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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 1831-1840

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 1831


The next second, the giant python hissed at Gerald.

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Then, it launched an attack and charged toward Gerald at top speed.

Gerald moved sideways immediately to dodge the attack.

“Find a place and hide quickly!”

Taking advantage of the opportunity, Gerald shouted at Juno and the other two.

The three reacted immediately after hearing Gerald’s words, and they quickly found a tree and hid behind it.

After all, the giant python could only deal with one person at a time. So, they should just leave it to Gerald.

Although the giant python had failed in its first attack, that didn’t mean that it would give up. It turned around and rushed toward Gerald once more.

As its huge body moved on the ground, it felt as though the ground had started to shake.

The giant python rushed toward Gerald and raised its head, trying to hit him.

If he was hit by the giant python, he would definitely faint even if he didn’t die on the spot.

However, Gerald would not let the giant python win, and he summoned his Astrabyss Sword.


He slashed it.

Thus, the head of the giant python was chopped off by Gerald.


The giant python hissed to the sky, screaming painfully and terribly.

The ground was soaked in blood in an instant, and the head of the giant python fell into the pool of blood on the ground

“Beast, you can’t simply kill me!”

Gerald glared at the giant python and shouted angrily.

Having said that, Gerald leaped from the ground and thrust his sword directly into the body of the giant python.

The giant python trembled violently and fell onto the ground, dead.

With just two simple and crisp moves, Gerald finished off the giant python.

“Alright. It’s okay now!”

After dealing with the giant python, Gerald shouted at the three.

Only then did Juno and the others come out from behind the tree and go near the body of the giant python.

“This python is horribly huge!”

Rey couldn’t help but say in awe.

It was indeed their first time seeing a giant python this big. It was even two times bigger than the bear they had seen last time.

“The wild boar we met previously was also very big. Do all the animals here share the same trait? They are all so large?”

Juno voiced her thoughts immediately.

“Maybe it’s because of the red phosphorus, which has caused certain mutations in the genes of these animals!”

Gerald explained briefly.

“Anyway, this fellow has sent us food. I heard that snake meat is really delicious, and I have never tried it before!” Rey looked at the giant python and said.

“All you think about is food. If it weren’t for me, you would have already been eaten by this giant python!”

Gerald commented peevishly.

“Um. Brother Gerald, we have you, right? I know you won’t let such things happen to me.”

Rey hurriedly smiled at Gerald and said.

It couldn’t be helped, but he was not as capable as Gerald. If he was, he would certainly have taken the initiative and stood out to deal with the giant python.

“Alright, stop flattering me. Go and collect the snake meat. I will make a fire, and we will have a barbeque. We’ll continue our journey after the meal.”

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 1832

Gerald instructed Rey helplessly.

When Rey heard his words, he immediately walked over to the giant python excitedly and squatted down to pick it up.

Soon after, Gerald had already started the fire, and he began grilling the snake meat over the fire.

“Brother Gerald, I told you that the cave would not be that simple. It was so smelly, but I didn’t expect it to be a snake cave!”

Rey looked at Gerald as he spoke. He felt that the cave from earlier had been rather strange because of the smelly odor, and sure enough, there was really an animal living here.

The sleeping giant python had probably come out of the cave to check on them because they must have unknowingly disturbed it.

Ultimately, the giant python had still died in the hands of Gerald and become their food.

It couldn’t be helped since this was how the food chain worked. Their life and death were determined by God.

The giant python was just unlucky to have met Gerald and the three others.

After half an hour or so, the snake meat was finally done, and it smelled very fragrant.

Grilled snake meat was a rare delicacy that not everyone had the chance to taste even if you were in the city.

However, this time, Gerald and the three were considered lucky as the meat of one python was enough to feed all of them.

After cleaning up, Gerald and his friends began enjoying their meal at the entrance of the cave.

After the meal, they had finally filled their stomachs.

Frankly speaking, the snake meat was indeed very delicious.


Rey let out a long burp when he felt full.

“I’m so full! I’ve never tasted such tasty snake meat before. This is the first time in my life. It’s so delicious!”

Rey exclaimed with a satisfied face.

Snake meat was not something just anyone could eat.

After all, snake meat was prohibited in the market.

