The Secretly Rich Man Chapter 2141-2150

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2141
“When you put it that way… I guess it is possible. After all, the culprit was daring enough to deal with such a strong, special forces soldier here, of all places. Normally, only you could pull something like this off, which means that the culprit is probably only slightly weaker than you. With that said, maybe he really is a Crawford cultivator… However, why would that person look for trouble with a special forces soldier from Yanam? Is there some sort of dispute between the Crawfords and the Yanam military…?” muttered Master Ghost as he stroked his goatee.

“There’s no point thinking about it. Good for him that he’s only here to deal with the special forces soldiers from Yanam. Regardless, even if he does come for us, there’s nothing to be scared of with me here,” scoffed Gerald as he crossed his arms while narrowing his eyes.

By the time Gerald’s sentence ended, the competition had already begun and special forces soldiers could be seen lined up in a neat row. Each of them had the latest sniper rifle models in hand, and everyone watched as they aimed for their targets for the shooting competition that stood nine hundred feet away from them.

Multiple shots could soon be heard, and the results were announced shortly after.

Gerald himself had little interest in this kind of competition, so after spectating for a while, he eventually got up and left. Seeing that, Master Ghost made sure to follow him closely as well.

The second the duo left, a car came to a stop at the training ground’s entrance…

Shortly after, a youth in a floral suit stepped out, followed by four of his bodyguards. As the group of five walked into the training grounds, they were just seconds too late to notice Gerald and Master Ghost taking a turn to enter an elevator, disallowing the two parties from meeting…

As expected, the youth was none other than Kai.

Since Ryugu hadn’t assassinated Gerald even after a week had passed, Kai decided to take things into his own hands. He knew for a fact that Gerald would attend the competition, which explained his presence here today.

Whatever the case was, whenever he thought about the humiliation he suffered that night, Kai’s desire to put Gerald down for good only increased. With that in mind, he wasn’t against using his high status to get the military to step forward and subdue Gerald. Regardless, when the colonel saw Kai, he immediately got to his feet before asking, “Oh? Mr. Kanagawa!

Fancy meeting you here, of all places!”

“I’m just here to have a look around,” replied Kai as he waved his hand, his eyes darting around the entire time.

“Well, whatever the case is, welcome, Mr. Kanagawa! It’s unfortunate, but since we’re currently hosting a competition, I’m afraid we won’t have much time to attend to you. With that said, I hope you won’t affect our event either. Don’t worry, once the competition is over, I’ll make sure to treat you to a proper drink!” said the colonel, not daring to offend Kai.

“Affect? Why would I do anything like that? I was just bored so I came out for a stroll. In other words, I’m just here through sheer coincidence. Regardless, just continue doing whatever you were doing and don’t bother about me. I’ll just be having a look around!” replied Kai with a smile.

Following that, Kai made a small gesture, prompting his bodyguards to scatter. The hunt for Gerald was on…!

Hearing that, the colonel opted to believe Kai and simply continued paying attention to the competition. The colonel, for one, knew that this wasn’t Kai’s first time here anyway, so as long as that youth wasn’t here to cause any trouble, he didn’t really care where Kai went.

It was half an hour later when Kai’s subordinates reunited with him.

The second Kai saw them, he immediately growled in a low voice, “Well? Did any of you manage to find him?”

“Apologies, but we couldn’t find him no matter how hard we looked! The only people present are the international special forces soldiers! ” replied one of the subordinates as the rest of them shook their heads.

“What? Was that b*stard Ryugu lying to me…?” grumbled Kai, a deep frown on his face…

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2142
Through this period, Kai had constantly been contacting Ryugu to get updates on Gerald’s assassination. However, not only did Ryugu fail to assassinate him, but that b*stard actually dared to tell him this morning that he had to temporarily cancel all his assassination missions!

Though it annoyed Ryugu to no end, it wasn’t as though he could do anything about it. Thankfully, Ryugu did mention that Gerald was going to participate in the special forces competition, which was why Kai had rushed over in the first place.

