The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 1741-1750

Chapter 1741

“Your move, Mr. Crawford!” said Xanry as he turned to look at Gerald once he was done.

It was now the start of the second round, and Gerald knew that he couldn’t afford to obtain zero marks again or the gap between his score and Xanry’s would become too large for him to turn the game around later.

With that, Gerald picked a bowling ball up before slowly walking toward the lane.

The second he got into position, however, Gerald heard Xanry yell out from behind him, “Just make some bold toss, Mr. Crawford! It’s fine if you don’t hit anything, just take it as practice! After all, you need a lot more of it to even be able to take on me!”

As roars of laughter ensued, Gerald simply closed his eyes… Before slowly opening them again.

Taking a step forward, Gerald then tossed the bowling ball!

Rather than swerving to the side this time, the ball instead rolled straight for the pins, momentarily surprising Xanry and the others.

While the sound of bowling pins getting knocked over could be heard, Gerald only managed to hit five pins. With that in mind, he was now twelve marks behind Xanry.

Since there were six more rounds before the game ended—with the game consisting of eight rounds in total—Gerald felt that being twelve marks behind Xanry wasn’t really a particularly large difference. After all, he simply needed to get a higher final score than him to win.

“…Not bad, Mr. Crawford! I guess you really do have some talent to be able to hit five pins!” said Xanry as he insincerely praised Gerald. Truth be told, the fact that Gerald had managed to hit five pins in the first place was truly vexing him. How lucky!

While that hit was certainly surprising, Xanry quickly summarized that Gerald still wasn’t a threat to him. He’d definitely still be able to win and obtain that hundred and fifty dollars!

With that, their little contest resumed and the third round began.

Using his usual tactic, Xanry tossed the ball as easily as the first two rounds… and following the clattering of falling pins, only a single pin remained standing!

Since he had managed to gain nine points, Xanry now had a total of twenty-six points and this led those surrounding him to instantly cheer.

Even before Gerald made his move, however, he could already tell that that same crowd was going to jeer at him no matter what score he got. Still, it was clear to him that those spectators were simply fools fawning over Xanry. With that in mind, their jeers meant little to Gerald. Gerald hadn’t even displayed his true capabilities yet.

Whatever the case was, Gerald then retrieved his third ball and tossed it skillfully without the slightest hesitation, a clear contrast to how he tossed his ball in the previous two rounds.

This was all according to plan, of course. Gerald had applied perfect amounts of force to his throws to display increasing amounts of strength and skill in each passing round. That way, not only would Xanry not be too quick to be suspicious of him, but he would also be able to ensure that he was making progress in the game.

If everything went smoothly, everyone would surely have a vastly different opinion of him by the end of the bowling match.

Regardless, as the ball rolled seamlessly on the lane, the familiar clatter of bowling pins could be heard… Gerald had managed to hit seven pins this time, and he now had twelve points, which meant that he was now only fourteen marks behind Xanry!

Seeing that Gerald had managed to hit even more pins this time, Xanry’s expression turned even more unpleasant. To think that Gerald would be able to progress so quickly! He knew he couldn’t afford to go easy on the youth anymore or their scores would just keep getting closer!

“…It appears that you’re getting the hang of the game extremely quickly, Mr. Crawford! I guess I can’t go easy on you anymore!” declared Xanry, making sure to make it obvious that he had been going easy on Gerald this entire time.

Upon hearing that, Gerald couldn’t help but chuckle in his mind as he thought, ‘I wonder who’s truly going easy on who now…’

Whatever the case was, the fourth round soon began…

Since Xanry was up first, he got his ball before concentrating hard on the pins before him…

Once he was ready, he tossed the bowling ball toward the pins extremely swiftly!

Chapter 1742
Xanry realized that he had made a miscalculation the second the ball hit the lane with a loud ‘thud’ before swerving right into the gutter! With that in mind, Xanry ended up getting no points for that round.

Seeing that, Xanry couldn’t help but frown. To think that he would actually make such a mistake at the worst possible time! How dissatisfactory!

