The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 1961-1970

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 1961
Since they were going to collaborate, Gerald was definitely going after the biggest project. After all, what was the point if he didn’t?

Hearing that, Zachariah then replied, “You’re in luck, Chairman Crawford. I currently have a very good project regarding the development and construction around Schywater City’s sea area.”

Finding what Zachariah said interesting, Gerald then asked, “Could you perhaps be talking about the development of the commercial area around the city’s sea area?”

Nodding in response, Zachariah smiled before replying, “That’s the one. I see you’ve heard about the project, Chairman Crawford!”

“I won’t deny that I’ve been keeping an eye on that place. Hmm… Why don’t we do it this way, Chairman Kershaw? For that particular area, I’m planning to have my group participate by occupying a great share and carrying out the construction with your group. With that said, I think it’s only fair that all the conditions and designs related to the construction should be handled by the Yonjour Group. What do you think?” asked Gerald after a slight pause.

Though he was momentarily startled to hear that, after snapping out of it, Zachariah immediately said, “Not a problem, Chairman Crawford. I already find it a great honor that you’re willing to cooperate with me in the first place! Regardless, I’ll be leaving everything to the Yonjour Group then!” After recovering from his genuine shock earlier, Zachariah—for one—knew better than to negotiate any further with Gerald. After all, it would be bad if he somehow got on Gerald’s bad side and ended up losing the chance to cooperate.

In the world of business, knowing how and when to act was crucial. If one didn’t grab the opportunity when it appeared, failure would be the only option left…

It was at that moment when Natallie entered the room with Zacharia’s tea.

Upon seeing her, Gerald immediately ordered, “Ah, there you are, Natallie. Go draft up a contract for a collaboration and show it to me later.”

“Got it, Chairman Crawford,” replied Natallie before leaving the room.

Once she was gone, Zachariah couldn’t help but ask, “You seem particularly interested in that area, Chairman Crawford… How exactly are you planning to build it?”

The commercial area around Schywater City’s sea area was a large and completely new area that was currently under construction. With the area’s size in mind, it made many question how to even go about building the area up.

In fact, though it was the Zachariah Group’s project, even Zachariah had been wondering how to properly navigate through the project. To think that after being vexed out of his mind—about the project—for so long, Gerald would suddenly come up with the idea of collaborating on that specific project! It truly was something to celebrate about… After all, the funds needed for the project alone cost nearly a whopping one billion and five hundred million dollars! Even with how rich the Zachariah Group was, it was near impossible for them to take on such a large project alone. Truth be told, Zachariah had already been thinking of collaborating with several other groups—during the later stages—to have the percentage allotment.

Now that the Yonjour Group was stepping in, however, Zachariah knew that their two groups would be more than enough to take on the project. Better yet, it also meant that the project would be exclusively owned by only the Yonjour and Zachariah Groups!

As for Gerald, a billion and five hundred million dollars was nothing to him…

Regardless, it was a little over an hour later when Natallie returned with a contract.

Handing it to Gerald, she then said, “I’ve drafted up the contract, Chairman Crawford. Do have a look at it.”

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 1962
“Thank you, Natallie,” replied Gerald in an appreciative tone as Natallie smiled back before leaving.

Following that, Gerald began looking through the contract… and once he was done, he handed it to Zachariah.

“Do have a look at the contract, Chairman Kershaw, and tell me if there’s anything you find dissatisfactory. I’m open to further conditions or requests as well, if you have any. Since we’re collaborating, this project should benefit both our groups,” said Gerald in a calm manner. Gerald, for one, knew that in order for the collaboration to work, he needed to show his sincerity and respect to Zachariah instead of simply putting up an aggressive front. After all, at the end of the day, Zachariah wasn’t exactly a small fry. He was a chairman as well, and that earned him the right to have Gerald treat him with respect.

Either way, after carefully reading through the contract, Zachariah nodded before replying, “I see no problem with the contract, Chairman Crawford!”

“I see. Then let’s get it signed then!” said Gerald with a nod as both of them got their pens and signed their names on it…

With that done, their collaboration was now official.

Respectfully reaching his hand out for a handshake, Zachariah then declared, “Il hope for a great collaboration between us, Chairman Crawford!”

Shaking Zachariah’s hand, Gerald politely replied, “But of course! Well said, Chairman Kershaw!”

“Well then… If there isn’t anything else, I’ll be taking my leave first, Chairman Crawford. If you face any problems, feel free to contact me anytime!” said Zachariah as he got up to leave.

