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The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 1851-1860

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 1851

Upon returning to the real world, Gerald was instantly swept by feelings of relaxation as his mind acquired newfound understanding. As it turned out, returning from that white dimension was the final step for him to gain this understanding.

Looking at the soul bamboo before him, Gerald then lifted his hand… and with a swift strike using the side of his hand, he sliced the soul bamboo clean in half!

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Pleased to have snapped his first soul bamboo, Gerald was now a hundred percent sure of what the first soul bamboo meant.

Essentially, one couldn’t just expect to see instant benefits. Things needed to be done in proper order, and only then would success come… After all, while Gerald did lose the first two Go games, after learning the rules a bit better and observing how things went on the board, step-by-step, he was eventually able to win against that old man.

Regardless, upon seeing that the soul bamboo had been snapped, Tomie—who had been watching over Gerald this entire time—couldn’t help but smile as he said, “Congratulations on breaking your first soul bamboo, Gerald!”

Smiling in response, Gerald then headed over to the next soul bamboo before placing his hand on it again. The sooner he got all this done with, the better.

Soon enough, Gerald found himself transported to yet another dimension. Compared to the previous white space, however, Gerald was greeted by the sight of several quickly alternating beautiful scenes…

Shortly after, another old man made his appearance before smiling warmly as he said, “Good day, mister. Tell me… What do you think these scenes symbolize…?”

Surprised by the sudden presence of the old man, Gerald quickly shook his shock off before asking, “…Before that, how should I address you, sir?”

Chuckling in response, the old man replied, “Well, I’m a psychic spirit, so you can call me that if you’d like!”

“I see… It’s a pleasure to meet you, sir. Regardless, about your question… I can see that the scenes alternate endlessly among the four seasons. Spring, summer, autumn, and winter…” said Gerald in a respectful tone.

Nodding in response, the psychic spirit then replied, “Well, you’re not wrong there. While the scenes do depict the usual seasons, there’s another message to be found in all this… Why not try calming yourself to see if your heart can sense it?”

Upon hearing that, Gerald nodded before doing as the psychic spirit had told…

After a while, Gerald realized something and he opened his eyes again before saying, “…I think I understand now, sir. Essentially, not only do the scenes depict the four seasons, but they also symbolize the different experiences one undergoes in life.”

“The spring scene displays a sprout which I’m assuming symbolizes the moment one is born. The summer scene, on the other hand, shows how hot it can get.

From what I can gather, it’s a way of saying how hardships and distresses are normal experiences as one grows older.

Moving on to the autumn scene, it depicts the harvest season, which should be when an individual feels the most accomplished they’ve ever felt in their life.

Finally, winter, the period of reminiscing. For me, winter symbolizes the moment when one nears the end of their life cycle…” explained Gerald.

The second his explanation ended, the psychic spirit instantly began clapping as he declared, “Not bad at all, mister! As you’ve said, the four seasons do indeed symbolize a person’s life.

I have to say, you truly are extraordinary to be able to have such a deep understanding of life! You really are different from the others! Regardless, you’ve completed my test so you can leave now!”

And just as before, Gerald’s consciousness was quickly transmitted back to reality…

Upon seeing the second soul bamboo before him again, Gerald immediately repeated the slicing action on it!

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 1852

As expected, this bamboo broke instantly as well, and by conquering it, Gerald now understood the meaning of life.

Essentially, one’s life was like the four seasons since everyone experienced birth, sicknesses, and eventually death. It was simply according to the seasonal cycle. While one would definitely experience other things as well, nobody would truly be able to change their fate in the seasonal cycle of life.

Regardless, Torme himself was now smiling widely after watching Gerald successfully break the second soul bamboo. This youth wasn’t disappointing him in the least!

Whatever the case was, Gerald didn’t even wait for Torme to say anything before moving on to touch the third soul bamboo.

While Gerald was already used to having his consciousness getting transferred, he still found himself slightly stunned when he realized that standing before him, was a doppelganger!

