The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 1921-1930

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 1921
Since Gerald and Rey had earlier dismantled all the traps leading to the chamber, Tye and his men had little trouble getting to the tomb, and upon seeing the casket for the first time, Tye instantly went giddy with excitement.

Laughing triumphantly, Tye’s eyes glinted greedily as he ran toward the casket while yelling, “I’ve finally found you! After all this time!”

Seeing how delighted Tye was, one of his confused men couldn’t help but ask, “Um… Whose tomb is this, Charman Lamano…?”

“Hmm? This is the tomb of a great general of the ancient country of Zanekh! While there are countless treasures in this tomb, the most priceless one can be found in this very casket! Based on the rumors I’ve heard, there’s a ten-thousand-year-old pearl in there that’s capable of preserving a body for eternity!” explained Tye as his hand caressed the golden casket. “R-really? That’s one hell of a treasure then!” exclaimed the man who had asked.

“You bet it is! Now enough talk! Hurry and get me the casket-opening tools we brought along!” ordered Tye, prompting his men to do as he instructed.

Tye himself had been very specific when selecting the tools since he wanted the process of opening the casket to be perfect.

Still, Tye couldn’t help but feel surprised that Gerald and Rey had left the casket alone despite successfully making their way here…

Whatever the case was, everything got set up quickly and before long, the casket was finally ready to be opened…!

Before Tye could order for it to be opened, however, a voice suddenly roared out, “Don’t you dare open itl”

As the words echoed across the chamber’s walls, Tye turned to glare at the source of the voice… and of course, the voice belonged to Gerald.

“Gerald Crawford…!” growled Tye, his voice brimming with hatred. After all, he hadn’t forgotten that Gerald had stolen his map! “Tye Lamano! You’d best not open Talias’s casket! While what you want may be inside, I assure you that you’ll definitely come to regret letting whatever’s in there out!” sneered Gerald.

Despite the clear warning from Gerald, Tye’s hatred and urge to kill Gerald had completely blinded the man.

With that in mind, Tye simply retorted, “Like I care! Also, don’t even dream about leaving this place alive! You’re meeting your maker today if it’s the last thing I do!”

“You dare threaten me after killing everyone in Moonbeam Village? Are you even human anymore, you b*stard?!” scowled Gerald, his wrath growing by the second.

Laughing mockingly, Tye simply scoffed, “So what if I killed them? Though to be honest, if anyone’s to blame for their deaths, it should be you! Hah!”

Hearing how unremorseful Tye was being, Gerald’s rage skyrocketed as he glared at Tye while yelling, “You… You’ll pay for all this…!”

While Gerald already saw Tye as a dead man, Tye himself simply thought that Gerald was talking big. After all, Tye clearly had the upper hand in terms of manpower.

With that, he chose to ignore Gerald as he declared, “Enough! Men, open the casket!”

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 1922
Nobody was going to get in his way of opening the casket, not even Gerald!

“You’re a dead man, Tye!” roared Gerald as he bolted toward the evil man.

“Stop him!” yelled Tye as several of his men quickly stood before Gerald, blocking him from reaching Tye!

However, Gerald wasn’t in the mood to waste time with these buffoons. Swiftly attacking them, all he needed was a single hand to send all of the men flying!

Seeing that, Tye’s other men immediately took action as well.

Tye himself was too busy prying the casket open—along with three other men—to even bother about Gerald. In his mind, getting the casket open was his top priority…

Regardless, Tye’s men were naturally no match against Gerald, and he easily pummelled them to the ground.

Upon hearing his men’s agonized screams, Tye was finally forced to look away from the casket.

Realizing that the rest of his men were too injured to even get up anymore, Tye’s eyes could only widen as Gerald began coming for him next!

Since the only men he had left were the three who were currently helping him open the casket, Tye gritted his teeth as he yelled, “You three! Go stop him!” Doing as Tye instructed, the three men immediately charged toward Gerald… Only to find themselves getting slapped so hard they were instantly knocked out!

Eyes now fully widened, Tye knew that he wasn’t going to be able to take on Gerald alone. With that in mind, he pointed at Gerald before shouting, “You… Don’t you dare take a step further! An inch closer and I’ll open the casket! We’ll surely die together then!”

