The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2041-2050

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2041
“What? Gerald’s reached Japan?” replied Will with a frown.

“Indeed. I saw him arriving at the dock with two other people! They’re currently in a hotel in one of Japan’s coastal cities!” reported the person on the other end of the line.

“Odd… Why’d he suddenly decided to head there…?” muttered Will as he pondered the situation.

“If I may, could it be that he’s come to Weston to look for more helpers…?” replied the caller. “It’s a possibility, though the guess could also be wrong. Regardless, keep an eye on him and don’t let him find out that he’s being tailed. I want to know every move he makes, so don’t you dare lose him or there’ll be consequences!” retorted Will before hanging up.

As he continued sitting in the living room, Will couldn’t help but continue wondering why Gerald headed to Japan.

After all, according to the information he obtained through thorough investigations, all of Gerald’s main connections were in Weston. As for any involvements Gerald had with powers outside Weston, the only thing Will could think of was Gerald’s reign of chaos in Yanam. Aside from destroying the three major families there, did Gerald really have any other involvements with powers outside of Weston?

In the end, Will simply couldn’t figure out why Gerald had gone there. With that in mind, Will knew that constantly monitoring Gerald was his best shot at gaining a better understanding of the youth’s actions. If everything went swimmingly, perhaps he would finally be able to kill Gerald…!

At that moment, several knocks could be heard from his door, prompting Will to get up and open it… And to Will’s surprise, it was Daryl!

Supporting himself with a walking stick, Daryl smiled at Will before asking, “Ah, here you are, Will! Have you heard about what happened on Gong Island…?”

“I have. Gerald brought the people along and ran off, right?” replied Will.

“Indeed. Still, his strength has gone well beyond my expectations… To think that the two groups of people you sent over failed to even lay a scratch on him… Regardless, do you have any idea where he’s gone?” asked Daryl as he stroked his beard.

Upon hearing that, Will’s legs quivered slightly as he said, “I… I’m afraid I don’t…”

Will was rightfully nervous since Daryl should’ve only been aware of the initial four people he had sent over to the island. After all, those were the ones he sent under Daryl’s orders to test Gerald’s strength.

By right, Daryl shouldn’t have known about the two confidants he had secretly sent over to assassinate Gerald. Despite that, after hearing Daryl’s statement, Will knew without a doubt that the old man knew about his actions. Thinking back, had Daryl actually come to violently interrogate or warn him that night…?

Seeing how nervous Will was, Daryl simply smiled as he patted Will’s shoulder while saying, “There’s no need to be so ill at ease…”

While he was still stunned, Will eventually snapped out of it before replying, “…I… I only did that to test Gerald’s strength… To be quite frank, I had no idea that Gerald was that strong… Neither of my confidants was even able to pose a challenge to him… In fact, one of them ended up having a broken arm! Due to that, his cultivation will surely be influenced negatively from now on…”

Waving his hand to signify that he didn’t mind, Will then said, “I see… Either way, again, do you have any idea where he is now?”

“I… don’t… From the moment he left Gong Island, I’ve lost all news about him…” replied Will as he shook his head.

Will, for one, had kept his network of information so confidential that he was sure that Daryl had never found out about it throughout the years. With that in mind, there was no way in hell he was going to tell Daryl about it now.

“I see. Well, if that’s the case, it’s unfortunate, but I guess we won’t be able to tell when he’ll return…” muttered Daryl in a cold and stern voice…

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2042
After a slight pause, Will eventually brought himself to say, “…Do… you really want to meet him that much, sir…?”

“To kill him, yes. I’ve told you time and again that you’re the only heir of the Crawford family, haven’t I? If you still refuse to believe that, then you can just leave!” retorted Daryl as a frown formed on his face.

“I-I apologize for doubting you! I believe you! I truly do…!” replied Will, quivering in fear.

“If you do, then why did you secretly plan that assassination that night?” replied Daryl in a hoarse voice as he stubbed his cigarette out before loudly tapping his walking stick against the floor.

“T-that…” muttered Will, momentarily at a loss at what to say.

Will, for one, had always thought that his plans were flawless. He never imagined that despite all his efforts to hide it from Daryl, that old man still managed to find out…!

