The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 1951-1960

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 1951
Seeing that, Zuri immediately began running after Zachariah. While it was true that Zachariah wasn’t as rich or powerful as Gerald was, he could at least still give her a wealthy and comfortable life, and she was content with just that.

If he really was dumping her, however, then even all that would be taken away…! She couldn’t just let that happen…!

Watching as Zuri continued running after Zachariah, Gerald could only shake his head. What a truly pitiful person…

Regardless of how much wealth and prestige one possessed, as long as one didn’t have manners, they’d surely be looked down upon by others…

Gerald himself made sure to always practice what he preached. When dealing with others, he made sure to remain calm and refrained from scheming, at least against those who did honest work. In fact, it was honestly his good mannerisms—when it came to managing the Yonjour Group—that earned him the respect and admiration from many others.

To Gerald, this was the reason why some people were more successful than others…

Whatever the case was, with that event done, the three of them then continued taking a short rest before they resumed having fun in the amusement park.

Thankfully, Earla—who was still a child—easily forgot about those bad incidents since there was so much fun to be had…

It was evening when the trio finally decided to leave… By that point, Earla—who had grown exhausted after enjoying herself so much—had become so sleepy that she ended up falling asleep in Natallie’s embrace.

Seeing that, Natallie couldn’t help but smile as she whispered, “It appears that Earla had a really good time today, Chairman Crawford…!”

Nodding with a smile, Gerald then said, “Indeed… It’s been quite a while since I’ve last seen Earla this happy…”

True enough, though Earla would always smile and exclaim whenever she met him, today was the first time he saw her laughing this joyously. In other words, Gerald was finally able to see a worry-free Earla today…

“Speaking of which, I have to thank you for bringing me along, Chairman Crawford! To be quite frank, I haven’t had this much fun in ages as well!” replied Natallie.

“Truth be told, I’ve been treating you as family for quite a while now, Natallie. After all, you’ve been by my side this entire time. Without you, I may not even be where I currently am today!” explained Gerald in a sincere tone as he looked at her.

Hearing that, Natallie found his statement so sweet that it almost felt like she had just consumed a jar of honey. The fact that she was this important to Gerald simply made her feel incredibly moved…

While it was true that she harbored feelings for him, she preferred to not say it out. After all, she was happy enough just being able to be by his side… Regardless, after driving back to the villa, Gerald told Natallie to go ahead and bring Earla back to her room to get some proper rest.

Gerald himself drove off again to Raine’s place, hoping to see how Yollande’s recovery was going. He also wanted to see if there was anything he could help with.

Quite honestly, Gerald’s place wasn’t all that far from Raine’s villa, which explained why it had only taken him about ten minutes to get to her place.

Seconds after he parked his car, he heard Raine’s familiar voice calling out, “Senior!”

Turning to face the source of the voice, Gerald saw that Raine was looking at him from the villa’s main entrance.

Surprised to see her there, Gerald then got out and walked toward her before asking, “Raine? What are you standing at the door for?”

Smiling subtly, she then replied, “Oh, I was just throwing the rubbish out! Coincidentally, I saw your car driving by so I waited here!”

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 1952
Nodding in response, Gerald then entered the villa together with Raine…

Upon entering, Raine immediately called out, “Mom? Dad? Gerald’s here!” Hearing that, Dexter—who had been sitting on the living room couch together with Yollande—immediately got to his feet before exclaiming, “Oh? What a surprise to see you here, Gerald!”

“Indeed!” added Yollande who turned to face the youth, a wide smile on her face.

Pleased to see how lively they were, Gerald then smiled in response before replying, “Just thought I’d hop by to say hello. So… Gotten used to living here yet?”

“But of course! It’d be impossible for us not to have when you’ve given us such a magnificent villa! You were even considerate enough to stop by just to say hello!” said Yollande, having nothing but praise for the youth.

After all, he was the one who had given their family what they needed most at their lowest. This was the only way they knew how to thank him…

“I’m glad to hear that! Speaking of which, how is your recovery going, madam?” asked Gerald.

“It’s going speedily! I can now get out of bed and walk on my own again!” replied Yollande, instantly causing Gerald to breathe a sigh of relief.