Even so, to think that he’d fail to find Gerald after searching for a good half-hour!

“I’ll have to disagree with that. Ryugu wouldn’t ever dare to lie to you,” replied another bodyguard as he shook his head.

The guards had previously met Ryugu together with Kai, and they knew for a fact that Ryugu respected Kai a lot. Since Ryugu didn’t even dare to raise his voice back then, there was no way he would be daring enough to lie to Kai!

“You say that, but did you manage to find Gerald?” grumbled Kai.

“… Unfortunately, no…” replied the guards as they shook their heads once more.

“…Let’s head back for now. I’m meeting Ryugu in the flesh to see what he has to say about this!” scowled Kai as he clenched his fists, clearly assuming that Ryugu was playing tricks on him. After all, thinking back, though Ryugu had told him that Gerald was here to participate in the special forces competition, Gerald wasn’t a special forces soldier. With that in mind, there was no way he would be a participant here!

Besides, Kai had seen Fujiko earlier, and if Gerald truly was here, he should be by her side. With his mind made up, Kai then gestured for his men to leave the training ground…

Noticing that Kai and his men were leaving, the colonel walked up to him before asking, “Oh? Leaving already, Mr. Kanagawa?”

“Indeed. I have some affairs to attend to, so I’ll be heading back first,” replied Kai as he got into his car. Watching as the car swiftly left the scene, the colonel couldn’t help but mutter, “Why on earth did he come here in the first place…?”

Hearing the colonel’s comment, a military officer took the chance to reply, “He may have come here to look for someone. After all, his subordinates were scanning this place high and low earlier. I’m assuming they left since they couldn’t find the person they were looking for.”

“Hmm? As if there’d be anyone he’s looking for here, of all places…” muttered the colonel as he shook his head in disbelief…

Moving back to Kai, while he was in the car, he made sure to call Ryugu to tell him to meet him in the teahouse where they had previously met… and it was about half an hour later when Kai himself arrived at the appointed venue.

Watching as Kai stepped out, Ryugu who looked slightly reluctant to be there forced a smile before walking up to Kai and saying, “Mr. Kanagawa, I apologize, but I’m extremely busy at the moment. Just skip the formalities and tell me what you need. I have to leave as soon as I can…”

Scoffing in response, Kai then sneered, “Hah! Before anything else, allow me to congratulate you for successfully making a fool out of me!”

Raising a slight brow as he watched Kai walk past him, the puzzled Ryugu was prompted to ask, “… Make a fool out of you? Why would I ever do such a thing…?”

Though he never really liked Kai, he wouldn’t ever dare to make a fool out of Kai. With that in mind, he ran after Kai who had already entered the teahouse before hurriedly adding, “Please elaborate, Mr. Kanagawa. How exactly did I make a fool out of you? You can’t just label me a liar that unfairly!”

Ignoring Ryugu, Kai simply looked at the shop’s owner before ordering, “Two pots of tea.”

Completely confused by this point, Ryugu who didn’t want Kai to be offended any further then said, “Please tell me what the problem is, Mr. Kanagawa…”

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2143
“Playing dumb? Fine! Since you wish to know so much, I’ll spell it out for you! You told me that Gerald had gone to the military training grounds this morning, remember? Then why the hell wasn’t he there?” growled Kai as he glared at Ryugu.

“You… went over?” replied the surprised Ryugu.

“Did I stutter? Regardless, my subordinates searched for half an hour to no avail! While Fujiko was there, there were no traces of Gerald at all! With that said, are you trying to continue fooling me or something?” sneered Kai.

“… I know for a fact that Gerald participated in the special forces competition together with Fujiko. With that said, he should be there with her. Could he have noticed you before you saw him? That would’ve definitely prompted him to hide till you left!” suggested Ryugu as he scratched the back of his head.

