The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2081-2090

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2081
“Do you smoke?” After taking two puffs, Takuya threw the cigarette case to Gerald.

Gerald caught it, took one out, and lit it.

“So, you were just acting. You wanted to force me to cancel the marriage contract with the Kanagawa family by using the status of a couple?” After taking two puffs, Takuya squinted his eyes and looked at Gerald. His being the head of the family was enough to prove his ability in reading people’s faces and words.

“No, we truly love each other!” Fujiko said quickly.

“I don’t care if you are genuinely in love or if you’re trying to put on an act in front of me, but I will not let you have any connection with the youngest son of the Kanagawa family. I will try my best to persuade the family members. As for the Kanagawa family, I’ll find a way to deal with them. No matter what, I will not trade my daughter’s happiness and reputation for the rest of her life for the future of the family.”

Takuya clenched his fists. He couldn’t imagine how his daughter’s life would be once she married a man like Kai. If he hadn’t known of the situation this time, he would have personally pushed his daughter into the fire.

“Chief Takuya, there is something I’m not sure if I should ask you, ” Gerald said after crushing out his cigarette.

“You can just ask. You are the savior of the Futaba family, and now, you are Fujiko’s boyfriend. As long as you want to know, I will tell you.” Takuya waved his hand.

“What kind of grudge have you had with the Hanyu family? As far as I know, this family will hardly make a move against people in the Japanese territory. Why did they send assassins to assassinate Fujiko this time?” Gerald asked.

This question had been on his mind for a long time. Only after he knew about the grudge between the Futaba and Hanyu family could he help Fujiko better. Besides, he didn’t want to get involved in the fight between large families in Japan without knowing about it.

Although he was doing this for the sake of Yearning Island, he would not get into trouble unnecessarily.

“The grudge between us and the Hanyu family started a few hundred years ago. But this is the only information passed down by the ancestors. For as long as I can remember, we have not had any encounters or conflicts with the Hanyu family. This time, I was also a bit caught off guard when the Hanyu family suddenly tried to kill Fujiko. Maybe they knew that our situation was not good, and they wanted to take this opportunity to eliminate us.”

Takuya shook his head helplessly.

Before, when the Futaba family was still doing well, the Hanyu family had been very quiet. So quiet that he even wondered if there were really any grudges between the families. But now, just when his family was showing signs of regressing, the Hanyu family had been unable to sit still anymore.

This really made him sick. At the same time, he decided that if his family could recover, the Hanyu family would be the first one he wanted to deal with. At the very least, he would not let them target his family again.

“When they dared to attack Fujiko, it meant that they had planned it a long time ago. So, it won’t be just this once. We have to be more careful in the future.” Gerald didn’t get any valuable information from Takuya.

“Indeed. Fujiko is a special forces officer in Japan, and she has the title of ‘Queen Soldier’. She is very strong, but still, she was not even the opponent of the assassins. From this, we know that the Hanyu family must have sent out top assassins. If they didn’t want to kill Fujiko, they must have been planning to kidnap her to threaten me, then.”

Takuya very much agreed with Gerald’s words. So, before Gerald had finished his sentence, he quickly said what was on his mind.

“The assassins were indeed very strong.” Gerald nodded in agreement.

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2082
“Let’s not talk about the Hanyu family for now. The priority now is to solve the matter of the Kanagawa family. I can agree to it, but the other members of the family won’t agree. How about this? You go and rest first, and I will bring you to meet them to discuss the matter together.”

Takuya had no interest in the Hanyu family for now. All he could think of now was his daughter. If he married his daughter to Kanagawa Kai, he would live in regret and remorse for the rest of his life.

“Let’s go. We should go and rest first.” Fujiko grabbed Gerald’s hand naturally.

“Then, we’ll go back first.” Gerald nodded and said stiffly.

Looking at the backs of his daughter and Gerald, Takuya sighed quietly. If the family had not encountered these changes, he would have raised his hands and agreed to his daughter dating Gerald. Not for any other reason, but just because her daughter was willing to. Besides, Gerald was capable and could protect his daughter.

But now…

Takuya lit another cigarette and contacted all the senior members of the family, telling them they had to come to the main residence tonight to discuss something important.

In the room, Gerald let go of Fujiko’s hand the moment they walked in through the door.