When he turned back to look at Dexter, however, Gerald couldn’t help but notice that Dexter seemed to be thinking about something…

“Is something weighing your mind, sir…? You don’t look too good… Perhaps you’ve bumped into some kinds of difficulties…? If you have, don’t hesitate to tell me about them. I’ll definitely do my best to help!” said Gerald. Hearing that, Yollande instantly added, “Dexter, just tell him about it. After all, he’s certainly no outsider! Who knows, maybe he could help you!”

Upon hearing that, Dexter couldn’t help but feel slightly embarrassed. It looked like he really didn’t know how to properly approach the subject…

Seeing how difficult it was for her father to find the right words, Raine stepped in and explained, “Well, the thing is, my dad had to resign from his old job since we moved quite far away from his workplace. He’s currently having trouble finding employment, senior!”

And here Gerald thought that it was a major problem. As it turned out, it was simply something this trivial!

Shaking his head, Gerald then asked, “…If you don’t mind, what kinds of jobs are you looking for, sir?”

After thinking for a bit, Dexter replied, “Well… I don’t really have the academic qualifications for more technical jobs, but I’m willing to bear hardships and work hard! I don’t even mind working as a coolie!”

As Dexter had said, he barely had any relevant education or skills for the more high-paying jobs. With that in mind, he knew that his strength was the only way he was going to be able to continue taking care of his family. He really didn’t mind doing lower-paying jobs as long as he could earn a living…

Hearing that, Gerald thought about it for a moment before saying, “I see… You know, I have a job vacancy at my place… I wonder if you’d be interested in working with me…?” Upon hearing that, Dexter’s eyes instantly widened with hope. Even Yollande and Raine appeared overjoyed as Dexter immediately exclaimed, “O-of course I’d be willing to work with you! I’m willing to do anything as long as I get the job!”

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 1953
Hearing that, Gerald chuckled before explaining, “Don’t worry, you won’t be doing anything particularly exhausting, sir! All I ask for is that you do some things that require management. The salary itself is a thousand and five hundred dollars per month. How about it?”

“A-a thousand and five hundred dollars?! What high pay! A-are you serious about that, Gerald…?” exclaimed Yollande before Dexter could even say a word.

After all, where else would they be able to find such a high-paying job with Dexter’s qualifications?

“But of course, I am! Besides, since you’re looking for a job and I’m looking for someone to fill the role anyway, why not just work with me?” said Gerald.

In truth, Gerald wasn’t really in need of someone to fill that position. He had only made it up just for the sake of giving Dexter a hand.

‘W-well… If you think I’m capable enough, then yes! Please, take me in!” replied Dexter, not wanting to

miss the chance to earn a monthly payment of over a thousand dollars…

“I’m glad to hear it! You can come report to the Yonjour Group tomorrow then, sir! I’ll get someone to help you manage the enrollment procedures. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure to have some people around to show you the ropes!” said Gerald.

“Got it!” replied Dexter extremely enthusiastically as Raine and Yollande squealed in excitement.

After calming down a bit, Yollande turned to look at Gerald before sincerely saying, “T-thank you so much for everything, Gerald…! Not only did you save our lives, but you’re even giving my husband such a high-paying job…! We really have troubled you a lot…”

Smiling in response, Gerald simply said, “Now, now, madam, there’s no need to be so courteous. This is nothing to me, and again, I just so happened to need an employee for the job!”

Though the trio felt that they now owed the world to Gerald, Gerald himself honestly didn’t think that he was doing much. To be quite frank, he was simply happy that he was able to help others, and their joy was all he asked for in return…

Regardless, it was a short while later when Dexter supported Yollande up to their bedroom to get her some rest.

Gerald and Raine themselves remained seated on the living room couch.

To remove the awkward silence between them, Gerald cleared his throat before saying, “Speaking of which, I haven’t had my dinner yet. Since I’m already here, would you like to join me for a meal?”

“Of course!” replied Raine without the slightest hesitation.

With that decided, the duo then got into Gerald’s car before driving off… It was honestly a rather awkward drive since neither of them said a thing throughout their journey. Thankfully, the duo soon arrived at the Schywater Night Market.