Gerald himself wasn’t about to miss the chance to ridicule Xanry. Laughing aloud, Gerald then scoffed, “I guess you made a mistake just in time for me to catch up to you, Monitor! You have my thanks!”

Hearing that, Xanry grew immensely annoyed, though he didn’t really have anything to retort. After all, he was the one who had been careless.

Laughing bitterly in response, Xanry then replied, “…That’s right! I guess you do have a chance now!”

While Gerald didn’t say it out, in his mind, he was thinking, ‘Go on pretending! You’re still trying hard to put up an act even after I’ve given you a platform, huh?’

Now that it was Gerald’s turn again, he figured that it was high time he started closing the gap between their scores even more. As long as he remained a few points behind Xanry, he wouldn’t make his capabilities too obvious, and Xanry would surely continue being smug about it till the very last moment.

With that in mind, Gerald then got up and took yet another ball. Tossing it in one fluid motion, the ball rolled so steadily that by the time it got to the bowling pins, all ten of them ended up falling!

While gasps could be heard from the audience, Xanry’s frown only deepened. Now that Gerald had twenty-two points, he was only four marks behind Xanry. If he wasn’t careful, Gerald was surely going to surpass his score in the next round!

“Looks like I’m about to catch up to you, monitor!” said Gerald with a chuckle.

Forcing a laugh, the awkward Xanry then moved to take his fifth ball.

He now understood that due to him wanting to win so much in the previous round, he had gotten impatient, which led to his terrible performance. As the saying went, ‘slow and steady wins the race’. With that in mind, Xanry made sure to calm himself before tossing his next shot.

Naturally, now that he was much more focused, Xanry was able to get a strike as well!

Seeing that, his classmates instantly began cheering once more!

“Hell yeah!”

“Awesome, monitor! You got a strike again!”

Now that he had returned to his normal performance, Xanry couldn’t help but flash a smile. He was going to triumph over Gerald if it was the last thing he did!

Gerald, on the other hand, simply retained his poker face. Standing there calmly, it almost seemed like he didn’t even care about Xanry’s performance…

The truth was, however, that Gerald was cooking up a plan in his head. In his mind, he was thinking that instead of simply winning the competition by a landslide, wouldn’t it annoy Xanry even more if he won with only a single point higher than Xanry?

Just as Gerald was thinking how interesting that outcome would be, his train of thought was cut short when Xanry scoffed, “It’s your turn now, Mr. Crawford! Could it be that you’re getting frightened of me?”

The fact that Gerald still hadn’t made his move made Xanry delighted to no end. His humiliation earlier was definitely being redeemed now!

Chapter 1743
Nodding slightly, Gerald then picked up another bowling ball before tossing it almost nonchalantly. Even so, he ended up getting yet another strike! How astonishing!

“I’m sorry, monitor! It appears that I’ve hit all of them again! I guess I’ve already mastered bowling!” replied Gerald as he smiled while looking at Xanry.

Currently, while Xanry was still ahead with thirty-six points, Gerald was only four points behind him. With only three rounds left, the competition was going to end soon. Who was going to be the victor?

“…A bit too early to celebrate, wouldn’t you say, Mr. Crawford? After all, we still have three rounds to decide the victor!” scoffed Xanry as he picked yet another bowling ball to start the fifth round.

After positioning himself, Xanry then aimed for the pins before swiftly tossing the ball toward them!

When tossing a bowling ball, the route the ball ended up landing in would alter the ball’s strength as well as the number of pins it could hit. With that in mind, not everyone could just hit a strike as they pleased. If they were really unlucky, then the bowling ball would even end up rolling into the gutter!

Even so, Xanry had made use of this knowledge—as well as his aiming skills—to perfectly calculate the direction and strength of the ball. With how straight the ball was now rolling, Xanry was more than certain that he had secured himself another strike!

As the ball crashed into the pins, everyone held their breath as they watched the ones at the sides wobble to and fro… Until eventually, only one pin remained standing! With nine pins knocked over, Xanry now had forty-five points in the bag!

