The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 1781-1790

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 1781

“Hehe, Rey, don’t forget that Ember Lord is no longer a human. He’s even creepier than a ghost. Do you think he will be scared hiding in this place?”

Gerald chuckled and reminded Rey.

When Rey heard him, he found that it somehow made sense.

“You can take a look, and I shall leave, then!”

The old man said to the three.

“Okay, old man. Thanks a lot for your help!”

Old Flint thanked the old man quickly.

“Don’t mention it!”

The old man responded by waving his hand.

After the old man had left, Gerald and the other two stood in front of the wooden cottage, staring at it blankly.

They didn’t know what to do. They couldn’t enter the cottage, nor did they know how to get into it.

“Gerald, Old Flint, what should we do now? Kick the door open?”

Rey looked at Gerald and Old Flint and asked.

“No, that’s nonsense. Trespassing is not right!”

Old Flint stopped Rey immediately.

Although Yamilet Faes was no longer alive, this cottage still belonged to her. So, they could not simply do what they wanted.

“Then, what should we do? We don’t have the key.”

Rey sighed helplessly.

“We’ll wait until nighttime and see if Ember Lord will make an appearance here!”

After a while, Gerald suggested.

And so, they just waited there just as Gerald had suggested.

The wait lasted for a few hours.

They waited until eight o’clock, but still, Ember Lord did not appear.

The whole surrounding fell into darkness and stillness.

Being in such a dark environment could really intensify the fear in one’s heart.

Apart from Gerald, Rey and Old Flint shrunk their necks and pulled their clothes tighter.

“Gerald, it’s been so long. It’s so dark already, do we still have to wait?”

Rey looked at Gerald and asked.

“Yeah. Gerald. Why don’t we get back into the car? It’s at least better than staying in the cold like this!”

Old Flint, who was beside them, quickly made a suggestion.

When Gerald heard this, he nodded in agreement.

Seeing Gerald agree, Old Flint and Rey instantly felt delighted.

After that, the three got up and were ready to leave.

Just then, a light shone from the woods.

As soon as the light came on, it caught Gerald and the two’s attention immediately. They were alerted and squatted down again immediately.

“You three?”

Then, they heard the voice of the old man from just now.

Hearing his voice made the three breathe a sigh of relief.

They had thought that it was someone else. Apparently, it was him.

Gerald and the two got out of the bushes right away.

“Old man, why are you still out wandering around at this late hour?”

Old Flint asked the old man doubtfully.

“I saw that you have been waiting here for so long. So, I came to check on you!”

The old man smiled and answered.

“We’re fine. We’re just waiting for someone here!”

Old Flint hurriedly explained to the old man as he did not want the old man to sense that something was wrong.

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 1782

“Eh, it’s already so late! I’m sure the person you are waiting for will not come. Come, let’s go to my place and rest!”

The old man sighed and proposed to the three.

When Old Flint heard him, he turned around immediately and looked at Gerald, seeking his opinion.

Gerald saw his reaction and nodded subtly.

Since they had no other choice, for now, they could only rest at the old man’s place.

Besides, the sky was already very dark, and it was not safe. Who knew what would be lingering outside?

After the conversation, Gerald and the others followed the old man and left the wooden cottage.

The old man brought Gerald and the others to his house. Although it was not very old, it looked like it should have been rebuilt before.

“Old man, are you the only one left in the village?”

Once they were in the old man’s house, Old Flint asked curiously.

“Hehe!” The old man chuckled.

“Yes. The others have moved into the cities already. I’m the only one left here!”

After he chuckled, he answered.

“Then, why didn’t you move into the city? Isn’t it more comfortable living in the city?”

Old Flint continued to ask.

“Alas, I have no relatives or children. I don’t want to live in the city anyway. It’s good living here. I’m used to living here!” The old man spoke with a bitter smile.

They could hear the helplessness in the old man’s voice.

Having no family member at an old age was indeed pitiful.

Perhaps this was the destiny of this old man. He was destined to live in the mountains for his whole life. It was not bad for fallen leaves to return to their roots.

“Right, who are you waiting for actually?”

The old man asked Old Flint.

“Old man, did you know that Yamilet Faes has a grandson named Ember Lord?”