“…And you are?” asked Gerald.

“Heh! I’m just you!” replied the other Gerald as he revealed a subtle smile.

“What? If you’re me, then who am I?” said Gerald.

“You’re me, and I’m you. There’s nothing technical about that! We’re simply the same person! Even so, we’re different from the way we view things!” explained the other Gerald.

“…Different views? Elaborate,” replied Gerald.

Chuckling in response, the other Gerald then said, “To put it in layman terms, I’m your dark side! A fancier name would make me your inner demon!”

As it turned out, the lookalike was a manifestation of his inner demons! This must be the third soul bamboo’s test!

With that in mind, Gerald had a hunch that as long as he managed to defeat the demon, he would be able to fully understand this soul bamboo.

“Whatever the case is, you’re an idiot, Gerald. Why the hell didn’t you just pick Rey in exchange for the key to the large entrance of the Phangrottom Clan territory? Picking yourself… You could’ve died you know?” added the other Gerald in a gloomy tone.

Upon hearing that, Gerald stared at his inner demon for a while before retorting, “As if I’d ever use my friends as bargaining chips! I’ll never sacrifice them!”

“You utter buffoon! That Rey? He’s just a prick and you know it! You could’ve easily gotten rid of him for good! How stupid do you have to be for me to spell it out for you?!” scowled the inner demon as he glared at Gerald.

“Shut it! You’re just my inner demon! In the end, I’m the one who decides on what I think!” growled Gerald who was getting fed up with his inner self.

Upon hearing that, the inner demon instantly roared in laughter as everything around them turned pitch black. The scene was nothing short of terrifying…

“Talk big, will you? Look, I can easily just swallow you up, you know? Once that happens, you’ll be beneath me your entire life!” scoffed the inner demon as he smiled wickedly while staring at the youth.

Before Gerald could even reply, his eyes widened as his other self summoned an incredibly familiar-looking sword…

“…The Astrabyss Sword?!” yelled Gerald, feeling slightly stunned that the demon could also wield the legendary weapon.

“Things could have gone much differently, Gerald! But due to how idiotic you are, you only have yourself to blame! I’m vanquishing you for good so that I’ll be the rightful owner of your body and mind!”

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 1853

After saying that, his inner demon began charging toward Gerald!

Since the inner demon was an exact replica of Gerald, he shared the same strength and capabilities as Gerald. Naturally, Gerald noticed this, and he immediately began retreating as he dodged the onslaught of attacks!

Unfortunately, since their skills were on par, Gerald’s neck ended up getting slightly cut by the sharp blade.

The Astrabyss Sword’s tip had merely brushed across Gerald’s skin, yet it was already bleeding… Gerald didn’t even want to imagine what would happen if the sword struck him for real…

Whatever the case was, he couldn’t allow this inner demon to get rid of him. After all, if he lost this battle, he would lose control over his body forever!

With that in mind, once he was at a safe distance, Gerald drew out his own Astrabyss Sword.

“Hah! Thinking of launching a counterattack?” sneered the inner demon.

“You won’t have your way! I’m burying you deep in my heart so that you’ll never be able to resurface again!” declared Gerald in a righteous tone.

“Let’s see if you can win against me first!” yelled the inner demon as both he and Gerald bolted toward each other!

Since both of them were equally fast, their blades met even before a split second passed!

With a massive ‘clang’ the impact of the two legendary blades caused both of them to take a few steps backward!

“I hope you haven’t forgotten that I’m your dark side, Gerald! I don’t have anything weighing me down! With that in mind, I’m way stronger than you!” scoffed the inner demon in a smug tone before he immediately began chanting a spell…

Within seconds, Gerald watched as all sorts of knife brandishing ghosts began appearing! The inner demon had summoned them from the Astrabyss Sword to deal with Gerald!

Though the spirits immediately began rushing toward Gerald, the youth remained calm and simply took out the spirits, one by one…

However, no matter how many spirits he slew, more would just appear… That b*stard of an inner demon was simply summoning no end to them!

