The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 1941-1950

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 1941
The three youths sitting before him went by Yong Haas, Jacque Lennox, and Ferdo Bach, and they were none other than the young masters of the prestigious Haas, Lennox, and Bach families of Schwater City.

Since they were three of the Famous Four of Schywater, it was evident that they had complex backgrounds. What more, they were even shareholders of Schywater University, and the only shareholder that could rival them was the Yonjour Group.

Then again, the four families were nothing in the presence of that group…

Whatever the case was, Yong—who was sitting on the couch—couldn’t help but ask in a playful tone, “Say… I heard rumors that you got beaten up by someone, Yash! Are the rumors true?”

Upon hearing that, Yash simply looked at Yong without saying a word. Just as he had feared, gossip about him being beaten up had already spread like wildfire throughout the university… How embarrassing…

“To think that that brazen kid was able to defeat Yash… Where do you think he comes from?” asked Jacque in a curious tone.

“Who even cares about that? Whatever the case is, since he dared to humiliate the Famous Four of Schywater in the first place, we’ll just make him eat his words!” scoffed Ferdo rather disdainfully.

“Indeed… Regardless, I’m not sure if you’ve heard about this, but there’s been some major changes in the university of late. Essentially, the principal and owner of the university have supposedly changed. What more, according to my father, he heard news that the university’s biggest shareholder is now the chairman of the Yonjour group! With that in mind, the Yonjour Group now owns the university!” explained Yong.

“What? The Yonjour Group has acquired the university? But for what reason?” exclaimed the confused Jacque.

Everyone knew about the Yonjour Group’s power. If the rumors really were true, then the trio knew better than to act hastily…

Whatever the case was, it was noon when Gerald returned to his office.

Shortly after, Natallie walked in before respectfully asking, “Is there anything you’d like me to do, Chairman?” “Before that, there should still be some villas under the company’s name, right, Natallie?” said Gerald.

“Indeed, Chairman. A few remain,” replied Natallie, much to Gerald’s satisfaction.

Nodding in response, Gerald then ordered, “That’s great to hear. I need you to get me the documents for one of our villas. Can you arrange for that?”

Simply nodding in response, Natallie then walked out of his office without another word…

The truth was, Gerald was asking for the documents on behalf of Raine’s family. After all, that family was currently plagued with demolition problems and needed someplace to move to. With that in mind, Gerald was stepping in to help by allowing them to move into one of his company’s villas.

A little over an hour later, Natallie returned with a document folder.

Handing it to Gerald, she then said, “These are the villa’s documents, chairman. Also, all the necessary procedures for moving into it have been settled.”

Taking the documents, Gerald replied with a simple, “Thank you.”

Hearing that, Natallie was prompted to ask, “Do you need me to come with you, chairman?”

“It’s fine, I’ll head there on my own. You can continue working in the office.”

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 1942
With that said, Gerald then got up and left with the documents in hand…

Natallie herself didn’t think much of it, knowing full well that Gerald had his own way of doing things. With that in mind, she simply did as she was told…

Regardless, it wasn’t too long before Gerald arrived at the hospital. Naturally, he was there to meet Raine and her family.

Either way, the second they saw him, everyone from Raine’s family couldn’t help but smile.

Dexter himself couldn’t help but ask, “Gerald? What are you doing here? Aren’t you busy…? Are you sure we aren’t taking too much of your time…?”

Simply smiling in response, Gerald then replied, “It’s fine, uncle. Regardless, I’m here to discuss something with all of you.”

Seeing how confused they were after hearing that, Gerald then looked at the couple before adding, “I heard from Raine that the place you’re all currently staying in is about to get demolished. I’ve also been told that you still haven’t found a place to stay yet, is that right?”

Hearing that, Dexter simply heaved a heavy sigh, a helpless expression on his face as he said, “Indeed… The houses nowadays are just so expensive, you know? And we don’t really have the money to get a good place to stay… What more, Raine’s mother has just undergone surgery! We’re in a truly perplexing situation…”

Seeing how big a problem it was for the three of them, Gerald then replied in a confident tone, “I see… Truth be told, I’m here to help solve that very issue!”

Naturally, this surprised the family of three.

