The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2131-2140

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2131
“I just received a warning from my compass that someone is close to you. I was worried that there might be some danger, so I did a fortune telling for you. If I’m not mistaken, it should be someone from Yearning Island, which means a member of the Crawford family has come.” Even though there was no one around, Master Ghost still lowered his voice and spoke using a voice that only the two of them could hear.

“You knew about this as well?” Gerald raised his head.

“What do you mean?” Master Ghost asked in surprise.

“To be honest, when I walked out of the interrogation room, I could clearly feel that a cultivator has appeared near me. However, it was just a brief moment, and I didn’t use the power of my Herculean Primordial Spirit to sense his presence.” Gerald sighed deeply.

He had previously thought that it was just a coincidence and maybe the cultivator had come here just by chance without having anything to do with him.

But now, with Master Ghost’s words, he was totally alerted.

It was a member of the Crawfords from Yearning Island!

Gerald trusted Master Ghost’s skills in fortune telling. Since the day Gerald had come to know him, he had never made a mistake, not even a slight deviation. If he said that the man was a Crawford, then a Crawford he was.

“So, you have sensed him as well.” Master Ghost nodded. “I have been predicting your future for you all this time, fearing that you might encounter any danger. But I didn’t expect that the Crawford family would be so fast in catching up with you. I really don’t know what kind of method they used to find out about you coming to Japan and even pinpointing your exact location.”

“A cultivation family has many chances to investigate my whereabouts. It’s just that we don’t know the reason that person came here, whether he just wants to find out my whereabouts and report to the family, or he is like Will’s men, wanting to kill me.”

Recalling Will’s action on Gong Island, Gerald couldn’t help but laugh and shake his head. He had never been interested in or wanted to get the position as the patriarch of the Crawford family whatsoever.

He didn’t expect that Will would take it so seriously to the extent that he had defied Daryl’s order and sent his men to kill him. This was out of Gerald’s expectation.

“Anyway, we should be careful. They didn’t manage to harm you after sending men out twice when we were on Gong Island. This time, they might send a very strong cultivator in the family. Although your ability is very strong, you still have to be careful, otherwise, you might be hit. If anything happens to you, it will be difficult to save your parents. Besides, the Futaba family has gotten into so much trouble lately, and they need your help.”

Master Ghost let out a long sigh. He could feel that Gerald was in a very difficult situation. It could really be said that he was in hot water.

“Don’t worry. I have a plan in mind.” Gerald nodded his head gently.

Although he had said so to Master Ghost, he was still a bit worried. After all, the Crawford family was not a common family. If Will were to find out about his situation, he might send out the strongest cultivator of the family, or even come here in person.

Although it was not fatal, it would cause him a lot of trouble.

Meanwhile, on the path outside the training ground, a seemingly ordinary looking person was walking along the path, wearing a hat with a long brim. If he wasn’t standing in front of you, you couldn’t see his face clearly.

He was the one who had come from Yearning Island.

Amare Crawford, the third-strongest cultivator in the Crawford family. He was stout, and his height was nearly two meters. Even with his clothes on, the outline of his muscles was still visible.

He had originally been ordered by Daryl to go outside on an errand. Will had seized this opportunity and asked him to take a detour to Japan to finish off Gerald, and in order to please the future patriarch, he did not refuse.

To him, it was the same to kill anyone.

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2132
With his strength, he didn’t even have to delay anything. Once he found the man, he would just kill him with one blow.

However, the information he received from Will only showed that Gerald was in Japan. He had found this place because he knew that Gerald had come here with another Westoner special forces agent to participate in the special forces competition. However, he didn’t dare to use his essential qi to sense Gerald’s location, fearing that once he was exposed, he would fail in the mission Will had given him.

So, he could only search around this place bit by bit. Daryl had given him half a month for the errand, so he could only stay in Japan for about a week.

After one week, regardless of whether he could kill Gerald or not, he would have to return to Yearning Island. If Daryl found out that he had used the time he was given for his mission to settle the matter for Will, he would surely be punished most severely by the family.

This was not just a rumor, but it was a proven fact.

Anyone who disobeyed the order of the patriarch would be thrown into the Pit of Thousand Snakes.

It was a three meter wide and more than ten meters deep pit that was used to keep hundreds of poisonous snakes. Any ordinary man would be killed once he was bitten.

