The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2011-2020

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2011
Hearing that, Gerald was immediately prompted to say, “Thank you, Young Master Homewood!”

Honestly, Gerald had thought that Levi would be a little more reluctant. After all, this was their first meeting. As it turned out, Levi was quite the generous person!

“You’re being way too polite, brother Crawford! In exchange, however, I do have one small request that I hope you can fulfill!” replied Levi.

“Go on, Young Master Homewood!”

“Essentially, I hope that you won’t go easy on me should we end up having to duel in the competition!”

“Deal!” replied Gerald, who was already planning to do that anyway. After all, he wanted to have a taste of how strong the Homewood Sword Technique actually was.

Now that Levi had specifically asked for it, Gerald knew he didn’t have to hold back any longer… It truly was a win-win situation.

Regardless, the trio then continued having jovial conversations till they finished their meals. As promised, Levi took the duo to his family’s smithery right after lunch.

The smithery itself was a landmark in Shontell, with the building looking like a gigantic sword that had been stabbed into the ground. As if that wasn’t already impressive enough, the massive workshop inside was optimized to provide constant stocks to all the sword-selling shops in Shontell…

Moving back to the trio, with the smithery in sight, Yalinda’s eyes instantly widened as she exclaimed, “Oh boy! This is the first time looking at the smithery up-close!”

Naturally, not many were granted access into the smithery. Aside from workers and family members of the Homewood family, anyone else would need to have proof of their identity before being allowed to enter, which explained why Yalinda had never even come close to the building after living in Shontell for so long.

Since they had Levi leading their way, however, Gerald and Yalinda had no problems entering…

Once inside, the two were immediately amazed by how hot and steamy everything was! With endless ‘clanking’ of metal getting hammered all around, it was evident that the workers were serious with their craft. It truly was a remarkable scene…

Gerald, for one, figured that people of old—back on earth—must have manufactured swords like this as well…

Looking at Gerald, Levi then asked, “Come have a look here, brother Gerald! What do you think?”

“Amazing is the only word I can think of at the moment… Your smithery truly is spectacular!” praised Gerald from the bottom of his heart.

Chuckling in response, Levi then said, “As a trivia, know that my smithery can produce over a thousand high-quality weapons every single day! They’re so sharp that you can easily slice stones with them!”

Following that, Levi then led Gerald and Yalinda to the area where the finished products were stored… and inside, there were at least a hundred swords, with each sword looking different from the other.

Smiling, Levi then declared, “Pick one for yourself, brother Gerald! Consider it my gift to you!”

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2012
With Levi smiling so generously as he pointed toward the swords, Gerald saw no reason not to oblige.

To his slight disappointment, however, Gerald couldn’t help but feel that the swords weren’t as good as Levi described them to be. Sure, they were all pretty good, but they were probably only perfect in the eyes of commoners. In other words, none of them were good enough for Gerald’s standards. Still, Gerald knew better than to reject the offer after going through all this. With that, he began carefully observing the swords…

A few minutes later, he finally found one that was a little better than the rest in the pile. At the very least, he would be able to use this as a temporary weapon…

With that, he lifted the sword, showing it to Levi and Yalinda before saying, “I shall choose this one, then!”

“A fine choice, brother Gerald! I hope you’ll use that very sword on the day of our duel!” replied Levi with a laugh.

“But of course!” said Gerald enthusiastically.

Fast forward to that night, Gerald and Yalinda made it back to the delivery house…

There wasn’t exactly a rule that they had to stay in Gardale city, so they saw no reason not to return here. Honestly, the only plus to staying in the city was the fact that if anything happened to them there, the authorities would have to take full responsibility…

Contrarily, if something happened to them outside the city, the consequences would be their own to bear. It was why Clyde had sent his men to kill Gerald once he was outside of the city. Once the deed was done, even if the king and queen of Shontell and Zenon found out about what he did, they wouldn’t be able to hold him accountable…

Whatever the case was, the second the duo entered the delivery house, Yale—who just so happened to be there—instantly leaped into Gerald’s arms before yelling, “Brother Gerald! You’re finally back! It’s been two whole days since we last met! I’ve missed you so much…!”

Raising a slight brow at the childish man, Gerald could only helplessly say, “For heaven’s sake, it’s only been two days! Get a hold of yourself!”

Yalinda herself simply rolled her eyes in annoyance as she added, “You know, instead of simply waiting here, you really should try picking up some simple martial arts! Master can’t protect you all the time, you know?”