After a pause, Old Flint asked the old man.

Once the old man heard that, he was startled for a moment, and then he said, “Yes, I know him. Speaking about Ember Lord, he is indeed a good young lad. He was the one who spent money to help me rebuild my house. He used to be an obedient boy. Sometimes, he would stay here with his grandmother. Sometimes, he would come to my place to play with me. However, after his grandmother passed away, he has never come back!”

The old man sighed as he recounted his story.

“Oh? Old man, did you find anything strange lately? Or maybe something happened in the wooden cottage of Yamilet Faes?”

After that, Old Flint asked the old man.

Since the old man knew Ember Lord, the number Ember Lord had given them would not be that simple.

“I didn’t hear anything. I would pass by the wooden cottage every day when I go up and down the hill, but I’ve never heard any noise.”

The old man said to Old Flint.

“You guys are asking about it so much. What is happening here exactly? What has Ember Lord done?”

The old man asked in confusion.

“It’s nothing, old man. We’re his friends. It’s just that we couldn’t keep in touch with him lately, so we wanted to come here and check if he is here!”

Old Flint quickly made up an excuse to explain it to the old man.

“Oh, I see.”

After the old man heard his explanation, he didn’t suspect anything and simply nodded his head.

Gerald and the others sat in the house until late at night.

However, none of them fell asleep.

It wasn’t that they didn’t want to, but it was because they didn’t dare to.

If they fell asleep, nobody knew what would happen, much less if Ember Lord would appear.


Suddenly, the door was opened.

After the sound of the door being opened was heard, the sound of the door being closed was heard immediately after.

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 1783

The three quickly looked outside only to see that the old man had left the house alone, carrying a basket with him as he headed toward Yamilet Faes’ wooden cottage.

Seeing this, the three exchanged glances.

They found it rather strange that the old man would want to go out in the middle of the night carrying a basket. There had to be some secret unknown to people hidden behind it.

Soon after, Gerald and the two got out of the house and followed the old man quietly.

They followed the old man all the way to the wooden cottage. Then, they saw him take out a key from his pocket to unlock the door.

Once the door was unlocked, the old man surveyed his surroundings carefully. After making sure that no one was around, only then did he push the door open and walk in with reassurance.

Gerald and the two others also walked to the wooden cottage immediately and stood in front of it.

“Gerald, it looks like the old man must be hiding something from us. He actually has the key to this house!”

Rey whispered to Gerald.

Now, it could be seen that the old man was not as simple as he looked. He must have some kind of relationship with Ember Lord.

“Rey, Old Flint, you two should hide. I’ll go in and take a look first!”

Later, Gerald instructed Rey and Old Flint.

Hearing his words, Rey and Old Flint did not object, Instead, they nodded in agreement right away. Then, they quickly retreated to a bush nearby and hid in there.

As for Gerald, he went to the side of the wooden cottage and sat beside the wall. Then, he freed his soul from his body.

Of course Gerald would not enter the house directly. Otherwise, he would alert them and be discovered by the old man.

Once he had freed his soul, Gerald went into the wooden cottage and started searching up and down.

When he went upstairs, he could hear the old man’s voice. It sounded as though he was talking to someone.

Soon, after the old man finished talking, the voice of Ember Lord was heard.

Gerald knew it was him the moment he heard his voice. Ember Lord had indeed hidden in this place.

Gerald didn’t expect that this old man was hiding it so well and that he indeed had a relationship with Ember Lord.

“Ember Lord, those three who are looking for you must be looking for trouble with you, right?”

The old man asked.

Ember Lord sat on the chair and snorted.

“Hmph, those three want to catch me. It looks like they are smart enough to find this place!”

“It’s not that we are smart, but it was you who gave us the clue, Ember Lord!”

The moment Ember Lord finished talking, Gerald’s voice rang in the room. Then, Gerald appeared in front of Ember Lord and the old man.

“Gerald Crawford!”

At the sight of Gerald, Ember Lord was enraged.

He yelled angrily and charged toward Gerald, wanting to tear Gerald into pieces.

Gerald reacted quickly and kicked Ember Lord away.

Now, since Gerald was also a half-phantom, he was not afraid of Ember Lord at all. Everything had to come to an end today.

