The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2061-2070

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2061
“It’s a routine of mine,” replied Gerald with a smile.

“I see… Either way, care to have some tea with me in my tea room? The tea itself was delivered a while back ago from Mount Wellyork in Weston. Also, I have some things to update you on,” said Takuya as he pointed at the tea room that wasn’t too far off.

Naturally, Gerald didn’t refuse, and soon enough, both of them were seated in the tea room…

As Takuya prepared the tea, he told Gerald that his men had reported back to him earlier on. Following that, he added, “After telling my men to head to where you saved my daughter last night, they found that the Hanyus were already actively trying to find out more about you. With that in mind, I propose that you extend your stay with us till the danger is lifted…”

It was only after Gerald sipped some tea—that Takuya had just served—when he replied, “I see… I appreciate it. Still, why exactly do the Hanyus want Miss Fujiko dead…?”

While Gerald didn’t want to further provoke an assassin family, after giving it some thought the night before, he figured that since he was already involved in all this, he may as well get rid of the Hanyus for good. After all, that would surely improve Takuya’s impression of him, and doing so could possibly be enough for him to start asking about the Seadom tribe…

“It’s… a long story. As I’ve said before, the Hanyus and our family have been enemies for generations. Unfortunately, the feud between our families had already been a thing ever since I was a child. With that in mind, I never really bothered asking why we kept on fighting, which is why I can’t really answer your question,” replied Takuya after heaving a sigh. “So it’s been going on for that long, huh…” muttered Gerald.

“Indeed… Regardless, I believe the current generation of Hanyus shouldn’t know why we’re still fighting as well. We simply inherited our ancestors’ grudges without questioning them… Even so, our families don’t usually pick a fight with each other without good reason. If I remember correctly, our last major fight happened a few decades ago. With that in mind, I’m honestly surprised that they made their move this time, which is why I’m looking into it so seriously. Still, if the Hanyus want to break this peace, the Futabas won’t just sit around without fighting back!” replied Takuya in a firm tone, clearly showing how capable he was as a family head.

“I see… still, from what I’ve gathered, the Futabas seem to have quite a high status in Japan. With that in mind, the Hanyus shouldn’t have declared war against your family—by attempting to hurt your daughter—without good reason,” said Gerald as he squinted his eyes before sipping more tea.

“I believe so as well. Whatever the case is, we’ll just have to see what my men report back once they’ve concluded their investigation,” replied Takuya with a nod.

“That would be for the best. Either way, since I already know all this, allow me to aid you,” said Gerald after thinking about it for a while.

“Negative. Just by saving Fujiko, you’ve already done a lot for our family. With that in mind, there’s no way I can allow you to risk your life again just to solve my family’s problems! I insist that you remain here till the crisis is over!” replied Takuya as he quickly began waving his hand the second he heard that.

“Well, alright then…” said Gerald, not wanting to get on Takuya’s bad side.

Following that, the duo began chatting absent-mindedly in the tea room, allowing Takuya to learn more about Gerald’s situation as well. As they were chatting, however, Gerald was also secretly scanning Takuya from head to toe. Since Fujiko had that special pendant of the Seadom tribe around her neck, Gerald believed that Takuya—being the head of the family—should have a similar accessory on him as well.

Unfortunately, even after looking for quite a while, Gerald failed to find anything related to the Seadom tribe on him. Even so, Gerald wasn’t discouraged. After all, now that he had gotten to know the family, he could take his time investigating…

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2062
As Gerald and Takuya continued drinking their tea, the Hanyus were already hard at work back at their headquarters. After all, despite investigating throughout the night, none of them were able to find any relevant clues.

Regardless, two men could be seen standing in the Hanyu headquarters’ hall, their heads lowered. One of them went by Hanyu Saburo, and he was the one who had attacked Fujiko the other night. As for the other man, he was a core disciple of the Hanyu family—who had been sent out to investigate the night before—called Hanyu Ryugu…

Seated on the main seat before them was Hanyu Suijin, the head of the Hanyu family. Though he had yet to hear what they had to report, he could already guess what their findings would be since he hadn’t received any news from them up till this point. Still, he was prompted to ask, “So, what’s the situation like?”