“l say it right now that you nearly ruined all my plans!” scowled Daryl with a snort. “I-I know what I did was wrong now, sir…!” replied Will as he lowered his head.

In the end, Will was merely an adopted child, and his ultimate fear was having Daryl suddenly give up on him. It definitely explained why he generally didn’t dare to disobey Daryl’s orders. Still, if Daryl truly did decide to drop his protection and care for Will, then not only would Will lose his high position in Yearning Island, but there was a high chance that he would be driven away as well!

Knowing that Will had been scared straight, Daryl then said in a frigid tone, “This had better be the last time… If I ever find out that you disobeyed me again, you can just pack up and leave Yearning Island for good!”

Following that, Will left the room without another word, leaving Will frozen on the spot for quite some time.

Eventually, a cold breeze blew into the room, snapping Will out of it. Heaving a heavy sigh, Will then flopped onto a chair…

Though Daryl’s words were law, Will’s resolve to kill Gerald was even greater than his fear of abandonment. The truth was, he simply couldn’t bring himself to believe that Daryl wanted Gerald dead. With that in mind, Will knew that until he had personally killed Gerald, his position as the Crawford family’s heir would remain uncertain…

Gnashing his teeth as he grabbed a glass of water, Will then growled, “Gerald…! I’ll kill you if it’s the last thing I do…!”

Seconds later, the glass shattered from his immense grip, sending glass shards falling all over the place…

Moving back to Gerald, his body had returned to peak condition after a night’s rest in Japan. After breakfast, the three of them sat in their room to begin discussing things…

“Even after asking around last night, I wasn’t able to get any news about the Seadom tribe. However, it’s a fair assumption that this family has remained very well hidden in the real world’s Japan. After all, they’ve yet to be discovered by others,” said Master Ghost.

“I suppose so. There goes the hope of finding them in a day or two. I guess we’ll only be able to find the tribe after some time. We can’t get too hasty either or we may end up scaring them away when we actually find them…” replied Gerald—who didn’t find their current situation to be overly disappointing—with a nod.

“Um… What are you talking about…?” muttered Aiden who was completely at a loss…

“Essentially, the Seadom tribe is a tribe that’s existed for thousands of years… We’re looking for them since according to rumors, they know a way of locating and entering Yearning Island. With that in mind, if the rumors are true and we do manage to find them, we can finally have a head start above Daryl,” explained Gerald, knowing that Aiden no longer had to focus on protecting Lindsay.

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2043
After hearing what Gerald had to say, Aiden’s expression momentarily stiffened before he replied, “But… we don’t even know which area of Japan they’re in! Aren’t we essentially just on a wild goose chase?”

“Unfortunately, we are,” replied Gerald with a sigh.

“Regardless, there’s really no rush. I’m sure we’ll find the Seadom tribe sooner or later,” said Master Ghost. “Indeed. Speaking of which, what’s up with that special forces competition of yours? Let’s start investigating from there. It’s better than staying cooped up in this room anyway,” asked Gerald as he looked at Aiden.

“Well, according to my force’s leader, it’s really just an ordinary competition that selects the most powerful people from each country’s special forces to eventually compete in Japan. While it’s not a standard competition, there’s honestly not much honor to be gained by participating. Still, itis an international competition, so emphasis still needs to be placed on it,” explained Aiden.

“I see… Well, it wouldn’t hurt to go have a look at it, right?” replied Gerald.

“We may as well since we don’t really know where to start looking anyway. Still, since it’s being held in Japan, I’m sure most of the participants will be influential and powerful… With that in mind, we could possibly gain more clues about the Seadom tribe from them,” added Master Ghost.

“Then it’s settled, I suppose! ’ll go contact the organizer!” said Aiden as he fished his phone out to make a call.

Though the call itself was short, Aiden successfully got the organizer to send a car over—to their hotel—to pick them up. The organizer didn’t seem to mind Gerald and Master Ghost coming along either.