True enough, Yale couldn’t just rely on Gerald all the time for protection, and he knew that. Still, Yale couldn’t help but pout, “That… Well, with neither of you here, who could I have even learned from?”

“Simple! Just ask my father for help! Just so you know, he was the one who showed me the ropes!” replied Yalinda.

The moment she said that, Tanner approached them while saying, “Oh? Yalinda! Gerald! You’re back!”

“Father!” yelled Yalinda as she quickly ran over to hug him.

Patting her lovingly, Tanner then asked, “So… How did the competition go, Yalinda?”

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2013
Simply sighing in response, Yalinda then said, “I… lost to Levi on my very first battle! I don’t really want to talk about it… However, you should’ve seen how strong master was, father! He took down Clyde with only a single move, you know?”

Chuckling in response, Tanner then replied, “Oh? Impressive! Regardless, losing is just part of the learning process! It’s no big deal! Besides, you only participated to have some fun, right?”

Nodding in response, Yalinda then said, “Speaking of which, father, I need your help with something!”

“Hmm? What is it?” asked Tanner curiously.

“Well, starting tomorrow, I’d like you to start teaching Yale martial arts!”

“Huh? Why so sudden? And why me?” asked the surprised Tanner, clearly not expecting that request from his daughter.

“Yale’s been meaning to learn for a while, but master and I currently have no time to teach him! So… yeah,” replied Yalinda as she shrugged.

After thinking for a while, Tanner then looked at Yale before asking, “Well… Are you willing to learn from me, Yale? While I’m not as powerful as Gerald, I can still teach you the basics!”

Nodding in response, Yale then said, “I am! I just don’t want brother Gerald to keep having to protect me… With that said, please allow me to start learning martial arts from you from tomorrow onward, Captain Juans!” “Well said. I’ll start waking you up early in the morning then! Consider this a warning, but if you don’t get up in time, don’t blame me for being merciless!” replied Tanner as he nodded in satisfaction.

Upon hearing that, Yalinda couldn’t help but snicker. Inching closer to Gerald, she then whispered, “Yale’s going to be in so much trouble tomorrow, master…! Just so you know, he’s notoriously strict! I was punished time and again by father when I first started learning martial arts under him!”

Smiling subtly, Gerald wasn’t really against that idea. After all, Yale had chosen to learn martial arts, so he may as well do it properly. If Yale succeeded in withstanding all the torture and challenges to come, he would surely be successful in his quest…

Whatever the case was, it was late that night when Gerald and Yale were in their shared room, resting in their beds.

Shortly after, however, Gerald’s eyes opened when he suddenly heard footsteps on the roof. Sitting up straight as he continued listening vigilantly, Gerald then turned to look at Yale who was unfortunately sleeping like a log…

Either way, knowing that danger was close by, Gerald then got off his bed before rushing out of the house. Once he was outside, he leaped onto the rooftop… and was instantly greeted by the sight of four men donning black clothes!

Seeing that all four of them were holding machetes, Gerald was prompted to ask, “Who are you? And what are you doing here?”

Hearing that, the four men exchange glances at each other… and after a while, they turned to attack Gerald! With how fast they all were, Gerald could immediately tell that they were all stronger than his disciple…

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2014
Realizing that, Gerald then leaped down again, landing in the field below. Naturally, the four assassins followed, and they soon encircled the youth…

Glaring at each of them, Gerald then said, “I’ll ask one more time. Who sent you here?”

Despite his intimidating tone, none of them said a word… Instead, they simply raised their machetes and began charging toward Gerald! Seeing that, Gerald knew that peace simply wasn’t an option…

While all four of the assassins had near-perfect teamwork, with each of them even having their own attack styles that complemented the others—that would most definitely confuse their targets—, it was unfortunate that their opponent was Gerald…

Before they could even land a single attack on him, Gerald had already flung dozens of silver needles—that he had kept concealed under his clothes—at each of them with lightning speed! Due to how fast his attack was, neither of them were able to dodge in time! Since Gerald had aimed the needles at their key chakras, all of them ended up getting instantly paralyzed as well…

With that done, Gerald then walked toward one of them to uncover his face… but the moment he did so, he immediately furrowed his brows.

As it turned out, the assassin’s mouth had been sewn shut! Checking in on the other three, Gerald saw the same thing… No wonder they didn’t say a word this entire time!

Still, the person who had sent the assassins over must have been really wary about revealing their identity… Even so, to mute someone just to do that… How utterly inhumane…!

