The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 1881-1890

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 1881

To Gerald, they deserved to die.

Instead of letting them come and cause trouble, Gerald would rather get rid of them in advance. That way, he would be able to avoid getting into bigger trouble.

After staring at them for a few seconds, Gerald took out the Phangrottom Rune.

With a firm wave of the Phangrottom Rune, Gerald exterminated the souls of those two.

People like them didn’t qualify to be reincarnated. They should just turn into nothingness.

After dealing with the matter, Gerald left right away.

Gerald knew that the next morning, the death of the head of the Hoklux Gang would be reported on every news channel, and the news would definitely shock the whole city.

However, most of the people would only feel glad seeing as the gang’s head had finally been punished for his evil deeds.

After going back to his place, Gerald returned to his body and fell asleep.

The next morning, a phone call woke Gerald up.

When Gerald was awakened, he took his phone and saw that it was from Harold.

Gerald could roughly guess what Harold was calling him for. He had to be calling for help to solve the murder case of the head of the Hoklux Gang.

After hesitating for a few seconds, Gerald answered the call.

“Hello, Mr. Lee.”

Gerald greeted Harold with a weary voice.

Harold seemed to be able to sense Gerald’s tone, so he immediately apologized politely, “Mr. Gerald, I’m sorry to call you this early in the morning. However, something strange happened in the headquarters of the Hoklux Gang last night. The head of the gang and one of his subordinates died. Their deaths were very strange, and the other underlings said that they didn’t see anyone when it happened.”

As expected, Harold was indeed calling Gerald regarding that very case.

“Oh, really? Okay, I will go there right away!”

Gerald pretended to be surprised before agreeing to help.

After hanging up, Gerald got out of his bed.

When he went out of his room, Rey and the girls were already watching the television in the living room. The news about the death of the leader of the Hoklux Gang was being reported in the news.

When Gerald came out, the three of them looked at him simultaneously.

“Why are you looking at me?”

Gerald asked in surprise.

“Gerald, does the matter of the Hoklux Gang have something to do with you?”

Juno seemed to have sensed something, and she questioned him immediately.

“That’s right. It was me.”

When being asked, Gerald did not have anything else to say, and so, he chose to admit it.

“What? Brother Gerald, was it truly you who did it?”

Hearing his words, Rey shouted in surprise.

“If I didn’t go to them, they would have come and troubled us. I heard them talking about finishing us off, so I took action first!”

Gerald explained in a normal tone.

Juno and the two understood after hearing his words.

“Right, Rey, let’s go to the headquarters of the Hoklux Gang now. Mr. Lee called just now and asked us to go there!”

Later, Gerald told Rey.

“What? He asked us to go there? Brother Gerald, did they find out it was you already?”

Rey was startled and looked at Gerald doubtfully.

“Don’t worry. They won’t know it was me. They just want us to help solve the case. It’s better this way. I can just think of a random reason and tell them that. Anyway, they don’t know how we do our business.”

Gerald told Rey.

Everything was under Gerald’s control. He would never leave any evidence behind.

Besides, only Gerald could handle such things flawlessly.

Having said that, Gerald and Rey left the house and headed to the headquarters of the Hoklux Gang.

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 1882

“Brother Gerald, you should be using that out-of-body experience technique, right? When will I be able to learn that?”

In the car, Rey asked Gerald curiously. He also wanted to learn that skill.

“Don’t rush. You will learn it one day, but you should focus on the basics first!”

Gerald turned his head and looked at Rey.

Some skills were not that easy to master. One could not learn to run before he could walk.

They arrived at the headquarters of the Hoklux Gang as they were conversing.

The place was surrounded by many people inside and outside. It was really crowded.

There were already a few cars of the Great Council in front of the building, and the inspectors were working to maintain the order at the scene.

Gerald walked over with Rey.

“Rey, don’t say anything once we get inside. I’ll handle everything!”

Gerald reminded Rey softly as they walked in.

Rey nodded in understanding.

“I understand, Brother Gerald!”

Rey knew what Gerald meant.

When they arrived at the entrance, the inspectors of the Great Council stopped them.