Laughing maniacally as Gerald got surrounded by yet another group of spirits, the inner demon then smugly proposed, “Gerald, listen. Wouldn’t it be great if we just cooperated? With your intellect and my strength, we’d surely be an unstoppable force!”

Naturally, Gerald wasn’t going to agree to that anytime soon.

While the inner demon may have thought that Gerald’s loss was already determined, Gerald knew that his other self was merely a temporary manifestation of his worst aspects. With that in mind, there was no way Gerald was going to let that nobody surpass him!

As he thought about that, an idea suddenly came to Gerald. Understanding that it was now or never, Gerald immediately began projecting his immense will and psychokinetic powers around him.

The second he started doing so, his inner demon immediately began suffering a severe headache!

Slowly kneeling, the inner demon held on to his aching head as he asked, “You… The hell have you done…?!”

“Remember, you’re just a momentary manifestation of my inner demons. With that in mind, you won’t be able to defeat me in a million years! My true power will always be stronger than yours!” scoffed Gerald as he walked over to his other self and grabbed it by the neck.

Glaring at his inner demon fine final time, Gerald then increased the force of his grip while yelling, “Exterminate!”

And just like that, the inner demon vanished, sending Gerald’s consciousness back to reality…

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 1854

With that, Gerald successfully made it past his third soul bamboo, and with a swift attack, he instantly split it clean in half!

Walking up to Gerald, Torme then smiled as he said, “Congratulations for defeating your inner demon, Gerald!”

Slightly stunned that Torme knew about his battle, Gerald was prompted to say, “Sir… You… Knew?”

“Indeed. I saw all that happened in each of the soul bamboos. I also know what each soul bamboo here stands for. Regardless, had you failed to defeat your inner demon, you’d have ended up getting swallowed by him.

If that came to be, I’m sure you’re aware that not only would your consciousness get sealed deep within your heart forever, but that inner demon of yours?

He’d take your place! Thankfully, you managed to defeat him! I must say, you haven’t disappointed me at all!” declared Torme as he looked at Gerald with a satisfied expression.

Watching as Gerald nodded, Torme then added in a serious tone, “Inner demons are dark manifestations that exist in everyone’s hearts. Sadly, not many are actually capable of truly vanquishing them.

While I’ve come across many people who’ve attempted to defeat their inner demons, they always ended up getting swallowed by their inner demons, resulting in them becoming their worst nightmares… With that in mind, since you’ve managed to make it past your demons, I have to say I greatly admire you, Gerald!”

“I appreciate the compliment, sir! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll proceed with the next soul bamboo!” replied Gerald in a gratuitous tone before walking toward his fourth soul bamboo.

However, before he was able to touch it, Torme suddenly shouted, “Wait!”

Turning around, Gerald raised a slight brow as he asked, “Is… something the matter, sir…?”

“There’s no need to go through the fourth soul bamboo. You’ve passed the test!” replied Torme, astonishing Gerald quite a bit.

Before Gerald could even reply, he watched as Torme waved his hand… and just like that, both of them were back in the tower.

“Have… I really passed everything, sir?” asked the confused Gerald.

“Indeed! You’re the most outstanding cultivator I’ve ever met! With that in mind, you have every right to head to the Phangrottom Clan’s territory! As promised, I’ll also be handing you the key to the large entrance of that territory! While I’m sure you’re on some extraordinary mission, do remember that in the end, whether you’ll be able to obtain what you want ultimately depends on fate…” said Torme.

Gerald himself was currently too pleasantly surprised and excited to feel down by that statement. To think that he had managed to pass the test without needing to fully complete it! Torme was even giving him the key to the large entrance of the Phangrottom Clan’s territory!

The youth’s train of thought was cut short when Torme revealed a rectangular wooden box before handing it to Gerald as he said, “The box contains the key I promised. It’s yours to take now!”