Once he was gone, Natallie walked in before asking in slight bewilderment, “Chairman Crawford… I may be stepping a little out of line, but what made you take the initiative to cooperate with the Zachariah Group…?” After all, for Natallie, the Yonjour Group could easily have taken on the project without the Zachariah Group’s help. Due to the collaboration, they now had to share the profits with the Zachariah Group, which was why Natallie found Gerald’s actions to be so confusing.

“You’re probably thinking why we have to share the profits with the Zachariah Group instead of just taking the project for ourselves, right?” replied Gerald, reading Natallie like an open book.

Watching as Natallie then nodded, Gerald revealed a subtle smile before saying, “Let’s just say I did it to gain an ally. After all, if we keep making enemies, it’ll be sure to backfire against us someday… Besides, Zuri was the one who had caused us all that trouble yesterday, not Zachariah.”

“You could say that I’m returning good for evil. Through this collaboration, I’ll be able to win him over, allowing him to cooperate with us in a sincere way. In the long term, that benefit will surely stick. While we could surely benefit immediately by taking the project all for ourselves, doing so will only cause us to lose a lot more things in the long run.”

After hearing Gerald’s explanation, Natallie simply nodded in response…

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 1963
Shortly after, Natallie then walked out of the office, leaving Gerald all alone in there…

Looking up, Gerald couldn’t help but smile faintly, thinking about how much faster his properties were going to develop now. Before long, everything was going to belong to him… Once that happened, he would establish a new business empire for the Crawford Family, and that was his current major goal…

Ever since his family fell into decline, everything that his family used to own ceased to exist. Due to that, Gerald wanted to reclaim everything that had once belonged to his family…

Fast forward to nighttime, Gerald could be seen entering his study in his villa… Taking a dust-covered box off a high shelf, Gerald couldn’t help but stare at it for a while.

He had brought the box back from his family’s old home, and it had remained unopened till this very day. As for why he brought it here, he simply wanted to keep it safe. After all, nobody else knew that the box was here since Gerald had been particularly secretive with it.

Regardless, the box contained items belonging to his ‘grandfather’, and he figured that he had put off opening it for a bit too long. It was finally time to see its contents…

After hesitating slightly, Gerald brushed the dust off the box before carefully removing its lid… and within, he saw an ancient-looking notebook.

Since the box was rather huge, Gerald couldn’t help but raise a slight brow in his confusion. Why was such a large box used to keep this ancient-looking notebook… ?

Then again, his ‘grandfather’ didn’t do things without a reason. The notebook was definitely something extraordinary since that old man kept it this way. What secrets did it hold…?

Taking the tattered notebook out, Gerald then gently placed it on a table and began carefully flipping through it…

With its cover all deteriorated and the papers inside all frayed and yellow, Gerald could safely assume that the notebook had to be at least several decades old. One flip too hard and the entire notebook could easily crumble to pieces…

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 1964
After carefully continuing to read through the notebook, Gerald soon realized what it was used for.

As it turned out, his grandfather had used the notebook to record everything that had happened ever since the Crawford family was established. It even included the establishment of the other Crawford family!

Reading on, Gerald couldn’t help but grit his teeth when he remembered that his family had been mere puppets, pawns to be manipulated by his grandfather…

In the end, neither of the Crawfords continued to exist…

Everything belonged to Gerald now.

Shaking the thought off, Gerald then continued flipping through the notebook… and it wasn’t long after before his eyes widened as he muttered, “…The… Crawford Inheritance Power…! This…!”

Deeply interested in the matter, Gerald immediately began carefully reading through that specific page.

The Crawford Inheritance Power was a secret that his family had kept well-hidden for hundreds of years, and the power itself could only be obtained by someone who was part of the Crawford family bloodline. As Gerald came to learn, even if that condition was met, it didn’t make the power of inheritance easy to obtain. After all, the power existed only in a far-off land known as the Autremonde Realm…

So there was another world called the Autremonde Realm… Thinking about other worlds, Gerald couldn’t help but reminisce about the time when he had been in the Leicom Continent, though he quickly shook the thoughts off.

Whatever the case was, the important thing to note was that the Crawford Inheritance Power was located in the Autremonde Realm.

Thinking about it, Gerald wondered if he could make a breakthrough in his strength if he obtained that Aeyegana. If that was the case, then he would truly become the most powerful person within the cultivation realm…

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 1965
As he thought about that, Gerald eventually shook his head before continuing to read, wondering if there were any records of how to enter the Autremonde Realm…

Thankfully, the exact method of getting to that place was written just a few lines below.

