The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 21-30

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 21

Above the clouds, Gerald, Harper, Naomi and the rest of the boys were seated on the micro dining pavilion.

They were admiring the beautiful scenery around the manor.

Gerald also used the same answers when Naomi asked him how he had managed to do this. However, Gerald really did not expect Zack to go to this extent today. He thought that it must be really expensive for them to enjoy dining on the micro dining pavilion today.

However, as he thought about it, it was only natural for Zack to do that since the entire manor was owned by his sister and him. Gerald felt a different kind of excitement in his heart.

At this time, Alice and the other girls had already come up to the micro dining pavilion. There was a slightly ugly expression on Alice’s face at this time. After all, she had always felt that Gerald was a pauper and had always looked down on him.

However, she now felt as though she could only see Gerald’s back as she looked up at him and this made her feel extremely uncomfortable.

“Gerald! How can you afford to come here?”

This was the first question that Alice asked as soon as she came up. However, she was actually very afraid of his answer.

She was afraid that Gerald would tell her that he was actually a very wealthy and powerful person. If he was really very wealthy, this would definitely make Alice feel even more uncomfortable.

“Yes! Brother Gerald, how can you afford to dine up here? It’s so expensive!” Jacelyn spoke to Gerald in a softer and gentler tone because she felt a little embarrassed at this time.

Meanwhile Quinton and Harold also arrived at this time.

Gerald smiled before he said, “Oh, I happen to know the manager and he arranged for me to enjoy a meal here with my friends.”

Everyone felt very confused at this time. Even if Gerald knew the manager here, wasn’t this a little too much?

Alice stared at Gerald in disbelief.

After that, Naomi could not help but reveal the truth to everyone.

She told everyone about how Gerald got to know the manager and why the manager had invited him to the manor today.

Alice was finally relieved at this time.

“Naomi, do you mean to say that the expensive Hermes bag that Gerald previously bought and the only reason he’s able to enter and dine at a place like this is just because he saved the manager’s daughter after she was involved in a car accident? Is that the reason why he’s receiving all this grand treatment?”

Naomi nodded her head slightly. “Gerald is really very lucky. I guess good people are always rewarded!”

‘That scared me to death!’ Alice thought to herself. She couldn’t help feeling a little more relieved at this time, and even Quinton took a deep breath as soon as he heard Gerald’s words. Gerald might be receiving even better treatment compared to second-generation rich kids like them.

However, this was all just a favor given to him by others. After today, what would Gerald be?

Alice and the other girls felt much better after the clarification.

Of course, Gerald could see that Alice no longer felt the same contempt that she felt for him before this but she did not feel any gratitude towards him at all. This meant that she felt that she was already giving Gerald face with her presence alone.

Gerald smiled as he thought about it.

“Oh, look! Is this an oil painting? Do you think it is painted by a real famous artist?”

The crowd of people sat down as they ate and drank together in the relaxing and cozy atmosphere.

At this time, Jacelyn was staring at the four oil paintings hanging on the four pillars of the attic. One of them was an antique oil painting by a famous painter in foreign history and Jacelyn could recognize it at a single glance.

‘I think it is real…” Gerald replied as he laughed.

There seemed to be very little fake or counterfeit items in this place.

Everything was invested with a lot of money.

“What do you mean that you think so? Of course, everything here is real!” Quinton couldn’t help but reply sarcastically when he heard Gerald’s words.

He had just returned from studying abroad and of course, appreciating foreign artwork was one of his strong points.

Gerald was a pauper and he clearly had the ability to invite everyone here tonight but he knew nothing at all. Moreover, Gerald obviously knew nothing about art. Therefore, in order to save face, Quinton had to attack him so that he would stand out in some other way.

“The market price for this painting is a hundred and fifty thousand dollars. It’s a very valuable and expensive painting! The other three paintings on the wall are also very valuable, so it’s no wonder why it costs so much to dine here!”

“Oh my god. Is it really worth one hundred and fifty thousand dollars?”

All the girls were very impressed at this time.

Jacelyn was even more excited. “I have to take a picture with all these expensive oil paintings tonight!”

Everyone started laughing again.

After that, Gerald stood up before he took down the oil painting from the wall as he said, “If you want to, you can just take it down and have a look.”

“Hey! Hey! Hey! Oh my god, what are you trying to do, Gerald? Are you sure you can afford to pay for the painting if anything happens to it?” Quinton yelled as he widened his eyes in shock.

On the other side, Harold also said, “Do you really think you’re the host just because someone invited you to have dinner here today?”

Even though Alice did not say anything, she was staring at Gerald. After that, she simply shook her head in disappointment.

Alice felt that Gerald was always lacking compared to others, no matter what he tried to do. He could never be compared to Quinton.

No matter what it was, he was just really embarrassing.

In fact, the only reason why Gerald had taken the oil painting down was because he wanted to build up a closer relationship with them.

Unexpectedly, everyone simply regarded him as a reckless person!

Gerald decided to just forget it and place the oil painting back on the wall.

However, his hand was a little shaky and he did not place it at the right angle, while a gust of wind happened to blow in their direction at this time.

The oil painting flew out and was blown directly into the water below the waterfall.


This made everyone scream out loud in shock.

Even Alice stood up because she was utterly shocked!

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 22

It was over. The oil painting was completely ruined.

One hundred and fifty thousand dollars!

Everyone could not help but swallow their saliva at this time.

Only Quinton and Harold were laughing in their hearts at this time. They could not help but wonder how Gerald would ever be able to pay for the oil painting that was worth a hundred and fifty thousand dollars. Even if the manager of Wayfair Mountain Entertainment owed him a favor, he would never be able to explain himself with regards to the oil painting.


“Gerald, why don’t we leave now? Anyway, we’re almost done with the food,” Naomi said in a cautious manner at this time.

If they continued staying here for another second, Gerald would never be able to pay for the oil painting!

“Oh! Things don’t look good. It seems as though someone is coming up now!”

Jacelyn pointed at the staircase at this time and Gerald also looked in the same direction. At this time, Zack was walking towards them with a few waitresses and a bottle of good wine in their hands.

He was coming to give them a toast.

Gerald felt very helpless. He had already told Zack that he did not want to reveal his identity for the time being. Why was he still coming here to give him a toast?

Zack arrived a short while later.

Quinton also naturally knew who Zack was.

“Lyle…Mr. Lyle!”

Quinton quickly greeted him.

Unexpectedly, the manager whom Gerald was talking about was in fact one of the richest men in Mayberry City, Zack Lyle!

Alice was very surprised at this time and she did not dare to speak at all.

Good luck to Gerald!

As soon as he arrived, Zack nodded slightly towards the crowd of people.

After that, he looked at Gerald before he greeted him respectfully, “Mr. Ger…”

As he was about to greet him, Zack suddenly recalled that Gerald had already told him that he did not want his identity to be revealed.

Zack said: “Brother Gerald, are you satisfied with the arrangements I’ve made for you today?”

Gerald smiled as he nodded.

At this time, Quinton suddenly spoke up and said, “But Mr. Lyle, Gerald just ruined your oil painting by dropping it into the water!”