“Ember Lord, I am not going to let you escape again today!”

Gerald glared at Ember Lord and said.

Having said that, Gerald threw out the Soul Chain in his hand.

The Soul Chain flew toward Ember Lord and bound him tightly.

Of course, Ember Lord wasn’t that easy to deal with. He morphed into a black miasma and charged toward Gerald.

Gerald summoned his Astrabyss Sword swiftly and sent out a spirit blade toward Ember Lord.

When the old man saw this, he ran forward and threw himself in front of the black miasma, not wanting to let Gerald’s spirit blade hurt Ember Lord.


The spirit blade passed through the body of the old man.

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 1784

At the same time, the black miasma of Ember Lord wrapped around the old man.

Soon after, the black miasma absorbed the soul and energy of the old man, directly turning the old man into a dry corpse.

This surprised Ember Lord very much. He didn’t expect this would be the outcome. Moreover, he never expected that the old man would actually block the attack from Gerald for him.

“Ember Lord, you’ve killed another innocent person again!”

Gerald shouted at Ember Lord angrily.

Having said that, Gerald decided to use his forbidden technique to completely destroy Ember Lord.

At this moment, Ember Lord had totally lost consciousness. He stood there motionlessly, almost as if he had lost his soul.

“Thousand Sect Destruction Technique!”

Gerald shouted and threw the Astrabyss Sword in his hand directly at Ember Lord.

When the sword pierced into Ember Lord’s body, it immediately emitted a bright light and engulfed Ember Lord completely.


Ember Lord shrieked.

The next second, Ember Lord was turned into ashes.

At last, Gerald had wiped out Ember Lord.

Finally, Gerald had avenged the villagers of Moonset Village.

When they heard the commotion in the wooden cottage, Old Flint rushed in with Rey and went straight to the second floor.

When they saw the dry corpse of the old man and a pile of ashes, they were extremely shocked.

“This… What is going on here?!”

They didn’t see Gerald anywhere.

After a few seconds, Gerald came from downstairs.

“Huh? Gerald, why did you come in from outside? Didn’t you come inside already?”

Old Flint stared at Gerald in surprise and asked.

“I’ve finished off Ember Lord!”

Gerald did not answer. Instead, he pointed to the pile of ashes and told Old Flint.

Old Flint looked at the pile of ashes with a surprised look on his face.

“Are you telling me that this is Ember Lord?!”

Old Flint asked again in disbelief.

Gerald nodded. Then, he turned around and left the house.

Old Flint and Rey exchanged glances, but they did not bother saying anything else. They just followed him out.

After leaving the wooden cottage, the three returned to their car.

Once they got into the car, they started the engine and left the village immediately.

At long last, Ember Lord was dead, and Gerald could finally breathe a sigh of relief.

“Old Flint, please send us home. You have been working very hard lately. This matter is finally considered settled!”

Sitting in the car, Gerald looked at Old Flint, who was driving, and said.

Old Flint nodded in agreement when he heard him.

Of course he knew what Gerald meant.

“Thank you, Gerald!”

Old Flint thanked Gerald as well.

If it wasn’t because of the clue Gerald had found, they wouldn’t have found this place at all, and they wouldn’t have been able to find Ember Lord and finish him.

Although Old Flint was someone from the Grand Council, he agreed with Gerald’s way of tackling this matter.

After all, Ember Lord deserved to die, and his death was not regrettable at all.

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 1785

The next morning, as Gerald and Rey were still sleeping, the doorbell woke them up.

Rey walked out of the room to the door half asleep and opened it.

Once the door was opened, he saw a few men in uniforms standing outside. At the sight of the logo on their uniforms, he knew that they were from the Grand Council.

“Excuse me, are Mr. Gerald Crawford and Mr. Rey Leighton here?”

One of the inspectors entered the house and asked.

Rey nodded and replied, “I’m Rey. What is it?”

“Take him away!”

Once he heard Rey’s words, the inspector ordered his men, and immediately, two inspectors came forward and grabbed Rey’s arms, dragging him outside.

“Hey, what are you doing?!”

Rey shouted immediately.

The commotion woke Gerald, Juno, and Nori up.

