The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 1711-1720

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1711

“In any case, make sure you get plenty of rest in the coming days! You can leave everything else to us!” Nori added.

Gerald realised that he didn’t have much of a choice but to obey after hearing that. With that, he retired to his bed to rest…

Juno, Meilani’s older sister, could be seen knocking on Gerald’s door early the next morning, asking, “Gerald?” “Are you awake?” I inquire.

Juno couldn’t help but raise a brow as she opened the door after waiting for a long time and receiving no response… only to discover that he wasn’t even there!

‘How could he have gotten away?’ I mean, he couldn’t have just walked away, could he?’ Juno pondered the situation, perplexed.

With a slight frown, she had an idea of where Gerald could be… With that in mind, she dashed to the back garden to see if he was still around.

When Juno arrived at the back garden, she was greeted by Gerald and Leit Query meditating on stone benches, just as she had expected. Both of them appeared to be quite content with their eyes closed…

Juno couldn’t help but sigh as she rolled her eyes. It’s no surprise that his room was deserted! They had both gotten up early in the morning to train!

Juno walked over to Gerald’s side after a brief pause and whispered, “Gerald…!”

Gerald opened his eyes when he heard his name and smiled as he replied, “Ah, Young Lady Zorn!” You’ve gotten up early! “Are you also here to train?”

Juno looked over at Leit, who was sitting beside him, for a brief moment, ignoring Gerald’s question…

Juno could only sigh when she noticed how little he had moved and how little his expressions had changed. She was well aware that Leit was not to be trifled with, and she was slightly concerned that he would become enraged because she had come looking for Gerald…

Regardless, Leit opened an eye and leapt straight out of the back garden when he sensed Juno’s gaze on him…

Gerald was slightly pleased by Leit’s ability to read the mood when he saw that. He was certain that Leit had left because he didn’t want to disturb Gerald and Juno’s private moment.

Juno herself was relieved that Leit had picked up on the hint. In any case, now that he’d left, Juno quickly returned her focus to Gerald, asking, “Why on earth did you wake up so early, Gerald?”

Gerald replied, “I’m just used to getting up early!”

Gerald had practised this habit since he was a child, and it had surprisingly helped him improve both his physical and martial arts abilities in later years.

“Ah, I see. Anyway, when you’ve finished meditating, come with me! I’ll take you somewhere!” Juno exclaimed, grabbing Gerald’s hand and dragging him out of her house without even waiting for him to respond…

Gerald simply allowed himself to be pulled along because she had made up her mind…

They eventually arrived at a bakery of some sort…

“Today, Gerald, breakfast is going to be my treat! Just so you know, I come here every day because the bread they make is incredible!”

After that, she dragged him into the bakery and yelled, “Waiter!” Please, three trays of bread!”

Juno was a regular, so he naturally recognised her and gave her order top priority.

With that in mind, the waiter delivered three trays of delicious-smelling bread to Gerald and Juno’s table in less than a minute.

“Don’t be shy, go ahead! Juno urged Gerald to try one of the loaves as she pushed one over to him.

Juno didn’t even wait for him to respond before stuffing bread into her mouth, completely unconcerned about her appearance.

Juno’s appetite was, to put it mildly, incredible.

Juno managed to finish the bread from the remaining two trays she ordered while Gerald was still full from just one tray!

“…You have a voracious appetite there, Lady Zorn…” Gerald muttered, slightly surprised, as he rested his palm against his brow…

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1712

Juno simply turned to look at Gerald when he heard that and replied, “What of it?” I was simply born with a voracious appetite!”

Gerald simply zipped his mouth as he shook his head, afraid that if he continued, Juno would flip the table over.

Regardless, after finishing their breakfast, the two headed to Dragonblood City’s training court.

Each city on the Leicom Continent had its own training court, which was used to host a variety of yearly competitions. Of course, training courts were also used as a formal training and battleground for those skilled in martial arts.

In any case, by the time they arrived at the training court, many people were already sparring.

When everyone in the room realised Juno was there, they immediately displayed respectful expressions, even offering Juno their sparring areas.

Juno continued to wield considerable power in Dragonblood City based on this alone. After all, powerful people, regardless of gender, were always respected by others.

