The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 1731-1740

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1731

“Ray, what exactly is this Ghost Sect?” Gerald asked curiously.

Then, Ray started explaining in detail.

After listening to the explanation, Gerald and the rest understood it now.

Apparently, Ghost Sect was a place where the ghosts lived, and the black shadow should be a member of Ghost Sect.

“Then, how can I go there?”

After a pause, Gerald asked boldly.

Ray opened his eyes wide and stared at him in surprise upon hearing him. He didn’t expect that Gerald would have this idea.

Ghost Sect was not a place that anyone could go to. It was in the territory of Ghost Realm, a place for lonely souls and wild ghosts which were ruled by the Ghost King.

“Brother Gerald, Ghost Sect is not a good place. It is better not to go there!”

Ray reminded Gerald seriously.

“Ray, don’t worry. Since this matter is related to Ghost Sect, I think I should go there and investigate!” Gerald patted on his shoulder and said.

Why did the people of Ghost Sect come to Dragonblood City and try to snatch this ancient holy sword away? This mystery made Gerald very puzzled. He had to solve it.

“Alright. Since you insist on going, I will go with you!”

Ray knew that he could not persuade Gerald not to go, so he could only choose to accompany him.

After that, Ray told Gerald the time when Ghost Sect was opened and its location.

Two days later, at midnight.

This was the day when the entrance of Ghost Sect would open.

On this day, all the ghosts would gather here to enter Ghost Sect.

Gerald and Ray went to the entrance of Ghost Sect. As for the other three, Gerald did not let them come along to avoid being noticed.

There were a lot of ghosts at the entrance.

It was the first time Gerald had seen so many ghosts, and this amazed him.

“Ray, will these ghosts hurt people?”

Gerald leaned closer to Ray and whispered into his ear.

Ray shook his head slightly and replied, “Don’t worry, they won’t. Today is the day of peace. No ghost can hurt other ghosts.”

Hearing this, Gerald felt relieved.

However, they only had twelve hours, or to be precise, it was Gerald who only had twelve hours.

When the time was up, he had to leave Ghost Sect immediately, or he would not be able to get out forever and remain there as a ghost.

Soon, it was time. The door of the spiritual world opened, and all the ghosts flocked in.

Ray led Gerald into the spiritual world through the door.

Once inside, they saw a huge ghost city where many ghosts had set up stalls to sell things just like a town in the olden days.

Today was the most enjoyable day for the ghost because they could come to Ghost Sect to buy things for themselves. The only thing was that they did not trade with ordinary coins, but coins specially used in Ghost Sect. So, they had to go to exchange for some.

“Ray, are all these things around here edible? They’re making me hungry!”

Walking along the street, Gerald saw a lot of food around him which made him hungry, so he asked.

“Hehe, you can eat them, but you will lose a lot of masculine aura once you do so because these are food for ghosts, not humans.”

Ray smiled and replied to Gerald.

Gerald was discouraged immediately upon hearing this. He did not dare to think about it anymore as he did not want to lose his masculine aura.

“Let’s go. I’ll bring you to a place!”

Ray told Gerald and brought him to a building not far away with big steps.

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1732

Once inside, Gerald realized that it was a huge casino.

This was a casino in Ghost Sect. It was different from the casinos in the human world.

“Ray, why do I have a feeling that the ghosts can’t feel me?”

Suddenly, Gerald discovered something and asked Ray.

He had a feeling that he was being totally ignored, and the ghosts around didn’t notice him at all. What made him feel even stranger was that some ghosts even passed right through his body.

“Because you are not a real ghost, they won’t discover you. Moreover, no humans are allowed in here!”

Ray explained to Gerald immediately.

When Gerald heard him, he was very excited. That would mean that he was invisible right now.

“Gerald, it’s up to you now. You can use your invisibility to help me gamble so that we can win some money to buy some good things.”

Ray suggested to Gerald.

“Alright, Ray. No problem, just watch me!”