Taking the box, Gerald then slowly opened it… and inside, was an iron key with the Phangrottom Rune on it.

Glad to have finally obtained it, Gerald immediately replied, “Thank you, sir!”

“You’re very welcome, though honestly, you deserve the key. Regardless, a bit of advice before you head off. The Phangrottoms are a spiritual clan that rules over all souls… With that in mind, I’m sure you can imagine that they’re not ones who are easy to persuade. What I’m saying is please make sure that you’re mentally ready to face everything, and that includes quite a bit of pain. It’s not a stretch to claim that your real test will begin once you arrive there!” advised Torme.

“Got it. I’ll keep that in mind!” replied Gerald in a respectful tone.

“I’m sure you will. Now head off! The passing permit is already hanging on your waist!” said Torme as he waved his hand at Gerald.

Upon hearing that, Gerald instantly looked at his waist area… as true to Torme’s words, a passing permit was hanging there! When had Torme even done the deed…?

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 1855

Whatever the case was, Gerald simply nodded before walking out of the tower…

Upon exiting, he saw that Rey was taking a nap with his back leaning against the tower’s walls!

Squatting down, Gerald then patted Rey’s face a few times while saying, “Hey, I wasn’t in for that long… Are you seriously sleeping here?”

Quickly waking up, the shocked Rey couldn’t help but exclaim, “A-ah! Mr. Crawford! You’re finally out? I’ve been waiting for ages!”

“…Ages? I’m pretty sure I’ve been in there for half an hour at most,” replied Gerald as he raised a slight brow.

Then again, Rey wasn’t one to lie. Could the time in the tower move differently compared to the time in the outside world…? After all, as they said, ‘a day in heaven was equivalent to a year in the human world’. With that in mind, who’s to say that the tower didn’t function following those rules? While it wasn’t completely out of the question, it still seemed rather magical to Gerald.

“…Regardless, I’ve managed to obtain the passing permit, so let’s go!” added Gerald, not wanting to bother about something that trivial. After all, the more crucial thing to do now was to enter the Phantom City…

Soon after, the duo arrived at the city’s gates again, and upon showing the passing permit to the phantom officer, they were finally granted access into the place…

“…Say… What exactly did you have to do to obtain the passing permit, Mr. Crawford…?” asked Rey in a curious tone.

“Let’s just say I had to go through some tests of life,” replied Gerald, knowing that his answer was the truth despite how vague it sounded.

As Gerald recalled all the principles and experiences of life that he had been tested on back in the tower, he couldn’t help but feel pleased that after all that, he managed to obtain the key to the large entrance of the Phangrottom Clan’s territory as well.

Whatever the case was, Rey naturally didn’t know what Gerald was going on about, prompting him to say, “…Huh? Come again…?”

Shaking his head, Gerald then leaned closer to Rey before whispering, “Forget about that for the moment. I actually have some good news to share! See, I’ve managed to obtain the key to the large entrance of the Phangrottom Clan’s territory!”

Upon hearing the good news, Rey immediately grew excited as he exclaimed, “Really?”

“Hush! Aren’t you worried at all that others may learn of this?” replied Gerald as he glared at Rey while gesturing for him to keep it down.

Upon hearing that, Rey instantly calmed down, making sure to cover a hand over his mouth to ensure no further noise came out from him…

After walking for a while longer, the duo came across a town within Phantom City. While it looked no different from human settlements, the ghosts here had their own lifestyles that were evidently different compared to how humans lived.

As the duo watched hordes of ghosts wandering along the streets of the town, it wasn’t long before a few phantom soldiers—riding phantom horses—encircled Gerald and Rey!

“Both of you, come with us!” ordered one of the soldiers in a frigid tone.

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 1856

Upon hearing that command, the duo could only exchange glances.