However, it was different here. No one could stop them from eating it. Therefore, they would naturally enjoy it to the fullest.

After satisfying their hunger, the four cleaned up and departed again.

The weather outside had already calmed down, and there was no more lightning and thunder. The whole forest was back to life with birds chirping everywhere.

“Gerald, have we bypassed the phosphorite area?”

On the way, Juno asked Gerald curiously.

When Gerald heard her, he took out his map and checked on it.

After looking at the map for a while, Gerald replied, “We’ve almost bypassed the phosphorite area. Just a few kilometers more.”

The phosphorite area covered a very vast area after all.

From yesterday until now, Gerald and his friends hadn’t stopped moving. So, they traveled a long distance in just a short time.

However, there were still a few kilometers more before they would have bypassed the phosphorite area completely.

“Do you think the soul hunters will catch up with us?”

Juno looked at Gerald and asked in concern.

Gerald shook his head immediately.

“I don’t think so. They shouldn’t know that we have left the phosphorite area and taken another route. However, they might have already gotten out of the phosphorite area before us. This is what I worry about the most.”

Gerald said, slightly cocking his eyebrows.

This was the problem that was the most worrisome to Gerald.

If the soul hunters got out of the phosphorite area before the four of them, it would mean that they would keep on encountering the soul hunters on their path.

It would be different if it was the other way round. If Gerald and the others walked out of the phosphorite area before the soul hunters, Gerald and the three would have the advantage, and they would not have to be so submissive.

“We should hurry up, then. We must not let the soul hunters get ahead of us, or we would have to be on the passive side!”

Juno understood Gerald’s concern and reminded them immediately.

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 1833

The journey of a few kilometers was not very long, and Gerald and the others took only two hours to complete the journey.

Once Gerald and his friends were out of the forest, they turned around and looked behind them.

At the sight of it, they knew that they had left the phosphorite area.

Behind them, there was a huge mountain rich in red phosphorus. This meant that they had exited the phosphorite area.

“We’ve finally gotten out of the phosphorite area!”

When Rey saw it, he burst out in excitement.

Swish! Swish! Swish!

However, as soon as those words had left Rey’s mouth, dozens of black shadows descended from the stone wall around them.

The black shadows surrounded the four right away.

That’s right. They were the soul hunters.

Seeing this, Gerald and Juno’s faces changed drastically. They didn’t expect that the situation they feared the most would truly happen.

Murphy’s Law was indeed true.

Things that could go wrong would always go wrong.

Sure enough, the soul hunters had gotten out of the phosphorite area ahead of them and hidden here, waiting for Gerald and the other three to ambush them.

“Don’t move!”

One purple soul hunter came out of the crowd and warned the four, pointing at them.

The soul hunters took out their crossbows and aimed the arrows at Gerald and the others.

Gerald and his friends didn’t dare to move since a dozen crossbows were aiming at them. The moment they made a move, the arrows of the other party would pierce through their bodies.

It was useless even when Gerald was very powerful since Rey and Yrsa were with them. He had to consider their safety as well instead of just thinking of ensuring his own safety.

“Go and tie them up!”

Shortly after, the purple soul hunter ordered the men beside him sternly.

A few black soul hunters went forward with ropes and tied Gerald and the other three up tightly.

“Let’s bring them back to the campsite to see the leader!”

After tying them up, the purple soul hunter ordered again, and they brought the four away.

About ten minutes later, they arrived at a big campsite.

This campsite was the headquarters of the soul hunters.

The purple soul hunter brought the four of them to the leader’s tent right away.

“Leader, I want to report to you that we have caught the four people and brought them back. They are currently waiting outside the tent, waiting for you to decide their punishment!”

The purple reported to the man in the cloak in the tent.

Hearing the news, the face of the man in the cloak changed immediately.

“Bring them in!”

Then, they heard the order of that man.

Once he had said that, the purple soul hunter walked out of the tent and dragged the four inside.

Once inside, the four of them stood in front of the man in the cloak.

The man stared at them.

“So, you are the ones who keep pestering us?”

The man in the cloak questioned Gerald and his friends.

“So, you must be the leader of the soul hunters.”

Gerald didn’t answer. Instead, he asked the man in the cloak in return.