Juno simply chose a secluded area after declining their offers, then looked at Gerald and said, “Allow me to challenge you to a duel, Gerald!”

Gerald said, “I accept!” without hesitation.

After all, he’d promised to teach Juno some martial arts skills, and what better way to learn them than by brawling with each other? Juno’s martial arts skills would improve more quickly the more they sparred.

With that in mind, they stood at opposite ends of the room…

“Are you ready?” she asked, looking at Gerald.

With a nod, Gerald replied, “Ready as ever!”

Juno wasted no time after hearing this and charged straight at Gerald! Her fist was inches away from Gerald’s face in less than a second, thanks to her quickness!

Juno was certainly powerful, but she was simply repeating her usual attack. With that in mind, Gerald easily avoided her punch before grabbing her arm and yanking it down!

Juno lost her balance as a result of the abrupt shift and nearly fell face first! Thankfully, Gerald quickly pulled her up and saved her from embarrassment.

Whatever the case may have been, everyone else on the scene was taken aback when they saw what had happened.

They, of all people, were aware of Juno’s strength. After all, she had repeatedly challenged them in the past, and after being pummelling time and time again, no one dared to challenge her anymore. They couldn’t stand up to her!

When they first saw Gerald, they assumed she had just duped some poor sap into duelling with her because she hadn’t been able to duel anyone in a long time. They hadn’t expected that young man to have such an easy time defeating her! It was truly awe-inspiring to witness…

Juno, who wasn’t about to give up so easily, stood up and exclaimed, “Again!” shortly after.

She was confident that she would be able to make at least a few more moves before Gerald disengaged her.

Gerald yelled back, “Hold on a second, Young Lady Zorn!”

Juno then asked, “What is it?” with a raised brow.

“I have an idea…

You might want to reconsider your attacking strategy. I’ll be able to disengage you in a single move if you keep attacking me with the same move, no matter how many times you attack me!” Gerald replied as he shared his analysis with her.

“Is there… something wrong with my attack style?” Juno, perplexed, inquired.

Her entire life had been spent using this attack style! Juno didn’t think it needed to be changed. With that in mind, what was Gerald’s motivation for recommending…?

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1713

Gerald, of course, was not commenting on the attack.

While her attack style was certainly powerful, he meant that she frequently left herself wide open to be countered before attacking.

When you combine that with the fact that she never changed her attack style, any opponent who is stronger than her will be able to see through her attack patterns in no time.

It explained how Gerald was able to easily defeat her.

The only reason she had been able to win all of the previous battles was because the opponents she had encountered were much weaker than she was.

Given this, they were unlikely to have had the opportunity or experience to analyse Juno’s attack patterns.

Gerald, on the other hand, was far more powerful than she was. He’d also been personally trained by Leit, and he had his own unique perspectives and analyses on martial arts skills and attack tactics.

Regardless, when Gerald heard Juno’s question, he replied solemnly, “Think about it.” According to what I’ve observed, you tend to focus solely on attacking, which leaves you vulnerable to counterattack! As proof, I was able to easily defeat you despite the fact that you rarely focus on defence!”

Juno paused for a moment when he heard that. Rather than becoming enraged at being chastised, Juno admitted that she had a significant flaw. How could she have missed it before?

Juno then looked at Gerald for a brief moment before saying, “…I see!” Gerald, thank you for your advice!”

This was going to be extremely beneficial to Juno in the long run. It’s no surprise that she had always found her martial arts journey to be tedious. She had been limiting herself to only one attack style, it turned out!

In any case, she realised she needed to concentrate on learning new attack styles. She would almost certainly be able to improve both her strength and her martial arts skills as a result of doing so.

Nonetheless, she couldn’t help but believe that following the advice of wise men had far more positive results than simply reading up on techniques.

Whatever the case, even though Juno was determined to change her attack style, old habits were hard to break, and she knew it would take a lot of time and effort to break the habit.

That fact, however, did not discourage her. Instead, she continued sparring with Gerald, gradually altering her attack style.

While her movements were slightly awkward and clumsy as a result, she was no longer defeated in a single move. She was able to make up to three moves by the two-hour mark before being shut down.