“Well… I headed there immediately after Saburo notified me about all this. Unfortunately, though we searched the entire hotel and also the area around it, we weren’t able to find any traces of them at all… I’m assuming they must have left by now…” replied Ryugu as he fought the urge to tremble in fear.

“Rubbish!” roared Suijin as he slammed his fist onto the table. ‘WW-with all due respect, master, that person from Weston is extremely powerful! Just so you know, he sent me flying with barely any effort! Regardless, while investigating, we found that two individuals from Weston had checked into the hotel… Unfortunately, neither of them seems to be the one who had beat me up,” muttered Saburo.

“Seem? Didn’t you get a good look at his face?” replied Suijin.

“Unfortunately, it was a little too dark when he showed himself… I do, however, remember what he sounds like. With that said, I’d definitely recognize him by voice!” declared Saburo as he shook his head.

“Like that’s going to change anything! Whatever the case is, we’ve already spent three long years planning for this…! As long as we get our hands on Fujiko, we’ll surely be able to get the Futabas to become affiliated with us! Still, to think that we’d fail when we were so close to succeeding! Not only have we lost our best opportunity to strike, but our operation will definitely face even more issues now since the Futabas will undoubtedly be on guard! Hell, they may even try looking for trouble with us because of all this!” growled Suijin, getting increasingly angry the more he spoke. By the end of it, the tip of his armrest—that he had been grabbing onto this entire time—ended up crumbling to pieces due to how hard his grip had become…!

Hearing that, Saburo and Ryugu went silent. While it was true that their mission had only failed because of Gerald’s intervention, a failure was a failure. With that in mind, both of them knew that in the end, they would still be held responsible for all this.

Understanding that, Ryugu—who didn’t want Saburo to drag him into this—thought for a while before saying, “…Umm… Maybe it would help if we issued an order all over Japan to locate this person…? I, for one, feel that there’s a pretty good chance that we’ll succeed if we go with that. After all, he’s incredibly strong and he’s a non-native as well…”

“I already did that before you two returned! Who do you think I am? Regardless, just… go get some rest first… I’ll tell you when we need to make a move again. Also, remember to keep an eye on the Futabas whenever possible. Our best bet now would be to send some of our men over to find out who that Westoner truly is to the Futabas!” grumbled Suijin as he waved a hand wearily.

Nodding in response, the duo then turned to leave…

Fast forward to two days later, Gerald was still staying with the Futabas. Though Takuya had made it a point to update Gerald on the latest news he received on a daily basis, Gerald wasn’t really interested in all that. After all, he was more concerned about how he was going to bring up the topic of the Seadom tribe with them.

Regardless, while eating together with the Takuyas that afternoon, Gerald couldn’t help but look at Fujiko’s pendant again…

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2063
Knowing that he’d never be able to find out if they truly were descendants of the Seadom tribe—hence failing to learn about the secrets of Yearning Island—if he didn’t take the initiative to ask, after eating for a while, Gerald casually said, “You know, that pendant of yours seems rather special, Miss Fujiko.”

“Oh? You mean this?” asked Fujiko as she pointed at her necklace.

“Indeed. The symbols on it are rather unique compared to other pendants I’ve seen before. It makes me wonder whether this is an ancestral pendant of your family…” replied Gerald with a smile, making sure to keep his tone relaxed and natural.

Smiling faintly in response, Fujiko then said, “You have quite a keen eye… Actually, this pendant is-“

“It’s an ancestral pendant of our family, yes. However, there’s nothing really unusual about it,” interrupted Takuya before his daughter could finish her sentence.

“Ah, I see…” replied Gerald, continuing to smile. It was clear that Takuya didn’t really want to talk about it, and from all the small clues he had gathered up till this point, Gerald was pretty sure that the Futabas truly were members of the Seadom tribe.