At that moment, Tanner and Yalinda—who had heard the racket outside—came running over…


“Gerald!” yelled both of them, worried that something had happened to him.

“I’m fine!” replied Gerald as he waved his hand…

Once they saw the four paralyzed assassins, Yalinda couldn’t help but frown as she said, “… These people… came to kill you? But why?”

Shaking his head, Gerald simply replied, “I have no idea, though I do know they were sent over by someone else. After all, all their mouths are sewn shut! The person in charge of all this really doesn’t want their identity exposed!”

Upon hearing that, Tanner thought for a moment before exclaiming, “…Hold on. I’ve seen these people before!”

Hearing that, Yalinda and Gerald immediately turned to look at Tanner in anticipation.

“I remember now! I think they’re from the Gower family!” added Tanner.

“What? The Gowers? Master, do you think Clyde could have…” muttered Yalinda after some thought.

“Well, we’ll just have to find out from these four! Though they can’t speak, they can still shake their heads and nod!” replied Gerald with a wry smile.

With that said, Gerald then unsealed the chakras of one of the assassins and pressed his hand hard on his shoulder, firmly pinning the man to the ground…

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2015
“Alright, listen up. Answer my questions honestly and maybe I’ll spare your life. Nod if it’s true, and shake your head if it’s not, got it?” growled Gerald as he glared at the assassin.

Upon hearing that, the man could only nod.

“Good. First off, are you from the Gower family?” asked Gerald, pleased to get a reaction. While he hesitated for a while, the mute man eventually nodded.

“I see. And was it Clyde Gower who sent you over?” asked Gerald, squinting his eyes as the assassin nodded again.

Understanding the full story now, Gerald then turned to look at Tanner as he said, “Please get your men to tie them up first, Captain Juans. I’ll report this to General Lucarl tomorrow!”

Gerald was planning to confront Clyde in the presence of the king, queen, and Kay tomorrow, and since the four assassins could still be used as evidence, Gerald didn’t feel the need to finish them off just yet.

Regardless, it wasn’t long before Tanner’s men came along with some ropes and sacks. Though the assassins were tied and locked up in the storeroom, Gerald made sure not to unseal their chakras, just for extra measure…

Soon enough, morning came, and Gerald and Yalinda returned to Gardale City. As for Tanner, Gerald had told him to wait outside the city’s gates with the assassins, bringing them into the city only when Gerald gave the cue to

By the time they entered the arena, everyone was already seated. As it turned out, the only contenders who had yet to arrive were Gerald and Yalinda…

Naturally, when Clyde saw Gerald and Yalinda still alive, his eyes instantly widened. He, for one, knew the capabilities of his four great envoys. With that in mind, how the hell was Gerald still alive?! Gerald himself turned to face Clyde, and their eyes momentarily met. Seeing how panicked Clyde was, Gerald couldn’t help but smile rather smugly.

Whatever the case was, once Kay saw that they were finally here, he immediately said, “Representatives of the Juans Delivery House! A bit late, don’t you think?”

Upon hearing that, Yalinda walked toward him before respectfully replying, “Our apologies, General Lucarl, but we’re late for a reason! We encountered a… situation of sorts last night that we’d like to bring up to the king, queen, and also you!”

Raising a slight brow, Kay then said, “Go on…”

“Essentially, my master was attacked by some assassins last night in the Juans Delivery House! From what we’ve gathered, the assassins were sent by one of the competitors of this competition!” replied

Yalinda in a serious tone.

Hearing that, everyone present immediately exchanged glances with each other before starting to discuss the situation…

Clyde, on the other hand, found himself going pale with rage and shock. After all, not only had his assassins failed to take Gerald out, but they were also caught by him! There was no way he was going to worm out of this one…!

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2016
Kay himself couldn’t help but frown after hearing that. After thinking about it for a while, he then walked toward the king and queen who were seated at their thrones… After whispering something to them, he then returned to his initial spot before declaring, “His Majesty has decreed that this is criminally unruly behavior! With that said, an investigation will immediately be carried out! Since we’re already on the topic, do you know who sent those assassins, Miss Juans?”

Nodding in response, Yalinda then replied, “I do! Your Majesties, it was Clyde Gower who planned the assassination last night!”

The second she said that, everyone instantly became stupefied.

Realizing that Kay was now looking at him, Clyde then stood up before roaring, “Utter nonsense!”