Those who disobeyed the patriarch would be thrown into the pit and forced to stay there for an entire night. If he survived the next day, it would be considered that he had received his punishment, and his mistake would be forgiven. If he did not, he would become food for the snakes.

Living in the family for so many years, Amare had never seen anyone get out of the pit alive. Usually, when they opened it, there were only poisonous snakes and a pile of white bones left.

Thinking of this, Amare broke out in a cold sweat. At the same time, he decided in his heart that he had to get back to the family in time. Although his strength was immense, he might still not be an opponent of those poisonous snakes.

An afternoon passed quietly.

In the evening, when the sky had turned dark, Gerald and the two returned to their residence.

Fujiko followed them.

“Miss Fujiko, what would you like to eat? I can go outside and buy it for you.” Aiden went to the bathroom to wash his face. After a whole day of training, not only were his clothes soaked with sweat, even his face was dirty.

“Thank you.” Fujiko smiled faintly.

“Aren’t you worried that people might misunderstand you if you come here?” Gerald asked as he served Fujiko a cup of tea. He had planned to smoke a cigarette, but he put it down in the end.

“Of course not.” Fujiko’s eyes were full of smiles when she looked at Gerald. “Don’t forget, we are a couple to the outsiders!”

“When did this happen?” Hearing this, even Master Ghost couldn’t help but start gossiping. He knew that Gerald had a girlfriend, and he knew that Gerald had made great efforts to save her, to the extent that he could give up his life at any time.

How come after only about a week out, he suddenly had a new girlfriend?

“Ahem, don’t misunderstand. Miss Fujiko needs to get married because of the problems within her family, and a little accident happened. So, we temporarily pretended to be a couple to deal with her family. In truth, our relationship is very pure!”

Seeing that Master Ghost seemed to be misunderstanding things, Gerald hurriedly explained. If this was not explained clearly in time, he was worried that he would not be able to in the future.

“So that’s how it is.” Once Gerald had said that, Master Ghost understood.

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2133
“Gerald is telling the truth. We are only pretending to be a couple in order to solve the troublesome things we’re facing now. So, when I come here to look for you, it’s nothing to be worried about and will make it even more believable.” Although Fujiko was a little hurt, Gerald was speaking the truth, so she could not say much about it and simply went along with it.

“But is there anything you wanted to talk about seeing as you’ve come over at this time?” Gerald glanced at his cigarette. Although he could not smoke right now, he still had the urge to do so.

“It’s nothing. It’s just that I am not very familiar with my team members. Besides, I’m the only woman on the team. I’m afraid of staying alone.” Fujiko said in embarrassment.

“But you cannot stay here as well.” Gerald scratched his head.

“I will go back to my room to sleep. I just wanted to have dinner and chat with you,” Fujiko replied as she picked up her cup and looked at Gerald.

“Wait for a while, then Aiden has gone out to buy some food. We will have dinner soon.” Seeing that Fujiko had said that, Gerald could only let her stay. Luckily he had explained the matter clearly in advance. Besides, it was safer to have Fujiko here with him.

Although the Kanagawa and Hanyu families should not dare to come here to cause trouble, there was a new problem. No one could guarantee what that cultivator from the Crawford family would do.

Shortly after, Aiden returned with a bag of food.

“There really isn’t much good food in Japan. This is what I picked up from a Westoner restaurant far away. I was worried that you might be hungry, so I ran all the way back.” Aiden served the food on the table and said as he panted.

However, once he had said that, he saw Fujiko sitting next to him. Thinking of what he had just said, he slapped a hand over his mouth and added, “I don’t mean any harm, Miss Fujiko. I don’t mean that Japanese food is not delicious. It’s just that we are all Westoners, so we are not very used to eating your food.”

“It’s okay. You don’t have to explain anything. Although I am Japanese, I like Westoner food the best. I also think that Westoner food is better than Japanese food.” Fujiko smiled. No dissatisfaction could be seen from her expression.

“If you have the chance, you must come to Weston and try our authentic Westoner food.” Although Fujiko hadn’t said anything, Aiden still felt very awkward.

“I always go to this restaurant, and I have tried authentic Westoner food. It is really good! ” Fujiko was busy serving the food on the plates that Master Ghost had brought out.

Aiden stopped talking. He felt that it would be awkward for him to say anything more, so he figured it would be better to stop talking and just eat his food.

The four sat around the table and started eating.