A brief pause later, Dexter was prompted to ask, “Really? Are you really going to help us out, Gerald…?”

After all, if Gerald truly was stepping in, then their most major problem would surely be taken care of.

“I wouldn’t joke about such things, would I?” replied Gerald, a serious expression on his face as he handed the documents over to Dexter.

Following that, he then explained, “Those are the documents of one of my vacant villas. It’s a nice place and you can all move there. I’m sure that aunt will be able to recover faster there too.”

Upon hearing that, all three of them could only widen their eyes in response, too shocked to even say anything for a while.

Eventually, Dexter snapped out of it before exclaiming, “A-a… villa…?!”

To think that Gerald was actually allowing their family to live in one of his villas! None of them had even dreamt of being able to live in a villa before! “You heard right, uncle. Regardless, all the necessary contracts and procedures have already been dealt with, so you can just move in straight away. Speaking of which, the villa is fully furnished, so you don’t need to get any new furniture!” replied Gerald with a smile.

“T-that… H-how can I even thank you…?” muttered the overwhelmed Dexter, actively fighting the urge to kneel before the youth. After all, without Gerald’s help, they would’ve surely had a rough time on the streets…

“A simple thanks is sufficient, uncle. As I’ve said before, Raine’s matters are my matters, and I’ll help whenever I can,” replied Gerald.

Upon hearing that, Raine couldn’t help but feel touched. Gerald truly was being too nice to her…

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 1943
Regardless, it was a few days later when Raine’s mother was finally discharged from the hospital. It was also the day Raine’s family would move into the villa.

With that in mind, Gerald had made sure to remind Raine and Dexter to pack all their clothes and personal belongings before getting Raine’s mother from the hospital. That way, Gerald could immediately drive all of them to the villa once Raine’s mother was discharged.

Then again, there wasn’t much to pack in the first place. After all, as Gerald had previously said, the villa was already fully equipped with furniture and electrical appliances. Whatever the case was, the second the trio entered the villa, they were instantly left dumbfounded.

It took him a while to snap out of it, but when he finally did, Dexter couldn’t help but fumble a few steps forward while exclaiming, “M-my god… This… This is extravagant…!”

Yollande and Raine themselves remained stupefied in silence, unable to believe that they were going to live here from now on.

Turning to face Gerald, Dexter—who was still having trouble accepting all this—then added, “A-are you really sure we can live here, Gerald…?”

Giving a firm nod, Gerald then replied, “As I’ve said before, I’d never joke about something like this, uncle. Also, since I own this villa, you don’t have to worry about trouble from others. I should also mention that you won’t have to worry about paying for any of the utilities either.”

Hearing that, Dexter was left utterly flabbergasted. What a saint!

After calming down a bit, Dexter gulped before asking, “…Gerald… What… exactly do you do fora living…2”

“I’d like to know as well! Until you tell us, there’s no way we could live here! We simply wouldn’t dare! After all, this is a massive favor you’re doing for us! We don’t even know how to repay your kindness yet!” added Yollande.

Seeing how keen all three of them were to find out, Gerald knew that he couldn’t hide it from them any longer.

With that, he truthfully replied, “…Well, if you insist on knowing, I guess there’s no point hiding it anymore… You see, I’m actually the chairman of the Yonjour Group! With that in mind, all the other villas in the area belong to my company as well, though my employees are currently living in those. Regardless, since there were still a few vacant villas, I figured that I could help your family’s plight by allowing you to live in one of them!”

Upon hearing that, the trio’s eyes almost popped out of their skulls.

Raine herself was the most surprised among them. To think that Gerald would actually be the chairman of the Yonjour Group… No wonder he had been able to pay for all those medical expenses in one go…! It explained how he got them such a nice place to move into too! She had truly gotten to know a magnate!

Naturally, all three of them were fully aware of how powerful the Yonjour Group was. To think that not only had they been acquainted with that company’s chairman this entire time, but he was even willing to extend his help to them!

Regardless, after eventually snapping out of it, the still rather shocked Dexter gulped before stuttering, “-I had no idea you were the chairman of the Yonjour Group, Gerald…!”

Shrugging in response, Gerald then said, “Chairman is just a title in the end, uncle. I prefer keeping a low profile rather than flaunting it.”