Hearing that, Gerald stopped in his tracks before glaring back at Tye as he retorted, “Do you honestly think that’ll stop me from ending you? I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again. You’re paying the price for massacring all the villagers in Moonbeam Village.”

Once Gerald had his mind set on killing someone, nobody would be able to stop him from doing the deed. Gerald, for one, knew that if he didn’t kill Tye today, then the current resentment in his heart would never truly go away. Revenge needed to be taken for Stanton and the villagers…!

“Hah! Had you not stolen my map, I wouldn’t have had to kill them in the first place! With that in mind, you’re the true reason why they’re all dead! Stop putting the blame on me!” yelled Tye without the slightest remorse for his actions.

“Cut the cr*p! Look, if you let go of the casket’s lid, I’ll consider granting you a painless death. If you don’t, well, I’ll make sure you die extremely slowly and painfully!” growled Gerald, knowing full well that speaking with this demonic man was only a waste of breath.

In response to Gerald’s threat, Tye simply laughed maniacally. As if he would ever listen to Gerald after what that boy did…

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 1923
Regardless, once he was done laughing, Tye used all his strength to lift the lid off the casket!

Though Gerald immediately leaped forward and kicked Tye into the air after seeing that, the deed had been done. With the casket now open, the entire chamber began shaking violently, sending debris—from the ceiling—falling everywhere…!

Even so, Gerald’s attention was currently on more worrying things, like the black mist that had just flown out the golden casket! Just as Gerald had predicted, there was something extremely dangerous within that casket!

Whatever the case was, things were looking bad.

With that in mind, Gerald immediately retreated from the chamber and reunited with Rey who had been hiding at a blind spot right outside the chamber.

Upon seeing Gerald, Rey quickly asked, “W-what should we do now, Mr. Crawford… ?!”

“Run, of course! We need to get out of here!” yelled Gerald as he grabbed Rey’s arm before yanking him toward the exit.

Though escaping this place unscathed was his priority, Gerald made sure to take a few glances behind him as the duo ran on… While the black mist didn’t go after Gerald or Rey, it completely surrounded Tye and his men! From the looks of it, the mist appeared to be rapidly draining Tye’s men’s life forces! Though that may sound horrible, it was nothing compared to the agony Tye was probably feeling.

After all, in that brief moment Gerald caught sight of Tye, he saw that the black mist had pierced right through the back of Tye’s head… and it was currently protruding out of his mouth! What a truly terrifying way to die…

Still, Gerald made sure to remind himself that it was none of his business…

Soon after, Gerald and Rey safely made it out of the exit. Before even thinking of leaving, however, the duo made sure to properly seal the entrance up so that the black mist wouldn’t be able to escape…

Once that was out of the way, both of them sat on the ground, exhausted.

Rey himself was panting much heavier than Gerald was. After all, he was still new to witnessing such dangerous chains of events, and all this happening within a tomb certainly didn’t help!

Whatever the case was, there was a silver lining to all this. After all, Tye and his men had received the retribution they deserved…

The only regret Gerald had was that he wasn’t able to kill that devil of a man with his own hands…

Regardless, after catching their breaths, Gerald turned to look at Rey before saying, “…Alright, now that all this is done, let’s return to the village. We need to give the villagers a proper burial!”

After Rey nodded in agreement, the two then began walking back to Moonbeam Village… Upon arriving, both of them immediately got to work burying Stanton and the rest of the villagers… While they were at it, they made sure to clean up the mess Tye and his men had made as well.

To think that Moonbeam Village would no longer exist from this day onward…

Though it was saddening, Gerald and Rey knew that there was not much else they could do. With that, once they were done with everything, they packed their things up and prepared to leave…

However, just as they were about to leave the village, a black figure suddenly bolted out of the forest and yelled, “It’s time to meet your end, Gerald!”

Instantly recognizing Tye’s voice, the two were rightfully startled that he was still alive! What more, he appeared much more vicious compared to before!