“Where is Mr. Lee? He was looking for us. I am Gerald Crawford!”

Gerald glanced at the inspector who didn’t allow them to go in and asked, at the same time telling him his identity and name.

When he heard Gerald’s name, the inspector showed a surprised expression on his face.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Crawford. Mr. Lee has been waiting for you for a long time!”

The inspector quickly let them in as he spoke.

Although he had never seen Gerald, he had heard of his name. He didn’t expect that the person before his eyes would be Gerald Crawford, and so, he quickly made way and let them in. He didn’t want to delay the investigation as he could not afford to be blamed for that.

Gerald brought Rey inside.

Once inside, Harold quickly came forward to greet them.

“Mr. Crawford, You’re finally here!”

Harold greeted Gerald briefly and brought them to the scene.

Gerald pretended to know nothing. He pretended not to know the way and let Harold lead them in.

In the hall, it could be seen that Roger and the scarred man were lying in the pool of their own blood.

“What happened?”

Gerald asked suspiciously.

“They were killed in one strike. According to the underlings, Roger and the scarred man were lifted off the ground by an unseen force. Then, their throats were suddenly slashed, and they died on the spot. It was rather bizarre when they died.”

Harold shared every piece of information he had with Gerald

After Gerald heard it, he didn’t find it surprising at all.

“Anything else apart from this?”

After a pause, Gerald asked Harold again.

Harold shook his head.

“Apart from this, there’s nothing else.”

Harold replied helplessly.

Gerald took Rey along and looked around.

Even if it was Gerald who had done it, he still had to pretend that he was trying to solve the case.

“What a strong aura of resentment!”

Suddenly, Gerald felt a very strong aura of resentment, and he exclaimed.

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 1883

“Aura of resentment? Why didn’t I feel it?”

Harold asked in confusion.

Gerald glanced at Harold.

“You are an ordinary man, so you can’t feel it.”

Gerald gave a simple answer.

Hearing this, Harold felt a little helpless, thinking that it would have been better if Gerald could have told him this more implicitly.

Rey, who was standing at the side, found it rather funny.

However, only Gerald could see everything.

Rey thought that Gerald was just pretending when he said that. However, it was actually true. Gerald did indeed feel a strong aura of resentment.

Gerald hadn’t sensed this aura last night, but today, it suddenly appeared.

This genuinely surprised Gerald as he was sure that the aura wasn’t coming from the souls of Roger and the scarred man.

This was because their souls had been eliminated by Gerald using the Phangrottom Rune earlier.

It looked like there was something wrong with this place. Someone must have died here, and the body must still be here somewhere.

“Mr. Lee, I suggest you search the place up and down. Apart from the bodies of Roger and the scarred man, there must still be a corpse hidden somewhere in this place. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be such a strong aura of resentment here!”

After a pause, Gerald instructed Harold.

Harold didn’t hesitate and took action upon hearing Gerald’s words. He started ordering his men to check the place thoroughly.

As for Gerald and Rey, they began searching another place.

When there was no one around, only then did Rey ask Gerald, “Brother Gerald, what you said just now is all fake, right?”

Rey asked suspiciously.

“Who told you that? When I came here last night, I didn’t feel such a strong aura of resentment. It seems that the Hoklux Gang must have done too many bad things in the past.”

Gerald looked very serious when he said that to Rey. He was not joking.

After hearing that, Rey realized that what Gerald had said just now was true. He had initially thought that Gerald was just acting in front of Harold.


After a while, a loud scream was heard.

Immediately, everyone ran in the direction where the sound had come from.

They came to a wall and saw a skull sticking out from a hole in the wall.

Seeing this, Rey looked at Gerald.

It was indeed true. He now believed in Gerald’s words.

Harold frowned, and his face turned gloomy.

Now, Harold believed in Gerald’s ability even more, because everything was just as Gerald had told him.

“Smash the wall and dig out the corpse!”

Harold ordered his subordinates solemnly.

Then, they started working, smashing the wall.

Finally, the skeletons in the wall fell out one by one.