Knowing that it wouldn’t do them any good to cause a scene, both of them simply followed the phantom soldiers’ lead…

Eventually, they arrived at what appeared to be a palace of sorts within the city…

After being led in, the two soon saw an armor-clad ghost sitting atop a throne, looking all high and mighty…

Unbeknownst to them, the ghost went by the name of Yohr God, and he was the ruler of Phantom City.

“Your highness! We captured these two foreigners in our city’s town!” reported one of the phantom soldiers as two others led Gerald and Rey forward.

Upon hearing that, Yohr got to his feet before squinting his eyes at Gerald…

After a while, Yohr was prompted to say, “…You’re quite the special one!”

“Thank you, though… Who are you again…?” asked Gerald in a composed tone.

Booming with laughter, Yohr then replied, “You… don’t even know who I am? You truly have some nerve coming here if you don’t even recognize me!”

“He’s our city’s magnificent king, Yohr God!” snapped one of the phantom soldiers standing at the side.

Hearing that, Gerald and Rey couldn’t help but feel slightly surprised. To think that there would actually be a ghost king here!

Whatever the case was, Gerald felt that it was best not to immediately offend these people. It was honestly amusing how Gerald was the one trying to be reasonable with actual ghosts instead of the other way around.

Regardless, Gerald then said, “Just so you know, we’re not here to cause any trouble! We’re simply passing through the most feminine place!”

“Passing through? Where exactly are you headed to?” asked Yohr in a much sterner voice now.

“I’m off to seek the Phangrottom Clan!” declared Gerald, seeing no reason to lie.

Even so, upon hearing Gerald’s answer, Yohr’s expression instantly grew gloomy as he said, “You can’t be serious. In case you didn’t know, anyone who barges into their territory will definitely suffer a terrible fate! Do you honestly think you can make it back in one piece with just the two of you? How utterly ridiculous!”

Watching as Yohr then snorted disdainfully while glaring at them, Gerald simply chuckled before smiling as he replied, “But of course I’m serious. Why wouldn’t I head there when even you called me a ‘special one’?”

“Are you talking back to me? Are you trying to court death or something?!” growled Yohr as he instantly transformed into a dark fog that bolted toward Gerald!

In barely a split second, Yohr was already standing inches away from Gerald’s feet, his eyes glaring straight into the youth’s.

“Aren’t you afraid of death at all?” scoffed Yohr as he continued staring at Gerald.

“Hah! As if I’d come here in the first place if I was afraid of dying! Regardless, perhaps this will answer your question!” retorted Gerald with a snort as he separated his spirit from his body!

Staring at Gerald’s ghost form, the surprised Yohr couldn’t help but exclaim, “…So you’re a cultivator who’s half human and ghost? Color me surprised!”

While Yohr was well aware that there existed other half human and ghost cultivators like Gerald, he also knew that these hybrid cultivators were generally much stronger and had way more capabilities than fully human ones.

With that in mind, Yohr then turned to face his phantom soldiers before ordering, “…Untie them!”

After watching the soldiers do Yohr’s bidding, Gerald then returned to his body.

Rey himself had been shocked silent this entire time. Based on what he had just witnessed, he now knew how that innkeeper had ended up getting all tied up the other day. After all, just like what had happened moments ago, Gerald’s physical body had gone unconscious while he was in his ghost form. If Rey remembered correctly, this was similar to having an out-of-body experience!

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 1857

“…Leave us be! All of you!” ordered Yohr at his soldiers, prompting the phantom soldiers to quickly leave the room…

Once they were gone, Yohr immediately gestured for Gerald and Rey to take a seat before looking at Gerald and asking, “Now then… I wonder how I should address, good sir?”

“I go by Gerald Crawford!”

Nodding in response, Yohr then turned to look at Rey, cueing the boy to add, “You can just call me Rey!”

“I see, I see… A pleasure to meet both of you, Gerald and Rey. I admit that I may have been a bit offensive earlier… With that in mind, I do hope that you don’t take that to heart!” said Yohr in a respectful tone as he smiled subtly.