Either way, it was about half an hour later when a few men from the Japanese military came over to pick them up. After checking out, the trio then headed to the competition’s venue…

The competition itself wasn’t being held in the Japanese military’s headquarters, but instead, on a training ground. Regardless, upon arriving, the trio saw that several of the houses were constructed with composite boards, a clear sign that they were temporary structures for the special forces to live in. Aside from that, it was also noteworthy that many people were already there. As it turned out, though the competition was still half a month away, many of the participants had arrived in advance to practice and get themselves used to the environment in hopes that it would contribute to getting them the win. After all, who wouldn’t want to do their countries proud?

Regardless, the person in charge eventually stopped before one of the houses. Getting out of the car, he then pointed at the house while handing Aiden a key before saying, “That’s the place. Since you’re the special forces from Weston, you’ll be staying here for now.”

Upon receiving the key, Aiden couldn’t help but widen his eyes. After all, if it wasn’t for the fact that he had been told that this was the Japanese soldiers’ training grounds, he would’ve surely assumed that the entire area was just a construction zone! With how shabby the houses looked, it almost felt like they would topple the second strong winds blew!

With that in mind, once the person in charge left the scene, Aiden turned to look at Gerald before apologetically saying, “…Had I known the living conditions would be this poor here, we should’ve just remained in the hotel…”

“Well, since we’re here anyway, let’s just take it easy. Besides, living here for half a month won’t kill us,” replied Gerald as he took the key from Aiden and opened the door…

Though the house was only meant to be lived in temporarily, it was by no means small. In total, there was a living room, three bedrooms, a washroom, and a dining room…

Either way, once they were done unpacking, Gerald looked out the window to see what the situation was like outside…

Shortly after, Aiden entered Gerald’s room before saying, “It’s almost noon, Gerald. Are you hungry? I’m about to ask for some food, myself!”

“Go ahead,” replied Gerald with a subtle smile.

Once Aiden left, Gerald fished out the sea map from his pocket… As expected, Yearning Island had disappeared from the map… Aside from that, the island where the Seadom Tribe held their sacrificial ritual was nowhere to be seen as well…

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2044
Since the map itself looked like scrap paper, had Gerald not witnessed the disappearing islands before this, he wouldn’t have believed that the map was actually more complex than it looked.

At that moment, Master Ghost walked in and asked, “Anything new on the map?”

“Nothing. I don’t even know when Yearning Island will reappear again. It seems that the sea map truly has a lot of unresolved mysteries… Had I known about this back then, I wouldn’t have left the ancient ruins so quickly… That old man could’ve possibly helped with this!” replied Gerald as he shook his head with a sigh.

True enough, had he known about all these mysteries back then, he would’ve surely remained in the ancient ruins till he uncovered all the mysteries of the sea map, no matter how long it took.

“Indeed… Do you think we should return to the ancient ruins?” asked Master Ghost. “Just forget about it… So what if we manage to uncover the sea map’s secrets? All we’d be able to do is locate Yearning Island a little easier. In the end, we’d still have to look for the Seadom tribe to even get there,” replied Gerald as he shook his head.

Hearing how dispirited Gerlad was, Master Ghost then patted him on the shoulder before saying, “Don’t get too anxious. Just so you know, we’re progressing quite speedily. After all, not only do we have the sea map now, but we also know about the island where the Crawfords are staying on. Once we find the Seadom tribe, we’ll definitely be able to rescue your parents…”

Hearing that, Gerald then took in a deep breath before smiling as he said, “…I know…”

Shortly after, Aiden returned with some food prepared by the Japanese military. Completely different from the common dishes in Weston, lunch appeared to be extremely traditional Bibimbap and Kimbap, served together with a large bowl of Miso soup…

Regardless, the trio then surrounded the dining table to have their lunch.

Halfway through, however, they were suddenly greeted by the sound of rapid knocking, followed by someone yelling, “Is Aiden in there? Aiden Baker from Weston!”

Sipping on his soup, Gerald then said, “Looks like someone’s looking for you.”

“Who is it?” asked Aiden as he lowered his bowl and chopsticks before heading toward the door…

Upon opening it, he was greeted by the sight of a few Asian special forces, all of them wearing combat uniforms… After sizing Aiden up, one of the men angrily growled, “Are you Aiden? I go by Adler Lightbody, and I’m a special force member from the Yanam military. From what I’ve heard, you came to my military’s headquarters one and created a giant mess there with your friend, no?”