Breathing a sigh of relief since Gerald didn’t continue prying into it, Takuya then said, “Speaking of which… I’m afraid I need your help with something…”

“Go on,” replied Gerald.

“Well, I was hoping that you could accompany Fujiko for a while after our meal. Though it’s still a bit dangerous out there and we haven’t solved our issues with the Hanyus just yet, I assure you that this is an important matter. I’m… not exactly that confident in the other masters in our family, so I can only trouble you…” muttered Takuya in a slightly embarrassed tone.

“Sure, I’m fine with that. Don’t worry about it,” replied Gerald without the slightest hesitation.

Smiling in response, Takuya then said, “I really appreciate it…!”

With that out of the way, once their meals were over, Gerald and Fujiko left the house together…

Sitting in the passenger seat, Gerald—who was honestly still staring at Fujiko’s pendant—couldn’t help but ask, “Speaking of which… Where are we headed to?”

After a brief pause, Fujiko sighed before embarrassedly muttering, “… I’m… about to partake in a blind date…”

“A what now?” replied Gerald, his eyes widening as his jaw dropped.

“…Essentially, my father figured that our family is still too weak… With that in mind, if I got married to someone powerful, our family would surely be able to remain peaceful…It certainly doesn’t help that the Hanyus are making a move again…” explained Fujiko as she shook her head helplessly, making it clear that she was reluctant to do all this from the very beginning.

Even so, she was the young mistress of the family, so she knew she had to put her family first…

Now understanding the gist of it, Gerald was prompted to ask, “And… are you willing to go through all this…?”

“Not if I can help it. Unfortunately, there really is no other way. At the very least, I should at least meet up with them first. After all, if I end up offending that family, the Futabas will no longer have a place in Japan…” said Fujiko in a helpless tone.

From the day she became the Futaba family’s young mistress, Fujiko’s fate was no longer hers to choose, and she had come to accept that over the years… Then again, it was good enough for her if she was able to contribute to her family…

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2064
Whatever the case was, as they continued their journey, Gerald came to learn—from Futaba—that the Futabas were attempting to form an alliance with the Kanagawas, an ancient Japanese family that owns about twenty percent of the shares from several Japanese companies, making them one of the largest associations in the country.

The blind date himself went by Kanagawa Kai, and he was apparently the youngest son of that family. From what Futaba had told him, Gerald also learned that Kai enjoyed abusing women with his family’s powers. From the companies’ staff to students in his university, none of them were able to escape his demonic grasps.

Despite knowing what he was like, Futaba knew that she didn’t really have any other choice but to go on with it. Still, she couldn’t help but hope that this was just a nominal marriage. After all, she didn’t ever want to touch Kai’s dirty body.

After hearing all that, Gerald couldn’t help but feel sad for her. After all, marrying a playboy like Kai was never a good thing. With that, he was prompted to ask, “… Are you really sure about doing this…?”

“What else can I do? The only way I can help my family is by proceeding with this. I just hope that the Kanagawas will do as they promise…” muttered Fujiko with a bitter smile.

“… I guess…” replied Gerald as he fell silent, his eyes still on her pendant.

Truth be told, Gerald was already thinking about how he could solve Fujiko’s current dilemma. After all, if he succeeded, his relationship with her would surely improve. Once that happened, the probability of him getting information about Yearning Island would definitely increase as well. Thinking about that, Gerald couldn’t help but smile subtly.

After all, he had initially anticipated to remain in Japan for at least a few months before he was going to be able to find any hints about the Seadom tribe. To think that within five days, he had already come into contact with a member of the tribe! He was now extremely close to unlocking the secrets of Yearning Island…

Regardless, a brief and awkward silence later, Fujiko—who had noticed that Gerald was staring blankly into space—forced a chuckle before asking, “Something on your mind?”