Hearing Gerald’s question, the man in the cloak immediately locked his gaze on Gerald.

They stared into each other’s eyes, neither one willing to give in.

In an instant, Gerald and the man in the cloak released their powerful auras.

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 1834

Upon feeling Gerald’s aura, the man in the cloak was startled. He didn’t expect that Gerald would use his aura to fight against his own aura. Moreover, his aura was not weak at all, showing that Gerald was not an ordinary person.

However, the other people in the surrounding area were almost out of breath because of their strong auras.

The auras of these two men were far too strong.

“You are very special!”

Finally, the man in the cloak withdrew his aura and said to Gerald with an interested expression.

“Heh. It’s nothing.”

Gerald replied calmly with an indifferent look on his face.

“What exactly is your purpose for coming here?”

The man in the cloak continued to question Gerald.

“Would you believe me if I told you we are just here for a vacation?”

Gerald countered the man in the cloak’s question without showing any inferiority.

“Ha! Ha! Ha!”

Hearing Gerald’s words, the man in the cloak burst into laughter.

“Vacation? Do you really think that I’m a three-year-old kid? Do you honestly think I can’t see what’s special about you guys? You must be here for the Phangrottom Clan.”

The man in the cloak snorted at once and directly stated the purpose Gerald and the other three had come for.

Having said that, the man in the cloak raised his hand and snapped his finger.

Immediately, the purple soul hunter came in, carrying a book and a map in his hands.

The purple soul hunter handed the two things to the man in the cloak.

Seeing this, the faces of Gerald and the others became grave. They knew that their secret couldn’t be hidden anymore. They had been completely discovered.

“Why? Are you still planning to act dumb in front of me? You are surely here for the Phangrottom Clan!”

The man in the cloak stared at Gerald coldly and said.

“Since you have found out about it, we don’t have anything else to say. So, what do you want?”

Gerald did not try to hide it any longer, and he questioned the man in the cloak straightforwardly.

Frankly speaking, this one organization was not a problem for Gerald at all. He could easily kill them all. However, Gerald had to take Rey and Yrsa into account, and that was why he hadn’t made a move.

“I know you can read this map. I hope you can cooperate with us to search for the Phangrottom Clan. That way, I will spare your lives. This is a good bargain!”

The man in the cloak proposed his idea directly toward Gerald.

“What if I don’t agree to it?”

Gerald replied indifferently.

“You don’t agree? Hah! Do you think you have any room to bargain with me?”

The man in the cloak sneered.

As soon as he said that, a few soul hunters came in, aiming their crossbows at Gerald and his friends.

Gerald knew that the man in the cloak was trying to pressure him forcefully.

“Alright. I can work with you. However, you can’t have any thoughts about us, and you must return all of our things to us.”

After a pause, Gerald agreed and told him his condition.

“Sure, no problem. As long as you cooperate with us, we won’t do anything to you guys!”

The man in the cloak agreed to it promptly.

Soon after, the man in the cloak returned their belongings to the four of them.

In truth, the most important thing was still Gerald’s map.

The map that Master Snyder had given to Gerald was the key to finding the entrance of the path to the Phangrottom Clan. More importantly, Gerald was the only one who could decipher the map.

After packing up, Gerald and his friends departed with a dozen soul hunters.

“Brother Gerald, what should we do now? Are we really bringing them to the Phangrottom Clan?”

On the way, Rey whispered to Gerald.

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 1835

“Don’t worry. We’ll see how it goes. You guys try to find an opportunity to escape first. Leave them to me!”

Gerald looked at Juno and the other two as he reminded them.

They nodded.

“Gerald, the leader of the soul hunters is not weak. You must be careful.”

Juno reminded Gerald once more.

Gerald was well aware. Judging from the previous duel between him and the man, Gerald knew that the power of that man was not weak. He was a problem, but it did not mean that Gerald was not his match.

“Yes. Don’t worry. I’ll be careful!”

Gerald looked at Juno and nodded.

The man in the cloak was coming for the Phangrottom Clan. So, Gerald would certainly not let him get what he wanted so easily, much less allow them to gain the ability to control ghosts.

Soon, they arrived at the edge of a canyon.

There was only one wooden bridge in the canyon, and the structure looked very shaky. Just by looking at it, you would know that it was not safe.