However, the second Gerald snapped out of it, he couldn’t help but raise a slight brow. From the looks of it, Tye’s entire body was now covered in unnerving-looking black bumps…

“So, you’re still alive, huh?” replied Gerald as he scanned Tye’s new body from head to toe.

Laughing aloud, Tye then sneered, “I bet you didn’t expect this, huh? Just so you know, I’m now stronger than ever! After all, the soul of that Zanekh general is now within me! With that in mind, of course I wouldn’t die that easily! Regardless, I have big plans to conquer the world and establish my own empire… but before any of that, I’ll be starting small by finally ending both of your lives!”

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 1924
Following that, Tye glared evilly at the duo as he blasted an orb of black mist toward Gerald and Rey!

The two were able to dodge to the side in time, and seeing that Rey stood no chance here, Gerald immediately instructed, “Find someplace to hide! I’ll deal with him!”

Simply nodding in response, Rey then ran into one of the village houses as Gerald unsheathed the Astrabyss Sword.

Narrowing his eyes as his murderous intent surged, Gerald then yelled, “Since you’re not dead yet, I’ll take this chance to personally finish you off, Tye! The chief and the villagers are going to be avenged no matter what.”

Just as Gerald was finding it fitting that he could still personally avenge the innocents, Tye simply responded with a disdainful laugh. From that alone, it was clear that the current Tye was even less afraid of Gerald than he previously was. To him, Gerald was simply an ant that he could easily crush now.

“Talking big, eh? Fine! Try me!” scoffed Tye as he grinned before charging toward Gerald with inhuman speed!

The black mist had clearly improved his speed and strength, and in the blink of an eye, Tye was already right in front of Gerald, his fist—that was currently covered in black flames—well positioned and ready to strike…!

Gerald, however, didn’t even flinch. Instead, he simply lifted his blade to block the attack! Since the Astrabyss was such a powerful sword, it easily deflected Tye’s attack.

Naturally, this momentarily stunned Tye, and he immediately thought that the sword was the reason Gerald was so powerful.

“Oh? To think that you had such a good weapon! Allow me to kill you so that I can be its next owner!” scoffed Tye with a malicious grin.

“Hah! Come and get it if you can!” retorted Gerald as he laughed mockingly.

Before Tye could even react, Gerald then channeled his energy into the blade, sending Tye flying backward!

Tye had just gained his new powers. In other words, there was no way he was going to be able to deal with someone well trained with the Astrabyss Sword like Gerald.

Whatever the case was, Gerald wasn’t about to allow Tye to recover from that attack. With that, he shot out a powerful spiritblade toward Tye!

Unable to avoid the attack in time, Tye ended up getting hit by the full brunt of the attack!

Now seriously injured by the Astrabyss Sword, Tye finally accepted that he was currently no match against Gerald. He needed to escape!

“You may win today, Gerald, but we’ll see who’ll have the last laugh!” yelled Tye as his body quickly dissipated into a black mist before making a speedy escape. Upon seeing that, Gerald was momentarily stunned. Now that Tye was no longer human, Gerald knew that taking him out wasn’t going to be all that easy anymore. Still, that didn’t change the fact that he still needed to end Tye if it was the last thing he did…

Regardless, upon realizing that the fight was over, Rey quickly got out from the house he was hiding in and jogged toward Gerald before asking in a worried tone, “…What now, Mr. Crawford…?”

Rey was rightfully worried since Tye, a man who had been a bad egg from the start—and had only grown more powerful—, was now on the loose… Who knew what kind of damage he could now do with all that strength…?

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 1925
Gerald was currently at a loss as well, so he simply said, “…We’ll think about it once we get back!”

Since this matter needed to be planned carefully, Gerald felt that they had to do it in the safety of their home.

Naturally, Rey agreed, and after traveling for an entire day, the two finally made it back…

Upon entering their living room, the duo saw Juno and Yrsa sitting there watching television.

Realizing that they were home, Juno immediately got off the couch before excitedly walking up to them while exclaiming, “You’re back!”

Rey himself simply walked past her and dived into the couch before yelling, “Oh god! It feels great to be back…!”

Watching as Rey then sighed loudly, Juno could already tell that this mission hadn’t gone smoothly. With that in mind, she turned to face Gerald before asking, “Is… everything alright, Gerald…?”