Even so, Xanry felt that the results weren’t ideal. After all, now that he had missed one pin, Gerald was one point closer to catching up to him!

Regardless, it was now Gerald’s turn. As long as he managed to hit all the pins, there would only be a three-point difference between their scores!

Picking the ball up before Xanry even had a chance to taunt him, Gerald then casually tossed it down the lane… only to end up getting another strike! How stupefying!

Due to that, there was now only a three-point difference between the two. With only two rounds left in the game, the winner of the competition was soon to be announced…

Looking dead serious now, Xanry was worried out of his mind. After all, if he didn’t perform well in the final two rounds, missing a single pin would result in Gerald winning the competition!

“Ah… Sorry monitor, but it seems that I got another strike! Lucky me!” said Gerald in an apologetic tone as he put on an innocent façade.

Hearing that, Xanry was so infuriated that he wanted to pummel Gerald to bits! However, he knew better than to do that. After all, that would surely make him look like a sore loser!

With that, the sixth round then began…

Picking the ball up, the worried Xanry couldn’t help but quiver slightly. He knew that being defeated by Gerald would surely bring him immense humiliation, and understanding that only served to amplify his nervousness…

After slightly hesitating, Xanry then tossed the ball forward… However, it instantly rolled askew!

Seeing that, Xanry instantly knew that the results wouldn’t look pretty. Fortunately, he still ended up hitting four pins. With that, he now had a total of forty-nine points.

“Oh no, it appears that you’ve made another mistake, monitor!” said Gerald who wasn’t going to miss the chance to humiliate him.

Fuming mad, Xanry thought to himself, ‘Like I’m blind… I can see that…! You don’t have to rub it in!’

Whatever the case was, Xanry could now only hope that Gerald would also make a mistake. If that happened, then Xanry would still have one final chance to turn things around…

Chapter 1744
Unfortunately for him, Gerald wasn’t about to grant him such a chance.

Immediately picking the bowling ball up, Gerald then walked toward the lane… Without even having to look where he was throwing, Gerald then confidently tossed it toward the pins.

Every dog had its day, and it was now Gerald’s turn to do the mocking. After all, he was simply doing the same thing that Xanry had done to him in the first round.

Whatever the case was, as expected, no pins remained standing, signifying yet another strike from Gerald. With the scores being fifty-two against forty-nine now, Gerald’s score had finally surpassed Xanry’s…

With Gerald’s turn over, the start of the seventh and final round began…

By this point, Xanry knew that he couldn’t afford to mess up anymore. If he didn’t land a strike, then he would surely lose to Gerald!

He was also worried that Gerald would get yet another strike… If that happened, then Xanry would still lose the competition, regardless of whether he managed to get that final strike or not… With that in mind, he could only pray that Gerald made a mistake in his final throw.

Shaking the thought off, Xanry then picked his final bowling ball before walking toward the lane…

As he took in a deep breath, Xanry heard as his classmates began cheering for him.

“Monitor, come on, you can do it!”

“Yeah! You’ll definitely win, monitor!”

Upon hearing that, Xanry felt his confidence slowly return to him.

Now that he had recovered his strength, he glared at the pins before tossing the ball forward in a fluid motion!

Rolling in a straight line, the ball never swerved, and in the end, all ten pins were hit with a loud clatter!

“Strike!” yelled Xanry as he instantly jumped in joy and excitement. At the very least his final throw wasn’t a disappointment.

However, now that that was over, it was now Gerald’s turn…

Gerald’s performance in this final round would decide who won the battle. If Gerald got another strike, then it would officially be Xanry’s loss. However, if Gerald flubbed his roll, then it would be Xanry’s win…

Looking at Xanry’s score of fifty-nine, Gerald knew that he only had to hit eight pins in order to surpass Xanry by a single point. Of course, with how easily he had been getting strikes, hitting eight pins was nothing to Gerald.

With that, Gerald then picked his final bowling ball and adjusted the strength in his hands… before tossing the ball forward!