“Yes, Mr. Lyle! Even though we told him not to do it, Gerald took the oil painting down and he dropped it into the water!” Jacelyn quickly hurriedly chimed in as she did not want to bear the responsibility for the oil painting.

Meanwhile, Naomi quickly spoke up for Gerald. “Mr. Lyle, Gerald didn’t mean to do it!”

At this time, Harper also defended Gerald and he asked Zack what they could do in order to repay Zack for the oil painting.

Zack immediately understood the situation that was unfolding before him.

It seemed as though not everyone here were Gerald’s true friends and Zack knew that Gerald had not revealed his identity to anyone yet.

He also knew that Gerald was a very low-key and introverted person. It seemed as though he did not want to brag about the fact that he was actually very wealthy and powerful.

Moreover, Zack was not stupid and he clearly remember Gerald’s reminder to him. Therefore, he would not do anything to cause the crowd of people to have any suspicions about Gerald’s identity.

Zack had a shocked expression on his face as he exclaimed, “What? The oil painting was dropped into the water?” Zack started trembling with a frightened expression on his face. It seemed as though he really cared about the oil painting!

The atmosphere suddenly became very tense and Naomi asked anxiously, “Mr. Lyle, we’re really sorry about the oil painting!”

“Brother Gerald, do you know that the oil painting costs over a hundred and fifty thousand dollars? Moreover, my boss really likes this oil painting very much. Tell me, what should I do if my boss asks me about this painting?” Zack asked as he stared at Gerald.

Gerald knew that Zack wanted to give him a way out of this matter without revealing his identity or the fact that he was indeed the real owner of Wayfair Mountain Entertainment. That was the reason why he could only react this way,

Hehehe…Zack was a rather interesting person.

Gerald had a very regretful look on his face as he said, “Mr. Lyle, I really didn’t expect this to happen but I can tell you that this isn’t entirely my fault.”

“Not your fault?” Zack asked as he frowned.

Jacelyn, who was standing aside, thought that Gerald had wanted to push the blame to her. Therefore, she hurriedly said, “Gerald, it’s your fault! The oil painting dropped into the water because it flew out of your hands! You shouldn’t try and blame anyone else for your own mistake!”

“Exactly! If you’ve done something wrong, you should have the courage to step up and admit your mistake. Otherwise, how can you call yourself a man?”

The girls were all very contemptuous at this time.

“I guess Gerald is just afraid he’d have to pay the one hundred thousand dollars out of his own pocket. That must be the reason he’s trying to push the blame away from himself,” Harold quickly said as he was still jealous of Gerald.

Gerald did not only prove that he was better than Quinton or Harold, but he also made them very envious and jealous of him.

Gerald smiled before he said, “Mr. Lyle, I admit that I was the one who had taken the oil painting down in the first place. The reason why I said it isn’t entirely my fault or responsibility, however, is because there was a gust of wind when I was trying to put the oil painting back in place and it blew the oil painting away.”

“Hahaha. Gerald, you’re really ridiculous!”

The crowd of people could not help but feel contempt at this time.

Quinton said, “Gerald, are you seriously trying to put the blame on the gust of wind? Don’t you think you’re trying too hard?”

Zack looked as though he was thinking hard about what Gerald had just said.

After a short while, he finally patted his forehead and said, “Brother Gerald, thank you for explaining the situation to me. So was that actually what happened? I’m sorry for misunderstanding you. I guess we can only blame the gust of wind for blowing the oil painting away and causing it to fall into the water. I suppose it really isn’t your fault at all!”

“Yes, you shouldn’t hang the oil painting here. It’s very dangerous when the wind is strong,” Gerald replied in a hurry.

“Yes, yes, Brother Gerald. Thank you for the reminder. I’ll ask my staff to deal with this matter. I guess it’s our fault for putting this oil painting here in the first place.”


Everyone was shocked at Zack’s reaction. Was Zack convinced just because of a few words by Gerald?

Quinton felt a lump in his throat at this time. He felt very uncomfortable, while Alice and the rest of the girls felt even more uneasy.

“Well, in that case, I would like to thank you for your hospitality today, Mr. Lyle. If it’s fine with you, we’d like to go home now.”

Gerald smiled. He thought that the way that Zack cooperated with him with regards to this situation was indeed very funny.

After leaving the Wayfair Mountain Entertainment, all of them could not help but look at Gerald in a daze. This was especially so for Alice, who felt that everything was too unreal and she couldn’t understand Gerald at all.

“Gerald, you are really amazing! I can’t believe that you actually managed to persuade Mr. Lyle with just a few words when he seemed to care so much about that oil painting!”

Naomi couldn’t help but admire Gerald after leaving the manor.

Alice was also listening in at this time.

She felt very doubtful about the whole situation. Were things really as simple as they seemed?

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 23

After returning to the dormitory, Alice and the other girls still felt very unpleasant and surprised.

If Gerald was really poor and if he had won hundreds of thousands of dollars from the lottery, they would not feel so uncomfortable.

However, he was actually able to buy such an expensive limited edition luxury bag and he could even afford to treat them to a meal at the most expensive spot in the manor.

Moreover, when it came to the oil painting, Gerald could actually persuade Zack to let the matter go just like that.

How was that possible?

“Alice, what do you think of the incident today?”

Alice was sitting on her bed as she listened to Jacelyn, who was removing her makeup at this time.

After that, she frowned before she said, “I don’t know. Perhaps we’re overthinking this. Didn’t Hayley already call Harper to ask and confirm the situation with him? After all, the only reason why Zack is treating Gerald so well is because Gerald saved his daughter’s life!”

“I guess Zack is just trying to come up with a reason just so Gerald wouldn’t feel too embarrassed about the oil painting. After all, Gerald saved his daughter’s life and that must’ve been a big deal to him.”

Alice felt much better as she thought about this reason.

“Well, I guess that makes sense. I actually thought Gerald was a rich man now! That really scared me to death!” Jacelyn said as she let out a long sigh.

“What? You aren’t calling him Brother Gerald anymore?”

The other girls started laughing among themselves.

“Who’s addressing him in that endearing manner? If he could actually ask Mr. Lyle to give me a good position in any of his businesses in the future, I’ll definitely refer to him that way! At least I wouldn’t have any worries in life at all.”

“Gerald is really lucky. I guess Mr. Lyle would regard the incident today as though he had already repaid Gerald for everything that he had done for his family.”

The girls continued gossiping among themselves.

Alice felt very relieved when she heard what they said. After all, the more Gerald had to suffer, the more relaxed she felt.

It was a strange feeling.

Meanwhile, Gerald did not think too much about this matter at all.

After returning to the dormitory, Gerald and his roommates fell asleep very quickly as they were exhausted after playing and spending the whole day outside.

The next day, it was time for them to go to class.

At this time, Gerald saw Harper and the other boys writing their names on their checks.

When Gerald read the messages in his group chat, he realized that it was time for them to pay their tuition fees.

“Gerald, are you going to wait for the subsidy that you’ll be receiving in two weeks’ time before you pay your tuition fees, or do you have any other way to pay it off?”

In fact, Harper wanted to ask Gerald if Mr. Lyle had given him some money to pay his tuition fees.

However, when he thought about the oil painting last night, Harper did not bother to ask that question anymore.