“By the way, Fujiko, I need to tell you something. When this competition is over, the two of them should stay with your family as well. I’m worried that the situation will become more complicated. If anything happens while we are staying together, we can back each other up.”

After eating for a while, Gerald said to Fujiko.

“Sure. I am very pleased to welcome you two to come and stay in Futaba Mansion. This will make my place merrier. Let’s get to know each other formally, King of Soldier, Aiden Baker.” Fujiko agreed with a smile. Then, she put down her chopsticks and stretched her slender hand out to Aiden.

“You know me?” Hearing Fujiko calling his name, Aiden was a bit surprised.

“Of course I know you. I am the Queen of Soldier in Japan. How can I not know about you, the King of Soldier of Weston. You know, your picture is hung on the wall of our war department and listed as a dangerous person of Weston.”

Fujiko smiled.

“So, I’m famous, apparently! Even the Japanese army put my picture on the wall.” Aiden’s pupils contracted, but he still smiled in response.

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2134
“We bear no malice toward you. You are a very famous soldier in Weston, so naturally, our army should get to know you fully. However, now that the relationship between Weston and Japan is improving, I think that even when we meet on the battlefield, we will not attack each other but fight side by side instead!”

With a glance, Fujiko could already see that something was wrong with Aiden, so she explained quickly.

“For the sake of Brother Gerald, even though there might be a day when we are in opposition, I will still let you off the hook.” Aiden smiled faintly. He knew that the relationship between the two countries was superficial. In truth, it still depended on whether there was a conflict of interest.

After all, in this modern era, there was no absolute friend, but only eternal interests. It could even be said that if something was not right, Weston and Japan would go to war both overtly and covertly.

“I will not mess with the matters between you two, but based on the current situation alone, we still have to be on the same side,” Gerald interjected.

“I very much welcome you to stay in Futaba Mansion. I think with the King of Soldier of West on with us, it will be a great help to face the Kanagawa and Hanyu families!” Fujiko said in agreement with Gerald.

After dinner, Gerald sent Fujiko back to the hostel of the Japanese special forces and returned to the guest room.

Just as he entered the room, Aiden and Master Ghost were cleaning up.

“Since when did the princess of the Seadom tribe become the Queen of Soldier of Japan?” Once Aiden saw Gerald, Aiden threw the bag with the leftovers into the trash can and asked in confusion.

“The Seadom tribe is already a thousand years old. If they want to survive, they are bound to assimilate into modern society. Becoming the Queen of Soldier is nothing. Even becoming a high ranking official in Japan would not be strange,” Master Ghost explained.

Since the day Master Ghost had come to know Aiden, he felt as if he was becoming an encyclopedia. Other than having to do fortune telling for Gerald, most of his time was spent explaining all sorts of things to Aiden.

“It’s true. A thousand years is too long. Long enough to transform the Seadom tribe into a brand new family. Still, as long as they still know the way to Yearning Island, it’s fine.” Gerald nodded.

He was not interested in the Futaba family at all. Whether it was a large family or just a common family in Japan, he had to investigate it.

Time flew, and five days passed in the blink of an eye. There was only one day left before the special forces competition. All the special forces were ready. Aiden also went to the competition site while Gerald was sitting in his room.

Since that night, Gerald did not feel a cultivator appearing near him anymore. However, this did not mean that he had let his guard down.

Since Master Ghost had told him that it was a Crawford from Yearning Island, it had to be true. However, Gerald did not know whether he was sent by Daryl to test him, or by Will to kill him.

“Something on your mind?” Master Ghost walked to the window. He could see the field below from that position. A dozen special force agents were training for the competition tomorrow. Seeing Gerald leaning on the window and looking at the sky in a daze, he opened his mouth and asked.

“I was thinking about where that cultivating Crawford could be hiding.” Gerald didn’t hide anything and told Master Ghost what was on his mind.

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2135
“I think you don’t have to worry much about this. Although I have predicted that someone will approach you, I didn’t read any sign of danger. This means that the power of this person must be weaker than you. Even if he finds you, he won’t be able to hurt you,” Master Ghost spoke in a deep voice.

“I know. I’m just worried that he might harm you guys. You don’t have any power, and you need my protection. Although Aiden is the King of Soldier of Weston, he might not be an opponent of the cultivator.”

“I wonder if he will make a move during the competition tomorrow.”

