The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 1671-1680

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1671
“Well, for one, this particular fruit is a holy fruit known as Heaven’s apple!” explained the crowned woman.

As she went on, Gerald came to learn that the Heaven’s apple only matured once every hundred years. Since the fruit was capable of replenishing energy and mending wounds, it was a fundamental pharmaceutical ingredient in the Leicom Continent.

“…Alright, but… That doesn’t explain why the dragon’s so interested in the Heaven’s apples. Just so you know, I even fed it meat earlier, but it barely showed any interest!” replied the confused Gerald.

Chuckling in response, the crowned woman then said, “Since that’s the case, I’m now surer than ever that the green dragon is one of the Divine Beasts of the Leicom Continent. I’m assuming you found it while taking on the Challenge of the Fairyland? Regardless, just know that the dragon will only feed on Heaven’s apples!”

Seeing that Gerald registered her words, the crowned woman then cleared her throat before adding in a more serious tone, “Either way, since the young green dragon chose you to be its master, I’m sure you’re no ordinary person. With that said, I hope you’ll nurture it well! If you do, I’m sure it’ll help you obtain unimaginable gains!”

Hearing that, Gerald simply nodded. Even without the idea of getting anything back in return, he was still going to take good care of the baby dragon.

Pleased by Gerald’s determination, the woman then waved her hand… prompting hundreds of Heaven’s apples to be plucked before they quickly gathered in front of Gerald!

Momentarily dumbfounded, Gerald eventually snapped out of it before asking, “…What’s all this then?”

“Well, let’s just say that I believe we were fated to meet! Since the young dragon needs the Heaven’s apples anyway, consider these to be my gift to you!” replied the crowned woman with a smile.

Before Gerald could even reply, the crowned woman had already leaped into the sky, and soon after, she couldn’t even be seen anymore…

Unsure how to even respond to the turn of events, Gerald simply placed all the Heaven’s apples into his storage ring…

Following that, Gerald then began walking out of the manor with the baby dragon. Since it was already full, the happy dragon soon began snoring within the storage ring…

Sighing helplessly, Gerald then muttered, “Hey now… To think that you’re sleeping right after I cleaned up the mess you made… It makes me wonder if I’m really your master here!”

Still, the dragon was now his pet, so Gerald was well aware that it was his duty to take good care of it.

Eventually, Gerald reunited with Nori and Zelig who had been waiting at the manor’s gate this entire time.

Seeing that he was in one piece, both of them instantly sighed in relief. That made it quite evident that they had been worried about his safety this entire time.

Even so, that didn’t stop Nori from looking around Gerald—almost as though she was trying to see if he had suffered any injuries—as she asked, “Are you alright Gerald? Are you hurt anywhere?”

Shaking his head, Gerald then replied, “I’m perfectly fine. I was able to clear the misunderstanding!”

Hearing that, the duo was relieved once again. After all, they would surely be greatly saddened if something bad happened to him.

Regardless, now that the food problem had been solved, Gerald then looked at the duo before asking, “Speaking of which… Do you two have a reason for coming here?”

Quite frankly, he had no idea why he was here in the first place.

“…Huh? You’re telling us you don’t know why we’re here…?” replied Zelig in surprise.

“Not a clue. I’m assuming you know the reason…?” asked Gerald with a slight frown as Zelig and Nori exchanged glances with each other before nodding.

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1672

“We’re here to enroll in the Leicom Academy to train and become stronger cultivators!” replied Nori.

“The Leicom Academy…?” asked Gerald, feeling confused.

Following that, Nori and Zelig then began detailing the academy to Gerald.

Essentially, the Leicom Academy was the largest academy for cultivators in the Leicom Continent. Once every decade, the academy would select talents from different continents to enroll there, and those who were chosen usually ended up becoming the most powerful of cultivators. The academy also had a system where the student with the most outstanding performance would be appointed as chief scholar. Needless to say, obtaining that title was a great honor within that academy…

Regardless, that was pretty much the reason why all those people from Jaellatra had come over. Gerald himself wasn’t aware of all this since only those from Jaellatra even knew about the Leicom Continent.

Whatever the case was, now that Gerald understood what was happening, he was prompted to ask, “And… How exactly can we enroll in the academy?”

After hearing how prestigious it was, Gerald was now fired up to get into the academy and have a look at how great it was himself. Who knows, he could encounter an experience of a lifetime if he managed to enroll there…

“Well, we first need to pass a test!” replied Zelig.