They got out of their rooms quickly.

“Who are you?”

When Gerald came out, he looked at the people from the Grand Council in surprise and asked.

“You must be Mr. Gerald Crawford. We suspect that you are related to the death of Chief Lake, who is also known as Old Flint. So, we want to bring you back for an investigation now!”

As the inspector was talking, he took out an arrest warrant and showed it to Gerald.

“Wait. What did you say? Chief Lake is dead?!”

Gerald was stunned when he heard this.

This news was really too surprising to Gerald.

They had still been with Old Flint early this morning. How could he be dead now?! This was simply too bizarre.

“Mr. Crawford, I hope you will cooperate with us!”

The inspector was well aware of Gerald’s identity. So, he maintained a gentle tone when he was talking to Gerald.

“Alright. Please let us get dressed before going with you!”

Gerald had no problem with it and agreed to it right away.

Soon after, Gerald and Rey got changed and left with the inspectors of the Grand Council.

On the way to the Grand Council, Gerald remained silent in the car.

Old Flint’s death was completely unexpected. Gerald truly had no idea how he had died.

It seemed like there was something weird in regards to this.

Soon, Gerald and Rey were brought to the Grand Council and into separate interrogation rooms for questioning.

After a while, two inspectors pushed the door open and sat down.

“Mr. Crawford, can you tell me where you went with Chief Lake last night? What did you do there?”

One of the inspectors stared at Gerald and asked.

“We went to Ember Lord’s home last night,” Gerald told the inspector.

“What time did you come back?” asked the inspector.

“About two o’clock in the morning. It was Chief Lake who drove us home. After that, he left on his own,” Gerald replied seriously.

“Did you two stay in your house after that? Did you go out at all?” questioned the inspector.

Gerald frowned.

“I suggest that you do not waste your time on the two of us. Do you honestly think we would kill Chief Lake? Besides, there are CCTVs along the street where Chief Lake met with the accident. Why don’t you retrieve the footage and watch it?”

Gerald didn’t want to keep on answering the questions anymore, so he asked the inspector in return.

Hearing Gerald’s words, the inspector was speechless.

Indeed, what Gerald had just said did make sense.

In truth, they had brought Gerald and Rey back just to grasp the situation.

No evidence showed that it was Gerald and Rey who had killed Old Flint.

However, apart from the two of them, Old Flint had not had any contact with other people.

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 1786

They had indeed watched the CCTV footage.

When the accident happened, there was no one and no other car around. Moreover, Old Flint was the only one in his car.

So, that meant that the situation when Old Flint had met with the accident was utterly bizarre.

In the footage, Old Flint’s car had simply skidded and rolled out of control on its own all of a sudden.

Gerald and Rey were only released in the afternoon.

They took a cab back to the office once they had left the Grand Council.

On the way back, Rey looked at Gerald with a very puzzled look and asked, “Gerald, what do you think of Old Flint’s death? How did he die?”

Gerald’s face was very grave. He was not sure about it either. However, he was sure that the incident was certainly not that simple.

“Does this mean Ember Lord is not dead yet?”

The next second, a bold idea came across Rey’s mind.

Gerald felt that the possibility of this speculation was very tiny. After all, Ember Lord had died before his eyes. How could he still be alive?

“Let’s go back first. Maybe it really was just an accident!”

Gerald told Rey.

Soon, they arrived back at the office.

“Gerald, Rey, you two are back! Are you alright?”

Seeing them return, Juno hurried forward and asked them in concern.

When they were taken away by the people from the Grand Council, it had really made Juno and Nori worry.

But now, seeing them return safe and sound, they were relieved.

“We’re fine. We just went there to help with the investigation!”

Gerald smiled gently and explained to Juno.

“By the way, did you guys find Ember Lord this time?”

Juno handed a glass of water over to Gerald and asked.

Gerald took the water and took a sip. He answered, “We found him, and I have killed him!”

Hearing this, Juno instantly felt relieved, seeing as the murderous monster had finally been exterminated.

“But what about Old Flint’s death? I saw the news just now, saying that his death was very strange. It doesn’t seem to be caused by a human?”

Immediately afterward, Juno got curious again and asked.