Snapping out of it, Gerald then waved his hand as he replied, “Nothing. My mind just wandered…”

“I see… Either way, the Kanagawa manor isn’t too far off from here. Speaking of Kai, I must warn you that he has a short fuse… With that in mind, even if he attempts to trouble you, please don’t confront him…” said Fujiko as she remembered how strong Gerald was.

“Got it,” replied Gerald with a nod.

Soon enough, the car came to a halt before the gates of a very luxurious-looking manor…

Shortly after, some guards walked over to their car. Knowing that their young master had signed a marriage contract with Fujiko, the guards immediately lowered their heads before saying, “Welcome, Miss Fujiko!”

Upon seeing how beautiful she was, the guards couldn’t help but feel sorry for her. After all, this beauty was definitely going to get ruined by their young master…

“Thank you… Before anything else, this is Gerald Crawford, and he’s a guest of my family. He’s here to visit the Kanagawas as well,” replied Fujiko as she gestured toward Gerald who hadn’t left the passenger seat.

“Do come in, Mr. Crawford!” said the guards as they gestured toward the manor.

Nodding in response, Gerald then followed Fujiko into the Kanagawa manor…

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2065
Once they were in the parlor, Gerald began puffing a cigarette that the butler had just given him and before sipping on the tea he had just been served.

Fujiko, on the other hand, looked rather unnerved. After all, though she had heard rumors about Kai from her father and a few other people she knew, this was honestly her first time meeting him.

Shortly after, a somewhat flamboyant voice could suddenly be heard saying, “My, oh my! If it isn’t the young mistress of the Futaba family! What brings you to the Kanagawa manor today?”

Turning to face the source of the voice, the two were greeted by the sight of a thin man who had a gaunt face and a goatee. From how weak he looked to the point where an ordinary person could probably knock him out with a single punch, it was evident that his body was heavily damaged by alcohol and sex…

Unfortunately, this was none other than the young master of the Kanagawa family, Kanagawa Kai…

Frowning slightly at Kai’s words, Fujiko quickly shook her head before saying, “Ah, good day, Kai. As you’ve probably already guessed, I’m Fujiko from the Futaba family, and I’m here because of my father. Regardless, I do hope you’ll at least try to be polite.”

Honestly, if it wasn’t for her current circumstances, Fujiko would’ve just left this place with Gerald already…

Whatever the case was, Kai then shrugged before replying in an indifferent tone, “So you are. Also, who is this man?”

“He’s a family friend, and he’s here to oversee me,” said Fujiko as she took in a deep breath. The fact that she was going to be spending most of her life with this b*stard was making her feel extremely sick and reluctant to go on with this…

“Ah, I see. And what should I call you?” asked Kai as he began walking toward Gerald.

Flicking his cigarette, Gerald simply replied, “Gerald Crawford.”

“Well then, Mr. Crawford, I believe you know who I am to Miss Fujiko, here. With that in mind, do give us some personal space. I’ll get a butler to lead you to one of the guest rooms to have some rest. That should be agreeable, no?” asked Kai as he continued staring at Gerald.

“I’m fine with that,” replied Gerald with a nod. Gerald, for one, was only going to make a move if Fujiko truly found herself in danger or signaled for his help. Until then, he wouldn’t meddle in their affairs. Besides, as long as the two didn’t leave the manor, he would always be close enough to protect her.

Watching as Gerald left the room, Kai simply waved his hand while saying, “Farewell!”

Once Gerald was out of sight, Fujiko unwillingly looked at him as she said, “He’s an important guest of my family, you know? Don’t you think you’re overdoing it a little?”

“I beg your pardon? I’m simply allowing him to rest in a guest room! Besides, I hope you haven’t forgotten that you’re here to discuss our marriage. Don’t you find it inappropriate for an outsider like him to be present on such an occasion?” asked Kai whose smile instantly became lascivious the second Gerald left.

Adjusting her clothes when she saw that Kai was eyeing her body all over, the uneasy Fujiko then replied, “… Whatever the case is, will your family keep your word?”