However, Gerald and the rest had no way back. This was the only path to enter the most feminine place. It was a path they had to take no matter what.

Gerald and the three others stood near the bridge and looked across the mountain peaks.

“The distance between the canyon must be at least a hundred meters wide, and it’s windy. It’s not going to be easy!”

Gerald blurted out.

“What’s wrong, Gerald? What are you worried about?”

When Juno heard him, she immediately asked Gerald in confusion.

“This wooden bridge is not that easy to cross.”

Gerald said firmly with a serious face.

Right then, the man in the cloak and a few soul hunters walked toward them.

“Why did you stop?”

The man in the cloak stared at them and asked.

“The bridge is not easy to cross. If we get on the bridge hastily, it might be dangerous!”

Gerald looked at him and said.

“Huh! Stop all your crap! I don’t care if it’s dangerous or not. I’m sure you have a way to cross the bridge.”

The man in the cloak didn’t bother at all and replied with a sneer.

Hearing his words, Gerald knew he didn’t have a choice.

“Alright, then. We’ll go first, and you follow us carefully!”

Gerald told them indifferently.

Having said that, Gerald took one step forward.

But before Gerald could move forward, the man in the cloak stopped him.

“What is it?”

When the man stopped Gerald, Gerald frowned and asked coldly.

“You can’t go ahead of us. Who knows if you will play dirty tricks?” said the man in the cloak.

When Gerald heard his words, he was irritated. He had an urge to finish off the man in the cloak and the soul hunters all at once.

If it was not because of their numbers, Gerald wouldn’t have compromised.

“Okay, okay. In that case, let your men go first, and we will walk in the middle!”

Gerald said helplessly and made an inviting hand gesture.

Seeing Gerald’s attitude, the man in the cloak was very satisfied. Then, he immediately signaled a few purple soul hunters behind him.

The purple soul hunters understood it right away and got on the bridge, leading the group.

As for Gerald and the other three, they followed closely behind the purple soul hunters. The man in the cloak and the rest of his men followed behind Gerald, completely surrounding Gerald and his friends in the middle.

As they walked on the wooden bridge, Gerald felt more and more uneasy. He had an ominous feeling that the wooden bridge was not as simple as it looked.

The most feminine place was definitely not that easy to find. With only one wooden bridge between the canyon, didn’t it seem way too easy?

“Gerald, why do you look so sick?”

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 1836

Juno noticed Gerald’s expression and asked him in concern.

“I’m just worried that it might not be this easy to cross the bridge. I have an ominous feeling!”

Gerald explained with a serious face.

When Juno heard him, she looked around but did not see anything unusual.

“Are you just being too careful?”

Juno asked suspiciously.

Gerald shook his head in denial.

“It’s not possible. I’m not merely being careful. I simply have this gut feeling!”


As soon as Gerald said that, a loud explosion rang in the entire canyon.

The crowd immediately looked to the left side of the canyon, as the sound came from that direction.

The whole canyon was so dark that they couldn’t see the situation clearly. Besides, the sky was also turning dark with black clouds forming in the sky. This was certainly not a good sign.

The next second, something happened that stunned everyone.

A swarm of black insects flew out from the left side of the canyon and rushed directly toward them.

“What’s that?”

Someone asked in surprise.

However, nobody knew what that was. They only knew that it was not a good thing.

“Let’s go! Quick!”

Gerald reacted quickly and told the three behind him.

Having said that, Gerald and the three ran forward at top speed.

However, it was not as simple as it seemed. The few purple soul hunters in front of them had suddenly been crushed to death by falling stones from the mountains, and those stones blocked their way directly.

“D*mn it! Brother Gerald, the path is blocked. What should we do now?”

Seeing this, Rey asked Gerald in shock.

At the moment, both ends of the path were blocked by the stones, and Gerald and the rest had nowhere else to go.

Not only that, but they also had to face the swarm of flying insects.

Gerald turned around and looked behind him.

The soul hunters were already taking out their crossbows to attack the insects.

However, how could their crossbows possibly deal with the insects? They were simply wasting their energy.


Following that, cries of misery and screams were heard.

The screams rang through the entire canyon.

A few soul hunters were surrounded by the insects, and in just a few minutes, they had already turned into piles of bones.

