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Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2021
What Gerald didn’t know, however, was the fact that news about the island had already reached Yearning Island…

Sitting beside a moth-eaten wooden table—that looked like it was going to collapse at any second—inside a relatively simple-thatched hut, was none other than a cloaked Daryl…

As he poured some tea out of his ancient teapot, a fierce-looking young man walked up to Daryl before whispering, “According to our men in Gong Island, Terenzio and a few strangers have gone to one of the nearby islands, and they’ve been staying there for a few days now. We suspect that Gerald could be there as well.”

“Let’s just wait for them to come. I’d like to see how strong his cultivation has gotten after so many years. Also, what’s Trenzio’s cultivation level?” asked Daryl, his hand quivering slightly as he held onto the teapot.

“Not too strong. From what we’ve gathered, he’s simply in the middle level among our family members,” replied the man after thinking for a while.

“I see. Just keep watching then. Remember, don’t let Gerald notice our men. Since he was able to single- handedly kill the three great clans of Yanam, you can imagine how strong he already is by this point,” said Daryl as he sipped on his tea. Hearing that, the impatient man was prompted to say, “…But chief, if you really want to get rid of them, we can just send our men to surround Gong Island right this instant! I guarantee you that he’ll be killed before dark! All our troubles will be gone then!”

With barely any changes in his expression, Daryl then lowered his teacup before asking in a hoarse voice, “Tell me, Will… How many years have you been following me again…?”

“Twenty-five. I still remember how you saved me from freezing to death back then…” replied the man as he bowed respectfully.

“I’m glad you’re aware. While Gerald may be my grandson, in my eyes, you’re my true successor. With that in mind, know that once Gerald comes to Yearning Island, death will surely come for him…” said Daryl before chuckling.

“I understand, chief!” replied the man who was now able to breathe much easier.

“Now then… We’ll see if Terenzio is strong enough to get rid of Gerald first. If he fails, we’ll just send more of our skillful men over to deal with him. Since he’s come looking for trouble so daringly, let’s make sure we’re prepared for anything he has up his sleeve…” said Daryl as he continued sipping his tea. From the looks of it, Gerald’s appearance barely even garnered a response from him…

Delighted to hear that, the man then exclaimed, “Then… Chief, I-“

“Don’t even dare think about showing yourself before Gerald. If you even try to, I’ll immediately remove your cultivation powers,” replied Daryl as he turned to face the man.

“I-l understand!” declared the now shivering man as he nodded in agreement. “Good. Now leave!” replied Daryl with a wave of his hand…

Back on Gong Island, Gerald was still thinking of how to locate Yearning Island. If even Tarek didn’t know where the island was, Gerald was pretty sure that all the other family members on the island wouldn’t know either. It certainly didn’t help that Terenzio—who was the only one who knew how to get to Yearning Island—was now dead.

With how things were going, Gerald was pretty sure that all he could really do was to wait till next week when the main family’s ship arrived… That would surely allow him to find Yearning Island…

In other news, the people on the island didn’t seem to care about Terenzio’s sudden disappearance, probably thinking that he had just returned to the main family. After all, despite sharing a surname, the main and side families were completely different…

Regardless, in the following days, Gerald mostly remained inside his room. To kill time, he studied the sea map, continuously analyzing the islands at the center of the map in hopes of figuring out which one was Yearning Island…

While Gerald was calm, the same couldn’t be said for those on Yearning Island.

After all, in the past three days—under Daryl’s orders—, Will Crawford had been unable to contact Terenzio at all… Something was definitely off…

Upon establishing the Crawford family, Daryl had made a rule stating that members of the main Crawford family couldn’t leave Yearning Island all willy-nilly. With that in mind, since Terenzio had gone to Gong Island and hadn’t reported back in a few days, he had clearly violated the taboo…

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2022
After waiting for about two more days, Will couldn’t take it anymore and rushed to report the situation to Daryl…

“Oh? Terenzio’s disappeared, you say?” replied Daryl—who was in his hut—quite nonchalantly. The news itself wasn’t all that surprising to him. After all, though he hadn’t taught much to Gerald, the boy was still a Crawford by blood. In other words, Daryl didn’t doubt Gerald’s natural talent.

