retrieve the badge of a One-rank Talisman Master. Gerald had indeed become a tutor in the Talisman Hall!

Once everything had been settled, Gerald went to the residence of the Zahn family.

Gerald hadn’t seen Nori since the last time she had come, so he wondered what she had been doing over these few days.

Now, Gerald was already a familiar guest of the Zahn family, so no one would stop him from entering and leaving anymore.

When he reached the hall, he saw Yoshua talking to his butler.

“Master Zahn!”

Gerald entered the lobby and greeted Yoshua politely.

“Gerald, you are here. Quick, come and have a seat. How’re your studies at Master Hunt’s place?”

When Yoshua saw Gerald, his face lit up, and he asked Gerald with concern immediately.

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1638

“Wow, this is the badge of a One-rank Talisman Master. So, you have become a tutor?”

Before Gerald could even reply, Yoshua had already noticed the One-rank Talisman Master on his chest and cheered in surprise.

Yoshua could easily recognize the badge because Chace Hunt had a Two-rank Talisman Master badge.

“Yes, Master Zahn. However, I must thank you a lot for this. It was you who gave me such a good opportunity to become the disciple of Master Hunt and get to where I am today!”

Gerald was an appreciative person. It was only natural that he would be grateful to Yoshua.

“Ha! Ha!”

“It’s not a big deal at all. It’s the result of your hard work!”

Yoshua waved his hand at Gerald as he laughed.

Seeing Gerald successful made Yoshua happy. At least it made him feel that he had not helped the wrong person.

“Oh right, Master Zahn. Why don’t I see Nori anywhere?”

Gerald then asked Yoshua in confusion.

Nori had always stayed by Yoshua’s side. However, she was not with him today, which made Gerald feel very strange.

“Now that you’ve mentioned Nori, she’s been out these few days, saying that she was going to join an expedition to the holy mountain to search for a thousand-year-old panax ginseng.

Yoshua answered Gerald’s query.

“A thousand-year-old panax ginseng? What is that?”

Gerald was confused.

“It’s an ancient herb that only grows once every one thousand years. It’s more precious than ginseng!” Yoshua explained.

This triggered Gerald’s curiosity. But why hadn’t Nori told him about this? Moreover, why was she interested in this ancient herb? There had to be some unknown secrets in this matter.

“Master! Master!”

Right at that moment, a servant came running from the door hurriedly as he shouted for Yoshua anxiously.

“What happened? Why are you so anxious?”

Yoshua frowned and asked.

“The young lady… It’s about Young Lady and the rest! They met with an accident in the holy mountain! I just heard that there was an avalanche in the holy mountain recently, and a lot of snow fell down the mountainside. The situation is very worrying!”

The servant quickly told Yoshua the news he had just received.

Yoshua was stunned after hearing the news.

“You… You can’t possibly be joking around with this matter?!”

Yoshua questioned him in disbelief. His daughter had left just two days ago, and now, he was already receiving such horrible news. It was truly hard for him to accept it.

Just as he said that, a group of armored men entered through the door.

These men crowded into the house quickly. Among them, there was a leader, and he was wearing a black military uniform.

“Hello, Master Zahn. I’m the captain of the army of Jaellatra, Patrick Wang. I’m here today regarding the matter of the young lady of your family and her expedition team in the holy mountain!”

Patrick stood before Yoshua and told him with a serious face.

Now, Yoshua knew that it was not fake news, but something had truly happened to them.

Yoshua’s legs gave out. Luckily, his butler and servant, who were standing behind him, quickly supported him and prevented him from falling.

On the other hand, Gerald was also very worried. He turned around and left the house immediately. He knew he had to go to the holy mountain and save Nori himself.

Once he had left the residence of the Zahn family, Gerald headed to the main city of Earth Capital. He had to buy some supplies and equipment before heading to the holy mountain. Otherwise, going there alone unprepared was no different than asking for his own death.

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1639

After preparing for almost two hours, Gerald was fully equipped.

He returned to the residence of the Zahn family once again, and he saw Yoshua and Patrick, who were just about to leave for the army camp nearest to the holy mountain.

Seeing Gerald come back made Yoshua very surprised.

He had previously thought that Gerald did not want to bother about this matter. But now, seeing that he was fully equipped, he knew that the latter had gone to make preparations just now.

“Master Zahn, I hope I can go save Nori as well!”

Gerald looked at Yoshua and said righteously.

Although Gerald and Nori were not romantically involved with each other, he saw Nori as his best friend.

Now that Nori was in a very dangerous situation, Gerald could not just sit still. He had to go and save her.


“Master Zahn, Nori is my best friend. I cannot just leave her alone!”

Yoshua wanted to say something, but Gerald interrupted immediately.

Hearing Gerald’s words, Yoshua felt warmth in his heart, thinking that his daughter had made a good friend.

Since Gerald had the intention to do so, he would naturally choose to say yes.

“Captain Wang, can he join the rescue mission?”