Hearing that, all three of them simply nodded. After all, they knew that it was better for powerful people—like Gerald—to stick low so that they wouldn’t accidentally cause any major stirs.

Whatever the case was, it was evening by the time they were done unpacking. Seeing that Raine and Gerald were now sitting on the living room couch, Dexter took Yollande upstairs to allow their daughter to have some alone time with Gerald.

After a brief silence, Raine couldn’t help but say, “…You know, you’re really good at hiding secrets, senior… You really surprised me earlier.”

Simply grinning in response, Gerald then chuckled before replying, “Sorry, Raine. Didn’t mean to hide it from you!”

‘Well, there’s no need to apologize… I get why you chose to hide your identity!” replied Raine in an understanding tone.

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 1944
“I’m glad you do…. Speaking of which, I’ve already acquired Schywater University. Just thought you’d like to know,” replied Gerald, instantly stunning Raine once more.

Seriously? He had bought the entire university so casually?! This was truly a feat only Gerald could do…

“So, you’re the biggest shareholder of Schywater University now… No wonder you weren’t afraid of the Famous Four of Schywater!” exclaimed Raine as she put two and two together.

Then again, Raine was only half right about that assumption. Even if Gerald hadn’t acquired Schywater University, he would’ve remained unafraid of the Famous Four. After all, to him, they were simply four playboys who didn’t need to be feared or even looked up to. As long as they didn’t trouble him, he wouldn’t even bother about them. However, if they did, he would simply destroy them along with their families.

After all, everyone knew that offending the Yonjour Group was never a good idea since the consequences would always be devastating…

Regardless, it was getting rather late when Gerald finally bid farewell to Raine and left the villa…

While he could’ve stayed for much longer, he didn’t since it was the weekend tomorrow and he remembered promising Earla to bring her to an amusement park. With that in mind, he planned to turn in early so that he would be awake by dawn…

Either way, it was about nine when he finally arrived at his villa.

Upon entering, he was greeted by the usual sight of Earla and Natallie sitting on the couch, laughing as they watched television.

When they realized that Gerald had returned, Early quickly hopped off the couch before exclaiming, “You’re back, Mr. Crawford!”

Understanding that Earla found him more important than the television, Gerald couldn’t help but smile as he replied, “That, I am! After all, we’re going to the amusement park tomorrow, aren’t we? Early to bed, early to rise!”

Hearing that, Earla instantly cheered before saying, “Yeah! You’re the best, uncle Gerald!” Gerald and Natallie could only smile when they saw how happy Earla was. That child’s innocent smile truly could heal even the most tired of souls…

Now feeling all warm and relaxed, Gerald turned to face Natallie before instructing, “Go book three tickets for Happy Amusement Park later. We’ll go there together tomorrow!”

Nodding in response, Natallie replied, “Got it, Chairman!”

Giggling with glee, Earla then said, “Say… Could I sleep with you tonight, sister Natallie?”

Momentarily startled to hear that, Natallie quickly snapped out of it before replying with a smile, “Of course you can!”

Cheering once more, Earla then exclaimed, “Yay! Thanks, sister Natallie!”

Gerald and Natallie had made it a point to give Earla all the love and care they could possibly offer. With that in mind, such a simple wish was definitely no problem for Natallie…

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 1945
After all, the duo knew that they were Earla’s only family. If they didn’t treat Earla well, who else would? Whatever the case was, it was rather late at night when Gerald finally parted ways with the two girls, prompting the duo to head to Natallie’s room. As promised, Earla slept together with Natallie, and Natallie made sure to hug her tight as they slept comfily…

Gerald himself opened a bottle of wine as soon as he got to his room’s balcony. Leaning against his lawn chair as he took a sip of wine, Gerald then stared at the beautiful night sky…

As they said, night truly was the best time for people to think their life through…

Taking another sip of wine, Gerald couldn’t help but think about the fact that he was immune to getting drunk. Even so, he still enjoyed the thrill of drinking alcohol, so who cared?

Either way, after taking a few more sips, Gerald couldn’t help but start thinking about his father…

Imagining his father’s face as he stared at the starry sky, Gerald knew that if his father was still alive, then his family would surely continue leading a happy life… He was also pretty sure that his father would be proud of all his achievements, though this was all simply wishful thinking… After all, the dead couldn’t be truly brought back to life.