Both of them decided to take a break at the training court’s sitting area because that had taken a lot out of her.

Juno, who could see how much she had improved just from sparring with Gerald for those two hours, sincerely said, “Thank you very much for today, Gerald!” she was sweating profusely.

I wouldn’t have been able to make this much progress in such a short period of time if you hadn’t tutored me!”

Despite what she said, she recognised that their abilities were still vastly different…

In any case, Nori and Ray were rushing into the training court in a flash. When Nori first saw Gerald, she dashed toward him, exclaiming, “G-Gerald!” This is a disaster! Something dreadful has occurred…!”

Gerald, perplexed, asked, “What’s wrong?” with a slight frown.

“W-well, the Hulkeroic Union managed to capture Zelig and Cyril! We tried everything we could to get them back, but there were simply too many! Nori exclaimed, “We failed to save them!”

Gerald growled angrily, his rage suddenly escalating. To think they’d do something like this to one of his friends! The Hulkeroic Union was truly out of control!

“That’s all there is to it!” We’re pursuing the Hulkeroic Union right now!”

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1714

Gerald was ready to leave with Nori and Ray after declaring that. Regardless of the risks, he had to save both Zelig and Cyril!

But, just as he was about to leave, Juno called out, “Wait a minute, Gerald!”

“Are you sure, Young Lady Zorn? I’d much rather you saved it for later if it’s not something important!

Now is the time for me to concentrate on saving my friends!” Gerald responded.

“Gerald, keep your cool! If you hadn’t heard, the master of the Hulkeroic Union has already ascended to the Avatar Realm’s Third rank! With that in mind, simply charging there is tantamount to committing suicide!” Juno elaborated.

Aside from Gerald, who had already entered the Avatar Realm, the others in the Sage Realm would have no chance against the Hulkeroic Union’s stronger members. Juno didn’t want them to waste their lives like that, so she intervened.

Gerald replied, “Even if you say that, I can’t just leave them there!”

While he recognised Juno’s point, he was adamant about Zelig and Cyril being saved.

After all, despite not knowing much about the journey, they had both selflessly agreed to accompany him on it.

Gerald would be inhumane not to try to get them back now that they’d gotten themselves into trouble.

“However… Let’s see, I’ll send a few people over to assess the situation. We can formulate a plan to save them once we have a better understanding of what the Hulkeroic Union has planned!” Juno said.

Gerald paused for a moment after hearing that before nodding slightly.

She was absolutely correct. It would be much better for them if they could get someone to scout ahead of time.

In any case, her suggestion was far superior to simply charging into the enemy’s base. Besides, the Hulkeroic Union would most likely be on the lookout for them, expecting Gerald to come to their rescue.

Regardless, the group left the training court for Juno to send some of her men to scout the Hulkeroic Union’s base, seeing that Gerald had agreed with her plan…

Meanwhile, Zelig and Cyril were seen being held captive in the hall of the Hulkeroic Union base.

As Xuio and his men stood by their leader’s side, Tiger, the master of the union, sat on his high throne and simply glared at the duo.

“These are that guy’s companions, master!” Xuio said with a sinister grin. That guy will undoubtedly come over to save them now that we’ve captured them! It’s past time for us to avenge ourselves!”

“Anyone who dares lay a finger on the people of the Hulkeroic Union must die!” Tiger growled, sneering contemptuously.

Regardless, lock them both up in the dungeon and keep a close eye on them! Apart from that, remind everyone to be cautious at all times! I’m sure he’ll arrive soon, and once he does, he won’t be able to leave our base alive!”

Zelig and Cyril were then dragged away and imprisoned in the base’s dungeon…

“It appears that we are truly done for the time being, Mr. Gabrio!” With a sigh, Zelig muttered as he looked around the dungeon.

“Don’t get too worked up yet! I believe Gerald cares enough about us to come to our rescue!” Cyril, who had a lot of faith in Gerald, comforted himself. Gerald, after all, was the type of person who would never desert his friends.

Cyril was, of course, correct. Gerald and the others were eating at a restaurant not far from the Hulkeroic Union’s headquarters.

They could keep an eye on the Hulkeroic Union’s activities while discussing their next move because they were seated by the window.