Although it was just a show to fight for her happiness, holding hands with another woman when Mila was still in danger made him feel very uncomfortable.

“Thank you.” Fujiko blushed. She was content to hold hands with Gerald.

“Can I take a look at your pendant?” Gerald pointed at the special pendant necklace of the Seadom tribe around her neck and asked.

“Of course you can.” Fujiko took off the pendant naturally and handed it to Gerald.

Holding the pendant, Gerald studied it carefully. The pendant was indeed a little different from the other common pendants. Moreover, the material was also special. Logically, a pendant that was worn all the time should be warm from resting around one’ s chest. However, this pendant was strangely very cold.

“This is your ancestral pendant?” After examining it for a moment, Gerald returned it to her in order to not cause suspicion.

“Yes. My father said that when I was born, my grandfather put the necklace on me and said that this is a very important item and I must not lose it. But until now, I don’t know what the meaning of this pendant is.” Fujiko put the necklace back on and spoke somewhat strangely.

“Maybe this is very important for your family.” Gerald smiled. He believed in Fujiko. This should mean that she was the princess of the Seadom tribe, but she did not know about the Seadom tribe nor Yearning Island.

“Are you interested in this pendant?” Fujiko touched the pendant and felt the coldness of it.

“Not really. I’m just a little curious because I have never seen this kind of pendant before.” Gerald shook his head and said casually.

“By the way, I still don’t know your identity. Why do you have such strong powers that you could even fight off the top assassins of the Hanyu family? Are you a mysterious expert from the army of Weston?” Fujiko looked at Gerald suddenly and chuckled, covering her mouth.

“I’m not from the army. I simply self-trained myself since young, so I have that little bit of power. I was just lucky when I fought against the people of the Hanyu family. If I were to fight alone, I’m not necessarily a match for him,” said Gerald, smiling.

“Hmph. I don’t believe that!” Fujiko pouted.

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2083
Until now, she could remember clearly the situation where Gerald had made his move. It was just a flash, and the assassin, who was about to kill her, had been thrown more than ten meters away instantly. She had never seen such strength, not even in the Japanese army.

“Haha! Then, I‘ll tell you later when I have the chance.” Seeing that he couldn’t hide it from Fujiko, Gerald could only laugh and reply.

In the evening, at the request of Takuya, all the senior members of the Futaba family returned to the manor. They originally lived in the manor to manage all the estates and businesses, but ever since the family had started regressing two years ago, only a minority were still holding on to their previous work while the majority had left the family and lived outside.

On one hand, they used their identity as a Futaba to earn money. On the other hand, they didn’t want to stay in the family, fearing that they might be affected when something had happened.

But now, Takuya had asked them to come back as the family patriarch. So, even though they were reluctant, they still had to come back. After all, now that the Futaba family had not completely fallen, Takuya was still their family leader.

Moreover, they might gain some benefits if they came back.

In the meeting room of the manor, all the members started coming in and exchanged information with each other about what had been going on outside these days. They did not bother about Takuya, and not even one of them greeted him.

“These ungrateful people!” The members who had stayed in the family turned their heads toward Takuya and spoke in a low voice fiercely.

“Forget it. Don’t bother about them. There is an old Weston saying that goes ‘a husband and wife who were previously birds in the same forest will fly away on their own when trouble comes’. Even a husband and wife are like this, isn’t it normal when we are just a family?” Takuya smiled calmly. He had seen through all these things years ago.

Besides, he could take this chance to kick out those who were not as loyal to the family. Once there was a chance for the family to recover, getting rid of these pests would only bring benefits.

“Patriarch, how’s the preparation for the marriage of Fujiko and Kanagawa? We have planned this for so long. I think we should settle it as soon as possible. This is for the good of the family as well!” Not long after, someone said to Takuya.

The person speaking was Futaba Suke, Takuya’s nephew.

He was the first one to leave after seeing the signs of the downfall of the Futaba family.

Once he had said that, all eyes were on Takuya. They knew clearly that once Fujiko married into the Kanagawa family, the Futaba family would receive help, and they would be able to get a lot of benefits from the family.

“I called you here today to talk about this matter.” Takuya swept a glance over them and said calmly.

“Did you call us here to inform us of the wedding date? Don’t worry, Patriarch, We will find time to attend even if we’re busy. It’s just that I wonder if the Kanagawa will do what they promised. Fujiko cannot marry into that family for nothing!”