Regardless, Will then clenched his fists as he replied, “That’s right! I’ve been trying to contact him for a few days now to no avail… I’m just worried that he fought with Gerald and ended up… Well… I’m just worried that Gerald’s killed him!”

Will was naturally uneasy by this. After all, Daryl was already treating him as his own son and everyone on the island knew that he was to be Daryl’s successor. With that in mind, he saw Gerald—who was Daryl’s grandson—as a natural threat to his position, and the only way Will would be able to feel at ease would be by killing Gerald…

Upon hearing that, Daryl simply chuckled, waving his hand as he said, “He’s just a middle-ranking cultivator in the family, so it’s no big deal. I wouldn’t be surprised if he really was dead, honestly. After all, if Gerald could turn Yanam upside down on his own, what’s Terenzio to him?”

Gritting his teeth, Will then asked, “Then… what should we do now?”

‘We’ll send some skillful men over to investigate. I need to know his current level of cultivation,” replied Daryl as he sipped more tea.

“Understood,” said Will, already expecting Daryl to say that. While he was rather reluctant to just sit there and let others do the job, he could only nod, knowing better than to go against Daryl’s orders.

Will was pretty confident that he could easily kill Gerald. However, since Daryl wasn’t allowing him to go to Gong Island immediately, all he could do was wait…

Just as Will was about to leave, Daryl called out, “Speaking of which, if he isn’t acting alone, then get his allies away from him. While I’m granting you permission to hurt them, his allies can’t be killed, understand?”

“Got it, chief!” replied Will with a nod…

Moving back to Gong Island, though the skies had been clear the past few days, the arrival of a ship seemed to bring along stormy weather with it…

At the time, Gerald was still trying to find where Yearning Island was on the map. Just when he thought that he had truly met a brick wall, he noticed the presence of the fishing boat that had just docked at the pier…

Upon seeing that, he immediately got to his feet. Tarek had previously told him that all the residents of this island were relatives of the Crawford family. Gerald had also been told that whenever a ship came to the island, it was most likely the main family—on Yearning Island—coming over to get some supplies.

Come to think of it, it had only been four days since the ship last left. While the ship was definitely here earlier than scheduled, Gerald knew this was it since no other ships would ever dock here.

With that in mind, Gerald secretly headed to the docks without telling anyone else… While Gerald was now heading toward the ship, a few men from the ship were already rushing to Tarek’s house. Upon opening the door, they soon found Tarek sitting in his living room…

Seeing that, the two men—who had chosen to enter the house—then crossed their arms before asking, “Under Mr. Will’s orders, we’re here to investigate your third older brother, Tarek. Why hasn’t Terenzio been replying to the main family?”

“What? I… How should I know?” replied Tarek, shaking his head as he thought about the incident that night.

Realizing that there was something off, the other man then asked, “How could you not know? You, for one, should know that Terenzio is in charge of communication between Gong Island and us. We’re also pretty sure that you’re the only person who’s constantly been in contact with him. Are you seriously telling us that you have no idea where he is now?”

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2023
“Look, I really have no idea where he is! Please stop asking me!” replied Tarek, worried that if he let anything slip out, Gerald would surely have his head. However, if the men kept pressing on, then the main family would end him instead…!

“If you refuse to comply, I’ll simply bring you to the Penalty Division right now to let the elder in charge personally question you!” retorted the same man as he grabbed Tarek by his collar. At that moment, a woman rushed out of a room while yelling, “D-don’t! We’ll tell you everything we know…!”

Though they had never seen the elder of the Penalty Division before—since they had been living on Gong Island their entire lives—, they had heard many horrifying things about him from Terenzio over the years.

One of the crueler punishments they’ve heard was about a person who was sentenced to get bitten by a hundred snakes just because he left Yearning Island without permission. Listening to the punishment alone was enough to send chills running down anyone’s spine…

Regardless, upon hearing that, the man then released Tarek’s collar before asking, “So, where’s Terenzio?”