He was afraid that Gerald would be a pauper again today.

Gerald smiled before he said, “It’s okay. I still have some money left in my bank account and it should be enough to cover my tuition fees. By the way, I’ll go to the classroom a little later because I’ll have to withdraw some cash from the bank!”

Harper could tell that Gerald was not lying. Gerald might actually have some money left to pay for his tuition fees. With this, Harper felt much more relieved.

At this time, Gerald arrived at the bank in front of the university campus.

“I’d like to withdraw one thousand five hundred dollars!” Gerald replied as he passed his bank card to the banker.

The banker inside was a little taken aback.

After checking Gerald’s bank card, she looked at Gerald before looking at the bank card in her hand.

After that, she finally asked Gerald in surprise, “What happened to your bank card? Why did you make so many changes to your bank account?”

There were changes to his bank account?

Gerald was also startled at this time.

In fact, the female banker felt that Gerald was just an ordinary student with no money at all because of the way he was dressed.

Therefore, she spoke to him in a rather impolite and impatient manner.

However, only some of the top customers in the bank could make such changes to their bank account.

At this time, she quickly explained, “Yes, there has been a major change in your bank account. The minimum withdrawal amount for your bank account is now thirty thousand dollars! You cannot withdraw just one thousand five hundred dollars.”

The female banker looked Gerald up and down.

No matter how much she looked at him, this student did not look like he was a wealthy person.

Who made the changes to his bank account?

Gerald knew who had made that change to his bank account.

He knew it right away.

Who else could it be, apart from his sister Jessica?

He really could not understand his sister at all. He was not the type to spend so much money but now, his sister was setting a minimum limit for the amount of cash that he had to withdraw from the bank! She wanted him to live like a second-generation rich kid!

At this time, he took out his cell phone to make a phone call.

The person that he was calling answered the phone right away.

“Sister, were you the one who made the adjustments to my bank account?”

“Yes, I was the one who adjusted and set the minimum withdrawal limit. I know how you’ve been living and I want you to live like a second-generation rich kid now instead of acting and living as though you are still a pauper! I want you to slowly adapt to your new status so you can get a foothold in our family in future!”

Gerald was dumbstruck.

“By the way, I would have called you even if you did not call me today. Changing the minimum withdrawal limit for your bank account is not the only thing I did. Do you remember the Universal Global Supreme Shopper’s Card that I gave to you?”

“There is about one and a half million dollars left in the card. I’ve set the expiry date for the money for the end of the month. If you don’t spend the money in the card by the end of the month, then the money in the card will just go to waste!”


Gerald’s eyes widened in shock.

Too ruthless!

This was too cruel.

She was forcing him to live like a second-generation rich kid.

“You’d better get used to your new status and life as soon as possible. Otherwise, your parents and I will have to worry about how we can finally get you out of the shadow of poverty every day…”

After that, Jessica hung up the phone immediately.

“What’s wrong with you? Are you withdrawing the money or not? Can you stop delaying and wasting our time?”

Unknowingly, there was already a queue behind Gerald and there were about five or six students waiting behind him because they wanted to withdraw money too.

The person who just spoke was a boy who was well-dressed and he had his arms around a beautiful girl as he glared at Gerald with contempt.

Today was the day of their tuition fee payment.

Therefore, it was not surprising that many students were here at the bank to withdraw money to pay for their tuition fees.

When the boy saw how Gerald was dressed and when he saw him talking on the phone for so long, he assumed that Gerald had no money left in his bank account and that was why he had no choice but to call home to ask for money.

“Oh, so did you manage to get your family to put together some money for you? Do you know that all of us are already late for class because of you?”

At this time, the girl in the boy’s arm spoke as she glared at Gerald.

“Alright then, I will withdraw the minimum amount.”

When Gerald saw the long queue behind him, he quickly spoke to the female banker.

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 24

Gerald wanted to withdraw his money as soon as possible so he could leave the bank immediately. Therefore, he decided to withdraw thirty thousand dollars immediately.

He quickly gave his instructions to the female banker behind the counter.

The female banker was doubtful. However, she entered the figure into the computer and subsequently, her computer directly displayed that the withdrawal was successful!

The female banker’s eyes widened in shock immediately.

Thirty thousand dollars!

Oh my god. This student was really rich!

“Sir, your withdrawal is successful!”

After that, the female banker straightened her hair before she stood up and expressed her respect for Gerald.

After that, she picked up the bundle of cash before she placed it onto the money counter.

Buzz buzz…

The machine sounded immediately.

It was all money!

The students who were queueing up in the bank to withdraw money froze in place.

The boys and girls behind Gerald gasped and at this time, people could even fit two eggs into their mouths!

The two people behind him had been ridiculing him earlier because they thought he did not have enough money in his bank account!

However, it seemed as though he had more than enough money!

All the girls in the bank cast a strange look at Gerald at this time.

They seemed to be saying, ‘Handsome guy, please look at me! Please take a look at me!’

Gerald rubbed his nose because he felt a little embarrassed.

After that, he realized that there was no way he could carry so much money with him and he could not possibly carry all that money in his hand.

He looked around and he caught a glimpse of the black garbage bag in the trash can in front of the counter. It had just been replaced so it was still brand new.

Gerald took the black garbage bag before he placed it on the counter.

“You…you want to use this?”

The female banker was utterly surprised.

Was everyone who was wealthy so peculiar?


Gerald did not say much. Instead, he simply took the stack of cash and placed it into his black garbage bag before he took his identification card from the female banker and walked out of the bank.

“Just look at that! He’s rich and you were just ridiculing and making fun of him earlier! Are you even half as rich as he is?”

As soon as Gerald left the bank, everyone began whispering amongst themselves.

At this time, the girl who was in the boy’s arms gave him a look of disgust as she punched him in his chest.

The boy simply glared at Gerald’s back as he replied angrily, “Well, damn it! Why would a wealthy person dress like that?”

Even though Gerald did not want to be late for class, he was already late because of the delay.


Gerald stood at the classroom door.

Cassandra McGregor, the young and beautiful female class representative, glared at Gerald.

“Hahaha. I thought that you’d be too scared to come for class since we’d be paying our tuition fee today!”

After that, Cassandra glanced at the black garbage bag in Gerald’s hand before she said, “Why? Did you go out to pick up garbage because you don’t have enough money to pay your tuition fee?”


As soon as Cassandra said this, everyone in the classroom burst out in laughter.

Gerald did not say anything.

This was because he knew that his class representative had always been very biased towards the rich and she treated the poorer students very differently.

What else could he say?

Therefore, the only people that Cassandra treated very well in class were the wealthy ones such as Danny and Yuri.

They would even go out and have fun together after classes.

Danny, who usually skipped classes and missed out on his exams, could still obtain a high credit score.

He did not even have to apply for time off at all.

However, if Gerald missed a single class without applying for leave, Cassandra would threaten to expel him immediately! Even though it might seem to be an exaggeration, it was nothing but the truth!

“So, I guess you’re going to have to rely on the subsidy to pay your tuition fee for this semester, am I right? I didn’t see Whitney giving any reports about this matter. Anyway, Gerald, let me warn you that the deadline for the tuition fee payment is the end of the month! If you do not pay your tuition fee on time, then I’ll expel you and kick you out of this university without any hesitation at all!”