“It’s needless to say that now. Either way, since we’re already here, allow me to ask why you haven’t gotten rid of Gerald even after that week I gave you. Hell, you even told me not to make a move on him for the time being. Are the Hanyu assassins not capable enough to take him on?” scoffed Ryugu, not wanting to hear any of Ryugu’s excuses.

Hearing that, Ryugu could only sigh as he replied, “… It is a bit inconvenient for us to deal with this case…”

After all, not only had he yet to save Endo and Izumi, but he had lost several other Hanyu assassins in the process as well. With how humiliating this defeat was, there was no way Ryugu was going to willingly embarrass himself by telling Kai what had happened.

“Inconvenient? I’ve been cooperating with the Hanyus this entire time, no? Actually, I do wonder if you’re hiding something from me,” growled Kai as he frowned.

For Ryugu to fail to take Gerald out even after being given all this time… What was the issue? He had to get to the bottom of all this today! Otherwise, Gerald would simply be able to continue living free and easy!

Though he was reluctant to talk about it, Ryugu knew that Kai wasn’t going to let him off that easily if he continued keeping his mouth shut. With that in mind, Ryugu then asked, “Do… you really wish to know the entire situation…?”

“Cut the cr*p and just tell me already!” grumbled Kai as he took a sip of tea before slamming the teacup onto the table.

Sighing, Ryugu then replied, “I… think you know Endo and Izumi, right…?”

“Of course. They’re both team leaders of your family’s many assassination teams, no? You know, if you had just sent those two to get rid of Gerald, I’m sure the mission would have been over in a single night! Are you worried that I can’t afford to commission those two or something?” said Kai slightly impatiently.

“… Actually, they were the first I sent out- “

“Then what’s the issue? Did they go rogue or something?”

Taking a deep breath, Ryugu then said, “… If you could just let me finish, Mr. Kanagawa… The truth is, they’ve gone missing ever since they entered the Futaba manor!”

“… Missing?” replied Kai with a deep frown.

Though he wasn’t a Hanyu, he was well aware of how strong Endo and Izumi were. Killing Gerald should’ve been a cinch for them…

“Indeed… Ever since they entered, I haven’t gotten news about them till this very day…” muttered Ryugu with a heavy sigh, making it clear that this was an extremely worrying incident to him. After all, if Endo and Izumi really were dead, then his family wouldn’t be able to bear the losses…

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2144
What more, as long as Gerald was in the picture, there was a high chance that the Hanyus wouldn’t ever be able to kidnap Fujiko to threaten Takuya.

“… What? You sent both of them yet neither of them has reported back?” replied Kai in bewilderment.

“I wouldn’t lie about something like this… Regardless, after losing contact with them, I pursued Gerald a few days ago… Unfortunately, he killed several of my men in the process. If you want proof, just head to the Yamashita family’s deserted mountain… I left their corpses there…” explained Ryugu as he shook his head in resignation. This was honestly beyond humiliating for him to admit. After all, this loss was unlike anything the Hanyus had ever faced before…

“… Is Gerald really that strong…?” muttered Kai with a frown. Kai, for one, had only briefly met Gerald. As far as he knew, Gerald was just an average Joe. While he could ’ve hired an ordinary killer to go after Gerald, he had opted to get Ryugu’s help since he wanted the murder to be perfect. It truly hadn’t occurred to him that the Hanyus would have trouble taking Gerald out!

“We would’ve taken him out ages ago if he wasn’t!” replied Ryugu as he sighed again, wondering how he was going to get more information about Endo and Izumi’s situation. Ryugu, for one, figured that the patriarch hadn’t learned of the duo’s disappearance yet. Once he did, however, the patriarch would surely fly into a rage…

“… How truly odd… How did the Futabas get acquainted with such a strong person..? I heard that Gerald was just a family guest. However, if Takuya’s family had such a powerful ally, why did he only ask for Gerald’s help after his family got reduced to such a state?” muttered Kai as he poured another cup of tea for himself before taking a sip.