Swiftly rolling along the lane, the clattering of pins could soon be heard as the bowling ball’s strike left only two pins standing…

Just as Gerald had hoped for, he had managed to hit exactly eight pins, and with his score being sixty, he had managed to win against Xanry by exactly one point!

Xanry himself could only stand there, completely flabbergasted. To think that he would be defeated by someone who hadn’t even played bowling before!

Of course, Gerald was no stranger to bowling, but Xanry didn’t know that, nor did he need to.

Regardless, despite winning, Gerald didn’t want Xanry to get too embarrassed. After all, in the end, he was still Juno’s monitor. With that said, Gerald knew he had to give Xanry at least some respect.

With that in mind, Gerald then smiled faintly before saying in a humble tone, “I guess I won, monitor! Sorry for that! However, I know how much of a pro you are in this game, so I’m pretty sure you deliberately lost to me, right?”

Upon hearing that, Xanry instantly caught on to what Gerald was trying to do. Since Gerald was granting him a chance to lessen his shame, Xanry was certainly not going to say no to that.

Chapter 1745
With that, Xanry then got his wallet before fishing a hundred and fifty dollars out to hand to Gerald.

Naturally, Gerald wasn’t about to say no to that money. After all, he deserved it, and he wasn’t embarrassed to take it.

Now that the game was over, Gerald then waved farewell to Xanry before heading back to Juno’s side.

Seeing that he was finally back, Juno was prompted to ask, “What took you so long?”

“Well, I just played around for a while. Regardless, I got a bit tired so I’m back now!” explained Gerald with a faint smile.

Naturally, she believed Gerald’s words. After all, there was no way she could’ve known about the incident between Gerald and Xanry. Then again, even if she was aware of it, she probably wouldn’t have thought much about it. Hell, she would probably feel that Gerald had done well in teaching Xanry a lesson.

Regardless, after a short while, both of them watched as Xanry walked over to them with a few bottles of wine and what appeared to be some dice in hand.

Sitting right before Gerald, Xanry then smiled before saying, “I’d say we didn’t have that much of a good time earlier, Mr. Crawford. With that in mind, what say you and me play something new?”

Hearing that, Juno couldn’t help but frown slightly as she looked at Xanry, wondering what he was up to.

Gerald himself could only contemptuously think, ‘So, come back to look for more trouble after I defeated you earlier? How reluctant to lose are you? I guess the only way to drill it into you is by showing you the grim reality of things!’

Since Xanry was still pestering him, Gerald was no longer against hiding his true strength. If it was a game Xanry wanted, then Gerald was going to play properly to show Xanry just how powerless he truly was against him. Xanry was about to learn the hard way that Gerald wasn’t someone who could be trifled with.

“Not a problem, monitor! Though I wonder what you’re planning to play?” asked Gerald with a subtle smile after a slight pause.

Hearing Gerald’s agreement, Xanry then placed the dice before Gerald before saying, “We’re playing a game of dice. Have you played before?”

Nodding slightly, Gerald then replied, “Just a little!”

“That’s great to hear! I won’t be telling you the rules then. Regardless, what say we spice up the game by betting seventy-five dollars per round? I’m sure that that small amount won’t be an issue for you. Besides, you already gained a hundred and fifty dollars from me earlier!” suggested Xanry, a hint of annoyance in his tone. Since he had been humiliated so much earlier, he was surely going to get Gerald back for it this time.

He admitted that he had been a bit too careless earlier. Whatever the case was, he was a veteran when it came to dice. With that in mind, he definitely had a major advantage over Gerald this time around.

“No problem! I accept!” replied Gerald.

Upon hearing that, Juno—who had been sitting at the side—couldn’t help but look at Gerald with slight bewilderment.

Tugging on his sleeve, Juno then whispered, “Hey, don’t go acting all recklessly now, Gerald!”

“Don’t worry, I’m sensible enough to know my capabilities!” replied Gerald as he looked back at Juno.