“My men have learned that your friends are currently imprisoned in the dungeon of the Hulkeroic Union base. The dungeon is located at the end of the main hall of their base.

To put it another way, we’ll have to get through their main hall to get to your two friends!” Juno explained.

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1715

“While knowing all of this is fantastic, how are we going to get past the Hulkeroic Union’s tight security?” We can see how heavily guarded they are now even from here!

They’ve even established patrol teams! With that in mind, if we rush in, we’ll definitely get caught!” muttered Ray in response.

When Gerald and the others heard that, they realised Ray was correct.

Given how strict the Hulkeroic Union’s security was at the time, it was clear that the union’s members expected Gerald to arrive and save the duo. It was undoubtedly a death trap unlike any other…

“…Does anyone have any suggestions for how we should proceed? “How do you feel, Young Lady Zorn?” As he looked at Juno, Gerald enquired.

Juno began pondering after hearing his question. Even though they knew where the hostages were, rescuing them would be extremely difficult…


The only thing that comes to mind is luring them away from the base… Apart from that, I’m not sure how we’ll get into their base to save your two friends!” Juno replied.

“I see… That’s exactly what I was thinking.

After all, walking in unannounced is out of the question. Regardless, once we’ve enticed them away, we’ll just sneak into their base and rescue Cyril and Zelig!” grumbled Gerald, serious in his expression.

“That’s fine with us, Gerald!” Please give us specifics on how you want the plan to go! We’ll carry out your orders to the letter!” Nori replied.

“Excellently stated. Anyway, back to the specifics… I propose that we divide into two groups until the mission is completed. Ray, Nori. To save Cyril and Zelig, you two must accompany me into their base. I’ll rely on you two to fill in for me.

Young Lady Zorn, as for you… I know it’s a lot to ask, but could you serve as a distraction for us?” Gerald asked, shifting his gaze from Nori to Juno.

“It’s no problem!” Since we’re going with that, you should all wait for my signal before acting.

Let’s reunite in the forest outside of Dragonblood City once we’ve finished everything! As she looked at Gerald, Juno replied, “How does that sound?”

Gerald simply nodded slightly when he heard that. Hopefully, their plan would work…

Regardless, Juno dashed off to wreck havoc within the Hulkeroic Union base now that the plan had been finalised. She was going to make sure that everyone in the room was too preoccupied to notice Gerald…

Gerald, Ray, and Nori started walking across the base’s grounds right away.

Thankfully, the Hulkeroic Union had a lot of high walls, which provided good cover for all three of them.

The trio sat quietly in a blind spot, waiting for Juno’s signal…

Soon after, the three of them stood there watching as a ray of light shot into the sky… only to crash into the Hulkeroic Union’s base!

The base contained several small houses, and with that in mind, one of the unfortunate houses inside burst into flames the moment the light struck it!

Naturally, this caused panic among the union’s members, who all began frantically attempting to extinguish the fire.

When they saw that, they knew it was time to go inside. Gerald and his group made their way into the base quickly after that…

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1716

They all quickly scanned the area once they were over the wall.

Gerald and his party snuck past the union’s main hall before heading straight for the dungeon after confirming that all the union’s men were still distracted by the fire…

Gerald and the other two peered around the corner that would lead to the dungeon to see if anyone was guarding the entrance. Thankfully, there appeared to be only two guards stationed there.

With that in mind, Gerald retrieved his Astrabyss Sword and unsheathed it after making sure they hadn’t been noticed yet…

Gerald then dashed towards one of the guards and expertly slashed his throat!

Blood gushed out of the guard’s now exposed throat almost as soon as he could react… He flopped to the ground, dead, in an instant.

When the other man realised his companion was no longer alive, he immediately drew his own sword and attempted to decapitate Gerald!

Gerald, of course, was able to easily avoid the attack. He then kicked the man’s sword away before kicking him in the stomach with another kick!

As the man clutched his now aching stomach, Gerald pounced on the opportunity to punch him in the head, effectively killing him…

It’s no surprise, given Gerald’s speed and skill, that he was able to finish both of them off so quickly…

Regardless, Gerald slashed the dungeon’s chains with his sword as soon as they were dealt with…

The heavy ‘clunk’ of chains could be heard seconds later as the chains fell to the ground.