“I see… When’s it going to be held?” asked Gerald.

“Around three this evening.”

Raising a slight brow, Gerald then checked the time…

…It was already half-past two. The test was in half an hour!

“…It’s already two-thirty! If we don’t hurry, we’re going to be late!” exclaimed Gerald, prompting the duo to look at each other before nodding.

Thankfully, the trio was able to arrive at the academy in time…

By three, the Leicom Academy’s front gates were already flooded with at least a thousand people. Though many among them were from Jaellatra and had already undergone the initial selection process in the Challenge of the Fairyland, they were still keen on joining the academy.

Even so, just like all the previous times, only eight hundred people would be recruited in the end. With that in mind, it was no exaggeration that the competition just to get enrolled was extremely fierce.

Looking at the crowd, Nori couldn’t help but exclaim, “There are so many people this year!”

Seconds later, the crisp sound of a bell being rung could be heard from within the academy…

Following that, four figures suddenly appeared before the academy’s gates!

They were the four main guards of the Leicom Academy—who had each already entered the Avatar Realm—, and their main task was to keep the academy safe. With that in mind, it was clear as day that these four were extremely terrifying individuals.

In fact, all four of their auras combined were so pressuring that everyone instantly fell into silence upon their arrival.

Naturally, Gerald and his friends weren’t excluded from this feeling. Even though Gerald’s mind was well-trained, having to face such strong cultivators who had entered the Avatar Realm was still proving to be a little too taxing for him. Gerald’s strength was near-incomparable to the four guards…

Understanding that, Gerald could guess that there had to be many more strong cultivators within the academy. It seemed that Nori and Zelig really weren’t exaggerating earlier when they sang praises about the largest academy within the Leicom Continent…

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1673

Following that, everyone watched a man wearing a blue robe descended from the sky…

Steadily landing before the crowd, his presence somehow made everyone go even quieter than before.

“…Welcome. I go by Karsten Ykink, and I’m the exam proctor of the Leicom Academy. With that said, I’ll be the chief examiner of your tests today. If any of you weren’t already aware, you’ll only be able to enroll if you pass our test!” explained Karston.

With that said, Karsten then waved his hand, prompting a massive gust of wind to begin blowing… The next thing everyone knew, two huge platforms had manifested before them!

“Let’s not beat around the bush, shall we? The gents are to queue for the left platform while the ladies the right. Essentially, you’ll all be going against representatives of the Leicom Academy, and in order to pass the test, all candidates will have to withstand attacks from them! For those who manage to withstand three consecutive strikes, you’ll be allowed to enter the elite class! If you manage to take two, you’ll be given access to the intermediate class! Finally, those who are only able to withstand a single hit will be allowed to enter the beginner class. If you can’t even take the first hit, then don’t even dream of getting past the gates!” added Karsten.

Gerald found that the selection process was pretty simple and efficient. If he was going to be completely honest, he now” felt that passing the test was going to be a breeze.

“Confident, brother Gerald?” asked Zelig.

“Of course! What about you, brother Zelig?” replied Gerald with a smile.

“Same here. Which class are you aiming for?”

“The elite one of course!” declared Gerald.

Since he was already taking the time and effort to enroll, it felt only natural to Gerald to want to be in the best class. To him, entering any other class was pretty much meaningless.

Upon hearing that, Zelig simply nodded. With how confident Gerald sounded, Zelig truly wanted to believe that Gerald was capable enough to achieve his goal…

Shortly after, both of them heard Nori say, “Well, I’ll be heading over to the other platform first. We’ll regroup later!”

Recalling that the participants were separated and tested by gender, Gerald then smiled as he replied, “Alright! Go on ahead!”

With their momentary goodbyes said, the trio then began lining up accordingly…

Compared to Nori’s side, Gerald’s line was exceedingly long. After all, there were definitely a lot more men trying to get enrolled compared to women.

By listening in on the others’ conversations, Gerald was able to find out that many of the present candidates had previously failed and were here to attempt their luck in getting enrolled again.

It was sometime later when an angry voice could suddenly be heard shouting, “Get lost!”

Turning around, Gerald watched as a man in a blue brocade outfit began walking to the front with two other men following behind him. As the man in blue continued walking forward, his two lackeys made sure to shove anyone too close to him away.

The man himself would scowl or even straight up beat up anyone who stood in his path. With that in mind, nobody dared to get into his bad books.