Cassandra glared coldly at Gerald before she continued, “Alright, take your trash with you and go back to your seat now! How embarrassing!”

Cassandra knew all about Gerald’s situation.

However, Gerald was not mad at all.


Danny, Blondie and the rest of the boys were laughing at this time.

Gerald had an indifferent expression on his face as he said, “Class representative, who said that I am going to delay payment until the end of the month? I’m here to pay my tuition fee today.”

“What? What? You’re going to pay your tuition fee today?”

Cassandra was very surprised.

At this time, Xavia, who was sitting in the middle of the classroom, gave Gerald a cold look.

“Gerald, please don’t do the same thing as you did previously! You paid your tuition fee with one and five dollar notes and I had to count each and every note for a very long time with the help of your classmates!”

Cassandra had a worried expression on her face. During the last semester, Gerald gave everyone a shock when he paid his tuition fee.

Since he did not manage to get the subsidy from the university last semester, Gerald had to pool together all the money that he had earned from his part-time jobs to pay for his tuition fee. At that time, it caused a huge sensation in the university.

Was there really such a poor student in the university?

Cassandra was afraid there would be a repetition of the same scene last year and she would be embarrassed all over again!

“Oh, class representative, I think we’ll have to work overnight again! I feel sorry for my right hand. I thought I’d be able to use it to eat and play games instead!”

Danny, Blondie and the rest of the boys pretended that their hands were hurting and they walked to the front of the class at this time to help the class representative to count the money that Gerald was going to use to pay his tuition fee.

In fact, they were trying to insult and humiliate Gerald.

The expression on Xavia’s face changed immediately because she felt very ashamed that she was Gerald’s ex-girlfriend!

“Hahaha. Alright then. If you want to count the money so badly, then count it slowly and let me know once you’re done counting!”

There was a trace of anger on Gerald’s face at this time.

He dropped the garbage bag in front of the classroom.


At this time, the garbage bag spilled open and the notes scattered all over the front of the classroom…

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 25


All of his classmates were startled.

Danny, who was taunting Gerald and standing at the front of the classroom, had an incredulous expression on his face at this time.

Why was Gerald so rich?

Cassandra also gasped in shocked and she felt a little out of breath at this time.

Even Xavia was shocked at this time.

This money…there was at least thirty thousand dollars there!

“Gerald, where did you get so much money?” Cassandra could not help but ask at this time.

“Yes, Gerald. I think there should be at least twenty or thirty thousand dollars there, right?”

The female students could not help asking.

“Well, yes, it is thirty thousand dollars. As for where it came from, it is because…I won the lottery!”

Gerald replied immediately.

He could not tell anyone that this was simply because his sister had set the limit for his bank account to a minimum of thirty thousand dollars per transaction because everyone would treat him as a fool…

Gerald did not like to show off his wealth unless he had no choice to do so, like he did today.

“You won the lottery?”

Gerald’s words caused quite a huge commotion among all his classmates.

Danny and Blondie looked like fools as they stood at the front of the classroom at this time.

They were initially planning to taunt and humiliate Gerald in front of their classmates but who would have expected Gerald to actually throw thirty thousand dollars in front of them just so they could count it?

Both of them felt very embarrassed.

They could only stand awkwardly in front of the classroom as it would be even more embarrassing for them to retreat now.

At this time, Xavia asked with a nervous expression on her face, “Gerald, how much did you win from the lottery?”

She was breathing very fast at this time.

She was afraid that Gerald would have won millions of dollars in the lottery. If that really happened, she would really want to jump off the building!

No! Absolutely not!

How could someone who was just dumped by her have such good luck?

No way!

Gerald smiled indifferently before he said, “Not much. Not that much!”

“How much is not much? Thirty thousand dollars?”

Cassandra asked as she looked at Gerald with a strange expression on her face.

“More than that…” Gerald simply replied.

What did that even mean?

All of Gerald’s classmates felt very anxious at this time because they wanted to know how much money Gerald had won. This was because all of them, including Cassandra, had always despised and looked down on Gerald. To them, Gerald had always been a pauper who deserved to be mocked and ridiculed.

However, now that he had won the lottery, his classmates’ self-esteem started to fall!

They were all envious and jealous of him!

“It should be easy for you to count one thousand five hundred dollars, right?”

Gerald said as he glanced coldly at Danny who was dumbfounded at this time.

He took out one thousand five hundred dollars from the pile of cash before he threw it in front of Cassandra.

After that, he turned around and faced his classmates as he said, “Which one of you would be willing to lend me your backpack today?”

Since he had already revealed his riches, Gerald no longer felt the need to act as pitiful and useless as he did before. He wanted to be a little more like Danny and Yuri, who could use money to their own advantage, and get people to work and butter up to him.

Therefore, Gerald decided to borrow a backpack to place his money in instead!

“Gerald, you can use my backpack!”

“Gerald, why don’t you take my backpack instead? I don’t really need it today.”

“Gerald, Gerald…”

At this time, all of his classmates quickly called him by name because they wanted to offer Gerald their backpacks.

In the end, Gerald simply borrowed one of his classmate’s backpack.

After that, he placed the remaining twenty-eight thousand five hundred dollars into the backpack.

“Why are you sucking up to him? He only has thirty thousand dollars anyway! Moreover, he even has to pay by cash! He’s nothing but a nouveau riche.”

Danny and Blondie said in a vicious manner.

Xavia looked at Gerald with an extremely uncomfortable look on her face. She wanted to talk to Gerald but she felt very embarrassed.

She did not know what to do.

If she had broken up with Gerald just a few days later, she knew that he would have spent the thirty thousand dollars on her without any hesitation at all!

“Gerald, you’re so lucky. Moreover, it seems as though you’re really popular among your classmates! All of them are offering to lend you their backpacks! Since you’re already rich now, don’t you think you should treat your classmates to a meal?”

At this time, Cassandra, who was standing at the front of the classroom, suddenly spoke in a bitter manner.

“Yes! Gerald, you have thirty thousand dollars in cash! You should treat all of us to a nice dinner!”

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 26

“I wonder if you’d be willing to treat us to dinner, Gerald? After all, we’ve been classmates for more than three years,” some of the girls chimed in at this time.

Gerald thought to himself. Since he had already said that he had already won the lottery, people would feel uncomfortable if he did not offer to treat them to a meal.

In fact, Gerald was initially planning to treat Naomi and his roommates to a nice dinner.

But now…

Gerald simply replied, “Alright then. I’ll treat all of you to dinner tonight. Anyone who would like to come can do so.”

In fact, the meaning behind Gerald’s words was that people who felt they were close to him could attend the dinner if they wanted to.


All his classmates started cheering immediately and their lessons seemed even more interesting that day. Moreover, more and more people were gathering around Gerald as they wanted to know how much money Gerald had won from the lottery. However, Gerald refused to say anything at all and this made all his classmates very anxious!

“Brother Danny, are we going for the dinner tonight? Should we? I think that kid is trying to provoke us on purpose!” Blondie said in a bitter manner.

The person that he had been bullying and despising all this while was suddenly better than him! Of course, he would feel uncomfortable about the situation.

Blondie felt that way.