Gerald agreed without reservation. It was great that he had finally found his advantage here.

Later, Ray got Gerald to stand in the innermost position so that he could get a good peep to see everything.

As for Ray, he sat in front of the table. Just a moment ago, when he was squeezing through the crowd, he had stolen a ghost coin from a ghost to make the coin his startup capital.

Soon after, the ghost standing in the middle of the table started to roll the dice.

After rolling for a while, the ghost covered the dice with a lid, and Ray looked at Gerald who was behind the ghost.

After a quick peek, Gerald gave Ray a hand signal.

“I bet low!”

After seeing Gerald’s hand signal, Ray shouted loudly.

Then, he put the money on the low slot.

After making his bet, the ghost revealed the dice.

When he opened it, it was indeed a low number.

This made the ghosts around them applause. They didn’t expect Ray to be so good at gambling so much so that he had made profits in just one go.

However, Ray did not plan to stop there.

Since they were already there, he wanted to make a fortune.

Soon after, the second round started.

Just like before, the ghost in the middle rolled the dice.

Then, he covered the dice again.

Meanwhile, Gerald, who was behind the ghost, told Ray the number using hand signals.

After looking at the hand signal, Ray put all his money on the low slot once more.

“I still want to bet low!”

Ray shouted and put all the money on the low slot.

Later, the ghost revealed the dice.

Sure enough, it was a low number.

Ray won again. But this time, he won much more than the first time.

“Alright, I have had enough, so I’ll stop playing!”

He had made enough to afford a feast. Therefore, Ray didn’t want to continue gambling.

However, there was an unspoken rule in casinos in the human world, and that was, those who won should not leave. Of course, this applied to casinos in the spiritual world as well.

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1733


Before Ray could take another step, a few ghosts stopped him.

The ghost standing in the middle walked toward Ray and stared at him. “There is no such thing as leaving after winning.”

“Why? Do you guys have the guts to play the game? Or is it that you can’t afford to lose?”

Ray stared at the ghost coldly.

He didn’t expect that the ghost here would be just like humans in the real world, playing rogue when they couldn’t afford to lose.

They still wanted to be rascals when they were already ghosts. This irritated Ray a lot.

“Huh! You can either continue to gamble until you lose all the money, or you can hand over the money before you leave. There are two options, you choose!”

The ghost standing in the middle sneered and warned Ray, staring at him with threatening eyes.

It seemed that the ghost did not plan to let him leave.

Since that was the case, Ray would not let them have their way.

“Is that so? What if I don’t choose either of them?”

Ray looked at them and asked again.

“Then, don’t blame us for not showing mercy!”

The ghost in the middle snorted and signaled the ghosts around him.

Right after, the surrounding ghosts charged toward Ray and Gerald.

Since they had made their moves, Gerald was definitely not going to spare them.

He summoned his Fishgut Sword immediately and slashed them.


At once, the Fishgut Sword wiped out a few ghosts effortlessly.

Seeing this, the ghost standing in the middle showed fear on his face. He didn’t know that Gerald would be this powerful and possess such a powerful weapon.

“You are not a ghost, but a human!”

The ghost shouted in surprise.

“Hehe. Good that you know now. So, are you still going to stop me?”

Gerald smirked and asked the ghost.

Now, the ghost did not dare to be arrogant anymore. He lowered his head and said, “No, I won’t dare to. Please, you may leave!”

Hearing this, Gerald smiled in satisfaction. Then, he left the casino with Ray.

After they had left, Gerald and Ray found a spot to sit down.

“Wow, that’s so much money!”

Gerald’s eyes glowed as he looked at the bag full of money in Ray’s arms.

“Hehe. This is not real money, but the money of ghosts.”

Ray chuckled and explained to Gerald.

The money could only be used in Ghost Sect. It couldn’t be used in the real world, so, it was kind of useless even if they had a lot.

“Ray, I’m very hungry. What should I do?”

