The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 1641-1650

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1641

“Captain Wang, we… Both of us are just ordinary people! W-we’re afraid of dying too, you know…?!” stammered Kaleb as he lowered his head, not even daring to look into Patrick’s eyes.

“You…!” growled Quest, growing more infuriated by the second.

“So… Let me get this straight. Both of you are trying to secretly escape just because you’re afraid of dying?” said Gerald as he added more fuel to the fire. After all, he didn’t really have much of a good impression on the duo.

Regardless, upon hearing Gerald’s words, Kaleb and Malcolm were so embarrassed that they could only further lower their heads.

Boiling mad, Quest then suggested, “People like these two… They should be captured, Captain Wang!”

Upon hearing that, Patrick paused for a moment. Turning back to look at Quest, he then casually said, “…Just… forget it… It’s not a crime to fear death!”

Capturing them was a bit unnecessary. After all, the duo hadn’t really done anything illegal to warrant Quest’s suggestion.

Either way, Patrick didn’t really want to force the duo to come along with them so he simply turned back to look at them before saying in a frigid tone, “Whatever the case is, if you’re that afraid of dying, then just leave!”

With that said, Patrick then began leading the others way, leaving Kaleb and Malcolm—who were now free to leave—behind.

To Patrick, having them leave early was way better than allowing the timid and terrified men to stay in the long run. By getting the burdens out of the way early, future unnecessary trouble could definitely be avoided.

Regardless, upon realizing that Patrick was granting them permission to leave, both the delighted men then kowtowed—while facing him—before shouting, “Thank you, Captain Wang…! Thank you!”

Hearing that, Quest made a brief glare at them before sneering and returning to the tent.

Gerald himself couldn’t be bothered with the two, so he simply carried his backpack before entering the same tent that Quest had.

Noticing Gerald’s presence, Quest—who was still angry with the turn of events—then scowled, “How absolutely infuriating…! I truly hadn’t expected them to be this afraid of dying!”

Chuckling in response, Gerald then replied, “Well, it’s not like I don’t get where they’re coming from. After all, the duo has little to no experience in adventuring! With that in mind, it’s no mystery why they’d be so terrified of undergoing such dangerous affairs!”

“…Hmm? You say that, but aren’t you the same as them? Why didn’t you run with them?” asked Quest rather curiously. After all, Quest had initially thought that Gerald was similar to people like Kaleb and Malcolm. As it turned out, however, he had been wrong.

“I’m nothing like them! After all, I’m someone who’s training to attain spiritual enlightenment!” replied Gerald in a confident tone.

Upon hearing that, Quest instantly got to his feet before staring at Gerald in surprise. After a few seconds, he then said, “…No wonder you didn’t leave! To think that you’re actually training to attain spiritual enlightenment!”

“Indeed. Regardless, know that since I have a good friend in the adventure team, I’m heading there to save her no matter the costs! Even if I have to risk my life!” explained Gerald as he looked at Quest determinedly.

Hearing that, Quest nodded in satisfaction before stretching out his hand toward Gerald.

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1642
“I apologize for my earlier bad attitude. With that said, I hope we can cooperate throughout this rescue mission!” said Quest.

Not one to fuss over such small matters, Gerald was starting to feel that Quest was actually a rather nice person. What more, Quest was a professional adventurer with great courage and an adventurous spirit.

With that in mind, Gerald found himself smiling as he returned Quest’s handshake while saying, “Likewise. Regardless, allow me to formally introduce myself. Gerald Crawford!”

“Quest Leane!” replied Quest with his own smile.

Following that, both of them then began chatting rather cheerfully till they eventually drifted off to sleep at around three in the morning…

By seven the next morning, all fifteen of the rescue team members had already assembled and were ready to set off for the holy mountain.

Being the pioneer of the group, Quest was the first in line, followed by Gerald, Patrick, then the other members of the team.

Fortunately, the weather was rather good, so the rescue team’s journey up the mountain proceeded rather smoothly. Even so, the higher they went, the colder it got. Aside from that, the air pressure was also gradually intensifying.

Sensing that, Patrick and the others quickly made sure to put on oxygen masks. Naturally, Patrick offered one to Gerald as well.