Regardless, after drinking for quite some time, Gerald finally decided to hit the hay…

It was eight the next morning when he was awoken by the sound of his alarm clock. Feeling refreshed, Gerald then hopped off his bed to get himself cleaned up before eventually having breakfast together with Earla and Natallie.

Once that was done, the trio finally drove off to Happy Amusement Park. Though the amusement park was located just north of Schywater City, this was Gerald’s first time going there. After all, he was pretty much always busy.

With that in mind, this was a good opportunity for him to get a rare moment of relaxation… It was also a chance for him to finally have proper fun with Earla.

Either way, it was about ten minutes later when Gerald finally hit the brakes. They had arrived.

Stepping out of the car, Gerald saw how large the northern area was. It was no wonder why the Happy Amusement Park was established here.

Whatever the case was, after Natallie made sure that she had the tickets on her, the trio then headed into the amusement park…

Upon entering, Earla couldn’t help but immediately exclaim, “Wow! This place is so huge and beautiful…”

This was Earla’s first time at an amusement park, so it was understandable why she was so excited. Before this, she had always dreamt of going to one, and now that her dream was finally getting fulfilled, there was no way she was going to be able to contain her joy.

Understanding that, Gerald then turned to look at Earla before saying, “Earla! If there’s anything you’d like to play or buy, just tell me! We’ll make sure you enjoy yourself to the fullest today.”

Nodding in response, Earla then began guiding Gerald and Natallie toward the rides she wanted to enjoy… Though Earla had previously seemed like an obsequious girl, she was apparently quite courageous, even more so than Natallie! After all, she was interested in the more thrilling rides in the amusement park like roller coasters!

Had it not been for the minimum height and age restrictions for most of the thrilling rides, Earla would’ve surely gotten onto each and every one of them!

Regardless, it was true that time flew when one was having fun. After all, two hours had passed in the blink of an eye…

Seeing that it was now noon, Gerald and Natallie decided to lead Earla to one of the amusement park’s benches to have a short rest. Even so, Earla looked like she still wanted to continue enjoying herself.

Smiling when he saw that, Gerald was prompted to ask, “So, what do you think of today, Earla? Enjoying yourself?”

Immediately nodding in response, Earla then replied, “I am! If… it isn’t too much trouble, could we come here again in the future… 2”

“But of course! Just tell me or Miss Moon when you feel the urge to come here again! We’ll definitely find the time to bring you here to have fun!” promised Gerald without the slightest hesitation.

“Yay! Thank you, Mr. Crawford! Miss Moon!” exclaimed Earla, all smiles as she nodded with glee…

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 1946
Following that, she turned to look at Natallie and said, “Um… Could we go to the washroom, Miss Moon…?”

“Sure! Let’s go!” replied Natallie as she immediately led Earla to the washroom…

Gerald himself followed them until he found a bench—that had a flower bed right behind it—within view of the washrooms…

Even from afar, however, the trio had already noticed a long line of ladies waiting to use the bathroom. Then again, this wasn’t really out of the ordinary. The fact that nobody was lining up to use the gents was normal as day as well.

Whatever the case was, Natallie and Earla naturally had to queue as well, and it was about fifteen minutes later before it was finally the duo’s turn to enter…

However, just as they were about to enter, a woman suddenly cut the line and stood before them!

Seeing that, Natallie immediately held onto the woman’s wrist—before she could enter—and said, “Hey, now! Wait your turn!”

Upon hearing that, the woman instantly turned to glare at her before yelling, “Hah! As if I need to listen to youl”

With that said, the woman then snorted before yanking her arm free from Natallie’s grip! Due to the sudden yank, Natallie almost ended up falling! Thankfully, the person behind her was kind enough to support her fall. Seeing that, the angered Earla then pointed at the woman before yelling, “Hey, we got here first! You’re clearly the one who’s wrong here! Miss Moon, are you alright-“

Before Earla could even finish her sentence, the woman—who was now frowning uglily—gave her a tight slap across her face!

Naturally, this stunned everyone present. To think that this maniacal woman wouldn’t even let this girl off!