Gerald took a deep breath. He was not afraid that this person would make a move on himself. Not to mention this cultivator, even when Will came here in person, he would not be scared. However, the people around him were different. Although Aiden was strong and good at all sorts of modern weapons and fighting skills, it was still uncertain when he faced a cultivator.

“Can the Futaba family provide us with protection?” Master Ghost knew that he did not have any power. If he was with Gerald, he would become a burden.

“There are bodyguards, but they are not very strong.” Gerald shook his head and said, “Anyway, the Futaba family has a certain social status in Japan. No matter who wants to make a move there, they will have to consider.”

“Don’t worry, I will never hold you back.” Master Ghost took a deep breath as he spoke.

“I will protect you.” Gerald didn’t take what Master Ghost had said seriously. Even though he would be very careful, once he was caught, he would surely die.

“Okay.” Master Ghost did not insist.

“We’ll see how it goes. I hope that we can settle these matters quickly and go to Yearning Island sooner so that I can save my parents. As for Mila, I’m still clueless.” Gerald laughed bitterly.

He couldn’t even understand why it would become like this. His parents and sister had been caught, and his girlfriend was in the hands of the Sun League. Now, even after so much time had passed, he still didn’t know if they were safe and sound.

Maybe they had been killed long ago, and what they were doing now was useless.

Either way, Gerald wanted to see them whether dead or alive. He had considered every worst possibility. If none of them had survived, Gerald would choose to kill himself after burying them.

When his most loved ones were no longer alive, it would be pointless to be alive alone.

“It will happen soon. As long as we can get to Yearning Island, we will be able to find out the location of Sun League. I don’t think they will do anything to your family, but they just want to draw you over.” Master Ghost could feel the sorrow in Gerald’s heart.

“Let’s hope so.” Gerald nodded, lit a cigarette, and looked outside.

On the training ground, the special forces of each country were gathered there. They were undergoing intensive training for the competition tomorrow. Although it was not a very formal competition, it was still a competition between countries. Every special forces agent wanted to win glory for his country and to earn credit for himself.

However, after training for a while, a man wearing a special uniform came, and everyone looked at him in unison.

“Let me introduce you. He is a special forces agent from Yanam who just arrived in Japan an hour ago.”

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2136
“From now on, he will be replacing Alder Lightbody and participate in events with all of you here!” The Japanese war department official introduced the man beside him.

“A special forces agent from Yanam?”

Everyone was astonished. They were all clear regarding the news of the disappearance of Alder, one of the Yanam special forces. Now that they were suddenly being introduced to another Yanam special forces agent, they couldn’t help but feel shocked.

“I’m replacing Alder Lightbody to participate in the war contest,” The man with a slightly dangerous look scanned across the room with his unfriendly gaze before speaking up.

Although everyone’s eyes were attracted to him, no one spoke a word. After all, with what had happened in Yanam, no one wanted to seek trouble for themselves.

Plus, no one could really deduce whether or not this special forces agent was replacing Alder to actually join the competition or to investigate this matter.

One thing that was certain, however, was that there would be big trouble once anybody was misunderstood as having something to do with Alder’s disappearance.

“Special forces agent from Yanam.” Gerald, who was leaning against the window, heard the voices from below him. Looking at the man, Gerald couldn’t help but shake his head and chuckle.

“As long as you’re doing it right, they won’t be able to find us.” Master Ghost nodded.

“Don’t worry about this kind of matter. The new replacement leader of Yanam, Carter Lucab, is a coward. Last time before we left Yanam, when he made a call to me, he was being all respectful, fearing that I wouldn’t leave and would continue staying in Yanam.”

“I’m guessing that this man only wants that position. As long as he has the position of the leader as well as the power, other issues don’t really matter to him at all.” Gerald lit a cigarette.

Recalling the times in Yanam, Gerald decided that after he had found his way to Yearning Island, he would return to the ancient ruins first.

Last time, it had been a rush, going and leaving there, and all he did was take the sea map with him. Based on the current situation, he himself didn’t know the secret of the sea map at all, and Gerald believed that the ancient ruins weren‘t as simple as they seemed.

Maybe he would get to solve the mystery of the sea map as well by going back this time.

“It seems that it’s still not a threat to us.” Gerald’s words made Master Ghost sigh in relief. He was not afraid of matters like this. He was just worried that if they bumped into this situation, he wouldn’t be able to be of much help and might even hold Gerald and Aiden back, which was something he wouldn’t want to risk.