Suke opened his eyes wide.

“We’ll talk about this when Fujiko is here.” Takuya waved his hand.

Hearing this, everyone stopped talking and started calculating in their minds, thinking that once Kanagawa’s help arrived, they could fish the benefits into their hands.

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2084
Nearly half an hour later, amidst the eager eyes of the crowd, Fujiko walked into the meeting room. However, what surprised the crowd was that Fujiko was holding the arm of a man whom they had never seen before. He was a total stranger.

As the youngest son of the Kanagawa family, Kanagawa Kai was considerably famous in Japan, and everyone here knew him.

If he was a more capable man than Kanagawa Kai, they wouldn’t mind. But if he was an ordinary youth, their plans would all be in vain.

“Kid, who are you?” Thinking of this, Suke didn’t hesitate to stand up and ask Ashe spoke, he kept looking at Gerald, trying to identify this man from his temperament and clothes.

“This is the matter that I want to talk about with you all today. About the marriage contract of Fujiko and Kanagawa Kai, I’ve decided to cancel it due to two reasons. One is that Kanagawa Kai is not a good man. If you were to go out, simply grab a man, and ask him now, you will know what he has done. Secondly, it is because Fujiko and Gerald are in love with each other, and they have established a romantic relationship. As her father, I will not separate them.”

Takuya beckoned to Fujiko.

Gerald and Fujiko walked to Takuya amidst the astonished eyes of the crowd hand in hand.

“What a joke!”

“Indeed. It’s not that we don’t know about the situation of the family! We have been waiting for Miss Fujiko to marry into the Kanagawa family to get help from them! Now that we have unilaterally breached the contract, don’t even mention help, the Kanagawa family will surely come and look for trouble!”

“That’s right, Patriarch. How can you be so silly!”

In just a short time, the meeting room was filled with the sounds of discord. Although there were many voices, they were all saying the same thing, and that was, to condemn the decision made by Takuya.

“Silence. How rude you are to quarrel here. Do you still respect me as your patriarch?!” Hearing their voices, Takuya’s heart burned fiercely. Finally, he couldn’t hold it in and banged the table.

No matter what, Takuya was the head of the family. Hearing his words, the meeting room quietened down, but the majority were still looking at Gerald warily.

“It’s impossible for me to hand my daughter to someone like Kanagawa Kai and see her suffer for the rest of her life. I would feel very guilty as a father!”

“I’ll handle the Kanagawa family, They have nothing to do with you.”

Looking at the crowd, Takuya spoke with a frown.

“But Patriarch, this is not just your family matter, but a matter of our entire family. Only when Fujiko marries into the Kanagawa family will we get their help to overcome the crisis this time! Now that you say that Fujiko is not getting married, what about our family?”

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2085
Suke was the first to speak up.

“I have my own way.” Takuya crossed his arms across his chest If there were not so many people here, he would have slapped Suke right away. After all, Takuya was his uncle, but Suke had actually gone against him in front of so many people, not even sparing him a glance.

“You have a way? What can you do? If you indeed had the ability, you wouldn’t have let our family regress into this state. You have only become the patriarch for less than twenty years, and the once glorious family has gradually regressed in your hands. I think that it is better to choose a more capable patriarch to take your place!”

This time, the one speaking was a white haired, thin, and hunchbacked old man.

He had a high status in the Futaba family and was Takuya’s uncle. He was also one of the strong competitors to become the patriarch when Takuya’s father had passed away. However, because Takuya was the biological son of the patriarch, he had received more support in the family and had won over the old man with a slight advantage.

But now, things had changed. Many of the older generations who had supported him had passed away. Even though some were still alive, they had handed over their power to the next generation and retired.

“Uncle Masaru is right. Since you are the patriarch, you must think for the sake of the family. Now, you’re actually giving up on the future of the family for the sake of your daughter. I think you’re not fit to be the patriarch!”

Right after Masaru had said that, there were immediately echoing voices. Taking advantage of the high status of the old man, they attacked Takuya.

They knew clearly that if a new patriarch was appointed, they could make Fujiko marry into the Kanagawa family by the order of the family. Even if Takuya opposed it, there would be no use, because the family motto that had been passed down since ancient times was that all clansmen must obey what the patriarch said unconditionally.