Not wanting to bother with him, Aiden simply said, “You’re mistaking me for someone else.”

Before Aiden could even close the door, Adler grabbed onto it, getting a good look at Gerald and Master Ghost.

“Who are those two? Is one of them Gerald?” asked Adler.

‘With all due respect, we aren’t in Yanam, good sir. If there’s anything you wish to clarify, then go look for Carter! He’s your current acting leader, no? Now stop trying to mess with us!” retorted Aiden as he frowned. After all, not only was Adler challenging him, but he was also challenging Weston.

By this point, the racket had attracted the attention of several other special forces from overseas. From the looks of it, they seemed to be enjoying the scene, with many even advocating Aiden to challenge Adler to a duel…

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2045
“So you even know the name of my military’s acting leader! I’m now more certain than ever that you’re the ones who made the mess! Had I not been out on a mission back then, I would’ve definitely prevented you from leaving all willy-nilly! Regardless, now that we’ve finally met, why don’t you start explaining about the mysterious disappearance of my leader?!” growled Adler as he glared at Aiden. Had it not been for the fact that so many people were currently looking at him, he would’ve surely beat up Aiden by now.

“What? Yanam’s leader has gone missing?” exclaimed several of the onlookers at that moment.

Following that, almost everyone turned to look at Aiden. Making a national leader ‘mysteriously’ disappear was no easy feat, but if a member of Yanam’s special forces was saying so, it must be true. Besides, if it was just a hoax, Adler wouldn’t have declared all this in the presence of so many people!

Staring at Adler for a while, Aiden then replied, “As I’ve said, it’s useless to ask me about this. Just go back and ask Carter if you’re that keen on the topic. Either way, now that you’ve successfully ruined my appetite, I implore you to leave. Otherwise, I’ll assume you’re challenging Weston’s special forces.”

“Fine! Have it your way!” retorted Adler as he released his grip on their door. As much as Adler wanted to get rid of Aiden, he knew better than to make a move in front of so many people. After all, offending Weston as a whole would surely spell major trouble…

Before he left, however, Adler made sure to lower his head as he whispered, “I advise you to behave properly in the next few days. If you act out of line, you may just get whisked away by someone…!”

“Just leave already,” replied Aiden as he closed the door behind him. He really couldn’t be bothered by Adler’s taunts.

Once he got back to the dining table, Aiden simply resumed his meal as if nothing had ever happened.

Gerald himself had heard everything. With that in mind, once he finished his Kimbap, he smiled faintly before saying, “It seems that this competition isn’t as peaceful as we imagined.” “Don’t worry, if he comes looking for trouble again, I’ll just get rid of him. We won’t get into trouble either since we’ll only be practicing self-defense,” replied Aiden as he clenched his fists. While he knew he couldn’t match against cultivators, he was still quite confident in his ability to get rid of a regular member of the special forces.

“Negative. Remember, you’re representing Weston in this competition. If you make a move, it’ll only paint Weston in a bad name. Just let me handle this trivial affair. You just have to focus on the competition,” replied Gerald as he waved his hand.

Gerald, for one, didn’t want Aiden to get into trouble. Besides, if Gerald was to be completely honest, Aiden had simply accompanied him to Yanam back then. Even when Aiden was there, he barely did anything.

“It’s alright, brother Gerald! Just leave everything to me! I can handle this much!” declared Aiden as he patted his chest confidently.

“Look, either you leave this affair to me, or Master Ghost and I are leaving right now,” replied Gerald as he wiped the corner of his mouth with his sleeve.

Before flabbergasted Aiden could even reply, Gerald had already gotten up and entered his room…

Looking at the stupefied Aiden, Master Ghost simply smiled before saying, “As Gerald had said, it’s best that you leave this to him. Remember, you’re a member of the special forces. If you fight them before the competition and get caught by the Japanese military, you’ll surely be disqualified in no time…”

Following that conversation, evening soon came, and everyone had their dinner before returning to their rooms to rest… Once he was full, Gerald himself laid on his bed, a cigarette in hand as he intently observed the map…

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2046
It had been nearly a week since he had last seen Yearning Island on the map. Despite the fact that he kept a close eye on the map whenever he was free, the island simply refused to show up again…

As Gerald continued looking at the map, he suddenly heard someone say, “You’ve got some nerve looking for trouble with us…!”