Upon hearing that, Gerald and Rey were rightfully confused. After all, Yohr’s attitude toward them had just taken a complete one-eighty!

“…We don’t. Regardless, we really are just hoping to pass through Phantom City to accomplish something important elsewhere! With that in mind, I hope you’ll just let us go!” replied Gerald, not wanting to waste any more time than he needed to here. Every second counted when it came to obtaining the Phangrottom Talisman…

“Of course, of course… But before that, I do have a favor I’d like to ask from you!” said Yohr.

“…A favor?” asked Gerald in return.

“Indeed! Essentially, I hope that you’ll bring a Phangrottom Jade back once you’re done with your mission!” said Yohr as he retrieved a sheet of paper from under his armor before handing it to Gerald.

After taking the paper and looking at the sketch of the Phangrottom Jade, Gerald couldn’t help but ask, “…And why do you need this jade?”

“That… I’m afraid I can’t tell you about that for the time being… However, I’ll definitely tell you more about it once you bring it back!” replied Yohr in an almost pleading tone.

“…Fine. Consider it done!” said Gerald since he just wanted to leave this place already.

“I appreciate it, Gerald and Rey! I’ll get my men to escort you out right this instant!” declared Yohr with a wide smile on his face as he ordered for his soldiers to re-enter the room.

Escorted by the phantom soldiers, Gerald and Rey then left Phantom City rather easily… and soon after, they got to Quay Waves.

Quay Waves itself was a large ocean that separated the Phantom City from the territory of the Phangrottom Clan. With that in mind, the duo would have to scale the ocean in order to get to their destination. However, how were they going to do it?

“…Are there no boats to ride to cross this ocean?” asked Gerald as he looked at one of the phantom soldiers.

“Negative. We’ve never been there either, so even if we had boats, we wouldn’t know how to get there. Regardless, this is where our escort ends. The rest is up to you,” replied the phantom soldier as the rest of them nodded before quickly riding back to the city…

Watching as the soldiers left, Gerald and Rey couldn’t help but feel that they had just been deserted.

“…Well… What should we do now, Mr. Crawford…?” asked Rey.

Gerald himself appeared rather perplexed. To think that this ocean would be the largest hurdle of their journey yet!

Looking around, Gerald saw that there really weren’t any boats around. Did they actually have to resort to swimming…? Then again, Gerald knew better than to actually attempt to scale an ocean just by swimming…

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 1858

“…I’m sure there’s a way across! It just hasn’t shown itself yet!” declared Gerald as he immediately began searching for ways to cross the large oceans.

Seeing that, Rey began doing the same. However, even after quite a while had passed, they were unable to find any suitable modes of transportation.

With that, the duo could only sit by the beach, hoping for a miracle to appear…

“…Say, Mr. Crawford…? Do you really think that a ship will come if we just wait around…?” muttered Rey as he looked at the sky.

“I believe in miracles, so yes. Yes, I do,” replied Gerald in a confident tone.

The second his sentence ended, a low rumble could suddenly be heard coming from the ocean…

Getting to their feet, the duo watched wide-eyed as the ocean began bubbling and the waves began to part…! Within seconds, what appeared to be a solidified watery path appeared right atop the ocean’s surface!

Exchanging glances with each other, the delighted Gerald couldn’t help but say, “See? Miracles do exist!”

Before Rey could even reply, Gerald was already rushing over to the watery path… and upon stepping on it, Gerald felt that the path—that was formed by seawater—was soft to walk on, almost as though he was walking on an air cushion…

Seeing that it was safe to walk on, Rey quickly ran after Gerald… And after realizing that he too could walk on water, Rey couldn’t help but exclaim, “How… How truly magical, Mr. Crawford…!”

This was naturally a first for Rey, which explained why he was so shocked. Still, to think that he would be able to actually experience walking on water in his lifetime! Such scenes were usually reserved for television dramas!