Of course, Takuya was an exception now.

“What do you mean? Are you trying to rebel?!” The reaction of these people was beyond Takuya’s expectations. He knew that there would be opposition, but he did not expect that he would be treated this way.

“How could we want to rebel? We just hope that you can make the right decision for the family. Sacrificing Fujiko’s happiness in exchange for the glory of the family is a very worthwhile thing!”

Masaru sneered and said.

“I’ve told you that this is impossible. I won’t hand over Fujiko to someone like Kanagawa Kai!” Takuya flung his sleeve and said very firmly.

“I can see that you have no intention to discuss it with us. Instead, it seems like you have made your decision and just wanted to inform us. Since that’s the case, it is better to disperse!” Masaru did not give in at all. He had been dissatisfied with Takuya ever since he had not been chosen to become the patriarch, and now was the best opportunity to overthrow him.

As long as Takuya could step down, he was sure that he himself or his son would succeed in taking over the position.

By then, although the problem could not be solved, he would be able to get more benefits out of the family before it had completely fallen. And even if the family did not fall completely, it would have nothing to do with them as they had already gotten What they wanted, as they had no more feelings for the family.

“In that case, you can leave!” Takuya did not try to be nice to them either.

In just ten minutes, the family meeting was completely dissolved. Other than a small number of people, the rest chose to leave. They had originally thought that they would be able to get something from the marriage contract between Fujiko and Kai.

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2086
It seemed that now, not only would they not get any benefits, but they might also be dragged into it as well.

Everyone was thinking of ways to cut relations with the family so that they wouldn’t be affected when the family went into a downfall or get involved the moment Kanagawa appeared at their doorsteps.

“Sigh, this is the current situation of the Futaba family now. If someone who doesn’t know us well comes, he or she would even think that we’re a third class family!”

After they had all left, Takuya slammed his fist onto the table and exclaimed in fury.

He knew that the people in the family would definitely be against it after the news broke out, but he didn’t expect them to be so brazen and outright confront him. This made him extremely uncomfortable.

“Don’t be angry about it, Patriarch. From the moment they gave a cold shoulder toward the family when it was going downhill and left right then, they were no longer a part of the Futaba family. We don’t have to be enraged because of people like them,” One of the family members rushed over to Takuya and massaged his shoulders.

“Don’t worry, Fujiko. This time, I won’t allow a lousy man like Kanagawa Kai to take you no matter what!” Takuya held his daughter’s hand and reassured her in a determined tone.

This was a promise made by a father to his daughter.

“I know!” Futaba Fujiko wiped away her tears. She knew how pressured her father must be by not allowing Kai to marry her, and he might even be facing some big trouble because of this.

“You all can go now. Gerald, stay here. I have something to tell you.” Takuya released his daughter’s hand.

Gerald nodded and stayed at the same spot.

The family member who left the last closed the door before exiting.

“Gerald, now that it’s just the two of us here, I’ll ask you something, and you have to answer me honestly,” Takuya said after fixing his eyes on Gerald for a long while.

“You can ask me anything, Patriarch Futaba.” Gerald nodded.

“I’ve always been curious about your identity. Fujiko says that you have a strong ability, yet you’re not from the special forces who participate in those big competitions. So, can you tell me who you are?” Takuya rubbed his hands together.

“Sorry I can’t tell you about my identity. I’m just an ordinary citizen of Weston, and I’m only here in Japan to accompany a friend who’s joining a war competition for special forces.” Gerald shook his head, chuckling.

“Alright. Then, you and Fujiko are just pretending to be a couple, right?” Takuya was already mentally prepared for it. He understood that someone as strong as Gerald wouldn’t be just an ordinary man for sure and was certainly of a special identity that couldn’t be disclosed to just anyone for fear that he might get killed once he exposed himself.

“Yeah.” Gerald nodded without objecting.

“To tell you the truth, I, as Fujiko’s father, really hoped that you two could be together as a real couple. Although it hasn’t been a long since I’ve met you, I know how responsible you are as a man, plus, you’ll be able to protect her with your ability,” Takuya released a sigh and said slowly.

“Patriarch Futaba, Ms. Fujiko and I are just acting. I still don’t have the heart to think about things like romance and relationships for now.” Gerald immediately waved and refused, fearing that the acting would grow into something real, and he wouldn’t be able to get out of it.