“Hahaha. Of course we have to go! We have to go so we can make this kid bleed tonight…”

Danny smiled and stroked his chin as he stared at Gerald.

Blondie understood what Danny meant immediately. “Alright, Brother Danny! You’re really the best!”

Later at noon, Gerald decided to book a restaurant to host the dinner that night. He had to show his classmates that he was more than willing to treat them to dinner so of course, he had to host the dinner at one of the restaurants on Mayberry Commercial Street.

However, he knew that he could not choose a restaurant that was too luxurious and high end. Otherwise, everyone would say he was pretending to be a wealthy person when he was not that well-to-do anyway.

Therefore, Gerald decided to book a restaurant called Homeland Kitchen to host the dinner at instead. This was because this was much more casual compared to the luxurious Grand Marshall Restaurant down the street.

As soon as he entered the restaurant, Gerald saw a few people whom he knew in the restaurant.

“Manager, I’ve spent quite a lot of money here today. I paid more than three hundred dollars per head! You have to give me a discount when I come here again in the future…”

“Hahaha. That would be no problem at all, Mr. Wright. I’ll definitely give you a discount when you come again next time!”

“Brother Victor really has a very good reputation!”

“What nonsense are you spouting? Do you know who Victor is? He’s driving an Audi A6 now! Moreover, Homeland Kitchen is one of the most prestigious restaurants on Mayberry Commercial Street. Whoever marries Victor will definitely live a good life in the future!”

“Whitney, the reason why we can come and eat at this restaurant today is because Brother Victor is giving you face…”

Gerald looked around at the group of people in the restaurant at this time. Whitney, the president of the student union, Victor, the vice president of the student union, and a few of Whitney’s friends were here at this time.

They were all looking at Victor with admiration written all over their faces.

“Hello, sir!”

Gerald did not want to run into any of them and he especially wanted to avoid Whitney because her mouth was like a cannon. He wanted to turn around and host his dinner at another restaurant instead. However, the waiter discovered him and he quickly bowed as he greeted Gerald in a very loud voice.

Victor and the other guests turned around to look at them immediately.

When Victor saw Gerald, his eyes lit up in an instant.


Whitney shouted suspiciously. After that, she asked, “What are you doing at a place like Homeland Kitchen?”

In her eyes, Gerald was someone who had to work hard every day to make enough money to sustain himself. If he did not think of how he could make some money today, he would definitely have to worry about what he could afford to eat tomorrow.

Why would he possibly come to such a high-end restaurant as this?

“Perhaps he’s taking up a part-time job here!”

“Hahaha. We still have classes later in the afternoon and he’s here to take up a part-time job now?”

“Hahaha. I guess he came out here secretly because he doesn’t have enough money to pay off his tuition fee today! I guess he’s trying to work part-time and earn some extra money here today! Otherwise, he’d be expelled for being unable to afford to pay his tuition fee.”

The four or five girls who knew all about Gerald’s situation laughed as they talked among themselves.

Whitney had a cold expression on her face as she continued questioning Gerald. “Gerald, are you trying to take up some part-time job now when we still have classes in the afternoon? Do you believe that I’ll report this to the student department so that you will get a penalty and credit deduction? Even if you make enough money to pay for your tuition fee, I will make sure that you can’t graduate because you do not have enough credits to do so!”

Victor sneered as he stared at Gerald. Gerald had always relied on his good academic performance to continue studying in this university. However, despite running into him, the vice president of the student union, Gerald did not even bother to greet him at all. Victor wanted to see how Gerald was going to survive without the student union’s help and subsidy.

“I’m not here to work part-time. I’m here to book a room for dinner.”

Gerald was also a little furious and frustrated when he heard Whitney and the rest of her friends insulting and making fun of him, so he simply replied to her in an indifferent manner.

After that, he headed directly to the counter.

“What? He’s here to book a room for dinner?”

Whitney and the rest of her friends were stunned at this time and they were filled with even more contempt and disgust for Gerald…

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 27

“Gerald, you want to book a room for dinner? Based on your ability? Oh my god. Do you even know how much it costs to have dinner here?”

Whitney looked at Gerald with a cold expression on her face as though she was staring at an idiot.

She thought that this guy was crazy. Why would he possibly think that he would be able to afford a meal at Homeland Kitchen?

“Beauty, do you know this man?” the manager asked as he looked at Whitney with a smile on his face.

To be honest, looking at Gerald’s dressing and the clothes that he was wearing, the manager did not feel that Gerald would be able to afford a meal here.

This was because the prices to dine here ranged from one hundred and fifty dollars to two thousand five hundred dollars per person.

Two thousand five hundred dollars was the price for the booking of a private room, excluding the cost for the consumption of food and drinks.

This was because on Mayberry Commercial Street, Homeland Kitchen was known for the taste and quality of their food!

If the customer could only afford to pay one hundred and fifty dollars, they could only get a seat in the main hall. There was a different entrance fee for each floor.

However, the manager felt that Gerald might be able to afford the cheapest entrance fee. The manager was not snobbish and she did not look down on Gerald but she had only asked about Gerald because she was curious as they knew each other.

“Of course we know him! This person is famous for being a pauper in Mayberry University! He’s so poor that he can’t even afford to pay for his own meals or his tuition fees!”

“Yes, and he’s still thinking of dining at this restaurant?”

The two girls standing behind Whitney also spoke up at this time.

Victor laughed before he shook his head and said, “Whitney, don’t say that. Who knows if Gerald is here today because he’s running an errand for Danny or any of the other boys? Perhaps he’s just here to book a room on their behalf?”

“That’s true…”

At this time, the manager smiled before she looked at Gerald and said, “Sir, may I know if you’d like to book a room for yourself or a friend? I’m not implying anything by this. I’m simply trying to confirm your booking. Besides that, which package would you like to book?”

Gerald was relieved because this female manager was actually very polite and she was not in the least snobbish at all.

He quickly nodded before he said, “I’m booking the room for myself. I’m treating some of my friends to dinner tonight and I’d like to book three tables.”

“Hahaha. You’re making the booking for yourself and also treating others to dinner? Are you kidding me?”

Whitney laughed as she held onto her belly.

Even though they had already settled the bill, they had no intention of leaving at all. They wanted to stay and see how Gerald could afford to pay for the private room that he wanted to book.

Gerald could not be bothered with them. He had heard that Whitney and the rest of them had ordered the three hundred dollars package for each of them.

However, after looking at the menu, Gerald felt that there was nothing delicious on the menu. If he wanted to treat his classmates to a delicious meal, he had to pay for a more expensive package per head.

Therefore, Gerald replied, “I’d like to book the six hundred dollar package! Please help me book three nice tables!”

“Alright then, sir. You’ll need to pay five thousand dollars as a deposit! “

The manager smiled slightly at this time, while Whitney and the rest of them were startled. Gerald was actually asking for a more expensive package compared to Victor and he was actually booking three tables for dinner tonight!

Was he going to order this expensive package and eat only spicy and sour potato shreds?

Crazy! This man was absolutely insane!

Was he rich?

This was ridiculous.

Gerald did not even hesitate before he simply took out five thousand dollars from his backpack and placed it on the counter in front of the manager.