The market itself was famous for being a ‘snack street’ since there were so many food stalls there serving all kinds of dishes. With that in mind, the place was usually extremely lively, even after ten at night!

Those who went there were usually office workers who wanted to have fun and entertain themselves after work. Gerald himself had frequented the market in the past due to all the good food there.

However, ever since he was given a higher-ranking identity, he slowly began frequenting high-end bars and clubs instead.

With that in mind, it had been quite a while since he last came here, and he felt compelled to pay it a visit again just to reminisce while having dinner…

Either way, now that they were there, Gerald quickly led Raine to one of the stalls to have their meal.

Upon sitting down, however, Gerald couldn’t help but feel that the entire night market had undergone a rather drastic change. Had he really not come here for that long…?

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 1954
Whatever the case was, the stall Gerald and Raine had chosen to eat at was established by an old couple.

After sitting down, Gerald immediately called out, “Boss!”

Upon hearing that, an old woman quickly walked over to their table, handing both of them menus as she said, “Well, hello there! Come have a look at what you’d like to have!”

Hearing that, the duo began scanning through their menus…

Truth be told, this was Raine’s first time eating at a night market. With that in mind, she was rightfully overwhelmed by the immense amount of options the menu had to offer.

Gerald, on the other hand, had been a regular when it came to ordering night market food. Due to that, it didn’t take all that long for him to raise his hand before saying, “Boss! I’d like to have twenty mutton kebabs, a plate of fried noodles, one roasted fish, a plate of chicken wings…”

By the time Gerald’s list was done, Raine could only stare wide-eyed at him. What a lot of food…!

Turning to look at her, Gerald then asked, “What about you, Raine? Don’t worry about the costs, just order whatever you like!”

Shaking her head in response, Raine simply smiled faintly as she replied, “Well… You’ve already ordered quite a bit, senior… Why don’t we finish that first?”

Hearing that, Gerald simply nodded before saying, “Alright, that will be all for now, boss! If we need any more food, we’ll tell you “Got it! The food will be served in a while!” replied the old woman with a smile before quickly making her way back to her stall.

To be honest, even though the other stalls appeared to have quite a number of customers, this particular stall was barren aside from Gerald and Raine’s table. With that in mind, it was no wonder why the old couple looked so happy to serve them. After all, they were providing them with business.

Regardless, while waiting for the food, Raine noticed something which prompted her to immediately whisper, “Hey, senior! Look there! I think the one roasting the kebabs is the old woman’s daughter!”

Upon hearing that, Gerald turned to look at where Raine was staring… and true enough, the woman roasting the kebabs—who looked to be around the same age as Raine—seemed to be their daughter.

“To think that she’s already earning money at such a young age,” muttered Raine with a sigh, now feeling that she had it much better compared to her…

Whatever the case was, it was about twenty minutes later when all the dishes were served.

Since the old lady was here anyway, Gerald took the chance to ask, “That your daughter, boss?”

Chuckling in response, the old woman then replied, “She is, actually! My husband and I were around thirty when we conceived her, and we’re just thankful that she’s so responsible and diligent. You know, even though she studies hard, she still makes it a point to come help us after school! We really appreciate it since we’re too old to get things done fast enough…”

Realizing that she had said a bit too much, the old woman then smiled before adding, “…Anyway, do enjoy your meal! I’ll be attending to other things first, but if you need me, don’t hesitate to call!”

Watching as the old woman then returned to her stall, the duo shrugged before starting to dig in…

Since Gerald hadn’t eaten kebabs in ages, being able to eat them now brought back several joyous memories… What bliss…

However, his moment of peace was cut short when a loud ‘crash’ suddenly filled the air, followed by someone yelling “Beat it”!

Following that, even more smashing sounds could be heard! What kind of chaos was brewing…?

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 1955
Turning to face the source of the noise, Gerald and Raine were immediately greeted by the sight of two groups of people—wielding various kinds of weapons—intimidatingly marching toward each other. It was evident that they were about to engage in a group fight…!