Whatever the case was, both of them quickly began proceeding across the watery path… and after walking for about ten minutes, the duo was finally able to see the sole piece of land at the end of Quay Waves…

The land, of course, was the territory of the Phangrottom Clan, and aside from Gerald and Rey, only seven other spirit explorers had ever managed to come this far…

Either way, the second they stepped on land, the watery path behind them quickly disappeared…

Noticing the presence of a stone tablet to their left, the duo walked over and saw that the words, ‘Phangrottom Clan’ had been carved into it. Beside the tablet, was a gigantic stone statue that was modeled after one of the past rulers of the Phangrottom Clan. From how grand it looked, it was evident that the statue symbolized how supreme the ruler was…

Regardless, upon confirming that they were at the right place, Rey couldn’t help but exclaim, “We’re finally here, Mr. Crawford! To think that we’d make it here in one piece!”

Nodding in response, Gerald then retrieved the key to the large entrance of the Phangrottom Clan’s territory—that he had obtained from Torme—before inserting it into the door…

After turning it, a loud rumble could be heard as the large entrance began shaking rather violently… and within seconds, the entrance to the Phangrottom Clan’s territory was opened.

The first sight that greeted them was several statues that appeared to be modeled after individuals from the Phangrottom Clan. For some reason, Gerald felt that the statues had been placed there for a reason…

Either way, thanks to how perceptive Gerald was, he was able to realize in time that a volley of arrows had just been shot toward them from inside!

“Duck!” yelled Gerald as he immediately pushed Rey to the side of the entrance.

Gerald himself was just in time to have his back against the opposite side of the entrance as hundreds of arrows began shooting out!

Had Gerald reacted any slower, both of them would’ve surely ended up becoming arrow-filled corpses by now…!

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 1859

As it turned out, there were traps littered all over the place here to prevent intruders from entering…

Either way, it was only a few minutes later before arrows finally stopped shooting out…

Once they were sure that the coast was clear, the duo then cautiously peeked beyond the door again…

Turning to look at the countless arrows littered on the ground, Rey couldn’t help but gulp as he muttered, “…Thank god you reacted so quickly, Mr. Crawford… Otherwise, we would’ve surely been pierced to high heaven!”

“Indeed… I’m assuming even more traps await us inside. With that in mind, do be careful and stick close to me! Never walk around randomly, understand?” replied Gerald.

“You don’t have to tell me twice, Mr. Crawford…!” replied the still slightly rattled Rey.

Even if Gerald hadn’t said that, Rey would’ve still done the same. As if he’d dare to even move five feet away from Gerald after witnessing all that!

Regardless, the duo then cautiously began entering the area…

Meanwhile, back in the real world, Juno and Yrsa were simply waiting for the duo’s return at Mr. Bate’s place. Since they had no idea when Gerald and Rey would return, all they could do at the moment was wait there.

“How much longer will they remain in there, Mr. Bates…?” asked Juno.

“I wish I could answer that… After all, even I don’t know what could happen there… We can only hope that their fortune protects them there…” replied Mr. Bates.

While his reply was vague, Juno really couldn’t be bothered about it. After all, in her mind, she only hoped that the two would make a safe return…

It was at that moment when all three of them suddenly heard whispers coming from within the nearby forests…

Raising a brow, Juno turned to look at the source of the voices… and to her shock, the speakers appeared to be the Soul Hunters from before! To think that they had managed to survive the incident that had befallen them back at the wooden bridge!

“Mr. Bates! It’s the Soul Hunters!” said Juno.

Snorting in response, Mr. Bates then replied, “They just don’t know when to give up, do they?”

Upon hearing that, Juno and Yrsa were momentarily stunned. To think that Mr. Bates knew about them…

“Leave from the back and find someplace to hide. I’ll be dealing with them, and until I say it’s safe to come out, remain hidden!” ordered Mr. Bates.

“Got it! Be careful, Mr. Bates!” replied Juno as she quickly held onto Yrsa’s hand before leading her out the back door…

Barely even seconds after they left, the cloaked man could be seen barging into Mr. Bate’s courtyard with several Soul Hunters.