As the skeletons fell out, everyone was taken aback.

There wasn’t just one set of skeletons, but a few.

“Oh, my God! There are so many sets of skeletons!”

When Rey saw this, he exclaimed.

“There must be more than one corpse here!”

Gerald reminded Harold.

As an inspector, Harold would naturally be able to see that. He was equally shocked. He didn’t expect that there were still so many corpses hidden inside the Hoklux Gang. No wonder Gerald had said that there was a strong aura of resentment here. It seemed to be true.

“Quick. Get someone to put these bones together!”

After that, Harold ordered his men once more.


Suddenly, the sky turned dark, and the thunder rumbled.

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 1884

“Oh, no! The aura is getting stronger!”

Gerald was alarmed.

“Quick, Mr. Lee, get your men out of here. Get out now! The masculine aura in your bodies is the target of the grudgeful ghosts!”

Immediately, Gerald shouted at Harold.


Harold shouted right away without a second thought.

Hearing this, all the inspectors retreated from the hall with Harold and stood by the roadside immediately.

Once outside, Harold and his men saw the black fog rush into the hall of the Hoklux Gang from the sky.

Seeing this, everyone at the scene was terrified. They thought that it was very frightening as they had never seen such a thing happening before.

At that moment, only Gerald and Rey were left inside the hall.

Gerald glanced at Rey, who was behind him.

“What are you doing here?! Get out now!”

Gerald shouted.

“Brother Gerald, I want to stay to help you!”

Rey replied.

“What can you help me with?! You haven’t learned anything yet. I can handle this alone! Get out quickly before it’s too late!”

Gerald chased Rey out of the hall.

It was no laughing matter as Rey was an ordinary person just like Harold Lee. So, the masculine aura in their bodies was very alluring for the grudgeful ghosts.

“Brother Gerald…”

“Go! Are you not listening to me?”

Rey wanted to say something, but he was immediately scolded by Gerald.

When Rey heard that, he knew that he had no choice but to obey Gerald. So, he turned around and ran toward the door.


However, it was too late. The door swung shut and blocked the entrance.

Seeing this, Gerald knew it was too late.

“You can’t go out now. Come back here!”

Knowing that Rey was unable to get out, he instructed Rey right away.

Rey walked to Gerald obediently, grabbing a corner of his shirt.


The next second, a black fog appeared in front of them.

The black fog circled around them continuously, almost as if it was waiting for something.

Rey didn’t dare to make a sound nor breathe.

“What kind of ghost are you? Show yourself!”

Gerald stared at the black fog and shouted angrily.

Having said that, Gerald summoned his Astrabyss Sword and swung his sword.

The black fog felt the power from the sword and retreated further away from them.

Then, the black fog morphed into a human form and stood in front of them.

It was a grudgeful female ghost with a pale face, red lips, and blood-red eyes.

This female ghost was formed by the fusion of a few female corpses, so it was a very powerful grudgeful ghost.

“I know you were killed by the Hoklux Gang. However, Roger is already dead, so you can rest in peace now!”

Gerald said to the female ghost.

The female ghost stared at Gerald and released a red ribbon toward Gerald without saying anything.

Gerald swung his Astrabyss Sword immediately and started battling with the female ghost.

Rey, who was hiding behind Gerald, moved here and there. He didn’t dare to open his eyes to look at the female grudgeful ghost, thinking that it was too scary.

At the next second, the female ghost released another red ribbon from her other hand.

This time, the red ribbon flew toward Rey.

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 1885

“Rey, be careful!”

Gerald shouted at Rey to alert him.

When Rey heard Gerald’s warning, he immediately opened his eyes.

The next moment, Rey’s waist was already tied by the red ribbon.


Rey was dragged forward.

Seeing this, Gerald reacted quickly and cut the red ribbon with his sword.


Fortunately, Gerald was fast enough. He cut the red ribbon and saved Rey.

“Soul Chain!”

After saving Rey, Gerald threw his Soul Chain toward the ghost.

The Soul Chain flew toward the female ghost.

However, the female ghost was not an easy target. She waved her red ribbon to block the Soul Chain.