Watching all this take place, Gerald couldn’t help but frown. After all, he hated people like these the most.

Just as Gerald was thinking that, a chubby young man—who wasn’t all that far from Gerald—got pushed to the ground by one of the lackeys.

“Stop blocking the road, fatso!” scowled the man in blue brocade as he glared at the young man.

Upon hearing that, the chubby man instantly got to his feet before lowering his head and standing aside.

Watching as the chubby man dusted himself, the man in blue couldn’t help but get slightly excited now that he knew how wimpy the chubby man was.

Unable to hold back, the man in blue then scoffed, “You know what? For blocking my way in the first place, I’m teaching you a lesson if it’s the last thing I do! Men, beat him up!”

“Right away!” shouted both of his men as they prepared to punch the innocent chubby man!

However, before they could even land their hits, a figure suddenly appeared right before the chubby youth…

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1674

Unable to even react in time, the two men watched as the figure launched two consecutive lightning-fast kicks! The next thing they knew, they were already flying in the air!

Upon seeing that, the man in blue was instantly shocked. It hadn’t occurred to him that someone would actually dare to beat his men up!

“Three against one? How shameless!” scoffed Gerald who was obviously the one who had taken action.

“…You… Who are you? And how dare you get involved in this! You must have a death wish or something!” retorted the man in blue as he glared at Gerald.

Of course, Gerald wasn’t afraid of them in the least.

“Who, me? I’m just a passer-by who can’t stand scummy people like you!” replied Gerald in a casual tone.

“You…! Look kid, if you didn’t already know, my name is Yan Zanetti! The eldest young master of the Zanetti family from Jaellatra’s Jouen State! Now kneel before me and apologize! If you don’t, well… Let’s just say that you’ll soon be in for a world of suffering!” growled Yan.

“Like I care who you are. We’re all equals in my eyes! With that said, who are you to bully others?” scoffed Gerald as he looked at Yan with disdainful eyes.

“So you crave death that much, huh?! Fine then! You only have yourself to blame for offending me so much!” roared Yan as he instantly launched a fist at Gerald!

From the looks of his attacking stance, Yan was most probably a cultivator who had a rather good grasp of martial arts. Unfortunately for him, his strength was nowhere near Gerald’s immense power…

With that in mind, all it took was a single kick from Gerald to launch Yan into the sky! With how swift Gerald’s movements were, Yan wasn’t even able to react in time, let alone land his hit!

Shouting in pain as he fell to the ground, it was evident that the fall hurt quite a bit.

Whatever the case was, everyone who had watched all that play out couldn’t help but gawk at Gerald. To think that he was this fast and strong!

“You… You dare attack me?! I’m not letting you off if it’s the last thing I do!” roared Yan, attempting to act tough.

Hearing that, Gerald was about to continue beating Yan up when he felt someone tug on his arm. Looking back, Gerald saw that the person was a handsome young man…

Smiling as he looked at Gerald, the young man then said, “You’re a really good fighter, brother! With that said, let’s not bother about someone like him!”

“…And you are?” asked Gerald with a slightly raised brow.

“Ah, where are my manners! My name is Cyril Gabrio, and I’m from Jaellatra’s Arbreux Prefecture!”

The second everyone heard that, they were once again flabbergasted out of their minds!

“The Arbreux Prefecture?! Holy cow!”

“I know right?! To think that he’s the eldest young master of the Gabrio family!”

“That’s what surprises you? I’m more shocked to know that he’s here to enroll in the first place!”

“Now that you mention it, yeah! How utterly unbelievable!”

As the others continued talking about Cyril, Yan couldn’t help but widen his eyes in shock. After all, Yan was well aware that compared to Cyril, he was nothing…

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1675

“…I see. Gerald Crawford!” replied Gerald as he politely introduced himself.

Nodding in response, Cyril then praised, “Noted, brother Gerald! Still, you were amazing just now!”

“It was nothing, I was simply trying to help the bullied,” replied Gerald calmly. After flashing a subtle smile at Cyril, Gerald then turned back to look at Yan… only to realize that he had already snuck off!

Well, it wasn’t as though he was all that interested in Yan in the first place. After all, there were many others in the world just like Yan, and Gerald couldn’t be bothered to teach each and every one of them a lesson.

His train of thought was cut short when he heard Cyril ask, “Brother Gerald, I wonder if you’d be interested in becoming my friend…?”