Upon seeing how bad the situation was, the stall owners and customers immediately began packing up to flee, not wanting to get dragged into their fight.

Even the old couple and their daughter were panicking, and they were already halfway through packing their stall up by the time Gerald and Raine turned back to look at them. Raising a slight brow, Gerald was prompted to ask, “Who are those people, boss?”

Hearing that, the old woman hastily replied, “They’re this area’s gangsters, and once they start fighting, they don’t care about anyone else’s lives! Just so you know, some people got dragged into their mess the last time something like this happened, so you’d better run while you can! Keep the money and consider it to be our treat.”

Naturally, Gerald was surprised to hear that. To think that these gangsters would actually duke it out in such a public area!

Regardless, though the family of three were able to finish packing and were already leaving with their cart, they had barely been able to take a few steps when the hooligans began fighting!

As the old lady had said, these people really didn’t seem to care about the wellbeing of others once they started fighting. After all, they were extremely fierce and fought like there was no tomorrow…

With ‘crashing’ and ‘clanging’ all over the place, it truly was a chaotic sight to behold…

All of a sudden, Gerald and Raine watched as a hulking and intimidating-looking bald man—who seemed to be one of the group leaders—ran over to the old couple’s stall and grabbed a ladle before rushing back to face the opposing group!

Of course, the family of three did nothing to stop him. After all, they were frightened stiff!

At that moment, something incredibly fast bolted past everyone’s view… and a split second later, the bald man gave out a pained cry!

Upon closer inspection, his arm seemed to have been jabbed by a toothpick of all things!

With blood starting to gush out from the wound, everyone could only stare, stupefied.

While they now knew what the weapon had been, nobody knew who had tossed the toothpick.

Just as they were wondering about that, Gerald stood up before casually yelling, “Hey, now! If you b*stards want to fight so much, why not find someplace a little more vacant? Choosing such a public place to have a group fight… What’ll happen if you harm others? Huh?”

Upon hearing that, the bald man and his gang members instantly fixed their gazes onto Gerald. To think that this person would actually dare to confront them at a time like this!

Even those from the opposing faction were now looking over, both groups momentarily too stupefied to resume their fight…

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 1956
Hell, the gangsters weren’t even the only ones shocked. The spectators all had their jaws dropped as well!

Was Gerald that keen on dying? Why was he meddling in their fight for no good reason?!

While even Raine was shocked silent, she couldn’t help but feel that Gerald truly was a good person. After all, everyone else had treated the scene indifferently, none of them daring to even take a step forward to stop those hooligans…

Then again, they couldn’t really be blamed. After all, that bald man and the other gangsters were extremely dangerous and intimidating. Nobody wanted to get into their bad books…

Whatever the case was, Gerald wasn’t the least afraid of them. After all, they were nothing but ants to him.

Besides, Gerald enjoyed helping others, so who better than him to be a white knight in such a situation?

What more, he wanted to use this opportunity to help out that nice family of three who had even exempted him from his bill. He simply considered this to be his own way of thanking them.

Regardless, before the bald man could even say a word, a youth sporting a ducktail hairstyle walked forward and pointed at Gerald as he retorted, “Hey now, who the hell even are you to meddle in our



Following that, the youth continued walking closer to Gerald. However, before the boy could even touch him, Gerald had already grabbed onto his finger… And with a sickening ‘snap’ it became clear as day what had just happened.

Instantly bending over, the youth quickly scrunched his face, not wanting to scream in agony. After all, having one’s finger broken off like that definitely brought unbearable pain…!

Before the youth could even get back up, Gerald simply kicked him right in the stomach, sending him flying…!

Staring wide-eyed at the boy who couldn’t even crawl back up due to all the pain he was in, the bald man immediately roared, “Get him!”

Hearing that, all his subordinates immediately began bolting toward Gerald!

Of course, Gerald remained cool as a cucumber as they got dangerously close… And in less than a minute, none of the subordinates were left standing…

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 1957
Staring wide-eyed, the bald man was left completely stupefied when he saw the terrible state all his men were in. Many of them appeared to have broken limbs, and with how agonizing their cries were, it was evident that none of them were going to be able to continue fighting…

Gerald himself simply began walking up to the bald man whose legs were already trembling in fear. If it wasn’t clear enough already, Gerald saw no need to be merciful to such people. Gulping as though the god of death was swiftly approaching him, the bald man began walking backward as he stuttered, “W-what are you planning to do?!”