“Or so you say, Young Master Gower! I’m sure you know who’s the real person spouting nonsense here! In case you didn’t know, we managed to capture the assassins, and they’re currently right outside the city’s gates! With that in mind, I request that they be allowed in to confront their young master!” replied Yalinda with a cold smile on her face.

“Permission granted!” declared Kay.

A few minutes later, Tanner and Yale led the four assassins into the arena with the help of a few soldiers…

“These are the Gower family’s assassins, General Lucarl!” announced Yalinda as she pointed at the four tied-up men.

Seeing that they were now here, Kay waited for a moment before raising a slight brow. Walking closer to them, he realized that they were all fully paralyzed, unable to even blink! With that, Kay was prompted to ask, “…What’s wrong with them? Why have they gone all rigid?”

Upon hearing that, Gerald quickly walked toward the four and began poking their chakra points to unseal their bodies. Once they were done, they were freely able to move again…

Nodding when he saw that, Kay then said, “Alright… Now that you’re no longer paralyzed… Was what she said true?”

Naturally, none of them could say a word. After all, their mouths remained sewn shut.

Realizing that Kay was expecting a verbal answer, Yalinda quickly explained, “General Lucarl, their mouths have been sewn shut so they can’t speak!”

“What? They’re all mutes?” replied the surprised Kay.

Understanding that this was his chance to avoid facing the consequences, Clyde then retorted, “Hah! If they can’t talk, why are you putting the blame on me?! As you can see, General Lucarl, she’s clearly spouting cr*p!”

“While they can’t talk, they can still shake their heads and nod!” refuted Yalinda, instantly silencing Clyde again. He hadn’t considered that!

“Nod if it’s true, and shake your head if it isn’t. Was it Clyde Gower who sent you to attack them?” asked Kay as he glared at the assassins. With how intently Kay was glaring at them, the four assassins couldn’t help but sneak peeks at Clyde…

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2017
After a short pause, all four of the assassins eventually shook their heads!

Upon seeing that, Yalinda was rightfully angry as she growled, “You…!”

Realizing that he still had a chance to get out of this situation, a sly smile flashed across Clyde’s face. Following that, he feigned aggrievance as he said, “You see, General Lucarl? I’m innocent! Please clear my name, general!”

With the current turn of events, Gerald was now wondering whether he should’ve let Yalinda do the talking…

After all, though the assassins were mute, they were by no means dumb. They probably figured that Gerald wouldn’t be able to do anything to them in the presence of so many people. By choosing to lie, not only would Clyde’s life be spared, but also theirs!

Whatever the case was, Kay then cleared his throat before asking sternly, “Again, just to confirm. Is it true that Clyde didn’t send you over?” Watching as the four then nodded again, Kay added, “Very well. We’ll put the matter aside for the moment, then. Guards, lock them up immediately! We’ll look further into this once the competition is over.”

Naturally unwilling to just accept that, Yalinda then said, “But General Lucarl-“

Before she could even finish her sentence, Kay simply raised his hand before replying, “Again, let’s put the matter aside for the time being. Not only have they already said that Young Master Gower wasn’t the one behind this, but the incident also happened outside Gardale City. With that in mind, we aren’t responsible for handling the case. Due to that, we’ll talk about this once the competition ends.”

Once Kay turned around to leave, Clyde moved closer to Yalinda before chuckling sinisterly as he jeered, “Heh, did you really think you could frame me that easily, Yalinda?”

Hearing that, Yalinda immediately glared at the despicable man as he returned to his seat. To think that the assassins would retract their confessions at the last second!

While she was furious at him, she knew better than to waste her energy feeling angry. After all, just as Kay had said, nothing would be investigated till the competition was over…

“Leave him be, Yalinda! Come back for now!” called out Gerald, prompting Yalinda to helplessly return to her seat…

Once she was sitting beside Gerald again, Yalinda couldn’t help but grumble, “…To think that Clyde had planned this far ahead…!” Instead of sharing Yalinda’s dissatisfaction, Gerald simply laughed coldly in response as he said, “It’s fine, we’ll just accept this as our loss for now… However, know that I still have other ways to deal with him!”

Just as Gerald had said, though they had failed to immediately take Clyde down, it didn’t mean that they had automatically lost. Since Clyde was now pulling all his triumph cards, Gerald would do the same…

Regardless, the matches for the day soon ended…

While the matches were still on earlier, Gerald had plenty of time to think of his next step. In the end, he figured that since the semi-finals would be held in the next two days, Clyde would surely use that time to cause more trouble for him.