“I know, I know. It’s just my wishful thinking.” Takuya waved him down too.

“I’ll protect Ms. Fujiko until everything’s settled. Don’t worry about it, Patriarch Futaba.” Gerald smiled as he smoked.

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2087
“Thank you for helping us at this time, but we, the Futaba family, can’t really offer you anything. You might even face troubles and danger because of us.” Takuya’s eyes became red, and his hands were trembling uncontrollably as well.

All this while, he was most worried about the danger his daughter was in, but Gerald’s words were like a pill of reassurance to him. He too believed that it wouldn’t be difficult for Gerald to protect his daughter based on his ability. Funagawa or any top assassin from the Hanyu family wouldn’t be able to do anything to him as well.

“I’m not scared of that,” Gerald said casually.

“Yes, but I still have to thank you properly.” Takuya nodded. He himself didn’t even know how lucky he was to have met such an excellent young man just when their family was facing a crisis. Although it couldn’t be considered as much help, he could at least protect Takuya’s daughter.

“You can just tell me anything if you need me, I’ll definitely help if I can.” Gerald lit another cigarette.

“No problem. I’ll tell you if anything happens.” Takuya nodded even harder.

After chatting for a while, Gerald left the living room, planning to go back and ask Master Ghost and Aiden about the situation these days so that he could be one step ahead and eliminate the special forces from Yanam. Although he had done everything perfectly, it couldn’t be guaranteed that they wouldn’t be found out for sure.

If they had been exposed, they needed to settle the issue immediately, otherwise, Aiden would be affected, and even Weston.

Walking out of the living room, Gerald headed toward his guest room and strode past the bamboo forest, reaching the garden behind the manor. The night was approaching, and it was getting dark Gerald’s brows instantly scrunched up upon his arrival.

His intuition was telling him that someone was waiting for him here.

“Come out now,” Stopping in his steps, Gerald said casually.

“Looks like you’re something else, aren’t you?” Just as Gerald had finished his sentence, two shadows appeared from behind the bushes.

They were none other than Futaba Masaru and Futaba Suke whom Gerald had seen during the meeting.

“Do you need anything from me?” Scanning them with his eyes, Gerald asked in a slightly impatient tone. It was a waste of time talking with people like them. Even sleeping would be a better choice.

“Of course we do. I’m warning you to leave this place as soon as possible. Don’t get yourself involved with our family matters. Don’t think that Takuya will be able to protect you just because he’s the patriarch. The Futaba family now isn’t like before anymore, and he does not have any actual power as a true patriarch whatsoever.”

“Even Fujiko can be ambushed by someone from the Hanyus, so you should be able to contemplate this yourself!”

Suke took a step in front of Masaru and pointed his finger at Gerald’s nose as he talked.

“How did you know that Fujiko was attacked by an assassin from the Hanyu family?” Gerald frowned suddenly, finding some sensitive words amongst what Suke had said.

Takuya had claimed before that their family ensured perfect protection around Fujiko, so only a handful of people knew of the fact that Fujiko was Japan’s ‘Queen Soldier’. Suke was obviously not one of them, plus, it had been long since he returned to the family, so he wouldn’t have been able to know about this.

On the other hand, the Hanyu family would definitely not spread the news of their wish to kill the princess of the Futaba family.

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2088
Analyzing these two points, it was definitely strange that Suke knew about Fujiko getting ambushed by the Hanyu family’s assassins. There might even be something more to it.

“What does this have to do with you?!” Realizing that he had said something wrong, Suke’s face turned red, but he quickly regained his composure and yelled at Gerald as he pointed at the latter, “I’m warning you again, everything that’s happening here has nothing to do with you at all! Get out of here as soon as you can, otherwise, you won’t even be able to die in peace!”

“Are you threatening me?” Gerald smiled slightly and asked.

“Of course it’s not a threat! This is simply the last exemption given to you.” Gerald’s nonchalance triggered Suke even further, and he would have for sure fought this man from Weston if it wasn’t because they were in the manor.

“Alright, I understand. Now, if there’s nothing else, you two should leave instead of waiting for Patriarch Takuya to see you and kick you two out himself,” Gerald left them with some sarcastic words as he walked past them slowly with his hands shoved into his pockets.