As Gerald was talking to Ray, his stomach was already rumbling loudly.

“Okay. Let me see if there’s a place where you can eat. We should find a place to spend the money!”

Once he heard that, Ray suggested to Gerald.

Then, Ray started scouring Ghost Sect with Gerald.

Soon, Ray saw a big restaurant that looked similar to a restaurant in the real world.

He led Gerald into the restaurant.


Ray shouted loudly once he went in, only to see a man in white come out from inside and greet them with a bright smile.

“Hehe. What would you like to eat?”

The restaurateur asked both Ray and Gerald.

Hearing this, Ray and Gerald were shocked. They didn’t expect that the restaurateur could see Gerald.

“You can see me?”

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1734

Gerald looked at the restaurateur in surprise and asked.

“Of course!”

The restaurateur smiled and answered.

Hearing this, Gerald looked at Ray immediately and started worrying.

“Ray, it can’t be that the effect of my medicine has passed, right?”

Gerald asked Ray in surprise, then, he quickly took out his mobile phone to check the time.

Looking at the time, twelve hours were not up yet. He had only been here for two hours.

But why could this restaurateur see him? This made Gerald wonder in astonishment.

“Boss, why can you see him?”

Ray asked the restaurateur curiously.

“Ha! Ha! Because I’m a human, just like you!”

The restaurateur smiled and explained.

Ray and Gerald finally understood the situation. So, that was why.

“Are you also a half-phantom?”

Ray asked suspiciously.

The restaurateur nodded and said, “Yes, I am. Let me introduce myself. My name is Garren Henry. I’m the owner of this restaurant, and I am specifically responsible for receiving people from the real world here!”

“Nice to meet you, Garren. I am Ray Leighton, and this is my friend, Gerald Crawford. We were hungry, so we came to get some food. Since we are not half-phantom, we can’t eat the food in Ghost Sect!”

Then, Ray introduced himself to Garran and explained the reason for coming to this place.

“No problem. Don’t worry. The food I serve here is safe for humans!”

Garren said immediately.

Then, he seated Ray and Gerald at a table

“Garren, do humans come here often?”

Once seated, Ray asked Garren.

“Not really. Most of the guests who come here are ghosts. Humans rarely come. Besides, I only come here for business when the entrance of the spiritual world is open. You are the first two humans from the real world I’ve met,” Garren explained.

“Right, you don’t look like ordinary people. You must be cultivators, right?”

After that, Garren looked at Ray again and asked.

Ray was startled when he heard Garren’s words. He didn’t expect that Garren would know.

“How did you know?”

Ray asked in surprise.

“Hehe. People who come to my place are all cultivators. There wouldn’t be any other people!”

Garren chuckled and explained.

“Then, you must be one as well!”

Ray stared at Garren. Since he was a half-phantom, he had to also be a cultivator.

“Hehe, I’m not really a cultivator. It’s just that I became like this because of an accident.”

Garren laughed bitterly and explained.

In truth, there were very few people who could become half-phantoms. Some by accident, and some by experiment.

However, Ray and Juno had become half-phantoms due to accidents.

Soon after, Garren served a lot of food on their table. All the food was from the real world.

Looking at the food, their eyes glowed.

“Come on, dig in. There’s more if this is not enough!”

Garren told them.

After that, Gerald and Ray started feasting.

“By the way, did you guys come here for the Ghostly Pearl?”

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1735

“Ghostly Pearl?”

Gerald was puzzled when he heard that.

It was his first time hearing about this Ghostly Pearl.

“What? You don’t know about it?”

Garren saw Gerald’s puzzled look and asked in surprise.

Gerald and Ray shook their heads.

“The Ghostly Pearl is the treasure of Ghost Sect. It is said that it can increase one’s cultivation level manyfold. That’s why many soul cultivators wanted to steal it. And yet, you actually don’t know about it?”

Garren stared at Gerald in surprise as he explained, his face expressing his disbelief.