Not giving her any chance, Gerald leaped forward and rushed toward the female ghost.

Gerald’s speed was so fast that the female ghost didn’t have any time to react.

Then, Gerald stabbed the female ghost with his Astrabyss Sword.


Gerald shouted angrily in a deep voice.

With that, the Astrabyss Sword emitted a dark blue flame and engulfed the female ghost.

Then, using the power of the sword again, Gerald absorbed and annihilated the female ghost.

After finishing off the female ghost, Gerald fell to his knees. His body started emitting a blue dark flame. This happened when Gerald was absorbing the ghost into his body.

However, Gerald had no choice but to do this. This was the only way he could defeat the female ghost.

“Are you alright, Brother Gerald?”

Seeing this Rey immediately rushed forward and asked Gerald in concern.

“Don’t come here. Don’t touch me!”

Gerald reminded Rey.

Rey stopped moving at once.

After a while, the dark blue flame around Gerald finally disappeared, and he returned to normal.

Gerald stood up once again and looked at Rey.

“If you had touched me just now, you would have been consumed by the aura and been turned into a grudgeful ghost right away!”

Gerald uttered word by word.

Hearing this, Rey was shocked. He didn’t know the consequences would be so horrible.

At the same time, the sky had returned to normal. The black clouds in the sky had disappeared completely.

Seeing this, Harold knew that the crisis inside must have been lifted.


The door blocking the entrance of the hall was smashed, and Gerald and Rey walked out together.

Seeing them come out, Harold breathed a sigh of relief.

Harold quickly approached them.

“Are you alright, Mr. Crawford?”

Harold was concerned about his safety.

“I’m fine, Mr. Lee. The grudgeful ghost has been dealt with. It’s alright now. Roger and the scarred man were killed by that ghost!”

Gerald said to Harold.

“Thank you, Mr. Crawford. You are so incredible!”

Harold thanked Gerald excitedly. Now, he believed in Gerald’s power completely, and he would not doubt him anymore.

“It’s nothing, Mr. Lee. You are being too polite. This is our obligation!”

Gerald replied humbly.

Then, Gerald said to Harold, “Mr. Lee, since it’s safe now, I shall hand it over to you. We shall take our leave!”

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 1886
“Of course. Take care, Mr. Crawford!” Harold said goodbye to Gerald respectfully.

After that, Gerald and Rey left the Hoklux Gang by car.

“Brother Gerald, it looks like the truth about this matter will not be discovered!”

In the car, Rey spoke, feeling very lucky.

“Hehe, I didn’t expect that there would be a grudgeful ghost in the hall. So, I just blamed everything on it. Anyway, those two deserved to die.”

Gerald said with a faint smile.

In truth, even without the grudgeful ghost, nobody would have found out that it was Gerald who had killed Roger and the scarred man.

It was just a coincidence, so Gerald simply put all the blame on this grudgeful ghost.

“Rey, next time when I tell you to leave, don’t hesitate. Fortunately, the grudgeful ghost this time was


not particularly strong. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to save you

Gerald reminded Rey. “Okay, I understand, Brother Gerald.”

Rey nodded obediently.

What happened today was too frightening for him especially when the red ribbon had been tied around his waist. He still felt horrified when he thought about it.

Luckily, he had Gerald. Otherwise, he would have been doomed.

“Starting from tomorrow, I will teach you some basic skills. After you master the foundation, I will teach you how to protect yourself!”

After that, Gerald suggested.

“Really? That’s so great, Brother Gerald! I can finally start learning the skills!”

Rey shouted in excitement when he heard that.

The two arrived at the office in the middle of their conversation.

Upon returning to their office, they saw Juno and Yrsa watching the news about the Hoklux Gang. The news was broadcasting the scene when the sky above the Hoklux Gang’s place had turned dark.

“Hey, you’re back!” Seeing the two of them, Juno stood up and greeted them.


Gerald replied with a smile.

“How was it? I can see that something happened from the television.”

Juno asked in concern.

Gerald smiled and answered.

“It’s nothing. There was just a grudgeful ghost hiding in the headquarters of the Hoklux Gang!”