Her eyes now fully widened when she saw how red Earla’s swollen cheek was, Natallie immediately exclaimed, “E-Earla…!”

Watching as Natallie then squatted down to check on the crying girl’s cheek, the woman simply snorted as she scoffed, “Hah! Let that be a lesson to you, brat! Don’t meddle in other people’s business!”

Before anyone could even retort back, however, they could only stare in shock when they saw that the woman had been sent flying!

Of course, the one who had done the deed was none other than the furious Gerald who had witnessed everything from the bench.

After seeing how merciless the woman had treated Earla, Gerald no longer had any hesitation about beating her up. That b*tch deserved it!

Regardless, Gerald then quickly turned to face Earla, inspecting her swollen cheek as he said, “Hold still, Earla, and let me have a quick look!” As Gerald began transferring the bioelectric current in his body into Earla’s face, Natallie and Earla couldn’t help but feel relieved. After all, they both knew that with Gerald around, nobody would ever dare to bully them.

Either way, it was only seconds later when Earla’s swollen cheek returned to normal…

“Does it still hurt, Earla…?” asked Gerald in a doting tone.

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 1947
Shaking her head, Earla then said, “Not at all, Mr. Crawford! You’re so awesome…!”

While Earla’s cheek had stung quite a bit earlier, the second Gerald touched it, the pain simply vanished. It was truly magical…!

Either way, Gerald breathed a sigh of relief upon hearing that.

With that done, Gerald then got up again before staring at the woman from earlier who had just crawled back to her feet.

Glaring at him, the enraged woman then yelled, “You…! How dare you hit me…?! Don’t you know who I am?!” Upon hearing that, Gerald simply squinted his eyes, revealing an icy glare that could pierce a soul… He definitely wasn’t letting her off easy now…!

“Like that matters! Titles are only given to humans, and you’re clearly an animal for even daring to treat a young girl this way!” retorted Gerald.

“Yeah, he’s right! Besides, she was the one who started it all by cutting the line!”

“I know right? As if she’d react any differently if someone cut her line!”

Hearing all the bystanders—who had watched the whole thing happen—yell at her, the humiliated woman could only blush in shame. It truly was a miserable feeling to be despised by everyone…

“Y-you…! All of you had better shut up! In case you didn’t know, I’m the wife of the Zachariah Group’s chairman! Who the hell are all of you to even think about teaching me a lesson?!” roared the desperate woman.

The second they knew who she truly was, everyone instantly fell silent. After all, they were well aware that the Zachariah Group was the cream of the crop in Schywater City. With that in mind, that group was undoubtedly powerful…

Even so, that group was pretty much insignificant when compared to Gerald’s Yonjour Group. In fact, not even ten Zachariah Groups would come close to rivaling Gerald’s group! Understanding that, Gerald couldn’t help but gaze disdainfully at the woman while scoffing, “The Zachariah Group, you say…?”

“Indeed! So if you dare offend me anymore, I’ll surely make you suffer! In fact, I’ll even kick you out of Schywater City for good!” scowled the woman in an arrogant tone before smiling smugly at them. It was

clear that she had no intention of showing any of them any respect…

Whatever the case was, since she was Zachariah Kershaw’s wife, Gerald figured that she must be Zuri Lidwell.

Still, just to be sure, Gerald casually asked, “Save the big talk. Regardless, you said your husband is Zachariah Kershaw, right?”

Nodding in response, Zuri then replied, “Oh? So you know my husband’s name! I guess you’re more sensible than I thought! Regardless, I want you three to grovel and apologize to me! If you do, I’Il let the matter slide! If you don’t, however… Well, let’s just say that a single phone call will ruin all of you!”

Hearing that, Gerald and Natallie couldn’t help but snort in their minds. Zuri really was all talk.

Honestly, Gerald was feeling slightly bad for Kershaw. After all, he had gotten married to such an idiot. Women like Zuri would always end up ruining their partners, and the fact that she was now pissing Gerald off was a textbook example of such a situation. She didn’t even know what she was getting herself into!

Shaking his head, Gerald simply replied, “Go ahead and call him, then!”

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 1948
Upon hearing that, Zuri was stunned. After all, not only was Gerald more fearless than she had anticipated, but he didn’t seem to care about her high position at all! Was he not afraid of the Zachariah Group in the least…?