Whitney was stunned for a moment. “Okay, Gerald! It seems as though you have enough money to come out for a good meal! Then, let me tell you that I won’t be helping you apply for any subsidy to pay off your school fees! You won’t receive any money to pay for your tuition fee this semester!”

“Thanks for worrying about me but I’ve already paid my own tuition fee.”

Gerald did not know what else to say to this girl.

Even though Whitney was very beautiful, she was very snobbish and she only had eyes for the rich and wealthy. She always treated those who were poorer as dirt on the ground.

However, Gerald felt that Mila, the girl whom he had met in the auditorium the other day, was really nice. The impression that Gerald had of her was that she was very beautiful and quiet, and just one glance at her made Gerald’s heart palpitate uncontrollably. Unfortunately, she was not here today.

Whitney’s eyes widened in shock at this time. “What did you just say? You’ve already paid your tuition fee for this semester? You even have five thousand dollars on you now? Does that mean you have some money now? What…what’s going on?”

“Oh, I won the lottery.”

Gerald was helpless. If he did not say anything to clarify the situation, this woman would continue nagging him until she died. Therefore, he decided to carry on with his lie.

“You won the lottery? How much did you win?” Whitney asked in a hurry.

She felt that Gerald was not acting himself at all. First of all, he was being too generous. The deposit that he paid for the three tables alone was five thousand dollars! Moreover, he would also have to fork out money for drinks tonight. After all, this restaurant was famous for their wine and liquors. This way, Gerald would have to pay tens of thousands of dollars for dinner tonight.

In other words, Gerald must have won more than thirty thousand dollars. No, he must have at least fifty thousand dollars or more! Otherwise, he could not possibly be so arrogant!

“Uh…not much, not much.”

After that, Gerald closed his backpack before he turned around to leave immediately.

Why did he have to reveal so much to Whitney?

Anyway, he did not want anything to do with her at all.

“What? So, he just won the lottery? What’s the big deal? He can’t even be compared to the rich second generation anyway.”

When he saw the arrogant expression on Gerald’s face and how uncomfortable Whitney felt, Victor spoke up immediately.

“Whitney, what is the point of getting angry at someone like him? When I return to the university later, I’ll ask Danny and his friends to take care of this arrogant kid!” Victor said coldly.

“Yes! Isn’t it just tens of thousands of dollars anyway? Why is he acting so arrogant?”

Whitney’s friends also chimed in at this time.

After that, Whitney made up her mind. She had to get to the bottom of this matter and find out how much money Gerald had actually won from the lottery!

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 28

She felt so anxious right now!

However, Gerald had already taken a taxi back to their university.

During their classes in the afternoon, Gerald was very happy because the look of contempt that his classmates previously had for him had completely disappeared. In fact, there were still a number of people who were jealous of him.

“Gerald, what place did you book for dinner tonight? Is it an ordinary small restaurant?”

As soon as classes ended, Danny and Blondie went over to Gerald as they asked him with a sly smile on their faces.

At this time, most of his classmates looked at Gerald out of curiosity.

Gerald smiled before he replied, “Well, since this is the first time that I’d be treating all my classmates to dinner, I’ve already booked three tables at Homeland Kitchen tonight.”

“What? Homeland Kitchen?”

Danny was stunned and all of Gerald’s classmates also cast shocked glances in Gerald’s direction.

“Gerald, are you talking about the Homeland Kitchen restaurant on Mayberry Commercial Street?” Xavia asked in a cold manner as she walked towards Gerald.

Homeland Restaurant was a luxurious restaurant that would easily cost more than a few thousand dollars per head, without any drinks.

If Gerald had only won thirty thousand dollars from the lottery, he would have to spend almost all that money just to buy his classmates a meal tonight.

Even though Xavia had already broken up with Gerald, she felt very distressed for the way that he would be spending that thirty thousand dollars.

She was not feeling sorry for Gerald but she wanted Gerald to spend that money on her instead. She felt as uncomfortable as she had when Gerald was buying the Hermes bag that cost him fifty five thousand dollars!

In her opinion, she felt that Gerald should spend all of that money on her!

“Yes, that’s the restaurant that I am talking about,” Gerald replied as he smiled.

“Damn it. You’re a lunatic!” Xavia roared as she glared at Gerald.

“Hahaha. Gerald is just being generous towards his friends. By the way, Gerald, are we allowed to bring our boyfriend or girlfriend with us tonight?”

Even though Danny was pretending to be very respectful, he could not hide the contempt he was feeling in his heart.

Harper stood up at this time before he said, “Danny, aren’t you ashamed of yourself? How could you actually have the audacity to show up at the dinner tonight after the way you’ve treated Gerald this whole time?”

“Harper, Gerald is treating all of us to dinner tonight. Since he’s won the lottery, we’re all also feeling very happy for him. So, how could we possibly not show up for the dinner tonight?”

Danny smiled satirically.

At this time, Gerald replied in a helpless manner, “Sure, you can come along if you want to. You can also bring your girlfriends along with you.”

Gerald knew what Danny was planning to do but he could not be bothered at all.


All the boys and girls in the classroom were very excited at this time.

When Xavia saw Gerald’s indifference and how he did not seem to care about the money at all, she could not help but feel very upset. She was initially planning to take Gerald’s money from him!

However, Gerald was even more hateful!


She would do as he pleased then. She would ask Yuri to come along with her tonight so he could eat as much delicious food and drink as much wine and liquor as he could!

Xavia pondered to herself.

Was that what Danny meant anyway?

After that, someone naturally informed Yuri about the dinner tonight.

Moreover, Cassandra had also decided to attend the dinner. She even drove Danny and his friends along with her.

At this time, Gerald and Harper also went to the restaurant by a taxi.

“Oh my! Gerald really booked a room at Homeland Kitchen!”

Danny was really surprised. However, this was exactly what he planned for.

“Mr. Crawford, I’m afraid that the original three tables you’ve booked wouldn’t be enough to accommodate all of you. I think you have to add on at least another table,” the female manager hurriedly said when she saw the crowd of people in the lobby.

“Alright then. I will add on another table!” Gerald replied immediately. This was the first time that he had really spent so lavishly after becoming part of the rich second generation.

“Wait a minute! Gerald, if we are really going to add another table, don’t you think you should also book another luxurious private room since our class representative is here?” Danny smiled as he asked Gerald at this time.

“Yes, since our class representative is here, how could you possibly expect her to share the same room as the other students?”

Danny and his friends started booing Gerald at this time.

Cassandra simply stood at the side as she crossed her arms in front of her chest because she wanted to see how Gerald would reply. Meanwhile, Harper was standing beside Gerald and he would have attacked Danny if the class representative was not around.

Gerald did not reply.

At this time, Yuri sneered before he laughed and said, “Well, I also think that you should add on another luxurious private room, Gerald. If you feel reluctant to spend so much money tonight, then I can just pay for the additional luxurious private room for the class representative. What do you think?”

Yuri sneered. In fact, he was just trying to humiliate Danny as much as he could. After booking the private room, he would make sure that he ordered more food and wine there so that Gerald would have to pay a lot more for the final bill tonight. Most importantly, Yuri said that because he wanted to show that he was capable and wealthy.