Slicing through chains like these was a piece of cake for the Astrabyss Sword, thanks to its razor-sharp edge.

In any case, now that the entrance was no longer locked, Gerald opened the dungeon’s doors to search for his friends…

A enraged Tiger could be seen bursting into the hall with several men behind him shortly after. He knew their hostages had been saved as soon as he saw the two dead guards.

He dashed outside just in time to see Gerald and his friends escaping by climbing over their base’s wall!

“That… That god d*mned kid was successful in rescuing his pals! I’m going after him! Tiger yelled, “Hurry!” as he and his men dashed for Gerald.

“I want you two to lead Cyril and Zelig away from this place,” Gerald, who had heard Tiger’s furious shout, quickly turned to look at Ray and Nori after they were all over the base’s wall.

While you’re doing that, I’ll be distracting them!”

“However, what about you-”

“Cut the nonsense and get a move on!” Otherwise, none of us will make it out of here alive!” retorted Gerald, anticipating Nori’s response.

Nori and Ray could only agree silently when they heard that, and they did as he said.

Gerald began running in the opposite direction as soon as they were out of sight. If it came down to it, he’d try to entice the union’s men away from his friends…

Tiger and his men were able to spot him as he bolted off into the distance, just as he had hoped…

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1717

“There he is!” exclaims the narrator. As he clenched his teeth, the furious Tiger commanded, “Capture that brat and finish him off for good!”

Tiger and his posse of a dozen men were able to close the distance between them and him quickly.

To make matters worse, Gerald soon found himself trapped between the Hulkeroic Union and a cliff with an invisible bottom…

“Kid, give it up! Tiger scoffed before snorting, “There’s nowhere else to run!”

Tiger had surprised Gerald by being able to catch up to him so quickly.

Gerald frowned and glared at Tiger before revealing a sly smile and taunting, “Give up?” “Do you really believe you can kill me?”

Tiger was taken aback when he heard that. After all, Gerald was not going to be able to get out of his current situation.

“This is big talk coming from someone who is stuck between being beaten to death and dying!

You can try taking a leap of faith if you want, but only death in the abyss awaits you!” Tiger snarled.

“Oh?” says the speaker. As he leapt down the cliff, Gerald retorted, “Allow me to try!”

The stupefied Tiger was stunned into silence when he learned that Gerald had decided to take his own life rather than fall into his hands.

His frown returned eventually, and he simply snorted before departing with his men, not bothering to look down the abyss.

After all, Gerald was not going to make it through that fall.

…At least, that was Tiger’s assumption.

Gerald, contrary to Tiger’s expectations, was still alive and well. His fall had been broken by a large tree, and he was now engulfed by several branches…

Nonetheless, even for him, the impact of falling had been too much.

With that in mind, Gerald was now unconscious, suspended above a raging river by the strong branches of a tree…

Ray, Nori, Zelig, and Cyril had just made it to the forest outside of Dragonblood City, while the blacked-out Gerald had no idea he had survived…

Juno, who had been waiting for them for quite some time, rushed over and told her men to support Zelig and Cyril before exclaiming, “Ray!” Greetings, Nori! Finally, you’ve arrived! I was beginning to fear that something terrible had happened to you! In relation to that… “Where has Gerald gone?”

“…He… Told us to run the opposite way so that he could bait the rest of the Hulkeroic Union away from us…!” Ray replied, his lips pursed slightly.

“…Wait, what? Juno was taken aback by Gerald’s actions and exclaimed, “How dangerous!”

Juno was well aware that he wouldn’t be able to stand up to so many members of the Hulkeroic Union at once, and that his life was now in grave danger.

“Don’t be concerned, Miss Zorn. You can just wait for us here while Nori and I go back to find Gerald!” Ray replied.

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1718

“You won’t be able to!” It’s far too risky! Keep in mind that the Hulkeroic Union is actively looking for us right now! With that in mind, if you go back to look for him, you’ll be caught in no time!” Juno replied almost instantly.

“With all due respect, Miss Zorn, if he’s dead, we won’t have the will to live in the first place!” Ray stated emphatically.