“H-he was killed by Gerald two days ago…! We tossed his body into the sea last night…! We… We had no choice…! If we didn’t listen to his orders, Gerald could’ve easily killed us…!” whimpered the woman as she immediately knelt…

Hearing that, the two men then exchanged glances before one of them said, “So, Will was right. Gerald did kill Terenzio!”

Gulping, Tarek then knelt as well before muttering, “N-now that you know all this, could you please spare us, Sirs…?”

“Whether you get to escape punishment or not is up to the Penalty Division,” said one of the men as the duo turned to leave, leaving Tarek and the woman kneeling behind them… Regrouping with the two other men—who had descended the ship—in the courtyard, the duo then said, “Tarek confessed that Terenzio was killed by Gerald. Apparently, his corpse was thrown into the sea.”

“I see… then… should we take action now?”

“I suppose. However, remember that Mr. Will told us not to kill Gerald. It may be his way of testing our strength.”

“Indeed. Then we should all remember to keep our strength in check. In the end, he’s still the chief’s grandson, and we can’t afford to hurt someone like that too much…”

With all four of them agreeing with that, they then left the area…

Meanwhile, Gerald himself had already snuck into the ship. While he was able to map out the entire ship within minutes, he couldn’t find any valuable information about Yearning Island at all! It was just an ordinary ship…

With that in mind, Gerald knew better than to remain on the ship any longer. Since the ship wasn’t providing him with any clues, he’d just have to investigate those who came in it.

Once he got off the ship, he then used his Herculean Primordial Spirit to detect the movements of everyone on the island… Soon enough, he was able to find a total of four people who hadn’t been on the island before. From what he could tell, they all had about the same strength as Terenzio. In other words, they weren’t very strong.

Looking in the direction where the cultivators were, he then swiftly made his way toward them… Upon seeing them, Gerald walked up to the four astonished men as he asked, “Are the four of you from Yearning Island?”

Hearing that, the leader of their team then took a step forward, staring at Gerald as he said, “Before that, are you Gerald Crawford? If you are, we’re here to meet you under Mr. Will Crawford’s orders.”

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2024
‘Will Crawford? Doesn’t ring a bell,” replied Gerald with a smile.

“There’s no need for you to know about him. All you need to know is that you’ll be kneeling and begging for mercy soon,” replied the leader as the four men stood side by side before promptly releasing their strong auras…

Knowing that this was going to be a battle between powerful cultivators, members of the side family—who were present—immediately rushed to hide behind large stones and trees…

As for Master Ghost, he was standing on the balcony of the wooden house, a compass in hand as a nervous Aiden stood beside him…

Sweating anxiously, Aiden couldn’t help but ask, “…Do… you think Gerald will be fine, Master Ghost…?”

Aiden was rightfully worried since this was the first time he had seen Gerald come across such powerful people. “He’ll be fine. Still, his grandfather must have found out that Gerald was here… Regardless, Gerald should easily be able to handle these people that Daryl sent over,” replied Master Ghost as he shook his head. He, for one, was sure that Gerald wasn’t in any immediate danger since the compass wasn’t reacting negatively.

‘With all due respect, I should just rush out with the other brothers of the Sacrasolis Palace to deal with them! Once that’s done, we can just force them to tell us where Yearning Island is!” exclaimed Aiden, not understanding how Master Ghost was remaining this calm.

“Look, if you don’t want to anger Gerald, just stay put,” replied Master Ghost with a sigh…

Moving back to Gerald, after an awkward silence that felt like it lasted forever, Gerald clenched his fists before saying, “…Regardless, just relay Daryl’s message already.”

While Gerald had previously found his grandfather to be amiable, kind, and skillful, no matter how hard he thought about it, he simply couldn’t comprehend why he would suddenly turn out this way and even kidnap his sister and parents!

Whatever the case was, now that he was so close to solving the mystery, Gerald had a hunch that Daryl already knew about everything that he had done here…

“He doesn’t have anything to say to you. We’re just here to test your strength!” replied the leader as he positioned his hand before him, causing it to produce a faint, yellow glow…

Barely a second later, he then rushed forward, aiming to strike Gerald’s shoulder! Seeing that, the three other men began launching their own attacks! While Will had said that the chief didn’t allow them to kill Gerald, they could still hurt him! Looking at the four attacking men, Gerald couldn’t help but frown slightly as he rested his left arm behind him. Positioning his right hand in front, Gerald then easily blocked the leader’s attack. Following that, he elbowed the leader before kicking him back!