Gerald himself was simply waiting to see if she truly was going to make the call. After all, the second she did, he would no longer hesitate to end the Zachariah Group. By that point, any amount of regret from Zuri would be useless…

Either way, Zuri wasn’t about to get outdone and mocked, so she gritted her teeth before yelling, “…Fine! Since you want to get kicked out of the city so much, be my guest!”

Following that, Gerald, Natallie, and Earla simply watched calmly as she began fishing her phone out. Gerald himself couldn’t help but think, ‘Messing with us, huh? We’ll make sure to properly take you on, then!’

Regardless, it was about ten seconds later when the call finally connected. The second it did, Zuri’s tone immediately did a one-eighty as she whimpered between crocodile tears, “H-hubby…! I’m getting bullied by others…! Please come back me up…!”

“What? You’re at the Happy Amusement Park, no? Why would you get bullied out of the blue? Are you sure you didn’t start it?” asked Zachariah who knew all too well about his wife’s temper.

This wasn’t the first time Zuri had gotten into trouble for bullying others first. What more, with how much she flaunted her position as his wife everywhere, who would dare bully her in the first place? “What do you mean by that, Zachariah? I really was beaten up by a b*stard! Look, you’d better help me or I’m going to make things difficult for you once I get back!” scowled the two-faced Zuri. What a defensive and hostile woman…

Whatever the case was, Zachariah knew that all he could do now was give in to her whims…

With that, he could only ask in a helpless tone, “Fine… What exactly do you want me to do…?”

Delighted to hear that, Zuri’s confidence instantly peaked as she replied in a loud voice, “I want you to kick them out of Schywater City!”

It was evident that she had deliberately done so to ensure that the trio heard her.

Upon hearing that, Zachariah could only groan before saying, “…Isn’t it fine if we just teach them a lesson…? Don’t you think you’re causing too much of a scene for such a small matter…?”

Zachariah himself didn’t like using his power and position to bully others. That was Zuri’s thing. In fact, he had advised her time and again to stop being so arrogant, though of course, she never listened.

Unfortunately for Zachariah, she had somehow managed to offend a person who was even more powerful and influential than him, and he would soon come to learn about that…

“Zachariah! Would you listen to yourself?! I’m your wife, aren’t I?! Why aren’t you angry that I got bullied by others?!” scowled the enraged Zuri.

Being the kind of person who just couldn’t stand getting scolded, Zachariah instantly gave in as he replied to the unbearable woman, “Fine! I’ll come over right away, alright…?” Satisfied to hear that, Zuri then nodded before saying, “That’s more like it! Now hurry over!”

Following that, she hung up before glaring at the trio, a smug smile on her face…

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 1949
“Listen up! My husband’s coming over soon, so don’t you dare run!”

Upon hearing that, Gerald couldn’t help but reveal a cunning smile as he replied, “Oh, don’t worry! We won’t be going anywhere anytime soon! Let’s just hope you don’t end up getting ruined in the end!”

Of course, Zuri thought he was just talking big, so she paid him no attention.

With that said, Gerald then turned to look at Natallie before saying, “Go ahead and bring Earla to the washroom first.”

Nodding in response, Natallie then did as she was told.

Gerald himself simply returned to the bench from earlier and sat there to wait, fully confident that things would end in his favor.

Thinking about it, Gerald wondered if the duo would try to apologize to him once they realized who he truly was. If they did, he would simply tell them to beg him to let them off. Of course, even if they did, that wouldn’t actually change anything. After all, Zuri had her chance, and she busted it…

Fast forward to about forty minutes later, a suited man could be seen jogging toward Zuri… and it was obvious that it was Zachariah.

As he continued jogging, Zachariah couldn’t help but think about how much he truly loved his wife… After all, why else would he come rushing all the way over despite being quite far away when she called? He had even spent quite a bit on the ticket just to get here! Regardless, once he stopped before her, he took in a deep breath before asking, “…Alright, I’m here… Where are those people…?”

Watching as his wife simply pointed at the trio—who had been sitting on the bench together—, Zachariah then squinted slightly in their direction… before going wide-eyed.