“That’s the reason I told you to lay low for the time being. I wish to investigate further into Gerald’s background first. Speaking of which, since I’ve already said this much, you should know about an incident that happened back when we were on that deserted mountain. You see, we bumped into an elder of the Yamashita family. Some things happened, but long story short, that old man gave Gerald and Fujiko a chance to escape while I wasn’t paying attention!” explained Ryugu in a slightly reluctant tone.

Though he didn’t really want to share this information, he figured that Kai would only continue to misunderstand the situation if he didn’t tell him the full story. By telling Kai all this, not only would Ryugu avoid more unnecessary trouble, but he could also potentially get some help from the Kanagawas.

“… What? You’re telling me that the Yamashitas have a relationship with the Futabas? That’s impossible! I’ve never heard of this before!” replied Kai.

“…Whatever the case is, I’ll be focusing on investigating Gerald’s strength and background for the time being. I’ll also be looking into the relationship between the Futabas and the Yamashitas. With that said, the Hanyus won’t be making a move till we get sufficient information on the situation. After all, while we can afford to offend the Futabas, offending the Yamashitas will surely spell doom for my family…”

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2145
Since he had already said this much, Ryugu figured that he may as well just reveal all his thoughts on the situation.

“… I see. Thank god I asked you about this first… Otherwise, I could’ve easily gotten myself killed if I continued pursuing Gerald today!” replied Kai who was already drenched in cold sweat after hearing all that. After all, who could’ve guessed that Gerald was actually this strong? He was strong enough to take on two of the Hanyu family’s strongest assassins for heaven’s sake!

Thinking about it, had Kai bumped into Gerald earlier and caused a scene, he was now worried that the soldiers wouldn’t have been able to protect him at all…

“Indeed… Regardless, what’s your decision on the matter…?” asked Ryugu.

“… I’ll be heading back first to consider all this… However, I still want Gerald dead by the end of all this. No matter how much it takes, I won’t rest easy till he’s six feet under!” growled Kai, gritting his teeth as he clenched his fists tightly.

Nodding in response, Ryugu then rubbed his hands for a while before asking, “…Before that… There’s something I’d like you to clarify, if you don’t mind…”

“Ask away,” replied Kai.

“Well… your family will soon be united with the Futabas, right…? Through marriage? With that in mind, isn’t Gerald a guest of the Futabas? Why are you so hell bent on killing him…? That’s just me being curious, feel free not to answer…” said Ryugu, worried that Kai would overthink his question.

“… That doesn’t concern you. Also, don’t ever ask me about this again!” grumbled Kai as his gaze turned gloomy. He was going to carry this secret to his grave! Had it not been for the fact that Ryugu was the leader of the Hanyu’s assassin team and that Ryugu was still slightly useful to him, Kai would’ve already ordered his subordinates to kill that man for asking such an outrageous question!

“… Understood,” replied Ryugu, not wanting any unnecessary trouble from Kai.

“Either way, let’s just call it a day for now. I’ll start investigating Gerald and the Futabas once I get back. I’ll be sure to inform you if I find anything. As for you, don’t think about slacking off on this mission. Remember, as long as you kill Gerald, I’m willing to pay triple of what I initially promised!” declared Kai as he finished his tea and got to his feet.

Watching as Kai walked out, Ryugu simply replied, “No problem…”

Ryugu, for one, was sure that the Kanagawas would be able to find out more about Gerald without too much trouble.

Regardless, once Kai got into the car, he lit a cigarette before crossing his legs.

With the car doors now closed, one of his men couldn’t help but say, “… He’s lying, right…? There’s no way Gerald would be strong enough to kill so many of the Hanyu family’s assassins. It’s even more unbelievable to think that he’s capable enough to defeat Endo and Izumi! And the Futabas having a good relationship with the Yamashitas? As if that would ever happen!”

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2146
“… I feel that Ryugu wouldn’t lie about this,” replied Kai as he shook his head. Though he didn’t contact Ryugu much, he understood the man’s character well.