In response, however, Gerald simply said, “It’s fine, Captain Wang. I don’t need one!”

Such air pressure was nothing to Gerald, and it was evidently nothing to Quest as well since he refused to wear an oxygen mask too. Quest, for one, was a seasoned adventurer, and he was already used to dealing with pressures like these.

Still, he couldn’t help but feel slightly concerned over Gerald’s safety, so he turned around to ask, “Are you sure you don’t want to put one on, Gerald? The pressure’s only going to get lower the higher we get, and air will become much scarcer then…”

Hearing that, Gerald simply shook his head before replying, “Don’t worry about me. I don’t need to wear one!”

Gerald meant every word that he had said. After all, the essential qi in his body actively cushioned the negative effects of the pressure. Due to that, not only was Gerald unaffected by the freezing temperatures, but Gerald was also able to continually maintain his breathing.

With how sure Gerald sounded, Quest didn’t say anything else. Even so, he now had a new outlook on Gerald, thinking that the youth was rather different from the others.

Regardless, the rescue team finally arrived at a resting spot after hiking for a little over three hours.

While taking their temporary rest, Patrick double-checked their location before saying, “Alright, we’re currently at an altitude of three thousand feet up the holy mountain. From what we’ve previously gathered, the other adventure team disappeared at around nine thousand and eight hundred feet. With that said, we’re only at a third of our journey to where we need to get to!”

“I suggest we try to reach our target location before the weather gets too bad, Captain Wang. After all, the weather conditions up here appear to be much worse than what we had initially anticipated! With that said, even the slightest change in weather will hinder our progress up the mountain!” said Quest as he looked at Patrick.

While—the remaining—six thousand and eight hundred feet may not sound too bad a hike on paper, it was, in fact, extremely far from where they currently were.

What more, while it had taken the group about only three hours to get to three thousand feet high, the terrain they had to walk through earlier wasn’t as bad as what was to come. After all, the higher they went, the more uneven the holy mountain’s terrain was going to get. Steep cliffs, for one, would certainly become more frequent, and if they weren’t careful, slipping off one wasn’t completely out of the question…

With that in mind, the rescue team then set off again after completing their brief rest.

It wasn’t long after before the rescue team met with a predicament.

There was no further road to speak of where they currently were! Essentially, that meant that the only way to head forward was to climb a steep cliff before them…

Looking down into the three-hundred-feet deep abyss below him, Gerald could tell that many would definitely feel terror-stricken just from seeing how deep the fall was.

Even so, it wasn’t as if the others had any other choice. After all, it would definitely take way too much time and energy for them to head back and attempt to find another road. With that in mind, the steep cliff truly seemed like their only way of progressing.

Thankfully, this wasn’t Quest’s first rodeo. Quest had scaled cliffs like this before, so it honestly wasn’t anything too difficult for him.

With that in mind, everyone then watched as Quest took a rope—with a hook attached to it—before flinging it toward a rock atop the cliff.

After testing how firm the hook had lodged itself into the rock, Quest then easily climbed up the rope…

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1643

Naturally, scaling the cliff wasn’t an issue for Gerald either.

After taking a few steps back, Gerald dashed forward before making a giant leap! Seconds later, the youth then landed right beside Quest!

Upon seeing that, Quest and the others all felt their jaws drop. What immense jumping capabilities! He truly was a person who was training to attain spiritual enlightenment!

Eventually shaking their shock off, the others then quickly began climbing up the rope as well…

It was when most of them had already made their way up the cliff when a sudden roar of thunder could be heard!

Following that, the weather began changing rather rapidly, and soon enough, dark clouds had covered every inch of the sky…

Understanding that the weather was only going to get nastier, Patrick—who was adamant about getting up the cliff last—anxiously instructed, “Everyone, hurry!”

Once everyone had made it to the top, Patrick quickly began climbing the rope as well…

Of course, trouble always came unannounced. The others had considerably worn the rope down, so halfway up, it ended up snapping!

Watching in utter horror as Patrick began falling into the abyss, the other team members instantly began shouting, “Captain Wang!”

Gerald himself quickly untied the rope around his waist before tossing it toward Patrick! Upon coming into contact with the falling man, the rope instantly wrapped itself around him!