“But of course! The Kanagawas never break promises! As long as you become a Kanagawa from today onward, we’ll immediately fulfill all our promises! ” declared Kai as he wiped the drool off his mouth.

While he had had his fun with many women from employees to university students either willingly or forcefully, all of them were different from Fujiko. After all, not only was Fujiko a natural beauty, but she was also quite buxom. Due to that, his lust for her was currently through the roof…

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2066
Frowning slightly, Fujiko then replied, “A bit too soon, don’t you think?”

“Fine, we won’t have it today, then. Regardless, it’s best if you stay here in the next few days so that we can get to know each other better! Also, the sooner we have the wedding ceremony, the better! Just so we’re clear, the Kanagawas will only start helping the Futabas once the two of us are married. I believe you know that, right, Miss Fujiko?” said Kai, not even trying to hide the lust in his eyes anymore.

Taking a step back to avoid his grasp before glaring at him in disgust, Fujiko then replied, “Self restraint, Mr. Kanagawa. Remember, we aren’t married yet.”

“…Indeed, indeed… Apologies for getting ahead of myself. Regardless, why don’t you go rest in one of the guest rooms first? Following that, we’ll have dinner together and I’ll use that chance to introduce you to my family… of course, we’ll also be discussing the wedding details then,” said Kai as he awkwardly rubbed his hands.

Honestly, he didn’t really care about the alliance with the Futabas. He did, however, care about losing Fujiko if he failed to restrain himself for now. With that in mind, he actively began holding himself back again…

“…Sounds good,” replied Fujiko, simply relieved that she could get away from this creep for now.

Following that, Kai led Fujiko to a guest room, and the second she entered, he beckoned his men before whispering, “Keep an eye on that Gerald fellow. The Futabas wouldn’t send someone with her without any good reason. With that in mind, if he starts acting strangely, immediately notify me. Also, get those drugs ready. I’ll be needing them tonight.”

“…Um… Drugs? Which drugs…? Do you mean ecstasy or…?” asked one of the henchmen who couldn’t help but look at Kai’s ruined body. They had been working for him for years now, so they were well aware that he actually needed drugs to live a normal life now…

“… She’s my future wife, you dimwit! Why the hell would I need ecstasy?!” grumbled Kai as he slapped the man who had spoken in his frustration.

To think that his henchmen even needed to ask when they had worked for him for so long… How annoying! “I-I got it…! I’ll prepare some right away… !” whimpered the henchman as he quickly nodded before covering his head, fearing that he would get slapped again.

Watching as his henchmen then left, Kai couldn’t help but smile. Since they were going to get married anyway, he figured that she was in no position to refuse his advances. With that in mind, he was definitely going to make her his today…!

Once he got tired of her, he could simply dump her without any repercussions. After all, there was no way in hell that the Futabas were ever going to even dare go against the Kanagawas…

Whatever the case was, by the time evening came, Kai’s henchmen had already gotten their hands on the drugs Kai needed. After Kai received them, he ordered the kitchen maids to prepare a lavish dinner. His plan was simple. Get Fujiko drunk, then make his move…

Once everything was ready, Kai ordered his henchmen to invite Fujiko over for dinner.

However, right after his henchmen left, Gerald entered the scene without being invited!

Upon seeing him, Kai instantly frowned in disgust as he growled, “… And what are you doing here?”

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2067
“Why, I’m here for dinner, of course! Regardless, it seems that you have quite a feast prepared, but where’s the wine? Doesn’ t your family have any good wine?” replied Gerald as he sat at the dining table and began eating before Kai could even say a word.

Seeing that, one of Kai’s henchmen inched closer to Kai before whispering, “Young master, should I…?”

“… Just resume whatever the hell you were doing…” grumbled Kai as he suppressed his anger. Fujiko’s arrival was going to be a joyous occasion for him, and he didn’t want to be left angry just because of this b*stard. What more, he didn’t want Fujiko to see his brutal side just yet.