“… But if what he said was true, then Gerald truly has inhuman strength…! He’s definitely not someone we can deal with! Do you think he’s related to those Weston cultivators…?” asked the subordinate who knew about these things since he had been working for Kai for so many years.

“Can it!” retorted Kai as he frowned deeply. Cultivators, in general, couldn’t be talked about so casually. Even though Kai and his subordinate weren’t cultivators, if word got out about the existence of cultivators -and the cultivators found that they were the source of the information leak-, they would surely be ruined!

Even though Kai was no stranger to using his family’s name to commit all sorts of crimes, he knew better than to pick a bone with cultivators. He, for one, understood that even his family would be burdened by all this if such a scenario came to be, so he wasn’t counting on them to protect him.

“I-I’m sorry, Mr. Kanagawa! P-putting that aside… Should we start investigating Gerald…?” asked the subordinate as he immediately lowered his head.

“… Leave him be for the moment. There’s something else that’s much more important at the moment,” said Kai with a sigh.

“… Are… you referring to the relationship between the Futabas and the Yamashitas…?” asked the subordinate.

“Indeed. The existence of ninjas has always been a tricky topic to confirm. After all, nobody’s ever claimed to see one before. However, now that Ryugu’s personally witnessed one, things could get a lot messier if there really is something between those two families,” replied Kai as he took a deep breath. Though he desperately wanted Gerald gone, with the

Yamashitas now in the equation, he knew better than to act rashly.

It certainly didn’t help that Gerald was capable of defeating Endo and Izumi despite their combined strength. Unless he hired the top international hitmen in the world, Kai was pretty sure he wouldn’t ever pose a threat to Gerald…

Thinking about it, Kai raised his hand before saying, “… Stay silent for a moment”

It was about ten minutes later when his frown finally eased a little. In fact, Kai soon revealed a victorious smile as he said, “… Tell me, what’s Endo and Izumi’s rank in the international assassin list?”

“They should be somewhere near rank twenty,” replied the subordinate who as Kai’s subordinate needed to know the positions of all the influential people in Japan.

“If that’s the case, I just need to hire the top ten assassins to finish Gerald off, right? With their level of expertise, I’m sure they can do the deed without the Futaba and Yamashita family’s knowledge!” declared Kai as he held onto his chin.

“That’s definitely a viable solution, Mr. Kanagawa! However… if Gerald really is as strong as Ryugu described him to be… What if the assassins fail to take him out…?” asked the subordinate.

“… What? Those from the top ten are capable enough to assassinate presidents from the Western Union! With that said, there’s no way they’d have trouble dealing with a small fry like Gerald! At the very least, even if they do fail to kill him, I believe that their professional ethics will protect our identities! Because of that, I have no doubts that this mission will be completed without a hitch once I hire them!”

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2147
After hearing what Kai had to say, the four subordinates exchanged glances before saying, “… We suppose you’re right!”

Just as Kai had said, even if the assassins did fail to kill Gerald, they probably wouldn’t expose who had hired them. While this probably meant that more money needed to be spent, what was money to the Kanagawas? Honestly, hiring a hitman was probably cheaper than what Kai was used to spending at bars every night!

“Then that settles it! Hurry and use my name to contact the top ten assassins on the list! The closer they are to us, the sooner that b*stard dies! Also, make sure to tell them that if they fulfill their mission, I’ll increase their payment to up to thirty percent higher than the market price!” declared Kai as he slapped his thigh.

After all that had happened, Kai knew better than to trust the Hanyus with this case. Not only would relying on them be a waste of time, but he was pretty sure that the deposit he paid them was going to end up being a complete waste of money as well.

Regardless, just as Kai’s subordinate fished his phone out, the man suddenly froze before turning to look at Kai and whispering, “…Um… Mr. Kanagawa…?”

“…What? Just say it already! ” muttered the impatient Kai.