With the leader’s body colliding against the three other men, all four of them soon found themselves lying on the ground… Gerald had taken all of them out in just a single move…!

“What, is the cultivating family this weak?” asked Gerald as he looked at them calmly.

Upon hearing that, the men quickly helped each other up. While their statuses in the Crawford family weren’t exactly boast-worthy, they were still serious cultivators in the family. With that in mind, getting defeated by Gerald in just a single move was unacceptable!

Still, knowing that they had underestimated Gerald’s strength, the leader quickly spat, “It looks like you’re quite skillful as well!”

“Look, let’s not waste any more of our time. Tell me where Yearning Island is already!” retorted Gerald, not wanting to waste his time dealing with lackeys.

‘We aren’t telling you anything! Now cooperate or prepare to have a taste of Crawford Style Arm Boxing!” yelled the leader—who had now gathered his strength again—as he began jabbing several punches into the air! With how fast his fists were moving, any fallen leaves in his way ended up dancing in the wind as dust cloud after dust cloud formed…!

Laughing when he saw that, one of the other men then disdainfully yelled, “Give it up, Gerald! Among the Crawford family members, he’s the best at Arm Boxing! We really don’t want to end up accidentally killing you, you know? How would we explain that to the chief?” While it was true that Gerald was the chief’s grandson, he hadn’t grown as a cultivator together with the rest of the Crawfords. With that in mind, how powerful could he really be?

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2025
They, on the other hand, had been cultivating their combat skills in the Crawford family from the very beginning. With that in mind, they were all extremely confident that they would be able to represent the Crawford family in the coming cultivation competition.

Who knows, if they managed to perform well in the competition, they could end up becoming disciples of the chief! By that point, they’d become stars of the Crawford family, and if things went swimmingly, they could even end up being one of the successor candidates in the chief’s eyes! After all, though Daryl was a cultivator, he was already extremely old. Currently in his eighties, he would probably die in another twenty to thirty years…

“Arm Boxing?” replied Gerald as he narrowed his eyes.

He recalled his father mentioning that the first chief of the Crawford family had developed a powerful boxing technique known as Arm Boxing. The technique itself was so powerful due to the fact that it was a combination of four separate boxing techniques…

Under normal circumstances, learning just the basics of the technique would surely be enough to defeat a strong cultivator. Unfortunately for the man, his opponent was Gerald.

Gerald himself couldn’t help but laugh as he shook his head while thinking about his current situation. It was honestly ironic that despite being the grandson of Daryl—and being the rightful successor of the Crawford family—, he was now being attacked by the strongest cultivators of the main Crawford family just so he couldn’t get to Yearning Island. As if that wasn’t already ironic enough, they were even fighting him using a technique invented by the Crawford family!

In the end, though Gerald didn’t like this Crawford family—nor did he like Daryl—, he still had Crawford blood running through him…

Whatever the case was, the man from before then brought his fists together, producing a loud, metallic sound as he yelled, “Indeed! Bet a b*stard like you have never even heard of it before! No matter! I’ll just show it to you if you continue to resist!”

“Go on, show me then!” replied Gerald with a smile.

Truth be told, Gerald didn’t really want to kill any of the Crawfords if he could help it. Terenzio himself only ended up dead since he tried to harm those close to him.

Either way, knowing that the men weren’t going to take no as an answer, Gerald withdrew his essential qi before entering a fighting stance…

Upon seeing that, the man immediately stomped his right foot on the ground—sending even more dust clouds swirling into the air—before bolting forward! Once he was close enough to the youth, he began launching an onslaught of punches that were so fast that they could hardly be seen!

Seeing that, Aiden couldn’t help but grab onto the railing as tight as he could, cold sweat flowing down his forehead. He swore that if Gerald ever came close to losing, he would immediately take action…!

Frowning slightly, Gerald couldn’t help but say, “So that’s the Crawford family’s Arm Boxing technique…?” Shaking his head, Gerald then took in a deep breath before swinging his fist right toward the incoming man’s arm…!