Seeing no reason not to be, Gerald simply nodded in agreement.

Whatever the case was, the selection process soon officially began. Since they weren’t in any particular rush, Gerald, Zelig, and Cyril simply took the chance to watch the other participants first.

Standing near the platform, Gerald kept a close eye on the academy’s representatives. It was always good to know your opponents first before battle, and this was Gerald’s chance to properly analyze their abilities and think of ways to counter them. Truth be told, Gerald wasn’t planning on only withstanding the three strikes, oh no. Instead, he wanted to completely defeat his opponent. After all, this was what a strong man should do. Simply having to withstand three strikes was a little too belittling for Gerald’s tastes.

Either way, Gerald began paying attention to the platform again when a man donning blue robes walked up the platform. With a folding fan in his hand, the man appeared rather confident.

However, Gerald had to actively hold back from laughing when he saw that man.

‘Who even is this guy? Can just about anyone participate in the selection process? What an eyesore!’ Gerald thought to himself.

With the sounding of a gong, the first round of testing officially began!

Understanding that the testing process had begun, the man bolted toward the academy’s representative, waving his folding fan before him the entire time!

However, it was barely a second later when the man was kicked off the platform! He never stood a chance!

Not even bothering to look at the man, Karsten then announced, “Fail! Next!”

Seeing that, everyone who had witnessed what had just happened instantly began discussing the situation. Nobody had anticipated the academy’s representative to be this strong…!

Despite everyone’s worries, Gerald was as cool as a cucumber. After all, he already knew that the man in blue was weak before he was even defeated, so the result didn’t really shock him all that much. That man simply never stood a chance in the first place…

Following that, many other candidates got up the platform as well. However, just like the first man, many of them ended up getting tossed off the platform in a single strike.

Eventually, Karsten—who had been relaxing on a chair—couldn’t help but shake his head. What a disappointing selection…

“Next!” shouted Karsten, now growing considerably impatient.

“Why don’t you go next, Brother Gerald!” suggested Zelig.

“Sure, why not?” replied Gerald as he nodded before raising his hand.

Upon seeing how thin Gerald was, many of the participants couldn’t help but think that Gerald would surely get defeated in a single hit.

Walking up the platform and standing before his opponent, Gerald was now in full view of everyone…

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1676

“You know, you look just like all the previous others who’ve failed. With that said, why don’t you just toss in the towel already! In doing so, you’ll at least be able to leave with all your bones intact!” mocked the academy’s representative.

‘You’re looking down on me already?’ Gerald thought to himself with a frown. After hearing that, there was no way he was letting his opponent off easily.

“So, you’re talking big before the fight has even begun? Let’s just hope that you won’t end up being the one tossed out the platform instead!” retorted Gerald in a confident tone.

“Talk is cheap, kid! Regardless, you seem to be itching to die! With that in mind, I won’t be going easy on you! State your name!” scowled the representative as he glared at Gerald.

“The name’s Gerald Crawford! And what’s yours? Hopefully I won’t forget who you are if we ever meet again in the academy!” replied Gerald.

“How ballsy! Alight, listen up! My name’s Ferdinand Gagne, and I’m the class monitor of the fifth elite class!” roared Ferdinand.

Following that, the gong was rung and the test commenced!

Watching as Ferdinand charged toward him, Gerald could sense that he had at least entered the Third-soul-rank of the Sage Realm. Though his speed would’ve been impressive to normal people, Gerald honestly found that Ferdinand was still quite weak compared to him.

With that in mind, Gerald knew that he didn’t even need to come close to using his full power. At most, he only required the strength of a Second-soul-rank master in the Sage Realm to take Ferdinand down.

Regardless, as Ferdinand’s fist came inches away from Gerald, everyone could already imagine Gerald getting flung off the platform…

Of course, that wasn’t about to happen.

Staring wide-eyed, everyone could hardly believe it when Gerald successfully dodged Ferdinand’s first attack!

“…Huh? Did… Did he just dodge that attack?!” shouted several people who were watching.

Upon hearing that comment, Ferdinand instantly got simultaneously annoyed and embarrassed. How humiliating to not be able to take Gerald out in a single strike! No matter, he just had to finish him off with another one!

With that, Ferdinand quickly began running toward Gerald again, this time aiming to kick him! With how deadly his attack looked, it was quite obvious that he was trying to finish Gerald off for good!