Gulping, the subordinate then stuttered, “W-well… If the master learns about all this…”

Aside from being Kai’s subordinates, these men were also members of the Kanagawa family. With that in mind, the subordinates knew that if anything happened to Kai, they would have to bear full responsibility. It was the reason why they always notified the Kanagawa patriarch whenever Kai stepped out of line. Doing so prompted the patriarch to step forward and resolve the matter…

Either way, upon hearing that, Kai who hated it when his subordinates used his father’s name to threaten or discipline him then retorted, “He won’t find out as long as all of us keep it a secret, right?”

After working as Kai’s subordinates for so many years, these men were honestly no different than his confidants. While they knew everything about Kai, Kai himself knew that they were only hired by his father to keep a close eye on him.

Though that meant that his father now knew every move he made, Kai couldn’t just banish his men away. After all, not only would doing so lose him his freedom, but he also needed them to do lots of things for him.

Whatever the case was, Kai was well aware that his father usually turned a blind eye as long as he didn’t do anything excessive. Even if he did end up creating a mess, as long as it wasn’t over the line, his father would surely step in. However, now that he was hiring the top ten assassins, even Kai knew that he was clearly pushing it.

“B-but the master told us to inform him of your every move, Mr. Kanagawa…! If you’re really going through with this, it’s impossible that we hide it from him!

After all, if those assassins create a mess here, the unprepared master won’ t be able to resolve it that easily!” cried out one of the subordinates.

All of Kai’s men knew that if things went south and they didn’t report any of this to the patriarch, none of them would be able to bear the responsibility…!

Hearing that, Kai sighed before taking a cigarette out and lighting it. Puffing onto it for a moment, he eventually said in a low voice, “… How long have you men worked for me?’

“Almost ten years by now, young master!” replied the men in unison.

“Since I’ve never asked about the specifics of what you reported to my father throughout these years not that I’m blaming you, I only ask in return that you don’t inform him about what I’m about to do. Just this once,” said Kai with a frown.

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2148
Kai, for one, understood that this was his best shot at getting rid of Gerald. If Gerald somehow left Japan before he managed to do the deed, then Kai was positive that he would lose track of Gerald for good. If that came to be, then he’d have to keep all this bitterness in his heart forever!

“… T-that…” muttered his men as they looked at each other in dismay, wondering how to even proceed.

Seeing how worried they were, Kai then fished a few bank cards out from the car’s compartment and handed one to each of them before saying, “Here. Each of these has a million dollars in them. Feel free to finish the cash up.”

After looking at the cards for a while, eventually, all the subordinates could do was accept them. For one, they knew that Kai was really desperate to end Gerald’s life and that this was his best chance of doing so. However, they were also well aware that they would have to face his mighty wrath if they declined.

Whatever the case was, as all of Kai’s subordinates thought about it, they slowly assured themselves that such high profile assassins were extremely confidential with their information. With that in mind, as long as nobody said anything, the patriarch would never find out.

Regardless, after the last of his subordinates accepted his cards, Kai was prompted to ask, “… I assume we’re all in agreement, then?”

“… Only this once, young master… However, know that if the master learns about this, we’ll be in boiling hot water…” muttered one of his subordinates. Though the stakes were high, the subordinates couldn’t deny that a million dollars was equivalent to six years’ worth of salary.

“Cut the cr*p and contact those assassins already! We still need to see who’s willing to take the mission! Remember, the sooner we get rid of Gerald, the sooner this affair will be done with! ” replied Kai as he gestured for them to get to it in a slightly impatient tone.

“Loud and clear!” declared his subordinates who immediately got to work…

Back at the training grounds, an entire day of competitions had passed, and it was finally time for the results. Though Aiden didn’t score too high, his results weren’t bad either. At the very least, his results were above average.

Gerald himself had no idea that Kai had come looking for him in the first place. Since he had rested in the morning, he felt particularly energetic by the time night came. With that in mind, before Aiden returned, Gerald made sure to head to a nearby restaurant to buy him a mountain of food for dinner.