Due to that, Gerald decided that he would finish Clyde off within the following two days…

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2018
Upon returning to the delivery house that night, Yalinda immediately yelled angrily, “That bstard Clyde…! To think that he would be shameless enough to deny his sins in public! And those four bastards are just as bad as he is!”

“Just forget about it, Yalinda. We couldn’t have predicted that scenario… Well, if we were a bit more careful, we probably could. With that in mind, we just need to be more careful next time!” comforted Tanner as he patted his daughter’s back. “Captain Juans is right, Yalinda. There’s no need to be angry since Clyde’s dying by my hands sooner or later! Regardless, during these two days before the semi-finals, I’ll be sure to make him pay the price for messing with us!” added Gerald as he narrowed his eyes, now fully determined to kill Clyde.

“Oh? Do you already have a plan to take him down, Gerald?” asked Tanner.

“I do, though I’ll need to trouble you a bit… Essentially, I need you to send someone out to constantly monitor Clyde. I just need to know where he is at all times! Is that manageable?” replied Gerald.

“No problem!” declared Tanner without the slightest hesitation. After all, he trusted Gerald when it came to making plans, and he had no doubts that Gerald’s plan was well thought out.

Regardless, upon hearing that, Yalinda looked at Gerald before curiously asking, “What exactly are you planning to do, master…?”

‘Well, since General Lucarl specifically said that he wasn’t responsible for things that happened outside of Gardale City, we’ll just use that to our advantage like how Clyde did to us!” replied Gerald with a smug smile.

Upon hearing that, Yalinda, Tanner, and Yale immediately understood where Gerald was coming from. With that, Tanner then ordered one of his men to begin monitoring Clyde…

It was evening when the man Tanner sent out returned to the delivery house. After updating Clyde’s location to Tanner, Tanner quickly relayed the information to Gerald.

Now that he knew where Clyde was, Gerald immediately left the delivery house to prepare himself for tonight…

That night, Gerald leaped over rooftops to hasten his journey… and eventually, he arrived at the brothel where Clyde was last seen. That b*stard had come all the way out here looking for fun!

Either way, Gerald soon found the room Clyde was in. With how jovial Clyde looked, Gerald couldn’t help but smile wryly as he thought, ‘This f*cker really knows how to enjoy himself!”

Shaking his head, Gerald then slipped into the black outfit that he had previously prepared, making sure to properly cover his face with a black cloth as well. All this was done just so Clyde wouldn’t find out who he was.

With everything set, Gerald then crashed into the room through the window!

Eyes immediately widening when he saw the assassin, Clyde angrily yelled, “Who the hell are you?! I’m the young master of the Gower family, you know? Disrupting my fun… are you that tired of living?!”

Before Clyde could say anything else, he suddenly felt something wet dripping from his neck…

By the time he looked down, Clyde was already coughing mouthfuls of blood… and seconds later, the life in his eyes disappeared.

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2019
Upon realizing what had just happened, the prostitute—that Clyde had hired—immediately shrieked in fear as she cowered on the bed, her voice echoing throughout the brothel… Gerald himself simply looked at the shrieking woman for a while before leaping out the window and disappearing into the darkness. All in all, the process of Clyde’s murder had gone perfectly, and Gerald was certain that Clyde had no idea who his murderer was…

Whatever the case was, it was sometime after Gerald left when the owner of the brothel came running into the room with some guards.

Upon seeing Clyde’s fresh corpse, the brothel owner almost fainted in shock. Something extremely troubling had just taken place…! As if Clyde’s death here wasn’t already bad enough, the brothel would surely be in extra hot water with the Gowers…

Of course, aside from Gerald, Yale, Tanner, and Yalinda, nobody knew who the real culprit was. With that in mind, Gerald knew that their grudge had finally been resolved…

Fast forward to the next morning, everyone in Shontell was thoroughly shaken as news about Clyde’s assassination spread around.

The Gower family’s head was understandably enraged by all this, and not only did he send his men to smash the brothel up, but he even paraded the prostitute—that his son had slept with the night before—along the streets! While doing so, he swore that he would find his son’s murderer if it was the last thing he did…!

As for Gerald, after waking up, he sat in the garden to relax…

All of a sudden, Yale could be heard shouting, “B-brother Gerald…!” Watching as Yale, Tanner, and Yalinda ran into the garden, Gerald couldn’t help but ask, “Yes? What’s wrong?”