Realizing what Gerald had just done, Quest then rushed over to him while shouting to the rest, “Hurry and help him!”

Hearing that, the rest of the team members quickly snapped out of it and began grabbing the rope as well. After a bit of effort, all of them were successfully able to pull Patrick back up…

Thanks to Gerald’s quick thinking and actions, Patrick was able to avoid a truly horrible fate…

Though he was now safe, Patrick—who was drenched in cold sweat—still found himself shivering slightly. After all, he had thought that it was all over for him just seconds ago. Panting as he walked over to a rock, Patrick then sat on it to slowly recover his cool.

Seeing that, Gerald then walked over to him before squatting by Patrick’s side and asking in a concerned tone, “Are you alright, Captain Wang?”

Still quivering slightly in fear, Patrick then shook his head as he replied, “I… I’m fine… Regardless, thank you, Gerald…! If it wasn’t for you, I’d be dead by now!”

In response, Gerald simply smiled subtly before humbly replying, “There’s no need to thank me. It’s my duty to help a teammate out!”

Despite the touching moment, it was then when snow began falling heavily.

With how frigid the winds were getting, Quest then yelled, “…Things are looking bad. We need to find someplace to settle down first!”

Attempting to scale the mountain in such weather was practically suicide and everyone understood that. While it was true that they were undergoing a rescue mission, it wasn’t big enough an emergency for all of them to risk their lives for. With that in mind, the best they could do at the moment was to seek shelter and wait the snowstorm out.

After looking around for a bit, Quest managed to locate a spacious area underneath a steep cliff.

As all of them quickly—and gladly—entered the area to take refuge, everyone heard as Quest suddenly shouted, “…Hey, look there! There are signs that others have stayed here before!”

Upon hearing that, Gerald and Patrick quickly ran over to Quest’s side.

True to his words, a pile of burned charcoal could be seen there… It was evident that others had made a fire here before.

“The adventure team could have stayed here before in order to avoid a snowstorm!”

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1644

After squatting to inspect the pile of burnt charcoal for a brief moment, Patrick then said, “…This is still relatively new. The ones who lit the fire should have stayed here around two days ago!”

Hearing that, Gerald and Quest turned to look at each other. This was good news! After all, it at least proved that the adventure team was still alive two days ago!

“…Alright, let’s just take refuge here for the moment. We’ll continue our journey once the snowstorm is over!” said Quest as he laid down his backpack before sitting to conserve energy.

While the rest did the same, Gerald chose to continue inspecting the surrounding cliff area instead. After a while, Gerald called Quest and Patrick over.

“Mr. Leane and Captain Wang, I’ve scouted the surrounding area for a bit and I’ve found that there aren’t any other paths to proceed to. The only way to ascend the mountain from this point on is by climbing. To support that statement, just have a look there. If you squint a little, you can see friction marks! I’m assuming that’s where the people from that adventure team hung their rope!” explained Gerlad as he pointed at the traces.

After hearing all that, both Quest and Patrick agreed with Gerald’s analysis.

“Hmm… Tell me, Gerald, how do you say we should proceed with this?” asked Patrick as he turned to look at Gerald.

“Well, from how I see it, our best option right now would be for me and Mr. Leane to head up to scout ahead. You and the others can wait here for us. Once we’ve located the adventure team, we’ll then reunite with all of you! How’s that sound?” replied Gerald.

It was a very steep climb, about thirty feet high. With that in mind, Gerald was afraid that a precarious situation—similar to what Patrick had earlier faced—would repeat itself if too many people went scouting.

Regardless, after hearing that, Patrick then turned to look at Quest before asking, “What do you say to that, Mr. Leane?”

“I’ll have to agree with Gerald. We’ll be scouting ahead then!” replied Quest in agreement.

“Very well, then! Since there aren’t any objections, let’s just go with that!” said Patrick.

Following that, both Quest and Gerald immediately began getting themselves ready. After packing all the necessary equipment into their backpacks, they returned to the thirty feet high cliff…

Looking up, Quest found himself frowning slightly as he asked, “A bit too high for my tastes… How do you reckon we get up there?”

Quest’s concern was warranted since not only was the cliff extremely high, but there also seemed to be very little that looked sturdy enough to be used as leverage. Of course, while Quest found it to be a rather hopeless situation, it wasn’t a problem for Gerald.