Ray and Nori had already bolted back, retracing their steps, before Juno could even respond…

Juno could only sigh helplessly when she saw this. Despite this, she couldn’t deny that she was slightly moved. Gerald had a lot of good and loyal friends…

Regardless, after a long search for Gerald, Ray and Nori eventually arrived at the cliff from which Gerald leaped… And, to their horror, they noticed Gerald’s jade pendant lying nearby on a stone…!

Nori remained silent for a moment, her heart skipping a beat, before tears streamed down her cheeks…

“…No… It… Nori muttered to herself, quickly picking up the jade pendant before staring in disbelief at the abyss beneath them…

But, because the jade pendant was so close to the edge of the cliff, Gerald…

Ray patted Nori on the shoulder and said, “Calm down, Nori.” Gerald is going to be fine. Have faith in him…”

It was difficult, but they both managed to convince themselves that Gerald was still alive for a brief moment. They waited patiently by the cliff for him after that…

As the hours passed, however, it became increasingly difficult to bear. Finally, the two shook their heads and walked away from the cliff, completely dejected…

Juno knew something terrible had happened to Gerald when she saw how depressed they looked when they finally returned to the forest. Her fears were confirmed when she noticed that Ray was holding his jade pendant.

“…Miss Zorn… Gerald… He’s most likely fallen off a cliff…! We say that because the only place we could find his pendant was near a cliff…” Ray grumbled as he showed her the pendant in a gloomy tone.

Juno’s heart sank when she heard that. She paused for a moment before reaching out to take the pendant from his grip and saying, “…

Let’s start by going back to my house. We can’t just give up at this point! After all, just because we haven’t found him yet doesn’t mean he’s no longer alive!”

“…You are correct, Miss Zorn! We don’t think he’ll go down without a fight! He is, without a doubt, still alive! Nori, cheer up! Remember, we have to believe in him!” Ray exclaimed as he tried to cheer Nori up.

Nori slowly raised her head and gave a firm nod when she heard that.

Juno took advantage of the fact that Nori was feeling a little better and ordered, “That’s the spirit!” Regardless, we should get out of here as soon as possible. We’re not in the best of places, so we’d better get back to base before the Hulkeroic Union finds us!”

Juno quickly led the others back to her house after that…

Gerald was later discovered unconscious beside a black-robed and mysterious-looking old man… Their faces were lit by a fire that the old man had started, and they were protected from the elements by stone walls all around them.

Gerald slowly opened his eyes not long after…

He exhaled a sigh of relief when he realised he was still alive. He quickly realised, however, that he wasn’t alone.

He wondered who the old man was, frowning slightly as he looked at the person sitting by the fire. Was it he who had rescued him…?


Who… are you…? “Did you come to my rescue…?”

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1719

When Gerald realised they were inside a cave, he asked, “Also… where are we…?”

Despite the fact that the old man appeared ragged and sloppy, he knew he wasn’t an ordinary person.

“…I’m just someone who lives in seclusion on this mountain,” the old man replied after a brief pause in a raspy voice.

Gerald was taken aback when he heard that. To think that someone could live in a place like this!

“May I ask your name…?”

The man replied, “You can just call me Old Hughes…”

Old Hughes led Gerlad out of the cave they were in shortly after…

Gerald was greeted by the soothing sight of a crescent moon when he looked up at the sky…

Despite how calm the night had made him feel, Gerald was prompted to ask, “…Mind telling me where we’re going, Old Hughes…?” when he realised they were about to enter a dense forest.

Because of the dense foliage, they would almost certainly be engulfed in darkness, and being in an unlit forest at night was a very bad idea.

The more he tried to figure out who Old Hugh was, the more enigmatic he became.

Regardless, Old Hugh simply walked on, ignoring Gerald’s question…

They arrived at what appeared to be a miniature waterfall about ten minutes later…

Despite its small size, the night’s silence made the sound of splashing water crystal clear.

“…What is this place…?” Gerald wondered as he took a look around.

Old Hughes simply stared indifferently at Gerald before saying, “Follow me!” Ignoring Gerald’s question once more, Old Hughes simply stared indifferently at Gerald before saying, “Follow me!”

After saying that, the old man walked straight into the waterfall and vanished behind it!