Slipping the sea map back into his pocket, Gerald simply smiled wryly as he left his room…

Upon exiting, he saw Master Ghost and Aiden—who were seated in the living room—staring at the front door, making it quite evident that they had heard the same voice.

Just as Aiden was about to get up, however, Gerald firmly pushed him back into his chair.

“Just stay here. This has nothing to do with you,” replied Gerald in a casual tone as he exited the house and closed the door behind him.

Of course, the owner of the voice was none other than Adler…

“Ironic that you say that we’re looking for trouble when you’re doing the same,” said Gerald as he narrowed his eyes. Ignoring that comment, Adler simply crossed his arms, looking completely unafraid of Gerald as he replied, “You’re Gerald, right? Before coming to Japan, I’ve heard about the incidents that happened in Yanam. There were rumors that you were responsible for my leader’s disappearance, you know. In fact, it was also said that you were the one who killed so many of those men in the military! With that in mind, it’s my duty to not let you leave this place alive…!”

“It appears that you know little about me. I’Il say it now that my issues with Yanam have been resolved, and I see no reason to cause any trouble. With that in mind, leave now and I’ll pretend this conversation never happened. How about it?” said Gerald with a subtle smile before pointing to the side, clearly indicating for Adler to leave.

“Cut the cr*p! You’re coming back to Yanam with me now!” growled Adler as he reached out to grab Gerald’s collar.

However, before he could even do so, Gerald quickly smacked the back of Adler’s hand! Due to how rapid Gerald’s counterattack had been, Adler was only able to register what had happened when he felt the searing pain in his hand!

“M-My hand…!” hissed Adler as he desperately tried to keep his voice down.

Looking at his swollen hand, it was already as red as a beet. It was barely an exaggeration that his hand felt like it had just been smashed by a hammer! With such immense pain, for a moment, he couldn’t even feel his fingers…

Whatever the case was, Gerald—who was now frowning—then said, “I’m giving you one final chance. Get the hell out of my sight.”

Honestly, had it not been for the fact that he didn’t want to cause any unnecessary issues for Aiden—from the other special forces from overseas—, he would’ve gotten rid of Adler the second he came looking for trouble.

“Tell me where my leader is…!” retorted Adler as he drew out an army dagger after realizing that Gerald hadn’t injured him too seriously.

After thinking about it for a while, Gerald then said, “No idea. He’s probably in some forest.”

Enraged, Adler then lifted his dagger, aiming it at Gerald’s heart as he yelled, “To hell with you!”

Gerald didn’t move an inch as the dagger came diving straight for his chest! Adler himself smiled wickedly as he felt the dagger collide against Gerald… before it stopped.

Eyes widening, Adler’s immediate thought was that something must have been placed on Gerald’s chest to prevent the dagger from stabbing though. With that in mind, he increased the force of his thrust, figuring that whatever the armor was, it would eventually get pierced through.

However, no matter how much force he applied, the dagger simply wouldn’t budge…!

“Are you done?” replied Gerald with a slight frown.

While he was previously still worried about negatively affecting Aiden’s performance in the competition, Adler was courting death a bit too much by this point…

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2047
“W-who are you…?!” said Adler, his fear now apparent in his eyes. After all, he was now certain that there was nothing on Gerald’s chest. However, that meant that the tip of the dagger was currently against his skin! Why the hell hadn’t it pierced through him yet? Was his skin made of steel or something?!

“I’m just a person from Weston,” replied Gerald as he grabbed Adler by the neck, not wanting to play any more games with this person.

Before Adler could even resist, a loud, ‘snap’ could be heard… and just like that, Adler was dead.

After looking at the corpse for a while, Gerald dragged it to the back of the house. Following that, he used the Herculean Primordial Spirit to gather immense heat in his hand… and within a blink of an eye, Adler’s corpse completely evaporated.

With the body now gone, Gerald dusted his hands and looked around to see if there were any witnesses. Seeing no one, Gerald then re-entered the house…

Seeing that Gerald was now back, Aiden—who had earlier heard signs of fighting outside—immediately got to his feet and asked, “Is he still trying to look for trouble, brother Gerald?”