However, Ferdinand was truly underestimating Gerald’s capabilities. With barely any effort, Gerald managed to dodge Ferdinand’s second attack as well!

“That’s the second move!” cheered several people from the crowd.

By that point, Karsten—who was still seated there—turned to look at Gerald in surprise. After all, he hadn’t expected Gerald—of all people—to be able to withstand two strikes from Ferdinand!

Smiling rather smugly now, Gerald then sneered, “Come on, you have one final go! Let’s see if you can finally land a hit!”

Naturally, Ferdinand exploded in rage after hearing those humiliating words! However, he was no idiot. After missing two of his attacks, he was well aware that he wasn’t a match for Gerald.

Despite knowing that, his ego was much higher than his intelligence. He couldn’t just admit defeat like this! With that in mind, Ferdinand decided to use his full strength against Gerald!

Now laughing almost maniacally, Ferdinand’s expression darkened as he confidently scoffed, “Oh, don’t you worry! I’m definitely ending you with this move!”

Though he was being threatened, Gerald barely even flinched. After all, he now knew that Ferdinand was all talk. The fool was probably thinking that mere power was sufficient to take Gerald down!

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1677
Regardless, Ferdinand then stomped his foot so hard onto the platform that it left a circular dent within it! Following that, he used all that force to leap into the air like some ferocious tiger!

Despite facing that feral man, Gerald remained as cool as a cucumber as he slowly lifted his leg… before swinging it right into Ferdinand’s stomach!

Instantly sent flying backward, Ferdinand landed quite a distance away with a loud ‘thud’!

Upon witnessing that, everyone was momentarily stupefied. When they recovered, however, they quickly began murmuring among themselves in admiration.

“By god! That person’s so powerful that he was actually able to defeat Ferdinand!”

Naturally, Gerald’s victory instantly made him the most prominent person there.

Even Karsten was amazed by the turn of events. To think that Gerald would actually be able to take down someone who had entered the Second-soul-rank of the Sage Realm so easily!

Getting to his feet, Karsten then walked over to Gerald before saying, “Congratulations for passing the test! Due to your perfect performance, you’ll be given access to the elite class of Leicom Academy!”

Hearing that, Gerald then nodded as he replied, “Thank you, Master Ykink!”

With that, the youth then got off the platform as everyone stared jealously at him… Though many envied him for all the attention he was getting, they knew for a fact that they would never even come close to being as strong as Gerald. After all, he had actually managed to take down Ferdinand!

Speaking of Ferdinand, though the testing period resumed immediately after, he was in no shape of testing any other candidates. After all, Gerald’s kick had caused him to suffer a number of internal injuries.

Forced to recuperate, the furious Ferdinand vowed that he wouldn’t let Gerald off that easily!

Regardless, the testing finally ended after an entire day…

By the end of it, Zelig was assigned to the beginner class while Cyril and Nori managed to make it into the intermediate class. Gerald himself was granted access into the elite class as mentioned before.

However, among the thousand over people who had attempted to enroll within the academy, Gerald was actually the only person who was qualified enough to enter the elite class! From that, it was evident how strict the Leicom Academy truly was…

There were only a few dozen students who had ever managed to enter Leicom’s Academy’s elite class, and each of them had at least entered the Fifth-soul-rank of the Sage Realm.

The dean of the academy himself had already attained the Seventh rank in the Avatar Realm. At that rank, he was already an individual who was not only capable of stepping into the void, but also transforming heaven and earth at will! That was the power of an Avatar…

As for the tutors and masters there, their strength ranged between the first to fifth ranks within the Avatar Realm. With how strong even the educators there were, it was no wonder why the Leicom Academy was the Leicom Continent’s symbol of power…

It was sometime later when a few masters could be seen talking to the dean in the academy’s main hall.

Shortly after, Master Ykink entered the scene. After bowing respectfully toward each of them, he then sat down before declaring, “Dean, and Masters! The recruitment test for this year has ended! The results are… Four hundred new students in the beginner class, two hundred in the intermediate one, and as for the elite class… We only have one new student!”

Hearing that, the four masters in the hall instantly looked surprised. They hadn’t expected so few students to pass the test! What more, there was only a single person who had managed to enter the elite class!

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1678

“…Is there truly nobody else who was able to qualify entering the elite class? Only a single person was able to withstand three moves…?” asked an old master seated at the side—who had a long purple robe on—who went by the name of Master Jizo.