“That’s right, Juno! You should believe in Mr. Crawford, you know?” added Xanry.

Hearing that, Juno chose to remain silent. After all, she, of all people, trusted that Gerald wasn’t one to act recklessly.

With that settled, Xanry then pushed the dice toward Gerald.

Picking them up, Gerald then began shaking the dice.

He was no stranger to the game, which explained his current confidence against Xanry. What more, he had a secret weapon that the others were unaware of, that being the fact that he could differentiate the points of the dice just by listening!

Naturally, this was a pretty exclusive skill that ordinary people could never hope to achieve. Gerald, however, was no ordinary person.

With all that in mind, it was pretty much set in stone that Gerald was going to be the victor before the game even began…

Chapter 1746
With that, the duo then began shaking their dice around for a few seconds…

Once both of them stopped, Xanry immediately smiled as he said, “After you, Mr. Crawford! Make your guess!”

Hearing that, Gerald then declared, “Three sixes!”

“I see! Four sixes then!” shouted Xanry in response.

From what Gerald had been able to hear, he knew that Xanry definitely had two sixes. Gerald had two sixes himself, which was why he definitely couldn’t open it.

Regardless, the only way to properly deal with Xanry would be to deliberately lose to him for a few rounds. Allowing Xanry to be smug the first few rounds would definitely make Gerald’s eventual victory much sweeter.

With that in mind, Gerald then shouted, “Five fives!”

Upon hearing that, Xanry couldn’t help but smile as he declared, “Open!”

Since Xanry had chosen to open Gerald’s dice, Gerald naturally had to do so.

Looking at the results, the points of the dice didn’t add up to five fives. Instead, there were only three fives, which meant that Gerald had lost this round.

Of course, the loss was calculated, and Gerald was still perfectly under control of the situation.

“Alas, it seems you’ve lost, Mr. Crawford!” said Xanry as he looked at the indifferent Gerald.

Gerald himself didn’t really care about the loss. After all, it was only seventy-five dollars. In a way, he was simply returning Xanry’s own money to him, and it was a detail that Gerald honestly found both hilarious and pathetic.

Regardless, after being handed the money, Xanry quickly took it from Gerald. It was almost as though he was worried that the money would disappear or something, and it clearly showed just how much Xanry cared about money.

Either way, now that he had finally won some cash, Xanry immediately said, “Shall we continue, Mr. Crawford?”

“Fine by me!” replied Gerald as both of them began shaking their dice again…

The second they stopped shaking, Xanry instantly said, “Since you lost in the previous round, you’ll start first, Mr. Crawford!”

Nodding and knowing for a fact—with the aid of his keen hearing—that Xanry had two threes and three fives, Gerald deliberately answered wrongly to let Xanry win again by declaring, “Three fives!”

Gerald himself had the exact opposite digits, with him having two fives and three threes.

Whatever the case was, Xanry then shouted, “Four fours!”

Naturally, it was a number that neither of them had.

To be quite frank, Gerald really wanted to open Xanry’s dice now, but he refrained. After all, he didn’t want Xanry to lose that quickly. In order to make Xanry’s defeat really sting, Gerald was going to allow Xanry to wallow in victory for a few rounds first…

Chapter 1747
With that in mind, after a brief pause, Gerald then declared, “Five fours!”

“Open!” yelled Xanry almost instantaneously.

Rather than feeling surprised that Xanry would choose to open now, Gerald instead felt delighted. After all, he had been waiting for Xanry to do so. Everything was simply going to plan…

Regardless, Gerald then revealed his dice for Xanry to see.

Upon seeing that he had won again, the clearly sarcastic Xanry said in an apologetic tone, “Apologies, Mr. Crawford, but it appears that you’ve lost again! Looks like you’ll be forking out more money to me!”

It didn’t take a genius to know that Xanry was already drunk with power. Xanry clearly thought that Gerald was no match against him in this game.

“You win some, you lose some!” replied Gerald in a casual tone as he handed another seventy-five dollars to the overjoyed Xanry.