Had Gerald not prohibited him from leaving, he would’ve surely picked a fight with Adler earlier…

Whatever the case was, Gerald simply waved his hand as he replied, “He’s no more. With that said, nobody is allowed to bring this incident up again.”

Before Aiden could ask for more details, Gerald had already returned to his room, closing the door behind him…

Though he was puzzled, Aiden eventually sat back down to finish his soup. He didn’t even bother asking Master Ghost about it since both of them had remained seated there earlier, completely unaware of what Gerald had done.

Knowing that he wasn’t going to get any answers, once he was done with his soup, Aiden then returned to his room to sleep…

The very next morning, instead of being awoken by Gerald or Master Ghost, Aiden was snapped awake by a racket not too far from their house.

Wondering if something serious had happened again, Aiden then hopped out of bed and put on a coat before walking out of his room. Upon walking past the dining room, he saw that Gerald was having his breakfast, cool as a cucumber. It almost seemed like he didn’t hear all the noise outside at all.

Raising a slight brow, Aiden then opened the front door… Only to realize that a group of people had gathered right outside their house! Including the person in charge of Japan—that they had previously met—, the group consisted of special forces from various other countries.

Wondering what all the ruckus was about, Aiden frowned slightly as he asked, “…What seems to be the problem here?”

Hearing that, the person in charge showed Aiden his identification card before replying, “Yes, well, before anything else, we’d like to ask whether you’ve seen Mr. Adler from Yanam recently, Mr. Baker. From what I’ve heard, you and him had a dispute yesterday, and I find it quite odd that he mysteriously disappeared right after that!”

Remembering what Gerald had said the previous night, Aiden simply replied, “No, I haven’t.”

“I beg your pardon? Look, some of the participants heard him looking for trouble with you last night. Are you absolutely sure you didn’t meet him then?” said the person in charge.

For a special forces member from overseas to go missing in a foreign country, the person in charge knew that he had to find the culprit. Otherwise, he would surely be held accountable for this incident. This was no longer a small matter…

“While it’s true that he tried to bother us last night, we simply ignored him. Following that, he left and we have no idea where he went off to. Not that it concerns us,” replied Aiden.

Upon hearing that, the person in charge then turned to look at those behind him while asking, “Have any of you seen him since then?”

Naturally, all of them shook their heads, unwilling to be involved in the incident. After all, if Adler truly was in trouble—or even dead—everyone knew that the matter wouldn’t be easily resolved…

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2048
Scratching the back of his head, the person in charge then sighed as he said, “How strange… It doesn’t really help that he disappeared right after he had some conflict with you yesterday… If this incident can’t be resolved, what do I even say to the Japanese military!” When he first heard about Adler picking a fight with Aiden, he figured that it would just end in a fistfight. After all, incidents like that weren’t uncommon during competitions involving special forces. Unfortunately, now that someone had gone missing, death wasn’t completely off the table. With that in mind, the entire situation had become more troublesome than it should have been.

As the person in charge, he knew that he had to be held responsible no matter the outcome. Honestly, resigning from his position was a light punishment compared to having to bear the consequences if the case turned out to be a serious one…

“That’s for you to investigate. I hope you understand that that doesn’t concern us in the least,” replied Aiden as he waved his hand. As Gerald had said, he had gotten rid of Adler last night, so all Aiden could do was act dumb so that Gerald wouldn’t get into trouble…

“Well… Alright, then. You can continue resting now. However, if you do find anything, remember to report back to me as soon as possible,” said the person in charge, knowing that he wasn’t going to get any more information from Aiden.

It certainly didn’t help that this newly established place didn’t have any surveillance cameras. With that, all he could do was investigate the incident step by step. Honestly, he didn’t really need to immediately report the case to the headquarters.

After all, if Adler truly had been murdered, there would definitely be traces of the crime. With that in mind, the person in charge figured that reporting to the headquarters—and Yanam—about the case after he caught the murderer would definitely take care of the situation…

He couldn’t just blame Aiden right off the bat either since he didn’t have any evidence. Japan, for one, couldn’t afford to offend Weston without solid proof, and the person in charge was well aware of that.