Seeing this, everyone was shocked.

“Rey, take out the clothes in your bag!”

Rey suddenly thought of something and instructed Rey, who was behind him, immediately.

Rey reacted swiftly and took out a piece of clothing, giving it to Gerald.

Then, Gerald took out a lighter from his pocket and set the clothes on fire.

All insects were afraid of fire. That was why Gerald had done this.

“Follow me!”

Gerald said to Rey and the girls.

Then, Gerald and the other three marched forward. Gerald kept waving the burning clothes in his hand as he led the way.

As expected, it worked, and the insects didn’t dare to get near the four of them and went for the soul hunters instead.

When the man in the cloak saw Gerald’s actions, he reacted swiftly and ordered his men to light a torch or some clothes.

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 1837


A crisp breaking sound was heard, and the wooden bridge broke mercilessly!

In an instant, everyone fell into the deep abyss of the canyon.

Shouts, screams, and shrieks were heard in the canyon. The sound echoed in the canyon for a long time before dissipating completely.

At that moment, Gerald and his friends fell directly into the river of the canyon together.

Luckily, the bottom of the canyon was not the ground, but a river. Otherwise, they would have already fallen to their deaths.

Nevertheless, the water of this river was bone-chilling.

Gerald quickly located Juno and the others and got them to the riverside one by one.

Rey was completely unconscious. He seemed to have fainted out of fear.

After a difficult swim, Gerald, Juno, and Yrsa finally managed to drag Rey to the riverbank.

The four lay on the riverbank.

After catching his breath, Gerald immediately reacted.

“Quick! We shouldn’t be resting here. We must leave this place now and find somewhere to make a fire to warm our bodies!”

Gerald reminded Juno and Yrsa.

The water of the river was bone-chilling, so their body temperature would drop drastically. If they delayed it any further, they would get hypothermia, and when that happened, they would truly be in big trouble.

Having said that, Gerald lifted Rey up and left the riverbank with Juno and Yrsa.

The four came to an open area, and Gerald put Rey down.

“You guys wait for me here. I’ll go get some firewood!”

Gerald instructed them and walked into the forest quickly.

Gerald came back after a short while with some firewood.

Then, he made a fire.

“Take off your clothes. We’ll dry the clothes first. We will catch a cold if we keep wearing them!”

Gerald said to Juno and Yrsa.

Juno and Yrsa didn’t disagree. They couldn’t afford to care so much now. It was more important to stay alive. They wouldn’t care if it was embarrassing or not now.

Following Gerald’s instruction, the four took off their clothes and dried them by the fire.

Meanwhile, Gerald took out two pieces of clothes from Rey’s bag and handed them to Juno and Yrsa.

After all, they were girls. He should take good care of them.

Coincidentally, Gerald felt that Yrsa’s body shape was not any worse than Juno’s.

But now, Gerald was not in the mood to care about that.

After about half an hour, their clothes were finally dry, so they put them back on.

“What’s wrong with Rey?”

Yrsa glanced at Rey and asked Gerald.

“He probably just fainted due to fear. He’ll be fine!”

Gerald explained briefly.

Gerald had checked Rey’s heartbeat and pulse just now and determined that everything was normal. So, this must mean that he had simply fainted out of fear.

Hearing Gerald’s answer, Juno and Yrsa were relieved.

“Gerald, you were right. There really was a problem with the wooden bridge!”

As they were sitting together quietly, Juno said to Gerald with lingering fear.

“It felt strange right from the beginning. Think about it. The most feminine place should not be this easy to find. How could there be a wooden bridge that was so easy to cross in between the canyons?”

Gerald said to the girls.

“Anyway, what the hell were those things just now?! They’re so scary!”

Yrsa asked. Her heart was still racing in fear.

Gerald and Juno shook their heads simultaneously. They did not know as well.

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 1838

“I don’t know. Regardless, those insects are surely not that simple. They eat humans. Look how the soul hunters were eaten and turned into white bones in seconds!”

Gerald said in retrospect.

Now that Gerald mentioned it, Juno and the other two got goosebumps instantly.

It couldn’t be denied that what they had witnessed just now was indeed very horrifying.

A living human had been turned into a pile of white bones. It was utterly horrific.