Yoshua then looked at Patrick, who was standing beside him, and requested.

Patrick glanced at Gerald. After hesitating for a few seconds, he nodded. “Yes, he can!”

“Thank you very much, Captain Wang!”

Gerald thanked Patrick as well. He had initially thought that Patrick would not agree to it, but now, it looked like it wasn’t the case.

Soon, they arrived at the temporary camp a few miles away from the holy mountain.

Since the weather and condition of the holy mountain were very harsh right now, the rescue team was not able to get close to it. For the sake of safety, they could only build a temporary camp a few miles away from the mountain.

When they arrived at the camp, a group of men was already gathering around a table, discussing the rescue plan.

“Come, let me introduce you. He is a polar expedition expert, Quest Leane. This is a medical expert, Kaleb Wallor. And this is a geologist, Malcolm Laige.”

Once Patrick walked into the camp, he introduced the three who were already there to Gerald.

“This is Gerald Crawford. He will be one of the members of the rescue team this time!”

Gerald greeted them briefly.

“What’s your expertise, Brother Crawford? The trip to the holy mountain this time is not a simple one!”

Quest asked Gerald right away.

“I don’t know anything!”

Gerald replied calmly.

Hearing this, the three immediately cocked their eyebrows and put on a displeased look on their faces.

“Brother Crawford, if you know nothing, I think you should not join the rescue mission this time. We don’t have the extra energy to take care of you!”

Quest proposed to Gerald with a disapproving tone.

The members of the rescue team were mostly experts in some areas, so they certainly did not want someone who knew nothing to join them.

Hearing this, Gerald couldn’t help but frown. He didn’t expect that these people would look down upon him.

“Don’t worry. I don’t need your care nor your help. You should better take care of yourselves!”

Not wanting to be outdone, Gerald refuted.

After that, Gerald turned around and walked out of the tent. He walked to an open space and sat down, packing and checking his equipment.

Quest and the rest did not want to bother about Gerald. It was for the best that Gerald had said that, so they did not need to care about Gerald’s life or death.

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1640

The holy mountain was a few thousand meters above sea level. The higher up the mountain, the lower the temperature and atmospheric pressure would be. Moreover, the condition on the mountain was very harsh now. The wind was fierce, and the snow was heavy. It was very dangerous.

Hence, it could be said that the rescue mission to the holy mountain this time was very risky.

“Everyone, since there will be a Force 6 wind as well as a snowstorm tonight, we have decided to set the departure time at seven o’clock tomorrow morning. I hope that everyone can rest well tonight to conserve your energy!”

Soon, Patrick came and informed Gerald and the rest.

Tonight was going to be a sleepless night.

As the night was getting old, Gerald leaned on his backpack alone and closed his eyes for a short rest.

Just then, he heard something.

Gerald opened his eyes immediately and looked in the direction of the camp Quest and the other two were staying. He saw two figures sneaking out of the tent, and they were acting very cautiously.

Through the darkness, Gerald could see the faces of these two men.

They were none other than Kaleb Wallor and Malcolm Laige.

Seeing this, Gerald couldn’t help but chuckle in silence. He didn’t expect the two people who had been mocking him this afternoon to be attempting to escape. This was indeed too shameful.

After thinking for a while, Gerald got up and quietly approached the two of them.

“Where are you two going?”

At the next moment, Gerald asked as he appeared behind Kaleb and Malcolm.

Gerald’s appearance almost scared them to death. They were so shocked that they fell to the ground.

“You… Why aren’t you asleep seeing as it’s the middle of the night but instead, you’re scaring people here?!”

Kaleb glared at Gerald and shouted with a trembling voice.

“Hah! If I were asleep, how would I be able to see you two escaping?”

Gerald smirked and sneered.

“You… Don’t slander people here. We were just checking the weather!”

At Gerald’s words, Malcolm and Kaleb exchanged glances and refuted, pointing their fingers at Gerald.

“You still don’t want to admit it. How shameless.”


Right at that moment, the lights came on.

Patrick, Quest, and the rest came out of the tents immediately. They had been awakened by the noise outside.

“What’s wrong?”

Patrick approached them and asked.

“Captain Wang, it looks like you didn’t arrange your men to keep watch at night. These two were in the middle of escaping, and I happened to catch them red-handed!”

Gerald would not hide it for them, and he told Patrick this playfully.

Once Patrick heard him, his face darkened.


A figure rushed forward, grabbing the collars of Kaleb and Malcolm’s shirts.

It was Quest Leane. He glared at them angrily.

“You cowards! How dare you escape?! I shall teach you a good lesson!”

Quest roared angrily and wanted to beat them up.

Luckily, Patrick and the other men stopped him in time. Otherwise, Kaleb and Malcolm would have been torn apart by Quest. Nobody would have expected this to happen.

“You two, tell me honestly. What is really going on?”

Patrick stopped Quest and asked as he looked at them coldly.

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