Hearing that, Gerald simply smiled sinisterly as he disdainfully replied, “Does it matter? Also, are you retreating? What happened to all that courage from before?”

After witnessing Gerald’s terrifying martial arts skills, as if that bald man would still dare to act all arrogant! There was no way he was ever going to be able to win a fight against Gerald! Even so, he knew for a fact that it was now too late for him to retreat!

Just as the bald man was wondering if there truly was no hope of escaping, he suddenly felt an acute pain on his cheek… and the next thing he knew, he was already in agonizing pain as his face kissed the dirt!

With how hard Gerald’s slap had been, several of his teeth had scattered all over the ground and blood was now dripping from his deformed mouth…

Trembling as he looked at Gerald, the bald man immediately began begging, “P-please, sir… Please leave me be…!. I know what I did was wrong now…! I won’t ever dare to do such things again…!”

“Oh? So you do know how to beg for mercy!” scoffed Gerald in a frigid tone.

Still, Gerald wasn’t swayed in the slightest. A person like him didn’t deserve to be sympathized on!

“S-sir, I mean it…! I won’t dare to do such things ever again-” Before the bald man could even finish his sentence, Gerald cut him short by landing a hard kick right on his stomach!

Once the bald man landed quite a distance away, Gerald took the chance to sneer, “If you dare gather like this just to engage in group fights again, I’ll make sure I beat all of you up once more! In fact, I’ll teach you a lesson every time I hear someone complain about you bullying random civilians or taking their things, regardless of whether it was by accident or not! You hear me?!”

Immediately crawling to their feet and nodding in response, the bald man and his subordinates immediately nodded before limping away. Even the other group of gangsters fled the second they could! What contemptuous individuals…

Regardless, now that they were gone, a loud round of applause could instantly be heard. Naturally, the people were clapping for Gerald for being such an impressive individual.

Gerald himself simply waved his hands humbly before returning to the family of three.

Smiling as he looked at the old woman, Gerald then said, “Don’t worry, it’s fine now. They won’t ever dare to return here anymore!”

“T-thank you so much…!” cried out the old woman in a gratuitous tone…

Had Gerald not stepped in earlier, who knows what would’ve become of their stall or family? With that in mind, all three of them saw Gerald as their benefactor, and they were so grateful to him that they had to actively fight the urge to kneel before the youth! Simply chuckling in response, Gerald then replied, “You’re very welcome! Speaking of which, we’re not quite full yet, so please roast more food for us!”

Upon hearing that, the woman was momentarily stunned though she quickly recovered and nodded before saying, “O-of course! You can eat whatever you want today! Everything’s on the house, just for you two!”

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 1958
With that said, Gerald then returned to his seat as the old couple and their daughter began setting up their stall again.

The second Gerald sat down, Raine immediately said in sincere admiration, “You were so awesome earlier, senior!”

Raine, for one, felt that not many could beat up so many people alone and in such a short amount of time, no less.

Laughing in response, Gerald simply replied in a humble tone, “That was nothing. Those hooligans were just too weak.”

Of course, Raine knew he was just being modest. After all, those gangsters were definitely far from weak. Even so, they were unable to even lift a finger against Gerald! Then again, it wasn’t all that surprising. After all, even Yash—a Taekwondo expert—had been unable to take on Gerald!

Regardless, it was about ten minutes later when the old woman served a massive plate of food before Gerald and Raine…

Smiling as she looked at the duo, the old woman then said, “Order up! Freshly roasted, just for the two of you! Again, if this isn’t enough, just give me a call and I’ll roast up another plate for you!”

‘We’ll keep that in mind! Thank you, boss!” replied both Gerald and Raine at the same time.