Seeing that Gerald had already lost a hundred and fifty dollars, Juno quickly looked at Gerald before muttering slightly worriedly, “Gerald, just forget about the game and let’s leave already…!”

While seventy-five dollars was nothing to them, if Gerald continued losing, his monetary losses would surely stack up to dangerous amounts…

Chuckling in response, Gerald then said, “Don’t worry, Juno! The show has only begun! Besides, I haven’t lost a single cent! I won a hundred and fifty dollars from him earlier, so all I’ve done is return his own money!”

Hearing that, Juno simply chose to remain silent as the competition between Gerald and Xanry resumed.

Now that he had returned all of Xanry’s money to him, it was high time Gerald revealed his true strength. It was finally time to go all out!

With that, both of them began shaking their dice again.

The second he saw Gerald stop shaking his dice, Xanry immediately said, “After you, Mr. Crawford!”

From what Gerald was able to hear, Xanry’s dice showed four fours and one three. As for his own dice, Gerald had four twos and one five.

With that in mind, Gerald then declared, “Three twos!”

Hearing that, Xanry yelled, “Three fives!”

“Open!” shouted Gerald, no longer planning to allow Xanry to win.

Upon hearing that, Xanry was momentarily stunned. To think that Gerald would choose to open his dice!

Unable to do anything about it, Xanry then opened his dice at the same time Gerald did…

“Oh my… It appears that I only have one five! Sorry monitor, but it seems you’ve lost!” said Gerald in a calm tone as he looked at Xanry.

Finding it hard to believe that he had lost, the unwilling Xanry then fished out seventy-five dollars and handed it to Gerald while saying, “…Fine! You win some, you lose some! Here’s the money!”

To think that he had to return the money to Gerald so quickly!

Either way, Gerald was naturally not done with Xanry yet. He wasn’t going to let Xanry off with a mere seventy-five-dollar loss!

With that, Gerald then asked, “So, how about it, monitor? Do you still wish to continue?”

Chapter 1748
Now that he wasn’t holding back anymore, Gerald naturally wanted to continue the game.

Not finding it odd that Gerald suddenly looked much more interested in the game, Xanry simply replied, “Of course we’ll continue! After all, we’ve only played a few rounds! I won’t be going easy on you after this, Mr. Crawford!”

Hearing that same sentence again, Gerald found himself getting increasingly fed up with those words. Xanry was way too confident for his own good. However, the more confident he was, the more arrogant he became, and when that happened, Gerald knew for a fact that things wouldn’t end well for him.

With that, both of them quickly began shaking their dice again.

While Gerald only shook his dice for around two seconds, Xanry continued shaking his own dice for quite a while. Even so, Gerald was still able to easily discern what Xanry’s dice were. After all, no matter how long he shook his dice, Xanry wouldn’t be able to escape Gerald’s keen hearing. Still, the fact that Xanry thought that shaking his dice longer could confuse Gerald was honestly laughable.

When Xanry finally stopped rolling, he then declared, “It’s finally my turn to start first, Mr. Crawford!”

Though it had been a while since Gerald had last played, he clearly remembered that the one who had lost had the right to shout first. Then again, so what if Xanry could shout first? It was impossible for him to win in the end. Shaking the dice longer was pretty much only a waste of energy.

Regardless, Gerald was quickly able to tell that Xenry’s dice showed three sixes, one five, and one four. Since his dice rolls this round wasn’t all that great, his chances of winning had become even slimmer than before.

Following that, Xanry then shouted, “Three twos!”

Momentarily caught by surprise, Gerald hadn’t expected Xanry to actually shout a number that he didn’t even have in his roll. It almost seemed like he was trying to trap him… Of course, Gerald wasn’t about to let Xanry have his way.

With that, he chose not to open Xanry’s dice just yet. If he did, it would just be too obvious.

Instead, Gerald shouted out the numbers of his own dice, that being, “Three fives!”

Hearing that, Xanry was definitely not going to open Gerald’s dice. After all, the possibility of having three fives was simply too low.