Whatever the case was, Aiden then nodded before replying, “Will do.” With that said, he then returned into the house, closing the door behind him. Now that he was inside again, he made sure to close all the curtains and windows as well.

Walking up to Gerald, he then asked, “Brother Gerald… Did you really get rid of Adler..?”

Before Gerald re-entered the house last night, Aiden distinctly remembered hearing faint shuffling outside. Though he was pretty sure that this wasn’t Gerald’s first rodeo at disposing of a body, Aiden couldn’t help but feel worried. After all, he was participating in the special forces competition. If evidence about the murder was found, it would surely trouble him and Weston—as a whole—greatly…

“Of course,” replied Gerald with a subtle smile.

“You… didn’t leave any traces behind, right…?” muttered Aiden.

“Are you doubting my capabilities?” replied Gerald as he lit a cigarette.

“No, of course not… I’m just worried that they’ll find proof that we did it. After all, we’re in foreign territory now. If they somehow manage to find out that we’re the culprits, then the entire Weston will surely be in hot water…” said Aiden as he shook his head. If he alone was to bear the burden, Aiden wouldn’t have been this worried. However, now that the entirety of Weston was involved…

Understanding Aiden’s worries, Gerald then patted his shoulder before replying, “Don’t worry, I’ve made sure to be extra careful while I was doing the deed. You won’t end up in trouble.”

Hearing that, Aiden then slowly nodded as he said, “…Well, if you’re that certain, I feel rest assured…!”

Moving back to the person in charge, he had decided to stick with his plan to not report the incident to the Japanese headquarters till he found the murderer. To his disappointment, however, even after scouring the training grounds, they weren’t able to find a single clue as to where Adler had disappeared to.

Currently, the person in charge was sitting in his office, and before him, stood a team of special forces—that belonged to the headquarters—who were specifically here to maintain order…

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2049
“So… Any of you find anything…?” asked the person in charge as he looked at them.

“Unfortunately, even after all our investigation efforts, Mr. Komura seems to have vanished into thin air! We haven’t even been able to find a single clue!” replied the leader of the small team.

“Not one?!” replied Komura as he slammed his fist onto the table in his frustration.

“Zero. Regardless, do you think Adler could’ve simply returned to Yanam last night…?” asked another special forces soldier.

“Negative. Even if he did receive an urgent mission and had to return to Yanam, the Yanam headquarters would’ve surely informed us about it first. Him leaving without a word is highly improbable, especially since he’s someone working with the military. Besides, even if he did return to Yanam, why would he leave all his luggage behind?” replied Mr. Komura. “Then… Could those men from Weston really have killed him…? After all, I remember Adler saying something along the lines of three major families in Yanam being completely destroyed quite recently… He also said something about several of Yanam’s men—in the military—losing their lives! However, his biggest claim yesterday was that those Weston men caused the mysterious disappearance of Godwin Lindod, his leader!” explained the leader of the small group.

“While even I’ve heard about that incident a while back, we have no evidence that those Weston men murdered anyone. Even if they’re related to the actual people who did the deed, we can’t just place the blame on them without having any solid evidence! Regardless, continue investigating the case! If we’re still unable to find any clues about Adler, I’ll eventually have to report this to headquarters, and all of you know that punishment comes next!” growled Komura as he slammed his fist onto the table again.

Truth be told, Komura had only volunteered to be in charge of this competition so that he could get a promotion. If things went smoothly, his military rank would surely get promoted right after the new year. Now that such an incident had happened, however, Komura had a feeling that demotion awaited him…

“Loud and clear, Mr. Komura!” declared the members of the team as they nodded.

“Well? Hurry on, then! Even if the headquarters doesn’t trouble you, I will if you still fail to find any clues! For Christ’s sake… To think that a special forces soldier would suddenly disappear during a competition… It’s simply too humiliating! I can only pray that word about this doesn’t get out!” grumbled Komura as he sighed.