Simply shaking his head, Gerald replied, “It’s nothing. We’re just tired!”

That wasn’t a lie either. Gerald was pretty exhausted by this point, and he would rather discuss things after he had a good sleep. Too many things had happened during the trip, and Gerald knew for a fact that he needed the rest.

Despite knowing that, Gerald found it hard to bring Tye out of his mind. After all, he knew that that b*stard wasn’t about to let them go that easily. Tye would surely return eventually and who knew what kinds of horrible things he would do then?

Forcing that thought out, Gerald then chatted with Juno and Yrsa for a while before dragging Rey back to their respective rooms to get some well-deserved rest…

Looking at the two, Juno couldn’t help but feel slightly distressed. After all, it wasn’t common for Gerald to get this exhausted.

With that in mind, Juno and Yrsa headed out on their own to get some high-quality ingredients. Their plan was to make a hearty dinner for Gerald and Rey to help replenish their energy…

It was around eight that night when Gerald and Rey finally woke up again. This had been the most comfortable sleep they had had in a while…

To their pleasant surprise, they were immediately greeted by the sight of a feast upon entering the dining room. Anyone would feel touched to see such a grandiose meal prepared for them after a long and hard day, and the two weren’t any exceptions. Honestly, it felt like they were married men being served delicious food after returning from work…

Still, Gerald couldn’t help but wonder how much longer such nice days could last…

That thought, however, was cut short when Rey—who had already sat by the dining table—yelled, “Holy! Come quick, Mr. Crawford! There’s so much good food!”

Smiling when she saw the familiar glint of excitement return to Rey’s eyes, Juno then explained, “Consider it to be me and Yrsa’s treat! We prepared this for you since you looked like you had a hard and exhausting trip this time around! Now go on and enjoy your well-deserved meal!”

“You’re too kind, Miss Zorn! Thank you!” replied Rey who was all smiles.

“Hey, I made some of the dishes too, you know! Where’s my thanks?” said Juno with a slight pout.

Chuckling awkwardly in response, Rey then grinned sheepishly as he replied, “Sorry Yrsa! I just got too excited back there!”

Rolling her eyes, Yrsa couldn’t help but reveal a subtle smile as she said, “…Humph! Good enough!” Happy that Yrsa didn’t seem to mind anymore, Rey then began digging in…

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 1926
While Rey was jovial, Gerald—on the other hand—hadn’t even budged from his initial spot, a grave expression on his face…

Seeing that Gerald appeared deep in thought, Juno cleared her throat before asking, “…Is… something

wrong, Gerald…? Is the food not to your liking…?”

Upon hearing that, Gerald quickly snapped out of it before replying, “…Huh? Oh, no, I was just thinking about something!”

With that said, Gerald then took a seat by the dining table and began eating as well…

Even so, all Gerald ate was a bowl of rice before getting up and leaving for the living room…

In a typical situation, that would immediately signify that there was going to be a lot of leftovers. However, Rey wasn’t a typical person. His appetite was voracious, and in the end, he finished up most of the dishes without any trouble!

Regardless, now that dinner was over, the trio joined Gerald in the living room to start talking things out.

Juno was the first to break the silence as she asked, “Um… Gerald… What’s bothering you…? You haven’t looked great ever since you returned.”

“I’m worried about Tye. Long story short, he managed to turn into a half-phantom like me, and the worst thing is that I don’t even know where he’s currently run off to!” explained Gerald.

“Don’t worry, Gerald! I’m sure we’ll be able to finish him off soon!” replied Juno, knowing that verbally supporting him was the only way she could help at the moment…

It was at that moment when a black figure descended from the night sky before slipping into the Sun Group’s massive building… Of course, who else could it be but Tye Lamano…

After leaving the forest and returning to the city, Tye had waited till night before finally daring to step foot into his company again. After all, he didn’t want to risk getting seen by others in broad daylight.

Whatever the case was, after returning to his office, Tye immediately got a bottle of wine from his cabinet before taking a few sips of it…

Shortly after, however, a voice from outside suddenly called out, “Who goes there?”