What followed was a crisp ‘crack’ that drew everyone’s attention to the scene…

The trio themselves couldn’t help but smirk. After all, they—of all people—knew that a single punch with the Arm Boxing technique was enough to split steel. Since Gerald had swung his fist toward that volley of punches, the trio had no doubt that his arm must have completely fractured…

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2026
However, just as they were thinking about that, the agonizing shriek of their companion rang through the air…! It sounded so painful that everyone couldn’t help but shiver…

As the screaming went on, Gerald simply took a step back, resting his other arm against his back as he nonchalantly said, “Is this truly the full extent of the Crawford family’s Arm Boxing technique? Or are you just too incompetent to properly use it?”

The truth was, Gerald had earlier struck the man’s arms before he even got the chance to hurt him. Due to the immense force of his attack, both the man’s arms instantly broke! Forget worrying about being able to use the technique any more, the man was probably going to find it difficult to even use his hands to eat from now on!

Regardless, once the man finally stopped screaming, he immediately glared resentfully at Gerald. He didn’t get it at all. How could Gerald have countered him so perfectly when he was using the Arm Boxing technique? What more, Gerald hadn’t even used the slightest bit of essential qi when he counterattacked! Was their difference in strength that immense?!

Either way, when Gerald saw how much hatred was in the man’s eyes, he simply laughed before saying, “Look, if Daryl really wants me dead, then he should’ve sent stronger men, not pathetic wimps like you!”

“How imprudent…!” growled the three other men in a rage as they immediately began charging toward Gerald from different directions! If they couldn’t win in a one-on-one battle, maybe they had a chance of taking him down in a group!

Upon seeing that, Gerald’s smile faded as he quickly picked a stone off the ground before tossing it to his left!

The stone grazed against the man on the left’s cheek, causing him to stop rushing forward due to the immense pain. Upon touching his cheek, the man realized that he was already bleeding profusely…!

As Gerald tossed two more stones, the remaining duo found themselves flying backward! With acute pains in their chests, the men instantly spurt out blood the second they hit the ground…

“To think that you amateurs would even dare to mess with me… Still, you’re all Crawfords so I’m willing to spare you… Now, go back and tell Daryl that if he wants to deal with me, send someone stronger over. Otherwise, I’ll just head to Yearning Island sooner or later to take his d*mn life away…” growled Gerald as he gritted his teeth.

Still, despite the fact that his grandfather had kidnapped his sister and parents, Gerald knew that he would still be slightly hesitant to kill his grandfather should they meet.

Regardless, the four men now knew better than to further challenge Gerald. After all, if they did, they would most probably end up dead. With that in mind, the leader then yelled, “Move out!”

Watching as the four battered men then left, Gerald couldn’t help but sigh with relief…

As for everyone else on the island, after watching the four board their ship again before leaving, they immediately began discussing what had just taken place.

“He’s… the chief’s grandson…?”

“It appears so… Still, why did the chief send his men over to harm his grandson?”

“Who knows? Either way, this matter doesn’t concern us. I have a feeling that getting involved in all this will only bring us suffering!”

With that said, after staring at Gerald for a while longer, the clansmen then dispersed…

At that moment, Aiden came rushing toward Gerald while exclaiming, “B-brother Gerald…! Are you alright? Those men were sent by your grandfather, right? If we start following them now, we’ll surely be able to locate Yearning Island.”

Shaking his head helplessly, Gerald simply replied, “Just forget about it…”

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2027
“Huh? But why? Did we risk getting here from Yanam just to find where Yearning Island is?” asked the puzzled Aiden.

Before Gerald could even answer, Master Ghost stepped in and replied, “We can’t follow them.”

Turning to face Master Ghost, Aiden then asked, “…Why exactly…?”

“Well, since Daryl already knows that we’re on this island, he must’ve considered the fact that we might follow them back as well. With that in mind, if we rashly follow them, now only may we get ourselves in danger, but we may not be able to save anyone as well. You, for one, know that Gerald’s parents are still in his hands. We may be willing to risk our lives, but let’s not risk his parents’ lives as well,” explained Master Ghost with a frown.