“Oh please, we should be the ones thanking you! After all, we could’ve gotten into serious trouble had you not stepped in earlier!” said the old woman as she waved her hand slightly before leaving Gerald and Raine to give them room to enjoy their food…

As time went on, the duo realized that more and more people seemed to come over to have their meals in the old couples’ stall. It seemed that the incident truly was a positive turning point in the couples’ business luck.

Either way, it was around eleven that night when Gerald and Raine finally finished their meals.

With that, Gerald walked up to the old woman before asking, “How much was all that, boss?”

“Huh? I told you, it’s on the house! After all, you helped us so much tonight! There’s simply no way I could take your money!” replied the old woman.

Even so, there was no way she was ever going to be able to persuade Gerald against it. After all, Gerald knew for a fact that the family of three didn’t have it easy. What more, he and Raine had eaten quite a bit tonight, and the ingredient costs probably weren’t cheap. With that in mind, he was going to pay her no matter what! “Boss, I know how hard it is for you to make a living, so please accept the money! Otherwise, I’m afraid I wouldn’t dare return here to eat next time!” said Gerald as he fished out several ten-dollar bills from his wallet and gently pushed them into her hands.

“He’s right, boss! Just accept the money!” added Raine—who was now standing beside Gerald—, understanding Gerald’s intent.

Hearing that, the woman could only sigh in defeat as she took the money before saying, “…Alright, I’ll take it! Come by anytime and ’ll give both of you discounts!”

Nodding in response, both of them then replied, “But of course we will!”

Smiling happily at their response, the old woman then watched as Gerald and Raine finally left the area…

As she was about to get back to work, the old woman couldn’t help but notice that her daughter’s eyes were affixed in the direction of the leaving duo.

Knowing that lovestruck gaze anywhere, the old woman was prompted to say, “…Don’t tell me you have a crush on him, Yusra…”

Her daughter’s name was Yusra Zablocki, and she was in her third year of high school.

Whatever the case was, when she heard her mother say that, the charming Yusra couldn’t help but blush…

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 1959
“What on earth are you on about, mom…?” muttered Yusra shyly.

As if her mother would buy her bluff! Shaking her head, the woman then looked at her daughter before saying, “I’m sure I don’t have to remind you that your main focus now should be your studies… Even so, I’m not really against you having relationships with others as long as your partner is nice to you…”

Upon hearing that, Yusra simply nodded. She, for one, was well aware that she already had a crush on Gerald. After all, contrary to all the other men she had previously met, Gerald simply oozed a strong sense of security that put her heart at ease…

Honestly, if the chance presented itself, Yusra truly hoped that she would get to meet Gerald again. She’d be pleased just to be able to talk with him one to one…

‘I wonder if such a chance would actually present itself though…’ Yusra thought to herself…

Moving back to Gerald, after sending Raine back to her villa, he returned to his own.

Since it was already rather late, both Natallie and Earla had already hit the hay. With that in mind, Gerald grabbed a bottle of wine and sat in the living room alone, sipping red wine late into the peace of night…

Despite being the last to head to bed, Gerald was first to wake.

After sending Earla to school, Gerald then began heading off to his group together with Natallie. As he was driving, Natallie reported, “Chairman Crawford, Chairman Kershaw from the Zachariah Group will apparently be coming over to our group today. Would you like to meet him?”

“The Zachariah Group?” asked Gerald as he raised a slight brow.

“Indeed. He called me stating that he wished to personally apologize to you,” explained Natallie.

Hearing that, Gerald recalled the incidents of the previous day… He clearly remembered how Zuri had decided to mess with them at the amusement park, eventually leading to her getting divorced with Zachariah…

Whatever the case was, since Zachariah wanted to apologize to him in person, Gerald figured that it was because he really wanted to keep his group under his name.

With all that in mind, Gerald paused for a moment before eventually saying, “…Well, since he’s sincere enough to come over to apologize, sure! I’ll meet him!”

Gerald wasn’t exactly an inconsiderate person. After all, he knew for a fact that the event yesterday had pretty much nothing to do with him. Zacharia’s wife had been the true troublemaker. Understanding that, Gerald wasn’t about to make things overly difficult for the man…

Regardless, it was about half an hour later when the duo finally arrived at the Yonjour Group building…

Before entering the building, they were both greeted by the sight of a black car that had been parked close to the building’s entrance. Of course, the car belonged to none other than Zachariah…

Upon realizing that Gerald and Natallie were here, Zachariah immediately got out of his car before respectfully greeting, “Chairman Crawford…!”