“I’m not sure about that. When we came back last night, Old Flint was still fine. Nothing special happened along the way.”

Gerald said with a gloomy face.

Everything that had happened made people feel rather uncomfortable.


Juno sighed heavily when she heard what Gerald had said.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

Right at that moment, someone knocked at the door of the office.

“Rey, go and see who it is.”

When Gerald heard it, he told Rey to answer the door.

Rey stood up and walked to the door, only to see a delivery boy standing outside.

He opened the door and walked out.

“Hello, does Mr. Gerald Crawford live here? There’s a parcel for him!”

The delivery boy said to Rey with a smiling face.


Rey replied immediately and signed for the parcel.

“Gerald, there’s a parcel for you!”

Rey told Gerald when he came back.

“A parcel for me?”

Gerald was puzzled when he heard him. He hadn’t bought anything. Why would he receive a parcel?

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 1787

The parcel was a small square box.

Gerald shook the box gently, but there wasn’t any sound coming from the box.

“Let’s see who sent it to you!”

Juno, who was sitting at the side, reminded Gerald.

Gerald quickly checked the information on the sender. Apart from his name and address, there was no information about the sender.

Gerald and the others were baffled by what they were seeing. Who could have sent Gerald the parcel? What exactly was in the parcel?

Gerald was not in a rush to open the parcel. He felt that there was a problem with it. Maybe, it was a scheme.

“Back off, you guys!”

Gerald told his friends.

Upon hearing Gerald’s words, Rey and the girls stood up immediately and moved backward.

Gerald picked up a small knife and slashed the box open with extreme precision.

Once the box had been slashed, the lid popped open.

Gerald looked at the box carefully. After making sure it was safe, only then was he relieved, and he signaled his friends to come forward.

The three walked toward Gerald and stood beside him once more.

“Gerald, what exactly is in the box?”

Rey asked curiously.

Gerald put down the small knife. Then, he grabbed the box and opened it.

There was only a purple envelope in the box.

“It’s a purple envelope again!”

When Rey saw the envelope, he yelped in surprise.

The purple envelopes would keep on appearing when Ember Lord was still alive. Now that he was dead, they didn’t expect that it would appear again.

“Gerald, isn’t Ember Lord dead already? Why is this purple envelope appearing again?!”

Rey asked Gerald, looking at him in disbelief.

Gerald also cocked his eyebrows. He looked very serious.

He reckoned this incident was certainly not simple, as if everything had not ended yet.

“Come, let’s go to the courier company!”

Soon after, Gerald regained his senses and suggested to Rey.

Then, Gerald left the office with Rey and headed to the courier company. He wanted to know who had sent him the parcel.

After a short while, they arrived at the courier company.

Once they entered the office, Gerald started looking for the person-in-charge.

“Hello, may I know who sent me this parcel?”

Gerald handed the box to the person-in-charge and asked.

When the person-in-charge took the parcel, he said something that made Gerald and Rey dumbfounded.

“This courier box is not our company’s courier box, and the packaging is not either!” He said to the two.

“What? It’s not your company’s courier box? How can this be?! It was clearly delivered by a delivery boy from your company just now.”

Rey told the person-in-charge immediately.

Seeing as Gerald and Rey refused to believe him, the person-in-charge brought them into his office.

“Look. This is the standard courier box and packaging of our company. So, this box is really not from our company!”

The person-in-charge pointed at the boxes and explained to them.

Now, Gerald and Rey were completely perplexed.

If the parcel wasn’t from this company, where did it come from?

“Can I meet the delivery boy who sent us the box just now?”

Then, Gerald proposed to the person-in-charge.

“Sure, no problem!”

The person-in-charge was very helpful and agreed to it right away.

Soon, he called the delivery boy out for Gerald and Rey.

“Rey, is he the one?”

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 1788

Gerald looked at the delivery boy and asked Rey.

“Yes, that’s right, Gerald. It was him who sent the parcel.”

Rey nodded firmly and said.

“What’s wrong? Is there any problem, misters?”

The delivery boy standing in front of them asked in puzzlement, not knowing what was happening.

“Let me ask you. This parcel was delivered by you just now. Where did you get it from?”

Gerald stared at the delivery boy and questioned him.