With the strength of a person who had entered the Third rank of the Avatar Realm, Master Jizo was one of the masters teaching the elite class in the academy.

“While it’s unfortunate that that’s the case, the truth is, not only did that student manage to withstand three moves, but he even ended up defeating his opponent! With how strong he was, I have a feeling that he’s already entered the Fifth-soul-rank within the Sage Realm!” replied Karsten.

“What? He actually managed to defeat a representative of our academy?” exclaimed Master Jizo in surprise.

Even the other three masters found themselves exchanging glances with each other. To think that their newest elite class student would have such amazing power…

They were right to be surprised. After all, throughout the academy’s many years, Gerald was the first and only person who had managed to defeat a representative selected by the academy!

“What’s his name, Karsten?” asked Sumeru, the dean of the academy.

“Gerald Crawford, sir!”

“Very well! Bring him over so that we can meet him!” ordered Sumeru.

“Right away!” replied Master Ykink as he immediately left to bring Gerald over.

Not long after, he returned with Gerald, and upon bowing again, he then introduced, “Dean and Masters, I present to you, Gerald Crawford!”

Following that, he then turned to look at Gerald before adding, “That there, is Dean Sumeru, Gerald! The other four are the masters of the elite class! Here we have Master Jizo, Master Temple, Master Yushin, and Master Vale!”

After being introduced, Gerald then bowed before greeting, “It’s a pleasure to be within the presence of my dean and masters! I, Gerald Crawford, will be in your care starting today!”

Seeing how polite Gerald was, all five of them showed satisfied expressions on their faces.

With the introductions now over, Sumeru cut straight to the chase and asked, “So… I heard that you defeated our academy’s representative! Is that true?”

Nodding in response, Gerald then replied, “It is, Dean Sumeru!”

“Just so you’re aware, aside from you, there hasn’t been a candidate who’s been able to defeat a representative from our academy from the day the academy began! With that in mind, could you tell me what your true level of cultivation is?” asked Sumeru.

Appearing to hesitate for a brief moment, Gerald then replied, “…I’ve currently managed to enter the Fifth-soul-rank in the Sage Realm, Dean Sumeru!”

Naturally, that was a lie. The truth was, Gerald had already entered the Ninth-soul-rank in the Sage Realm. As for why the others hadn’t caught on, it was because Gerald had actively been concealing his true power.

“I see. No wonder you were able to defeat our representative! A Fifth-soul-rank Sage… You’re definitely a strong one, even among your future classmates in the elite class!” said Sumeru as he nodded in satisfaction.

“I’m flattered to hear that, dean!” replied Gerald with a smile.

“Nicely said! Now then, since you’re going to be a student in the elite class, you may now choose any of the four masters here to be your tutor!” said Sumeru.

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1679

Upon hearing that, Gerald turned to look at the four masters sitting before him… Seeing that, the masters straightened their backs, anticipating Gerald’s choice.

However, even after a while had passed, Gerald didn’t appear to have his choice made.

With all five of them getting increasingly confused, Sumeru eventually asked, “…Are you unable to make a choice, Gerald?”

Forcing on a slightly awkward smile, Gerald then replied, “…Dean Sumeru, am I only allowed to choose among these four masters…?”

“You…! Are you looking down on us, kid?!” shouted Master Jizo as he glared at Gerald, clearly irritated by Gerald’s question.

Keeping his cool, Gerald then explained, “I’m afraid you misunderstand me, Master Jizo. I wouldn’t dare look down upon any of you four masters! I’m just asking to see if there’s a better choice for me!”

“Hmm? What better choice could you possibly be looking for?” asked Sumeru in a rather playful tone. This young man was rather special…

Hearing that, Gerald then asked, “…Well, I wonder if you’d be interested in taking a student, Dean Sumeru…”

“…Kid, if you haven’t already noticed, Dean Sumeru is the head of the Leicom Academy! How imprudent do you have to be to request for that?!” snarled Master Jizo.

Watching as all this played out, Master Ykink—who was still standing by Gerald’s side—found himself getting increasingly terrified. To think that Gerald would be daring enough to say such things!

Sumeru was the dean of Leicom Academy! The highest-ranked individual of this prestigious place! There was no way he was going to accept a student just like that!

Surprisingly enough, Sumeru hardly appeared angered by Gerald’s request. On the contrary, he was actually displaying a satisfied smile!