As Zachariah immediately began walking up to Gerald, Zuri followed closely behind him. She had been waiting for the longest time for him to arrive, and now that he was here, she was more than ready to teach those three a harsh lesson!

Unfortunately, everything was only going to go downhill from here, at least for her.

Either way, once he was close enough, Zachariah’s jaw nearly dropped. So he hadn’t seen wrong… it really was Gerald!

Realizing that he was now in boiling hot water, Zachariah could only stutter, “C-c-c-chairman Crawford…!”

To think that his wife had managed to offend the chairman of the Yonjour Group!

“Oh? So you recognize me, Chairman Kershaw! Regardless, how are you?” asked Gerald in a playful tone.

“A-as if I’d ever be unable to recognize you, Chairman Crawford…!” replied Zachariah, his tone brimming with respect. Zachariah had long known about Gerald through financial seminars and auctions that he had previously attended. Even so, he never had the chance to contact him until today…

“I see. Well, even if you do know me, Chairman Kershaw, your wife apparently doesn’t…” said Gerald…

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 1950
Upon hearing that, Zachariah immediately caught on that Gerald was indirectly saying that he hadn’t educated his wife well.

With that in mind, he turned to glare at Zuri before yelling, “You stupid woman…! Hurry over and apologize to Chairman Crawford!”

Upon hearing that, Zuri’s heart skipped a beat. After all, it hadn’t crossed her mind that the one she had picked a fight with was none other than the chairman of the Yonjour Group…!

Realizing that she had really done it this time, Zuri’s arrogance instantly drained as she meekly whimpered in a respectful tone, “I-l apologize, Chairman Crawford…! It was truly blind of me to not recognize who you were…! Please forgive me…!”

Of course, Gerald wasn’t about to accept her apology. In fact, he didn’t even look at her, completely ignoring the ignorant woman as he said, “Whatever the case is, the damage has been done and consequences are required. However, since you seem a bit more sensible than that buffoon, I’ll give you two choices to deal with this little mishap of ours. Firstly, if you really wish to protect your Zachariah Group, I want you to divorce her. If you choose the second option and refuse to dump her, however, I’Il just acquire the Zachariah Group and you know I always get what I want. In case you didn’t know, she slapped my nephew earlier, which is why I’m so adamant about doing this.”

Truth be told, neither of the choices sounded appealing to him. Even so, Zachariah knew he had to pick one in the end. After all, he of all people knew how powerful Gerald was.

If Gerald obtained his company, then it would truly be all over for him. However, he could avoid that by making a small sacrifice…

Watching in utter horror as her husband turned to look at her, Zuri immediately began begging, “H- hubby…! P-please…! Please don’t divorce me…! I-l know now that I’ve done wrong…! Please don’t…!”

Before Zachariah could even say a thing, Zuri then turned to look at Gerald before adding, “I-I’ve seen the errors in my ways, Chairman Crawford…! So please be the bigger man and forgive me…! I really didn’t know better…!”

Despite all her pleading, Gerald simply turned to look away. He wasn’t one to tolerate people like Zuri. Since she was an adult, she had to pay for her actions. To Gerald, she was simply getting what she deserved.

Either way, after a short pause, Zachariah eventually made his decision and sighed before saying, “…I understand, Mr. Crawford…” Turning to face Zuri, Zachariah then added, “…From today onward, I, Zachariah Kershaw, terminate my conjugal relationship with you, Zuri! I’ll be telling my lawyer to prepare the divorce papers in a bit.”

Hearing that, Zuri was so stupefied that she couldn’t even register what she had just heard for a while. It was almost as though she had just been fatally struck by lightning…

Zachariah himself knew that he was only doing this because he had no other choice. After all, he was the one who had established the Zachariah Group from the group up. He couldn’t just let his group get acquired by Gerald!

Then again, it wasn’t as though Zuri was worth fighting for. Ever since they got married, all she would do was ask for money from him and create trouble. After having to step forward so many times to resolve all of her problematic issues, Zachariah felt that this was the last straw.

Truth be told, Zachariah felt thankful that Gerald stepped in. After all, it had given him the courage to finally file a divorce with Zuri.

“Oh? Please make sure you do that, then!” replied Gerald with a satisfied nod.

Nodding in response, Zachariah then turned to leave, no longer bothering about Zuri…

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