Sure enough, at this time, Cassandra looked at Yuri with a look of appreciation on her face. Xavia also felt very proud of Yuri at this moment. After all, Gerald had always been nothing but a pauper!

Just look at Yuri. This was what a real second-generation rich kid was like!

“Another luxurious private room? If that is what you really want, then I am fine with paying for it,” Gerald replied as he smiled faintly. Since Yuri wanted to do this, he could do whatever he wanted to. Anyway, Gerald owned this restaurant…

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 29

After that, Gerald added the luxury private room that was worth more than two thousand five hundred dollars per head.

Those who could be in the luxurious private room were naturally the most popular students in the classroom—Danny, Xavia, Yuri, Cassandra, Gerald and his roommates, and last but not least, Naomi.

The other students could only head to the other private room.

“Yuri, since we’re already in this super luxurious private room, who would place the order for food today?” Gerald asked as he smiled at this time.

“Don’t you have any manners at all? Yuri is our guest today so it is only natural for him to order what he wants to eat first! Why? Are you afraid that Yuri will order too much and you won’t be able to afford to pay for dinner tonight?” Xavia suddenly said in a contemptuous manner.

Of course, Yuri had to order some food first. Otherwise, Xavia was afraid that Gerald would only order spicy and sour potato shreds.

If that was really the case, then their plan to spend all of Gerald’s money would not work at all.

In fact, when they were in Yuri’s car on the way to the restaurant, they had already discussed this matter with Danny and the other boys.

They were planning to make Gerald pay more than tens of thousands of dollars for the dinner tonight.

After that, they had to make sure that he spent an additional ten thousand dollars at least. They wanted Gerald to pay at least twenty thousand dollars or more for the dinner tonight. Moreover, Yuri had already decided to combine forces and financial resources with Danny to defeat Gerald tonight.

That would be more than enough!

“Alright then. Just order whatever you want to!” Gerald replied as he smiled bitterly.

Harper, who was sitting at the side, kept nudging Gerald to remind him of the situation but Gerald simply shook his head, motioning for them not to worry about him because he knew what he was doing.

“Alright then, thank you!”

Yuri took the menu in his hand before he started looking at the menu from the last page.

After all, Homeland Kitchen’s signature dishes were all listed on the last few pages of the menu and these were the more expensive dishes.

“The Australian big lobster! The Australian abalone!”

Danny and the rest of the boys observed the expression on Gerald’s face as Yuri continued ordering some of the signature dishes. They wanted to see the anxious and tangled expression on his face.

However, Gerald was still indifferent and he showed no fear on his face at all.

Even though Yuri was ordering the food at this time, he was still calculating in his heart.

After all, he only had three thousand to four thousand dollars left for the month and Danny only had one thousand five hundred dollars. That meant that they only had a total of five thousand five hundred dollars to splurge today.

In other words, they had to make sure that they did not spend more than ten thousand dollars today.

Otherwise they would really be embarrassed when they couldn’t afford to settle the bill.

Yuri ordered some of the famous signature dishes from the last few pages of the menu.

After doing the math, he realized that the four dishes that he ordered would already amount to four thousand five hundred dollars, excluding the cost of wine and liquor.

After that, Yuri handed the menu over to Gerald with a cold expression on his face.

Even though he was going to spend a lot of money here today, he was more than willing to do so because he wanted Gerald to spend all the money that he had here today. Otherwise, he would feel very uncomfortable.

“What? You only ordered four of the signature dishes from the last few pages of the menu? That would only cost around three thousand dollars!”

Gerald laughed out loud at this time.

“What do you mean by that? You can pick more of the signature dishes if you want to. Anyway, you can never compare to Yuri no matter what you do!”

Xavia was extremely dissatisfied when she saw Gerald mocking Yuri.

At this time, Cassandra, who was on her cell phone, could only shake her head slightly as she listened in on the conversation.

She thought that Gerald was really stupid. How could he possibly compare and compete with someone like Yuri when he only had that small sum of money that he had won from the lottery?

“Waitress, how many signature dishes are there on the menu?” Gerald looked at the waitress as he smiled.

“Sir, there are a total of twenty signature dishes on the menu and all of these are the top dishes in Homeland Kitchen. Only the wealthiest people can usually afford to order four of these signature dishes at one go! The price of these four dishes already amount to around four to five thousand dollars. What ordinary dishes would you like to add on to your order?”

“Oh, so that is it?”

Gerald closed the menu immediately.

“Alright then, just bring us all twenty signature dishes from the menu. We will enjoy it slowly!”


The waitress was shocked and she dropped her ordering machine on the floor.

The twenty dishes would probably cost more than fifteen thousand dollars!

Oh my god!

She had never served food like this before!

“Damn it! Gerald, are you insane? The price of these twenty signature dishes and the package will amount to at least twenty thousand dollars!”

Danny was shocked.

Yuri also felt very nervous as he calculated the amount of money that he had on hand. Initially, he was just trying to play around with Gerald so that he could humiliate him. However, he did not expect this reaction from Gerald at all.

Gerald could see the abnormal expression on Yuri’s face and he realized that he had been silent all this while. Gerald smiled before he said, “Yuri, why don’t we order some drinks? Why aren’t you saying anything at all? ARe the dishes I’ve ordered too expensive for you?”

“How could it possibly be too expensive for me? You can dream on! This is just a small sum of money to me. I’m just afraid that you wouldn’t be able to pay for all the three tables downstairs with just thirty thousand dollars! I’m afraid that you’d embarrass all of us here today,” Yuri retorted immediately.

Was a pauper who everyone looked down on actually ridiculing him at this time?

This was totally unacceptable!

“Yeah, Gerald do you even know what you’re doing now? Yuri might be splitting the bill with you for the luxurious private room but you have to remember that you still have to foot the bill for the three tables that you’ve booked downstairs too! Although they have not ordered any of the signature dishes, I’m sure they must have also ordered drinks for each table! That would definitely cost you a few thousand dollars already!”

“Are you sure you’ll be able to pay for the dinner tonight or are you just trying to save face when you order all those items? Remember that this is Homeland Kitchen on Mayberry Commercial Street!”

The girls who were close to Xavia were already worried at this time.

“Don’t worry, I know what I’m doing. Moreover, I have Yuri here with me. Since Yuri has said it’s okay, we should order some drinks too!”

Gerald turned around before he asked the waitress, “By the way, how old is the red wine that you serve here?”

“We have quite an extensive collection of red wines. The oldest red wine is from 1995 and it’s a bottle of luxury wine that costs one thousand and five hundred dollars.”

The waitress immediately recommended Gerald the most expensive wine in the restaurant when she saw that Gerald was so generous anyway.

Gerald could just reject the offer. After all, the dishes were already so expensive. Secondly, if Gerald did not want to reject the offer, she would be able to earn more commission anyway.

One thousand five hundred dollars for a bottle of red wine?

When Danny and Yuri heard the price of the red wine, they broke out in cold sweat immediately. Even Cassandra and Xavia were taken aback at this time.

“Gerald, I’m warning you that you’d better calculate and keep track of how much you can afford to pay for dinner tonight. Otherwise, you might end up not having enough money to pay for the dinner tonight!”