“W-well… When we were out earlier, we heard that Clyde had been killed in a brothel last night…! Were you the one who did it…?” whispered Yale.

Nodding calmly, Gerald then said, “Indeed!”

“W-what…?! Brother Gerald, you should know that Leroy Gower, the head of the Gower family, is looking everywhere for the murderer…!” replied the terrified Yale.

“And? I made sure to conceal my appearance well last night, so you don’t have to worry about anyone recognizing me. Besides, even if Leroy does come, I’ll just keep denying that I did it!” said Gerald in a nonchalant tone as he waved his hand.

Upon hearing that, the trio found themselves breathing slightly easier. After all, as long as Gerald didn’t admit to the crime, then the Gowers wouldn’t be able to do a thing to him.

At that moment, all four of them heard angry shouts yelling, “Out of my way!”

Turning to face the voice, the party was greeted by the sight of Leroy rushing into the Juans Delivery house with his men, cursing loudly throughout the process.

Once Leroy was close enough, Tanner—whose face had already gone dark—glared at the man before saying, “What is the meaning of this, Mr. Gower?”

Snorting in response, Leroy then glared at Gerald before yelling, “Cut the cr*p, Tanner! You know I’m not here for you! I’m just here for my son’s murderer!”

Hearing that, Tanner then retorted, “I have no idea what you’re going on about, Leroy! As if the representative of my delivery house would ever murder your son!”

“Tanner, just because he’s your delivery house’s representative, it doesn’t mean you should be taking his side!” growled Leroy in response…

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2020
After staring at Terenzio—who was lying on the floor—for a while, Tarek Crawford eventually dragged his body onto a cart. Tarek had decided that he would simply say that he was going out to fish as an excuse to toss the body into the sea tonight…

Regardless, the woman soon returned with some water, and two immediately grabbed some brushes to begin scrubbing off the blood on the floor…

While doing so, Tarek—who was still a bit worried—couldn’t help but say, “Remember, nobody finds out about what happened tonight…!”

“B-but if Terenzio doesn’t return, his family will surely investigate…!” replied the woman who was equally as worried. “It’s not like we can stop that. If his family does eventually interrogate us, simply say that you don’t know anything! In the end, this is a matter between the head of the family and his grandson, so we shouldn’t meddle!” instructed Tarek as he rapidly waved his hand.

“Huh? The head of the family and his grandson…? What’s going on between them…?” Asked the woman who was now more confused than ever.

“You wouldn’t understand no matter how much I explained! Regardless, just remember not to tell anyone about what happened tonight…!” grumbled Tarek who wasn’t in the mood to explain anything. The important thing now was cleaning the bloodstains off and getting rid of the body…

“G-got it…!” replied the woman with a nod as she stopped asking more questions…

It was about two hours later when the smell of blood in the house lessened… Since the bloodstain was all cleaned up and it was already rather late at night, Tarek slipped on a jacket and began pushing the cart out of the farm, knowing it was high time to dispose of the body…

Fast forward to the next day, Gerald opened his eyes the second dawn broke…

By killing Terenzio last night, it meant that he had officially declared war on the Crawford family…

With that in mind, after washing up, Gerald slipped on his jacket and headed over to Tarek’s house… Meanwhile, Tarek had just returned from sea, looking extremely tired and disheveled… Sitting on his chair, he immediately curled up, his eyes looking as dead as a dodo…

Shortly after, Gerald entered the house, and after closing the door behind him, he was prompted to ask, “So, how are things going, brother Crawford?”

“I’ve done everything you’ve told me to… The blood in the house has all been washed off and I’ve tossed Terenzio’s corpse into the sea…” replied Tarek, shivering slightly when he saw Gerald.

“Good. Regardless, how long do you think it’ll take for the main family to realize that Terenzio’s gone missing?” asked Gerald as he calmly stood beside Tarek, feeling somewhat pleased that there really were no bloodstains left.

“I don’t know… As if someone from the side family like me would ever know how the main family thinks!” replied Tarek as he shook his head.

“Point taken. Either way, remember why Terenzio died. As long as you don’t do the same stupid mistake as he did, I’Il let you live,” said Gerald before placing his arms against his back and walking out the room…

At this moment in time, nobody knew that Terenzio had been killed by Gerald. Still, looking at all the relatives, Gerald couldn’t help but sigh.

What the hell was Daryl actually planning…? Did he really have to build a cultivating Crawford family overseas? And why kidnap his parents just to become his enemy…?

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