“That piece of trash!” Seeing Gerald leave, Suke clenched his fists tightly and was about to dash toward him.

“Don’t be rash. You should go back with me first because we’re still members of the family. If this is spread out, it won’t be any good to us!” Futaba Masaru instantly pulled him back and persuaded him in a low and raspy voice.

“Grandpa Masaru, this man, Gerald, is simply too annoying!” Suke didn’t dare to go against Masaru’s words and could only stop, but he was still suppressing his anger deep down his chest.

“I want to ask you as well. What is this about Fujiko? How did you know she was ambushed by an assassin from the Hanyu family?” Masaru grabbed Suke and headed toward the outside of the manor as he questioned him. “I’m telling you, Fujiko is still part of our family, and the Hanyu family is our family’s lifelong rivals. If you have any connections with them, you’re one step into hell!”

“Grandpa Masaru, you’re overthinking it. You witnessed me growing up, and you should know that I’m not that kind of person! I just heard this from some friends coincidentally!” Suke broke into a cold sweat and quickly explained.

“That would be for the best. Don’t let me discover any connections between you and the Hanyu family. Remember, we’re just having an internal conflict within the family, so don’t get involved with our lifelong rivals. I’ll make sure to settle you by myself if I find out something is going on between you and them!” Masaru snorted coldly and left Suke behind as he walked forward slowly.

“I’ll help you, Grandpa Masaru! ” Seeing that, Suke trotted to catch up with him.

Back in the room.

Gerald didn’t let their threats bother him at all not trouble his mind, because he already knew that troubles would come if he was protecting Fujiko.

However, Suke’s words had caught Gerald’s attention. As someone who didn’t live in the family manor, he had known about the attempted assassination of Fujiko. This simply sounded too strange. Gerald couldn’t help but doubt any connection between him and the Hanyu family. Suke might even have played a part in the attempted assassination.

“Looks like we’ll have to investigate Futaba Suke,” Gerald smoked and mumbled to himself, tapping his fingers on the table.

However, this was all just talk. Gerald didn’t plan to do anything since Suke didn’t pose any sort of threat as of yet. Moreover, he didn’t have the time to care about such people. He would definitely look up on it carefully after all the dangers had been eliminated.

After all, the only one in this world who dared to threaten him had already been buried deep down in the earth.


The next day.

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2089
Just as Gerald had awoken, he heard someone knocking on his door.

“What’s the matter?” Pushing the door open, Gerald saw Takuya’s underling, who followed the latter everywhere, standing outside.

“Patriarch wanted me to call you over because someone from the Funagawa family came over asking why you took Ms. Fujiko away after not even a few clays of staying at their family place. He especially stated that he wanted to see you. Our patriarch didn’t stop him and could only ask me to send you over, ” The underling spoke up when he saw Gerald.

“Bring me over there, then,” Gerald spoke as he reached out to grab a coat and put it on.

“Patriarch wants you to tell him what actually happened, and let the Funagawa people know clearly what Kanagawa Kai has been doing all this while.” The underling followed Gerald closely behind.

They went into the living room, just like the previous night.

The only thing that had changed was that the ones sitting there were people from the Funagawa family, and they were all acting intimidatingly, almost as if they were going to question someone by force.

“You’re Gerald Crawford, aren’t you? Why did you take Ms. Fujiko away from our Funagawa manor? Is it because you two have some special relationship? Or you simply wanted to stand against us, the Funagawa family?” Seeing Gerald’s arrival, someone amongst the Funagawa representatives immediately stood up and reprimanded.

“Before asking me, why don’t you ask your young master, Mr. Kai, what did he do?” Gerald snickered and sat down opposite of them, crossing his legs as he replied casually.

“Oh? Let’s hear what Young Master Kai did, then.” The man was still in disdain. He had never respected anyone from the Futaba family, not even Takuya.

“Kanagawa Ryuka, are you sure that you want Gerald to tell everyone about it?” Seeing that Gerald was going to continue, Takuya raised his arm to stop him and cut in. He didn’t want the situation to become too bad itself, plus, he knew that if they really exposed everything Kai had done, the relationship between the two families would be completely over.

Even if Takuya was mentally prepared for the consequences and how to tackle them, he still believed that they should avoid the situation as much as possible, not wanting the family to offend another family with great power.