“There won’tbe any threat. It’s hard enough to bring any trouble to us.” Hearing that, Gerald laughed and made a joke.

The two continued chatting for a while before going back to the room.

They had nothing to do with the special forces training, and Gerald didn’t detect any danger around him. This meant that Aiden and Fujiko were safe here.

With a cigarette between his fingers, Gerald thought about what had happened during his time here as he lay on the bed.

The Crawfords in Yearning Island.

The Sun League.

The Funagawa and Hanyu families that he had come in contact with in Japan.

There was even the mysterious Yamashita family which had ninjas. Till now, Gerald still didn’t understand why the elderly man had helped him out back then. He even sounded like a man from Weston, judging from his accent.

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2137
There was actually a Weston man in a ninja family.

Plus, Gerald didn’t even know the reason as to why he had helped Gerald. Maybe there was something he wanted to know from Gerald.

Nevertheless, after the war contest ended, Gerald would head back there to at least find out the secrets of the elderly man. If he could be of help to Gerald, it would be much easier when he faced the Kanagawa and Hanyu families.

Without him realizing it, Gerald felt a wave of tiredness. Due to not detecting any danger, he lay back down on the bed and fell asleep. His cigarette fell to the ground after it had finished burning.

In the morning, Gerald was woken up by a call.

The one who woke Gerald up was none other than Noda Ichiro.

“Mr. Gerald, may I know where you are now?” Gerald opened his sleepy eyes and picked up the call after briefly looking at the caller ID. Noda’s slightly rushed voice was heard over the phone as soon as it was picked up.

“I’m resting in a room in your training ground.” Gerald knitted his brows together slightly. Just as he could finally have a good sleep with no worries, he was woken up by someone, and this obviously made him a bit unhappy.

“Don’t go anywhere and wait for me right there, I’ll be there immediately!” He could hear that Noda’s tone had apparently relaxed. After saying that, he hung up the call right then.

Gerald scratched his head, not understanding what this man wanted, but he nonetheless got up and cleaned himself up. The man was, after all, the Japanese army investigator, and there must be a reason as to why he was coming over. Therefore, Gerald couldn’t refuse to see him.

As soon as he had come out of the bathroom, he heard someone knocking on the door.

Noda entered in a panic after the door was opened for him. He first looked at Gerald up and down, only to find that Gerald looked as though he had just woken up, and his worry then went away.

“Mr. Noda, it’s not the first time we’ve met. You can just tell me anything right away,” Seeing his reaction, Gerald said with a chuckle.

“I’ll be frank, then.” Noda swallowed and continued, “The Yanam special forces agent has bizarrely disappeared, and it’s most likely a murder case based on our investigation.”

“Oh?” Gerald was taken aback, but he still asked casually, “Did you find Alder Lightbody’s body or any information?”

“It’s not him. We haven’t stopped investigating Alder’s disappearance, but we have found nothing about it until now. It’s as if this man just vanished out of thin air, I haven’t seen anything as bizarre as this for so many years! ” Noda shook his head and said.

He paused for a while before continuing, “However, I’m not talking about him. It’s the Yanam special forces agent who just arrived last night to replace Alder in the war contest. He too has disappeared, but he might have been murdered based on what we saw on the surveillance camera and the scene.”

“He died too?!”

Hearing his words, Gerald felt that it was unbelievable. It was true that he had killed Alder, but Gerald hadn’t paid any attention to that new special forces agent at all as he had no reason to kill him.

This was somebody else’s work.

Gerald grew a bit curious as to who would do this at this time when they all knew that the war contest was about to start and that there was tight surveillance around the area. It would have been better to do it on his way back to Yanam after the contest was over.

“That’s right! He didn’t attend this morning’s training, so we went to search for him in his room and only got to know about this after tracking him with the surveillance system.” Noda nodded.

He felt like he was still in a dream. Alder’s disappearance still hadn’t been figured out and yet, this had happened as well!

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2138
Now that the second Yanam special forces agent had been killed too, he would lose his position as an investigator if it still wasn’t solved.

“Did you see who killed him? I have a feeling that it might be the same person who killed the two of them.” Although Gerald was slightly curious as well, this matter had nothing to do with him after all, so he appeared to be very relaxed.

“This can’ t be certain for now. I feel that the possibility is small. The one who did it before this is much stronger than the current one. For the current matter, we’ve found his height and body size, and have released a wanted notice for this. The only thing is that we don’t know when he will be caught.”