Hearing his description, Juno understood it right away.

“So you blamed everything on that grudgeful ghost?”

Juno was quick-witted, and she guessed it right away.

“Yes. It saves me a lot of trouble that way!”

Gerald shrugged his shoulders and said.

“Great, then!” Juno was assured after hearing it.

“By the way, Gerald, Yann called just now. He’s looking for you. You should go and meet him later!”

Just then, Juno remembered about the phone call and told Gerald.

“Yann? Why is he looking for me?”

Gerald was doubtful.

Yann Williams was a good friend of Gerald’s.

However, Yann was a playful man who just loved to eat, drink, and play. He always stayed out, so Gerald knew what kind of person he was.

Now that he was looking for him, there must be something.

“Alright. I’ll go and meet him later!”

Gerald didn’t say anything more and agreed to Juno’s suggestion.

“Juno, you can start teaching Rey and Yrsa some theoretical knowledge about cultivation in the evening!”

Then, Gerald told Juno. “Okay, I know what to do.”

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 1887
“Right. Then, I shall go and find Yann now. Call me if there’s anything!”

Gerald reminded Juno once more and left the office.

After he had left the office, he drove to Yann’s place.

On the way, he didn’t forget to call Yann.

The call was answered in a short time.

“Hello, Yann. Why are you looking for me?”

Gerald asked Yann, who was on the other end of the phone curiously.

“Gerald, I’ve got a good thing for you!” Yann said to Gerald excitedly.

“Good thing? What good thing?”

Gerald was still doubtful.

“Ha! Ha! Hal I’ll tell you later!”

Yann kept Gerald in suspense.

Hearing this, Gerald couldn’t help but roll his eyes. This lad was acting mysteriously again.

Regardless, Gerald didn’t say anything as he knew what kind of a person Yann was.

“Alright. Are you at home now? I’m on the way there. I’ll get there in about ten minutes!”

Gerald asked Yann in advance and told him that he was heading there.

“So soon? Yes, I’m at home.”

Yann was surprised, but he replied immediately. “Okay. That’s fine. See you later.”

Gerald replied and hung up.

A rich kid like Yann was always like that. From his tone, Gerald knew that he had to be messing around at home at the moment.

However, Gerald didn’t want to bother about that. It was Yann’s personal matter after all.

Everyone had a different life.

After ten minutes, Gerald arrived at Yann’s place, a luxurious villa.

Gerald parked his car and walked to the door. Just in time, he saw Yann coming out through the door with a woman around his arm.

Seeing this, Gerald smiled helplessly. Just as he had expected, Yann was indeed doing that.

After seeing the woman off, Yann looked at Gerald.

“Hey, brother! You’re here!”

Yann was very excited at the sight of Gerald. He came forward and opened his arms.

Gerald and Yann hugged each other. “You don’t even stop for a day. Be careful or your body won’t be able to take it!”

Gerald teased him.

“That’s not possible. I’m in great shape! I’m not afraid of playing with two together!”

Yann said confidently.

Gerald smiled in his heart. Yann was still his old self. He never changed.

Later, the two went to the living room and sat down.

Yann poured a glass of wine for Gerald, and they started talking while drinking.

“Tell me, Yann. Why are you looking for me? What is it that is so mysterious?”

Gerald went straight to the point and asked Yann directly.

His relationship with Yann was very close, so there was no need to hide anything. He could simply say what he wanted.

“Gerald, it’s like this. I discovered a place, and it is rumored that there are many treasures there. I hope you can join me to explore the place. We might find some good stuff.”

Yann didn’t hesitate and told him straightforwardly.

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 1888
When Gerald heard him, he doubted for a while, thinking what good place it was that Yann was referring to.

“Where is it?” Gerald asked immediately.

“Hehe. Gerald, have you heard of Mount Dakriont?”

Yann tried to keep Gerald in suspense and asked him playfully.

Gerald hesitated for a while and nodded.

“I know. Isn’t it a tourist attraction? Why are you asking me that?”