Thankfully, they were finally out of danger.

Right then, Rey regained consciousness.

“Rey, you’re awake.”

Seeing Rey awaken, Gerald looked at him and said.

“Brother Gerald, Miss Zorn, I… Are we dead?”

Rey asked in confusion, looking at Gerald and Juno.


When Gerald heard that, he slapped Rey at the back of his head, feeling rather annoyed.

“What the hell are you talking about?! We’re all alive and well! Come to your senses already!”

Gerald glared at Rey and uttered word by word.

From that, Rey had completely sobered up.

“That’s great, Brother Gerald! We’re fine now. That’s so wonderful!”

Once he had come to his senses and knew that he was fine, Rey hugged Gerald tightly as he shouted in excitement.

He had been scared to death as he was falling from such a high place. That was why he had passed out, thinking he was going to die just like that. But now that he knew he was fine, he was overjoyed.

“Can you be more like an adult already? Why are you acting like a little girl when you are actually a grown man? You’re not even as brave as Yrsa!”

Gerald admonished him with an annoyed look on his face.

‘Just look at Juno’s disciple, Yrsa. She was just fine! She didn’t even show the slightest sign of fear and was very calm. On the other hand, look at Rey. The difference between the two was so obvious.’


When Rey was criticized by Gerald, he became embarrassed.

Yrsa and Juno, who were sitting beside them, watched and snickered.

“By the way, Brother Gerald, why did the wooden bridge break?”

Now, Rey looked at Gerald in confusion and asked.

“Because there were too many people on the bridge just now. That’s why the structure of the bridge was weakened. Besides, both ends of the bridge were hit by the stones, and that’s why it broke!”

Gerald explained briefly.

“Either way, we should consider ourselves lucky. If it wasn’t because of that, we would have been trapped on the bridge and ended up becoming insect food!”

Gerald didn’t forget to emphasize that.

Indeed, they had nowhere to escape to at that time.

If the wooden bridge hadn’t broken, Gerald and the other three would have had to face the man-eating insects, and they might have turned into white bones, just like the soul hunters.

“Then, what should we do next?”

Rey continued to ask.

“We’ll rest for a while, and then we will continue our journey. There must be another route to bypass this place!”

Gerald said directly.

Hearing what he had said, Rey and the girls didn’t have any objections. They always followed Gerald’s commands.

After all, they could only be safe when they were with Gerald.

After half an hour of rest, the four of them set off again.

But this time, it was better since they had finally gotten rid of the soul hunters.

That way, there wouldn’t be any obstacles ahead of them.

They wondered what had happened to the man in the cloak and his men.

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 1839

The four set off again. The path they took was considered easy as it was flat ground, so there was no danger.

The four had walked a very long distance unknowingly. They had passed by two hills and reached another hill.

Seeing that the sky was getting dark, Gerald and his friends found a spot to rest.

Right at that moment, a light caught their attention.

“Brother Gerald, look! There’s a house!”

Rey had sharp eyes, so he saw it right away and shouted at Gerald.

Gerald and the girls looked in the direction. Sure enough, it was a house, and there was smoke coming out of the chimney.

This surprised them very much. They never thought that there would be someone living in the deep forest. It was rather unbelievable.

Without any hesitation, they walked toward the house, which was at the bottom of the valley.

By the time they got there, it was already very dark.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

Gerald stood at the door and knocked on it.

After a while, the wooden door was opened.

When the door opened, an old man appeared in front of them.

“Old man, could you let us spend the night at your place?”

Gerald smiled and asked the old man.

The old man glanced at Gerald and looked at Juno and Yrsa, who were behind Gerald.

Only then did he nod subtly.

“Sure, come in!”

Having said that, Gerald and the other three entered the house with the old man. They didn’t forget to close the door properly.

Gerald and the others were very happy. They had been worried that the old man might not have agreed to let them in just now.

Once inside, the four of them walked into the room.

“Have a seat!”

The old man brought out four chairs for them, and they sat down.

“Thank you, old man!”

Gerald smiled and thanked the old man quickly.

Hearing what Gerald had said, the other three quickly thanked the old man as well.

“You must have not eaten yet, right?”

The old man did not bother about their thanks and asked them calmly instead.