“Hopefully after we catch this person, we can find out about the previous killer as well, and this would save a lot of trouble.”

Noda sighed and spoke in a deep voice. After receiving this news in the morning, he had been stunned on the bed for half an hour before finally thinking of coming over to see Gerald.

For one, it was to make sure whether it was Gerald’s actions or not. Although he hadn’t been able to find any clues on Gerald, he had always thought that Gerald held the greatest possibility of committing the crime. Secondly, he didn’t know who to release his grudge on.

The conversation in the trial room yesterday had made him feel like Gerald was a good listener.

“Hopefully.” Gerald nodded lightly.

“Seeing how you’ve been sleeping all along last night, I won’t disturb you anymore. I’d advise you all to stay safe. If that man was able to attack someone from Yanam, he might target someone else too.”

“However, don’t worry. We, the Japanese army, will do our best to protect everyone.”

Noda stood up and stretched a hand toward Gerald.

“No problem.” Gerald smiled and reached out to shake his hand.

After seeing Noda off, Gerald sat down on the sofa and thought about this matter, and about who would have attacked the Yanam special forces agent especially at an important time like this.

“Was it Aiden who came back just now?” Not long after, Master Ghost, who had been woken up by the noise, came out of his room.

“No, it was Noda Ichiko from the Japanese investigation team. He told me that the new special forces agent from Yanam who just came over yesterday was killed,” Gerald shook his head and told him honestly.

“Huh? You killed someone again last night?!” Master Ghost was fully alert now as he rushed to sit beside Gerald on the sofa. He asked anxiously, “How could you do this again at a time like this?! Japan must have been alerted already when you killed Alder last time, plus, there are surveillance cameras everywhere here.”

“I didn’t say I was the one who did it” Gerald laughed out loud.

“If it wasn’t you, who would do this? Isn’t murdering special forces agents of Yanam at the present moment practically finding trouble for oneself?” Master Ghost became relieved, but he was curious as well.

“I’m thinking about this too.” Gerald passed a cigarette over to Master Ghost.

“It’s good that it has nothing to do with you. I thought that you did it again. It’s best to do nothing out of the ordinary now as the Japanese must be closely investigating this matter. Although they won’t be able to find out anything about us, we had some conflict with Alder before after all, so we’re the most suspected ones,” Accepting the cigarette, Master Ghost replied after inhaling the cigarette twice.

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2139
“I understand this too. Let’s see what happens. I’m curious about who would dare to kill Yanam’s special forces agent at the current moment. It won’t be easy for Japan to explain themselves now seeing how two men were killed. Once the news is out, Carter Lucab has to give the Yanam special forces and citizens a good explanation as to whether or not he wants to handle this matter.”

Gerald rested one leg over the other and spoke.

At the same time, the whole training ground was in a commotion.

Although everyone here was either workers for the army or special forces from around the world, the two consecutive murder cases made them feel unsafe here. The killer could even set his target on the special forces, and it was a murder where the victim was unable to defend himself at all, which meant that this man was stronger than anyone on the scene.

No one could ascertain as to whether or not the killer was targeting only Yanam special forces agents. Maybe killing the two was just the beginning, and the rest would be the next victims.

No one dared to guarantee that none of these things wouldn’t happen again.

Once it did, they would have lost their lives.

“This can’t go on anymore!” In the office of the training ground, a Japanese army colonel couldn’t help but yell as he slammed the table.

“I’m telling you, it’s just Yanam for now, but what if it happens next to men from Weston, Western Union, or the European countries?!”

“We can’t afford to offend them at all! If their special forces agents die on our land, all of you, including me, will have to bear very serious consequences!”

The colonel scanned everyone’s faces, and everyone whom he stared at would lower their heads automatically without a word, not knowing what to say. After the disappearance of Alder Lightbody, a tight investigation had been going on, but it had already been half a month, yet they couldn’t find even a single clue about it, not to mention finding out who the killer was.

“Colonel, we have been investigating it, but Alder’s disappearance is too bizarre, almost as if he just vanished from the planet! Even after we checked all the surveillance cameras from the surroundings and searched through all possible spots around there, we couldn’t seem to find any clues.”

“However, we haven’t given up yet, and we will still carry out the investigation diligently!”

Noda, who stood at the most upfront, reported the situation. He wasn’t the one with the highest post here, but he was responsible for this matter.