Xavia was also feeling a little afraid because of the amount of money that they were spending tonight. She was really afraid that Gerald would order another two bottles of red wine on impulse.

“Bring a box of that red wine here!”

Unexpectedly, Gerald placed the order for the red wine without any hesitation at all.

There were six bottles of red wine in a box.

Wouldn’t that amount to more than nine thousand dollars?

Oh my god!

Gerald Crawford:The Secretly Rich Man Novel (Invisible or Poorest) Chapter 30
“Gerald, are you serious? You want a box of the red wine?”

This had seriously exceeded Yuri’s expectations. However, it was too late for him to retreat now or Gerald would beat him just like that.

“Of course I’m sure about my decision. However, if you find it too expensive, you can change the red wine for something cheaper, Yuri…” Gerald said once again.

Gerald had already been despised and bullied by these boys for the past three years. This was nothing to him today. He wanted to seek justice for all that he had suffered in the past.

After listening to Gerald’s ridicule, Yuri simply gritted his teeth and said, “I don’t think it’s expensive at all! You can just order whatever you want! I will just split the bill with you at the end of the day.”

“Okay. Okay then. I can rest assured now. By the way, waitress, I hope you remember that this young man and I will be splitting the bill for this luxurious private room!”

Gerald was afraid that Yuri would not admit it in the end. Therefore, he decided to remind the waitress of this fact in front of everyone.

The waitress nodded before she said, “Yes, sir! I know. If that’s the case, I’ll serve the food right away!”

The rest of them did not care at all. No matter what it was, it seemed as though Gerald and Yuri would not admit defeat anyway. This would be the most record-breaking meal that they ever had in their life.

Everyone started drinking the high-end red wine at this time. As they were eating and drinking, Gerald opened a special system website on his cell phone. This was a website used to manage all of the shops and businesses on Mayberry Commercial Street, with detailed information on each and every one of these shops here.

In fact, Zack had handed this website over to Gerald when he signed the renewal contract the last time. Therefore, Gerald decided to log in to take a look at this time as he wanted to check out the prices of the dishes and wine that he had ordered.

The import prices for the six bottles of red wine was a little more than six thousand dollars. Furthermore, the cost for the ordinary dishes for the three tables in the private room downstairs and the signature dishes that they enjoyed in the luxurious private room cost about three thousand dollars. Therefore, Gerald would lose about nine thousand dollars for this meal tonight.

However, Yuri and the others would have to spend at least ten to eleven thousand dollars tonight! Otherwise, Gerald would not have continued fighting against Yuri in this manner.

The classmates continued enjoying their food and drinks for more than two hours.

Yuri and Danny were not very happy as they ate their dinner. They kept holding their cell phones in their hands and everyone else did not know what they were doing…

After they were finally done eating and drinking, Gerald looked at Yuri and Danny, who had anxious looks on their faces.

“What now, Yuri? If we’re done with dinner, should we checkout and pay for the meal now? By the way, Yuri, the waitress already knows that we are splitting the bill for this luxurious private room. So, don’t tell me you have no money to pay for the meal later! Otherwise, you’d really be in a lot of trouble tonight!”

“What? Why would I be afraid of you?” Yuri said in a bitter manner.

To be honest, he did not have enough money at the moment. In fact, he had already spent the whole night trying to raise more money with Danny. As Gerald had already specifically mentioned the fact that he would be splitting the bill with Yuri to the waitress, there was no way for Yuri to get out of this at all!

Moreover, all of the friends that he had texted did not bother answering their phones or replying to his messages as soon as they saw that he wanted to borrow some money from them!

Damn it!

“Gerald, what are you implying? After paying for this meal tonight, you’ll be nothing more than a pauper once again! So, why don’t you worry about yourself instead?” Xavia said as she glared angrily at Gerald.

After that, she looked at Yuri before she said, “Brother Yuri, why don’t we go to the counter to pay for the food now? Let’s see who shall be the one crying later!”

Even though Xavia also felt distressed because Yuri had to spend so much money on this dinner, she thought that it was totally worth it since Gerald would become a pauper again after tonight!

As they were talking, the group of people, including all their classmates who enjoyed dinner at the other three tables, also headed downstairs.

Everyone was gathered in the lobby at this time.

Gerald’s classmates were undoubtedly very happy with the meal that they had enjoyed tonight.

Even though most of them did not get to enjoy their dinner in the luxurious private room, they still felt very grateful towards Gerald.

“Hello, sir. In addition to the three tables in the private room downstairs, Mr. Crawford and Mr. Lowell will be splitting the bill for the luxurious private room upstairs. Each of you will need to pay eleven thousand dollars after splitting the bill.”


“That meal cost twenty two thousand dollars? Oh my god!”

Everyone was shocked at this time.

Gerald was indifferent as he took out the money from his backpack before he immediately settled the bill for the eleven thousand dollars and the three tables for his classmates downstairs.

At this time, it seemed as though Gerald only had six to seven thousand dollars left.

However, this meal had actually cost him only about seven to eight thousand dollars.

After paying the bill, Gerald looked at Yuri before he said, “Yuri, aren’t you going to settle the bill now? Everyone’s waiting to go home!”


Yuri looked a little embarrassed at this time.

He regretted his actions now. He had only decided to continue fighting heads on with Gerald because he was angry earlier. Moreover, he thought that he would be able to borrow some money from his friends before settling the bill. Unfortunately, he did not manage to do so.

Everyone was staring at Yuri at this time and this made him feel very stressed and embarrassed.

“Well, miss, could you please put this bill under my name and I’ll settle the payment tomorrow instead?” Yuri asked with a softer tone at this time.

He did not know what else to do.

“Sir, please don’t joke around with us. We do not accept credit payment here!”

When the manager saw the awkward expression on Yuri’s face, she started being very rude and impolite to him.

“If you really don’t have enough to pay off this bill, why don’t you call your parents or borrow some money from your friends?”

At this time, Yuri looked at Xavia and all of her classmates.

All of Xavia’s classmates looked out of the restaurant at this time, as though they had already made an agreement to do so.

Yuri was very annoyed at this time. He did not dare to call his father as if his father found out that he had spent eleven thousand dollars on a meal just to prove he was richer than his friend, his father would definitely kill him!

His family only owned a factory!

“I can offer you another way out. You could leave one of your classmates here to wait for you and leave the restaurant to find a way to raise the money. Moreover, I see that you have a car parked outside. You could leave the car behind as collateral.”

“No! How could I possibly leave this car here tonight? This is my father’s car! I have to drive it home tonight!” Yuri said anxiously.

Homeland Kitchen was located on Mayberry Commercial Street and Yuri cannot afford to offend anyone here.

He was already at a dead end.


Gerald’s classmates began whispering among themselves at this time. It turned out that the car actually belonged to Yuri’s father.

Xavia also felt very embarrassed.

The manager spoke up and said, “Well, it looks like you can only leave someone here to wait for you while you raise the money then.”

“Hello? Hello? Okay, Dad I am going home now. Wait for me!” As soon as he finished this sentence, Danny rushed out of the restaurant to answer a phone call.

These were not his classmates.

Therefore, in the end, Yuri could only look at Xavia as he said, “Manager, may I leave my girlfriend here to wait for me?”

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