Smiling as he looked at the man, Gerald then replied in a playful tone, “So we meet again, Chairman Kershaw.”

Hearing that, Zachariah couldn’t help but blush slightly in embarrassment. After all, Zuri had brought nothing but shame to him due to her actions… Thank god he finally divorced her… He had made sure to do it immediately as well. After all, he wouldn’t dare prolong the divorce after promising Gerald—of all people—to do so.

Shaking his head, Zachariah then looked at Gerald with determined eyes as he said, “I truly apologize for yesterday, Chairman Crawford! Just so you know, I’ve divorced Zuri, just as you told me to!”

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 1960
Smiling subtly in response, Gerald then said, “Let’s have a chat upstairs…”

Watching as Gerald began walking forward, Zachariah and Natallie quickly followed his lead…

After heading upstairs, the trio soon found themselves in Gerald’s office…

Upon entering, Gerald signaled for Zakariah to take a seat as he said, “Do have a seat first, Chairman Kershaw. Natallie, please serve our guest some tea!”

“Copy that, Chairman Crawford!” replied Natallie with a nod before leaving the room… Now that they were alone, Gerald cleared his throat before saying, “First of, there’s no need to apologize, Chairman Kershaw. After all, yesterday’s incident had nothing to do with you.”

Hearing that, Zachariah was momentarily stunned. After all, he had no idea what had prompted Gerald to say that.

Starting to panic, Zakariah then said, “C-chairman Crawford… What do you-“

Seeing how panicked the man was, Gerald couldn’t help but laugh, cutting Zachariah’s sentence short.

Looking at the terrified man, Gerald then replied with a smile, “There’s no need to be so nervous, Chairman Kershaw. There’s no hidden meaning behind my words…”

Once he heard that, Zachariah found himself breathing much easier.

Gerald himself could now tell just how much Zachariah feared the thought of his group getting acquired by the Yonjour Group.

Truth be told, Gerald wasn’t even interested in acquiring Zachariah’s group. After all, though the Zachariah Group was incomparable with the Yonjour Group, it was still one of the best leading groups in Schywater City. What more, that group also made several contributions to charity, which gave Gerald even less reason to buy the group off Zachariah.

With that in mind, instead of talking about yesterday’s incident—which wasn’t even Zachariah’s fault—, Gerald wanted to talk about something else. “Now then, since you’ve calmed down, do hear out my proposal, Chairman Kershaw… I understand that you’re an excellent entrepreneur. After all, you established your group from the ground up! With that in mind, I hope that your group will be willing to cooperate with mine,” explained Gerald who had honestly been thinking about this the second Zuri mentioned Zachariah’s name the day before.

Regardless, upon hearing that, Zachariah instantly expressed a clear look of incredulity! After all, he could’ve never imagined that Gerald would actually ask him to cooperate with the Yonjour Group instead of simply obtaining the Zachariah Group. As it turned out, he really had been overthinking!

Still, that didn’t make him feel any less surprised. With that in mind, Zachariah gulped before asking, “D- do you really mean it, Chairman Crawford…? Are you truly willing to cooperate with my group…?”

“As if I’d joke about something like this!” replied Gerald as he nodded with a smile.

“WW-what wonderful news, Chairman Crawford…! I’ve always wanted to cooperate with you!” exclaimed the increasingly excited Zachariah.

For Gerald to actually initiate a talk about cooperating with his group… This was certainly something to be proud of!

“Glad to hear that! Regardless, may I know what aspect your group mainly deals with now?” asked Gerald.

“Ah, well, my group mainly deals with construction—both local and regional—and we’re also involved in the real estate scene!” replied Zachariah who was already thinking about the future of his group. Being able to cooperate with Gerald’s group was definitely going to be his best chance of developing the Zachariah Group.

“I see… What’s the biggest project you currently have, Chairman Kershaw?” asked Gerald after nodding.

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