“My thoughts exactly, Master Ghost…” replied Gerald as he shook his head with a wry smile.

“But… But now’s the perfect chance to locate the island…!” retorted Aiden, clenching his fist as he hammered his thigh in annoyance.

“It is, but the closer we are to our goal, the more careful we’ll have to be,” replied Gerald as he slowly faced his back against Aiden… Though he had a rough idea what Daryl was up to, he knew that he couldn’t do anything about it. After all, he was still being on the defensive, so all he could do was accept Daryl’s taunts for now. Hopefully, he would be able to find a crack in his plans sooner or later…

Fast forward to that night, all four of the men finally stood before Will. Will himself could only frown when he saw them. After all, one of them had both his arms broken, another had horrible bruises on his right cheek, and the remaining two were holding onto their chests…

Raising a slight brow, Will eventually took the initiative to ask, “… What the hell happened to all of you?”

Exchanging glances with each other, the leader then gritted his teeth before saying, “…Gerald… was unexpectedly strong… All four of us were taken out, even though he didn’t use any cultivation powers…”

The second his sentence ended, four loud, consecutive slaps could be heard…

“You useless things…! Don’t the four of you have intermediate ranks in this family? How could all four of you fail to take Gerald down?! Regardless, how seriously did he get injured?” yelled Will.

“He… Didn’t get injured…” muttered another of the four men after hesitating for a while.

“What? He… Didn’t get injured at all? How could all four of you be in such sorry states while Gerald remains fine?!” yelled Will, pointing at them as he laughed to release his rage.

‘W-with all due respect, Mr. Will, Gerald’s extremely strong…! We aren’t his match at all! The only reason we’re still alive is because we’re all Crawfords…!” whimpered another man. “Just… Get out of my sight…! All of you!” roared Will as he tossed his teacup to the floor, smashing it into a million pieces…

After they left, Will couldn’t help but pace back and forth in the living room, panting heavily throughout the process. To think that his family was wasting all their time raising these incompetent men when Gerald was way stronger than they were…!

Come to think of it, how the hell was a self-taught cultivator this strong? He shouldn’t have been able to beat up the Crawford’s disciples so easily…! As much as Will hated to admit it, he wasn’t even sure if he could take down all four of those men on his own! With that in mind, all this was simply flabbergasting to him…

After pacing a while more, Will eventually took a seat. Clenching his fists, he then growled, “How the hell are you so powerful, Gerald…?! If he remains alive, he’ll surely end up becoming a hindrance! While it’s true that the chief is currently trying to get rid of him, how long will that last? Since that b*stard is a Crawford by blood, he could still have a chance of becoming the next successor…!”

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2028
Will had his reasons for being this worried.

After all, though Daryl had kidnapped Gerald’s parents and sister, he didn’t make things difficult for them. On the contrary, he made sure to take good care of them! That fact bugged him to no end. Thinking about it, while Daryl had promised that he would be the Crawford family’s successor, in the end, he was simply an adopted child. Gerald, on the other hand, was a true Crawford. If he didn’t get rid of Gerald quickly, Gerald could very possibly end up taking his place one day…!

Closing his eyes to think about his next step, Will eventually walked to the door and called out to his two most loyal followers, “Both of you, come in.”

Upon entering, the two closed the door behind them before replying, “Brother Will.”

Nodding in response, Will then lit cigarettes for both of them—and also himself—before sitting on a bench. Crossing his legs, he then asked, “You two should already know that Gerald’s at Gong Island now, right?”

“We’re aware,” replied one of the men as both of them looked at each other.

“Good. I want you two to head there tomorrow to finish Gerald off. I want this assassination to be quick, and the fewer people notice you, the better,” growled Will as he narrowed his eyes.

“With all due respect, brother Will, didn’t the chief say that he simply wanted to test how strong Gerald was…? He doesn’t want him dead, right…?” muttered the other man in confusion. Being Will’s closest followers, they naturally knew about Daryl’s orders.

Frowning in response, Will then retorted, “Which part of ‘I want him dead’ don’t you understand? Look, as long as Gerald remains alive, he’ll be a threat to my position as the successor of the Crawford family. Once he’s out of the picture, nobody else will be able to get that position but me! Got it?”