“Then, where can I get this Ghostly Pearl?”

Gerald asked directly.

Since the Ghostly Pearl was so precious, it triggered Gerald’s interest greatly. Now, he was thinking of getting it.

“It’s not that easy. The Ghostly Pearl is in the hand of Ghost King. It’s the treasure of Ghost King, so getting the Ghostly Pearl would not be a simple task. Many soul cultivators died at his hands!”

Later, Garren told them with a doubtful look.

From Garren’s words, they knew that the Ghostly Pearl must be a very extraordinary thing. Besides, the Ghost King that he mentioned was the leader of Ghost Sect. He wasn’t someone who could be defeated by simply anyone.

“Where is Ghost King?”

Gerald continued to ask curiously.

“Ghost King is in the deepest ghost cave. That is his territory. Besides, many ghost soldiers and ghost generals are guarding the place, so it’s very difficult to get inside. Even if you do get into the cave, it’s very difficult to find the Ghostly Pearl.”

Garren told Gerald the location of Ghost King immediately.

“How long will the Ghost Sect remain open?”

After a pause, Gerald asked Garren.

Frankly speaking, this was also Gerald’s first time coming to Ghost Sect.

Although he heard about it from Old Flint, it was his first time actually coming here, and it was indeed a very different experience.

“One month. However, the entrance will be closed during the day and only open at night!” Garren replied immediately.

Upon hearing that, Gerald nodded with a serious face.

Since Ghost Sect would remain open for a month, it would mean that he had enough time to plan how to get the Ghostly Pearl.

If Gerald did not know about the Ghostly Pearl, he would not have bothered.

But now that he knew about it, he would not let go of such a great opportunity.

“Good. Garren, we need your help. I want to get this Ghostly Pearl!”

After that, Gerald told Garren definitively.

When Garren heard that, he was shocked. He didn’t expect Gerald to actually have the idea of getting the Ghostly Pearl.

“But as I told you, Gerald, the Ghostly Pearl is not that easy to obtain!”

Garren reminded Gerald worryingly.

“Yes, I know that. And that is the reason why I’m interested in it. The more difficult it is, the more I want to try. And maybe, I will succeed!”

Gerald looked at Garren with a determined face and said.

After hearing this, Garren couldn’t help but agree to help.

“Alright. Tell me what I can help you with.” Garren asked directly.

“I haven’t thought of a plan yet. Wait until I have a plan, and I will tell you what to do!”

Gerald didn’t reply to Garren’s question, but he simply reminded him.

“Okay, no problem. Once you have formulated a plan, tell me, and I will do my best to help you!”

Garren agreed readily without any objection.

Right then, Garren completely treated Gerald and Ray as his friends.

Since they were friends, it was only natural for them to help each other.

“Right, I have a good thing here that I can give to your disciple!”

Just then, Garren suddenly remembered something, and he hurriedly stood up. Then, he walked into the house.

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1736

After a short while, Garren walked out with a tag and handed it to Ray directly.

“What’s this?”

Ray received the tag, and he asked in doubt all of a sudden.


“This is the token of Ghost King, right?”

Without waiting for an explanation from Garren, Gerald directly revealed the name of the tag in Ray’s hand.

“That’s right. It’s the token of Ghost King, and it’s also the thing on a ghost’s body. With this, your disciple can have free access to Ghost Sect. It’s fine even if the effect of the medicine has subsided!”

Garren looked at Ray and Gerald as he explained.

Hearing that, both Gerald and Ray were very joyful. Unexpectedly, Garren actually owned such an item!

“Thank you, Boss Henry!”

Ray immediately expressed his gratitude toward Garren.

“Alright, it should be dawn soon. The large entrance of the spiritual world is about to be closed. I also need to pack up and leave this place!”

Garren looked at the time immediately after that. He found that it was almost early morning, so he immediately reminded both Gerald and Ray.

“Hmm, fine. Boss Henry, we’ll leave first, then!”