“Patriarch Futaba, I’m very interested in what he has to say. I would like to know the reason as to why he brought Ms. Fujiko out of our Funagawa family’s manor by himself.” Ryuka sneered and set his eyes upon Gerald.

“Seeing how interested you are, I’ll tell you about it, then.”

“Your young master forced and tried to get Fujiko into bed with him without her consent. If you don’t believe this, you can ask Young Master Kai’s two faithful servants about it.”

Gerald’s eyes met his without any hint of backing out.

“So, it’s just about some small matters like this. Ms. Fujiko and Young Master Kai are already engaged, so it wouldn’t be unnatural even if they did such a thing. Why would an outsider like you intervene?”

Of course, Ryuka knew what kind of person Kai was, so he responded carelessly.

“You should note the main point of my words, though. It was Funagawa Kai who wanted to force Ms. Fujiko into having sex.”

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2090
“If I’m not mistaken, this is considered a very serious matter in Japan’s law. Kai might even face a few up to tens of years in jail, and he would even have to wear the special ankle tracker after coming out of jail. This would definitely bring shame not only to Kai but also the Funagawa family, wouldn’t it?”

Gerald accepted the water passed over by Takuya and took a sip before he spoke.

“Mr. Gerald, do you honestly think that such a small matter like this can’t be settled by us?” Hearing Gerald’s words. Ryuka roared in laughter. “Let me tell you the truth. Even if it’s rape or murder, our family would be able to settle all these matters with ease. I bet Patriarch Futaba can confirm this as well, right?”

Takuya’s face turned dark. Ryuka wasn’t wrong. Based on the Funagawa family’s status and power in Japan, it would be a piece of cake to settle a rape case. Moreover, the police and courts wouldn’t dare to touch someone like Funagawa Kai for fear of offending the Funagawas.

“You can make a call to Funagawa Kai and ask whether he minds if I lodge a police report.” Gerald still had a neutral expression on his face, completely unaffected by Ryuka’s words.

“Sure, I can!” Ryuka took out his phone right away and dialed Kai’s number.

The phone was picked up, and Ryuka explained the situation to him, waiting for him to agree to lodge a police report so that they could embarrass Gerald before moving on to questioning Takuya.

Unexpectedly, Kai actually bellowed in anger from the other side of the phone, saying that if the Futaba family did indeed lodge a police report, Ryuka would never be able to step into the Funagawa family ever again.

After howling all of these things, Kai hung up on Ryuka, leaving him completely dumbfounded.

He didn’t understand why the young master had spoken that way, but what he needed to do now was to stop Gerald from reporting this to the police without exposing any of the details of the call.

“So, what did Kai say about this?” Gerald could already guess what was the call about judging by Ryuka’s change in expression. Pushing other facts aside, Kai would never allow even a tiny possibility of leaking out what had happened that night.

“Mr. Kai says that you can make a police report, but he’s forgiving enough to not pester you about this matter to respect Ms. Fujiko and the Futaba family. However, he warned you to not do such things anymore, otherwise, you’ll be dead!”

Ryuka quickly thought of something and formed a series of words that seemed to have no loopholes to pretend nothing had happened as he spoke to Gerald.

“Thank Young Master Kai for me, then.”

“Also, please pass on my words to him. If he dares to do anything like that again, I’ll have him repay it in exactly the same way.” Gerald smiled.

“Well then, Patriarch Futaba, I’ll be returning if there’s nothing else.” Ryuka got up and bowed pretentiously to Takuya before leaving immediately.

He wanted to go back and ask Kai what exactly had happened. That way, he would at least know how to act and speak the next time he had to contact the Futabas again.

After Ryuka had left, Takuya and his underlings all sighed in relief.

They were all worried about the Funagawa family making a punitive expedition against them, fearing that any conflicts would arise. This would definitely make the family’s situation even worse.

“Gerald, what exactly did you do at Funagawa’s place? Why did Ryuka act that way after just a call?” After ordering the servant to close the door, Takuya immediately asked. He too had noticed the abnormal change in Ryuka, but he had not shown his suspicion just now.

“It was just a few small tricks. You shouldn’t ask more about it, Patriarch Futaba.”

“However, I can guarantee that Kai won’t dare to come over and seek trouble for a while.”

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