Whatever the case was, though Gerald clearly heard their conversation, he simply pretended not to hear a word and resumed eating…

Shortly after, Fujiko arrived with the henchmen from before. Though she had dreaded having to be together alone with Kai again, she instantly smiled when she saw Gerald seated at the table. With that, she quickly sat beside him, immediately causing Kai’s expression to sour.

“… Fujiko, why don’t you sit by my side instead?” asked Kai as he actively held back his dissatisfaction.

“…I wish to sit here. We’re just having dinner, no? I should be allowed to sit wherever I want,” replied Fujiko who honestly still hoped to get closer to Gerald, even though she knew she was going to become Kai’s wife in the end. Even if it was just the span of a short meal, she wanted to spend as much time as possible by Gerald’s side…

Before Kai could retort, Gerald took a sip of wine that one of the butlers had handed him before smiling as he turned to look at Kai and asked, “Speaking of which, I’ve heard plenty of rumors about you upon arriving in Japan… I wonder if those are true…?”

“Please refrain from believing those false accusations, Mr. Crawford. I’m the young master of the Kanagawa family, one of the most powerful families in Japan! There’s simply no way those rumors are true!” grumbled Kai as his expression momentarily darkened.

However, he quickly put up a happy façade again, though anyone with the slightest insight would be able to tell that his smile was filled to the brim with murderous intent…

To think that Gerald would dare to embarrass him in front of Fujiko… This man was really courting death…!

Hearing that, Fujiko smiled subtly as she turned to look at Kai before saying, “Oh? They’re all fake news?”

“But of course they are, Miss Fujiko! I’m sure you wouldn’t believe such baseless rumors, right…? After all, I am the young master of the Kanagawa family! There’s no way I’d do those things!” mumbled Kai as he clenched his fists to hold back his anger.

That bstard… He hadn’t even provoked Gerald, yet that bstard took the initiative to trouble him! This was the last straw! Once he and Fujiko left after dinner, he was going to have his men finish Gerald off incognito!

“Please refrain from slandering our young master so casually, Mr. Crawford. Any more and there may be consequences to bear! ” threatened Kai’s men who could already tell what Kai was feeling.

“Why so serious? It was just a rumor I heard… Regardless, of course I believe in him!” replied Gerald as he waved his hand with a smile.

“That had better be the case… Otherwise, you may not be able to leave the Kanagawa family manor…” growled Kai as he squinted his eyes, now keener than ever to finish Gerald off.

Laughing in response, Gerald who could easily tell what Kai was thinking simply said, “Alright, alright, the food’s getting cold! Let’s eat already!”

Naturally, dinner was as awkward as one would expect. Kai, for one, was already feeling a burning sensation in his stomach, a side effect of the drug he had earlier taken.

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2068
Even after finishing his meal, his lustful eyes remained glued onto Fujiko, though he would occasionally glare murderously at Gerald. By this point, he had decided that no matter what Gerald’s true identity was, that b*stard wasn’t leaving his manor in one piece…!

Regardless, Gerald, who had noticed Kai’s lecherous gazes toward Fujiko throughout the dinner simply finished his wine before calmly saying, “Quite a fine dinner, I must say! As a token of appreciation for your hospitality today, I’ll grant you a friendly reminder… Please refrain from having any nasty thoughts tonight. Otherwise, a certain someone may just end up suffering terribly…”

Smirking in response, Kai then replied, “… I appreciate the advice. Either way, now that you’ve had your dinner, I think you should go ahead and get some rest now. I still have some things to discuss with Miss Fujiko about our families’ contracts, so I trust you know better than to interfere, no?”

“Of course,” replied Gerald as he shrugged before leaving with a smile…

Fujiko herself couldn’t help but feel more and more worried the second Gerald left the room… After all, when Gerald was by her side, she was assured that nothing bad would ever happen to her. Now that he had left, however, the fact that she had to face Kai alone was terrifying, to say the least…

While it was true that she had forced herself to accept the fact that Kai would molest her sooner or later, deep inside, she was honestly still reluctant to just go along with all this…

Whatever the case was, now that Gerald had left, Kai immediately looked at a few of his henchmen before ordering, “Keep a close eye on him…!”