“Just leave it to me, Mr. Leane!” replied Gerald with a confident smile as he took out a piece of talisman paper as well as a pen.

“…Hmm? Could… it be that you know how to craft secret technique talismans?” asked Patrick—who had followed them there together with the rest of the team to see them off—in a surprised tone.

As a person from Jaellatra, Patrick definitely knew about talismans, and though Gerald didn’t reply, Patrick got his answer when the youth began drawing on the talisman paper!

A few seconds later, Gerald tossed his complete talisman into the air… and just like that, the talisman materialized a golden ladder out of thin air!

“After you, Mr. Leane!” said Gerald as he turned to look at the shocked Quest.

Upon hearing his name, Quest quickly snapped out of his shock and began climbing the golden ladder.

Patrick, on the other hand, still had his jaw gaping wide. He hadn’t expected Gerald to actually be a Talisman Master who knew how to make his own secret technique talismans! It made Patrick admire Gerald greatly. What more, it explained why Gerald had been so confident in rescuing those people.

Thinking about it, Gerald’s presence was definitely an honor to the rescue team. If he hadn’t decided to come along, they would’ve surely faced much more trouble and possibly even fatalities…

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1645

After bidding farewell to Patrick and the others, Gerald and Quest then began scaling the rest of the holy mountain.

Though it was still snowing rather heavily—with occasional freezing gusts of wind—Gerald and Quest managed to find a cliffside to proceed under. In other words, they had minimal contact with the actual snowstorm.

As they walked on, Quest found himself asking, “What would you say are the survival odds of the adventure team, Gerald?”

“I can’t say for sure, but I think they should still be alive. I’m assuming they’re currently trapped someplace on this mountain!” replied Gerald with a hopeful tone.

Gerald, for one, certainly hoped that they were still alive. He couldn’t bear the thought of Nori dying in this snowstorm.

Shaking the thoughts off, Gerald then asked, “Regardless, how much progress have we made, Mr. Leane?”

“From what I can gather, we should now be at an altitude of seven thousand and five hundred feet. If that’s the case, then we should be two thousand feet from where the adventure team disappeared! Judging from our current progression speed, we’ll need about two more hours to reach that place!” replied Quest as he read out the information that his smartwatch was showing.

While they were certainly much closer to the area now, the journey there was still far from over…

At that moment, an ear-piercing roar of thunder could be heard! The sound was so loud that the entire mountain instantly began shaking slightly!

Realizing what was happening, Quest quickly said, “This… This could be the sign of an avalanche!”

Hearing that, Gerald instantly began looking around to survey the area… But to his dismay, there was nothing to shield them against an incoming avalanche! Sandwiched between two stone walls, both of them knew that if they didn’t think quickly, they were going to be hit by the avalanche and subsequently thrown into the abyss at the end of the valley! By that point, they’d surely be in pieces!

“There doesn’t seem like there’s anywhere to hide, Gerald…! What should we do…?!” asked Quest rather anxiously.

Despite being a person with abundant adventuring experience, Quest was now feeling slightly terrified in this seemingly hopeless situation.

After a few seconds, Gerald then quickly retrieved his talisman-making kit before saying, “Don’t worry, I have an idea!”

With that said, Gerald rapidly began drawing on the talisman! The second he was done, Gerald then threw it forward, prompting a golden ray of light to envelop both of them!

A shield of light formed just in time as the avalanche came crashing down on them! Thankfully, the golden shield was sufficient in guiding the avalanche away from them, keeping Gerald and Quest safe!

After what seemed to be an eternity, no further sounds could be heard. Still safe underneath a layer of snow, Gerald then cleared out the snow above them… They were safe!

Once Quest climbed out with a huff, Gerald then followed after.

Sighing in relief, Quest—who was honestly still quivering a little—then said, “Thank god you’re here with me, Gerald… Otherwise, I’d surely be doomed!”