Gerald also stood up and said to Garren.

After bidding each other goodbye, Gerald brought Ray along and left the Ghost Sect directly.

By the time they went out of the large entrance of the Ghost Sect, the sky outside had turned white, just like the belly of a fish. It meant that it would soon be morning. The large entrance of the Ghost Sect was about to be closed.


“The fresh air is so good. It’s indeed very comfortable!”

The moment he came out, Ray looked up at the sky and sighed emotionally in a loud voice.

At that moment, the waterfall behind them was restored, and there were countless splashes of water, symbolizing that the large entrance of Ghost Sect had been officially closed.

“Gerald, I have a classmate party tonight. Can you come with me?”

In that instant, Juno suggested to Gerald.

“What time is it?”

“Seven o’clock!”

“Fine, no problem!”

Gerald chatted with Juno casually before he agreed to do so.

Since it was Juno’s classmate party, Gerald certainly needed to keep her company and go with her.

Hearing that Gerald had promised to go, Juno also revealed a delighted smile.

At night.

Gerald drove a car and went to her classmate’s party with her.

In Treka City. In Royal Grand Hotel.

“Juno, it seems like your classmates are quite rich.”

Gerald smiled and looked at Juno, teasing her.

Juno also smiled lightly and responded, “It’s been a long time since I’ve met them. They sent me an invitation card this time around, and that’s why I know of such a classmate party!”

After she had said that, Gerald parked the car promptly. Then, he brought Juno into the hotel.


At that moment, they heard a call from behind them.

Both of them immediately turned around and took a look. It was a woman in a long purple dress. She was walking toward them with a gentle smile.


Juno suddenly squealed.

After simply exchanging pleasantries with each other, the three of them immediately went upstairs.

The classmate party was held in a large banquet hall.

“I heard that this classmate party is organized by the class monitor alone. It seems like a lot of money was spent!”

As Juno and Ruth Gurvell were walking, they chatted with each other.

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1737

The three of them opened the door of the banquet hall and walked into the hall.

As soon as Juno and Ruth had entered the venue, they soon attracted all of the people’s attention in the hall.

“Miss Zorn, the beauty is here!”

Suddenly, a man’s excited voice was heard.

A man in a blue suit walked over hurriedly immediately after that. He came to stand before Gerald and the two ladies.

“Juno, finally you’re here. I’ve been waiting for you!”

The man in the blue suit was full of smiles as he looked at Juno and greeted her. His eyes were filled with fervent joy.

That person was Juno’s class monitor in university, and his name was Xanry Quirke.

“Ha! Ha! Monitor, you’ve exaggerated it. The classmate party would still be lively even without me.”

Juno smiled faintly and said.

Looking at Xanry before her made Juno feel that he was just as annoying as he used to be in the past.

The main thing was Xanry always addressed her as Juno, and it made her uncomfortable when she heard that. After all, she did not have a very close relationship with Xanry, and they were not considered particularly familiar with each other.

However, since there were so many people there, Juno had no way to say much. They were classmates, and it was unnecessary to humiliate others.

“Alas! Juno, you’re wrong. If you didn’t come, what’s the fun of our classmate party?”

Xanry immediately grabbed the chance to say this to Juno.

Standing at the side, Gerald observed Xanry. He felt that Xanry was extremely good at pretending.

In truth, Gerald had already seen through Xanry’s inner thoughts. Xanry just wanted to obtain Juno.

Unfortunately for him, Gerald was not about to give him that chance.

“Juno, is he the class monitor you mentioned before?”

Gerald deliberately walked forward and hugged Juno, asking her with a faint smile. He just wanted to do that purposely in front of Xanry to let the latter know that Juno belonged to him.

Seeing Gerald putting on such an act, Juno was not surprised. On the contrary, she felt warm inwardly with a deep sense of security.

“Hmm. That’s right. He’s my class monitor—Xanry Quirke!”