Before Tye could even turn around, a security guard had already pushed the door open and walked in. Noticing the black figure, the security guard instantly shone his flashlight at Tye’s back while asking in an intimidating tone, “Who are you? Who let you in here?”

From that statement alone, it was evident that the guard had no idea that he was talking to Tye. Not that it mattered to Tye as he slowly turned around to reveal his true face…

Upon realizing who it was, the guard’s eyes widened in shock. Before he could even say a word, however, Tye momentarily disappeared before reappearing right in front of him!

Squeezing the guard’s neck with a single hand, Tye watched as the guard’s face turned increasingly red. Unable to breathe, the guard’s eyes soon went white, showing just how much pain he was in.

Regardless, after the guard’s flashlight fell to the floor, Tye took the chance to release a black mist from his mouth… that quickly slithered into the guard’s mouth!

The second that happened, the guard’s body immediately began convulsing violently as his face turned fully pale…! Within seconds, the guard’s body moved no more…

Not only had Tye absorbed all of the guard’s energy, but he had also consumed his soul!

With that done, the immense damage he had sustained from the Astrabyss Sword was finally cured, allowing Tye to feel refreshed again… As it turned out, Tye was now capable of draining human souls and energy…!

Staring at the flashlight on the ground, Tye stomped it to pieces in a single step…

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 1927
Flopping onto the couch before staring at the ceiling, Tye then growled, “Just you wait, Gerald… I’m not letting you off that easily…!”

Whenever he thought about Gerald, the hatred in his heart would simply flare up. No matter what, he was going to make sure Gerald paid the price…!

Fast forward to the next morning, Gerald got up early and silently left the house on his own.

He was off to see Master Snyder in hopes of asking him whether he knew of a way to deal with Tye in his current state…

When he arrived at Master Snyder’s home about half an hour later, the door immediately swung open before Gerald could even knock.

“Come in!” called out Master Snyder from inside, making it evident that he had already sensed Gerald’s presence.

With that in mind, Gerald then walked in, the door closing behind him on its own… Stopping once he stood in the middle of the hall, Gerald then called out, “Master Snyder!”

Following that, Gerald felt a swift gust of wind behind him… and just like that, Master Snyder had mysteriously appeared behind the youth!

“I’m assuming you came here looking for answers to that dilemma?” asked Master Snyder, clearly hinting that he already knew what Gerald was here to ask him.

Turning to face Master Snyder, Gerald then replied, “Indeed. I hope you can provide me with a suitable solution to this!”

“Confrontation is the only answer I can see… There’s simply no escaping that if you wish to deal with the issue…” replied Master Snyder before giving a heavy sigh.

While Gerald understood that Master Snyder was telling him to face Tye head-on, he couldn’t help but say, “But-“

“But he’s a half-phantom now, right? While that does make things much harder, it’ll be even worse if you wait to confront him. After all, he’s getting stronger and stronger by the day! If you didn’t already know, Tye is currently possessed by a strong thousand-year-old ghost. With that in mind, he has the capability to drain souls and energy!” explained Master Snyder before Gerald could even finish his question.

“What? Are you telling me he can drain the souls and energy of people anytime he wants now?” exclaimed the shocked Gerald, suddenly feeling that things had taken a terrible turn. “Indeed. However, he does have one critical weakness. His powers are considerably weakened during the day! With that in mind, that is the prime time for you to strike! However, do take note that his powers grow once night falls!” replied Master Snyder, knowing that the information could definitely help Gerald.

Upon hearing that, Gerald simply nodded. While it was clear from the start that taking Tye down—in his new form—was never going to be easy, Gerald was unwavering on his decision to kill Tye. That man wasn’t going to bring any more harm to the world if Gerald could help it…!

At that moment, Gerald’s phone began to ring.

Fishing it out, Gerald realized that it was Harold. What more, he seemed to be calling from the Great Council building.

Putting two and two together, Gerald figured that Harold must have encountered another psychic case that he needed help with.

Though Gerald hesitated for a while, he eventually picked up and greeted, “Hello? Mr. Lee?”

“Good day, Mr. Crawford! Sorry to disturb you, but could I know whether you’re currently free?” asked Harold.