Gerald, who had been stunned for a moment, quickly recovered his composure and cautiously placed his hand in the waterfall… only to have the water yank him right in! The waterfall was already behind him the next thing he knew!

Gerald was quickly reminded of the class storey, “Journey to the West,” now that he knew there was a hidden area behind the waterfall. After all, the Water Curtain Cave of the Great Sage, Heaven’s Equal was a similar location in the storey.

Gerald awoke quickly and began looking around before asking, “…Again, what exactly is this place, Old Hughes…?”

They were now in a massive space surrounded by star-like stone walls… It was one of the most breathtaking sights Gerald had ever seen, and he hadn’t expected all of this to be hidden here, of all places…

Old Hughes, who was nearby, simply gestured for Gerald to come over and said, “Get over here!” I have something I’d like to show you!”

Gerald hurried over to the old man’s side, raising a slight brow…

Gerald could only stare in awe as he realised there was a towering and somewhat translucent stone pillar in front of him now that he was standing beside Old Hughes… Even stranger was the fact that something appeared to be inside the pillar…

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1720

Gerald inquired, “What on earth is this…?”

“…First and foremost, this location is known as Fishgut Cave, and within this stone pillar is an ancient longsword known as the Fishgut Sword,” Old Hughes explained to Gerald.

“…The… Fishgut Sword?” says the narrator. Gerald was perplexed to hear such an unusual name for a longsword.

Old Hughes then retrieved a rolled-up parchment from beneath his coat. When Gerald unfolded it in front of him, the first image he saw was of a handsome, strong man and an elderly-looking man standing together in a location that looked strikingly similar to where they were now… It was, without a doubt, depicting both of them in Fishgut Cave!

“Is that… us?” Gerald, who was now completely perplexed, inquired.

Hughes replied, slowly revealing a wry grin, “Bingo.” It shows both of us standing in the same place…

I knew I was destined to lead someone here when I first discovered this parchment and saw its contents… And now, at long last, you’re here!”

Gerald, understandably, was taken aback by the situation. Gerald could tell that this wasn’t a bluff because of how serious Old Hughes was looking at him.

What a strange coincidence that the parchment depicted their current situation so accurately!

“…What exactly is going on here, Old Hughes?” Gerald, perplexed, didn’t want to be left in the dark any longer.

What was the inspiration for the drawing? What exactly was this location? And what was the significance of the longsword in front of him?

“To put it bluntly, Gerald, you’re doomed! I’m sure you’re the one who’s destined to draw the sword from the stone pillar because the drawing depicts me bringing you here!” exclaimed Old Hughes.

“…Me?” Are you certain…? Isn’t it possible that it’s someone else…?” Gerald responded, slightly taken aback by Old Hughes’ claim.

“Since I got this drawing, my boy, I’ve been waiting for you here.

If you’re not the one, please explain why we’re here today. It was only a matter of time before we met!” In response, Old Hughes stated.

“Ah, I see. So… “What makes the Fishgut Sword so unique?” Gerald finally gave in and looked at the sword within the stone pillar, which piqued his interest…

When Old Hughes heard the question, he looked the youth in the eyes and said, “The Fishgut Sword is an ancient longsword said to grant its wielder waterbending abilities.”

I’m sure you’re the only one qualified to use it in the first place, since you’re the person depicted on the map!”

Gerald could tell the old man wasn’t lying by his serious expression. Old Hughes, on the other hand, didn’t have much of a reason to lie about such things in the first place.

“…All right, then… So, since I’m going to have to draw the sword, how should I go about it?” Gerald enquired.

Hearing this, the old man grabbed Gerald’s arm and pulled him toward a stone…

Gerald noticed that a palm print had been carved into it…

Old Hughes commanded, “Place your hand on it!”

Gerald, slightly taken aback by the sudden shout, simply did as he was told before returning his gaze to the old man and asking, “…Like this?”

“Hush!” exclaimed Old Hughes, prompting Gerald to cover his mouth with his hands.

They could hear the gurgling of water flowing into the cave now that they were both silent…

Both of them stood there watching as streams of water began to flow up the stone Gerald was holding, all of them reaching for the palm-shaped indent…

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