Seeing that, Mr. Bates walked out and simply stared at the cloaked man right in the eye…

Smiling subtly, the cloaked man then stared back at Mr. Bates before saying, “Been quite a while, Mr. Bates!”

“How have you still not given up, Leandro?” replied Mr. Bates without beating around the bush.

The man Mr. Bates was squinting at went by Leandro Zaborowski, and he was the leader of the Soul Hunters…

Laughing aloud after hearing Mr. Bate’s statement, Leandro then shamelessly declared, “But of course I haven’t! I won’t stop until I’ve obtained the Phangrottom Talisman! Once I finally have it, I’ll be able to rule over the ghost world and make everyone there obey me!”

“Hah! And that’s exactly why you’ll never be able to obtain it, Leandro!” sneered Mr. Bates.

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 1860

Upon hearing that, murderous intent instantly flashed across Leandro’s eyes! Within a split second, Leandro’s palm was already inches away from Mr. Bate’s chest!

However, Mr. Bates had anticipated the attack! With that, their two palms clashed, sending powerful shockwaves flying all over the place! How absolutely powerful…!

Naturally, the two weren’t about to stop there, and the duo continued exchanging blow after blow!

Witnessing all this from afar, Juno and Yrsa couldn’t help but feel stunned. To think that Mr. Bates possessed such powerful martial arts skills! After all, he was able to be on par with Leandro’s strength! With how things were going, however, it was honestly quite hard to see who was more powerful…

Not long after Juno had that thought, Mr. Bates failed to react in time to one of Leandro’s attacks, causing his eyes to widen as Leandro’s palm hit him square in the chest!

Snorting contemptuously as he watched Mr. Bates spurt blood out his mouth, Leandro then sneered, “Bold of you to think that you can still handle young people, you old b*stard!”

Following that, Leandro kicked Mr. Bates right in his stomach, sending the old man flying backward! Landing quite a distance away, Mr. Bates—who was now lying on the ground—was unable to even crawl back up anymore…

Sadly, his age was the factor that disallowed the old man from winning against Leandro. There was simply no competing against a younger person’s speed…

Regardless, Juno’s fury instantly flared up when she saw what had just happened. While she wanted to go save him, she knew that if she revealed herself, not only would she expose Yrsa and herself to danger, but she would also let Mr. Bates down.

Biting her lower lip, all she and Yrsa could do was continue to helplessly watch as Mr. Bates continued getting beaten up by Leandro…

However, shortly after, a Soul Hunter donning purple attire came running over to report, “Leader! We’ve found quite a number of footsteps in the forest nearby!”

“Oh?” replied Leandro as he immediately dragged Mr. Bates to his feet.

“Tell me… Did four individuals come looking for you? Did you open the portal for them, you old b*stard?” interrogated Leandro as he glared at Mr. Bates.

In response, however, the infuriated Mr. Bates simply spat at Leandro’s face before yelling, “Like I’d tell you that!”

“You mother*cker…! Just perish then!” roared Leandro before instantly snapping Mr. Bates’s neck!

Witnessing that, Juno and Yrsa could only close their eyes as tears began rolling down their cheeks… To think that Mr. Bates had died just to protect them…

“Lead me to the footsteps and we’ll follow them wherever they lead! Also, bring this b*stard’s corpse along!” instructed Leandro as his subordinates immediately did as they were told.

Following that, it wasn’t long after before the group arrived at the Stonehenge lookalike… Upon seeing that, Leandro could instantly tell that this was where the portal to the most feminine place could be opened.

Taking a closer look at the stone pillar in the center of the structure, Leandro found that there were bloodstains left behind. Putting two and two together, he then returned to Mr. Bates’s corpse and lifted the old man’s hand… And true enough, there was a rather recent cut mark there…

While all this was happening, unbeknownst to Leandro and his men, Juno and Yrsa had secretly been tailing them…

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