Juno looked obedient and charming, leaning close to Gerald’s shoulder as she replied to him.

Seeing this, Xanry was stunned all of a sudden. He totally did not expect that there would be such a scene.

“Juno… This is?”

After a pause, Xanry asked Juno slightly awkwardly.

Without waiting for Juno to say anything, Gerald looked at Xanry with a smile as he greeted him, “Monitor, nice to meet you. Let me introduce myself. I’m Juno’s boyfriend, and my name is Gerald Crawford!”

Hearing that, Xanry’s heart skipped a beat instantly.

It had never occurred to him that Juno had a boyfriend. It was even beyond his expectation that Juno would actually bring her boyfriend along to join the classmate party.

Putting Xanry aside, the other classmates who were around also revealed shocked expressions one after another.

They knew for a fact how madly Xanry had tried to gain Juno’s affections in the past. However, he was always rejected by Juno.

Yet now, Juno actually had a boyfriend. That would indeed make them feel shocked and incredulous. They wondered what kind of person Gerald was since he was actually able to gain Juno’s affections.

At that moment, Xanry was very annoyed inwardly, but he could not express that. Therefore, he could only pretend to be fine.

“Hello, nice to meet you!”

Xanry revealed a smile as he greeted Gerald.

The classmate party officially started immediately after that.

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1738

Everyone took their seats one after another, sitting at the dining table as they ate and chatted among themselves.

Naturally, both Gerald and Juno sat at the same dining table with Ruth. Of course Xanry was there too.

“Come, Mr. Crawford! Let me toast to you!”

At that moment, Xanry took the initiative to stand up, holding the wine glass. He then smiled faintly at Gerald, toasted to him, and said.

Seeing that, Gerald also cordially stood up as he toasted Xanry, “Ha! Ha! Thank you, monitor!”

After he had said that, both of them gulped down the entire glass of wine at the same time.

“Ha! Ha! Mr. Crawford, you’re quite good at drinking. It seems that you must have always drunk a lot!”

When Xanry saw Gerald gulp down the glass of wine in such a frank and straightforward manner, he smiled and teased Gerald.

“There’s no such thing. I don’t drink wine usually. I only have a glass or two. Honestly, I’m not good at drinking!”

Gerald responded to Xanry in a very humble manner.

Gerald could discern that Xanry was sounding him out. However, since Xanry wanted to sound him out, he certainly had to put on an act to conform to Xanry’s action. He wanted to see what exactly Xanry wanted to do.

“If that’s the case, Mr. Crawford, you need to drink more today. After all, you’re Juno’s boyfriend. You must be extraordinary since you were able to become Juno’s boyfriend. I wonder what kind of high post you have now.”

Xanry then started asking Gerald.

Hearing that, one soon knew that Xanry had certainly started to compare himself with Gerald in an offensive manner. It seemed as though Xanry wanted to retrieve a little bit of confidence and advantage in other aspects of Gerald.

Still, no matter what Xanry wanted to do, it was to no avail. It was because Gerald felt that Xanry could never be compared with him. Xanry was entirely not on par with him.

“Ha! Ha! Monitor, you’re joking. I’m not worthy of a high post, and I’m just doing a small business myself.”

Gerald smiled very calmly as he looked at Xanry and responded.

Hearing that, Xanry was deeply happy inwardly. He was wondering what kind of job Gerald had, but Gerald had absolutely no way to be compared to him.

“Mr. Crawford, you’re very humble. Come, Mr. Crawford. Let’s have another glass of wine!”
Xanry lifted his wine glass again and toasted Gerald, saying such words. He wanted to make Gerald drunk.

Gerald certainly would not let Xanry have his way. It was because Xanry could never imagine how good at drinking Gerald was.

Soon, the first stage of the classmate party was over.

After the meal, the subsequent activity was certainly the amusement activities.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve booked the entertainment hall upstairs. Do go upstairs and have fun. I’ll pay for all expenses tonight!”