After watching them nod and leave, he quickly signaled for the remaining henchmen to leave as well and close the door behind them. Now that they were all alone, Kai began walking toward Fujiko, a lecherous smile on his face…

Sitting by her side, he then casually placed his arm over her shoulder before saying, “Now that it’s only the two of us, I think it’s high time we began discussing our personal matters…”

Due to the drug he had taken, Kai’s cheeks and eyes were already flaming red, and he had honestly been wanting to pin Fujiko down this entire time. The only thing stopping him from doing that was the fact that he felt that doing so in the dining room would be uncomfortable.

Regardless, Fujiko quickly pushed his arm away in disgust before sitting someplace else as she said, “I believe talking only requires the mouth, Mr. Kanagawa. Please show some self restraint and refrain from touching me.”

Hearing that, Kai raised a brow. Despite the fact that he had played with all kinds of women throughout the years, Fujiko kept rejecting his advances. Was she not aware of her family’s situation? Kai, for one, was well aware that Fujiko had been used by her family as a bartering chip for the Kanagawa family’s aid. With that in mind, she should have willingly allowed him to do as he pleased from the get go, yet here she was. Rejecting him time and again.

Shaking his head, Kai then replied, “You know, according to our families’ plans, you’re already my future wife, Fujiko. With that in mind, can’t I even touch you?”

Upon hearing that, Fujiko was momentarily at a loss for words.

Before she could say anything else, Kai cut her short by saying, “You know, it’s already pretty late so let’s go get some rest. We can discuss the matters of helping your family once we get up.”

Draping his arm around her shoulder again, Kai then added, “Please don’t be so insensitive, miss Fujiko. You, of all people, should know what your family’s situation is like. Without my family’s help, do you even think that you’ll be able to survive the rest of the year…?”

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2069
“…What exactly are you planning to achieve?” asked Fujiko, no longer beating around the bush.

Hearing that, Kai dropped the formalities as well and replied, “What else? We’re sleeping together of course!”

“Mr. Kanagawa, don’t you think we should refrain from doing such things till the Kanagawas become my family’s in-laws?” said Fujiko as she desperately attempted to suppress her disgust. Had it not been for her family’s sake, she would’ve left this place by now…

“… You truly don’t know any better, do you?” retorted Kai as he grabbed onto Fujiko’s arm, his smile no longer present.

“You…! You’re hurting me!” yelled Fujiko as she struggled to break free from Kai’s grasp. However, he was stronger than she had expected, and it didn’t help that she had been attacked by that Hanyu assassin the other day. While it was true that Gerald had treated her, she hadn’t really recovered to the point of getting her full strength back..

Ignoring her statement, Kai then gritted his teeth as he continued grabbing onto her arm while growling, “Fujiko, I hope you understand that it was your family who offered you to me in exchange for the Kanagawa family’s help. With that in mind, if you keep rejecting my advances, I can make a simple phone call… and within three days, your family will cease to exist in Japan. You can trust me on that…!”

“You’re not defiling me till our relationship is officialized!” retorted Fujiko as she glared at Kai. While it was true that she had agreed to marry Kai for the sake of her family, until they officially got married, she wasn’t about to let him lay a finger on her…!

“Oh? Well isn’t that great!” yelled Kai, though instead of being angry, he released her arm and began laughing maniacally!

Holding onto her aching arm, the aggrieved Fujiko couldn’t help but think that if Gerald was here, she wouldn’t be treated this badly…

Whatever the case was, Kai then ordered, “Men! Bring Miss Fujiko to the room!”

Seconds later, Kai’s men began rushing in, and in no time and all, they were already dragging Fujiko out of the dining area!

Watching as she struggled with all her might to no avail, Kai laughed maliciously before shouting, “Did you really think you were going to escape my grasp upon entering my home?!”