Gerald looked at Yann in suspicion as he responded. He didn’t understand why Yann would be interested in a tourist attraction.

“Well, there is something you don’t know, Gerald. Although that place is a tourist attraction, there is actually a deep cave hidden in the mountain, and there are lots of treasures inside the cave.”

Yann told Gerald with a very excited expression on his face. “Really? But, Yann, from whom did you hear about this?”

Gerald was a bit surprised, so he quickly asked Yann.

For Yann to know about such a secret, there had to be someone telling him that. And there had to bea plot behind this.


Yann hesitated and did not answer.

“Gerald, just tell me if you are willing to join me or not. If you are, I will tell you everything!”

After a pause, Yann suggested.

Hearing this made Gerald even more suspicious. He felt that there was something fishy going on.

It had been a very long time that Yann didn’t look for him. And now when he came looking for him all of a sudden, he held some information that was so secretive. He must have some motives behind this.

“If you don’t tell me the truth, I will not promise you anything!” Gerald said frankly.

Although Gerald was close to Yann, he would not simply make a promise regarding anything. He had to think it through first.


“Yann, do you still see me as your brother? If you do, then tell me the truth. Where did you hear this from? Who are you working with actually?”

Gerald uttered word by word.

Gerald knew Yann wouldn’t do such a thing alone. He had to be working with someone.

However, Gerald was still unsure if the collaboration was a good one or not. That was the problem.

Ding dong!

Before Yan could open his mouth to answer Gerald’s question, the doorbell rang.

Yann got up to answer the door immediately.

When he opened the door, they saw a middle-aged man come in with a walking stick. Awomanina leather jacket walked inside together with him. Behind them, there were two bodyguards. They seemed to be rather high-profile people. “Gerald, let me introduce you to the chairman of the Sun Group, Mr. Tye Lamano, and this is his secretary, Miss Hailey Hanks. They are the ones I am working with.”

Yann said to Gerald.

Gerald showed doubt on his face instantly.

Gerald more or less knew about this Sun Group. The company specialized in oil drilling and iron mining.

However, that was only superficially. In truth, Gerald knew that the Sun Group also ran a secret business, and that was treasure hunting.

It’s just that Gerald never expected Yann to work with people from the Sun Group.

“I’ve long heard about you, Mr. Gerald Crawford. Now that I’ve seen you in person, you are indeed an incredible person!”

Tye Lamano greeted Gerald with a smile.

“Hehe, you are being too polite, Mr. Lamano. I’ve long heard about the power of you and your company.”

Gerald replied politely.

“Gerald, Mr. Lamano is paying us thirty million dollars to explore Mount Dakriont and the secret cave this time. It’s a great opportunity!” Yan walked over to Gerald and tried to persuade him once more.

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 1889
Yan walked over to Gerald and tried to persuade him once more.

Gerald glanced at Yann and looked at Tye Lamano.

“Mr. Lamano, how did you know about the hidden cave in Mount Dakriont? And how did you come to know that there are treasures inside?” asked Gerald.

“About this, I cannot answer you. I can simply tell you that everything I know appeared on the map that my ancestors passed down. I only need you two to make a trip to the mountain for me. I know Mr. Crawford is very capable of psychic things and exploration. That’s why I asked Mr. Williams to look for you. I hope you can help us.”

Tye Lamano said in a serious tone.

Of course Gerald knew what Tye Lamano was thinking in his mind. He wanted the treasures.

“Mr. Crawford, I know you are looking for something, and according to the records from my ancestors, the item you are looking for is most probably in Mount Dakriont. I hope you can think about it!” Seeing Gerald show no response, Tye Lamano suggested once more.

Gerald was startled when he heard that. He frowned and looked at Yann.

There weren’t many people who knew about the item he was looking for. He bet Yann must have told Tye Lamano about it. Otherwise, the latter would not have known about it.

When Yann saw Gerald’s face, he lowered his head and dared not look into Gerald’s eyes. He knew Gerald would be angry with him.

After a while, Gerald spoke.

“Okay. I can promise that I’ll join the exploration. However, once we are there, everything should be under my command!”

Gerald proposed.