Xanry then shouted at the surrounding classmates in a loud voice.

Hearing that, the surrounding classmates cheered and whooped loudly one after another. It made Xanry feel very good, and he felt that he had everyone’s attention at that moment.

After that, they went to the entertainment hall upstairs.

Meanwhile, Gerald sat on the sofa at the side with Juno and Ruth.

“Juno, your class monitor is very generous.”

After they had sat down, Gerald inevitably made a sarcastic joke and said to Juno.

Quite frankly, Gerald’s words were filled with ridicule. In truth, he knew that Xanry just wanted to show himself off by doing so, making himself the center of attraction. Xanry wanted everyone to think that he was very successful.

After Juno heard that, she said nothing. She was uninterested in anything related to Xanry.
Just then, they saw Xanry walking toward them.

“Mr. Crawford, it turns out that you’re here. Why are you sitting here? Do you want to go and play bowling with me?”

Xanry walked over to Gerald and suggested, full of smiles.

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1739

“Bowling? Alas! I truly have never played it before.”

After Gerald heard that, he pretended to reply in doubt.

Since he wanted to put on an act, he certainly needed to go through with it. He wanted to have fun with Xanry properly.

“It’s fine. Let me teach you. Come! Let’s go and have fun!”

After Xanry heard that, he was not doubtful at all. He cheerfully said this to Gerald.

“Alright, then. I’ll go and have fun with you!”

Gerald directly agreed to do so. After that, he looked toward Juno.

“Juno, I’ll go and play bowling for a while. Just have a chat here!”

After Juno heard that, she naturally had no objection. She knew that Gerald certainly had his own thoughts. Naturally, she would not stop him. She could only remark that it was not a good choice for Xanry to look for trouble with Gerald. Till then, Xanry would definitely regret it.

Soon Gerald had arrived at the bowling alley with Xanry.

Both Xanry and Gerald occupied a lane respectively.

“Come, Mr. Crawford. I’ll teach you how to play this game. Just observe me!”

Xanry smiled and said to Gerald. After that, he picked up a bowling ball and held it in his hand.

Xanry walked forward and then exerted himself, pulling the bowling ball in his hand backward before throwing it forward.

The bowling ball soon started rolling in the lane.


With that one shot, the pins were hit directly.

Xanry’s shot directly knocked down all of the pins.
Seeing that, Gerald knew that Xanry clearly had considerable experience with bowling. Besides, he was also a person with very powerful strength.

It seemed like Xanry had deliberately asked him to play bowling together just for the sake of bullying him.

But Xanry had assumed that Gerald was too weak.

Unbeknownst to him, Gerald had played bowling before. Not only that, but he also had a lot of experience.

Gerald had deliberately claimed that he did not know how to play bowling just so Xanry would not see through his act. It was all for the sake of exposing Xanry’s true colors.

Since Xanry wanted to play this game, Gerald would play with him properly.

“Come, Mr. Crawford. Give it a try!”

At that moment, Xanry picked up a bowling ball and handed it to Gerald before saying that.

Gerald received the bowling ball and walked forward, pretending to be unfamiliar with it. He did the same action as Xanry had done before. He then threw the bowling ball in his hand forward.

However, Gerald purposely threw it in an askew manner, and he did not hit a single pin.

“Ha! Ha! Ha!”

When Xanry saw that Gerald had failed to hit the pins, he soon burst into a roar of loud laughter all of a sudden.

“Mr. Crawford, it seems like you need to practice more. It’ll be fine after you practice a few times!”

Xanry pretended to be kind and reminded Gerald.

Gerald also did not bother about him. Instead, he continued to pick up another bowling ball and purposely practiced his skills.

Xanry was indeed stupid, for he had not seen through anything. He had absolutely not found out that Gerald was actually pretending.

If it was someone else who was professional, Gerald was afraid that they would have long seen through it and found that he definitely knew how to play bowling.
After a short while, Xanry looked toward Gerald again.