The delivery boy took the box from Gerald and took a look.

“That’s right. It was me who delivered the parcel. I also wondered why there was only the receiver’s name and address on the parcel, and the packaging was different. I asked about it for almost a day, but no one bothered to answer me, so I could only deliver it according to the address!”

The delivery boy admitted that he was the one who had delivered the parcel, but he himself did not know who the sender was.

Upon hearing this, Gerald and Rey exchanged glances.

The investigation came to halt once more. The clue didn’t help them to find out the sender.

“Okay. Thanks for the trouble!”

Later, Gerald thanked the delivery boy and left with Rey.

“Gerald, do you think Ember Lord is truly dead?”

When they were in the car, Rey asked Gerald again.

“It’s impossible that he’s not. I witnessed his death with my own eyes. How could he still be alive?”

Gerald denied Rey’s speculation directly. He didn’t believe Ember Lord was still alive.

“Then, this…”

“Forget it. We’ll go back and see what’s written in the letter first.”

Left with no choice, Gerald could only choose to study the purple envelope first.

If Gerald had guessed it correctly, there should be numbers on the letter, just like the previous one.

When they got back to the office, Gerald immediately opened the purple envelope.

At the sight of it, Gerald was totally baffled. He had guessed it wrongly this time. There wasn’t any number on it, but a pattern of the Star of David.

“It’s a pattern? It’s not the same as before!”

Gerald exclaimed when he saw it, his face full of disbelief. It was indeed different this time.

Looking at the pattern of the Star of David, Gerald sank into contemplation.

Immediately afterward, Rey searched for information about the Star of David online.

“Gerald, this is all the information about the Star of David. You can take a look!”

Rey handed the tablet over to Gerald.

Gerald took the tablet and started reading when he heard that.

After reading for a while, Gerald’s face started turning dark.

And right at that moment, Gerald’s phone rang.

Gerald fished out his phone and found that it was an unknown number.

After hesitating for a while, he answered the call.

“Hello. Who’s this?”

Once the call was connected, Gerald asked the caller in a deep voice, only to hear a man’s sinister voice on the other end of the phone.

“Mr. Crawford, you should have received the present I sent you!”

When Gerald heard his voice, he frowned.

“Who are you?”

Gerald asked the man on the other end of the phone.

“Hehe, don’t be so nervous.! I’m just a nobody who wants to play a game with you!”

The man laughed wickedly and said to Gerald without telling Gerald his identity.

“Play a game? Hmph, I have no time to play with you. If you are trying to play a prank, sorry, you have the wrong person!”

Gerald snorted coldly when he heard what the man had said.

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 1789

“Gerald, who was it?” Rey looked at Gerald and asked.

“I don’t know. It was a man. He was the one who sent the letter, and he told me that he wants to play a game with me. He’s nuts!” Gerald said helplessly.

What time was it already that he still wanted to play a game with him?! Gerald didn’t want to bother so much about this.

It had indeed made them a little anxious to the point that they had thought it was Ember Lord and he had not died.

As for the identity of this man, Gerald was uninterested to know about it.

After hearing what Gerald had said, the three did not ask any more questions. They felt that it might just be a prank.

However, everything was not as simple as Gerald had thought.

That day, Gerald brought Rey out to buy some groceries.

They had not been able to rest properly for a long time. So, they decided to buy some good food and cook a hearty meal together.

Gerald and Rey went to the supermarket. When they came out, both of them were carrying two big bags in their hands.


Suddenly, a loud explosion was heard.

The impact of the explosion was so strong that the entire surrounding was shaken. The glass of countless cars and shops was shattered by the explosion.

As for Gerald and Rey, they were thrown to the ground by the force. Everything in their hands scattered all over the place.

That’s right. A car not far away from them had exploded.

“Gerald, it’s our car!”

Rey realized something and looked at the car that had been blown up. Then, he shouted in shock at Gerald.

Gerald got up and went forward to take a look.

At the sight of it, sure enough, it was his car.

At that moment, the car had already been completely destroyed, still burning in the huge fire.

Soon after, people from the Grand Council and the firefighters came to the scene and started examining the car after putting out the fire.

And so, Gerald and Rey were invited to the Grand Council once again.