Smiling back at him, Gerald simply shook his head in silence before resuming the journey up the mountain together with Quest. It was about an hour and a half later when they finally reached the spot…

Arriving half an hour earlier than anticipated, the area they were in was at an altitude of nine thousand and eight hundred feet. Now much nearer to the mountain’s peak, Gerald and Quest began scanning the area below them. Unfortunately, thick, misty clouds—that were everywhere below them—covered most of their view. Due to that, neither of them was able to find any hints of what could have happened to the adventure team…

After a while, Quest walked over to Gerald before asking with a deep frown on his face, “…There doesn’t seem to be any traces of them being here at all… Could it be that nothing really happened to them here…?”

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1646
Hearing that, Gerald simply closed his eyes in silence, spreading his divine sense out to scan through the rest of the mountain top…

Sadly, the range of his divine sense was rather limited, so he was only able to scan up to a few hundred feet. Though that wasn’t a small range by any means, Gerald still wasn’t able to find any traces of the adventure team after quite some time.

Eventually, Quest found himself asking, “…Say… Do you think that the adventure team isn’t here because… they’ve headed further up the mountain…?”

Upon hearing that, Gerald turned to look at Quest. Though the suggestion sounded rather preposterous, it wasn’t completely out of the question either. After all, since there were zero traces of the adventure team here, the only other way they could’ve headed to—without bumping into the rescue team on their way up—was further up the mountain…

“…That could be the case. Since we’re already here anyway, let’s proceed further up the mountain to check!” replied Gerald in agreement.

With that, both of them then continued scaling the mountain…

Since he could’ve very well died earlier without Gerald’s intervention, Quest now had total trust in Gerald. He felt that as long as he remained close to Gerald, he would surely make it out safely…

Regardless, after walking for a while—with gentle breezes and snowflakes caressing their cheeks the entire time—the duo eventually arrived eleven thousand feet above sea level…

Upon arrival, they were immediately greeted by the sight of a cave. With how pitch dark it was inside, Gerald and Quest found themselves instantly wary of it.

Standing at the mouth of the cave, Quest found himself saying, “How odd… A cave in the middle of nowhere!”

“Indeed… Well, let’s go in and have a look around!” replied Gerald as he began walking into the cave.

After a few steps in, both of them took out their glow sticks before activating them. Now having a light source each, the duo then proceeded further into the cave…

Though the cave was quiet, it was also quite damp. With that said, occasional drops of water could be heard every once in a while as they walked on.

Eventually, both of them came to a sudden halt when they saw a faint orange glow from within the cave… It appeared to be the light of a campfire, and the duo could see flickering shadows from time to time.

Looking at each other, Gerald and Quest felt that they must have finally located the adventure team.

After swiftly making their way toward the light source, the duo was greeted by the sight of several sleeping people lying against the cave’s stone walls.

Just as they had thought, they had finally located the adventure team! Gerald was made extra sure of this when—after scanning through the people—he saw that Nori was among them!

“Nori!” shouted Gerald.

Hearing that sudden shout, everyone jolted awake, and this included Nori.

Upon realizing who had called out to her, Nori instantly teared up as she cried out, “G-Gerald…!”

Quickly getting to her feet, the girl then ran over before embracing Gerald tightly…

It took her a while to calm down, but once she did, Nori looked at him in surprise as she asked, “But… what are you even doing here, Gerald…?”

Realizing that she hadn’t anticipated him to come over, Gerald then explained, “Well, after finding out that something had happened to you and your adventure team, I came over with a rescue team that was tasked with locating your group!”

“…Does… that mean that you came over just to save me…?” asked Nori as she stared straight into Gerald’s eyes expectantly.

In response, Gerald simply revealed a gentle smile and nodded, not seeing any reason to deny it.

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1647
Upon hearing that, Nori was instantly overjoyed. After all, the fact that Gerald had come all the way here just to save her meant that he still cared about her.

Still, she truly hadn’t expected him to come here in the first place since Nori was sure that she had never even mentioned her trip to the holy mountain to him.

With that in mind, Nori then curiously asked, “…Speaking of which, how did you even know I was here?”

“Well, I found out when I headed to your manor and your father told me about it,” replied Gerald.

“I see… But hold on, doesn’t the fact that you came here mean that your talisman crafting training with Master Hunt got disrupted?” asked Nori in a slightly worried tone.