“Is something wrong, Mr. Lee?” replied Gerald.

“Essentially, there’s a tricky case I can’t solve alone and I need your help!”

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 1928
As Gerald had guessed, Harold was calling to have a mystery solved…

However, knowing that the dangerous Tye was probably already somewhere within the city, Gerald wasn’t about to prioritize anything else. Besides, it wasn’t as if he needed to help Harold every time he was asked to solve a mystery.

With that in mind, Gerald simply replied, “Unfortunately, Mr. Lee, I’m currently not available… There are some things I still need to take care of…”

“I see… But hear me out first, Mr. Crawford! There’s been a murder at the Sun Group building and the victim, a security guard of the company, ended up being sucked dry! This description may be a bit poetic, but it almost seems like his soul had been sucked out!” explained Harold.

“Come again? The Sun Group? A dried-up corpse?!” exclaimed Gerald, instantly recalling that Tye now had the power to drain human souls and energy. To top it all off, the murder had happened in the Sun Group building! The culprit was definitely Tye!

“Indeed, Mr. Crawford! So please, could you-“

“’m coming over!” replied Gerald before Harold could even finish his sentence.

Immediately hanging up before Harold could say anything else, Gerald then turned to face Master Snyder while saying, “I’ll be leave-” However, Master Snyder was no longer there! Then again, it wasn’t as though Gerald hadn’t expected that. The man simply enjoyed disappearing and reappearing whenever he liked…

Whatever the case was, Gerald then bowed slightly before respectfully declaring, “Thank you for the advice, Master Snyder! I’ll be taking my leave now.”

The second Gerald’s sentence ended, the door slowly creaked open, signifying that Master Snyder had heard the comment.

Nodding in response, Gerald then left the house before speeding off…

It was only when Gerald began driving off when Master Snyder reappeared at his bedroom window. Staring at the car as it quickly disappeared in the distance, Master Snyder then sighed heavily as he muttered, “This is all part of the process for you to become an outstanding cultivator, Gerald…!”

With that said, Master Snyder then vanished again…

Fast forward to ten minutes later, Gerald’s car came to a screeching halt before the Sun Group building. It was honestly his first time coming here, and he hadn’t anticipated the building to be so large up-close.

Regardless, he quickly snapped out of his awe and began walking past all the cars—owned by the Great Council’s members—before going over the cordon tape that surrounded the building…

After entering and asking a few inspectors where Harold was, he was directed to the sixteenth floor, the floor where Tye’s office was.

With that in mind, Gerald quickly made his way there… Upon entering the office, Gerald saw that Harold and his subordinates were already busy investigating the area while also discussing what they had found.

“Mr. Lee!” called out Gerald as he began walking toward the man.

The second he saw Gerald, Harold looked like he had just come across his savior. After all, when it came to the supernatural, Harold knew that he could rely on Gerald…

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 1929
Not wanting to waste any time, Gerald immediately asked, “So, what’s the situation like?”

“Well, you already know that the victim is a security guard of the Sun Group. From what we’ve gathered, the time of death should be around midnight yesterday, and we’re assuming he must have encountered something paranormal since his body is all dried up! His eyes are milky white as well!” explained Harold as Gerald went ahead to squat beside the security guard’s body…

After properly inspecting it, Gerald was now surer than ever that Tye was the culprit.

Looking around, Gerald couldn’t help but take note of a wine bottle and a single wine glass in one of the cabinets…

Raising a slight brow, Gerald then headed over to investigate… and on the wineglass, he found a stain. Seeing that, Gerald immediately began thinking of how that stain came to exist there.

From what he could guess, Tye had probably returned to the Sun Group building last night to have a drink of wine. However, he was noticed by a security guard, and as a result, he killed the poor man and absorbed his soul and energy, which eventually led to the current scene…

With that in mind, Gerald then turned to look at Harold before saying, “Could I have a moment with you, Mr. Lee?”

Momentarily surprised by the question, Harold quickly snapped out of it before nodding.

Once the two were in a quiet corner, Harold was first to ask, “Did you find anything strange, Mr. Crawford…?”