Soon after, Aiden entered the room, looking quite bewildered as he said, “… You’re not going to believe this but… Ms. Fujiko got much higher results than me…!”

“How much higher?” asked Gerald as he watched Aiden take his coat off.

“She got fourth place in the competition today, which means that she’s ten ranks above me!” replied Aiden with a shrug. Honestly, he had expected her to rank last.

“Fujiko wasn’t given the title of ‘Queen of Soldiers’ for nothing, you know? I have a feeling that if you two duel against each other, she’ll probably win. You could invite her for a duel if you’d like to test that statement!” replied Gerald with a smile.

Gerald was confident in Fujiko’s martial arts skills. After all, he had witnessed how well she had held her ground back when she was being attacked behind the hotel that night. Had it not been for the fact that her physique held her back, she could have definitely taken her assailant out. If that had happened, then Gerald wouldn’t have had to step forward to save her.

“I’d rather not… I’m exhausted enough after competing for an entire day… Now I just want to have dinner and rest for a while before preparing for tomorrow’s events…” said Aiden as he shook his head. After a full day of competitions, he felt that he was going to collapse at any moment.

“Then let’s eat so you can head to bed early once we’re done,” replied Gerald as he gestured toward the dining table.

With that said, they then began having their meals, making sure to discuss any other issues that needed resolving in between bites…

Fast forward to the next morning, Aiden and Fujiko left for the training ground again to resume the competition. Gerald and Master Ghost, on the other hand, remained in the living room to discuss the secrets of the sea map…

Shortly after, a fishing ship could be seen docking the coast of Japan…

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2149
Following that, a man donning black clothes who looked to be around six feet tall got out of the ship. Since his face was covered by a mask, only his sharp eyes were visible…

Though he wasn’t holding onto anything, anyone who came across him kept their distance. There was just something off with his aura…

Regardless, the man eventually entered a black car by the coast before being driven off…

Fast forward to half an hour later, Kai could be seen smoking in a villa near the Kanagawa manor. Sitting on his left and right, were two young, naked women, and standing before him, were a few of his subordinates.

Though Kai’s hands continuously groped the two beauties, the subordinates looked completely unfazed, almost as though they were already used to witnessing such scenes. Aside from occasionally glimpsing at their bodies, the subordinates mostly kept their eyes to themselves. After all, they knew that they’d eventually get to play with the women as well.

Usually, after Kai had his fun with his women, he would then pass them over to his men as ‘rewards’. Due to that, Kai’s subordinates had had the pleasure of playing around with not only prostitution models, but also some of the lower ranked celebrities in Japan!

Either way, it wasn’t long before Kai’s phone began to ring. After picking it up, Kai remained silent for a while before lowering it and saying, “He’s here.”

“… Huh? Who’s here?” asked one of the subordinates.

“What do you mean who’s here? It’s the assassin! He’s arrived in Japan and is currently on his way over in his car! He should be here within the hour…” grumbled Kai.

“Oh? Should we leave, then?” asked the two women.

“Just stay here. However, I want both of you to immediately forget what you’ve heard later on, got it? Expose us and it won’t belong before the consequences catch up to you. And don’t say anything unnecessary, understand?” replied Kai as he firmly grasped their shoulders. Kai, for one, hadn’t satisfied his lust yet. So what if they were meeting an assassin? It wasn’t as though he was doing anything wrong.

Hearing that and understanding how important this was, the women immediately nodded before saying, “Understood!”

The two girls had already witnessed how terribly things could go wrong if people like them failed to obey their orders. With that in mind, as long as they obeyed Kai’s words, not only would they be granted just about anything, but they’d also avoid a horrible death.

Nodding in response, Kai then looked at one of his subordinates and asked, “So, where’s the assassin from?”

“He’s from the southeast and his code name is Vulture. Ranked eighth on the assassin list, he’s wanted by both the Western Union and a few of the European countries. Though he’s a world-class criminal, nobody’s been able to capture him,” replied his subordinate as he read out the information on his phone.