With the drug now in full force, forget Fujiko, even his henchmen looked enticing!

“Unhand me…! Just so you know, I’m the young lady of the Futaba family…! If you harm me, not even the Kanagawas will be able to protect you…!” growled Fujiko as she continued struggling desperately.

Though she knew that threat probably wouldn’t work, she was already at her wit’s end. If she really did end up getting tainted by Kai, she would very much prefer leaping off a building than to continue living the rest of her life without dignity…!

“Miss Fujiko, none of your threats will work Just know that we’re simply listening to Young Master Kai’s orders! Don’t blame us for what we’re about to do!” replied one of the henchmen as they continued dragging her all the way to Kai’s room…

Back in the dining room, the man in heat could be seen grinning lustfully as he called out to one of his henchmen…

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2070
“Has Gerald tried to do anything funny?”

“Not at all. He’s been quietly remaining in the guest room from the moment he entered,” replied the henchman who had been keeping tabs with the others who were guarding Gerald’s room as he shook his head. Even if he hadn’t, they would’ve surely notified him if Gerald tried doing anything weird.

“Good. I have a feeling that he’s not just randomly accompanying Fujiko here. With that said, if he tries to do anything funny, don’t hesitate to kill him!” growled Kai as he squinted his eyes. Nobody was getting in his way of this…!

“But… Young Master, he’s a Westoner and we still don’t know much about his background… If we just kill him off and he happens to have a strong background, the family will surely get into trouble…” reminded the henchman in a worried tone.

While it was true that he worked for Kai, under the orders of the family head, he was also tasked with monitoring the boy to prevent him from doing anything that would bring trouble to the Kanagawas…

“Just do as I say!” retorted Kai, his tone getting increasingly irritated.

Not daring to disobey Kai, the henchman immediately replied, “U-understood!”

Though he said that, the henchman knew that he had to report this to the family head first. After all, as he had earlier said, nobody knew a thing about the Westoner’s background yet. While it was true that the Kanagawas were famous in Japan, they weren’t really as powerful when compared to the larger families and consortia in Weston.

With that in mind, if they ended up offending the wrong people, they could very well disappear from the surface of the planet in no time at all…

Whatever the case was, now that his henchman finally agreed with him, Kai immediately walked off. It was high time he satisfied his needs that had been amplified by the drugs…

Moving back to Fujiko, she had earlier been tossed into Kai’s room before being locked in from the outside by Kai’s men. Naturally, no matter how much she knocked and yelled for them to let her out, Fujiko knew that she wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

After exhausting all the ideas she could think of to get the door open she knew that she only had two choices left. Either she let Kai have his way with her, or she leaped off the fifth floor window. Knowing that she’d either die or become disabled if she took the leap of faith, Fujiko decided that she would use that as her last resort…

Shortly after, Kai came wobbling over, the dizzy man’s brain already completely overtaken by the strong drug. After taking so many drugs in his life, only strong ones like these could make him feel anything. Either way, had it not been for his strong urge to claim Fujiko for his own, he would’ve already molested his henchmen…

Regardless, upon arriving before his room’s door, Kai immediately yelled, “Open the door!”

Hearing that, the guards did as he instructed… and the second the door was opened, Fujiko took the chance to bolt out! Unfortunately, Kai simply pushed her back into the room…

Upon looking at the natural beauty’s curvy body, Kai couldn’t hold himself back anymore. Slamming the door shut behind him, he immediately leaped onto her!

Instantly going pale, Fujiko quickly took a few steps back. Though her strength hadn’t fully recovered, she still had her skills, and she could definitely handle a sluggish man like Kai…

Back in the guestroom, Gerald could be seen sitting by the window…

At that moment, his Herculean Primordial Spirit alerted him that Fujiko was in danger. Then again, after looking at Kai’s expression earlier, Gerald had already figured that something like this would happen. With that, Gerald immediately walked out the door…

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