“Loud and clear!” replied the two men, now understanding where Will was coming from. “Excellent. Now prepare yourselves. I hope to hear good news from you tomorrow. After raising you two for so many years, it’s high time for you to help solve my problems!” declared Will whose cigarette was already half-burnt by this point…

“Roger that!” replied both of them, not saying anything more since they knew that Will was still angry…

It was only after they left when Will started feeling slightly better. After all, he raised those two from scratch, so he knew how strong they were. Hell, he had even planned to send them to the cultivation competition as representatives of the Crawford family before this. If they ranked highly in the competition, the Crawford family’s status would surely rise, thus further securing his position as the next chief!

“I wouldn’t have even bothered about you if you remained in Weston, Gerald… However, since you’re so keen on looking for trouble on Yearning Island, I’ll make sure you never leave this place!” grumbled Will as he grabbed onto the corners of his table, tightening his grip until the table’s corners were crushed…!

Moving back to Gerald, he was barely affected by yesterday’s incidents.

As for the residents on Gong Island, not only did they now know that the chief’s grandson was on the island, but he was apparently in conflict with the main Crawford family as well.

Regardless, Gerald turned to look at the summoned disciples of the Sacrasolis Palace before saying, “I’ll be counting on all of you from today onward!”

“Not to worry, brother Gerald! We’ll be sure to guard this island properly! Nobody will get on this island without you knowing!” yelled the crowd in response as they took turns nodding. Smiling when he heard that, Gerald then nodded as he said, “It’s such a relief to have you guys around…”

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2029
Following that, the disciples of the Sacrasolis Palace walked out in pairs to begin guarding the fringes of the island. After yesterday’s events, Gerald had a feeling that Daryl was no longer simply testing him. From what Gerald could guess, more Crawford family members were definitely on their way to look for trouble…

While Gerald wasn’t afraid of them, he was worried that they would do bad things to the people around him, just like how Lindsay was captured by Terenzio back then. Gerald, for one, didn’t need something like that happening again…

At that moment, Aiden couldn’t help but ask, “What exactly is the main Crawford family up to…? If they really wanted to welcome you as Daryl’s grandson, then they should’ve just invited you back! On the contrary, if they wanted you gone, they could’ve just kicked you out! Why even go through the tedious process of testing your strength…?”

“Like I know…” replied Gerald as he shook his head with a wry smile.

While he didn’t know what Daryl was thinking, he knew better than to go against that old man’s words. After all, he didn’t want to put his parents and sister in unnecessary danger. “Well, we can’t just remain here forever…” grumbled Aiden as he stretched.

“Let’s just wait and see what happens first. Besides, the more men he sends over, the higher our chances of learning more about the situation on Yearning Island. We’ll make our move once we know enough!” replied Gerald in a helpless tone.

“Honestly, you should be more worried about protecting Miss Lawrence. She’s your soulmate, is she not? Remember, had Gerald not stepped in in time, Miss Lawrence would most probably be dead by now,” said Master Ghost who had gotten much more familiar with Aiden. Now that they knew each other better, they no longer shared awkward silences, and even joked around at times.

Regardless, upon hearing that, Aiden immediately yelled, “S-she’s just my employer…!”

As if he’d choose to have such a brutal person as his girlfriend! If she was the last woman on the planet, he’d very much prefer staying single and living comfortably!

“Alright, quit it, you two… Now’s not the time for this. Either way, you should both get some rest while you can. After all, we don’t know when the Crawfords will strike again,” replied Gerald as he furrowed his brows slightly.

“Not like you’re going to let me fight anyway,” said Aiden.

“He has a point. While he may need to in order to protect Miss Lawrence, I, for one, lack fighting skills of any sort, so I don’t really need the rest. Regardless, I did learn something new about the sea map,” added Master Ghost. “Oh? What did you find out?” asked Gerald quickly.

“Well, the thing is, the sea map should clearly state where Yearning Island is. However, the island simply isn’t there. Why do you think that’s so?” replied Master Ghost as he shut the doors tightly.

“No idea,” said Gerald while shaking his head.