“I know about this. I can allow you to search on this slowly, and Yanam’s side also feels that this matter is too abnormal, so they have given us more time to figure this out.”

“But this time, we now actually have another agent of Yanam special forces getting murdered in our training grounds of Japan! We let him die right under our care and hundreds of surveillance cameras!”

The colonel slammed the table hard again, and he was so shaken up that spit came out when he talked.

“We just got the news that the body of the new special forces agent was found. It was in the drain a few hundred meters away from our training ground,” Noda was afraid that the colonel would get even more enraged, so he quickly reported the latest situation to him. “Also, Mr. Colonel, the height and body size of the killer were all captured by the surveillance cameras, so I believe that we’ll find him very soon!”

“This news is not too bad!” The colonel nodded in satisfaction. This was something he could inform the Yanam forces about if they asked him for updates.

“Colonel, I have another idea. Why don’t we pick a few soldiers from the army to stand guard at the training ground? The killer must be so strong that he could even kill the king of special forces from other countries easily. If he carries on doing that, others might not be able to handle him.”

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2140
Noda looked more relaxed.

“Does anyone have any opinions on this?” The colonel lifted his head and scanned across the people who were standing behind Noda, staying quiet all this while.

“No.” They all shook their heads, and no one was willing to speak further at a time like this for fear of getting into trouble.

“You have a point I’ll tell the army’s leader right now to have them send over some people to check all the hotels and any suspicious places closely, as well as to increase surveillance around the training grounds. We won’t allow the same thing to happen again!”

The colonel stood up and paced back and forth in the room as he informed the authorities of this contest. He knew better than anyone that if anything similar happened again, Japan’s global status would be greatly impacted.

They might even face criticisms and reprimands from other countries.

He, as the colonel who was responsible for the war contest and the safety of the training ground, would hit rock bottom for sure. Not only would he lose his position, but he would also have to bear the consequences.

This was something he was not willing to see.

“What Colonel says is right!”

“Yeah, I believe that under Colonel’s brilliant guidance, there won’t be any similar problems happening at the training ground!”

“We’ll cooperate with the colonel for sure!”

“Don’t worry, Colonel. I will quickly catch the culprit based on the clues we have. We might get all the answers we need after catching him!”

Seeing how everyone was flattering him non-stop, Noda followed suit and spoke up as well.

“Alright, I don’t want to listen to any nonsense from all of you anymore. I’ve already said how we should tackle the issue. But keep this in mind. If anything like this happens again, every one of us will be punished, and not just me, do you understand?!”

The colonel waved them down and said with a frown. The bitter truth was that these men only knew about flattery and weren’t capable of solving anything at all.

“Understood!” Everyone promised.

Although two murders of special forces agents had happened consecutively, the war contest was conducted on the expected date.

Around six in the morning, when the day was just starting to brighten up, all the kings of soldiers from different countries gathered on the training ground. The contest would be conducted for two days, and there would be events as easy as target shooting and wrestling, as well as tasks such as hostage rescue as an imitation to the actual battlefield.

Gerald, who had followed Aiden along here, stood not far from the authorities of the Japanese army.

It could be clearly seen that the two consecutive murders had led them to increase more soldiers around the training ground. Every one of them was geared up with actual bullets and guns as their eyes constantly scanned around the scene on alert and surrounded the whole training ground.

“Seems like the army is terrified,” Seeing this situation, Gerald chuckled and said to Master Ghost in a low voice.

“This is Japan, which has limited armed forces. If it’s in other countries, the security would be even tighter as no one knows whether the killer will attack again. The man has to be an idiot or is extremely confident with his ability to have killed a Yanam special forces agent before the war contest for special forces began,” Master Ghost replied quietly after checking where the men from the Japanese army were and making sure that they couldn’t be heard.

“It’s most likely the latter.” Gerald nodded. What Master Ghost had said was exactly the same as what he himself thought.

“To be able to kill a member of the special forces in such a short time means he has extraordinary ability. I’ve seen this man from Yanam’s special forces before, and he seems to be quite strong himself.” Taking a deep breath, Gerald continued, “Do you think it could be the cultivator from the Crawford family?”

“You’re saying that a man with this level of strength could be him?” Master Ghost opened his eyes wide. He had never thought in this way before.

“Who knows. I’m just guessing.” Gerald waved his arms.

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