After all, it wasn’t easy for Gerald to get accepted to be his disciple in the first place. With that in mind, Nori truly hoped that she wouldn’t be the reason Gerald lost his chance to continue being Master Hunt’s disciple.

To her surprise, however, Gerald simply chuckled before gently patting Nori on the head.

Revealing his First-rank Talisman Master badge—which had been tucked in the inside of his jacket—Gerald then said, “Worry not, I’ve already become a master! This here is proof!”

“A First-rank Talisman Master Badge?! It’s barely been half a month! You really are something else, Gerald!” exclaimed Nori in her disbelief as her eyes lit up.

To think that he was able to attain that rank so quickly… That just showed how capable and powerful he truly was! How admirable!

“Speaking of which, I heard from your father that you came over to look for some ancient herb. The thousand-year-old panax ginseng, if I remember correctly,” asked Gerald as he looked at Nori with a curious gaze.

Nodding in response, Nori then said, “That’s the one! It’s an ancient herb that only grows every few thousand years. Aside from that, it can only be found on this mountain! With that in mind, I followed the others here after hearing that it was about time it grew again! Unfortunately, we met with an avalanche before we were even able to locate it! It’s almost as if we were destined to never be able to find it!”

Watching as Nori sighed in resignation, Gerald then thought for a while before replying, “Your lives are much more important! Still, do you have any idea what the ginseng herb looks like?”

“But of course I do!” replied Nori as she fished out a photograph from her backpack before showing it to Gerald.

Looking at it, Gerald was greeted by the sight of a white and pristine flower that had petals that resembled ice crystals. The sight of it alone was enough to make anyone feel that it was something extremely precious. No wonder Nori and the others had been so keen on looking for it…

“What does the herb do?” asked Gerald, feeling that such a rare and valuable-looking herb must have had great practical use.

“Well, it’s said that the thousand-year-old panax ginseng can be used to make a kind of pellet known as the rejuvenating pellet! The pellet itself is said to be capable of bringing the dead back to life!” whispered Nori.

“Really?” asked Gerald in slight disbelief.

Though he was a person who was still training to attain spiritual enlightenment, Gerald understood there was still a lot he didn’t know about this mysterious world… Even so, a pellet that was capable of bringing back the dead? That was a little too farfetched, even for him. After all, even people as strong as he was weren’t able to bring the dead back to life.

Shrugging, Nori then said that it was strictly just a rumor. Even she wasn’t sure how authentic that claim was.

At that moment, Quest walked over to the duo before reporting, “After some checking around, I’ve found that only a few of the team members have suffered minor injuries. The rest are thankfully fine. With that said, we can pretty much pack up and begin leaving this place!”

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1648

“That’s great to hear! And I agree, the sooner we leave, the better!” replied Gerald.

Now that they had found the adventure team in one piece, they needed to begin hiking down the same way they had come up with in order to reunite with the rest of the rescue team. Once that was done, they’d begin descending the mountain…

While Gerald was still rather curious about the thousand-year-old panax ginseng, he didn’t want to risk everyone’s lives just to look for it. Besides, it wasn’t even a proven fact that it was really able to revive the dead. With that in mind, the adventure team then began making their way down the mountain.

As the saying went, descending a mountain was always easier than ascending one. Adding that to the fact that Gerald and Quest were providing their aid, the journey downward became much easier to bear. With that in mind, it took the group only half an hour to descend halfway down the mountain.

Ten minutes before they could reunite with Patrick’s group, however, a few white mountain wolves suddenly made an appearance!

“W-wolves?!” shouted several of the people from the adventure team as they immediately began bolting down the mountain in fear!

Gerald himself turned to face Quest before instructing, “Quest! Lead the others away first! I’ll deal with these wolves!”

Hearing that, Quest then replied, “Alright, but be careful! Make sure you return in one piece!”

With that, Quest instantly began overseeing that the rest made it down safely. Once most of them were at a safe distance, Quest turned back to look at how Gerald was doing… Only to see all the wolves charging toward the youth!

At that moment, Quest—and Nori who had turned back to check on Gerald—could only stare wide-eyed as Gerald and the wolves plunged down the valley together!

“G-Gerald…!” cried out Nori, her heart filled with excruciating pain as she watched him disappear from sight.