After that, Xanry then yelled, “Four fours!”

“Open!” declared Gerald. Since Gerald didn’t have a single four, if he didn’t open now, how much longer would he have to wait?

While Xanry found himself stunned, he quickly snapped out of it before opening his dice…

Due to Gerald not having any fours and Xanry having one, it was evident that Xanry had lost this round as well.

To think that such results would turn up… He truly had brought ruin upon himself again…

Watching as Xanry’s expression soured, Gerald apologetically said, “Sorry monitor, guess I win again!”

Though Xanry was vexed out of his mind when he heard that, there was nothing he could do. After all, both Juno and Ruth had been watching them play this entire time. It was impossible for him to go back on his own bet.

With that, the resigned Xanry could only return the remaining seventy-five dollars that he had just won back to Gerald.

As the saying went, ‘things would always return to their rightful owners’.

With the hundred and fifty dollars back, Gerald smiled as he turned to face Xanry while saying, “I think we shouldn’t play any longer, monitor! It’s not good to gamble this much!”

While his words were kind, Gerald was well aware that saying that would only further provoke Xanry into playing more.

Chapter 1749
“…Of course we’ll continue playing! I’ve only lost a hundred and fifty dollars, you know? I’ll definitely win that amount back later!” replied Xanry in a confident tone.

Hearing that, Gerald was instantly delighted as he thought, ‘To think that he’s still trying to intimidate me! Since it’s come to this, don’t blame me for taking more of your money!’

Some people just needed to be persistently and mercilessly dealt with for the point to finally get across their thick skulls.

Regardless, the two of them then promptly started their next round.

Throughout the process of shaking their dice, Xanry kept a close eye on Gerald. To his annoyance, Gerald didn’t appear to have any tricks up his sleeve. Still, Xanry simply had a feeling that Gerald was different, though he couldn’t pinpoint what made Gerald so special…

Whatever the case was, after a while, the two of them stopped shaking their dice at the same time.

This time, Gerald had four twos and a single one. In the game’s terms, such results were known as ‘leopard’ since so many of the dice yielded the same value. Xanry, on the other hand, had four threes and a single two.

Looking at the value of his own dice, Xanry couldn’t help but smile confidently.

Seeing that, Gerald then said, “Come on, monitor! After you!”

“Four twos!” declared Xanry, evidently still trying to frame Gerald. Unfortunately, the only way he could succeed with his plan was by getting defeated by Gerald again this round.

Naturally, Gerald was no fool so he simply yelled out Xanry’s points, that being, “Four threes!”

Upon hearing that, Xanry couldn’t help but frown slightly. How could Gerald have known his exact points?

Quickly shaking the thought off—figuring that Gerald had just yelled out some random numbers—Xanry then shouted, “Five twos!”

“Oh? I’ll add one more then! Six twos!” yelled Gerald in return.

Upon hearing that, Xanry was stunned. To think that Gerald would be this quick to act!

Regardless, now that Gerald had called for six, the situation was getting more and more dangerous. If he continued shouting, he was afraid that Gerald would eventually open his dice. With that in mind, Xanry could only choose to open Gerald’s dice first.

“…Fine! I’m opening yours! I don’t believe that you could have six twos!” grumbled Xanry as he revealed his dice before staring at Gerald confidently.

Unfortunately for him, nothing went according to Xanry’s plans.

“Oh my, I’m truly sorry, monitor! It appears that I really have six twos! What more, not only do I have six of them, but I also have a ‘leopard’!” declared Gerald as he smugly looked at Xanry.

How… How was this possible?! It was truly stupefying to Xanry.

Who would’ve guessed that Gerald would get a leopard! No wonder Gerald had shouted that out so confidently! He had calculated all the odds extremely carefully!

Whatever the case was, this fact truly made Xanry suffer a great loss.

“…Fine! You win some, you lose some!” grumbled Xanry as he took another seventy-five dollars out from his wallet, unable to play any tricks.

Taking the money, Gerald then handed it to Juno before saying with a smile, “Hold on to it for me, will you, Juno? After all, it’s probably rare that monitor is this generous!”