‘Well, after thinking about it for the past few days, a thought suddenly came to me today. Since the sea map points in this direction in general, could it be that we’re already in the Yearning Island area?” suggested Master Ghost as he took the sea map out and pointed at their island.

“What? You’re saying we’re already on Yearning Island?” replied Gerald, his eyes fully widened.

“As I said, the Yearning Island area. You see, I have a feeling that the name ‘Yearning Island’ isn’t designated to a singular island, but instead to all the islands within this area!” said Master Ghost as he drew a circle around the islands on the map.

“You’re… saying that Yearning Island is the name for this clump of islands…?” muttered Gerald with a frown. He had never thought of it this way…

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2030
“It’s just a hunch. There’s always a possibility that Yearning Island’s true location is well hidden and can’t be located just by looking at the sea map. Then again, that doesn’t mean that my theory is completely wrong either,” replied Master Ghost while shaking his head.

“That… does make sense…” muttered Aiden.

“It does. Still, if Yearning Island truly does refer to this clump of islands, all we need to do now is find out which island the main Crawford family is on… At the very least, we know they aren’t on this one,” replied Gerald with a slight frown on his face.

“Indeed… Still, I’m a little confused about all this…” said Aiden while scratching the back of his head.

“If you can’t understand such a simple concept then just focus on protecting Lindsay,” replied Gerald while atting Aiden’s shoulder.

“No, of course I understand Master Ghost’s theory! It’s just that… Don’t you find it a bit weird? Since all the islands are so close to each other, why hasn’t the main Crawford family just sent people over in the night to make their move? Why send people here just to pry on our situation…?” explained Aiden as he continued thinking about it.

Upon hearing that, Gerald paused for a moment before waving his hand as he said, “Well, thinking about it won’t get us anywhere. Just leave the question be for now.”

“I suppose… Well, you go on ahead first then… I’ll… Go get some rest,” replied Aiden with a sigh, giving up on thinking for now. After all, he knew for a fact that he only had to make a move when Gerald ordered him to. The rest had nothing to do with him…

Watching as Aiden then returned to his room, Gerald couldn’t help but shake his head as he helplessly said, “This kid…” Now that Aiden had left, Master Ghost was prompted to ask, “So… Do you think what I said makes sense? If you do, then since Yearning Island is probably one of the other nearby islands, we should begin investigating them instead of waiting here…”

“Let’s refrain from doing that just yet. While we can surely consider doing that later on, do remember that while we stand in the light, those scoundrels lurk in the dark. If we act hastily and get discovered, the situation may take an unfavorable turn…” replied Gerald.

“I figured you’d say that. However, don’t you think we’re being a bit too passive now?” said Master Ghost who knew where Gerald was coming from. However, anything was better than just staying put…

After pondering about it for a while, Gerald eventually said, “…Hand me the sea map.”

Nodding in response, Master Ghost then retrieved the sea map from his jacket’s inner pocket before replying, “Here you go.”

However, just as he was about to hand it to Gerald, Master Ghost couldn’t help but notice something weird about the map.

After carefully studying it for a while, Master Ghost—who had looked at the map so many times that he had memorized all its locations—eventually said, “… The… map has changed… Gerald, could this be Yearning Island… 2?”

The map had clearly been different while he was studying it just minutes ago…

“What? Where?” asked Gerald as he quickly looked at where Master Ghost was pointing at. True enough, there was now a new island on the map! However, before Gerald could get a closer look at it, the island disappeared before their very eyes…!

Naturally, this greatly confused both of them. After all, up till this point, they had simply assumed that it was just an ordinary map. Now that they had witnessed this disappearing island, however, they knew that the map definitely held more secrets within it…

After staring at the blank spot—where the island initially was—for a while, Gerald snapped out of it before asking, “…What on earth was that about…”

“Give me a moment to think about it,” replied the equally flabbergasted Master Ghost.

The second his sentence ended, the island suddenly reappeared at the edge of the map! As it turned out, the island was constantly on the move!

Upon closer inspection, the duo realized that there appeared to be people on the island… More worrying, however, was the fact that those people seemed to be hosting some kind of sacrificial ritual…

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