As it turned out, the only way to get there was by locating a well-hidden stone monument at the peak of Mount Kenloux. Even after finding it, only after chanting a specific spell could one get the portal to the Autremonde Realm to open…

The spell itself was a rare one, and only five people have ever been known to have learned it… Naturally, Gerald’s ‘grandfather’ had been one of them.

Reading on, Gerald found out that three of them—excluding his ‘grandfather’—had already died some seventy years ago, which meant that only one remained alive till this very day…

That person apparently went by the name of Christos Hamilton, but as Gerald would come to learn, he had already left Dragonott and moved to Rico for quite a while now…

Even so, Gerald knew that he had to find that man if he ever wanted to obtain the Crawford Inheritance Power in the Autremonde Realm.

Still, Christos should already be nearing a hundred years old by now… Why did he suddenly choose to move to Rico of all places…? Was he trying to avoid something…?

It was a mystery that Gerald was equally as keen on solving…

Whatever the case was, Gerald then fished his mobile phone out and began calling Natallie…

Once she picked up, he immediately said, “Natallie? Book me a flight to Rico, pronto!”

Following that, things went rather smoothly, and it wasn’t too long before Gerald was all packed and ready to go to Rico. Naturally, he made sure he had his notebook with him at all times. While reading through it again, he found that Christos’s home address—in Rico—had been jotted down in it, most possibly by the last person who had come looking for the man. Even so, Gerald really wasn’t sure if his grandfather was the one who had written it there.

Regardless, everything would be made clear once he arrived in Rico…

On that very same day, Gerald boarded a plane straight to Rico, and after eleven hours, he took his first step into the foreign country…

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 1966
Following the address in the notebook, Gerald soon came across a grocery store…

To his surprise, however, the store looked like it had been out of business for years. Even the store’s door was tightly closed!

Unsure how to even react to this, Gerald then began knocking on the store’s door… but even after a few knocks, not a sound could be heard coming from inside…

There went his hopes that someone was living inside…

Just as Gerald was about to dejectedly leave, he suddenly heard the creaking of an opening door…!

Turning around, Gerald was quick to realize that nobody was standing at the door! Though he momentarily froze, Gerald wasted no time and quickly entered the grocery store…

It was pitch black inside and strong musty smells emanated from every corner of the store… This place really needed a good cleaning…

Sensing that nobody was going to greet him first, Gerald took the initiative to declare, “Senior Christos Hamilton? Are you there? I’m a descendant of the Crawford family.”

“Come in!” replied a gruff voice from deeper inside the store.

Upon hearing that, Gerald was delighted. As it turned out, he really had found the right place!

With that, he quickly made his way to the room where the voice originated from… and upon arriving at the room’s entrance, he was greeted by the sight of several beer bottles scattered around a seated old man who looked like he desperately needed a shower…

The entire room reeked of alcohol, and Gerald couldn’t help but shiver slightly as he stared at the messy -haired old man…

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 1967
Truth be told, Gerald couldn’t believe that the person before him was the actual Christos Hamilton…

After all, according to the notebook, Christos was once one of the top figures in the cultivation world. In fact, he was probably even stronger than his ‘grandfather’! How did such a powerful figure end up in such a state…?

Whatever the case was, Gerald cleared his throat before warily asking, “…I… take it that you’re Senior Christos…?”

Hearing that, Christos then slowly raised his head to look at Gerald… Gerald himself wasn’t able to get a clear look at the old man’s facial features since his messy hair covered over half of his face…

“A descendant of the Crawfords you say… Tell me, who is Daryl Bodach to you?” asked Christos in a calm tone.

“Daryl… Bodach?” muttered the momentarily confused Gerald, though he quickly realized that Christos was probably talking about his ‘grandfather’.

To think that his ‘grandfather’ had chosen such a name for himself…

“He’s my grandfather!” replied Gerald rather unwillingly.

He didn’t really like calling that old bstard his grandfather anymore, but what other choice did he have if he wanted to get more information about the Autremonde Realm from Christos? “Hah! He’s your grandfather you say? Daryl has had many children and grandchildren! Why are you the only one who’s come looking for me after all these years? Cut the crp and just tell me what you’re really here for!” scoffed Christos in a disdainful tone.

From the looks of it, Christos really hated Daryl…

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 1968
“Well, for one, my grandfather has died, and the Crawford family no longer exists… With that in mind, I should note that I’m here on my own behalf and not on behalf of my family. As for why I’m here, I’d like to ask you something… Is it true that you know how to access the Autremonde Realm…?” asked Gerald.