Though Quest was just as shocked by the turn of events, he quickly began dragging Nori by her arm to regroup with the others from the adventure team.

“L-let go…! I need to go look for Gerald…!” yelled Nori as Quest quickly began leading the others back to where Patrick was.

Though Nori tried her hardest to pry free from Quest’s grip, Quest was definitely not about to allow her to put herself in danger. With that in mind, he momentarily tied her wrists with a rope to ease leading her down with the rest.

Despite that, the now teary-eyed Nori still attempted to struggle free of her constraints as she wailed, “Please…! He’s definitely still alive…! Please, let me go look for him…!”

Ignoring her wails, everyone eventually made it back to where the rescue team was…

Upon seeing how depressed Nori looked and realizing that Gerald wasn’t present, Patrick found himself asking, “…What’s wrong? Where’s Gerald?”

Lowering his head, Quest took a moment before replying, “…While descending the mountain, we bumped into a few white wolves… Gerald fought against them to give us room to escape… However, at the very last seconds, all the wolves simultaneously charged at him, and all of them fell into the valley…!”

“…W-what…?” muttered Patrick who was so shocked that he wasn’t even able to say anything else for a moment. After all, who could’ve anticipated for such an accident to happen…?

Even so, the adventure team was successfully rescued. In other words, the mission was a success.

With that in mind, Patrick quickly shook his shock off before declaring, “…Let’s descend the mountain first. Once we get everyone to safety, we’ll form another rescue team to start looking for Gerald!”

Hearing that, everyone was forced to agree. After all, they were all well aware that they weren’t out of danger just yet. What more, there just wasn’t enough human resources to launch an immediate search party. With that in mind, the best move at the moment was for them to return to the bottom of the mountain before deciding their next step.

Nobody even knew whether Gerald was still among the living…

As the group began descending the mountain, Gerald himself could be seen lying silently atop some thickets in the deepest parts of the holy mountain…

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1649

Scattered around him, were the carcasses of the white wolves from before that had died upon impact.

With how tough Gerald’s body was, it was no wonder why he had not only survived, but he barely suffered any injuries! Due to that, it wasn’t long after before he slowly awoke…

Checking to see if he had suffered any injuries, Gerald was delighted to find out that his body was a-okay.

After hopping off the thickets, Gerald then retrieved his small knife and began slicing the meat off the white wolves. Since he didn’t know how much longer he was going to remain stuck here, Gerald knew that he had to stock up on food while he could.

Once he had gathered enough, Gerald began walking around to gather his bearings.

What he was able to witness soon after, however, was nothing short of a utopia. Staring in amazement, it was the first time Gerald had ever seen such a beautiful place. It was so beautiful, in fact, that Gerald simply knew that such a place couldn’t exist anyplace else.

As he continued walking around the fairyland-like place, Gerald was surprised to suddenly hear a gentle and almost ethereal female voice saying, “Who’s there?”

Turning to face the source of the voice, Gerald was immediately greeted by the sight of a woman—who had a white, muslin dress on and a long sword in hand—hovering out from the forest…

Stopping close to Gerald, he then watched as she pointed the sword toward him.

Rather than being afraid, Gerald was more stunned than anything. To think that such a flawless-looking woman with such pure temperament would actually be in this place!

After staring at her for a while longer, Gerald eventually snapped out of it before replying, “…I… fell from the holy mountain and somehow wound up here!”

Upon hearing that, the charming woman raised a slight brow. Looking at him rather doubtfully, she then asked, “And… you’re telling me falling all the way down here didn’t hurt you at all?”

She was right to feel doubtful. After all, Gerald looked perfectly fine despite his claims!

“There’s a reason for that! You see, I’m a person who’s training to attain spiritual enlightenment! Due to that, such heights aren’t really a big deal to me!” explained Gerald.

“…Are you really someone who’s training to attain spiritual enlightenment…?” asked the woman, almost as though she wanted to be absolutely sure of his claim…

After seeing how determinedly Gerald nodded in response, the woman felt that he was probably telling the truth. Deciding to believe him for now, she then lowered her sword before sheathing it…

Seeing that she was now being less vigilant toward him, Gerald took the chance to ask, “…If I may, could I know who you are? Also, why are you here? And what even is this place…?”