“After our investigation, we found that someone had installed a kind of fuse in your car. The firefighters found some fragments at the scene. It seems like your car was deliberately tampered with by somebody. Anyway, it’s fortunate that both of you were not in the car and escaped the catastrophe!”

An inspector came in with the documents and explained them to Gerald and Rey.

“Do you know who did this to you?” asked the inspector.

Gerald was startled for a while. Then, he replied, “No. Maybe it was just a prank.”

However, when Gerald said that, not only did the inspector not believe it, even Gerald himself and Rey did not believe it.

Nevertheless, Gerald didn’t want people from the Grand Council to get involved with this. It looked like this incident had something to do with the man who had called him last time.

Now, Gerald was enraged.

He didn’t expect that the man would dare to lay hands on him. Since that was the case, Gerald would definitely not let him go.

After that, Gerald and Rey completed the formalities and left the Grand Council, returning to their office by taking a cab.

Seeing the two come back intact, Juno’s heavy heart was lightened once more.

Upon receiving the news of the car explosion, they had been very scared and worried.

Ring! Ring!

Just then, Gerald’s mobile phone rang.

Gerald didn’t even have to guess. He already knew it must be the strange man calling.

He picked up the call right away.

“B*stard, what exactly do you want?! If I find you, I will kill you!”

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 1790

Gerald cursed at the man angrily.

“Hehe, chill, Mr. Crawford. I was just joking with you. After all, it was you who did not want to play the game with me.”

The man laughed and replied in an eerie voice.

It was just a joke?!

It had been a big explosion, but this man had actually said that it was just a small joke. It was really driving Gerald crazy.

“What exactly do you want to play?”

Gerald calmed himself down and questioned the man over the phone.

“Hehe! Mr. Crawford, I know your ability, and I’m very impressed with your power. So, you are the only one who can play the game with me.

Do you still remember the purple letter? There’s a pattern of the Star of David on the paper.

The pattern represents each different area, and a different thing will happen in each of the areas. It may be a person or a thing, and everything depends on you to discover it yourself.

Right, since it’s a game, there must be a win and a loss.

If you win, I will give you the address to save a person so that you can go and save him. Of course, if you lose, the person can only die!”

The strange man explained the rules of the game to Gerald.

“You b*stard! What if I don’t agree with it?” Gerald shouted angrily again.

“Ha! Ha! Ha! Mr. Crawford, perhaps you have felt the power of the explosion? If you don’t play with me, I can’t guarantee where the next explosion will happen.

And you will have to be responsible for the death of those people because you were the cause of their deaths!”

When the strange man heard what Gerald had said, he burst out laughing as he replied.

“Okay, Mr. Crawford. The decision is yours to make. There will be another letter for you tomorrow morning. You can decide whether you want to play with me or not!”

Then, the strange man reminded Gerald once more before hanging up the call. He didn’t give Gerald any chance to speak.

Gerald threw his mobile phone away angrily.

“Gerald, what does he want exactly?”

Rey asked, frowning.

“It looks like we have no choice but to play with him!”

Gerald had no other choice but to helplessly compromise.

Moreover, he still did not know the identity of the man. Therefore, he could only look for clues based on what he had told him.

From what he had said, Gerald was sure that the strange men had some hostages in his hands. If Gerald didn’t play the game, the hostages would be in danger. By then, Gerald would truly become a sinner.

That night, Gerald didn’t sleep, or to be more precise, he couldn’t sleep at all.

The next morning, Gerald went to the office alone.

The moment he arrived at the doorway, Gerald saw an envelope lying on the floor in front of the door. It was that familiar purple envelope again.

Gerald picked up the envelope right away. He opened the door and started reading the letter.

Once opened, there was a paper with only one sentence written on it.

‘Water flies straight down three thousand feet.’

Seeing this phrase, Gerald fell into confusion.

Wasn’t it a phrase from a classical poem?

What did he mean by this?

What was the hidden message behind this?

Soon after, Gerald turned on his computer and started searching for information about the phrase of the poem.

However, Gerald couldn’t figure out the meaning of this phrase in the poem at all.


Right then, Gerald’s phone rang.

Gerald took it out immediately and saw a news message.

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