Hearing his words, Gerald and his friends nodded in slight embarrassment.

They were indeed very hungry, and they hadn’t eaten anything for one whole day.

Later, the old man served them some food and tea.

“There’s nothing delicious, just these dishes. You can have them!”

The old man said to them as he served the food on the table.

“It’s alright, old man. We’re very grateful for the food you’re giving us.”

Gerald said immediately.

It was good enough that he was willing to give them food. They wouldn’t dare to be picky.

Soon after, they started eating.

As they were so hungry, everything tasted very nice.

After gobbling up the food, they were finally full.


Rey acted like he always did, letting out a long burp when he was full.

“Old man, why do you live here alone?”

Gerald asked the old man.

The old man was working on something as he sat. He seemed to be weaving something with some bamboo.

“I’ve lived here since I was young!”

The old man gave Gerald a simple answer.

“What should we call you, old man?”

Gerald asked.

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 1840


The old man simply told them his surname.

“Nice to meet you, Mr. Bates. I’m Gerald Crawford. Thank you for letting us stay here tonight!”

Gerald quickly greeted the old man and expressed his gratitude.

“What are you guys doing here?”

Mr. Bates looked at the four of them and asked.

Gerald and the other three were startled by his question.

“Hehe. Mr. Bates, we came here just for a leisurely trip, but we lost our way.”

Gerald explained to Mr. Bates with a smile.

“Leisure? Young man, you must be taking me for a fool.”

Mr. Bates doubted his words and admonished Gerald.

Now, Gerald and the three were even more surprised. They didn’t expect that Mr. Bates would actually know they were hiding something.

“Mr. Bates, why do you…”

Gerald asked, pretending to look at Mr. Bates in doubt.

“Young man, I’ve lived half of my life. You can’t lie to me. You’re not here for leisure. You are here to search for the territory of the Phangrottom Clan!”

Subsequently, Mr. Bates stated their purpose of coming here openly.


Their faces changed immediately, showing great surprise.

“Mr. Bates, how did you figure it out?”

Gerald asked curiously.

Although Mr. Bates knew their purpose for coming here, Gerald did not feel a sense of hostility from him.

“Hehe. This place is not a tourist attraction. People come here for just one thing, and that is to look for the territory of the Phangrottom Clan.”

Mr. Bates told them frankly.

Gerald and his friends were amazed. They never expected that Mr. Bates would be so observant.

“Since you have discovered it, I shall not hide it from you anymore. That’s right. We’re here to look for the territory of the Phangrottom Clan!”

Gerald didn’t hide it any longer and admitted it openly.

It was useless to hide and argue if your secret had already been discovered.

“Young man, the territory of the Phangrottom Clan is not a place anyone can go. I advise you to just go back to your place.”

Mr. Bates kindly reminded them.

They were a little startled when they heard that.

“Why did you say so?”

Gerald asked doubtfully.

“Hehe. There were many people like you coming here to look for the territory of the Phangrottom Clan. But in the end, no one came back alive. So, I’m saying this for your sake. Just leave tomorrow morning.”

Mr. Bates smiled as he reminded them again.

“Mr. Bates, we’re no ordinary people. Besides, we come with a mission to save the world.”

Gerald explained to Mr. Bates.

“Ha! Ha! Ha!”

Hearing Gerald’s words, Mr. Bates burst into laughter, and his laugh was full of mockery.

“Young man, don’t say things like that. Those who came here said that as well. But what was the use of that? They still died here in the end.”

Mr. Bates uttered, totally disregarding what Gerald had said.

From what he had said, it seemed like Mr. Bates had met a lot of people. Moreover, their deaths might be related to him.

This was such a deep, old forest, and he lived here alone. This alone was already very strange and unbelievable.

“Mr. Bates, do you know the location of the territory of the Phangrottom Clan?”

After a pause, Gerald looked at Mr. Bates and asked.

Upon being asked that question, Mr. Bates raised his head and stared at Gerald.

After staring into each other’s eyes for a few seconds, Mr. Bates opened his mouth.

“I’m sorry. I don’t know where it is!”

Hearing his words, Gerald did not press him further.

However, Gerald could see that Mr. Bates probably knew the location of the territory of the Phangrottom Clan. He just refused to tell them.

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