“…My name is June Lovelybite, and I’m the guardian of Magic Land, the place you’re currently in!” replied June in a casual tone.

“…I beg your pardon, Magic Land…?” muttered Gerald, feeling utterly bewildered. To think that such a place existed within Jaellatra!

It appeared that Jaellatra still had many secrets that had yet to be discovered… Jaellatra truly was a mysterious place…

Regardless, June then prompted Gerald to follow her. After flying together for a bit, they eventually arrived at a secluded house…

“That’s where I live. I’ll allow you to rest here for a night. Once dawn comes, I’ll lead you out of this place!” said June.

“How… long have you even been living here, June…?” asked Gerald.

From what he had been able to gather, June simply didn’t feel like a human who belonged to the real world. If he was going to be honest, she seemed more like some ancient fairy…

“Two thousand years or so.”

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1650
The second he heard that, Gerald’s eyes immediately widened. Though he thought that he had heard wrong, he quickly realized that that wasn’t the case.

Two thousand years… To think that this young-looking woman was at least two thousand years old…! How terrifying! And to think that she had stayed here—remaining completely undiscovered—throughout that period! What kind of person even was June…?

Had he not fallen into the valley, Gerald could’ve very well have missed her as well…

Seeing that Gerald had no further questions, June took the chance to ask, “Now then… enough about me. Why did you come to the holy mountain?”

Upon hearing that, Gerald recalled why Nori and the others had hiked up the mountain in the first place. With that in mind, Gerald then replied, “I came here to look for an ancient herb known as the thousand-year-old panax ginseng!”

“You… came here looking for that herb…? What do you need it for? Are you trying to create a rejuvenating pellet?” asked June as she frowned slightly while looking at Gerald.

“Oh? Do you know anything about it?” asked Gerald who was now sure that June knew more about the herb than he did.

“The thousand-year-old panax ginseng is an extremely valuable herb in Magic Land… After all, it only grows once every thousand years. With that in mind, it’s currently about time it grew again!” replied June.

Hearing that, Gerald found it almost inconceivable! To think that the herb Nori was looking so hard for was in Magic Land all along! No wonder they weren’t able to find it on holy mountain!

“…Truth be told, what I said was only partially true. You see, I came here on a rescue mission to save a friend who found herself in danger while looking for that herb… I don’t really know much about that herb, and I just happened to get to where I am by chance!” said Gerald, not wanting June to continue misunderstanding his reason for being here.

While Gerald could tell that June had only entered the First-soul-rank in the Sage Realm—which meant that there was no way she was ever going to be able to defeat him—Gerald wasn’t a vicious person. With that in mind, there was no way he was going to attack June over that herb.

Whatever the case was, after hearing what Gerald had to say, June gave him a long stare before turning around while stating, “…Come with me!”

Doing as she instructed, both of them soon arrived at a rather large garden… and within it, several flowers that had petals resembling ice crystals could be seen…

His eyes now widened, Gerald realized that the garden was filled with thousand-year-old panax ginsengs!

“Those are the herbs you seek!” declared June as Gerald continued staring at the beautiful flowers that looked exactly like the one that Nori had showed him in her photo.

After a while, Gerald turned to look at June before asking, “…Could you tell me what the herb is specifically used for…? Why is it so valuable in the first place?”

Laughing in response, June then revealed a faint smile before explaining, “As I said before, it’s used to make rejuvenating pellets, and they can be used to bring the dead back to life! With that said, you tell me if they’re valuable or not!”

Hearing that, Gerald now realized that the rumors Nori had heard weren’t exaggerated in the least. By refining thousand-year-old panax ginsengs, rejuvenating pellets could truly be made!

“Then… has a rejuvenating pellet ever been made…?” asked Gerald.

Giving no verbal reply, June instead took out a scroll from one of her sleeves before handing it to Gerald.

Curious, Gerald opened the scroll and slowly began scanning through it… only to find himself getting increasingly stunned the more he read!

The scroll recorded every single time rejuvenating pellets had been created as well as where they were made… Despite there only being three pellets to have ever been made, every time one was brought into existence, major disasters were always imminent! With that in mind, rejuvenating pellets were definitely categorizable as ominous items…

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