“Indeed. It’ll come off as surprising, but I assure you that the murderer was none other than Tye Lamano, the chairman of the Sun Group” replied Gerald.

Upon hearing that, Harold was rightfully shocked as he quickly asked in his disbelief, “That’s… one bold claim you have there, Mr. Crawford… Do you have any proof of that…?”

No matter how much he trusted Gerald when it came to the occult, he was still an investigator. Bold statements like that definitely needed proof for him to believe it.

Gerald himself wasn’t annoyed by Harold’s distrust. After all, he was the inspector of the Great Council. There was no way he could make hasty conclusions. Whatever the case was, Gerald then began detailing his trip to Mount Dakriont to Harold, ending the tale with how Tye transformed into the monster he was today…

With everything now clearly explained, Gerald knew that it was up to Harold now whether to believe him.

Harold himself knew that Gerald wasn’t fibbing, given how serious the youth looked as he detailed everything. Besides, Gerald had no reason to joke about such things.

Seeing how hesitant Harold was, Gerald was prompted to say, “Mr. Lee, just so you know, Tye is no longer a human. He’s currently a half-phantom, which makes him all the more dangerous. What more, you already know that he has the ability to drain people of their souls and energy. However, do know that he is unable to do much in the day. With that in mind, I’m sure he’ll make his appearance once night falls!”

“I see. But where will we find him?” asked Harold as he raised a slight brow.

If everything that Gerald had told him was true, then Tye was an extremely dangerous individual. They had to capture him as soon as possible so that more murders like this wouldn’t occur…!

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 1930
“About that… l’ve looked around the office earlier and I’m pretty sure he came here last night just to enjoy some wine. With that in mind, I have reason to believe that he’ll return here again tonight to hide. Due to that, I suggest that we work together to catch him once night falls!” proposed Gerald.

Hearing that, Harold knew better than to say no.

“Alright, let’s go with that! Hopefully it works!” replied Harold in agreement.

With that, Harold left the corpse to his subordinates to take care of as he and Gerald began making arrangements for their plan tonight…

By the time they were done, hidden monitoring equipment had been set up all over the office.

Now, all that was left to do was to wait till nighttime…

Fast forward to late evening, street lamps were already starting to glow as the sky darkened… While more and more lights would eventually get turned on as the night grew darker, the interior of the Sun Group building remained pitch black under Gerald’s orders in hopes that this would further encourage Tye to show up.

The plan was simple. Gerald would disguise himself as a security guard and patrol the whole building—till Tye showed up—whereas Harold and his men would remain in their cars to actively monitor the office…

Gerald was pretty sure that he would return here tonight. After all, Tye didn’t have anywhere else to hide…

Regardless, after waiting till about eleven—and everyone was already starting to get sleepy—, a black mist could suddenly be seen dashing past the monitoring camera. Following that, the mist slowly formed the shape of a figure… a figure that undoubtedly belonged to Tye Lamano.

Upon seeing it happen with his very eyes, Harold could only stare in disbelief for a few seconds. To think that Gerald had been telling the truth…! This truly was something one needed to see to believe…

At that moment, Gerald himself was already on the sixteenth floor, and he had noticed Tye’s presence. With that in mind, Gerald made his way to the office, aiming his flashlight at Tye as he asked in an altered voice, “Who goes there? What are you doing in the chairman’s office?”

Hearing that, bloodlust instantly filled Tye’s eyes as he turned around to face Gerald… before momentarily disappearing! The second he reappeared, he was already standing right in front of Gerald, completely ready to attack!

However, before Tye could even do anything, the office’s lights were instantly turned on, cueing Gerald—who was now smiling wryly—to shout, “You’ve been had, Tye!”

Realizing that he had fallen into Gerald’s trap, the surprised Tye quickly snapped out of it before yelling, “Gerald…!”

Gritting his teeth, Tye then opened his mouth, releasing more black mist in hopes of hurting Gerald!

Gerald, however, had been expecting this. With that in mind, he easily summoned the Astrabyss Sword to take the attack!

As Tye was staring wide-eyed when he realized that the sword could absorb all the black mist from his attack, Gerald took the chance to yell, “Don’t even dream about leaving this place in one piece, Tye!”

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