Upon hearing that, Christos momentarily went silent. Staring at Gerald for a while, the old man then asked in a cold tone, “…So what if I do?”

“Well, if you do, I’d like to learn more about that place. As for how I found out about the Autremonde Realm in the first place, I learned of its existence after reading about the realm in an old family notebook. The notebook also stated that you’ve been there before!” replied Gerald.

“Look, I’m sorry but I can’t tell you anything about that place! If there’s nothing else, then just leave already!” yelled Christos, firmly denying any form of help.

Hearing that, Gerald felt rather helpless. Even so, he could tell that Christos must have experienced something bad there… Why else would he be so against talking about the Autremonde Realm? Still, Gerald knew for a fact that forcing the old man to talk wouldn’t do him any good.

With that in mind, since he already knew that doing things the hard way wouldn’t get him anywhere, he may as well try using the soft way.

Following that thought, Gerald then left the grocery store… Though he returned soon after with several cans of beer as well as some food.

Hopefully, this would show Christos how sincere he was…

Fingers crossed that the old man would finally be willing to open up a little, Gerald then placed the beer and food before Christos.

Opening one of the beer cans and handing it to the old man, Gerald then said, “I know how powerful you are, senior Christos. With that in mind, I respect you a lot. Do have some beer and food and I hope you’ll be willing to at least have a talk with me after that!”

With so many beer bottles lying around, it wasn’t hard for Gerald to guess that the old man was pretty fond of drinking. It was probably to help Christos ease his pains…

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 1969
Staring at Gerald for a good minute, Christos eventually sighed before taking the beer can that Gerald had handed out to him. After a few sips, Christos was prompted to say, “…You’re very different from Daryl, you know that? You don’t look or feel like his grandson at all! Regardless, despite the fact that he’s been a calculative person his entire life, it seems that even that couldn’t help him escape death.”

Sensing how greatly biased Christos was toward his ‘grandfather’, Gerald decided to change the topic by asking, “Senior Christos, could… you tell me what you know about the Autremonde Realm…? What kind of place is it…?”

Seemingly already expecting that question to come up again, Christos simply sighed as he replied, “Kid, be frank and tell me why you’re so curious about the Autremonde Realm… You can’t seriously be thinking of heading there, can you…?”

“That I am, senior Christos! After all, I want to obtain the Crawford Inheritance Power!” declared Gerald, no longer beating around the bush.

“So you really are after that power… You’re similar to Daryl in this aspect. After all, he wanted to obtain the inheritance power as well. Regardless, I’ll say it right now that the Autremonde Realm isn’t as simple as you think it is! It’s a place that we humans can’t ever reach!” replied Christos, sounding increasingly

agitated with each passing word…

Raising a slight brow, Gerald was prompted to ask, “…And why is that…2”

“You said you know how strong I am, right? Well, despite that fact, I almost lost my life there! What more, most of my face got destroyed while I was in the Autremonde Realm!”

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 1970
After saying that, Christos sighed before moving his hair to the side, revealing his completely burned face…

Save for the narrow slits of his eyes and a tremendously misshapen nose and mouth, everything else was completely charred.

Naturally, this left Gerald shocked. After all, even such a powerful person like Christos ended up getting such terrible injuries in the Autremonde Realm… It seemed that that place truly was extremely dangerous…

Regardless, Christos then added in a serious tone, “Again, I advise you against getting any further information about the Autremonde Realm. Just forget about the inheritance power and live your life well… Otherwise, you’ll just end up like me!”

While Gerald knew Christos meant well, he was naturally not going to do as the old man said.

With that, Gerald then knelt before Christos before respectfully pleading, “I understand that you care for my well being, senior Christos… However, I insist that I go there, and in order to do so, I hope you’ll help me unlock the stone monument so that I can head to the Autremonde Realm!”

Upon hearing that, Christos could only sigh helplessly.

“While you don’t resemble Daryl, I see you’ve inherited his stubbornness… Well, since you’re so insistent on dying, so be it! Just understand that you’re to bear all the consequences of your actions!” said Christos, much to Gerald’s delight. Truth be told, Gerald only needed Christos’s help in opening the portal to the Autremonde Realm. Once he was there, he was already expecting to do everything else on his own.

While it was true that he thought that way so that Christos wouldn’t have to risk dying again by following him, Gerald was honestly more worried about having to deal with Christos’s drinking problems along the way if the old man came along…

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