“Mr. Crawford, I see that you’ve practiced for so long. Why don’t we have a competition? Let’s have a round, shall we?”

Xanry suggested to Gerald.

Gerald knew that Xanry was about to start, and his true colors were about to be exposed.

As expected, that was Xanry’s purpose. Xanry wanted to compete with Gerald and bully him fiercely in order to humiliate him.

Gerald had seen through everything, but he was unwilling to point that out.

Certainly, Gerald was not the kind of person who would not conform to that.


Gerald directly agreed to do so.

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 1740

“How about this? We definitely need something at stake for a competition, right? What do you think about 150 dollars for a round?”

At that moment, Xanry looked toward Gerald and suggested to him. He had long planned a small scheme in his heart.

Gerald sneered inwardly. It seemed like Xanry was mad about money. He actually wanted 150 dollars for one round of bowling.

“Sure, no problem!”

After a pause, Gerald directly agreed to do so.

After all, money was nothing to Gerald. Besides, it was uncertain that he would lose terribly.
Everything was in his control.

“Monitor, don’t bully Juno’s boyfriend in such a terrible manner. If not, Juno will get angry!”

In that instant, a male classmate who was sitting at the side watching another’s misfortune teased Xanry. His tone was filled with ridicule for Gerald.

Gerald also did not care about those people. After all, everything would be known later.
Gerald would humiliate them vehemently, giving every one of them a soundless slap.

They wanted to bully him, but they did not cut the coat according to their clothes. Was it that easy to bully him?

“Come on! Mr. Crawford, we’ll take turns. Let’s see who has the highest score at the end!”

Xanry immediately described the rules to Gerald. He was rather impatient to bully Gerald vigorously.

Gerald nodded slightly without saying anything.

Soon, the machine had placed the pins nicely, and the competition started.

Xanry was the first to begin. He took a bowling ball, directly making a perfect arc in the air before the ball fell on the floor and rolled out.

After he threw the ball, he did not even spare it a glance. He was filled with confidence.

There was the crisp sound of a crash.

During the first round, Xanry had hit all of the pins, gaining ten points.

There were a total of ten pins, and one point would be rewarded for knocking down a pin.


“Monitor, you’re so awesome!”

“That’s right! Monitor is just too handsome!”

Seeing that Xanry had knocked down all of the pins, the surrounding classmates cheered one after another, all of them praising him.

For a moment, Xanry was wallowing in the enjoyment of pleasure.

Next, it was Gerald’s turn. He got up and picked up a bowling ball. Gerald certainly would not directly show his true strength during that round. It was because the time had not come.

Hence, Gerald had to purposely fail to hit the pins no matter what.

After he had thought it over, he threw the ball out randomly. The bowling ball rolled in the lane swiftly before rolling out of the lane. The result was invalid, and he gained no points for that round.

“Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!”

That scene soon made everyone around that place burst into roars of laughter, and they thought that Gerald was just too weak.

However, Gerald did not bother about those people.

Gerald had done that on purpose, so he let them mock him all they wanted.

The more they mocked him now, the deeper the humiliation they would suffer later.

“Hmm… Mr. Crawford, it’s fine. Everyone makes mistakes!”

Xanry purposely endured it and refrained from laughing. He looked at Gerald and consoled him.

After that, as he was talking, he picked up the bowling ball. He started to throw the ball for the second round of the game.
The machine had just reset the pins nicely. The second round of the game had begun.

It was the same as before, and Xanry decisively threw out the bowling ball in his hand.

The bowling ball rolled on the lane, rolling toward the pins quickly.


It hit the pins successfully.

However, the second round was not as smooth as the first round, and Xanry only knocked down seven pins, gaining seven points.

Actually, Xanry had done that purposely. He deliberately went easy on Gerald. If not, he would be deemed too cruel. Besides, Gerald was Juno’s boyfriend no matter what. He did not want Juno to get angry at him later, thinking that he was entirely bullying Gerald.

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