After exchanging glances with each other, the other men then left the room without another word…

In the following two days, Gerald and his party mostly remained indoors and only left to get their meals. Though Komura had come to interrogate them four times by this point, Aiden always claimed that he knew nothing about the case. With that, All Komura could do was leave, dejected…

It was on the third day when all the participants were informed by the Japanese Military that the venue of the competition was going to be changed. Aside from that, the participants were also told to look for their own places to stay, with the Japanese Military paying for any accommodation expenses.

The sudden announcement evidently stemmed from the fact that Komura had reported the case to the Japanese Military. After all, he hadn’t managed to find a single clue on Adler’s whereabouts even after all this time…

Since nothing could be done about the disappearance, the Japanese Military could only separate the participants to prevent similar incidents from repeating…

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2050
Still, if Adler truly was murdered by the men from Weston—or any other special forces soldiers from other powerful countries, for that matter—, the Japanese Military knew that they were going to be in hot water…

While getting the soldiers to look for their own accommodations would make things slightly messier, at the very least, the Japanese Military would have to take less responsibility if a similar case took place…

Gerald himself could guess why the Japanese military was doing this. With that, after hearing the news, he simply smiled before saying, “Guess the Japanese Military is getting worried.”

“Indeed, though I can’t blame them. After all, I’m sure the Japanese Military has ever encountered a case like this before. Nobody would’ve been able to foresee the disappearance of such an outstanding special force soldier,” replied Master Ghost.

“Regardless, let’s focus on finding ourselves a new place to stay first. I doubt safety will be an issue since aside from those from Yanam, there aren’t any others here who’d pick a bone with us. Still, locating the Seadom tribe has proved to be quite difficult… I wonder if they’ve already integrated themselves into Japanese society…” muttered Gerald as he felt a slight headache coming.

To think that they had to locate the Seadom tribe members who could be anywhere in this country… It certainly didn’t help that there was a high chance that they kept their identities well hidden… While the task was as difficult as looking for Yearning Island, it was thankfully not as dangerous…

Whatever the case was, after leaving the Japanese training grounds, Gerald and his party ultimately decided to return to their initial hotel. Since the competition was still half a month away, they figured that as long as they asked for the competition’s new venue two days before it was held, they would definitely make it there in time.

Just as they were checking into the hotel, Gerald couldn’t help but notice that Master Ghost was staring at a woman—who wore clothes that suggested that she was part of the Japanese special forces—who was also checking in. While not as common as men, most countries also had women in their special forces. After all, some missions could be carried out easier by women instead of men.

Regardless, with how intently Master Ghost was staring at her, Gerald couldn’t help but chuckle before asking, “What? Have you fallen for her?”

“As if I’d fall for such a woman! Either way, I’m just interested in her necklace,” replied Master Ghost as he shook his head, his eyes never leaving the woman.

Frowning slightly in response, Gerald then said, “…And… Why exactly are you so interested in that? Did you bump your head hard this morning or something?”

“Look, it’s no ordinary necklace! If my hunch is correct, it seems to be a pendant of the Seadom tribe. After all, one of the tribe’s special totems is on it, or at least I think it is. I’m still not too familiar with the tribe so I could be wrong,” muttered Master Ghost. Though Master Ghost had been speaking softly this entire time, Gerald found the revelation to be explosively loud!

“A pendant of the Seadom tribe, you say…” replied Gerald as he narrowed his eyes at the woman. True enough, she had a pendant around her neck, though she was a bit too far for him to have a good look at it…

“Again, I could be wrong. Just keep that in mind,” said Master Ghost when he saw how excited Gerald was. He was just worried that Gerald would end up sorely disappointed again if he ended up getting it wrong.

Taking in a deep breath, Gerald —whose hands were now shaking slightly—then replied, “It isn’t easy to stumble across such a specific-looking totem. With that in mind, we could very well be on the right traiI.”

“Well, what do you plan to do? Are you going to just ask her about it?” asked Master Ghost in his low voice.

“I’m… not too sure yet. Let’s just observe her for a while first,” replied Gerald as he shook his head, wondering how he should face the Seadom tribe member without frightening or disgusting her. A bad first impression would surely hinder their efforts of learning the secrets of Yearning Island…

“Agreed. Then I’ll be bringing Aiden upstairs first,” said Master Ghost as he took their room card from the receptionist and dragged Aiden toward the elevator…

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