“While you’re certainly a brazen one, you’re the first to make such a direct request before me! Not bad!” replied Sumeru with a chuckle.

Realizing that Sumeru was actually subtly praising Gerald, the four masters found themselves momentarily stunned. After all, this was their first time seeing Sumeru so interested in a student.

“I’ve never taken a student before, you know? I guess that changes today! With that, I declare that you, Gerald, will be my one and only student!” declared Sumeru while looking straight into Gerald’s eyes.

And just like that, all four masters found their eyes widening even more! To think that he would actually make an exception for Gerald! How unexpected!

“Thank you, Dean Sumeru! No, thank you, dear teacher!” replied Gerald with great respect.

Since he had decided to enroll in the Leicom Academy, Gerald was determined to be the top student. With that in mind, just having one of the four masters be his teacher wasn’t enough. He had planned to have the dean be his master from the very beginning!

Now that it had been agreed upon, Gerald’s status within the academy would surely skyrocket…

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1680

Following that, a golden wooden token flew out from Sumeru’s pocket and hovered before Gerald’s face…

“That there, is a wooden token exclusively for you. It serves as a symbol of your identity within the Leicom Academy. Also, since you’re my only student, you’ll have access to all the study resources of the academy!” explained Sumeru as he officially granted those privileges to Gerald.

Being a student of the dean, Gerald could pretty much do whatever he wanted in the academy. It was truly a noble position to have…

Even so, Gerald naturally cared little about the fame aspect. He was honestly more excited about the fact that he could use the academy’s study resources anytime and any way he pleased. With that privilege, Gerald would surely be able to master more skills and secret techniques, hence allowing him to improve himself much faster.

With that said, Sumeru then ordered, “Karsten! Clean up the pavilion in the east court! From today onward, that will be Gerald’s private residence!”

“Right away, dean! I’ll be leading Gerald there immediately!” replied Karsten without even a second thought.

After Karsten led Gerald out of the main hall, the four masters turned to look at Sumeru, clearly unhappy with his decision.

“Why did you choose to accept Gerald as your student, dean…?” asked Master Jizo in a puzzled tone.

For context, never had any of the academy’s deans accepted personal students. With that in mind, the fact that the dean made an exception for Gerald was definitely mind boggling.

Chuckling in response, Sumeru then replied, “Couldn’t the rest of you tell? He isn’t in the Fifth-soul-rank of the Sage Realm at all! He’s been actively suppressing his true power!”

Upon hearing that, all four of the masters instantly grew curious.

“…If that’s the case, then… How strong is he actually?” asked Master Jizo.

“From what I’ve been able to tell, he should have already entered the Ninth-soul-rank of the Sage Realm! What more, he’s already showing signs of successfully breaching the Avatar Realm!” replied Sumeru, instantly shocking the four masters even more.

Even the most capable students in the Leicom Academy were only able to enter the Eighth-soul-rank of the Sage Realm. If what Sumeru had said was true, then Gerald most certainly qualified to be the dean’s student…

Now that he was aware of all this, Master Jizo’s mood instantly changed for the better as he said, “…If that’s really the case, then Gerald’s already the most talented student of our academy ever since it started! There’s just no contesting his strength!”

Still, what a pity it was that Gerald didn’t choose him to be his master. If Gerald had chosen him instead of the dean, Master Jizo would’ve surely gained a higher status and more bragging rights within the academy…

Understanding what social value Gerald now held, Master Juzo decided that he had to form a good relationship with Gerald no matter what.

Sometime later, Gerald arrived at the pavilion in the east court under Master Ykink’s guidance.

While the pavilion had previously been used as a storage room to keep miscellaneous items, Sumeru had ordered for it to be cleaned up to be turned into Gerald’s personal residence. After all, as a student of the dean, there was no way he was allowing Gerald to stay with the other students from the lower classes. That was simply too degrading to even think of!

Seeing how thick the dust was inside the pavilion, Gerald couldn’t help but say, “I’m assuming the pavilion’s been left vacant for quite a while, Master Ykink…”

Nodding in response, Master Ykink then replied, “Indeed! Also, you don’t have to refer to me as master anymore. Since you’re now the dean’s student, you’re no longer of low status!”

Hearing that, Gerald then chuckled before humbly saying, “You’re exaggerating things, Master Ykink! While it’s true that I’m now the dean’s student, I’m essentially still a student here! With that in mind, I still have to respect you, a teacher of the academy!”

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