“As expected, those from the top ten truly are extraordinary… To think that he’s been able to escape the Western Union’s grasp this entire time! With how capable he is, I’m sure it won’t be long till Gerald finally meets his end! ” declared Kai as he nodded in satisfaction.

Had he thought about this earlier, he wouldn’t even have bothered looking for the Hanyus. With how vicious those on the top ten were, Gerald could’ve been dead by now! Being professionals, Kai was also sure that Gerald’s corpse would be dealt with so efficiently that his murder would never be solved…

Not long after, a knock could be heard on the door, prompting Kai to immediately get to his feet as he exclaimed, “Vulture is here!”

Upon hearing that, the door was opened and in stepped the man in black from before…

The second he entered, everyone could immediately feel how immensely pressuring his aura was. Even the two women from before immediately looked toward the floor, not daring to look the assassin in the face…

Gerald Crawford: The Secretly or invisible Rich Man Chapter 2150
After glancing around for a bit, Vulture immediately stared straight at Kai before asking in a low and hoarse, “… Kanagawa Kai, I presume?”

“That, I am. Since you came all the way from the southeast, do get some rest first. Speaking of which, I’ve also prepared these two beauties for you. Feel free to do whatever you want with them,” replied Kai as he gestured toward the two women.

“I see. Then I’ll be thanking you in advance, then!” declared Vulture who wasn’t about to say no to such beautiful women. After all, the women from where he came from were all unsightly, to say the least. They were incomparable to Japanese women!

With that said, Vulture then removed his coat before placing his arms on the two women’s shoulders and guiding them into one of the rooms.

Once they were inside, one of Kai’s subordinates couldn’t help but ask, “… Um… Mr. Kanagawa…? What if they end up… you know… dead…?”

While it was true that Kai’s men were no strangers to crime and they weren’t against hurting women, murder was a line none of them dared to cross.

Hearing that, Kai simply waved his hand before replying rather nonchalantly, “What’s there to be afraid of? They’re just two random university students. As long as he kills Gerald, I’m willing to let him have his way with even famous local stars!”

With that said, Kai then lit a cigarette before smiling, prompting his men to remain silent as they waited for Vulture to be done. From how pleased Kai looked, it was almost as though he could already see Gerald’s demise in Vulture’s hands…

Whatever the case was, it wasn’t long before Vulture exited the room. Slipping his clothes on, he then said, “Apologies for keeping you waiting, Mr. Kanagawa.”

Taking a peek into the room, Kai saw that the two women were lying on the bed, motionless. It almost felt like they were dead… Even so, Kai felt more envious than anything. After all, after binging on wine and women throughout the years, his body had been completely ruined to the point where he found it hard to even get erect.

As Kai was resenting that fact, Vulture finished buttoning up his coat and sat on the couch before laughing as he added, “Still, those two were far too weak!”

Feeling more humiliated than ever after hearing that, Kai then nodded before replying, “… Either way, now that you’ve had your fun, could we get to business, sir?”

Shrugging, Vulture simply said, “Fine with me.”

“Alright, so… There’s this person called Gerald Crawford, and he’s a guest of the Futaba family. I haven’t managed to fully investigate his background, but I do know that he’s rather strong. After all, not even the Hanyus were able to hurt him,” explained Kai as he gestured for his men to bring over Gerald’s details before handing them to Vulture.

“Hah! What kind of crappy family is the Hanyus? Do they even deserve to be called assassins?” scoffed Vulture, not even bothering to read the notes he had been handed. All he did was stare at Gerald’s photograph for a while before snorting disdainfully.

Though Kai was left momentarily stunned, he quickly laughed aloud before replying, “You got that right!”

While it was true that Endo and Izumi were ranked quite high on the assassin list, there was undoubtedly a massive gap between them and the top ten assassins… With that in mind, Vulture had every right to look down on the Hanyus…

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