Hearing Gerald’s proposal, Tye did not have a second opinion.

“Of course, no problem!”

Tye agreed to it promptly.

To him, it was fine as long as Gerald was willing to go with them. As for the rest of the things, he couldn’t be bothered. “Mr. Crawford, let’s wish for a happy collaboration!”

Tye smiled and said to Gerald.


Gerald replied indifferently.

Having said that, Tye and his secretary left the house.

After they had left, only Gerald and Yann were left in the house.

“Gerald, I…”

Yann looked at Gerald and lowered his head, not knowing how to explain this. He felt guilty for telling Tye about Gerald’s matter.

“Sigh. Yann, do you know what kind of business the Sun Group runs that you even dare to work with these people?”

Gerald asked Yann helplessly.

Gerald was well aware of the business of the Sun Group. That was what he found most worrying. Hearing his question, Yann didn’t know how to reply.

“’m sorry, Gerald.”

Yann could only apologize softly.

“Forget it. It’s useless to say anything now. Since I’ve promised to take the job, I will do it properly. But Yann, I hope you can remember that you must discuss everything with me first next time.”

Gerald didn’t want to talk about it anymore nor did he want to blame Yann for anything. So, he simply reminded the latter.

After all, they were good friends.

More importantly, it was not a difficult thing for Gerald to handle, and the most important thing was that he wanted to get what he was looking for. That was the reason he had taken the job.

“Okay. I will, Gerald!”

Yann quickly nodded in response.

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 1890
Yann felt glad that Gerald didn’t blame him much. He had been shocked just now, thinking that Gerald would be very angry with him.

“Alright, I will head home first. You keep in touch with Tye Lamano. Inform me of the time of departure in advance. I will go back and get ready for it!”

After that, Gerald reminded Yann.

“Okay, sure, Gerald.”

Yann nodded and responded obediently.

Having said that, Gerald left the house and returned to his office.

Soon, he was back in his office.

When he walked inside, Rey and Yrsa were studying at the table, and Juno was playing with her phone beside them.

“How is it? How is your progress?”

Gerald asked them as he walked in.

“Brother Gerald, you’re back!” When Rey saw Gerald, he stood up and smiled at him.

“Brother Gerald, Miss Zorn taught us some basic knowledge about the spiritual world. I learned everything about the spiritual world, souls, and ghosts.”

Rey reported his progress to Gerald immediately.

After Gerald heard that, he nodded in satisfaction.

“Great. Not bad. Well, let’s have a meeting!”

Gerald replied to Rey and suggested a meeting to all of them.

The four sat around the table.

“There’s something I need to tell you. I was at Yann’s place just now, and I am going on a trip to Mount Dakriont with him soon.”

Gerald told the three.

“Mount Dakriont? Why are you going there all of a sudden? Isn’t that just a tourist attraction?” Juno was surprised when she heard him. So, she asked him immediately in confusion.

“Yes, you’re right. It is indeed a tourist attraction. But this time, we are working with the Sun Group to find a hidden cave in the mountain!”

Gerald didn’t hide it from them and explained the situation clearly.

Now that Rey and Yrsa were in the team, they needed to know about everything.

“The Sun Group? How did Yann get involved with them?!”

Juno was taken aback once more. She didn’t expect that Yann would be related to the Sun Group.

Regarding the Sun Group, Juno was also very well aware of their business.

“Brother Gerald, this Sun Group is not a proper company. They run a proper business superficially, but they are engaged with other businesses in secret.”

Rey reminded Gerald about that.

“Huh? You know about this?”

Hearing Rey’s tone, Gerald asked in suspicion. He didn’t know that Rey also knew about the real businesses of the Sun Group.

“Of course I do. There’s nobody who doesn’t know about the Sun Group. It’s just that they are not willing to reveal it!” Rey nodded and said.

“Well, you’re right. But this time, I have no choice. I need to look for something very important there, so I can only work with them.”

Gerald explained helplessly.

“Brother Gerald, I’m going with you, then!”

Rey proposed immediately.

Gerald glanced at Rey but did not agree to it right away.

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