Upon hearing that, Xanry was instantly infuriated.

Chapter 1750
While he was filled with resentment, the truth remained that he had lost, so he couldn’t just burst into anger. What more, if he flew into a rage now, Xanry was worried that the others would start claiming that he wasn’t wealthy enough to play the game, and that was a form of humiliation he never wanted to experience.

He had just lost two hundred and twenty-five dollars. It wasn’t much to him, so he could surely still go on…!

Believing that Xanry wouldn’t want to continue playing after suffering so many losses, Gerald then looked at him before asking, “Are you going to play more, monitor?”

“But of course! Let’s resume!” declared Xanry. At his current state, it was clear that Xanry had the temperament typical of a gambler. Unless he won against Gerald, he wouldn’t be able to rest easy.

Not that Gerald was complaining, of course. He wanted to see how much more Xanry could take.

“Very well then, monitor! However, since you suggested the previous game, I think it’s high time I suggested my own. What do you say we switch it up a little?” asked Gerald.

Upon hearing that, Xanry—who was sure that he would be able to defeat Gerald no matter what game he wanted to play—then said, “I accept! Do share the details of the game!”

“It’s quite simple, really. We’ll both have five dice each, and we’ll have to guess the points of our opponent’s dice. For example, if you guess close to the number of points I have, then you’ll win. With my loss, I’ll have to pay you the difference in points between the actual points and the amount you guessed, with each point symbolizing fifteen dollars. What do you think?” explained Gerald.

Finding Gerald’s game intriguing, Xanry quickly replied, “Agreed! Let’s go with this then!”

For a person who enjoyed gambling, they’d surely end up getting addicted extremely quickly with such high-risk high-reward games. If it wasn’t already obvious enough, Xanry was such a person, and he was truly unfortunate that Gerald was his opponent.

Regardless, both of them quickly picked their dice up and began shaking…

The second they stopped, Gerald turned to face Xanry before saying, “After you!”

Hearing that, Xanry instantly went with a high value, stating, “Twenty-five points!”

Gerald himself replied, “A high guess! Well, I guess that you have nineteen!”

Though Gerald knew the exact points Xanry currently had, he couldn’t just reveal that number. While Gerald had to always make sure he was a few points above or below Xanry’s score, he was certain that he’d still be able to take Xanry down.

Whatever the case was, now that the values had been shouted out, both of them displayed their dice for each other to see… revealing twenty points on Gerald’s side and sixteen on Xanry’s side.

This meant that Gerald had won this round since Gerald’s guess was only three points short of what Xanry had rolled whereas Xanry was five points short.

Smiling, Gerald then looked at Xanry before saying, “Well, guess I’ve won! Time to pay up, monitor!”

Now feeling gloomier than before, Xanry realized that Gerald must be experienced in the game. It certainly explained why Gerald had chosen this specific game to play with him.

Still, now that they were already in the middle of the game, there was no way he was going to suddenly ask for it to stop. Doing so would only end up humiliating him, and for Xanry, his dignity and pride were above all else. With that in mind, he handed yet another seventy-five dollars to Gerald.

While it was true that he was rich, his heart still ached to have to hand Gerald that money. After all, though the money he had lost was nothing particularly noteworthy to him, the fact remained that he hadn’t won a single cent from Gerald. Xanry had simply been losing money this entire time!

Gerald himself couldn’t really be blamed. After all, Xanry was the one who had wanted to continue playing this entire time. Xanry was simply reaping what he had sown for continually trying to offend Gerald.

Regardless, now that this round was over, Gerald then looked at Xanry before asking, “So, one more round, monitor?”

After suffering so many losses, Xanry certainly didn’t want to stick around anymore.

By this point, he knew that Gerald had some hidden ability that had been allowing him to win so many times in a row. Xanry had also become aware that Gerald had simply been pretending to be weak this entire time. With that in mind, it made sense that him constantly looking down on Gerald would lead to such an outcome!

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